Workers welcomed Caroni’s closure

By Raffique Shah
Submitted: July 19, 2016
Published: July 25, 2016

Raffique ShahThe only thing necessary for myths and mischief to be recorded as historical facts is for informed persons to say nothing.

I liberally paraphrase Irish philosopher Edmundd Burke’s injunction to responsible persons to speak out or act when tyranny threatens, to respond to one lie Sat Maharaj peddled when he spewed cobra-like venom against deceased ex-prime minister Patrick Manning, branding him a racist.

I am not defending the late PM’s honour or record as a politician. I’ve already had my say on what I saw as his positives and his negatives. In the aftermath of his passing, the outpouring of emotions and tributes from politicians of every hue and party was such that you’d be forgiven for thinking that Manning used to walk on water.

I not in that! He was as human as we all are, foibles et al. Besides, there are others out there who will tell Sat that he should look into the mirror when he goes racist-hunting.

I feel compelled, though, to debunk the Maha Sabha leader’s charge that closure of the State-owned sugar company Caroni Ltd “crippled the lives of thousands of Indians”, as he put it, implying that it was one of Manning’s racist actions.

He is not the only tribalist who has raised the spectre of racism and political victimisation over Caroni’s closure. Others who know the facts, but who find it politically convenient to plead persecution, have contributed to the mischief so much so that if they are allowed to rewrite history based on their warped minds, the perceived devastation would be likened to the decimation of the American Indians and other indigenous peoples.

But first my bona fides: besides being the son of a sugar worker/cane farmer and having spent my life in the sugar belt, I led the largest cane farmers’ organisation from 1973 until the final closure of the industry in 2007. I was also a director of the company during two critical periods, sat on one Government-appointed tripartite committee (along with Basdeo Panday) that was charged with charting a new course for Caroni, and my interest in agriculture and food security is such that I have compiled an enormous amount of information on the sugar industry and food production.

So I state facts and figures, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

In 2003, when the Manning Government decided shut down Caroni and offer voluntary separation (VSEP) to all its employees, the workers, especially the daily-paid who were members of the All Trinidad union (ATSGWU), welcomed the move as if it were deliverance from a purgatory they had endured for far too long.

There was no resistance, no protest, no march against Manning, no strike, nothing. All the workers wanted to know was how much they would be paid to exit the mess that the sugar industry had become, losing hundreds of millions of dollars year after year, dependent on Government subventions for its wretched survival.

The then president of All Trinidad, Rudy Indarsingh, and his executive, tried to rally the workers to resist the closure. They were roundly cussed, even threatened. Panday, too, tried to dissuade them, but they ignored him.

The Government first offered separation “packages” based on clauses in industrial agreements All Trinidad and the two staff associations had with the company. Such formulae are usually calculated on the basis of wages/salaries and years of service: the longer one’s service and the higher one’s salary, the greater the severance package. By February 2003, when Caroni invited its 9,000 employees to sign up for separation, Government had enhanced the offer by approximately 30 percent, and by August every-man-jack (and woman) had signed up and received a total of $737 million.

To make the parting package even sweeter, Government amended income tax legislation and raised the ceiling for tax exemption on such payments from $100,000 to $300,000.

The workers grabbed the money and fled the failing company. To its credit, All Trinidad would later negotiate for residential lots for all daily-paid workers and two-acre agricultural plots for those interested in food production. The fully-serviced building lots were valued at $300,000-plus each while the two-acre plots are leased and supposedly non-transferable.

The approximately $3.5 billion (cash and land) given to Caroni workers was the biggest severance package ever in T&T. Not a tear was shed and no sugar community collapsed. Indeed, most of the skilled, physically-active workers found alternative employment or invested in businesses. The few who reportedly turned to alcohol were alcoholics while they were on the job-ask their colleagues or neighbours.

An interesting sequel: union president Indarsingh was awarded the Chaconia medal (silver) by Manning in 2005, which he proudly accepted.

Maybe Rudy and Sat would want to explain what the unionist did to earn that one piece of silver from a racist!

(Next week: Caroni was doomed to fail.)

26 thoughts on “Workers welcomed Caroni’s closure”

  1. Thanks for producing the facts and setting the record straight. I am sure that Sat will not respond to the truth. Kamla seem to praise Sat rather than correct him.

