Pay the Devil

By Raffique Shah
September 17, 2016

Raffique ShahAnyone who believes that this Government can continue to spend money to fix the country’s many problems the way successive governments have done, seemingly forever, is either a fool or someone who regards us as a nation of fools.

The harsh reality we face is when the good times rolled, most of us, from politicians and the business elites to plebes and philistines, intoxicated by the flow of petrodollars, felt we could and should spend, spend, spend, and let the Devil take tomorrow.

Well, the Devil has taken tomorrow, which is today, and now we must pay the Devil.

Let me first inject some raw data—Central Bank numbers—that might shock readers’ sensibilities. They span the period 1991-2015, 25 critical years in modern Trinidad and Tobago. By 1991, the first oil boom had come and gone. Up until 1970, oil sold for US$1.80 per barrel or less. Following the Arab-Israeli war in 1973, the price increased to US$11 (1974), peaked at US$36 in 1980, but fell to US$20 by 1991.

The next significant increase came in 2000 (US$28), climbing steadily afterwards, averaging US$90, and except for a brief tumble in 2008 (US$60), went as high as US$111 in 2011. From mid-2014, the most recent slide started, and since then the price has fluctuated between US$35 and US$45.

In the 25 years between 1991 and 2015, successive governments collected total revenues of approximately TT$650 billion, of which energy revenues (oil, gas, petrochemicals) comprised $304 billion. To disaggregate energy revenues, between 1991 and 2000 Government earned $24 billion, 2001-2005 $38 billion, 2006-2010 $117 billion and 2011-2015 $124 billion.

On the expenditure side, our governments spent $455 billion, of which $251 billion was expended between 2010 and 2015. Note well that in five years, the People’s Partnership government spent 55 per cent of total government expenditure over a 25-year period. It is this wanton wastage more than anything else—and there were other government sins—that is the root cause of our current economic woes.

Public sector wages and salaries rose from $3.2 billion in 2000 to $6.6 billion in 2010 to $9.4 billion in 2015. Transfers to State enterprises soared from $467 million in 2003 to $2.3 billion in 2007 and peaked at $4.1 billion in 2013.

We know that our governments set aside some US$11 billion (about TT$70 billion) in foreign reserves, and another US$5.5 billion (TT$35 billion) in the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund.

This cursory glance at the national balance sheet shows that for a small country with a mere 1.3 million people that has been richly endowed with resources, we have squandered our way to the brink of bankruptcy. I stress “we” because while the parties and persons who wielded power did the dirty deeds, large sections of the population cheered them on, whether it was the PNM or UNC or People’s Partnership in office.

The few voices that dared to speak out against the squandermania were reviled, spat upon, declared enemies of whichever party was in power. I—no economist, no intellectual—wondered aloud in my writings why government expenditure had to exceed $50 billion a year. Many of us prodded governments to save more, to pursue diversification of the economy, to wean people off dependence on handouts.

Most of all, we condemned corruption and nepotism, the enrichment of the few at the expense of the many, the obscene widening of the rich-poor gap. We called for the corrupt to be brought to justice, but like late calypsonian Penguin’s “Devil”, they and their benefactors “wine in we face”.

And so it has come to pass that the incumbent Government must convince the populace that the party is over, that unless we adjust our lifestyles, lower our expectations, do as the old people in my younger days advised—eat little, live longer—then we are doomed to a fate worse than death.

Cutting back budgetary expenditure from $60 billion to $50 billion will hurt, and disproportionately, the working and middle classes will bear the brunt of such adjustments. That should never be: sacrifices should be shared equitably, meaning those in the higher income brackets giving up more than the lower-paid.

A cardinal caveat I will add: no first-time homeowner who has serviced his mortgage must lose his property because of this crisis. The Government must find ways to rescue such persons—defer payments through State banks, something.

And no citizen must starve, least of all children, the aged and the infirm. Ensure that all staples, especially locally-produced foods, are available, and no one must suffer for lack of medications and other essential supplies.

A huge hurdle the Government faces is convincing trade unions and workers that in order to secure their jobs, they may have to surrender at least one three-year cycle of wage and salary increases.

I shall share my thoughts on this issue next week.

20 thoughts on “Pay the Devil”

    In Alberta, Canada over 64,000 jobs evaporated overnight due to the downturn in oil prices. This province once had the highest paying jobs and was the richest Canadian province. Today it is the poorest.

    One only have to look to Venezuela and see the massive lineup for toilet paper and food. Trinidad has been in a low oil price cycle in the past. Panday was able to build the airport at a time when oil prices was under $20 a barrel. The $1.5 billion airport was indeed the pride of TNT. Today 12 years of inquiries later and a Linquist report costing $110 million US or close to a billion TT there is no end to the waste. Even to prosecute Steve and Ish cost over a $100 million TT. Altogether this witch hunt by the PNM led inquiry cost close to $2 billion with more reports to follow. Yes the airport is functioning and has paid for itself.

    I note the brainwashed PNM psychopaths accuse Kamla of wasting and stealing money but here is where the money gone.

