Rowley’s revival of Ramesh

By Suzanne Mills
March 17, 2013 –

Keith Rowley and Ramesh Lawrence MaharajIt’s nigh impossible to gauge precisely what Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley hopes to accomplish by forming an alliance with his former foe, ex attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj.

We can deduce from the evidence Maharaj’s raison d’etre — he was beaten roundly and soundly in the 2010 UNC leadership race by Kamla Persad-Bissessar and likely pique has moved him to join forces with the Opposition to dismantle her regime. By teaming up with Rowley and the PNM, he is guaranteed a political platform, an additional opportunity to maintain a high profile and to bash the government, and possibly another shot at a seat in the parliament.
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The Warner way

By Raffique Shah
March 17, 2013

Raffique ShahAND hypocritically, we wonder why the moral-social fabric of the society is torn apart, nay, shredded, by a culture of violence, of lawlessness, of nihilism such as we have never known.

We blame the young, easy targets, never admitting that they are misfits moulded in our own image and likeness, created by elders who are anything but exemplars. We blame foreign influences, television, alien music and art forms. We blame any and everything but ourselves. We never look into the mirror.
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