Joan out of line

PM, AG on Emailgate counter-attack

By Yvonne Webb
May 19, 2015 –

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarPrime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar last night called on Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Joan Honore-Paul to step aside in the Emailgate matter over a statement she made on the issue last week.

Her comments came hours after Attorney General Garvin Nicholas expressed his disappointment and concern over Honore-Paul’s judgment last week in criticising Persad-Bissessar for suggesting that she and her colleagues had been cleared in the probe when the case was still open.

During a cottage meeting in Tunapuna yesterday, Persad-Bissessar said she had asked her lawyers to peruse the deputy DPP’s statement and they would now call on her to recuse herself from the matter since she had demonstrated a clear bias.
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Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar claimed last night that deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Joan Honore-Paul showed bias in the release she issued last week and her lawyers intend to file a complaint against her with the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JSLC).

…Attorney General: Bat in your crease
Attorney General Garvin Nicholas has written to deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) reminding her to stick to her “constitutional purview” and desist from making comments that would call the independence of the DPP’s Office into question.

All eyes on Mark
Motion to rescind Rowley’s suspension

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  1. Either the email allegations is correct or not. Appears from the PM lawyers, U.S. Justice Department and Google Inc. that there is no truth to these email.

    One must remember when Dr. Rowley laid his charges via 31 emails in Parliament that all pnmites immediately believe that the PM was guilty of a crime. Joan obviously thinks that way as there is no other explanation for her bizarre behaviour. Actually joining in with Ramesh, Faris giving a press conference without following proper procedures. Dominic Kallipersad said the newsroom received Joan press release at 8:40 pm, the Twitter feed shows 5:40 p.m. So was the Twitter feed lying and Dominic telling the truth? Obviously if you pnmite you will believe Dominic.

    Claims in the email
    (1) plan to kill a reporter-to date the reporter alive.
    (2) plan to move the current DPP –to date no one offered Gaspard another job.
    (3) DPP office bugged -Police say no bug found. “Speaking after the Senate’s adjournment, George said he did not know what Al-Rawi was talking about, regarding the SIS. “He has information I don’t have,” George said. Asked whether there was any investigation into alleged bugging of DPP Roger Gaspard’s office, George replied, “All I can say is I have gotten a report from the Acting Commissioner of Police that there is no bug found in the DPP’s Office.”
    So with no dead body, no removal of Gasppard, no bugs found. Why does Joan the Guardian of the public trust still investigating. She obviously cannot read and understand the 31 emails and must be fired immediately for bringing the DPP office into disrepute and the administration of justice into question.

    1. What I find very interesting is the fact that many bloggers are stating that the PM presenting the response from Google in Parliament wants to exonerate herself from these charges and the response from Google does not exculpate her and the former AG. The IC and the Police in T&T depend upon the response from Google amongst others to come to a final decision, when that happens- God alone knows. Which law states that the PM had no right to lay the response in Parliament when in the first place the charges were laid against her in Parliament and not with the IC nor the police? It is incumbent upon her to seek redress from outside bodies (Google in this instance) and to keep the public informed through Parliament. It is the action of the Opposition leader that reeks with suspicion and intent and not the reaction seeking redress and exoneration from the PM.

      1. The office of the DPP is like a “jackspaniard” nest of
        PNMites used to exonerate criminals and prosecute all perceived threat (1) Panday, (2) Dr. Narayansingh (3) Sharma, (4) Collin Partap….all feel the anvil of hate coming down on them. Now that office is being used by Balisier house to attack the good character of the Honorable Prime Minister Madame KPB. They are trying to tannish and destroy the good reputation and image of our astute Prime Minister.

        The Balisier Brigade with a bunch of thieves remain untouched, (1) Rowley–Landate, (2)Marlene–Calabar Foundation, (3) Manning –Gunapo (too ill to testify), (4) Thesera –insider trading $20 million withdrawal from Clico, (5) Joan Yuelles –$50 million secret scholarship fund, (6) Calder–millions disappeared. And the list goes on.

        I personally believe the time has come for a DA type system.


  2. Who cares?This is getting beyond tedious.Tell your PM to call the elections.The people will decide ,which liar they trust,Kamla,or Rowley.

    1. To PNM appologist on this board Kian, Yoruba and Neal. The IC declares Keith Rowley to be a liar, manipulator and wanna be leader. He should step down as Orville had said if it is found to be fake.
      It is officially fake.
      The Registrar of the Integrity Commission has today, 19th May 2015, written to Attorney-at-law Mr. Israel Khan, S.C. in his capacity as Attorney for the Hon. Prime Minister in connection with the “Emailgate” allegations.

      In that letter captioned “Investigation into alleged ‘Email affair’ by the Integrity Commission, the Registrar stated:

      “… the Commission, pursuant to section 34(6) of the Act is satisfied that there are no or insufficient grounds for continuing the investigation into the above matter and accordingly this investigation is hereby terminated.”

      Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has described as “a major victory” the Integrity Commission’s ruling today ( as contained in their letter of 19th May 2015) that effectively clears her and the Parliament of any impropriety with respect to the Opposition Leader’s “fake email” allegations.

      The Prime Minister said, “This is a major victory for the Office of the Prime Minister and the sovereignty of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago. I am pleased the finding of the Integrity Commission has vindicated me. Of course I always knew that I had acted appropriately.”

      “Now we can move on to the real issue here. That is the Opposition Leader’s arrpgant actions in misleading the Parliament and impugning members of the Government”

      Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar said: “If he will do this to Office of the PM, what would he do to those less able to defend themselves. If elected whom would he bully and harass?”

      “Now that the IC has pronounced and concluded their investigations, the country must move on to the real issues facing us and resolve to deal with the challenges that face us at this time.

      The Opposition Leader’s leadership is again called into question and once again it shows that he is unfit to lead our country”.

      Saying she felt humbled by the Integrity Commission’s ruling, the Prime Minister added: “I thank all those citizens for their deep concern and support during what has been a sordid period”.

  3. The muzzling is coming in MANY FORMS like the this one and another ….take a read for this is an extreme dictatorship planned for us.

    Govt/media to meet on Cyber Bill
    By SEAN DOUGLAS Tuesday, May 19 2015

    A FOUR-PERSON Cabinet team will meet media groups at 10 am tomorrow to discuss the controversial Cyber Crime Bill 2015 which critics say could hurt media freedom, revealed Housing Minister, Dr Roodal Moonilal.

    He spoke to reporters yesterday at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), St Clair, after the regular Monday governmental parliamentary caucus, which had discussed the bill which is now before Parliament.

    He said a Cabinet team — Communications Minister, Vasant Bharath (chairman); Attorney -General Garvin Nicholas; Minister of National Security, Brig Carl Alfonso; and Minister of Food Production, Devant Maharaj — will meet the Media Association of TT (MATT) and the TT Publishers and Broadcasters Association (TTPBA) for more-detailed talks.

    The Cabinet team will then report to the parliamentary caucus next Monday, and in the interim no vote will be taken on the Bill in Parliament.

    The Bill was introduced into the Lower House by Alfonso on May 1 and debated last Wednesday and Friday.

    Media groups have expressed particular concern over clauses nine and 13 which respectively outlaw the illegal acquisition of computer data (with penalties of up to three years jail, and a $500,000 fine), and the unauthorised receipt of such data (punishable by similar penalties).

    Moonilal said the Government does not aim to muzzle the freedom of the media or freedom of expression, and will work towards striking a balance between those rights and the need for regulation. He admitted to knowing of concerns of clauses nine, 13, 19 and 20, the latter two outlawing the sending of multiple unsolicited messages and harassment respectively. Asked if a new clause in the bill could be drafted to exclude journalism from the strictures, Moonilal said such an exclusion could be done by “occupation” or by “sector”, and that there could be a public interest clause, presumably for journalists and/or whistle-blowers.

    He justified the bill by saying serious penalties are needed in this era of a global occurrence of cyber offences such as hacking and illegal wire transfers.

    He used the occasion to recall instances under the former People’s National Movement regime where journalists were harassed such as the raid on a radio station (under former prime minister, Patrick Manning).

