The Warner way

By Raffique Shah
March 17, 2013

Raffique ShahAND hypocritically, we wonder why the moral-social fabric of the society is torn apart, nay, shredded, by a culture of violence, of lawlessness, of nihilism such as we have never known.

We blame the young, easy targets, never admitting that they are misfits moulded in our own image and likeness, created by elders who are anything but exemplars. We blame foreign influences, television, alien music and art forms. We blame any and everything but ourselves. We never look into the mirror.

Because if we did, we’d see leaders who lie without compunction, miscreants masquerading as ministers, or maybe the other way round; whatever, we are looking at a society hurtling towards implosion, to coming apart at the seams … and we just sit idly and scratch. Indeed, many among us applaud the high and mighty as they defecate on the masses. With a lisp, they collectively chorus, “Sit on we, borse!”

David Rudder summed up this aspect of our society in his 1998 song “Savagery”: “Welcome, welcome, step right up/To the place where the gobar flows nonstop/Matter of fact the bull just purge/Soft and warm, everybody could splurge….”

Allow me to paint a picture of the decay that has set in, of just how deep the rut runs. Tomorrow, thousands of citizens will assemble at the National Stadium for the installation of Anthony Carmona as the fifth President of the Republic. People are pinning hopes on Carmona much the way they did with Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her People’s Partnership team in May 2010. They have since lost faith in the PP, so they are turning to the new face of power.

But will President Carmona have the fortitude to deliver a battered and beleaguered populace from the dark forces that stalk the land? Will he step out of the constitutional crease that restrains the President and call a spade a spade, a jack a jack? Or will he take cover behind the trappings of office and pretend he just does not see or hear?

Because among those hogging the limelight tomorrow, and no doubt hugging Carmona, will be National Security Minister Jack Warner. He will play himself, others will play with him, and everybody will splurge. There’s a stench in the stateroom, but those on high will hold their noses and pretend not to smell it.

In other words, no one has the fortitude to tell Warner that he smells awful. Here’s a man who routinely violates all the norms of decency, who could be accused of abusing his privileges as a Member of Parliament and minister, yet no one holds him to account.

Most recently, in the House of Representatives, he severely slandered several persons, among them Senior Counsel Vernon De Lima. In fact, it was worse than slander. He accused de Lima and others of conspiracy, maybe treason, without adducing a shred of evidence.

You would think that Speaker Wade Mark would uphold the integrity of Parliament by asking Warner to produce evidence to support such a serious charge, or desist. No such luck. Mark said nothing. Maybe he would entertain De Lima’s denial, which would mean that Warner’s spurious accusations would remain in Hansard for posterity.

As if to compound the reckless abuse, the Prime Minister, commenting on the issue, would only speak of a retraction—which is hardly likely to come from Warner’s mouth.

Warner’s disregard for convention and disrespect for others have been the subject of media scrutiny and commentary, but that’s the extent of censure against him. He makes it clear that he will not be disciplined or reined in by anyone—not the PM, not his Cabinet colleagues, no one.

Now, juxtapose this wrong-and-strong attitude with what obtains at the level of criminal gangs and you would see the similarities. Gangsters demand respect from others or else they would kill you. They see themselves as being above the laws of their jungle. In fact, they make the laws, exact justice and impose punishment. Very much like Warner, they are a law unto themselves.

Such behaviour pervades the society, accounting for rampant delinquency and lawlessness. Many children disrespect their parents, their teachers and elders. They would cuss you, beat you or worse if you dare talk to them about their conduct: they will not be disciplined by anyone. Sounds familiar? Sure does!

Few motorists heed traffic regulations that govern speed, cellphone use, drunk driving and so on. Fewer citizens pay attention to simple things like littering, noise pollution and similar irritants that drive their neighbours or communities crazy. People simply have no regard for other human beings.

I am not blaming Warner for all the ills that bedevil this country, as much as I am tempted to do. But his crassness, his absolute disrespect for other people is symptomatic of what is really wrong with this society. He equates power with being right and big men and women with rank and holding high office not only condone the crap he deposits daily, but also massage his ego at every turn.

I shall not waste time by calling for his resignation or for the Prime Minister to fire him. Such decorum is alien to people who are drunk on the wine of power. In their stupor, they do not see the human debris that previous regimes have left behind, pitiful excuses for human beings that once believed they were gods. Yes, the mighty inevitably fall—such is history.

Still, I cannot help but search for that man among men who has the backbone to stand up for what is right, who would speak out and say enough is enough. It pains when instead I behold a sea of sycophants prostrating themselves at the altar of expediency. What a country.

38 thoughts on “The Warner way”

  1. I wonder if Raffique Shah ever looks in the mirror and wonder if his previous illegal and treasonous behavior had an effect on the youth of his day?
    I wonder if Shah took the time to examine the results on Education reported in the latest Census. The extremely high level of failure at all levels of education in T&T is indicative of the illiteracy which pervades the land. An illiterate population, as these statistics indicate, is the primary cause of rampant crime.
    Shah berates our leaders and in particular, members of the present government. If he did the journalistic research, he would discover that many of the missteps of this government were secretively engineered by public servants, loyal to the PNM working in a variety of positions in the government service.
    The “decay” of which he speaks is nothing new. It has gone on forever and has become part of the culture of T&T. Carmona is just a figure head as President who has to adhere to the constitutional requirements. He is not going to be the outspoken “savior” that Shah expects. The disgruntled media would be the first to complain and agitate if he steps out of his crease. The pomp and splendor of his swearing in ceremony are part of the traditions which keep us civilized and democratic. Shah’s freedom today can also be attributed to the legal traditions of a democratic country.
    Shah’s stinging criticism of Warner is probably justified, but as a competent journalist, has he tried to find out who provided the DeLima information to Jack Warner?

  2. Here are some words of wisdom by Suzanne Mills: Minister of National Security Jack Warner has said repeatedly that the opinions of the minority are being heard while the majority is whistling a different tune. Though he often talks more than he should, there is some truth to this assertion. There is public outcry but where is it coming from?

    Mainly from PNM supporters acting in unison with their new found allies. Their voices raised in protest every day, they live to give the impression that the entire country is tired of the People’s Partnership.

    While the PP has had its share of embarrassments and faux pas and stands accused of nepotism and corruption, the PNM and its new pals may soon enough learn that they have been preaching to the choir, or have been shouting so, that the relative silence of the COP and UNC party members has gone unnoticed.

    Behind the scenes, COP and UNC members are involved in political discussions and quite a few have concluded that Dr Rowley and his cohorts have been bullying the Prime Minister and the PP, engaging in relentless nitpicking and they are of the opinion that this government has been scrutinised and pushed around like no other. They are also convinced that there is a conspiracy to destabilise the country and break the coalition before 2015.

    These supporters are angered and fed up, but they aren’t going to march, or fight their battles in the mainstream media, which they sense is by and large biased.

    They are talking in their homes, at their gatherings, and they are waiting for their opportunity to give their view, which will be communicated quietly via the ballot. Something for the second fiddle duet, Ramesh and Rowley to consider

  3. What you erroneously claimed as,”Dr Rowley and his cohorts have been bullying the Prime Minister, and PP,”others ,more politically sophisticated , prefer T-Man,to more correctly depict as,exercising their democratic rights, and civic duties, as servants of the people / government in waiting, to keep a confused leadership , and government in check.
    We know you characters ,ain’t familiar with this ,in your new found home of Canada, but that’s ‘you allzs,’lost, for burning your Trini citizenship, and passport, in favor of white Euro metropolis.

