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Road-Paving Problems in Maraval

La Seiva Terrace, Maraval
Recently paved road: La Seiva Terrace, Maraval

TrinidadandTobagoNews.com Reporters
May 05, 2010
Updated: May 11, 2010

On Saturday 1st May, 2010, contractors working for the Ministry of Works paved the roadway of La Seiva Terrace, Maraval. Initially, we were somewhat surprised that they choose to pave that road as we did not believe that the road required paving at this time.

Prior to paving the road, the contractors removed the top layer or asphalt, and left the road bare for about a week. With traffic on the road, this left our community very dusty – exacerbating an already bad dust and ash problem caused by the dry season with bush fires in the hills.

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