  4. I have said time and again that I draw energy from the contents of the writings of TMan and Mamoo. Not because they inject salient or commendable points but because their information come from reliable and trustworthy sources within the government. Those sources want the information published to propagate their points of view and so, Mamoo and TMan are used in that respect.
    Often times, when one writes what they want to say, subliminal messages are imparted to lure the reader into believability. And this is the purpose they serve for the readers and participants of this blog. Their writings provide insights into deeper and rudimentary principles that the government wants amplified. Their presentations however, are often crude and lack literary and apprehensible value, so instead of being informative, they tend to be irritable and confrontational to readers with a different set of values. The crudeness with which Mamoo and TMan exaggerate their points, often lead to questions as to why they are doing this. Their social and political commentaries demand rebuttal to which they are usually taken to task for their out-of-time placings.
    Emailgate, as presented by the PP government and all it’s agents is a case in which they want to propagate the case against Dr. Keith Rowley, as opposed to finding a resolution to the request of Dr. Rowley. Dr. Rowley asked for an investigation into the emails. Kamla, Moonilal, Anand and others want Dr. Rowley investigated for fraud. Those two requests are definitely NOT the same. The prevailing view and one most articulated by the government is that Dr. Rowley fabricated it contents, brought it to the parliament with the view to bringing down the government and therefore a shut case of telling lies and subversion to an established government. THAT IS THE CHARGE from the government’s point of view. DR. ROWLEY’S VERSION AS REPORTED IN HANSARD IS;
    THE EMAILS WAS BROUGHT TO HIM BY A WHISTLEBLOWER AND HE BROUGHT IT TO THE PARLIAMENT TO PURSUE THE TRUTH. THAT IS HIS CONTENTION. The flip side of all of this, is the contents in these emails, which are very serious and deserving of court marshall like investigations. If, true these information have treasonous and contentional consequences. These are people put there to run a government not a conspirational enterprise, so if harboring such evil and diabolical intentions will solidify their longevity, they need instead to be out of government forthwith. TRUTH is something that any democratic government WILL pursue in order to get to the base of it’s authenticity. In the mater of emailgate, one begs the question, IS IT TRUE OR NOT? There are procedures in the parliament where they can pursue the matter to derive at an answer. They obviously DO NOT HAVE THE EXPERTISE NOR DO THEY HAVE THE REQUIRED INTELLIGENCE to deal with such a complicated and time consuming exercise. They (the government) abandoned that course of action. The reason why they abandoned it is because, were they to so do, it would have meant including the Opposition in their deliberations. So, rather than pursue a parliamentary fact finding course to discover the source or sources of originality, they decided to be defensive, political, diabolical, denigrational and destructive of the whole matter, rather than to seek truth and finality. They decided that the solutions to emailgate was a UNC undertaking, with an ALL UNC cast at all cost, so they sought a UNC solution that they feel they can SELL to the public – ROWLEY IS A LIAR, A FABRICATOR AND INTENDS TO BRING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT BY SUBVERSIVE MEANS. In any democratic country, these charges and counter charges would be considered EXTREMELY SERIOUS and worthy of exploring to it’s most minute detail. But this is Trinidad and Tobago, an eat-ah-fooder country where everybody depends on the ‘government’ for ‘a little something’, so arriving at the truth (however one might see it) depends of how much corn one might have or willing to share. The UNC’s approach is and have been SUBJECTIVE and personal not investigative – GET ROWLEY!.
    Charge number one: Investigate the emails
    Charge number two: Rowley is a fabricator and liar
    Contents of emails: Whose thinking it is really?

    The government have found it’s solution in dealing with charge number two only. It is vigilant, sombre, directional and boisterous in that pursuit because, like a traffic police, they can tell you what direction to go.
    The only semblance of truth they sought on the matter of charge number one was defensive and only on a technicality – one of the email’s url was typographically wrong. This is the direction that the PP government is pushing with vigor and purpose. WHAT ABOUT THE CONTENTS OF THE EMAILS? Who cares? As long as the name of the so-called author is wrong then EVERYTHING ELSE IS WRONG. This is the contention of the UNC. A rather flimsy hope to rely upon when so much has been said in the emails.
    If they are not the author or authors, then they should be just as curious and purposeful in finding who the culprit or culprits was/are. We should all be angry about what was contained in those emails.
    ———————————————————- In that respect the government have not taken any initiative to find out why that so-called fabricator and liar would want to implicate the Prime Minister, Attorney General and other members of parliament. This charge is way too serious to be left alone and not seek professional and security oriented help of the highest order. The way to deal with it is NOT to get a private lawyer in the United States to ask the U.S Department of Justice to say that Kamla and Anand did not write a particular email. Get professionals with the best qualifications to handle the matter for the government, not Kamla and Anand but the people of Trinidad and Tobago because their interest are most important, not the singular interest of Kamla and Anand.
    The government has a duty to own it’s own contention that Dr. Rowley is the culprit. Where is the evidence? Make that evidence public and allow the investigative and prosecutional forces to deal with that matter, so that he can be summarily dealt with. The letter from Kamla’s and Anand’s lawyer is not sufficient. In a case of law, the best material that can be presented for prosecution is material and intentional evidence. Where is the evidence to prove that Dr. Rowley is the fabricator? If he did it, where is the computer or typewriter of other forms of machines he used to write his diabolical plot?
    Who are his conspirators or partners in bringing those things into the public domain? What were his real intentions? Why would he want to subject the people of Trinidad and Tobago to this kind of subversive behavior?
    Failure to pursue this course of action cannot be understood, unless the accusers have something to hide!
    It is in fact a perversion of justice if the PP Government fail to pursue this course of action to its logical conclusion. So far, the government is only concerned with clearing the name of Kamla POersad Bissessar and Anand Ramlogan, the principals mostly involved with the contents of this conspiracy. From the points of view on a national scale, it should be a case of national security
    and not a partisan issue. They should involve the security forces more on the resolution of this case because the national interest is more important than mere personal or partisan involvement. So, from that standpoint Kamla and Ramlogan should resist the personal vindication and pursue a conviction of the guilty party instead.

    Another way to deal with it is, her time will be expiring in 5 days. Call the election and let the next administration handle it.

    1. Where is the evidence to prove that Dr. Rowley is the fabricator? —Kian

      1. anan@gmail does notexist and cannot be created due to gmail “6” characters requirement.