    As to the outrages felt by Uncle Shah,re seemingly, out of control Uncle Jack? Good luck with that , or as my late , and extremely wise ,Tobago granny would often say, “ah rather you , than me!”
    The last time I checked , someone selected Jack Warner, and made him head of a party, as an MP, where he was voted into office ,by a wider margin than his boss, then in quick succession , gave him the honor of holding two high profile government portfolios, all the while , as clouds of suspicions,were lying over his head, both domestically, and internationally, ain’t it?
    If such is the case , then who has sole culpability for the political morass , we are stuck in Uncle Shah?
    Jack would not be touch , because he serves a useful political purpose. Our President , bearing in mind , what became of his predecessor – especially recently- would be a good foot soldier, as T- Man claimed, and so no feathers would be ruffled on his end.
    Let’s test the notion of ‘ fool me once , shame on me, fool me twice , shame on me ,’in three years hence, or thereabout when election is again called.
    Trini , collectively , ain’t the dumb idiots , many folks from across the rest of de globe ,enjoy characterizing them -or so I think!
    Luv Humanity!

  4. TMan stands for what; Transvestite because ah cyah see d man in your you. All the American heroes Brazil current President, the Late Great Hugo Chavez made a run for it to salvage our nation from the deprivation and within not less than a decade they were accorded respect dignity and the honour as Great individuals who had their peoples and Country’s interest at heart.
    In deed we all dread the instruments for change they were force to acquiescence, yet when we examine on how current administrations masturbate the laws of the land e.g.Sec34, leaving no room for recourse and no chance of taking power to task; history then exonerates and hold up the achievements that bought about meaningful changes these once reviled Revolutionary acts and those that dare force the insolent and arrogant administrators to accede.
    Britain didn’t grant the United States to its heroes rather it was soundly defeated by way of insurrections & rebellion.
    If you cyah read between the lines let alone appreciate that the Autor Raffique Shah didn’t just stayed at home collecting dues like that fool in Mucarapo or hinge his fortunes on the criminal elements vexed spirits. MR Raffique Shah behaved in the most dignified manner in exercising his options as a citizen as a political representative also as a professional citizen more over he have made contributions to a point where folks like you can enjoy the freedom to defecate on d internet the bile clogging your mind.
    The correlation to his contributions in advancing political consciousness and active participation is as a direct result in the aftermath of 1971.
    It goes without saying his contribution goes down in history as one of the positive changes and even the Late great Dr Eric Williams appreciated it then and later in his political grand scheme of Trinidad & Tobago sovereign maturity.

    The current administration behaviour is contemptuous to say the lest; This cynical attitude by the PAM PP admin i.e. we are here for 4 years and isn’t nothing ‘they’ people can do about it, is what pervades the high & mighty disdain for the populace.

    Precisely what triggered the July 1990 events-take it or leave it-accept it or deny at your own peril. This isn’t a discussion of justification rather of relevant facts: President Hugo Chavez got elected every time the country went to the ballot box; same as President Lula President Dilma Rousseff the Founding Fathers of the USA they all broke the rules by challenging corrupt insolent Administrators in a system that stonewalled civil recourse.
    Time and space doesn’t permit, My advice to you: Not to excite yourself laundering your 1/2 wits on the internet rather save your colonial currency till you are appreciative of today’s value.

    Lt MR Raffique Shah has made his contributions and stuck around giving life & profession to the dignity of our nation and h’s one of us a noble comrade/brother of intellectual consciousness- You can never be like him!

  5. With all the “mistakes” this PP government makes TMan continues his tired old refrain of blaming the PNM. All he has to do is examine the performance he purports to support and he will find that none of what they collectively accused the PNM of doing caN STAND up to proper scrutiny in any court of law. What his government has done and continues to do is try the same old things they accused the PNM with no positive results. An AG who wastes they Treasury’s millions is pursuit of PNM corruption has only succeeded in creating a perception of his own corrupt practices. As for Jack, his only true performance is his mouth. Now we have a better understanding of how he managed to elevate himself to the pinnacle of the football world. He learned his lessons there very well and now trying to force his rambunctious ways on the innocent people of Trinidad and Tobago. Why doesn’t he attend functions outside of the country? I think that his reputation precedes him anywhere outside of the country and this is where he depends on his mouth to make up for his performance. The ills of this government are bountiful and serious. There is no point in naming them here because by the time the debate on this commentary ends there will be another ill to consider. Just call the names, Kamla, Jack, Anand, Prakash can any sane citizen really believe them?

    1. Kian wrote “An AG who wastes they Treasury’s millions is pursuit of PNM corruption has only succeeded in creating a perception of his own corrupt practices”

      The DPP together with the help of the PNM police investigators (many of them family of PNMites) have failed to convict, Rowley, Manning, Calder, Abu Bakr…amongst others, citing no evidence (lol). In the meantime they found evidence for Panday, Ish,Ferguson,Partap…

      The AG is trying to ensure that justice is serve to all but the made in Balisier House structures continue to impede any progress. Permanent Secretaries, investigators all loyal followers of the Balisier Brigade will ensure their maggots remain free from judtice. In time though all will change…

    2. It seems Kian that the person now “running his mouth” is you.
      Regardless of whether or not Jack committed any crimes,the ruling is that there is not enough evidence to bring charges.
      Your Manning appointed PNM DPP cannot find the evidence to charge Calder Hart or anyone else. Many of the so-called “innocents” arrested during the state of emergency have now committed multiple murders and other crimes.Many have been dragged before the courts after their release.
      As for Ish and Steve, those familiar with the case are aware that the former AG did not have the evidence to convict them in the T&T courts, so he made a deal with the USA, based on questionable evidence. This case will end up costing the government of T&T millions, including legal fees and other lawsuit settlements to Ish and Steve.I suspect that a lawsuit will also be filed in the USA against the US government….wait and see.
      Many of you are “running your mouths” on this blog from afar without really knowing what is going on.
      PNM agitators will not accept the results of the last election. They are doing everything in their power to destabilize the government…what’s next, armed rebellion? Look,T&T is still a democracy with Indians forming the largest minority group. Why are they not entitled to political power or is financial and professional power enough?

