Sepp Blatter to resign as Fifa president

Sepp Blatter to resign as Fifa president after 17 years in role

By Owen Gibson
June 02, 2015 –

FIFASepp Blatter has dramatically quit as Fifa president just days after he was defiant in re-election for a fifth term, sparking a flurry of speculation over the future of world football and the fate of the next two World Cups in Russia and Qatar.

Under intense pressure from ongoing investigations by the FBI and Swiss prosecutors that have already led to 18 senior football executives being charged in the US on charges of money laundering, tax evasion and racketeering, Blatter said he had decided to step down.

But the 79-year-old Swiss, who defeated his Jordanian challenger Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein on Friday despite the mounting crisis, said he would stay on for at least six months to allow time for a proper election to replace him between December 2015 and March next year.

Hours after he stepped down there were reports in US media that Blatter was being investigated by American officials as part of their corruption inquiry.
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Sepp Blatter to resign as Fifa president amid corruption scandal

BBC – June 02, 2015 –

Sepp Blatter is to resign as president of football’s governing body Fifa amid a corruption scandal and is reportedly under investigation in the US.

In announcing his exit, the 79-year-old Swiss has called an extraordinary Fifa congress “as soon as possible” to elect a new president.

Blatter was re-elected last week, despite seven top Fifa officials being arrested two days before the vote.

But he said: “My mandate does not appear to be supported by everybody.”
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FIFA president Sepp Blatter resigns amid corruption scandal

By ESPN staff
June 02, 2015 –

FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced his resignation on Tuesday amid the corruption scandal that has rocked FIFA’s world governing body.

Speaking at a news conference in Zurich, Blatter said he would remain in his position until a special election can be held to appoint his successor.

Domenico Scala, the chairman of FIFA’s Audit and Compliance Committee, said an election would be held sometime between December 2015 and March 2016.

Blatter was just re-elected to a fifth term as president at the FIFA Congress on Friday, two days after a corruption crisis erupted and seven officials were arrested in Zurich.

“FIFA needs a profound overhaul,” Blatter said. “Although members have given me the new mandate, this mandate does not seem to be supported by everyone.

“We will hold an extraordinary conference as soon as possible. A new president will be elected.”
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13 thoughts on “Sepp Blatter to resign as Fifa president”

  1. It is time for FIFA to clean up its act. The arrest of several individuals and Blatter’s resignation are a steps in the right direction.
    I look forward to the election of a new president and the dawn of a new day for FIFA.

  2. “Leader of Government Business Roodal Moonilal said he intends to forward copies of the cheques in circulation to US Attorney General Loretta Lynch.”

    This statement is attributed to have been made by Roodal Moonilal, Majority Leader, House of Representatives in Trinidad and Tobago. Why am I stating this here? Aren’t we supposed to be a country that is making laws and abiding by laws of Trinidad and Tobago? Then why is this man acting like a clown? He represents the leadership of laws to be obeyed by the people of this country. Then why is he making an arse of himself and acting as though the Attorney General of the United States have nothing to do but listen to his atrocious behavior? We understand the filing of charges against Jack Warner for his FIFA affiliation, but that is no joke and we should not be inundated with clownish behavior by one who is in fact a law maker in this country. Let the people responsible for upholding laws do the work they are supposed to do. The Central Unit in Trinidad and Tobago and the U.S are capable of dealing with such matters. What we don’t need in this country is to have lawmakers making a mockery of the whole systems of laws governing us. This is serious business and I am sure that Moonilal will not tolerate ordinary people in the streets making fun of the laws that we have here. Loretta Lynch is the AG of the U.S and her concerns are the U.S. If he, as a government minister has something that will foster the case against Jack, then he, as a minister of government should do it responsibly. If we wanted clowns to be representing us in parliament, then by all means they should express their intentions to be clowns, when they come to the people to be elected. There are official channels by which he can do whatever he wants, to advance the cause of government to government business, but it is downright stupidity when he is seen as being puerile and making fun of process, as a senior government minister, no matter what the politic.

    1. Source of funds is what the US is after.

      “The cheques surfaced without explanation on social media yesterday, after they were allegedly leaked by Warner, with the promise of “more to come”. They also appear in the Sunshine newspaper.

      What the cheques don’t state is what service Ross Advertising, owned by Ernie Ross, rendered for the People’s Partnership as no invoices were attached.

      Given Ross’s relationship in handling the Partnership’s election campaign, do the cheques represent money which Warner pumped into the campaign?”

      1. Loyal, the invoices may not state purpose, but they don’t have to. Ernie may have to explain how he came by his income to the taxman.

        1. I follow you, but remember the US is after him because he was Vice President of FIFA and President of CONCACAF (US, Canada, Latin America and Caribbean). So Ernie may have to talk to the local taxman, whereas Warner will be cutting deals with the IRS. Why? We have no idea what Warner sons have declared to the US authorities so far. I totally dislike the negative picture that is painted of T&T in the international news, as Warner knows what he has done, as we see now he’s a good record keeper over the years preparing for this day and is making sure of that. We can draw reference to Duprey.

          1. Those who think people get rich by being like “Mother Theresa” are fooling themselves. The rich use the easiest path to getting there viz: Opportunity, greed, falsehood, lies and thievery. Simple people become enamored with the rich but there is nothing sanctimonious about them to be lustful for. The best story to be learned from all of this is “follow the money”.. We could never be wrong when that story is played out faithfully.

  3. Kian you can take the pig out of the mud, but you cannot remove its predisposition for wallowing in it. And I am afraid that clownishness if Moonilal’s mud

    1. Rodwell you are right. Only pigs eat and shit in the same trough. Moonilal and Kamla know they benefited from Jacks generosity but they also want to ridicule him publicly. What kind of people are they? Conscience? Nah!

      1. There are no cheques with the Prime Minister or Roodal name on it. In fact there were questions about the money the UNC received.
        “I am, however, not prepared to serve under Jack Warner as Chief Whip in the Parliament, until such time as he renders an account for the millions of dollars received by him on behalf of the party.” — Panday.
        So your Balisier brain has failed to reveal the truth to you again.

        1. Mamoo, the world knows that you would say anything to protect your handlers. I would not trade insults with you because what I am about is to learn and impart knowledge. I would reiterate however, that ” Only pigs eat and shit in the same trough.”

  4. He said he witnessed and felt personally the “treachery” of the Government to his constituents in Chaguanas West and the population, in particular, in the East- West Corridor.

    At a meeting at Marabella last night, following his televised address, Warner disclosed he has receipts to show he paid three months’ rent for a house in Santa Margarita for Persad-Bissessar.

    He also showed a cheque which he claimed to have given to Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) leader Ashworth Jack.

    He said further, he gave Government Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal money for his wife’s education in London, England.

  5. Then why is this man acting like a clown? He represents the leadership of laws to be obeyed by the people of this country. HEIS NOT ACT HE IS ONE….A BIG ONE TOO. He represents no one but SELF.

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