      2. The dates in some of the emails do not match real calendar dates.

      3. The time zone is not consistence

      4. Rowley has changed his tune about Thomas Smitham of the US Embassy involvement

      5. The date format “9/06/12” are wrong

      6. You cannot send one email from 2 different email addresses and the recipient would receive it as one email. In other words you cannot send an email from and to and Kamla would receive one email.

      7. The Judiciary has denied any request was made to promote DPP Gaspard to a judge.

      8. The US Embassy has denied any knowledge of a conspiracy.

      9. Sunday Guardian editor Debra Wanser has denied anyone from the Government ever asked her to pull or suppress any story in connection with Section 34.

      10. The DPP has denied anyone from GOVT approached him about appointment as Judge

      11. United states information technology expert Jon Berryhill says the emails are fraudulent

      12. Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams admits emails fake

      13. US court Docs citing Google data: DOES exist, but alleged Emailgate emails were never sent.

      14. US court docs, citing Google data: DOES exist, but Emailgate emails were never sent.

      15. January 15, 2015. AG Ramlogan wins emailgate defamation claim against Opposition leader Dr. Keith Rowley. Rowley and Al Rawi failed to file a defence in the law suit and asked for an extension. They did not honor the deadline date AGAIN and the judge has ruled against them.

      1. Mamoo, please re-read Kian ……”Their presentations however, are often crude and lack literary and apprehensible value, so instead of being informative, they tend to be irritable and confrontational to readers with a different set of values.”

      2. Mamoo, if you take these facts that you mentioned to a REAL court of justice, they will take a cutlass and planass you from Port of Spain to Mayaro.


  5. @kian

    Excellent analysis of the situation. Well said.

    If the whistle-blower is no whistle-blower, then his fabrication amounts to a monstrous plot against the state, and he should be found out. His head should then have to roll.

    If the whistle-blower is indeed a whisle-blower, then what he has revealed speaks of a state captured by a monstrous cabal. And again, heads should roll.

    I agree that under a hypothesis of innocence, we would have seen a determined effort on the part of those accused to bring the guilty parties to swift justice.

    Under a hypothesis of guilt, contrarily, we would expect to see what in fact we have seen: a dance of twist, spin, distortion and delay.

    They certainly have succeeded in running out the clock, and clinging to office for a full five years and more. And they have certainly, contrary to simplest logic, sought to spin and twist a typo into a basis for exoneration.

    The brave public servant, seeking to do her sworn duty without fear or favour, having pointed out what should have been obvious, is now made to feel the heavy weight of the hand of those accused.

    They charge her with bias, for doing her job. They want her to recuse herself!

    If they are indeed innocent, there would be no need to over-react in this way. On a hypothesis of innocence, the fabrication would collapse upon itself, whether police or prosecutor were biased or not. In fact the charges would already have collapsed mere weeks after first having been brought to light. The requisite facts could already have been ascertained from purely local sources such as, and the investigation quickly changed to a determined hunt for the fabricator.

    Be all that as it may, a just God promises that dirty deeds done in the dark will come to light.

    May Mrs. Honore-Paul remain steadfast and brave in the face of this trial, and may the Most High and our Saviour, Yeshua, protect the innocent, and expose the guilty in this matter.