      1. T-Man , you Can keep kidding yourself ,with this fake majority mantra , when there is no evidence to really substantiate this fallacy. According to recent census studies,the fast growing Douglas ethnic group-which includes the likes, of Auntie Kamla , ‘ever so grateful for a lil power -loquacious pit-bull,’ Anil Roberts -make’s up some 7%, of our population.Overall mixed , believe it or not is some 22. 8 %- what ever that constitute, in this ethnically crazy society.
        As you are quite aware T-Man -if honest for once- they are the swing votes ,that placed your UNC dominant ,PP government ,over the top, last election , Si?
        Last time I checked ,there were 365 day in a year, and these said Douglas , could be Indian, half of the time , and Afrikan the other , depending on which way these socio- economic – com political winds ,are blowing.
        Using that as a backdrop, I hope you folks ,can get it in your thick skulls, that at least 900,000 more Guyanese have to make Trinidad their home-along with many more of you fat cat,one time refugee expats-like your self of course. Give it a rest.
        Oh ,and here is another suggestion to square off the imbalance. Demand that they strive to halt more culturally driven ,suicides, by too many of our Indo Trini Brothers ,and sisters.
        Encourage your government to quit tring to bring back barbarian death penalties, or seek to micro manage , our present hardworking , independent DPP ,on how to do his work.
        If anything , be happy he is extremely thorough , for this is the only reason ,Papa Basdeo -of “politics has a morality all of it’s own , “fame -the criminal ,is sill walking around T&T, sitting on opaque constitutional reform symposiums,demanding we abolish dis , and Dat, as opposed to wearing prison clothes , for his well documted ,white color malfesience,while guarding the governmental hen house.

        Glad to know that ‘you Allzs , ‘finally recognize that Trinidad is a democracy,T-Man , so pray tell when did it become so buddy? Please don’t say it was once de Queen, ascended the Trini , elusive , Prime ministerial throne? Maybe it was rather when we change the name of our national awards, took down the cock from the Red House roof,to apease Basdeo, changed 90 % of our local roads , and Highway , to reflect on paper , how balanced , and independent we are , as a nation, or rather when white color crooked UNC Supporters ,,Ish,and Steve , won their right to elude Yankee jail temporarily?
        Don’t worry ,Jamaica’s Golding, thought he too could halt the cause for American justice, with his blue color gangster,but we saw how that turned out.
        How despicable , almost three years into her reign, and Her Mjestick ,or more appropiately ,the local equivalent of ‘Yankee Change agent,in Chief ,’Barrack Obama , along with ardent fans , such as T-Man, are looking over their shoulders ,like Lot’s Wife, while blabbering about PNM stewardships, and missteps.
        Enjoy this foolish , political charade,until dem allegedly dumb , and often socially slow Trinis,wake up , like a once sleeping Toco Mapepire snake , I say!
        You know people, I am beginning to suspect that many of these bloggers, especially de Mmboos, and T-Man of the world , should have their horns examined.
        I ain’t too certain ,if they are authentic Trinis, one bit , the amount of destructive junk ,that they spew on a daily basis.
        What say you ,my fellow progress patriots , of Trini Center Nation, agreed?

        1. “The breakdown of statistics linked to ethnicity establishes clearly that Trinidad and Tobago is a nation of ethnic minorities with the two largest being Indians (35.4 per cent) and Africans (34.2 per cent).”
          In the words of DR. Sheila Rampersad:
          The country is at a crossroads, saturated with discontent and resentment. Trauma at the loss of political reins is raw among some Africans and translates—in uniquely Trinidadian terms—as “Indians taking over,” which in turn draws from the equally unique Trinidadian proverb “Indians have land and money; Africans have political power.”

          What is really annoying people like Neal is that we are an unstoppable educated force in T&T and many of us have moved beyond selling bagee in the market and cutting cane , which is how they like us.

          1. Uhmmm no, what irks many is the false narrative of victimization under the PNM when the reality does not match up with the myth. Frankly, it is this downright stupidity that has Trinidad and Tobago in the state that it is in. As I have stated, it is just an excuse to attribute more negative attributes to African-Trinbagonians without whose vote, the Persad-Bissessar government would never have attained power.

            It is really the crass and immature triumphalism that rankles, not the fact that Indian-Trinbagonians have improved their lot in life as a collective group.

            It really is rather disingenuous and mischievous of the supporters of the People’s Partnership to fail to acknowledge the support of the people who put them there.

            But, perhaps, this is a deliberate agenda…

          2. “Trauma , and loss of political reign…indian taking over, unstopple force?”. What utter ribbish, so keep saying loud enough , and even you ,would start to believe this .
            Just maybe, right up there with some similaly clueles creature (responding to a self loathing , scorned Afro Trini columnist) idly boasting ,about enviable ,Trini Indo males,sexual / lovers powered, and it’s impact on interracial preferences (rise in mixed population)as it relate’s to Afrikan women.
            What say I , but there we go again, with another self serving ,European adopted – neo triumphalist notion T-Man!Why don’t you admit that no where else in the world -outside of South Asia-but Trinidad and Tobago, this could have occurred?Think that idiotic political ,post Burnam / Cheddi Jagan ,side show , that occur likewise ,in T&T? Think again, for it ain’t happening, in the resource ladened , tin pan ,banana Republic.
            Here historically maligned ,Aafrikan folks ,who treasure democracy, and respect fundamental Human rights of others , ensured that they were able to thrive , and excel, to the point where a female can achieve such power , you boast about-of course ,riding the back of Afrikans such as Jack Warner, Errol Mc Cloud, Gypsy, Daggar, and company.
            Here Afrikan voters , devoid of that destructive , neo racial mentality ,perpetuated by the likes of Papa Bsdeo , and Sat Maraj ,can repeatedly – and against their best judgement-vote in , and give political power , to folks who obviously hold them in contempt- knowing fully well, what the fallout would be .
            Now , here is the bigger question , our Indo Trini brothers , and sisters must consider, as they contemplate serving beyond one term- the repeated beat down, and neglect of the folks that gave them power, what would that translate to , come next election- if the recent Political shellacking in Tobago, is to serve as a gauge?
            Trust me T- Man when I say ,there is nothing that any of your diabolical leaders, along with their ‘cross tribal-eat ah food , self hating minnions ,’can do to annoy me personally, as I firstly ,expected nothing different, secondly ,want nada from any,and thirdly , have my eyes on a nice piece of real estate , in a much more progressive society , far away from ‘you Allzs.’
            Seriously buddy,it’s however my once beautiful country ,that I am concern about ,as I know what can accrue, when folks with little big picture / foresight, push the boundries of human decency- simply because they are temporarily sitting in the drivers seat.
            Don’t wish what occured in ‘some oh dem , ‘unmentionable enclaves , to develop here , would we? It’s frequently what happen’s ,when folks without hope ,chiefly at the lower echelons of society ,react, by resorting to what some would then ,deem savagery.
            Keep pushing me , and I would explain what a newly empowered military ,might do, when they see the majority of citizens , that look’s like them suffering.
            Now since the refugee cries have been abused so much in the past, when certain folks were wilting in de political wilderness, not sure if foreign Euro dominant countries , would accept such wolf screaming pleas,down the road , eeeh?
            These politically naive characters , such as TMan, makes me laugh, when in actually , I should be crying. We wish dem well,Si?
            Forgive dem oh AfroBuddahSunGod, for they know not what they do!First,” dis is our time ,”post election beat down , by papa Basdeo, then this ,by his smiling , more amiable protégée? ‘Peeing on folks legs , and trying to tell dem it’s raining!’Nyet!!!

  6. To the Tmen and Mamoos of the world I hope they understand what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said that “the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots”. I do not know how long my people are willing to endure this incompetent and corrupt government. But I guess that in the land of the blind the one eye man is king.

    1. Who are your people?
      My people are the citizens of T&T, and the silent majority is quite objective, unlike the expats commenting on this blog from America, affected by racial challenges which they face in the good old USA.T&T is quite different from when you once lived there.