    — Robinson-Regis husband $50,000 per month job at B
    —Tobago Hospital going from $136 million to over $800 million in overrun
    19. Tarouba Stadium going from $275 million to over $1 billion in overrun
    20. Patrick Manning call to the Marabella Police Station demanding his driver be B
    21. Cocaine found in diplomatic pouch
    22. Patrick Manning $240 million Palace with $3 million drapes
    23. Calder Hart$368 million contract to his brother-in-law
    24. $2 billion summit of no return
    25. Camille Robinson-Regis credit card scandal
    26. Maco Manning SIA spying on law abiding citizen
    27. $650 million incomplete Legal Affairs Tower
    28. $700 million incomplete Chancery Lane Complex
    29. $500 million incomplete South Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA)
    30. $576Million Rapid Rail feasibility study scandal
    31. Dustbin Terrorist a.k.a Mr. Big still at large
    32. Bombardier jet joyride
    33. A condo for the Profitess/Prophetess at UTT
    34. $30 million mystery Guanapo church
    35. $30 Million Bamboo Networks Scandal
    36. EMBD Chairman Uthara Rao using $400,000 of taxpayers’ money to pay for sexual harassment claims
    37. Manning/Bakr Land Deal for Election support
    38. Manning giving CJ Sat Sharma an ultimatum to “resign or else”
    39. Former PNM Tresurer Andre Monteil Scandalous $110 million HMB Shares
    40. T&TEC Street Lighting Scandal
    41. $1.8 billion overrun on Waterfront Project
    42. John Rahael connected to the Monos Island drug bust
    43. Karen Nunez-Tesheira conflict of interest when she withdrew her monies from CLICO
    44. Udecott Calder Hart scandal
    45. Patrick Manning bolting into a Radio Station demanding 2 announcers be fired
    46. Petrotrin $12 billion world GTL, Scandal
    47. Making former murder accused David “Buffy” Millard coordinator of a $250 million NHA refurbishing project
    48. Appointed Mark Guerra as national adviser to the URP
    49. $50 Million Blimp that always Limp
    50. $500,000 Skullarship grant to Louis Lee Sing daughter-in-law, Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing
    51. Radio License for Louis Lee Sing in 24 hours
    52. $55,000 bribery to the former occupants of the Guanapo Church Land
    53. Cleaver Heights $10 million attempted fraud
    54. Patrick Manning calling Tobago Police Station and ordering 4 Bajan fishermen be released
    55. Discrimination against Feroza Ramjohn, Ganga Persad Kissoon and Harridath Mahara
    56. Discrimination against the Maha Saba Radio License
    57. Rushed to bailout their financier CLICO with billions of taxpayers money
    58. “Female” Minister calling the Point Fortin Police Station demanding her son be released after he was caught in a drug bust with 2 Venezuelans
    59. Calder Hart as NIB Chairman buying back the $110 million HMB Shares for $130 Million giving former PNM Tresurer Andre Monteil a $20 Million profit
    60. $126 Million Broadgate Place Tower Scandal
    61. Chaguanas Corporation Administrative Complex-$10 million over-budget and 24 months’ delay;
    62. Government campus, Legal Affairs Towers-$300 million over-budget
    63. Ministry of Education Towers-$300 million over budget
    64. NAPA (PoS)-$234 million over-budget
    65. NAPA (San Fernando)-$238 million over-budget
    66. Beverly Hills Housing-$106 million over-budget
    67. Three questionable payments to Bouygues days before the Election, payments were made on May 14 ($3.6 million), May 14 ($10 million) and May 19 ($5 million)
    68. Sunway Construction $300 million quarry contract Scandal
    69. $100 million to fix shoddy work done EMBD with Water pipes and Electricity together
    70. $150 Million to repair poorly constructed houses under Dr. Rowley watch
    71. The closure of Caroni 1975 Ltd. And Destruction of Thousands of Lives who depended on Caroni to feed their family
    72. Auditor-Generals Report stated $1.6 billion spent on CEPEP between 2002-2007 with lack of accountability
    73. How was Landate reclassified from agricultural lands to lands for residential use and where the money came from to build that development project?
    74. Tobago Financial Complex $81 million cost overrun
    75. Tobago Library $80 million cost overrun
    A Careful check will show almost $25 Billion in Scandals under the PNM 2002-2010

    The most scandalous set of thieves ever was and is the PNM. And they are back at it giving Imbert wife company a $19 million contract to power wash Lara Stadium. Sinking another $100 million plus into that money sinkhole of a stadium, built in marshlands.

    Yes the short man has gone and borrowed on the backs of the next generation to fund the PNM feeding frenzie. All pigs at the trough. No move to seriously reduce the salary of OWTU workers but making “Peter pay for Paul”. The OWTU has negotiated the second highest set of wages and benefits in the world, only Australia sits ahead. Why are they getting back pay and all kind of benefits when their company Petrotrin is bankrupt? Taxes being increased to fund a none productive sector. Time for the short man to slash and burn. Fire from Roget downwards as oil workers in Alberta were sent packing, so OWTU employees must face the hatchet. Oil is not coming back anytime soon.

    1. If I have to reply to Mamoo and his eternal contrivances of UNC governance, I might have to get conversations not suited for this medium. What we continue to experience is exactly what we spend so much time talking and lamenting about – race. The likes of Mamoo only sees race and UNC politics on any issue, no matter how serious or non-partisan it ought to be. But please Mamoo, save your annoying PP Performance repeating chart for somewhere else.
      We are actually tire of your old and tired exaggerations of UNC performance. There is a saying “the meat (or taste) is in the pudding”. Your chart may give statistics that satisfy your curiosity but we are dealing with the real world here.

      What we are dealing with is this:
      1. The PNM met an empty Treasury.
      2. The price of oil fluctuate between $25 and $35 per barrel.
      3. The UNC used all the available foreign reserves.
      4. The UNC spent and indebted the nation for millenniums.
      5. Only three days worth of spending capital was available
      when the PNM took office.
      6. The UNC made many promises but did not think through how to implement them.
      7. No available cad was on hand to fund the promises to the civil service, police, prison and other agencies.
      8. Crown lands were given away to UNC minions dime a dozen.
      9. ALL segments of government inoperative and dysfunctional.
      10. UNC made promises they could not keep.

      That in a nutshell is what this government is dealing with.
      It is no easy task because instead of implementing their promises, they have to pay the many debts incurred by Kamla and company. Kamla ran the PP government like a hindu tribal caste council. Even now as we speak the NCIC, which is a hindu trabalist organization, is asking government for $5M. What utter nonsense!

      We ought to remind you caste members that there is separation of state and religion. State should not be running religion and vice versa. This was just too common when Kamla ran the ship of government.

      I would prefer to deal with more substantive issues facing us all, that have nothing to do with partisanship. But when Mamoo constantly invoke the nightmare of what was the PP and repeatedly use statistics to present a sanitized performance. That drives me up a wall to see people whose only intent was to deprive the tax payers of this country of every penny and turn it over to their tribe. It would seem that his brain is stuck on an imagined PP performance that only he and his tribe seem to recognize as good. The fact is that the people have spoken and rejected that contention. We are now in the process of rebuilding our country and those ideas are anathema to good progress and intentions. So, let us move forward in good faith to m,ale this country a better place to live and grow in.

      This will not happen under the antiquated ideas put forward by Kamla and company. Every idea they put forward must have a racial ingredient into it that always spoils the recipe for development. There are obviously vestiges of that same old thinking that comes yup far too often in our discourse. How shameful it is to see the house of the President opt the country being used to employ family members. How shameful it is to see bottles wines being labelled as though they emanated from the President’s house.
      How shameful it is to see the President getting involved in Executive practices by summoning a Minister of Government without addressing the matter with the Prime Minster. This shows lack of maturity and a lack of respect for the way a democracy should function.

      We need a clean and sanitized functionality to have a better running democracy. That which Kamla left is tainted and filled with impurities, too dastardly corrupt to mention.

      1. Kian wrote “the PP leave the treasury empty”
        What a liar, Satan must be proud of you.

        Here is the truth.

        HSF $5.3 billion US, ($37 billion TT) Foreign reserves $10 billion US. ($70 billion TT).
        Yet you saying the treasury was empty. For the past year they have raise $60 billion in taxation. Yet the treasury empty.