  6. Insider information ,huh?Sorry Bro Kian but me think you give these two cyber clowns too much credit. What exactly would be the end game ,for Auntie Karma ,and her PP goons ,for so doing,win votes ,and influence people outside the camp?
    The fact is ,that folks from their ancestral gene pool,will vote for de UNC dominant PP ,anyway-even if it was established -via a new batch of emails -by their much adored,FBI,Scotland Yard,or Canadian Mounties law enforcement experts, that each member of this party stole ,50 million each ,and or ,murdered a secret ,outside lover,during the past five years.
    Well,I take that back,and say,that you might have a valid point.
    The reality is ,that the head hounds ,of this PP regime,either ain’t have too much in de smarts department,or the folks Kamla,and her carbal lean on ,for political,strategic advice,are some of the biggest idiots,known to mankind,this century.
    Talk about allowing de poor,ummmm…out of her element Kamla ,to repeatedly shoot herself in the foot-as we like to say on the streets.
    Tell you what folks ,if this woman, had held the elections,6-8 months ago,she and party ,would have garnered another majority,hands down.
    So fractured,and dysfunctional was the PNM,not so many moons ago.
    Back then ,Uncle Rowley ,was boxed into a corner ,as it were,both by diabolical-fake Christian Manning,Arima-Afro Carib ‘Pennyloop,’and Her Madrassstrick Queen Karma ,as some sort of hardcore-political gangster,while it appeared,as if , there was nada his image enhancement agents, could do about it.
    As for right now…well….let’s just say ,that
    due to their stupid overkill,there is only one word that can best describe the PM in waiting,and that’s Statesman.
    Way to go Dr Rowley! Pappa Defy Eric,and.Ahhhh weee Bouy ,ANR Robinson,ain’t have nothing on you.
    Can anyone believe this?
    De Mason Hall kid,has essentially,transformed himself ,in this short period,from an uncouth,Wajang ,to a savvy,media sophisticated,anti corruption,oppressed people’s champion,and better yet,soon to be ,ummmm …’First amongst Equal.’
    Thanks Jeffrey Archer,for a find novel. Ahhhhh,Brother Kian,the original Iron Ladies,of Margaret Thatcher,Golda Meier,Eugenia Charles ,and we can throw in dat ,neo Imperial ,pro sterilization South Asian Queen ,Indira Ghandi,must be turning over in their respective graves,to see how this female ,political neophyte,has let down their gender ,si?
    Hey Kian,if I am not mistaken,one of the paid ,braying donkey operatives,-most likely ,during one of his numerous ,drunken stupors-had comically ,let it slip,that his Auntie K,of late ,reminded him of Dame Thatcher,as she had de gravitas,poise,oratory skills, to prove it.
    Tell this unmentionable ,cyber clown, that yours truly ,never missed a parliamentary question time session, of Mama Thatcher.
    His verbally challenged, Auntie K ,could not pay me $2 million,to listen to one of such ,led by her in our Parliament.
    Tell him ,that during the pinnacle of Gorbachev Glasnost /Perestroika ,Dame Thatcher had strong cabinet underlings such as John Major,trembling on the domestic front-as she ‘ran a tight ship.’
    Additionally,she practicality ran the free world, while clueless Ronald Reagan,and bumbling G.H Bush,scratch their rear ends ,on Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Oh ,and for the record Kian,rumor has it ,that there was not a day dat Papa Dennis Thatcher,her millionaire esposo, was left unattended,or went hungry ,as she personally prepared his meals,massage his feet ,and like clockwork, would eat with him,at Downing Street.
    As for de good doctor ,cousin Bissasar? Not dat I ,or anyone else in.T&T cares ,but is he still alive?
    184 countries visited by our carefree,nepotistic PM ,in five years ,with her hermana ,serving as glorified ,overpaid shopping agent,in half of them -until an outcry by angry ,Trini taxpayers.
    How many more days before the voters get the chance, to show these political crooks the door ,and AG Fitzgerald Hinds ,begin going after well known criminals,who raped /plunder our country?
    Stay vigilant people!

    1. ” Their presentations however, are often crude and lack literary and apprehensible value, so instead of being informative, they tend to be irritable and confrontational to readers with a different set of values.”……Kian

  7. There is not much more to be said. The Integrity Commission’s investigation is complete. The PM and her government is cleared again and again and again, by many sources. If Rowley is as good a leader as you folks think he is, he has no alternative but to resign. And all of you wishful conspiracy theorists should maintain your silence on this matter for an extended period. Is that crude enough for you ,Kian?

    1. What has been done by your UNC is to disguise the real threat to our beloved country ….the question is WHAT IS THE REAL ISSUE(S) BEHIND SECTION 34, the real topic of all the emails to bury the truth. YOU, MAMOOO and your elk are being played.

  8. Mamoo, I hope to add to this later, but for now.

    “They are trying to tannish and destroy the good reputation and image of our astute Prime Minister.”

    The Prime Minister already destroyed her reputation and image way back in 2011, when she appointed Reshmi Ramnarine to head an exclusive section of our country’s National Security. It is alleged that Miss Ramnarine was the mattress mate of a certain Minister, who is a doctor with an eye for education. If the ‘position’ was a reward/payment for bedroom services, then it can be alleged that the PM was acting as a Madam facilitating prostitution.

  9. From the onset, the Government was playing for time. Any schoolchild could have known if the e-mail addresses were fake.

    Here how it is done. Send an e-mail to a fake or non-existent e-mail address and the e-mail is immediately returned with the appropriate message. Am I the only one who knows this? Why did the Government not have this done? This would have blown Dr. Rowley out of the water the very next day.

    Instead, the Prime Minister referred the e-mails to the police. If the Prime Minister and the lowly ex-AG were confident that they did not send any such correspondence, why not send your computers, along with qualified and experienced IT personnel along with the so-called fake e-mails immediately to the police, and again blow Dr. Rowley out of the water?

    Instead, they began playing smart with foolishness, claiming that their computers contained sensitive information and employing and hiding behind their attorneys. Sounds like playing for time.

    Again, the AG’s office had the power and authority to request information from the various e-mail providers, but again more hemming and hawing.

    It is now about two years and no definite results. Why would the Prime Minister waste time and money to send her attorneys to Google if she was confident that no such e-mail was sent by her? So she actually sent to look for something that she knew was definitely not there. Again playing smart with foolishness.

    Data can be retrieved from a computer hard drive even after such data was erased, but there is a time limit before information goes to cyber heaven. Has that time (2 years) finally reached?

    Mamoo, TMan and others, common sense and knowledge trump bull tata every time.