  7. Maybe,Jack Warner:”knows where the bodies are buried” When a member of parliament “rises” in the house;and accuses another of tyranny/treason etc…true or false.The speaker of the house “must” intercede and “discipline” the accusatory infidel.Usually,such a member is asked to withdraw his/her remarks.He (Jack Warner) is devoid of “parliamentary procedures” amongst other social ethics.

    A line from one of Sparrow’s 60’s calypsos best defines Warner:”If yuh put ah hog in ah palace…it still remains ah pig”…….

  8. Do a favour and explain what Thomas Jeffersom meant to the Trinbogians, you live in the US and sprout American hog wash. Come on down here and let’s work together to make things better. It cannot be done from the key board of a computer. Jeniffer Carroll, disgraced, shameless former deputy Governor of Florida who resigned last week is of the same calibre of personalities in control, just like Jack Warner. Vote them all out, get young blood, Oxford or Harvard Grads to clean up the mess.

  9. Shah is again defecating on Warner for no good reason. Warner is the only man capable of dealing with the criminal elements and despite a spike in crime he has embarked on percepting the guardians of the nation the military to do the job of protecting the citizenry.

    The military is necessary, in Jamaica there are certain parts where it is no better than a war zone, barb wires keep the warring fractions at bay. Costa Rica does not have a military, it just don’t see the need for it. One may argue from a business perspective if there is any wisdom in spending a billion dollars every year to feed clothes and shelter soldiers when there is no imminent threat to nation security except from the drug barons.

    Mr Warner vision of using the military under a legal edit is brilliant and the gangs must be put out of business because they are a drain on the economy. The police service must be restructured to ensure that training (too many out of shape officers ) and proper investigative training becomes the norm.

  10. “Of the 91 murders for 2013 so far, statistics provided by the Police Service’s Crime and Problem Analysis Branch (CAPA) show only eight have been solved. This represented a detection rate of less than ten per cent. Detection, says Dana Seetahal, SC, means that someone has been arrested and charged for a crime. It doesn’t mean the culprit has been found guilty in court.”Guardian.

    That is why it is necessary to involve the military in putting the criminals on the run. Cold blooded killers are still on the loose. They will strike again and again, nobody is safe when the code of human conduct is extracted from the human heart…. The police is over whelm and most believe in having curry duck, cooks in the station instead of making themselves visible in the public domain. Many of them like a shot of white oak. A friend of mine said the police show up at his home drunk. His family was traumatized by criminals and the cop came instead of proving comfort to the family like the pig he is said “what yuh lookin at” in a crass manner. That officer should have been fired pronto.

  11. Mamoo, whilst your facts might be accurate, your logic and analytic reasoning are poor. Where in the world do you know that the military have successfully replaced or worked with the police to
    (1) Reduce crime (2) Solve crimes (3) Build better police/military relations with the citizens (4) Improve the detection rate or (5) Create a better environment for the detection and solvency of crime.

    As a former soldier myself, I’m not aware that we were trained to solve crime. Our prime and basic training prepared us to “kill the enemy”. I need to ask you one question, who are the real criminals in Trinidad? I ask this knowing full well what your answers might be. And your answers are what is wrong with crime in Trinidad. Ask the average Trinidadian about who the criminals are and most surely they will allude to the people living in the hills of Laventille, Morvant, Carenage or Barataria. And whilst the statistics might prove these answers to be true, there is no denying that the greater evil lies not with the doers but nothing is said or even talked about the enforcers. Why? because they live in the neighbourhoods where the common folks can only dream of owning and they control huge assets and have the best judicial minds at their disposal. Trinidadians NEVER consider them criminals! Why? Simple – the judicial system was designed, and operated for the less fortunate, the poor, the weak, the un-monied,
    the illiterates, the less educated and the uninformed. Outside of those categories, the Upper middle class, the monied, the well-to-do, the power makers and the titled ones do NOT as a matter of practice are NEVER brought to answer to wrong doing. So, how could ‘we’ use those ascertions that you mentioned in your comment, to fight crime and bring to justice those who partake of crime or give prominence to criminal acts? Because ‘we’ only target those lower categories of criminals. Do we ever ‘follow the money’ to find the culprits? Do we ever find the financiers of drugs? Do we ever find the traffickers? Do we ever find the transporters of illicit drugs? Do we ever find and prosecute the hit callers? The answers to those questions are a big fat NO! Who is this man you quoted as being the right man to fight crime? Is it the same guy who is yet to come clean with his acts and position in world football? Has he accounted for the many acts of nepotism, access and use of power while there? Why would he rather rather resign from the body than face the reality or outcome of his behavior? Is he the same guy who never afforded the football players of their due rewards for what was promised them? Does he ever repond to law, the way it is written? These and many are necessary questions are to be answered truthfully if you want people to accept your contributions as credible.

  12. Courage Shah…”hold the fort” a few minutes ago I read a few paragraphs of the speech from the new President Justice Anthony Carmona.I have a premonition “that man among men who has the backbone” has been sent.Obviously,he cannot “wave a magic wand and poof” everything returns to normalcy.He requires the support of “all” concerned.

    I am an advocate of the following:God answers prayers regardless of someones religious affiliation.Those of us who pray;continue to humble yourselves;and plead with the Divine Source for wisdom,guidance,and the complete success of Justice Anthony Carmona.

  13. “There is none so blind as he who has eyes but cannot see” This statement applies to my Trini brother Mamoo. I am not a member of any party and I am a Trini who lives abroad. I try to look at what is happening in T&T objectively. Unlike Mamoo I see Jack Warner as an “exampler” gone mad. I have to assume that Mamoo is blind to the truth of Jack’s behavior. Mamoo give Jack his jacket.

  14. ” As a former soldier myself , I am not aware , that we are trained to solve crimes.” Kian
    Former soldier , huh Cuz Kian, and yet still objective enough , to lament the fact that we are heading down a very ‘slippery slope ,’ in granting this much powers ,to our military- who ,no knock on them , are more trained to deal with other affairs.
    Well, that’s what we have in common- patriotic citizens , with a humanist streak, who appreciate history , and global realities Si?
    Tell you what ,when I began my forays ,back in 1981 ,as an insignificant ,short pant 19 year old Police trainee, presend day PNM Senator Hinds , was a then ,much admired ,drill instructor, in the St James Barracks, with short chop hair , and Randy Burroughs , was at the peak of his career, as T&T ‘s Police Commissioner ,with his pro genocidal, extra judicial ,Flying Squad , which was essentially used for murdering Afrikan males , all over our country- while sadly, or rather glaringly ,other criminals ,were allowed to roam free.
    Fast forward to 2013 , and I ain’t have no compunction in publicly saying ,this , and better yet, I have spoken out , on this forum , and otherwise , against any misguided attempts to revive it, irrespective of alleged runaway crimes- thank you very much for nada , as far as authentic National Security initiatives!
    Trust me ,when I say Cuz Kain , we will be vindicated in the end.
    Let’s continue to do our civic duty , and try and enlighten de masses, as one never knows, hummmm?