        Treasury empty but $100 million to fix Lara. Panday built the airport when oil was $9 US a barrel. Here oil is $35 US a barrel and treasury still empty. The spiteful PNM open an investigation into the Airport. Linquist report $110 million US ($770 million TT), money to prosecute Ish and Steve $100 million. 12 years of probing. Altogether $2 billion to probe a $1.5 billion airport. They should put the probe in Rowley where the sun don’t shine. Blasted waste of money. He said the $25 million to probe Las Alturas was waste money. Nothing about the billions waste by the airport probe.

        Rowley cannot lead, he simply don’t have the mental capacity to lead this nation forward, all he will do for the next 5 years is blame Kamla.

        1. This is exactly why I don’t like wasting my time getting into any kind of conversation with this dude. He is perpetually trying to justify the failed policies of Kamla Persad Bissessar, if there ever was one. Whatever you are trying to tell us Mamoo, about the adventures of the PP government and its success in pleasing the people. You are dead wrong. The elections results bear me out on that. So, it doesn’t matter how much you try to sanitize and bedevil Dr. Rowley, as the Kamla-led Parliamentary trial of Dr. Rowley for rape tried to do. You do appear as the real devil. It is only the devil who worships evil. Godly people don’t. No amount of figures you print to sanitize evil doers, we the informed WILL NOT BUY IT. EVIL IS EVIL, DONT MATTER HOW YOU TURN IT. Your caste system is evil and that is what you and the PP tried to introduce at a national level. Stop trying to convince those of us who know better that that is good.
          Keep it to yourself and those who think like you. We are tired of your perpetually repeated figures of imagery that cannot connect with reality. Just like your famous PM, who told us that she built 100 schools and CANNOT name them. Similarly she tells us that she does not know any thing about FATCA when she is the one who introduced to this country. In your world Mamoo, those are not lies, they are just imaginary truths dressed up as reality. Do like the rest of us Mamoo, try your hand at writing objectively, so one does not have to be UNC to understand. Read what Yoruba writes, read what Neal writes, read what Kian writes.
          We all can do it without having to be condescending about our political affiliations. Just try to be objective Mamoo, maybe you will like it and others may start taking you more seriously.

          1. The truth is all we have, dispose of it and you are left with nothing. It is the truth that sets you free. Not this constant false diatribe by you, Neal and Yoruba. You talk nothing based on facts or substance. It is always a virulent, unfounded and mocked attack on KPB.

            Dispute the facts please.

          2. Shah wrote the article presenting the amount of money that was spent by the UNC in 2010-2015 hinting on an empty treasury inherited by the PNM. Mamoo justified some of the debts that were inherited by the UNC wen they entered government. Reading the above article by Kian – ‘perpetually repeated figures of imagery’, then – ‘Do like the rest of us Mamoo, try your hand at writing objectively’.

            Question: Where is the objectivity in your writing in the rebuttal of the ‘imaginary facts’ presented by Mammo?

            Now, you take it upon yourself to introduce other writers Neal, Yoruba and yourself and possibly includes Linda Edwards and Alyssa. Please continue the diatribe as it makes entertaining reading for international readers highlighting a fractured society based on racist tinged principles, beliefs and values.

            Please continue to bring in elements of religion, when at the end of the day both the Hindus and roman Catholics are into idol worshipping.

            For myself, I would not attempt to denounce anyone with respect to their beliefs, after all you said it – ‘We all can do it without having to be condescending about our political affiliations’.

  2. “Anyone who believes that this Government can continue to spend money to fix the country’s many problems is a fool or someone who regards us as a nation of fools…Many of us prodded governments to save more, to pursue diversification, to wean people off dependence on handouts…..the incumbent Government must convince the populace that the party is over, that unless we adjust our lifestyles, lower our expectations,we are doomed to a fate worse than death….Cutting back budgetary expenditure from $60 billion to $50 billion will hurt.That should never be….no citizen must starve, least of all children, the aged and the infirm. Ensure that all staples, especially locally-produced foods, are available, and no one must suffer for lack of medications and other essential supplies…A huge hurdle the Government faces is convincing trade unions and workers that in order to secure their jobs, they may have to surrender at least one three-year cycle of wage and salary increases. “Uncle Shah