    1. Hey chong sing! It is nice knowing that you continue to follow the conversations. Although you do not write often, your contributions always speak volumes when you write them.

  2. So I state facts and figures…

    Thank you Raff, not only for stating the facts, but also for stating all the facts.

    As I opined on an earlier contribution elsewhere on this blog, the accomplished liar knows well how to lie with facts. All he has to do is leave out all the facts that would show him to be a liar.

    That is why, in a court of law, a witness is admonished that he must tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”. Leave out any of those, and one may have facts alright, but facts used to advance a lie.

    Those who are of their father the devil, while advancing a lie, will loudly trumpet that they are “talking facts”, like Sat’an Mahar, and certain tribal sycophants well known to this blog.

    Thanks again Raff, that you “not in dat!”.

    May the Most High expose the wicked ones in our midst, that the racial cancer that they represent may be excised from the body politic, that peace and harmony may reign in this land.


  3. As long as Kamla continues to court Sat to appease the fundamental Hindu wing of the UNC, she will remain in Opposition. There is a legitimate caste/race argument that could be made here.
    History has shown us that the Opposition leader can move into government only if he/she has cross sectional appeal resulting in a coalition involving Tobago.

    1. Kamla doesn’t “court Sat”, she submits to him as the tribal chief.

      Certainly I can quote you where Sat’an Mahar speaks as a tribal chieftain, most recently in the matter regarding child marriage and the Indian community.

      That tells us all we need to know about the relationship between the UNC and the SDMS.

      May the Most High expose the wicked ones in our midst, that the racial cancer that they represent may be excised from the body politic, that peace and harmony may reign in this land.

      I withhold my peace from you but to others as usual I say…


      1. Child marriage is wrong universally, but the more immediate problem in T&T is the extremely high rate of illegitimate teenage pregnancies in T&T, particularly among the African population.
        I wonder why the nation, the churches and the PNM government are not equally repulsed by the latter problem and are not making it a national issue.

        1. I am not interested in puerile wrangling over whose community is more socially or culturally blameworthy. If there is a social ill, of course there should be action to correct it, whichever ethnic community is most affected. That is not the point in the present context.

          The point that I sought to make is that Sat’an Mahar as head of the SDMS is established as tribal chieftain:

          I speak on behalf of the Hindu community and …” Maharaj said. See

          And also:

          “Allyuh go to hell, this is a business of the Hindu community and the state. If we require a change in the law, we will invite the government to speak to us and change the law …”. See

          This is out of the man’s own mouth. Evidently he spoke without fear of contradiction from amongst his own.

          1. There is unanimous agreement from all civic, religious and political sectors of the nation to a change in the law regarding child marriage. Change the law!
            Instead the PNM and its community are sending inappropriate, subliminal signals implying that the Hindu community is primarily involved in child marriages. Sat’s hostile outburst was roundly condemned by anyone with a voice.
            Sat is trying to defend the indefensible. But a word of caution here. Hindus are not the only ones involved in inappropriate linkages. Another consideration is the rarity of these occurrences.
            Sat is NOT the spokesman for the Indian community of T&T.

        2. TMan, while I understand your context with regard to the problem of the “legitimacy” of children, I do not agree that the reason for the high rate of crime and disfunctionality is due to their official designation of being “illegitimate”. All that word suggests is their legal status of not having a mother and father who are not married to each other. There is a problem with our young people in homes that are not managed by proper discipline. When young people who do not understand the real meaning of proper co-habitation, pre-maturely become mothers and fathers, then the children from such arrangements become problematic. The church have failed these communities and so have succeeding governments of the day. If a mother and a father is committed to bringing up a child properly, there is a good likelihood that that child could end up being a good and useful citizen. We do not have A DYNAMIC FABRIC IN OUR SOCIETY where unwed fathers are forced to contribute towards their children’s development. With the establishment of a family Court maybe this might end up being a priority, but as of now, government must insist on parents taking responsibility for the upbringing of their children. Although the media does not inform us of the large amount that governments spend in apprehending,jailing, convicting and maintaining their stays in custody, a very large amount of money is expended on delinquency.
          If a better effort is made to force these fathers to be better fathers and mothers to be better mothers, that amount of money can be decreased significantly. We need to restore dignity as trait to be encouraged in our young people. Whether the majority of these people are African or Indian is not really important.
          When a criminal wants to rob you, he does not care about your race or religion. I stand no greater chance of being robbed by an African criminal than you as an Indian. What is of importance to society is that we channel our efforts in making better mothers and fathers of young unwed people.

