Integrity Commission ends its emailgate probe

By Anna Ramdass
May 19, 2015 –

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarPrime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar last night declared victory following the Integrity Commission’s termination of its investigation into emailgate.

She added this vindication was proof Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley was unfit to lead Trinidad and Tobago.

In a letter dated May 19, 2015, the Commission’s registrar Martin Farrell wrote to the Prime Minister’s attorney, Israel Khan, SC, stating that pursuant to Section 34 (6) of the act, the commission was “satisfied that there was no or insufficient grounds for continuing the investigation” into emailgate “and accordingly this investigation is hereby terminated”.

Khan is the legal counsel for Persad-Bissessar and former attorney general Anand Ramlogan in the emailgate affair.

In its letter to Khan, the Integrity Commission pointed out it was unable to disclose information pertaining to its investigation, cited Section 35 of the Integrity in Public Life Act.

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Emailgate closed
The Integrity Commission has decided to close the emailgate affair, leading Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to claim a major victory for her office.

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  1. Rowley: Make findings public

    By Clint Chan Tack
    May 20, 2015 –

    OPPOSITION Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday said the Integrity Commission should tell the population what were the findings of its investigation into the emailgate affair.

    Rowley, the People’s National Movement (PNM) political leader and Member of Parliament (MP) for Diego Martin West, made this comment in response to a letter sent yesterday by the Commission to Israel Khan SC, one of the attorneys representing Prime Minister Kamla Persad- Bissessar in this matter, indicating that it was terminating its probe into emailgate.

    In that signed letter to Khan, Commission Registrar Martin Farrell indicated that pursuant to Section 34 (6) of the Integrity in Public Life Act, the Commission is satisfied there are no or insufficient grounds for continuing its investigation into emailgate and it was terminating the investigation.

    In the letter, Farrell referred Khan to Section 35 of the Integrity in Public Life Act and stated, “The Commission is therefore unable to disclose the information it has received.”

    Commenting on this development, Rowley said, “I would expect the Commission would make the appropriate statement (to the public) on such a matter of widespread public interest.”

    Asked if he was disappointed about the Commission discontinuing its probe into emailgate, Rowley said, “I have no personal interest in the matter.”

    Reiterating that emailgate remains an issue of great national concern, Rowley hoped the Commission would indicate what its findings were to the population. PNM public relations officer Faris Al-Rawi said, “The first thing that Trinidad and Tobago should want to know is what were the parameters of the investigation (by the Commission).”
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    ‘Who has PM spoken to?’

    By Ria Taitt
    May 19, 2015 –

    Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley asked yesterday what caused the dramatic reversal of the Prime Minister in her response to the Deputy DPP’s release.

    “Is this the same letter that brought so much joy and vindication to her last Thursday?” asked Rowley.

    “Who has she spoken to that caused her change, from ‘so happy and cleared’ to calling for the Deputy DPP to set aside from the emailgate probe and to complain to the JLSC (Judical and Legal Service Commission)? Which former attorney general has she spoken to, to cause her to change her mind so abruptly?” he added.

    Rowley said this Government has acted like a wrecking crew with respect to national institutions, “seeking to bully and tamper” with institutions such as the Parliament, Integrity Commission, Commissioner of Police, State enterprises, Office of the Opposition and now the DPP and others.

    He said the only thing he took comfort in was that the Government was on its way out.

    Rowley said Attorney General Garvin Nicholas was “scolding” the Deputy DPP for not consulting him before issuing a statement. He said he wanted to remind AG Nicholas that the DPP is supposed to be the “most independent of all State offices because of its functions”.

    Rowley said a court had ruled that the DPP did not have to take any direction from the Attorney General.

    He said the same time the AG was criticising the Deputy DPP for her language, he “introduced into the letter his speculation of such relationship and some motive of the DPP in defence of me and my office”.

    “I want to reject that totally,” Rowley said.

    He said the AG “was casting aspersions on an officer who had conducted herself within the parameters of the office she holds, which is to warn persons, such as the Prime Minister, that they cannot be doing what they did”.
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    1. Again the members of the cult are prepared to drink the
      “Coolaid” coming from balisier house. For them Dr.Rowley is right the Integrity Commission, Google Inc and American Justice Department all wrong. But wait the PM conspired with the Integrity Commission to get this tainted result. It was Dr.Rowley who said he wanted the Integrity Commission to investigate but now changes his tune. His loyal lackey AL Rawi is now saying we need the DPP to come up with something for we, things looking bad. I am sure the DPP will deliver however in the end the lies will come to surface like a hungry shark to devour the PNM.

  2. Just wondering if Ria Taitt was appointed by the Express to personally support Rowley and the PNM. ALL of her articles are contaminated with bias and pro-PNM propaganda.