    Well , interesting stuff as usual, by Uncle Shah, but some much wiser than yours truly ,might remind him , that , in the words of my late , extremely wise, Tobago Granny ,’you can’t have your cake ,and eat it,’si?
    It’s a given that Politicians will do all that is necessary ,to gain (while not in office), or maintain power, when ruling de Political roost.
    If not, they suffer similar fates ,of those naive pro IMF ,austerity creatures ,who felt the brunt of your Sandhust/ Westpoint Coup School blokes, from Lagos, to Islamabad.
    Our misguided populist military Socialist , late neighbor Chavez,tried many of your ideas , with limited concerns for the Pro Yankee-business elites, and we saw how that experiment ended, and sadly, is still playing out ,for his ever suffering citizens, – even as Munudo, de despised bastard , who replaced him , still stupidly point fingers , only at Pax America, for all his country’s woes.
    The results for such follies, you still ask? I’ll remind folks. No toilet paper, or basic food stuff/ medical supplies,rampant Black Market extortions,and elevated fear,from criminality .
    Thousands of well positioned citizens, are fleeing to neighboring regions,such as Columbia , and yes,much more desirable Anglophone fiefdom-La Trinity,only 7 miles away. Here we rant and rave about 300 plus murders- while in Venezuela , they are grappling with 27, 000 per year,even long before, the demise of Cavez.
    Note for the record folks, that the opportunistic ,former military bozo , turned Socialist- political high priest-Fidel, who initially planted this seed,isn’t clearing a part to aid Venezuela, in their present time of need- be it in medicine resources,refugees logistics, or services- even though , during the heyday of mismanagement ,by political lightweight Chavez, millions of resource backed oil/gas dollars , were syphoned away/ misdirected , to pop up the ghastly Socialist , Cuban regime.
    My heart bleeds for the suffering Citizens , of both Countries, but since that won’t help any desperate struggling family , will like to do more , beyond cyber outrages.
    Yeah we get it ,trade Unions, along with their struggling / barely above poverty line-members, must share some pain,corruption should be eliminated in 2016, and better yet, nepotism, and it’s ugly twin sister,cronyism ,must end, forthwith .
    ‘Si, comprende ,’ the party is over, times for economic adjustments are a matter of political urgency,diversification is long overdue, political handouts , should now be a thing of the past- even as a Local election looms- we should wait on dem fleeing to Miami , Toronto, and Yorkshire land owners , alleged farmers, in receipt of state land deeds-to plant local food, since as you lamented in another piece- which I totally agree- Junk foods are killing lazy citizens.
    Sorry Uncle Shah, but this ain’t China , Russia, Egypt ,Saudi Arabia, or Turkey. Here democracy is still alive, and we can’t force our eating taste on others.
    There is nada , our respective, self serving, UNC/PP/ PNM regimes will do , as long as Trinis wish to have 5 roll on /roll off cars in their garage ,to all drive ,to and from work ,on our dangerous, congested roads, to POS, Chagurnas, Arima, and South.
    Yes, & it’s their rights, as long as some Party supporting business bloke ,is willing to sell, and the banks ,gives the loan.
    I noticed with some amusement,that nothing in your entire commentary ,was leveled at the State’s inefficiency in collecting taxes from citizens, most of which is needed to run a country, and subsidize all the projects, Trinis were used to , when oil was 300 plus dollars per barrel.
    Interesting that you too are not too keen to demand that our selfish , greedy , self aggrandizing Business Community step up , and play their roles in pushing our country forward. Many got rich during times of plenty, and many still are , but all we hear about is their Forex needs , and less strict regulations to bolster their profiteering drives. Nuff said.
    Look folks, I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating :- Politics ain’t for everyone. You just can expect to ‘put square pegs in round holes,’ and expect wonderful results.
    If I wish to win a war, I won’t put a baker , or Cosmetologist in charge of the troops.
    A young idealist Lt like Shah was, will order his lance corporal, to shoot him / her when they are asleep, or peeing outside , de Fox hole.
    Jack Warner, or Donald Trump ,won’t put a Closet gangster Rapper, an Imam,or just fired WI Cricket Coach Simmons, as a CEO, in charge of their high end company , but they think they can excel as politicians , by just showing up.
    If my appendix is burst, do I visit a barber , or a doctor? Military, and Business leaders, expects total compliance /allegiance ,or their will be consequences.
    As you are aware ,politics don’t work like that. It’s all about fostering narrow Self interest , while operating within the cloak of Compromise.
    “Houses before Horses,” take your paltry Tobago 2 Seats,Robbie, and join my 10 seat labor activist /destined for life time ,Opposition party,and let’s topple dem PNM bandits, thank you very much- Welcome to Canada ,Trini / tribal – fake Refugee Status, and Yasin Abu Baker , Muslimeen Parliamentary shoot out , here we come , si?
    In de aftermath , of a recent ,failed Coup plot in Turkey , authorities arrested some 5 million,from all walks of life, orchestrated over the top purges, of suspected members, fired close to a 5000 generals , police , and military empathizers, but in our T&T ,after 20 plus years , no one paid a price , in, or out of power, for these Barbarian bastards.
    Well,again Uncle Shah- though not the same – few if any paid a price for 1970 either , huh? Maybe it’s how we roll here, or better yet , the late Doc understood what Politics truly entails.
    In Costa Rica, and Dominica , they disbanded their Military and thrived , in Post 1970 T&T…, we get a great trade Unionist , Politician, Journalist,roving , learned Editor /Social activist , in Uncle Shah, as well as a Health Guru,Vegetarian Activist ,in Uncle Rex.
    Today ,thanks to them both ,I am a Vegan, and has a profounds love for New age media.More importantly , we remain , generally peaceful, in la Trinity, as we generally show dat we abhor revenge Politics,si?
    For all of the glorified handlers, Think Tanks, or high end technocrats,at their disposal, political leaders ,must also bring something to the table ,if authentic progress , are to be made in a country. Oftentimes, all one has to gauge where a potential leader’s heart lie , is the career part they choose ,prior to entry into politics.
    Let’s keep it real ,and look more closely at the blokes who ran this country through de decades, and see if it sheds any light as to why we appear to be stuck on 1st gear , while trying to the win de Indy 500 Race , with local Business crook Frankie Boodram , at de helm, si?
    Take Father of de Nation -Papa Deffy Eric . Well , he became an elite Academic in Howard, after begging the Brits to publish his seminal work , with little success. Made to Mullato kids, with his White wife, came home , once the Yanks got fedup with him, flaunted a black baby, became a Baptist , rode the back of disgruntled labor , poor ex slaves grand kids, and de rest is history.
    To his death in office, he lorded over his grateful fans , and ruled in true Mama Britain , neo Imperial styled , overall citizens,as if they were gullible students , seeking to acquire an A+ grade. If only a few had the guts to push back, or question his logic, then their GPA will surely drop. Thank you very much for nada , over ambitious ,Castaria Kid ANR Robinson.
    Did anyone mention the unfortunate folks from neglected Tobago- who even you , Uncle Shah , still feel ,should be given a mere $5 million,or less,and told to take a flying independence leap?Since age , brings reason, then maybe you might have chanced your views about burdensome Tobago.
    Sadly though , it ain’t for you or anyone else , in Trinidad to finally decide , the direction that Tobago should go, when , or the price that must be paid , if they decide they no long wish to be the neglected stone . Capiche?
    2. George Chambers, a correspondence course educated ,low end Accountant , who once hoped to become DJ Rennie Bishop Father in Law. Nuff said
    Last I checked,Tethron Gangreen- Bag boy / Aid 0 de Camp , turned Kamla advisor / clueless ,4th , PP Minister of National Security, in Major Griffith , could not even look too hard in Princess Mikila Panday’s direction,much less, possess de temerity , to ask Papa Baz, for her hand in marriage, hmmmm?
    3.Manning , like Dr Keith Rowley adored rocks/ soil shifts, etc, and so became geologists.These aren’t people -persons folks.Not saying they don’t adore people – especially those in their immediate family, but as for the populace as a whole? Just like fake Christian Manning before, don’t expect too much,from the Mason Hall kid,even as he tries to pedal his Biography as a caring, rags to riches, pro young people persona,si?
    Ok, Lo Siento. I’ll give you de benefit of de doubt – to coin common clique , but let’s just say , ‘the poor of de pudding, is in the eating.’
    Most do nada lawyers ,are really trained to talk up a storm , then will sit on their hunches ,even as ‘Rome burns.’ That of course , best describes. Badeo Panday, and his equally delusional female protege Auntie Karma. The Oxbridge Grad,dreamt of becoming an actor, which he probably should have done , upon returning home.
    He opted instead , to be a Trade Union leader, who then rode the backs of Caroni/ Central Rice Paddy/ Sugar Workers Indentured laborers Grand pickeneys , to Political glory,and de rest we can say is history.
    De ,ULF turned into de NAR/ UNC,and finally PP.
    Along de way , we got stuck with Kamla, who did not hesitate – with the help of ultra Crooked -Jack- FIFA-Warner-to use the family hog slaying knives , to cut her Mentor Baz,a new one.
    50years from now , when dem Biographers ,are looking to pen a book, Keith Rowley style, of this finger pointing , do nada of consequence -1st Hindustani female PM,what would it include folks?
    More women, and children were abused , & murdered under her watched , poverty thrived, government waste , cronyism, nepotism, and corruption was the norm,banking/ investment .business – financial impropriety mismanagement ,was a main staple of her government, tribal handouts – especially to unqualified bums , and ethic / racial purges’ of de other , ‘became a way of life.
    1 year after loosing office she blames everything outside of ISIS, 9/11 ,Global Warming, The failed Turkish Coup, Boko Haram Kidnappings, Pakistan Bride Burning, and ancestral India rape increases,on her Successor Keith Rowley, Well, I take those back , deep in her twisted soul, she does probably ,blame him for those as well.
    Silent as Siparia mouse , when in office , on addressing this dehumanizing monstrosity , of underage , 9 , 10, 12, 14, and 16 year old marriages to pot gut , fake religious ,tribal hombres, but wanted to castrate the present PM , for having sex as a 19 year old with his 17 year old girlfriend , while serving as a teacher, or worst yet, as Opposition leader ,daring to thief a whine on a 35 year old looking 17 year old, in ah Sando Indian Band , on Carnival day.
    CJ Archie , had the audacity to demand that we tighten, and our enforce the laws, re this statutory rapes behavior , and said Kamla , along with her Spiritual guru Sat Maraj, tells him, to take a side, and leave Trini Indians cultural habits alone. Focus instead on all dem hundreds of bastard babies , your men are making , then leaving exasperated African females to raise alone . Maybe , if he too cares about children/ the PM , can be tempted to get creative , with his DPP, AG,and the suddenly $TT 120 Million richer , Commissioner of Police , and finally address both issues ,since what’s good for the South of de Caroni Goose , is likewise good for de ESW of the East Dry River Beetham / Lavantille / Never Dirty Movant Gander, si? Just saying.
    The CJ likewise tried to demand some positive changes ,on our over bureaucratized Judicial system, especially the convoluted , time wasting , highly compromised , expensive, Jury system, and one would swear, he was demanding than glorified T&T lawyers , all come to courts stark naked.
    Listen to her illogical, incoherent diatribes, as she throw our generally honest Judges under the bus . Yeah , de same ones she pretended to care about , when she was requesting pay hikes for them, and more so ,fellow Parliamentarians- including the then Opposition leader.
    “ ….when we were in government we considered the abolishing of juries and we had to shelve it,because there was no consensus, there were views in Parliament that while you could try to intimidate a jury, the jury is made up of many people. But if you try to bribe or intimidate a judge alone, I’m not saying it will happen but it may be easier.”
    Pray someone tell me , how de hell dis woman evolved into a lawyer, much less a PM of this country?They said she was a lecturer as well. I pity her students. Here is de deal folks. If I was unfortunately charged for murder, or some similar serious crime, where my freedom was on the line ,and Kamla is the only lawyer around, I won’t want her representing me – even if she likewise paid me $TT4 million.,233364.html