    1. Where have you been, my friend?
      The government speakers in the House each presented an analysis of the 31 emails and proved the fake nature of the emails during debate on Rowley’s motion. The Opposition rejected the arguments.
      The accused turned over their computers to the Police. All information was extracted.The government as well as the PM’s private lawyers acquired the requested information from Google and the US state department.
      Again the Opposition rejected the findings.
      The Integrity Commission cleared the PM and other accused. Again the Opposition rejected the findings.
      Do you realize the seriousness of the accusations? Murder included.

      1. Again, maybe the English language is not precise enough for all to understand or maybe it was written for some to understand and some not to understand. If we all should agree that the Integrity Commission STOPPED THE INVESTIGATION for reasons yet to be KNOWN, how does that be interpreted into a VINDICATION? Worse yet, we have been told time and again that the Google request was PRIVATE (BELONGING TO KAMLA AND ANAND), how does this translate into a victory for the Government? What was ‘the government’s interest’ in this ‘private’ request to google? What has the IC investigated? Why did they ‘stop’ the investigation? Was it because there was not enough evidence? If that was so, why did they not say so? Was there evidence leading to contentions that could have had extremely serious repercussions? Could it be that if the repercussions were to be of extreme gravity they (the commissioners), felt that it was more important to save the country from chaos rather than allow exposure to their deliberations? If as you are claiming that it is a victory for the government. What is the victory? Is it the kind of victory that you can now point to Rowley and say it is fake? or Is it a victory for Kamla and Anand because an important arm of government refused to pursue further? or Is it because the IC is absolutely certain that what was contained in the emails was just a kind of joke or impersonation? You see TMan, the action by the IC can only lead to more questions and meanwhile we are no closer to an end to all of this speculation. To make it worse, justice denied is still no JUSTICE AT ALL. or is it to right time to ask the question – CAN JUSTICE BE BOUGHT?

        1. It is an established FACT that the emails were fake. The Deputy DPP admitted this, the IC alluded to it, Google confirmed it, The US Justice dept endorsed it and the PM’s personal US lawyer confirmed it.
          Undoubtedly, the Police will soon announce the same.
          Kian denies that the emails were fake after his in depth investigation.

  10. The question that arises is ‘how independent is an independent office?’ In the organizational chart of the AG office the DPP is supposed to be an independent organ of the state, but in the hierarchy of reporting the individual is supposed to be reporting to the AG. The same applies to other organs of the state e.g., the Integrity Commission, Police Commission etc. with respective Ministries. Whether it is the PNM, UNC or whatever government, there needs to be well defined reporting procedures. Looking at the behavior of some individuals that command certain offices there seem to be other issues developing in this fiasco. Personality conflicts, biased opinions whether called for or not, Media ethics, etc. I believe since the Opposition realized that they found themselves in a pickle and are finding themselves back in Parliament this Friday minus their leader, it will be interesting whether the whistle blower would be identified. I say this because the seriousness of the charges that have now been terminated by the IC, impugned potential murder of a media personnel which should be dealt with in the peoples parliament. Is this the precedent that will be set in high office when the slaughtering of Joe Bloke on the streets are recorded as a statistic rather than trying to solve crime in general? The creed of today becomes the deed of tomorrow!

  11. TMan, you stated that the Integrity Commission’s investigation is complete. This might be so, but it does not give anyone a victory. The Integrity Commission is a major waste of time and money, which has never and will never ever bring anyone to justice.
    Were there any use of scientific or technological experts investigating the establishment of facts or evidence? I think it is called forensics. We are dealing with computer technology and cyber space. Using old records from Google is only “Bee Essing” big people and major chest thumping.
    How can anyone be cleared when not one single computer hard drive was “scrubbed” for deleted or erased information?

    At best, my fellow citizens, this matter is inconclusive after so much time has elapsed.

  12. @Mamoo:

    “To PNM appologist on this board Kian, Yoruba and Neal.”

    I generally say what I mean and mean what I say. So let me clarify my position on this blog.

    I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the PNM or any other political party. Neither have I ever voted for the PNM or any other political party.

    I am most certainly anti-UNC, and anti-Hindutva. I make no bones about that.

    But that does not make me pro-PNM, still less a PNM apologist.

    What I am is pro-Truth and anti-Lie. That makes me anti-UNC, I’m afraid. But it doesn’t make me pro-PNM.

    My religious convictions leave me resolutely outside of *party* politics.


    1. Your persistent speculation and implicit suggestions indicate that mistrusted the PM and her government and “wished ” for a guilty outcome.You seem to be hiding behind your “religious convictions”, in implied support of the PNM, all the while sending negative vibrations and subliminal disapproval of the “Hindutave” affiliation of the PM and her government.

      1. Let me state it again:

        “I am most certainly anti-UNC, and anti-Hindutva. I make no bones about that.

        But that does not make me pro-PNM, still less a PNM apologist.

        What I am is pro-Truth and anti-Lie. That makes me anti-UNC, I’m afraid. But it doesn’t make me pro-PNM.

