Machel Montano Performed in Miami After All

Machel MontanoFrom the article below (the bottom of the first page and continuing onto the second page), it appears that Machel Montano did perform at the “Nine Mile Music Festival 2013” which was held in Florida, Miami on March 02, 2013. There were concerns that his U.S. visa would have been revoked following his conviction last year for assaulting four persons in 2007 outside Zen night club in Port-of-Spain and for using obscene language. Montano was fined on February 25, 2013.

Stephen, Damian, and Julian Marley, 2Chainz, and Future at Nine Mile Music Festival 2013 By Esther Park – March 04, 2013

…the festival became a carnival when Machel Montano, Mr. Fete himself, dropped an intense 60-minute soca set on the Nine Mile crowd. And there is no doubt that MM brings out the flags. The Trinidad & Tobago colors flitted through the audience as he got the fans dancing and sweating in the cold weather. We’re sure that if Montano wasn’t a soca superstar, he’d make the best Crossfit trainer ever.

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  1. US Visa would be revoked? Anyone who thought that much,is much more foolish than I thought, or rather has no conception of hove a real capitalist , democractic nation work’s.
    No one cares about a T&T Soca brad , involved in some harmless scuffle?
    Now de bigger question is , can one time FIFA head honcho, turned fast talking , Central beloved politician , in Uncle Jack, attend a security Conference in either Ohio, New York, Montreal,Gloschester, Paris, or Amsterdam, hmmmmm? Maybe!

  2. State appeals Machel’s sentence
    Fourteen days after soca star Machel Montano and songwriter/producer Kernal Roberts were fined $26,700 over six assault charges, the prosecution has appealed the sentence. The T&T Guardian yesterday confirmed the appeal was filed on Monday at the Port-of-Spain Magistrates Court. Although the State may not appeal on the basis that a sentence was too lenient, officials said the appeal was based on “the refusal of the magistrate to order a more severe sentence.”

    Machel’s lawyer, State file appeals
    BOTH the State and defence attorneys representing convicted soca star Machel Montano have filed appeals in the hopes of dismissing the ruling handed down by Magistrate Maureen Baboolal-Gafoor.

    Kernal: I’m sorry
    EVEN AS the State has filed an appeal seeking to get more severe sentences to be imposed on soca superstar Machel Montano and song writer Kernal Roberts, who were convicted and fined for assault charges and using obscene language, Roberts yesterday maintained his innocence but apologised to victims Brandis Browne and Russell Pollonais.

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