  15. Raffique Writes I shall not waste time by calling for his resignation or for the Prime Minister to fire him. Such decorum is alien to people who are drunk on the wine of power. In their stupor, they do not see the human debris that previous regimes have left behind, pitiful excuses for human beings that once believed they were gods. Yes, the mighty inevitably fall—such is history.

    This sums up the cabal in nutshell. People who have become so drunk with power that the smell of feces they leave in their wake does not lift up to their nostrils. Our own Kwame Toure and Charles Hamilton, in their work, “Black Power the Politics of Liberation in America” asserted that, “Whenever a number of persons within a society have enjoyed for a considerable period of time certain opportunities for getting wealth, for exercising power and authority, and for successfully claiming prestige and social deference, there is a strong tendency for these people to feel that these benefits are theirs ‘by right'”. They could not have been more accurate if they were examining T&T in 2013 rather than America in the 1960s. The ascension of the PP and Kamla into the Prime Ministership of T&T was in fact, a current day coronation of an Indian Monarchy upon the throne. The hubristic and racist chest beating and “awee time now” manifestations emanating from the “Royal Line” therefore does not startle or surprise those of us who examine T&T with no politically correct blinders to obscure our vision. We saw it in Fiji, we saw it in Guyana, we saw it in T&T when it was King Panday ascending the throne. Queen Kamla with her tame eunuchs is true to this form.

    Africans on all of these nations mentioned, including T&T, must wake up and take note of what contfronts them. Their traditional quest to seek a color blind world must not become the cataract that obscures their vision and allows the nefarious schemes of the triumphalists to gain more traction than it alreadys has gained. To paraphrase Kwame Toure and Charles Hamilton, “…there is not black person in in T&T who can live simply as a member of this society under the current regime. Their “blackness” is an ever present fact of this neo racist ensemble, whether they choose to accept it or not. It is highly unlikely that this or the next generation will witness a time when race is no longer relevant to the current political ensemble and its cheering section in the conduct of public affairs and policy decision making. To accept this reality and pronounce on it does not make us racist or over preoccupied with race. They will use that cudgel to silence you because awareness and recognition is counterproductive to what they envision as a perfect society in which stratification assigns each group “its place”.

    To accept what is an unequivocal reality and pronounce on it, borrowing from the thoughts of the two brothers heretofore referenced, “puts the most important aspect of our existence in the forefront of a significant struggle to ensure that T&T dos not become a replica of Gujarat or other parts of intolerant India. If there is no intense struggle today, we will loose the future of our children tomorrow”

    When black people rose up in their masses to fight for civil rights in the US they did not wait until the many other browns who would ultimately walk in and benefit joined their struggle. And today they still do not wait for their struggle to be integrated before taking the high road to confront racism, discrimination and marginalization. The descendants of those who slaved in this land for centuries must not become the dalits to bolster the self esteem of the many who pine for the caste system their ancestors fled, providing they can look down on a group to whom they assign the stamp of inferiority.

    As brother Bob eloquently put it, “through political strategy they will try to keep us hungry, so that when we want to get some food, our brothers and sisters have to become our enemy”. Unite my brothers and sisters, unite or perish.

    1. “Whenever a number of persons within a society have enjoyed for a considerable period of time certain opportunities for getting wealth, for exercising power and authority, and for successfully claiming prestige and social deference, there is a strong tendency for these people to feel that these benefits are theirs ‘by right’”.

      This quote is right on target. For more than 40 years since Independence the African party, the PNM has held power in T&T. They have systematically controlled every arm of government and State boards.They have repeatedly discriminated against Indians in a multitude of government appointments. Privy council cases have settled many of these. Now that a coalition government is in power and thesr “rights are being challenged, they are very upset in spite of the fact that they comprise only 38% of the population.
      The other misconception in this blog is that Africans in T&T are suffering. Totally false, the African community in T&T is thriving and enjoying the same rights as everyone else. Their entrepreneural, professional and middle class are all very successful. Once again, we have solutions for an Americal problem being presented in the context of T&T.

  16. Neal, I am sometimes in wonderment as to why our young Afro Trinis are so cowed into depriving themselves of the greatness of their own talents and imagination. Shakespeare lived more than four hundred years ago and yet he is till quoted everyday, why because his imagination was true, his literature reflected the goodness of the human qualities and potential. Today with the extermination minded politicians who see every young black man as a criminal or potential criminal, they need to examine their own lives and try to bring out the best in themselves. Literature, as is practised in these blogs is a good way for them to start exercising their talents and write about their experiences and their latency that can be cultivated into useful thoughts that can be shared with us all. Young black men in Trinidad have a good and bright future if they use their minds to tell their stories to the masses in the form of prose. We have allowed too much of what we have created to fall to others whose imagination were swelled by what we have brought into this world. Neal, the great former slave Frederick Douglas was asked, what should we do to continue the struggle? You know what his answer was? “Agitate”, “agitate”, “agitate”. That word need not be taken in a negative sense, we can agitate by telling our stories, telling our experiences, telling of our mothers and fathers, our brothers and sisters. Yes we can tell of our communities and yes, we can state with pride how proud we are. There are those whom we once admired, only to see them fall by the wayside and submit their downfall for 30 pieces of silver. There are those who shone their brightness and fought for the liberation of blackness but the lure of money and power was their weakness. We must remember MLK, Mahatma Ghandi, Malcolm X and many other spiritually strong leaders never allowed the lure of money or power give up the fight they fought for. To me, there is something richer for our souls and minds when we stick to what we believe, because the protein that we get from knowledge, no amount of money can buy. I live each day to hear how my fellow human beings think whether I agree with them or not, it does not matter, what they think is what I need to know in order to learn. Therefore my friend Neal, please let us agitate, agitate, agitate.