          1. Agreed. Many of our civic leaders are poor examples of morality. Our Prime Minister, for example has two sons with different mothers out of wedlock. When Vernella Toppin attempted to portray him in the House as a poor example and as a flawed leader, she was chastised and repudiated by everyone. She was on point. The PM was a teacher in a community when he impregnated an underage student. Her (the mother) gallant attempts to cover up during the election campaign succeeded. Today his government is proposing laws to make statutory rape illegal. Ironic….as he introduces the second son to the nation.
            Not only does politics have a morality of its own, but it seems that politicians have no morality.

        3. Just think of the possibilities folks , if it was our Progressive Uncle Shah , and not Basdeo Nerhu Panday -aka de National Divider in Chief-had gone on to lead the ULF/ UNC,to political victory ,in cross tribal T&T. Thanks Uncle Shah, for- as we like to say on de the streets- ‘telling it , like it is,’& yes,one can add to this -History Matters!
          Trust me , when I say , that like you, I’m no fan of the likes of Patrick Manning , and similar African kinds, who would not hesitate to throw their own people under the symbolic bus, or indulge in systematic neglect , and beat down of such , while ingratiating / appeasing de other – all with an eye , for any tenuous/ short term , paltry , political / economic gains , dat might accrue.
          Here is de deal, and I don’t give a rats behind , as to who disagree with me :- The Trinidad East Indian community , were able to excel both economically , and politically , not simply because of their hard work, social acumen, or noble culture , as some delusional tribalist like to think.
          It was rather , due to the actions/inactions,of 5 African Trini Prime Ministers , in Papa Deffy Eric,Smartman George Chambers ,Tobago’s own , Ahhhh Weee, Bouy ANR Robinson,and of course , dat fake Christian , self serving Sando Kid, Patrick Manning- who naively thought, he was Dr. Eric Williams reincarnated.
          These leaders chief crime , one might add -was that they ensured- in both overt/ covert fashion-that the lives of their fellow Africans regressed , while that of other competing tribe advance exponentially.
          It is not surprising therefore , that the East Indian population , have repeatedly lend their political support/ via votes, to the so called African PNM party , from Independence to present.
          Speaking about misleading our desperate, Indo Trini Hermanos, y Hermanas ,don’t forget Sat’s major crime , Uncle Shah, for which some might correctly say , he almost suffered a justified ugly , painful demise.


          It was him,and equally destructive , Country hating others, of similar ilk, who admonished Caroni workers, to take their hard earned payments, pensions, and said financial windfalls(you have so eloquently alluded to )and invest same ,but only in the now defunct HCU ,where that South Florida financial bandit, Harie Harrinarine,was lurking to prey.

          Do not invest in dem African dominant financial institutions, he threatened,for if you do, you might return in de after life ,as a Los Bajos, Aranguez ,Oropuche ,or Tabaquite Zandolee.
          Well , we know how that scenario worked out, don’t we?
          It quite interesting to observe, the reactions of neo elites , of de self aggrandizing ,politically driven , ‘me me , gemi , gemi, dog with ah bone -camp ,’ to not getting everything they demanded- now that our underachieving , economically constipated country ,is going through one of it’s more severe financial/ economic periods- due to prevailing global-oil/ gas glut/ falling prices- realities.
          A good thing, the present regime has going for it , is the obvious chaotic , dysfunctional, almost pathetic state ,of the Kamla led ,UNC dominant,PP Opposition.
          As such , they can thus , press a hard advantage ,on this ,and similar issues , without fear of any long term ,negative political fallouts.

          To Tman’s subtle point-does Kamla have what it takes to
          push her party back into government , by fostering that 2010 ,’ cross sectional appeal , (which might) result in a coalition involving Tobago?’
          The skeptic in me would say Tman , that whether Kamla continue to lie in bed with her Spiritual Guru Sat Maraj , or publicly burn him alive , on the Caroni Bridge , won’t make a difference in her future political fortunes. Yep, mi pizanno, she is that toxic at the moment. She breached the first rule in modern Westminster ,democratic political traditions,which is – you loose , then you immediately renounce the leadership position.
          Then again , I say , anything is possible, in La Trinity.


