U.S. troops in Haiti to prevent Aristide’s return

by Wayne Madsen
January 19, 2010 – onlinejournal.com

Jean-Bertrand AristidePresident Obama, in keeping with his CIA lineage, has permitted the Pentagon under Robert Gates to take charge of the humanitarian relief efforts in Haiti.

As Cuban and Venezuelan field hospitals were already rendering first aid and trauma care to Haitians injured in the mega-quake, Obama was gathered at a White House photo op with Vice President Joe Biden and other Cabinet officers to state that U.S. military reconnaissance aircraft would fly over Haiti to assess the situation from the air. A U.S. P-3 Orion spy plane from Comalapa air base in El Salvador was dispatched to conduct the surveillance operation, an act that was already being accomplished by earth satellites, the images of which were available on Google Maps.

As Obama was garnering praise from such sycophantic White House outlets as the largely-discredited Washington Post, a 37-person Icelandic search-and-rescue team was pulling trapped earthquake victims from the rubble of collapsed buildings in Port-au-Prince. Iceland, a nation bankrupted by Obama’s banker pals on Wall Street and in the City of London, was able to react in a way that the slumbering and oafish dying super-power, the United States, could not — with action aimed at providing immediate assistance to the Haitian people.

Obama’s generals and admirals, who are mostly more concerned about their appearance than in taking charge and moving out, were still scratching their heads about where to land the U.S. Marines and 82nd Airborne. In fact, military aircraft carrying weapons and other war supplies crowded the airport aprons at Port-au-Prince airport that could be used by planes from other countries carrying much needed food, water, and medical supplies. Argentine doctors already on the scene in Haiti complained that they were running out of simple sewing kits being used as stitches for the injured who had undergone surgery.

When U.S. Special Operations forces hit the ground at Port-au-Prince airport they pointed their weapons at desperate Haitians at the airport perimeter who wanted help not a gun pointed in their faces. Russia, Spain, Mexico, Chile, and Guatemala were rushing in food and water for Haiti.

Meanwhile, Obama was phoning former President George W. Bush to ask him and former President Bill Clinton to launch a fund drive for Haitian earthquake relief. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was partly behind engineering the 2004 coup that deposed democratically-elected Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, attended a Haitian relief fundraiser at a Washington hotel called “W.” The symbology could not have been worse — it was Bush who showed the world that he was totally disinterested in the 2004 Asian earthquake and tsunami and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that decimated New Orleans and surrounding areas.

Apparently, the so-called media-savvy Obama failed to realize the revolting nature of asking Bush to do anything related to Haiti when people remembered his lack of action over Katrina. Bodies of African-Americans floating in the streets of New Orleans became juxtaposed with the bodies of Afro-Haitians piling up in the streets of Port-au-Prince. But, of course, Obama is the “Max Headroom” of America’s political leadership — a talking head — whose rhetorical flourishes speak louder than principles or concrete action.

Aristide, from an exile in South Africa imposed by the United States, France, and Canada, vowed to return to Haiti to be with his people in their time of stress and despair. Aristide, a former Roman Catholic priest, served the people of the Haitian slum of La Saline and he understands best the plight of his people. On the other hand, Rene Preval, the U.S. stooge who was placed in power twice by the CIA and the U.S. Southern Command to replace Aristide, once in a fraudulent election (Preval won in 1995 with 88 percent of the vote in a 25 percent voter turnout) and the other in a coup, could only complain to CNN’s Sanjay Gupta about not having any place to sleep for the night, “I cannot live in the palace. I cannot live in my own house, because the two collapsed.”

Preval has been reaping all sorts of “free trade” deals that caused Haiti’s agrarian population to stream into Port-au-Prince to work in the sweat shops heralded as “progress” by the likes of George Soros and his gang of thieves on Wall Street. Because of Port-au-Prince’s swollen population of sweat shop workers, the death count from the earthquake will be much higher as the result of collapsed tenements that housed more people than they were designed for.

Dr. Gupta, who was Obama’s first choice to be surgeon-general of the United States, was more interested in using dying Haitians in makeshift hospitals as stage props for CNN’s ratings than in rendering medical assistance to the injured. Imagine, being one of the few doctors available to the severely injured and breaking away to go on camera and tell some old fool like Larry King or some Israeli agent of influence like Wolf Blitzer about how awful the situation is in Haiti.

However, Gates and his military brass will ensure that Aristide will not show up to threaten Preval’s continuing disastrous leadership of Haiti. It was Gates, who was George H. W. Bush’s nominee to be CIA director, who helped plan the military coup that ousted Aristide the first time in September 1991. Gates, at the time, was Bush’s deputy national security adviser.