  3. It seems that nothing will satisfy the PNM and its supporters with regard to the findings of the emailgate conspiracy. Some on this blog have even resorted to religious bigotry to categorize the PP and its supporters as immoral, racist pagans who would stop at nothing to promote their Hindutava philosophy. They have also attempted to link the fabricated emails to the diverse, racially mixed PP government and flogged the theory that the contents were legitimate in spite of the fact that all emails which were exchanged by the accused were scrutinized. They have even stooped to disparage the Afro-Trinidadians in the government as “uncle Toms”.
    It seems that now Rowley and the PNM are going to challenge the findings of the Integrity commission, the same organization which the Leader of the Opposition trusted to conduct a complete investigation when he made his accusations of conspiracy to murder, bugging and bribery in the House. They are now going to call for the Police to complete its investigation, hoping that the election is completed before that happens. Hopefully the Police will announce their conclusion before September and those who expect a different result will be sadly disappointed. THE EMAILS WAS BROUGHT TO HIM BY A WHISTLEBLOWER AND HE BROUGHT IT TO THE PARLIAMENT TO PURSUE THE TRUTH. THAT IS HIS CONTENTION. Now he cannot accept the truth.


  4. Rowley asked for what he got….plain and simple. How could you bring false information into the Parliament and accuse the PM and her government of attempted murder, illegally placing bugging devices in the office of the DP, and other cooked up conspiracies and expect to pass these serious accusations as fact. Legal documents provided by Google and federal courts of the US prove that Rowley’s complete bag of email gate tricks were complete and intentional fabrications, presented to Parliament to destabilize the government. The Police investigated the bugging accusations and found no evidence of interference in the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. As the PM referenced in the House, the PNM used some actual events to “predict the past” in a circle of deception, expecting the public to believe Rowley’s tangled web of deceit.
    A Prime Ministerial reaction would have been a public apology, rather than an arrogant, belligerent walk out of the Parliament, shouting and screaming like a thug.

  5. This well-timed statement by the IC proves only that the Prime Minister is well able to manipulate desired outcomes, using hand-picked minions.

    She got rid of Ken Gordon at the IC, let us not forget.

    She manipulated the police investigation to run out the clock.

    When Mrs. Honore-Paul at the DPP behaved herself too independent, the Prime Minister and her minions called for her recusal also.

    What does that leave? An unsatisfactory state of affairs.

    For either there is a monstrously evil cabal at the helm of the ship of state, or there was a monstrously evil plot to bring down a duly elected government.

    Which is it? We the people still don’t know.

    But the brazen muzzling of all independent voices leaves a lingering stench emanating from those in control of the ship of state.

    Just my opinion.


    1. It is like the PNM supporters to believe any lie coming out of Balisier house. Now their conspiracy theorist is working to muddy the waters. If you believe a lie long enough you will think it is the truth.


  6. Like nobody can’t talk against the government? We living in a communist country or what? Ria Taitt it is your right to write and publish stories freely. This is a democratic country.

    Aside from that, was it not the PM herself who requested the IC to investigate suggesting that she herself found it worthy of investigation? Even the President (the highest office in the nation) found it worthy of investigation. If it were the other way around, would it not have been worthy of investigation in the minds of these same people who are upset with the stance taken by Dr. Rowley? Politics in this country really blinds the rational thoughts of the average man yes. I will always let common sense prevail.

  7. So the IC has no grounds to continue. But they will say nothing about what they have uncovered.

    This is most unsatisfactory.

    It is not even fair to the PM. For now it leaves open the question whether she is let off the hook by them on a mere technicality, such as a whistle-blower typo.

    We need a full ventilation of this matter, not muzzling and cover-up.