          Yep,and two different governments, ruled the political roost, and to date , this White color bum , and his corrupt gang , still ain’t pay a price.
          ‘Where you at,’ AG Al? Yeah we know ,still trying to win your seat in Parliament, as Justice Lucky , and judicial campers lurks , with perhaps ill intent, in favor of…. political benefactors ……?
          Let’s wish our Country , and yes, it’s ‘happy go lucky, don’t give a darm , if Good Friday , falls on a Monday ,’ people , well, si?
          Stay vigilant T&T!

  4. Manning was a San Fernando boy. He was not a racist. The racists live in parts of Port of Spain and most have NEVER ventured out of the city.
    The other racists live around Sat himself, disguised as upper class Indians who exploit the best of T&T eg carnival, and then retreat behind their iron bars and artificial Indian costumes which they believe represent their Indian heritage and culture.

  5. Sat is NOT the spokesman for the Indian community of T&T.

    The only other candidate is the head of the United National Congress, which descends as political organization from the East Indian National Congress.

    But to the question who does the goar laghay (kissing of the feet) to whom, Kamla or Sat, I think we all can safely guess that it is Kamla that does the goar laghay.

    That leaves Sat’an Mahar, at least for the time being, stably enstooled as tribal chieftain.

    That is just my opinion, trying to be objective about it as I can.
    May the Most High expose the wicked ones in our midst, that the racial cancer that they represent may be excised from the body politic, that peace and harmony may reign in this land.

    1. Hehe you real good there Yoruba. Who speaks for the Africana society of established and learned former descendants of slavery? If as you say Sat speaks for all Indians, who speak for all Africanas? Is it you? Pray do tell.

      1. However tribal it is claimed that we be as a people, I don’t know of anyone, past or present, who has made the bold-face claim, analogous to Sat’s, that “I speak for the [creole/”Negro”/black/African] community…”.

        The contrast in that regard is indeed a subject for some reflection.

        My summative position on that is simple:

        To all who claim that the creole host is just as tribal as the Indian insurgency — the insipid bim/bam view of race and politics in this country — I suggest that the burden is on them to show:

        1) where is the creole tribal chieftain analogous to Sat’an Mahar;

        2) where is the political party analogous to the East Indian National Congress, the forerunner of the present UNC; and

        3) where is the “creole policy” analogous to the rabidly racist Indian Policy.

        I withhold my peace from you, but to others as usual I say


        1. How about calling Trinidad Indesh since Kambon have a problem with Columbus who gave this country its name. East Indians like changing name from Bombay to Mumbai, from Trinidad to Indesh.

          Indesh means “my country”, I am sure you could find it in your “Indian policy” document that there is an insugency movement to rename Trinidad to Indesh. That document you and hanuman Ji aka Jack Warner co-authored.

          Emancipation from slavery means correcting those historical imbalances, something Manning was working hard to achieve. He should have included all in those imbalances, freeing workers from Caroni was one of his policies he achieved that but he should have gone on to rename Trinidad Indesh. Rowley cannot walk in Manning shadow so don’t expect much from him. To celebrate Manning demise he deliberately took a month off being Prime Minister. At Manning funeral he said Manning did not want to give him vacation time and they had a dispute about that. I guess beers and Jonny Walker will be flowing during that month. Also Yoruba my friend another one of Rowley son appeared in time for emancipation….hehe. Shalom out my Jewish friend.

          1. Impish moreover incoherent nonsense.

            It propels no further response from me.

        2. Terms like “creole hosts” and ” Indian insurgency’ are not only inappropriate, but insulting, divisive and inflammatory.

          Your biased insistence on the existence and formulation of “an Indian policy” as part of some Indian agenda in T&T is misguided and false. The origins of such a policy is in question. No one has taken responsibility for such a document. In fact, Indian organizations and individuals have openly refuted its contents, leading one to believe that this “policy” was carefully orchestrated to influence the last election.

          Finally, your subconscious revelations and openly stated obsessions regarding “Indians” provide an excellent psychological study of the mind of a racist.

          1. No one has taken responsibility for such a document. In fact, Indian organizations and individuals have openly refuted its contents, leading one to believe that this “policy” was carefully orchestrated to influence the last election.