Clinton helped Aristide regain his presidency from the CIA-backed coup leader General Raoul Cedras in 1994. But Clinton’s disastrous flip-flopping on Haitian refugees from the Cedras dictatorship plunged his new administration into a major crisis. It is certain that when Haiti’s earthquake struck, people like Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel were conducting focus group polls to find out how U.S. assistance to Haiti would be received by the public. Although a clear majority of Americans favor helping the beleaguered people of Haiti, and many feel that Obama’s assistance has been extremely slow, Emanuel only seems to be concerned about the handful of Americans, including Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck, who have uttered racist language in reacting to the Haitian tragedy, are worth listening to. But Emanuel does not view things through the enlightened lenses of America’s founders but through the religious myopic eyesight of Talmudic interpreters.

Haiti under Aristide and Preval, was forced by Clinton to agree to horribly one-sided “free trade” deals that saw Haiti’s workers press ganged into toiling away in Port-au-Prince sweat shops to produce clothing for America’s major retailers like Disney. Haiti had no choice — Clinton imposed devastating economic sanctions against Aristide to force his compliance with the diktats of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. Clinton sweetened the pie for his Arkansas rice-growing cronies by ensuring that Haiti went from being an exporter of nutritional rice to an importer of expensive bleached and genetically-modified “junk rice,” primarily from Arkansas.

When Aristide regained the presidency in 2000, he took immediate steps to improve the lot of the Haitian workers — he raised the minimum wage to two dollars a day. Bush decided it was time for the CIA and the Southern Command to remove Aristide, which they did with the help of France and Canada. Aristide was exiled to the Central African Republic and then South Africa.

Preval regained office in 2006 after a phony election engineered with the help of the National Endowment for Democracy’s International Republican Institute (IRI) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI), two CIA contrivances acting under the aegis of the U.S. Republican and Democratic Parties, respectively. Soros has adopted Haitian politicians like former Prime Minister Michèle Pierre-Louis who continue to advocate disastrous “free trade” policies and provides them with funding and travel expenses through his Open Society Institute (OSI).

UN “peacekeeping” forces in Haiti have ensured that Aristide and his Lavalas Party does not regain power. One of the methods the UN uses is periodically raiding pro-Aristide slums and killing Lavalas activists in their homes. Bill Clinton was rewarded last year for his guile and deceit committed against Haiti by being named by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as the UN’s Special Envoy for Haiti.

When Honduran President Manuel Zelaya also raised the minimum wage in his country, the CIA and Southern Command arranged for a military coup to remove him. Obama has now decided to place the Southern Command, headquartered in the right-wing Latin American exiles’ rat’s nest of Miami, to coordinate humanitarian relief in Haiti, along with the head of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) a CIA pass-through headed by Rajiv Singh, a one-time political hack for Pennsylvania’s corrupt Democratic Governor Ed Rendell.

The perfidy that is America’s relationship with Haiti extends to Bill Clinton’s wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She has appointed her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, to oversee America’s role in Haiti. Mills has stated, “We actually see our role as ensuring that the leadership of Haiti is able to provide the leadership that the Haitian people properly expect them to provide.” That represents an endorsement of the hapless leadership of Preval and a thumbs down to any return for Aristide.

Note: The editor’s book, “Jaded Tasks” is named for the covert Pentagon and CIA operation that removed Aristide in 2004: Operation Jaded Task. Aristide was presented a signed copy of the book in South Africa with a note that states I hope he is rightfully restored to the presidency in Haiti. Haiti needs Aristide more now than it has ever needed him in the past. People like Obama, Gates, Emanuel, the Clintons, Mills, and Southern Command commander General Douglas Fraser need to step out of the way and allow the legitimate president of Haiti to lead his people out of the rubble of their country, “moving from misery to poverty with dignity,” as he said from Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg awaiting permission for a return to his native country.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

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9 thoughts on “U.S. troops in Haiti to prevent Aristide’s return”

  1. Hey, let Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro lead the relief effort! As a US taxpayer, I would be delighted to remove our troops and relief workers and leave it to the Venezuelan people’s hero to provide all the releif.

  2. Dave your comment is so inappropriate, it borders on the idiotic. That is the same Hugo Chavez who provided free heating oil to the freezing people of Boston a few winters ago. That is the same Fidel Castro whose doctors set up a functioning field hospital in a poor area that is saving lives while the US troops turn away French disaster relief, and Doctors Without Borders, as reported on ABC news this morning. No country has a corner on disaster aid. American hearts are as compassionate as Trinidadian hearts, as Venezuelan and Cuban hearts. When they bleed, its the same blood. Blood and rice should have no politics. As a dual citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, and the US, I sy let everyone help, but I am also aware of how the US dominated the politics of HAiti in the past, and only CAstro’s takeovero of Cuba got the out from there, but we hold on to Guantanamo, which is on Cuban soil. Perhaps the US does need an eastern front gaainst Cuba, since Culebra and other “bomd test sites” had to be given up. This is not the time to wage politics, it is time to wage humanitarian aid.
    Ask our president where is Rene Preval, why is he not being heard from, is he a desaparicido? Trinidad gave five TT dollars for ever member of the population. HAs the US given five of our dollars, aid would have been $5×300 million people. This is not a pissing contest, it is a time to show the world, including terrorists in the Middle East, who alsoread pepaers, what we can do, collectively, to help our neighbor. Venezuela and Cuba have an affinity for the Caribbean nation of HAiti, based on the history of European domination, rape of land and people, and slavery. We are in this together. The picture of UN troops beating up desperate HAitians, brown people like themselves, whose language they do not speak was particularly disturbing.The burning of the slums, while trying still to find people trapped in wealther areas, sugest a geocide of the darkskinned. If you are human, DAve, this should disturb you too.

