Haiti slum district hit hard

Please Don’t Superdome Haiti by Michelle Chen
For those who know how race and media intersect in times of crisis, the earthquake in Haiti has probably sent a bump through your pop-cultural seismograph. Now it’s becoming a flashpoint.

Following an initial wave of sympathy, the corporate media has turned an alarmed eye to the increasingly desperate masses. We see unruly mobs, bodies piled in the streets (we hear of corpses being used as human “barricades”). The insinuations and direct reporting of violence flirt with the popular imagination and evoke memories of America’s most spectacular prime-time tragedy-Katrina.

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  1. Haiti takeover by ‘Uncle Sam’
    THE international effort to deliver humanitarian aid to the victims of last week’s Port-au-Prince earthquake was hit by bickering yesterday as a French government minister accused the Americans of trying to occupy Haiti instead of helping it.

    T&T supplies arrive in Haiti
    Medical supplies from the T&T Red Cross Society to help treat 300,000 people arrived in earthquake-ravaged Haiti yesterday.

    Trini survivor helps save child after killer earthquake
    A Trinidadian man working in Haiti survived last week’s cataclysmic earthquake and lived with suffering Haitians for three days before being discovered.

    Save the children
    PORT-AU-PRINCE: American doctors are begging their government to accept critically injured Haitian children after one baby girl was airlifted to hospital in Florida.

    Health crisis in Haiti
    AS A possible health crisis looms a week after the deadly magnitude 7.0 earthquake devastated Haiti, a Caricom Tactical Advance Party arrived in Haiti on Sunday to gather information and “establish logistical arrangements for the delivery of the Region’s Health Sector intervention”.

    Don’t get frustrated
    WE are very concerned about reports by international news agencies that almost a week after last Tuesday’s earthquake that devastated Haiti, international aid supplies sent to Haiti are not getting through to that traumatised population.

    Safety expert Haiti bound

    Warner rallies Fifa $$ for Haiti
    Less than a week after donating US$100,000 towards the relief efforts in earthquake devastated Haiti, Fifa vice-president Jack Warner has seen his call to the worldwide football community bring about more suppport. Fifa has responded, pledging US$250,000 to relief efforts while Fifa vice-president Chung Moon-Jung has pledged US$.5 million of his personal funds to assist in ongoing disaster relief efforts in the Caribbean nation. Warner has described the gesture as “a true representation of Fifa’s principles.”

    Players happy for Haiti T20 match
    Players of both the Guyana and T&T cricket teams have been praised by their captains for responding positively to calls to contribute to the fund-raising match for the earthquake-stricken victims in Haiti.

    US$B to rebuild Haiti
    THE rehabilitation and reconstruction of earthquake-ravaged Haiti will cost an estimated US$2 billion annually according to “calculations” coming out of a meeting in the Dominican Republic yesterday. However, just how long it would take to rebuild that country is not yet known.

    …Haiti needs US$2b a year for restoration

    …PM: US$2b yearly needed to help Haiti

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