    Well again, a pretty poignant topic, and hopefully my two cents was worth the effort , as far a contributions. Optimist as I am , I remain hopeful , that we can survive these present rough economic times, and good government , and business stewardship , will become more than a catch phases , Uncle Shah.
    History would show , that Nation Building ain’t generally easy, and the part to authentic Sustainable Development , is usually ladened with land mines, dangerous human consuming creatures, and de likes.
    Stay Vigilant T&T,and for you budding Socio Political advocates, din’t be too scared of holding our cross tribal leaders, symbolic hands to de fire, hummmm?
    I Luv Dis Land, Y Tu?

  3. “A huge hurdle the Government faces is convincing trade unions and workers that in order to secure their jobs, they may have to surrender at least one three-year cycle of wage and salary increases”

    It is mind boggling to see the kind of wages and benefits government employees receive. Governments are the biggest “mafia” run organization in the world, controlled and “pimped” by the unions for political power.

    There used to be a time when government employees were called “civil servants”, that descriptive does not apply anymore. They are the largest beneficiaries of government run mafia programs. Every year getting huge increases up to 15% or more during collective bargaining three year Union deals, a colossal drain on the economy.

    One is tempted to assume if you are well paid with good benefits that productivity will be at an all time high. One look at these state run cash cows and you immediately notice billions flush down the toilet, with the majority of them running at a colossal loss. Yes, productivity, good customer service and high efficiency are “anethema” to these state enterprises. The sad part about this is no one gets fired for inefficiency but rather receives yearly increases and negotiated bonuses. Many of these state run enterprises are filled will party hacks and sub intelligent morons who act with a high degree of disdain for the public.

    Taxes are increased on the private sector to bear the cost of funding this albatross. It takes at least 4 private sector employees to fund one government employee. Immune to criticism and working against the public good, poor customer service continues to be the hallmark of these government run monetary sinkholes. Lapping up taxes like a “mangee dog” full of rabies and sores but refuse to die.

    Will the government reduce salaries and benefits to government employees? Absolutely not, they continue make deals that would see the nation sink into debt further. These paper pushers continue to savour the fat of the land and enjoy the good life while private sector jobs evaporate.

    The truth is there is a day of reckoning coming. That day is just ahead as oil prices decline and money becomes scarce. The tough decisions will have to be made. Yes the government must reduce salaries by at least 20%. Not in all departments but for those in the higher pay bracket. It is a natural claw back to reflect declining revenues. You simply cannot tax the private sector to death while doing nothing about the government sector. It is the recipe for disaster.

  4. “The next significant increase came in 2000 (US$28), climbing steadily afterwards, averaging US$90, and except for a brief tumble in 2008 (US$60), went as high as US$111 in 2011. From mid-2014, the most recent slide started, and since then the price has fluctuated between US$35 and US$45.”

    The oil war will continue because OPEC will not cut production wanting to maintain market shares. The US is producing more oil, gas and methanol, energy base industries that has been the backbone of TNT economy. TNT is now in competition with the U.S. Methanol sales to the US has decline considerably. The Americans have captured the Bajan energy market (blasted Bajans still a slave class).

    The Jamaicans are awakening to increase export to the North American market on spices that was once a sole Trini domain. The Jamaicans under the “Cool Runnings” label are selling at a lower price, things like curry, black pepper, hot pepper and a host of other seasonings. Competition is good but Trinis have to know that in the Caribbean the only friend is yourself.

    There has to be a shift in thinking when it comes to the future, old reliance and models no longer works. Twenty years from now vehicles will run on electricity, water and other green energy products. That leaves little time to run away from an energy base industry.

    Taxing the people to death will not resolve the issues nor produce a strong economy, only poorer people with little or no hope. Trinis have to embrace innovation, and look away from the US market as protectionism will mean economic death should Trump wins the election.

    The future cannot be understood and synergies harness if we are under the delusion that things will remain the same. The global markets are changing, supply and demand are shifting, and loyalty is only to self. Yes TNT has had a good run, there is a lot of money in the nation as businesses and the banking sector recorded enormous profits. But the tidal shift could mean economic disaster if such changes are poorly managed. TNT economy is relatively small and that is a blessing. Global impacts have been weathered before but to stay on top and maintain good governance will be challenging.