  3. Perhaps Curtis for the same reasons that you, I ,Ms. L and everyone else- not simply fixated on our own personal affairs -,is also entitled to do the same on any subject , and country that we deem necessary, be it Iranian nuclear obsessed , tyrannical, theocratic, Mullahs, alleged Mexican swine flu, accusations of Yankee neo imperialist tendencies in Iraq and Haiti, greedy bribe giving,Ponzi scheming corporations, and shifty NGO’S, and their media hounds prepared to wink ,wink, at likely possible improprieties of the Clintons Charity Foundations, but willing instead to make the likes of well intentioned Wyclef Jean into a pariah , simply with the intention of halting his successful efforts aimed at helping his people and country in their moments of need.
    Care for the clique statement, “Let’s live , and let live?”

  4. I wonder if, when people make these remarks about the possibility of some hidden agenda in the aid effort by international organisation and govnts, they would in effect be stirring up an unnecessary attitude toward those who are presently providing the much NEEDED aid for so many who are not concerned about why they are there, but welcomes them. We need to stop all this tripe about hidden agenda at this time, now is not the time to deal with this, I am sure you all know the entire history about exploitation of the Haitian people, what have you done since then to the day before this tragic earthquake. I was once asked what I was willing to do, rather than just sitting behind the confines of a cushy chair behind a computer. What have you all done about the exploitation you all are saying is happening today with the much needed aid efforts. After the people of Haiti are safe and housed and has food to eat, you all could head down to haiti and form a line and get rid of whatever foreign occapation is there and saty there and prevent anyone from coming in to exploit anyone.

  5. There are hidden agendas in everything people do. This is why it seems that somuch of Haitian Relief are photo-ops for the powerful donor countries. Its a pissing contest. But, believe me, even as we write and talk about this, the US Coast Guard is patrolling the area ready to Arrest Any Haitians found trying to escape by boat, and send them to Guantanamo BAy. So humane, eh!They may be trying to get to Jamaica or Cuba, but will be arrested, nonetheless!

    The move to the countryside removes a significant part of the population who might have rallied around a returned Aristide. You may be naive,or faking it quite well, but do not presume that others are, or are mean spirited. We gather info from many sources.
    Meanwhile, American relatives of people missing in Haiti are mad at the US government, as if they thought the search and rescue efforts should have found their loved ones before anyone else.People!

    1. Yes, I have been presummed, charged and at times convicted of being naive, it’s just that I like to give the benefit of doubt. What I am saying people is simply, lets allow the aid to get in, reach those who need it, ensure it is secure, and then we could look at all the other issues that were discussed. Let me assure you that I agree TOTALLY with your points, but disagree TOTALLY with them being discussed at this time. I know you all would understand.

  6. Both short and long term solutions are necessary if Haiti and it’s people were to ever become anything of worth. In addition ,history would show that for any society to thrive , it must depend on the collective efforts of a vibrant, caring,unselfish ,and conscious middle class. I am not sure if Haiti ever had that, or will in the near future. Mramps is correct , now is not the time for finger pointing and lamentations about the hidden motives on the part of aid providers ,global multilateral humanitarian organizations , or government leaders of the larger industrialized Global North.
    I hate to make the analogy , but just like that bumbling drunk , or coke head drug fein , needs to hit rock bottom , sometimes before reality steps in, so perhaps is Haiti. Hopefully the shame and disgust in seeing how they are portrayed across the globe ,would get them riled up and ready for action.
    Hey , years ago a Haitian called Luima had a toilet plunger rammed up his rear end by racist NYC Cops , became an overnight millionaire ,and became a rallying cry for political action. Who knows , the sight of seeing their loved dead ones buried by bulldozers, and treated like rabid dogs in the garbage heaps around Port au Prince, might effect real change and action.

    1. Yes, this is the message to spread, we cannot continue to harp on the pass exploits rather we must look to the future and what is done today determines the type of future. Hey listen, I am still very confident in that Pres. Obama would not allow the same thing to happen to Haiti as did before, there would be some semblance of it but I am very convince that Haiti would be better from this, hey Neal you may just be on to something in your analogy – from evil cometh good.

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