  17. I am reading you ‘loud and clear,’ Kian , and concur with your sentiments ,as far as this pertinent subject, re ,education/ purposeful knowledge , and more importantly , necessary push back ,by maligned Afrikan folks,of ‘destructive , neo imperialist ,Euro- wannabe , greedy / selfish, dog with ah bone, forces,’that mean them , and worst yet ,our entire country, and or region ,as a whole , absolutely ,no good.
    Let me , while I reply, take this opportunity , to show some luv also to our big picture Brother ,Rodwell Paton, as he too shed a tear , and seek a way to develop some semblance of hope in our people, and yes, aim to push our under archiving , yet resource ladened country, safely along the part of authentic ,sustainable development-that continue’s to elude it – for obvious reasons.
    So guys , we are at a cross road here, and the million dollar question for me is , what do we propose to legally do, to rectify this travesty?
    What is your end game , mi amigos?Dem Trini -Chess playing grandmasters, are about to call Checkmate, as they go for our King, and ain’t give a hoot , how we think.
    To our utter disgust ,those ‘eat ah food, Trinis,’ some naive members of ‘Kinky head nation,’felt , would strive to make a difference , in like manner to a Kamal, Errol Mhabir, Linda BAboolal, or Humphrey, ain’t care one bit, as they go about their task, of ‘appeasement to de other,’condemnations of defenseless social victims,and helping to formulate , and or,push draconian policies , with long term , debilitating impact to La Trinity.
    How do we prudently ensure that equal playing field socio – economic justice ,become’s the norm , and thereby prevent some of the more ghashly ‘political blowbacks,’ that many of us fear ,is iminent , so much so that,even armed Trini soldiers- with soon to acquire ,powers of arrest -cannot prevent, since ( major secret )they themselves / many ,emanate from said neglected neighborhoods?
    In many parts of the world, as you know guys, religious , and political ideology ,is the rallying point.In others , it’s the tribal clans, at work? Now ‘where we at,’ in this class fractured ,ethnic / racial quagmire , called Trinidad & Tobago,aka ‘Rainbow Ointry?’
    Here ,one major group ,passionately , and in convenient fashion, hold’s on to every tradition ,brought over from de motherland. The other major rival, are grappling with he negative fall out of Euro -barbarian, dehumanizing slavery. Such include’s an inability o work together on any win/ win cause,self hatred in all it’s manifestations- as played out in too many , often lamented situations.
    One common line exists however ,for all places where struggling masses overcome , and that is ,the presence of a vibrant ,middle class,willing , and able ,to make the necessary sacrifices ,aimed at elevating others. Nelson Mndela, and Gandhi,forgo their safe legal career to fight the fight. Mohammed Ali, lost millions in his career , due to his political stance on the neo racist war on innocent Vietnamese folks. Our Stokley Carmichael, could have moved from South Bronx New York , to Harvard, but instead choose Howard, and so help push the Civil Rights movement. Malcolm x, when in to prison as a low end criminal , and a pimp, but emerged as a self educated , socially conscious , and caring Muslim, without which, the Christian Reverend , and more palatable Dr King , would not have garnered the successes he acquired, that help further liberate their people. I am for the moment goi g to leave out politicians, such as former Howard Professor ,Eric Williams, one time Chicago Community activist ,Barrack , or well known ,Trade Union Stalwart ,Basdeo Panday ,for the moment-but we get the picture.

    Here is the challenge Kian – The 400 lbs patient, is before us , looking for some semblance of relief ,as he has just suffered his , or her,4th heart attack ,in three years , so what do we suggest?
    Their options as follows: 1. Obtain an expensive , ‘over de top ,’gastric ,by pass surgery ,at the hands of a blind , megalomaniac doctor , at his office in a rat infested ,back alley in say Tunapuna,or Manzanilla.
    2. Indulge in proper diet, and prudent exercise .3.Told to simply do nada, while they continue their intake of KFC,greasy gyros from Aripita Avenue, or Curep junction, and other unhealthy stuff.
    We should not hesitate to thank Trini Center nation, for providing a useful forum Kian , and Rodwell, but – in addition-it’s time to step up the game,and trust me when I say , we have all the tools , and skills at out disposal, to do something tangible, which can help propel us beyond tentative baby steps agitations , to a full flight run , in the race of , an economic, and political viable life.
    Call me an idealist , but I fervently believe, that there is absolutely nothing, that a few ‘committed , Humanistic, neo – globalist ,progressives,cannot do ,to help push our democratic nation along.
    In essence , ensure the dreams of out Founding fathers , become a reality. Remember it- “every creed , and race find an equal place? ”
    Just maybe it’s to Start an organization, encourage a vibrant one to trive ,be a mentor to a desperate , yet ambitious kid, or struggling adult , get engaged in Civil society, hold our respective leaders -in all sectors -hands to the symbolic fire/ accountable,move beyond the self , by embracing others similar struggles / solidarity- in short, to quote Rainbow Coalition ,head guru ,Jesse Jackson- “keep hope alive!”

    Keep the faith Kian , and Rodwell, as de not too subtle enemy , always win’s if we ,the folks with means/ options, throws our hands up ,in despair.
    Luv humanity folks, and better yet, let’s make it happen,Si?

  18. “To our utter disgust ,those ‘eat ah food, Trinis,’ some naive members of ‘Kinky head nation,’felt , would strive to make a difference , in like manner to a Kamal, Errol Mhabir, Linda BAboolal, or Humphrey, ain’t care one bit, as they go about their task, of ‘appeasement to de other,’condemnations of defenseless social victims,and helping to formulate , and or,push draconian policies , with long term , debilitating impact to La Trinity.”(NEAL)

    Have you considered that these are true patriots who see themselves as Trinbogonians rather than Indians or Africans?
    I have a solution for some of you disgruntled bloggers. Climb aboard Sandy Hilton’s Calcutta ship and sail to Tobago.

  19. Well ,you got me there , as my typo ,gave you T-Man,a convenient Segway,to bolster your phony victimization ploy.
    I meant to say ‘unlike Kamal ,Errol ,Dr Linda Baboolal, Humphrey……,’ as opposed to ,”in like manner to a Kamal..” Those previous,politically savvy boys, and gals took care about their business,as they understood their moral responsibilities ,to communities from which they initially emerged, even as they embrace the challenge of serving within a cross tribal banner.That’s was I was implying, and you know it!
    Yeah,and you can regurgitate until you are 90 years , for the benefit of your Great grand kids, de Canadian Human Rights Association, or the United Nations Security Council, some stupid comment by ‘Tobago Sandy,’ as if his putrid views , will stop anyone from investing in real estates ,across the Island ward- be they from Mumbai, Nairobi, Barackpore,Georgetown, or St Catherine, Jamaica.
    I ain’t hear your outrage , when your now education Minister ,Goopiesing was lamenting about genocides in his Hospitals, simply because a Nigerian , or maybe a Cuban doctor ,got hired over one of his former students, did you?
    You too was outraged ,when Eric Williams ,tried o provide a few houses for Afrikan folks ,on state lands across Central, even comically referring to it as some opaque , gerrymandering , but that’s fair ,ain’t it?
    Give it a rest, with this foolish ,”disgruntled bloggers,”mantra ,T-Man, as there is no reasons for alarm, on any one’s part , on de other side of de so called, national divide.
    It’s 50 years of Independence,and only two ,Indo Trini PM, have ruled this country so far , for a total of 6 years.
    Even a sleeping UWI Social scientist , would be able to draw some cogent conclusions, as to why, si?
    If you ,or any other ,are real patriots ,as claimed , then there is time to rectify that anomaly ,when it comes to both attitudes towards the other, or pro destructive socio – political policies, but trust me when I say , that depending on ‘any oh dem,’self serving , eat a fooders ,’ain’t it ,Si?
    I wish you well!

  20. TMAN like the right wing in the US attempt to put themselves in the place of Africans, you display your kinship with them. African have never been triumphalist, never been given to claiming prestige regardless of who was in power. Indian triumphalism is legendary, especially outside of India where they happen to find people darker than them. It is by no coincidence that in every such nation the same occurs.

    Your pithy lament is noxiously peurile. Indians leave Mother India to settle in every African nation, on a continent that is overwhelmingly African. Go to the US, they mass their businesses in black communities. The idea that black people discriminate against you is not only quite silly, it is devious in its blatant attempt to silence exposure of your inbred prejudice.

    Unlike many others, I will not be politically correct in the examination of racism. In every society in which it becomes a fiery cause of division, of conflict, the origin is in the cultural or religious belief of one side that they were superior and the other side was inferior. In T&T it is not different. Indians flee to places like Barbados where the population is overwhelmingly black, and enjoy rights and freedoms Africans do not even smell in mother India. So please, spare me your Aryan lament about reverse racism. That ship has sailed a long time ago, and we aint about to be silence by those who aspire to occupy the house that massa built.