            1) I am not aware of any repudiation, let alone refutation, of the Indian Policy, by Indian organizations. Please enlighten the blog, citing sources.

            2) It is clear from its face, that the document was written *after* the UNC/PP defeat on Sep 7, 2015. The policy in part was intended to show a way to reclaim the reins of Government. See Item #1 and Item #2 in particular. Therefore, it could not have been written to influence the election. In any case, it was certainly not in play during the election campaign.

            Finally, your subconscious revelations and openly stated obsessions regarding “Indians”…

            Why do you put “Indians” within quotation marks? I have for a long time used the construction, indo, implying a merely hyphenated Trinidadian, among all the others, afro, euro, sino, etc. But I see that Sat’an’s SDMS prefers to use “Indian”, as does the Indian Policy. That is apparently your preference, not mine. It at the least leaves open the question where lies the loyalty, to the 1.2 billion of the old country, or to the 1.2 million of the new country.

            …provide an excellent psychological study of the mind of a racist.

            More name-calling, availing nothing, except to show once again that you have neither fact nor argument on your side.

            In particular, I note that you have no response to my three pointed questions, which I repeat for the benefit of those that assert the existence of an afro racism against the indo (“Indian”?) in this land:

            1) where is the creole tribal chieftain analogous to Sat’an Mahar;

            2) where is the political party analogous to the East Indian National Congress, the forerunner of the present UNC; and

            3) where is the “creole policy” analogous to the rabidly racist Indian Policy.

            I withhold my peace from you, but to others as usual I say


  6. The struggle of Black universally is not against the Indian, as so many in T&T wrongfully believe. Blacks in the Caribbean are in control of their own destinies. The Americans passed many laws, first it was for equal rights, the right to vote, to go to school, to enter restaurants, to use any bathroom and ride in any seat in a bus. But on this Emancipation Day weekend we must ask ourselves, is it possible to pass laws to restore humanity to a people?

  7. On this Emancipation Day weekend, it is well to reflect on the meaning, legally, of “emancipation”:

    n. freeing a minor child from the control of parents and allowing the minor to live on his/her own, or under the control of others…(

    Thus emancipation never was intended to mean liberation. In T&T and other colonies, it meant that the slave went from being in law the ward of the owner, to being the ward of the Crown.

    Liberation was and is another matter.

    Reparations were and are another matter, not yet paid.

    A simple but radical analysis is called for. First question: why were we the “Negro” enslaved in the first place? Second question: how to come out of it, if liberation has not yet in fact been effected?

    In the answer to the first question lies the answer to the second question. For to know the cause of any illness is to go 80% of the way to effecting the cure.

    Here is the answer to the first question, as plain and simple as it may be stated. The “Negro” is in fact Israelite by seedline. He has been enslved pursuant to the curse of the Holy Covenant, because we disobeyed our God.

    How do we know? It is there, written, in Scripture. Our enslavement, in its trans-Atlantic, slave ship particularities, was prophesied at Deuteronomy 28:68:

    “And Yahweh shall bring thee into Egypt [bondage: Deuteronomy 5:6] again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies [elaborated at Psalms 83:6-8, notably Edomite Jews and WASPs, and Ishmaelite Arabs] for bondmen and bondwomen [slaves], and no man shall buy [redeem] you.” (Deuteronomy 28:68)

    This prophecy has been fulfilled exactly as written: we were brought over in slave ships, at the hand of Ishmaelite Arab slave traders in inland Africa, and of Edomite Jewish and WASP slave traders that owned the ships and plantations. It is not yet entirely fulfilled, because it also says, “no man shall [redeem]”. Emancipation, as mentioned, certainly did not effect our liberation. And we are still not free.

    Why were we enslaved in the first place? Deuteronomy 28:68 is the last of a long list of curses that were to befall us if we disobeyed the law of the Holy Covenant, at the head of which is:

    “But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt *not* hearken unto the voice of Yahweh thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee:” (Deuteronomy 28:15)

    Therein is stated the cause: we disobeyed our God. The remedy likewise is clear: we must return to and obey our God. He then will cause our liberation, for no *man* shall redeem us.