    The future begins today, the ministry of trade and innovation must play a central role in preparing the next generation for a changing global economy. That means seeking and finding new markets. It means vision casting and moving forward away from the past into the future.

  5. “Public sector wages and salaries rose from $3.2 billion in 2000 to $6.6 billion in 2010 to $9.4 billion in 2015. Transfers to State enterprises soared from $467 million in 2003 to $2.3 billion in 2007 and peaked at $4.1 billion in 2013.”

    I believe in a small effient government. This present administration will work to achieve that, I also do not believe in people losing their jobs. The best way forward is through attrition and lowering of wages. Reducing the size of government is one of the ways to ensure money is not locked into high wages when it could be used to improve the lives of so many. This is not new.

    When Chambers was Prime Minister Public Sector wages was over $2 billion. It was one of the great burden on the public purse. Over the years successive government has contracted Labour and manage to control increases, but as can be observed in a short space of time 15 years wages grew over 200%. That is approximately over 11% per year, an unsustainable model of big government. Big government devours resources that are necessary for real development. A small government with a big private sector is the better model. This is not unique to Trinidad but all over the world there are many nations with big government.

    The unfortunate thing is the belief that government must administer monetary capital to all and sundry. That government must solve all the nation’s problems.

    Prior to the war years government functioned without taxes. Tax emerge to fund the war effort, after the war the government just kept on collecting taxes. A huge buerocracy emerged along with massive social spending and “make for work” programs. Then the government got into the habit of borrowing money. They made campaign promises and borrowed billions to fulfill those promises. Such reckless actions created a host of debtor nations. The US being the chief with over $24 trillion in debt. The TNT government must return to frugality and avoid the temptation of borrowing as much as possible. Once you get into the habit of borrowing it is very difficult to stop. The lending nation at some point controls your economy all the way to the bank.

  6. Shah wrote ”
    On the expenditure side, our governments spent $455 billion, of which $251 billion was expended between 2010 and 2015. Note well that in five years, the People’s Partnership government spent 55 per cent of total government expenditure over a 25-year period. It is this wanton wastage more than anything else—and there were other government sins—that is the root cause of our current economic woes.”
    The PP had to service a lot of debt and settled 135 wage negotiations.

    What the PP inherited from the PNM
    This what the PP had to service debt wise, left behind by the mighty balisier brigade.
    Here are some examples:
    Ministry of Housing $8 BILLION
    Outstanding VAT $2 BILLION
    Owed Contractors $2 BILLION
    Loan for Waterfront $2.7 BILLION
    Outstanding Fuel Subsidy $6 BILLION
    Loan for Tarouba Stadium $500 MILLION
    Loan for RACKET RAIL $500 MILLION
    Outstanding Wage Negotiations $9 BILLION
    Udecott debt 7.7 BILLION

    Keith is going around saying the PP tief out the money. A very serious allegation, although the books show otherwise.
    Kamla on the state of the economy.
    “The debt we inherited was almost three times the amount Keith Rowley says he inherited. If the revised figures quoted by the Minister of Finance in his mid-year review are to be believed, then between September 7 2015 and today the Rowley Administration has collected more than $60 billion.
    Why then is PM Rowley complaining? Why hasn’t more been done to turn the economy around? Our reserves are strong with US$5.3 billion in the HSF (after they withdrew US$400 million of the money we left) and US $10 billion ($70 billion TT) in foreign exchange reserves.
    When I took over Government, I did not sit and blame the previous Government. I rolled up my sleeves on the first day and started the process of turning this country around.”

    1. “The truth is all we have, dispose of it and you are left with nothing. It is the truth that sets you free.”…Mamoo

      Well said Mamoo. They are noble words to live by. Only trouble is how does truth manifest itself in your world? In the world that I live in, truth is the representation of events as they occur. To relate a false account of events is to tell a lie. You don’t seem to have a problem with such simplicity of truth and untruths. Your blogs are testimony to how you think and believe. If your noble words as stated above is to be considered as representing you view of truth, then they appear to run contrary to write. There is no doubt that we see the same things, yet we cognate differently. One of the many observations of the last six years, is how differently we value and accept morality. What we see as bad, you and those who think like you see as good. What we see as good, you see as bad. What we know as truth, you state the same thing as lies. I can’t help but notice that the perfunctory nature of your valuations might be conditioned by the moral teachings you received. For example, many of us are base our morality on the basis of the oneness of God, therefore when we speak truth, he sees us in line with his glory. When we lie, he frowns upon us. Your teachings, on the other hand allow you to decide your own morals and truths. Your religion allows you to choose your truths and lies. If one of your gods defy you truth, there is always another you can turn to, to satisfy your truths, no matter how irrational. My teachings do not allow me such luxury. My god frowns upon me if I tell a lie. So, based on your morality and beliefs, you can NEVER lie because truth lie in the way you see it. Your writings do concur with this analysis and as such, it gives you the right to feel that you are a truth teller. Any wonder why your side and my side are always on opposite sides of every issue in this country??????

  7. “Keith is going around saying the PP tief out the money,although the books show otherwise…..The debt we inherited was almost three times the amount Keith Rowley says he inherited…..Why then is PM Rowley complaining? Why hasn’t more been done to turn the economy around? Our reserves are strong with US$5.3 billion……Big government devours resources that are necessary for real development. A small government with a big private sector is the better model…..The unfortunate thing is the belief that government must administer monetary capital to all and sundry. That government must solve all the nation’s problems.
    ……Prior to the war years government functioned without taxes. Tax emerge to fund the war effort, after the war the government just kept on collecting taxes. A huge buerocracy emerged along with massive social spending and “make for work” programs. ”

    This is getting tedious people. Just why is the Grand Kids of this guy , still allowing him easy access to the family computer,and internet. What’s dat ,he can visit the Library?
    Good point.
    Seriously folks, I’m not sure who is worst , simi literate Mamboo,or that quasi educated , ex PM of his -still attempting , and obviously failing to polish her subpar stewardship,tenuous Political legacy, and tarnished image , as the nation’s first female PM.
    The nonsense they enjoy dishing out for the public , is beyond belief.
    When Kamla took power,oil was what, 300 plus dollars per barrel?
    Today it’s barely $25, and the rabid ,gullible ,competing tribes , as expected ,are still demanding their pound of Trini economic flesh.
    Thank you very much for my XMas overdue backpay.
    Here today , we have this comedian Mamboo, waxing nostalgic about war years, non taxing T&T government.
    Hey Mamboo , you are sounding like one of those clueless Yankee Republicans,on Faux TV News , or worst yet, loud , ideological shock jocks Rush Limbeaugh .Bill O’Riley,and Sean Hannidy,with their boorish Talk radio programs, heard by millions of like minded ,closet racist Americans.
    Stop drinking the Oroupuche Babash, mi country hating Pizanno, and remember , dis is ain’t boondocks / Bible belt America, but still , underachieving T&T, where thousands ,are still flocking to, from Europe, Africa, Asia, next door Anglophone Caribbean ,and Latin America , since to them , it’s still an enviable paradise.