    1. This recurring issue of Indians benefitting from opportunities in the Caribbean islands and in Africa should be addressed to clarify many misconceptions.
      The world is now a Global economy. Free enterprisers and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of economic opportunities all over the universe. They are attracted to and invited by many jurisdictions, the Caribbean included. They are not social workers, but are motivated by profit margins. It is a win-win situation. Investors provide jobs, stimulate failing economies, but also reap high profits. It’s all legal today with a conscious watch on the environment. Governments of these Caribbean countries willingly invite foreign investment because they stand to improve their economies.

      In addition to entrepreneurs, skilled workers also migrate to skilled jobs in Caribbean countries. I am yet to hear any criticism from certain bloggers regarding the influx of small islanders in Trinidad in search of economic opportunities since the early oilfield days to present. Without Guyana labor, the Crane in Barbados could not be built. I visited the site and saw first hand the benefits of Guyanese labor.

  21. Whether we present our case in the words of Malcolm X, of Steven Biko, or of Kwame Toure and Charles Hamilton, the fact of the matter is that black people in T&T today are in confrontation with a political power structure that is inherently prejudiced, inherently racist, and inherently fastened to the concept of being the group created from the upper portions of the body of their God. In this context black people, people of African descent, are expected to be tolerant of their Orwellian porcine pomposity. To paraphrase our dear departed brother Malcolm, “if we are not careful they would have us hating ourselves and loving those among them who preen before us and boast of how many of them are doctors”. We prefer to boast of our accomplishments that benefit mankind, like the breaking down of social barriers in the US that allowed them live where they now live, to go to schools where they not go, to enjoy that which they did not fight for, but partake of liberally while cursing and looking down on those who made it possible for them. Guys like TMAN and Mamoo are the local replicas of the Pat Buchanans, the David Dukes, the pundits and cyber warriors assigned to shout racism at you in hope that you will shut up and ignore that which inundate their very being.

    When we are examining people we need to do so in this context. Because that is how we are able to more clearly understand what we are dealing with. We must see people for what they are, understand what they stand for, and refuse to pander to their racist sense of superiority. We need to end this insane quest to make friends with people who are naturally unfriendly with us. We need to emulate the sentiments of malcolm X in this respect when he asserted, I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn’t know how to return the treatment”.

    Black people in T&T and this Caribbean region need to understand that they are not responsible for the racism that has infected this region. They need to understand and learn, that we were the victims of a traite and attitude fused in cultural practices that did not originate in Africa or the Caribbean region. It was exported and imported into this region, and we and the indigenous peoples have been the victims of its most awful manifestations in this region. We most be adamant in refusing to allow the purveyors of these desspicable traites to pawn their dirty laundry off upon us. History and evidence will not lie.

  22. Would you like me to list the Privy council cases of discrimination against Indians by previous PNM governments in T&T?

    The term “Indian triumphalism” was coined by Black American scholars with little or no knowledge of the intricacies of the culture of T&T.

    I am happy that you believe that people of African origin do not discriminate against other races.If only it were true!

  23. Of course Africans do not carry out institutionalized discrimination against other groups. If that were so Indians would not be flocking into Africa to seek their fortunes. If that were so Trini and Guyanese Indians would not be wending their way to majority black Caribbean nations to better their lives. Rickey Singh and Shridath Ramphal would have moved back to Guyana or Trinidad Indian Governments were elected into office in those nations.

    One only need to examine the behaviour of cricket spectators in Guyana and T&T when Indian, Pakistan or Sri Lanka vist to get a birds eye view of the entrenched, almost fanatical primacy of race over nationality. I mean the symmetry between the expressions, the positions, attitudes and behaviours of Indians like you and Mamoo, and those who rationalized and defended racist systems in apartheid South Africa and Jim Crow America is astounding. It is not a coincidental meeting of the minds, but rather shared cultural predisposition that transcends Geography and time.

  24. “Would you like me to list the Privy council cases of discrimination against Indians by previous PNM governments in T&T?”
    “We must see people for what they are, understand what they stand for, and refuse to pander to their racist sense of superiority.”……….RODWELL PATON.

    TMAN obviously has the capacity to display his educational intelligence and on occasions sometimes show his ability to reason. But his DNA is another matter. He responds to criticisms not with reasoning that the matter might deserves but in defence of his beliefs in mysticism and adherence to ritualistic teachings that lie as a pillar in his cultural psyche. When he cannot refute the presented facts, he resorts to criticism of the matter, especially when it goes against his political preference. He is a true practitioner of the idiom, “in order for me to look good I have to make you look bad first”. ALL of the criticisms against the PNM are by people who benefitted from PNM educational enhancements and christian teachings and schooling. It can never occur to the truism that they benefitted from the PNM’s insistence to provide educational opportunities for ALL. It is against their reasoning to admit that the PNM was responsible for providing the education that they readily boast about. Im not saying this in defence of the PNM but rather to speak truth to what is fact. Paganism does not deviate from the learned text. It is right and foremost even when prevailing facts might dispel the notion that the rituals might promote. This is true of both TMan and Mamoo. When facts are brought to light that may not reflect favorably on the PP, they both always find a way to turn guilt towards the PNM and never acknowledge PP’s participation. Rodwell Paton got it right in the above quote. There are pervasive acts by the PP administration which I am not in agreement with because the intended outcomes are questionable. The policies which I’m referring to are the so-called “Hoop for life” activity and the closing down of Carrera prison. The stated purpose of the “hoop for life” project is to give young black youths something else to do rather than turning to crime. The purpose here is very shallow and one that speaks for PR rather than doing something to elevate and practise the mind set of the targeted group to become better citizens. If that project is so good why have’nt Kamla targeted young Indian children for hoop practice? There is absolutely NO hope that when the targeted group get involved in this project they will be better educated, disciplined, better prepared or qualified for a brighter future. Without any fore knowledge we were abruptly informed that the prison in Carerra will be closed. Were there any study done? and if so, why was’nt the public given an opportunity to have a say on whether it is a good idea or not for the closing. The other question is what are they proposing to do with the island? These and several other questions are relevant by an administration that is only responsive to its political donors.

  25. Institutionalized racism is well documented. The situation is now changing to reflect equality. It is true that traditionally Indians did not seek employment in many of the areas discussed, but when they finally began to ally for positions, racism reared its ugly head.
    Indo-Trinidadians were underrepresented in most professions and government positions, despite comprising nearly 40% of the population. A human rights report traces the unequal rates of employment opportunities and representation in various areas over several years. It refers to a study from 1970 that showed that: “[O]f the 100 employees of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, 84 were Afro-Trinidadians, 10 were Indo-Trinidadians, 3 were of Chinese descent, 2 were of Portuguese descent, and 1 was white.” This unequal employment situation was further evident in 1989, when statistics showed that of the total number of persons employed in all government organizations, 29% were Indo-Trinidadians. In the police force, Regiment of the Defense Force, Coast Guard, and Port Authority, respectively, the percentage of Indo-Trinidadians was 25%, 5%, 16%, and 6% respectively. At that time, census data indicated that Indo-Trinidadians made up 40.3% of the country’s population, while Afro-Trinidadians comprised 39.6%, thereby demonstrating the wide disparities. The report further found that Indo-Trinidadians reached and surpassed the equity ratio in the areas of medicine and finance, “but that the criteria for employment and advancement in these two areas was clearly technical skill,” supporting the claims of the ITEC.

