Lying intern could get reprieve

November 12, 2016 –

Terrence Deyalsingh“JUSTICE must be tempered with mercy.” These were the words of Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh as he announced there was a second chance being offered to the young female intern who cried wolf after claiming she was held up at gunpoint and robbed while on duty at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital, last month. However, after investigations were carried out, it was found that the intern had lied. She told investigators she was “under stress.” She was dismissed from the North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA), under which the PoSGH falls. Deyalsingh said the intern, while no longer employed at the NWRHA, has been given six months to produce documentary evidence that shows she was fit and proper to resume duty.

“We are not throwing away this young individual’s career because the country has invested millions of dollars via GATE (Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses) and training to bring an intern up to the level that he or she is.

“I can tell you, once she presents certain evidence to the CEO (chief executive officer) and the permanent secretary that she is fit to resume duties, she is free to reapply for her position in six months. That’s the type of justice we want to have,” the minister said.


5 thoughts on “Lying intern could get reprieve”

  1. This young woman is obviously in psychological distress. Her invention of this story clearly points to emotional instability and neurosis.
    Does the NWRHA offer psychological counselling to their employees?
    In cases like this there should not be punishment by suspension, but psychological leave with treatment, and evaluation aimed at returning her to her position.
    Her return should not be supported because she was a recipient of government funding for her training, but because her employers are empathetic and genuinely concerned for her full recovery.
    The Minister should not be seeking “justice” in this case but demonstrating that the system is not primarily punitive but rehabilitative.
    This is one of the problems in T&T. The focus is always on punishment rather than rehabilitation, whether it’s the school system, the court system or the employment system.

    1. I am wondering, If the police, and Security forces, after hearing from this woman, about her bias nasty, statements. went out and find a suspect, a Wrong and innocent one/two persons, because its in their nature, duty, to come up with a suspect at all cost, just to close a case. Would that be Fair to the So Call suspects,?? These folks may not of been a fair Trial. Also the public is so fed up with the Crime situation, she will of received sympathy, For her wrong doing. A Fine, and more, are in order, for this woman. How many have done this before, and get away with it. Shame, shame,

  2. As much as I agree with the need to have a rehabilitative approach I do have reservations especially with psychological analysis of a trained mind with the purpose of getting clearance to pursue the career pathway. One also needs to keep in mind the cross over from neurosis to psychosis has no clear cut transitional boundaries but only dependent on who is in touch with reality or not. The case that comes to mind is the Unabomber as he was known (John Kaczynski) who was a brilliant professor in mathematics only to be fired from the university at the age of 26. He went on to become a hermit in a cabin in Montana and then went on to his bombing spree. By the way there are many examples worldwide.

    I wish to draw an analogy of hypnosis a technique sometimes used in psychological assessments, for reasons I cannot fathom up to this date is the failure to have someone from Japan or South Korea falling under hypnotic spells easily compared to a North American counterpart and one of the reasons I am aware is ‘culture’ that has been put forward. Now, in the case of this intern who will probably become a medical doctor if displaying such stress related symptoms as emotional instability now; is it possible that she can suppress this in order to achieve her career pathway but can actually become volatile in her later life in a stressed working environment e.g., surgical operation (assuming) that is going awry?

    All of us need to become dependent on a medical professional sometime in our lives but we are really comfortable when we need to know the mental state of that mind we entrust our lives

    1. It is not difficult for a psychiatrist or psychologist to recognize suppression in a patient.
      There are techniques and instruments which can be used to discern authentic and genuine behavior.
      Of course no technique involving the human psyche can be fool-proof, but we are capable of “coming close”.


    “Police also said they cannot charge Barriteau as she never made a missing report. They said only if the husband knew she was not missing and made a false report they could charge him.” Trinidad Guardian

    Yep,this ugly (rotund ) ‘Heifer,’with her horse/ dead people / poor South Asian folks hair extensions,thought she has us fooled ,over some claim, that she was kidnapped by desperate ,sex starved hombres , then freed , with only a pat on her ample fanny.
    It’s the same media reality escapade we are given- each time someone especially a overprotected/simi oppressed ,adventurous ,and in some cases -simply bored female- disappear, in La Trinity.
    Now if only Kamla ,and her UNC dominant PP goons, can get off their rear ends, sit down with the present Government,and tweak the laws, to curb this stupid , revolting behavior .
    It’s called ‘wasting police time ,’people! Time that could be better spent , investigating real crimes, like the murder of a 20 year old Bank employee, shopping in POS stores called I AM &Co.
    Yes, and these are the same clowns, that would bombard the media airwaves ,about insensitive Police Officers, who fail to take their reports seriously.
    In the mean time , on similar alleged crime fronts, where lying to cover one’s hide ,has much greater implications?

    Well, these are merely to put a little perspective on the growing law enforcement dilemma , as existing across the so called , Global divide.

    Here are the conclusions we can draw as a result :- This social malady ,exist all across the globe ,and transcends , race ,class, tribe , ethnicity ,gender ,and cultural background.
    A bit of healthy skepticism ,is often needed by family , friends,work colleagues , and -most definitely- law enforcement officials,when they are fed these seemingly, far fetched stories, by what can only be described as callous , pathological liars.
    Callous I say, in the sense that they obviously know , the damaging effects of their lies, but still feels inclined ,to indulge anyway.
    They should be forced in T&T , to pay a severe price, whether they are prospective doctors, or desperate ,low end,…ummmmmm…. ‘HOOD RATS.’
    Best wishes ,to our often maligned ,hard working ‘boys and gals , of de T&T Police Service Community’- many of which,still treat their profession , with the seriousness it deserve- yet still receive a barrage of accusations, innuendos, and the likes.
    Worst yet , when the eggs are splattered on the faces of lying weasels, like the females in both of our local stories, won’t get as much as an apology , from the neo criminal apologists , and self serving , politically driven , tribalist , hell bent on pushing a false narrative, hmmmmm?
    As to the lying Intern under review, if there was any justice in the land , part of the price she would pay, is never to get a chance to become a doctor , unless it is in Uzbekistan , or the South Pole , whose only population are Penguins, and fat seals.
    I luv dis land , Y tu?
    Stay vigilant people!

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