        My religious convictions leave me resolutely outside of *party* politics.”

        I’m not sending “subliminal” messages. I speak plainly.

        That is why I hasten to correct any mischaracterization of my position. For silence would otherwise imply consent.


  13. The ruling of the Integrity Commission has told us that we are further away from democracy than most honest citizens think.

    1. Hopefully you will miraculously regain your blinding trust in our institutions after the perceived PNM victory in the elections.
      But let me burst your optimistic bubble when I knowingly say that nothing will change, and in the final analysis, it does not matter who is the PM of T&T because there are no philosophical differences between any of the political Parties in T&T.

      1. “there are no philosophical differences between any of the political Parties in T&T.”

        That illusion must be maintained by tshose dedicated to Hindutva and apan jhat. That is why the CDA’s Leladharsingh was fired after it came out that the UNC looks upon “niggers” (sic) within their party as “gullible”.

        There is a world of difference between Hindutva and apan jhat on one side, and “together we aspire, together we achieve”, on the other side.

        The PNM was founded on a platform of “morality in public affairs”. Yes, they have fallen short many times. But at least the founding principle is clear. And the party at times holds its own to account.

        By contrast, the UNC complains loudly about PNM corruption, as well it should. But right here on this blog, it is obvious that its supporters turn a very blind eye to the crooks and criminals in the UNC that are robbing the nation blind. That is the philosophy of Hindutva and apan jhat at play. Support the leader and the party even when it is clearly in the wrong.

        There is a place reserved in hell for the adherents of such a philosophy … including for those of the tribe that merely fail to speak out against it.


        1. The PNM was founded on a platform of “morality in public affairs”
          I am beginning to think that you are a comedian, my friend. The PNM invented the word “corruption”. I am sure that you do not want me to regurgitate the long list of PNM thieves over the last fifty years of PNM governments.

  14. Let me add that when the time comes, I might well find myself being critical of a PNM Government.

    I expect that a PNM Government will “let the jackass bray” rather than move to stifle dissent. Certainly it was so at a time we all well remember. That is to their credit.

    The UNC is culturally quite different. They feel compelled to muzzle dissent and destroy or neutralize anyone who dares to be too independent.

    For example: a now toothless Integrity Commission, and a poodle of a Police Commissioner.


    1. “So it went to the President. It is my understanding and my confirmation is that the President, after his own deliberation on his own volition sent it to the Integrity Commission.

      Why the Integrity Commission?

      The Integrity Commission, Mr. Speaker, is the location in this country where certain persons by the office they hold fall under the power of that body of the Constitution, whereas other citizens are not.

      The only people in this country who fall under the Integrity Commission are office holders who hold certain offices. And if they misconduct themselves, this Commission is there to intervene on behalf of the State.

      Mr. Speaker, let me just read for you to remind you the power of the Integrity Commission…..

      And when something comes to me that points to serious high crimes in the Office of Trinidad and Tobago, I have a duty to ensure that the best investigation is attached to that office under oath.”
      Rowley does not agree with you. This is what the Leader of the Opposition said in the House on may 22,2013 when he presented his bogus emails.

      “Mr. Speaker, I want to remind you that I said that the Integrity Commission has that power superior to police investigation, and the investigator of the Commission has the power to virtually command the cooperation from any person in an investigation.

      Once a person is designated an investigating officer of the Integrity Commission, that person carries the tremendous power that this Parliament gives that office. .

      1. And what I said was the “_now_” toothless IC, and the poodle of a Police Commissioner.

        As to the PC, he is a poodle to the UNC Gov’t, because he is kept on a leash. As an “Acting” PC, he can be dismissed by them if he does not toe the line. Even if he was more pitbull than poodle, he is kept on a leash, and therefore constrained to do his master’s bidding. His independence has been undermined.

        As to the IC, the previous Chairman, Ken Gordon, was made to recuse himself from the emailgate matter. The signal of the Government was thus clear. The new IC Chairman is expected to not rock the boat. His independence has been undermined.

        They have likewise engaged in intimidating the Office of the DPP, in the person of Mrs. Joan Honore-Paul, calling on her to recuse herself merely for fearlessly and without favour doing what her Constitutional duty requires.

        They are clearly seeking to undermine every independent institution set up under the Constitution. Either as a matter of conscious policy, or because by ingrained habits of behaviour they cannot help themselves.

        Either way, they are a threat to the principles and practices laid down in our Constitution, and established by habit and custom. They are unfit to govern.