    There was also racial tension between the Indian and Afro-Carribean communities. Moreover, Hindus faced restrictions on religious freedom, state preference for Christianity, and inequitable funding of religious activities in comparison to Christians. As an example of the previous government’s institutionalized preference for Christianity, former High Court judge Herbert Volney reportedly claimed that a judge “must know [his] benediction and must be known for [his] piety,” in order to ascend to the Court of Appeal. Incidentally, Judge Volney was the Minister of Justice in the Bissessar Cabinet.

  26. “ALL of the criticisms against the PNM are by people who benefitted from PNM educational enhancements and christian teachings and schooling. It can never occur to the truism that they benefitted from the PNM’s insistence to provide educational opportunities for ALL. It is against their reasoning to admit that the PNM was responsible for providing the education that they readily boast about” (KIAN)

    Very true, but I believe and so does the UN charter of the Rights of the Child,that education is a legal right that must be provided to ALL.I am also grateful that I had the opportunity to attend one of the best RC colleges in the country where I made life long friends, many of them PNM supporters.You see, Kian it is possible to criticize injustices without personalizing or holding racist feelings.

  27. The statistics provided by TMan is correct. The current AG is on record of chalking up success in winning cases against institutionalized racism prior to entering government. To elaborate from a global perspective the middle class in Asia stands at 500 million people (2013) which is projected to grow to 1.7 billion(2020). The Asian buisnessmen in Africa is certainly improving upon commerce on that continent as was declared by Nyere and Kenyatta, Idi Amin was a different kettle of fish. If Meddelin (Columbia) which has been stigmatized as a drug kingdom yesterday, is today classified as the fastest growing innovative city in the world. Is there a sense of nervousness expressed by some bloggers here by looking at the colour of faces rather than honed skills. Prof Ryan in 1992 stated, “Several major factors contribute to this lack of business involvement by nearly 40% of the population. Most telling are the lack of an extended family structure among many Afro-Trinidadians in contrast to the generally well-defined extended family structure found in the Chinese, Indian, and Syrian-Lebanese groups, lack of access to venture capital, and lack of solidarity from others of their own ethnic group. Please refer to:
    With respect to Carrera that prison was built for 150 inmate in 1937, it houses nearly 400 inmates.,174837.html
    I am not a defender of the PPG but the manner in which the PNM is projected here by some bloggers as a purist government is laughable. Maybe that is why some educated PNMites are turning away. The NY times had to inform the PNM as to what Randy Burroughs was culpable of. The ‘O’ Halloran affair resulting in the death of Gene Miles who at the time was exposing the Gas Station Racket, the assasination of AG Selwyn Richardson a case that is un-solved. Give me a break! Regardless of colour, creed or race wrongs have to be put right.

  28. “I had the opportunity to attend one of the best RC colleges on the country …where I made life long friends, , many of them PNM supporters.” T-Man.
    ‘Educational intelligence …. , T- Man ability to reason,’cuz Kian? Lord ,have mercy, and you guys ,give this character T-Man , too much credit people , as this is right up there , with one of the most primitive , and if I might dare say ,backward comments , I have ever read on this forum.
    It’s the kind of utterance I expect ,from a socially depraved person ,still ladened with psychological demons ,who along with his 25 fellow siblngs , spent his entire life , while bare feet , hungry ,enduring daily abuses ,at the feet of his traumatized ( pregnant every other year ) mom, and drunken , sadistic papa,while tending to water Buffalos , in some unmentionable ,poor sector of our country.
    Hey buddy, no one gives a hoot, which Christian school you went to or how many Afrikan friends you acquired in your lifetime , prior to to you 1986 escape, to one of your European Promise land.
    What we are more concern about , is your attitude to racial discrimination as practiced by a spiritual advisor of your PM , in a State supported educational institution, during this century.

    Oh , and thank you very much Principal Sita , for trying to stand up for fast eroding T&T justice , refusing to be intimidated – accept transfer to Bon Air, and pushing back against well known , cultural bandits, and coward educational officials . Most importantly ,breaking cultural traditions , by washing dirty linens , which essentially is another way of saying , respecting the rights of all our kids ,to obtain a decent education , just like this self serving creature , is idly boasting , was granted to him.

    Still quoting your bogus , useless statistics ,about numerical majority by Indians, ands their low employment in the Public service , to justify your UNC dominant ,PP administration, purges, huh?
    Here is a better quote , you can put in your stinky pipe , and smoke T- Man. ” Statistics , are like a woman’s bikini , it reveal’s quite a lot, but conceals that which is vital.”
    Your stats won’t explain numerous , un secured , eventually unpaid ,ADB loans , to special , alleged farmers ,under the auspices of then Minister Of Agriculture, Kamal,but remember , most ended up in oreign banks account to ….well, you get it.
    Ain’t certain if they explain any sudden ,drastic increases, in certain ,female nurses population , within the Ministry of Health ,during Kmal’s short stint as a Minister.
    They cannot account for San Fernando Japanese Garden , by a certain lifetimes Oil Minister ,Errol Mahabir, who some comedian , who refer to himself as Mamboo , like o categorize as a Christian ,as if that means anything. Lennox Phillipnwas an alleged Muslim too- big deal. still a self serving criminal , who became a useful Afrikan tool for other country haters to try and destroy our democracy, while they appear on de surface , to be skweky clean, Si?
    Quit being a tribal apologist , and better yet, save your numbers crunching exploits ,for those who care , like your 12 year old grand daughter, T- Man .
    We progressive , and pro transparency
    Advocates ,love to do the eye test .Wake me up when your buddies that thrive in the private sector, over the pas 50 years ,start’s hiring folks en massed , that don’t share their same historical Tribal DNA.
    Yeah we know , as you ain’t the only neo tribalist , who enjoyed pulling out the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights booklet , when it suit you.
    Enjoy the charade T Man , while it last , as he deck of political cards , are falling quite fast.
    There is something I learned about Uncle Sam , when it comes to justice since it is evident that , if he cannot get you in one way , he certainly will another . Escobar, Manuel Noreiga,Jamaica PM Goulding , and numerous others were some of the victims – Caprice?
    Oooops , here that noise T- Man? It ain’t the flooding Caroni River ,from the junk that rolled down from dem Lavantille congested hills, and Aranguez clogged up drains , mi amigo , but thousands of ‘Jack Sprat, could eat no fat ,’Central ,voting friends , who are getting a wee bit agitated , and so are starting to jump off a certain bandwagon ,as they sense , in the words of my extremely wise ,late , Tobago Granny ,dat ‘water ,more than flour,’ennnt?
    Need any translation T- Man , or your high end ,Trini ,RC education , is sufficient ,to aid you ,in deciphering ,where I am coming from?

  29. “Need any translation T- Man , or your high end ,Trini ,RC education , is sufficient ,to aid you ,in deciphering ,where I am coming from?” (NEAL)

    And yes, so was my tertiary education even though I did not acquire a secret PNM scholarship.

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