    For de record, during the war years , your people was putting in 23 hours a day in the Rice paddy, Sugar fields, and African ex slaves , were busy ,trying to survive on the rudimentary skills they acquired , during White Massa slave days.
    What de hell money , they had to be taxed? Like most Imperialists powers, , Mama Britain , was at the top of her game , extracting wealth from La Trinity , and similar subjects fiefdoms.
    Since she departed, and more so ,after long periods of pro appeasement – Afro Trini stewardship, your tribe ,was able to thrive , and so are presently , the rich , non tax paying ,fat cats , who only enjoy sucking like hungry piglets , at de Trini Mama sow breast.
    (Yeah we know you cretins will say , but likewise thousands of Trini water down Whites,special Arabs, and cuddled East Asian Chinese,did well too-but for purposes of our discussion -we’ll rest that aside for a moment.)
    Ain’t so the world work , Mr Misguided. Can’t like de dog with a bone, wish to grab some 70, or more % of the nation’s lands, via numerous unsavory , unmentionable means, and yet, don’t pay property taxes.
    Can’t wish to remain the typical , off shore bank owing, greedy ,import everything-business – blood sucking leaches ,and yet don’t pay your share of taxes.
    Can’t manipulate respective government to pass laws in your favor, fail to engage in any innovative, pro employment, investment initiatives , while solely looking at the government to do the heavy lifting, then likewise, complain about stagnant economy.
    Can’t only employ people that look like you ,TMan, Sat, and your Auntie K, but support leaders , who systematically engage in purges of those that look like Manning, Kieth Rowley, and Hazel Manning, once you get a five years in political power.
    No, Non, Neyet , nunca! Not in a society, where 45 % of the population looks like Kamla ,and Mileka Panday, while another other 47 % looks like Rowley,and Penelope Beckles, followed by a expanding tribally confuse ,ethnic bunch, who makes up the rest of the voting populace.
    Here is the deal . Tell fellow members of the tribe , to continue along that stupid , foolhardy part, and no opaque gods ,glorified UN,Human Rights Watch Organization,or Commonwealth body, would be able to offer protection, when something ugly, smelly, and dark, inevitably , hit dem symbolic fans.
    Tell your ungrateful – Use,&Discard-political leaders , to continually embrace lose/ lose,political strategies , once in power, then act surprise , that they have only won 3 out of 100 elections in 54 years.
    Tell your glorified civic leaders , to play their own putrid games of ugly politics, in the hope that no one is observing , but when the backlash/ Political blowbacks takes place , cry out for relief.
    These are those of my fellow blogging colleagues , who possess much more noble goals than I do, on dis here Trini Center Nation- Info Highway.
    Some wish to create their Utopia on earth , while looking heavenward,and it’s their rights in a thriving Democracy.
    Others wish to turn us all into moral prudes, which might be impractical , but who is checking?
    My goal is simple,and here it is in a nutshell:- End suffering where possible, and halt the degeneration into ugly, barbarianism , which can engulf hopeless competing tribes – more concerned with blaming ‘the other.’
    Does anyone remember Sri Lanka,Rwanda/ Burundi, Post Independent Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda,Pakistan/ Bangladesh, Fiji, Kashmir, Angola, Congo, present day Afghanistan,the Balkans, Iraq, (FARC )Columbia,and counting?
    Just checking.
    I’m almost certain , that more people have perish in inter ethnic, racial/ tribal conflicts ,across those fiefdoms , since the end of the so called Cold War, than all , during the American Genocidal bombs on Hiroshima/ Nagasaki, Vietnam/ Cambodia, WW1/2,all put together.
    Let’s ensure T&T don’t emulate any of them,si?

    Love Humanity people!

      1. This is really ,the main reason, as to why we cannot advance as a nation.
        Why for once, you neo tribal bozos ,can’t be honest ,and say what you truly mean? What you really wish to say , but like a typical , yellow belly coward ,is afraid to, is that ‘African people ,can’t lead anything,….’ Am I right, or am I right?
        Always hiding behind this stupid PNM /UNC dis , & dat rubbish- as if they aren’t basically ,the same political party ideologically, that is beholden to their tribe.
        One more so than de other. Call names – you weasel-and I’ll whistle, Mamboo.
        If you hate Black folks , then say so, like your high end guru Sat, then articulate reasons as to why. They in turn, will reciprocate in kind, then we can see if there are merits in the argument, or try to show where the other is misguided, in efforts to move forward.
        For starters , the ULF/UNC /PP , won 3 out of 150 elections, since independence, yet our democracy remained intact,overall peaceful coexistence remained paramount, members across the ex indentured, and Slave tribe, Arab ,old money – water down whites tribe, and East Asian Chinese tribes, all flourished.
        Here is the deal:- Even de biggest, illiterate dunce ,awaiting the hang man noose ,on death row ,knows fully well, dat if the tables were reversed ,and de National Divider in Chief -Papa Basdeo , was the big Political enchilada ,as opposed to Papa Deffy Eric/Intelligent Hombre George Chambers/Ahhh weee Bouy ANR Robinson/ and Nepotistic -Suspect Christian ,Patrick Manning , de Kamlas of the world, would never ever attend college, much less found themselves, in position, to -in her specific case -become a PM ,in her own right.
        Ain’t happening, for you guys , only view females from de age of 9,10 12, 14 16 to maybe 50 , for one purpose only – servicing their male counterparts, make babies, stay at home , worked to death.
        For de record, I don’t need the help of your glorified selectively outraged , phony expert, Social Scientist , or media editors.
        If you and kind , wish , I can produce the data ,to substantiate , all my claims.
        PNM can’t lead, my rear end!Give me a break! Since when does political parties, in backward,underachieving , 3rd World fiefdoms like ours , “lead,” my educationally challenged Pizanno?
        Maybe I am just some psychologically twisted bastard , who in similar fashion to Barrack Hussain Obama , and ‘me think,’ our present PM Dr Keith, was given away from birth , to a more caring Guardian, but I get such sadistic pleasure , in exposing these delusional creatures , such as our… ummmmm , seemingly well intentioned , yet highly misguided Mamboo.

        Speaking about abandoned hombres, and what’s your motivation Primo Akeem Stewart ?,233525.html

        Sing with me …..”Your Papa was a rolling stone, where so he laid his head ….!”