  8. What can be said of those spineless individuals, who pride themselves in being called the Integrity Commission? What integrity? Whose integrity are they seeking? The people of Trinidad and Tobago? Nah! Integrity means having the guts to do the right thing, even if it means hurting people. It would appear that the spineless IC have a special somebody that they don’t want to hurt ands it certainly NOT the people of Trinidad and Tobago. I would like the media to do us a favor. When telling us about the IC, could they at least name these spineless, cowardice, political opportunistic, country hating individuals, so that we know who are? The Integrity Commission was created as a body that will find answers. Not if, not but, not maybe but WILL find answers in the most difficult situations.
    This is the first time in the history of the IC have we had a situation where the commissioners came back to the people and said that they have to STOP. They also said they did not know enough. But you know what they did not tell us? They did not tell us if they tried hard enough to get what they think they wanted to know in order to find the results. This verdict had the signature of Anand Ramlogan. In typical fashion, this man could NEVER GO TO A JURY POOL, magistrate, judge, lawyer or board for adjudication without first maneuvering his way to get the person or persons that he wanted to head the adjudication body.
    Look at the judges who give the verdicts to Ramlogan! There is always something special relationship that he (Ramlogan) fudges.
    In the case of Ken Gordon being the head of the IC, Ramlogan is mindful of the case with Panday so he called out a phone coziness with Gordon and Rowley, then ask Gordon to step down as Chairman because he knew who he wanted to head that body. OK! so he got his man, now that he got his man and the kind of verdict that he thinks get him off the hook, he is finally telling us that we should find the culprits. Yes Anand, the Devil has his day and God will always be the last to laugh. Government by smarts is with us today but as sure as hell they won’t be with us always. And when that time does come, your kind of shenanigans will be remembered and raised like a casket from the grave and brought to the kind of real justice that it deserves – true justice. The question can be asked, when did this body of individuals discover that they did nog have enough evidence? What evidence were they looking for and what evidence were they getting? Does it take two years to recognize that? Oh! learned judge (or ex judge) of the Appellate Court, what move you so much that you timed the verdict so well? Is this an ethnic thing or is it seeking real justice? I think that this verdict has made the case for the dismantling of the Integrity Commission. It was supposed to be an August body of individuals, taken from all aspects of society where they displayed success, authority, professionalism and intellect. But we saw none of that displayed by the verdict. Why spend so much money and time on an institution that cannot function. Why pay these people high salaries, why waste time on something that cannot earn the respect of ordinary people? The more we discuss the IC, nothing comes to mind but questions and more questions. So, in conclusion I would like to ask the question, what do we have to gain by keeping such a toothless body of people?

  9. Latest news is that the IC apparently did not complete its investigation or even came to unanimous decision. Two members tendered their resignation and one is pending. Apparently, the letter sent to the PM’s attorney was against the conscience of some IC members who came forward. The President and the nation want answers now. Hmmmm…What now? Who say what???? SILENCE!!!

    1. All one can do is sit back and continue to watch this drama unfold.

      I have a feeling that there is more in the mortar than the pestle, and can only imagine the chagrin experienced by the hot and sweaty triumphalism on hand on this blog yesterday evening.

      To coin a phrase from Machel Montano’s Road March winning tune, “Look trouble now!”

  10. Re resignations from the IC:

    I know that God is not mocked. That I know. But He takes His time, and is most merciful. All of us sinners He gives a chance to repent, and to do right. He even arranges various tests and trials to see what we will do.

    In this light, I continue to pray that all our public servants involved in this matter will do what they are sworn before God to do. Namely to perform their public duty without fear, and without favour.

    So easy to say, so hard to do … for those whose God is Mammon, not the Most High.

    I also pray that the Truth will come out. The whole Truth. That the innocent in this matter will be protected from the heavy hand of the wicked. And that the guilty will be exposed.

    Indeed I call on God’s promise that that which is done under the cover of the darkness of this world will come to light.

    Let us see whose hands are clean, and whose heart pure.

    For the good of the nation, I humbly pray.


  11. I have just now seen the Express article reporting on the resignation of Justice Ventour from the IC.

    “Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do”.

    God bless Justice Ventour.

    Not all of us are slaves to Mammon. Some of us will stand up for principle, regardless of the consequences.

    Another sterling example of principle and courage, like that shown earlier by Mrs. Honore-Paul.

    And in this case, there cannot even be a question… he remained well within constitutional crease. He was a model of correctness, and if anything, of restraint. To continue the metaphor I used for Mrs. Honore-Paul, his forward defensive stroke was even more forceful than hers; the ball has certainly carried all the way to the boundary.

    The IC now stands exposed.

    By artful manipulation, its membership has been stacked to provide strategic cover to the accused in this matter. There can be no question. They demanded Ken Gordon’s resignation, not because of any bias, but quite the opposite: he could not be bribed or intimidated.

    By itself, “no or insufficient grounds” was always going to be a non-starter as rationale. No grounds, or insufficient grounds? Which? Such a formulation cannot be the outcome of exhaustive investigation, because on its face it is saying they don’t really know, but they are clear on the outcome — exoneration — that they seek. This was the first clue that they had in fact not completed their investigation.

    Then couple that premature “finding”, with the felicitous timing from the perspective of the accused, and there could be no other conclusion but that the IC has been manipulated into its statement. Either they have been fearful, or they are showing favour, violating their oath of office.

    Justice Ventour’s statement is now merely the cherry on top. That cake of a fabricated exoneration has been cooked.

    The IC is not merely toothless. It is the baked cake, itself to be eaten by such as the accused. But perhaps the taste is not so sweet as they might have hoped.

    God most certainly is not mocked. May He protect the innocent in this matter, and expose the wicked.


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