Focus on Haiti – The Politics of Rice

By Al Jazeera English
January 25, 2010 –

HaitiIn 2008, in the midst of the global food crisis, we travelled to Haiti to look at the politics of rice – how such a fertile country became dependent on food aid.

In the wake of this current disaster, that dependence is – initially – going to deepen.

But as relief efforts slowly turn to plans for reconstruction, it is important to look back at the policies that brought Haiti to the brink in the first place, and the people who had their own vision of self-sufficiency all along.

Avi Lewis talks about the US role in the development of Haiti with PJ Crowley, the spokesman at the US state department, and Emira Woods, the co-director of Foreign Policy In Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies and an expert on US foreign policy.

Part I

Part II

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  1. Operation Haitian Earthquake Freedom by Ted Rall
    The US made ZERO effort to help Haiti. Soldiers made aid shipments wait four (!) days to arrive while they established “command and control.” Then for three more days, the aid sat at the airport, locked up and guarded…meanwhile, tens of thousands of people who could have been saved…died.

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