        OOOPs , lo siento, in dis case it was Mama, who was the alleged ,culprit!
        Cheers to good fatherhood!
        Congrats Akeeem Stewart!We know , you won’t get a parade,a top notch Sporting ministry work, a plane named after you,or big wig stadium named in your honor , like Hasley Crawford, or a Senatorial post,a 3 million dollar Westmoorings high rise apartment like Ato, or even a 2million dollar East Valsayne casa, like de Toco kid, but nevertheless.
        ‘Where you at,’ Mr THA himself – Orville London, and of course , de Mason Hall Kid? Ok I take dat back ,for let me see, last I checked ,Siparia ,was next door to Los Bajos ,correct Mamboo? Just checking on your former PM , in MP Karma.
        I was in there in the Piarco airport ,5 years ago ,as she and Chief Dougla / weed head Anil ,lead the vote getting Parade ,to Toco.
        Then again Paraplegics don’t matter, si?

        Tell you what , to quote my late , extremely wise , Tobago Granny -‘ the person who can make be hate dis place , ain’t born yet,”hmmmmmmm?
        I Luv dis land, Y tu?

        1. Panday lead the nation when oil was $9 US a barrel, he built the airport and a vast number of schools, did not raise taxes.

          Keith blaming Kamla even though oil is $35 US a barrel. He can’t and would not build anything, opening KPB projects but not even giving her credit for the work.

          He said things are good, in his first year over 12,000 lay offs…. The balisier juice drinkers are delusional at best.

  8. Mr. Shah’s analysis yields insight to our ongoing economic malaise.

    Good summation.

    However he falls down in his medicine for what ails us.

    His main solution to the problems of reckless government spending is more regulation.

    And we can guess what this means. More regulation equals more government. More government equals bigger government.

    In other words to fix our problems we must do the same things that caused our problems.

    To quote Albert Einstein: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Welcome to the madhouse.

  9. Yes Shah and now we must remove what has been blinding us for decades. We are a talented people as all who are created by God. This God does, will continue to provide but does not care about material things and this God has always provided for us, come high or hell waters and has been with us always despite how short we fall …He is our strength in our weakest moments. We simply have to open the door for Him to take charge of our lives. Of course we could continue to place blame elsewhere when we do not succeed as we have a free will to do so and we can point fingers and spin things all we want. But the truth, the way and the life will prevail. But we all know with all the monies from oil and gas the quality of our lives never got anywhere better. Our kids with all the education are not performing with all the higher salaries. The big business leaders around us had gotten so greedy it aint funny anymore. The CJ and other leaders are only concerned about self and image and wealth. The state and the judiciary are mindless and directionless, hopeless and helpless institutions that are completely worthless to most of the society they are supposed to serve.

  10. Stop the press people, for more Trinis are getting murdered in America, in much the same way, as they are in T&T, and it ain’t funny anymore! A mere four months ago, it was 48 year old Liza Millet, stabbed 83 times , in Brooklyn by a neighbor, and now 69 year old Bronx , by way of Penal native ,Lila Ramsaran,several times in her back, and how Tragic!
    Worst yet , and trust me on this ,Law Enforcement blokes , in those major Global North -Metropolis , aren’t going to loose much sleep , trying to get to the bottom of these cases, and are crossing their fingers, hoping that some desperate joker, comes forth , with little prompting ,to admit guilt- as was done for Pizanno Millet.

    Funnily enough, the good citizens in La Trinity, would often lament incessantly ,about 300 plus murders per year, while dem Yankees ,in Zoo York alone ,are grappling with 300 murders per month. Go figure!
    In the interim, members of the tribe , who were quite silent , as crime skyrocketed, over the previous five years, are now howling like constipated hyaenas , about runaway crimes ,and worst yet ,sub par Policing.
    Whose kidding who here , folks? Last I checked ,it weren’t sub par policing , that caused an exasperated hombre , to commit suicide ,but not before ,forcing his kids to drink the deadly portion.
    It certainly wasn’t police fault , that a man chopped his wife to death, and almost murdered her kid, then ,’me think,’ , take his own life.

    Listen to this folks . “POLICE officers are not doing their jobs properly and that is why crime is so rampant.” Pundit Ganesdhdath Maharaj,234377.html

    Yeah we know , it’s a good , neo spiritual thing , to forgive ,and forget – unless of course, your name is Basdeo Panday, and the enemy, is Ahhhh , weee Bouy -ANR Robinson,si?
    Thank you very much, exemplary , enterprising -Businesswoman , Shahca Singh ,for not testifying , so as to send Tomcat , dead beat dad /glorified Pundit ,PP -MP Sharma ,to Golden Grove prison,for his public assaults towards your person.
    No , it ain’t our business , what you took from him,to ensure your silence.
    Seriously though , tell me something Pundit Maharaj.

    If this once distraught mother Sheron Sukhdeo , of that wealthy ,criminal minded car dealer /real estate bloke,goes back to the physically abuser ,as planned -after previously wasting police time- and unfortunately she die , in similar ,gruesome fashion , as say ,former, Blond hair – Local Oprah wannabe-TV Star, Marica Henville, or even that unfortunate,high end, Pennywise Heiress, Diann Paladee-both of which were murdered ,by their esposos- is that also the fault of our maligned Police Officers?
    Just checking.
    Hey Ian Alleyne , we know you were one of the distraught blokes ,at the cremation of murdered Mrs Diann Paladee, but now that you are no longer , a big time Media stud , with your cameras constantly rolling, do you likewise ,plan to be present for Sister Sheron Sukndeo, if heaven’s forbid,she too suffers a similar tragedy? Somewhere out there Inspector Alexander, is either smiling and the demise, of his media competition, or perhaps ,frowning ,at developments, re this case.
    For those who might accuse you, Pundit Maharaj, of not caring much , for these kinds of common crimes- since they delve too deeply ,into taboo related subjects -to them you say what…..?
    If Police in the future , shy away, from putting too much resources, into problems relating to reports of Domestic Violence, since often times , the script ends , a certain way, how should they be viewed Pundit Maharaj- as callous , insensitive, or typical lazy Trinis?
    Yep , de same folks who like to hide behind opaque religious dictates ,to justify statutory rapes/ sexual abuse of 9, 10 12, 14 , and 16 year old girls, at the hands of 40 year old, pot gut hombres-all with the knowledge of our law enforcement officers , over the past five decades- are getting riled up about lack of police action, and it’s alleged links ,to the crime situation.
    Something to ponder, si?
    Here is the deal T&T. Our Police should not be totally absolved , for all our crime woes, but many -neo apologist – citizens penchant, for engagement in/ turning a blind eye to, criminal activities , must not be overlooked.
    We wish our people,as a collective well, si?

    Stay Vigilant people!

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