  15. THE INTEGRITY COMMISSION STOPPING OF THE EMAILGATE INVESTIGATION IS NO CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION – What are we celebrating? A victory? Whose victory? Whose interest is served by this stoppage? The emails had damning purposes which was definitely not in the interest of furthering democracy in Trinidad and Tobago. So, with the position of the Integrity Commission, are we to contend that they DONT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO THE COUNTRY IF SUCH DEMENTED MINDS GET HOLD OF POWER AND TRIES TO EXERCISE IT ON THE MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION? ARE WE TO CONTEND THAT THE INTEGRITY COMMISSION DONT CARE? What exactly does the Integrity Commission mean? Does it mean that as a fact finding agency of government, they are ill-equipped to handle sensitive, complicated and dangerous situations? In my search for answers, what seems to come naturally is more questions to which there are no answers. What does the Integrity Commission want to do with Dr. Rowley? What does the IC want to say about the government? Where is the justice in their ruling? Was truth pursued? Was justice determined? If so, what is truth and what is justice?

    Sorry, only questions come to mind!


  16. In her defence, the Prime Minister says:

    “Mr. Justice William H Orrick in the Northern District of California, California Supreme Court confirming that none of _these_ emails had ever been sent from or received by our accounts.” (emphasis added)

    Of course _those_ emails could not have been sent from or received by their accounts, given that there was a typo in the rendition of at least one of them.

    At the very least, clarification is required on this point.

    That is the very point that the Deputy DPP is obviously driving at, when she says that the investigation must go outside the “four corners” of the purported emails.

    Therefore, the question must be established very carefully as to what was the question before the California Judge. This is the question of the “parameters” that some commentators have insisted must be clarified before the PM could reasonably claim to have been exonerated.

    Also, I find the formulation of the IC strange in speaking of “no or insufficient” grounds to continue. A fair-minded observer is entitled to ask, which is it? No grounds, or insufficient grounds.

    In the latter case there would be some grounds, just “insufficient” in the opinion of the IC. Is the public allowed to make up its own mind? No. The matter is sealed.

    Looks like cover-up. And at the very least, intimidatory tactics have been deployed to secure same.

    I am not at all happy at this state of affairs. I want the Truth to come out, whatever it is. Not to be covered up.

    I remain unmoved by the Government’s dance of twist, spin, distortion and delay. To that list we must also add intimidation.


  17. Seems like Kamla has forgotten that her term of office, like that of the Opposition Leader has only three days left on it official mandate. YES Kamla, you have EXACTLY 3 days left May 24, 2015 and your official terms should end. Yes, I understand that the constitution has allowed you a grace of 3 months or so to call an election for a new government to be formed. And that you should be concerned with, the people will decide if Dr Rowley if fit or not to be the Prime Minister CERTAINLY NOT YOU. As for you Kamla, you have given us quite a lot to think about. For the last five years, we have seen Trinidad and Tobago been taken to the brink of calamity and only because we are a people of peace and contentment we remained calm. We have seen you played with the Police service as though it were you personal detail, taking advice from the most notorious attorney general this country has ever seen, whose idea of the police service was to dangle the crystal before they eyes of it leader (the CoP), with the permanent state of Commissioner and only enticing him to come back with the ‘acting’ thing. He is still ‘acting’, if you had confidence in him you would have given him the job, plain and simple. We have seen you call a state of emergency where you targeted over 4,000 black men, put them in jail for no reason other than to say that they were ‘suspects’. You have said that people were out to kill you, arrested people, put them in jail and said that they were suspects, again all black men. All these people were set free with no evidence to link them to the CRIMES that they were purported to have committed. That was under your leadership Kamla, not Rowley’s. You called those shots and they were all political posturing. Political posturing with over five thousand people’s lives, only to satisfy your own ego and insecurities as a Prime Minister. We have seen you FIRE a seasoned security expert from the Security Forces of Trinidad and Tobago. One with vetted international clearance (security term for one who has gone through the vigorous training
    and personal aptitude and professional rigors in security matters), and replace him with a clerk in the office. Yes Kamla, you did that. We have seen you get rid of two well equipped border patrol vessels worth roughly $2bn and close to four hundred trained security personnel for no explainable reason. These four hundred professional trained people were let go and we don’t know where they are. We have seen you turn you back on the extradition of Ish and Steve and gave the United States government the middle finger on their trials, which by the way we have no idea what you want to do on that. We have seen where you allowed the notorious ex-AG to spend close to half a billion dollars on what he called the ‘dream team’ and with not one conviction to show for it. We have seen your type of leadership in action where, when made aware of the misbehavior of your adored AG, to the detriment of the solicitor general, you turned the information back to the exAG asking him to investigate himself. We have seen you pretend you did not see what happened to over $400,000,000 of Lifesport money under the leadership of Anil Roberts. We have seen you now turning a blind eye on the $60m taken from FCB, where your finance minister told us a bandit came to the bank and took it. Kamla, there is too much to mention on what you have shown us that accounts for your leadership for you to now come and tell us Who to pick for Prime Minister. Another five years of you Kamla WILL drive us down a path that is much worse than the fate of Guyana. And we know that the people of Guyana has finally said enough is enough. I think it is time to tell you too Kamla, enough is enough. We are the ones to choose who we want to lead us NOT YOU!

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