    “And it shall come to pass, when all these things are come upon thee, the blessing and the curse, which I have set before thee, and thou shalt call them to mind among all the nations, whither Yahweh thy God hath driven thee, And shalt return unto Yahweh thy God, and shalt obey his voice according to all that I command thee this day, thou and thy children, with all thine heart, and with all thy soul; That then Yahweh thy God will turn thy captivity, and have compassion upon thee, and will return and gather thee from all the nations, whither Yahweh thy God hath scattered thee.” (Deuteronomy 30:1-3)

    We are at the prophesied time when that awakening is taking place, and many of us are returning unto and keeping the Covenant. Our liberation is near at hand, pursuant to prophecy.

    For sure, celebrating Emancipation Day by glorying in this or that form of Hamitic African idol worship (Orisha etc.) is not pleasing to God, since violative of Commandment One and Commandment Two. We must cease and desist.

    As to reparations, these shall be paid, for that too is written. But that too will happen at the hand of God. The Edomites and the Ishmaelites among others at whose hand we suffered, will pay reparations. But the greater part of it will be in kind:

    “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.” (Revelation 13:10)

    It is not what I say, but what God said, through Yeshua and John. So spoken, so shall it be.

    In the meantime, our best strategy is to return to, and keep and obey the Law of the Holy Covenant.

    And btw, God in His mercy has raised up in every generation men of exceptional gift just as a reminder that we are indeed His Chosen. Most recently we had Nelson Mandela, a man born in a hut but of royal stature. In our own land we had Eric Williams, a shining star that bequeathed us this fragile democracy with its fragile formula for peace and tranquility: “here ev’ry creed and race…”. And I also want to mention Paul LeRoy Robeson, the son of a slave. He misguidedly IMHO adopted some sort of Marxist ideology, although the son of a preacher (the self-same escaped slave). But oh, what a shining prince of a man: scholar, athlete, singer, actor, and indefatigable champion of not only his own people but other oppressed and colonised people around the world. He had a heart no less large than Mandela, quick to forgive, ready to embrace. But like Daniel in the lion’s den, he went fearless before the US Senate House UnAmerican Activities Committee, and gave it to them good: Check this out on this Emancipation Day:

    May the Most High look down upon us this day, forgive our foolishness, have mercy upon us, and hasten that that day promised in Scripture, when finally His Chosen people will be free.


    1. Re Paul LeRoy Robeson, I am also watching the documentary about him, Here I Stand, and enjoying it immensely, even to the point of goose pimples in some places.

      Let us enjoy the Emancipation Day by all means, but let us also rise above the ditch-bound blind leading the blind sort of syndrome and get back to the core reality of who we the “Negro” are as a people, and why we are in the condition we are in.

      The solution to that problem is simplicity itself: return unto our God.

      The only problem is that Satan has cleverly so conditioned us that that is the last thing we want to do. Even the so-called Christians are afraid to return to and do the Law of the Holy Covenant. This is as it was with our forefathers:

      “That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of Yahweh: Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits: Get you out of the way, turn aside out of the path, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us. Wherefore thus saith the Holy One of Israel, Because ye despise this word, and trust in oppression and perverseness, and stay thereon: Therefore this iniquity …” (Isaiah 30:9-13)

      May the Most High forgive us, and forgive our forefathers our foolishness, have mercy upon us, and hasten that day of our redemption.


      1. P.S.

        It’s interesting that what they did to Paul Robeson foreshadowed what they did to Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela, two other giants of Israelite seed of this century. See the documentary for details.

        None of them caved in to the enormous pressure that was brought to bear, and they all paid a heavy price, only later to be acclaimed for their moral courage and integrity.

        They were all exemplars of nobility.

        I’m guided that Ali was of the line of David, while Robeson and Mandela, both, were of the line of Saul; hear or forebear.

        This is worth mentioning because Scripture lets us know that a king will arise:

        “Behold, the days come, saith Yahweh, that I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King shall reign and prosper, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth.” (Jeremiah 23:5)

        See also Isaiah 4:2, Zechariah 6:12.

        Robeson, Mandela, and Ali all had a greatness and nobility about them that was universally admired. The one that Scripture refers to as the “Branch”, will have the quality of these men. God sent them ahead as exemplars.


  8. “….on this Emancipation Day weekend we must ask ourselves, is it possible to pass laws to restore humanity to a people?” TMan

    Yep, that’s possible , and unlike Pax Americana , we do not need to pass laws to achieve this.
    You guys are too obsessed with escapist new laws TMan. Enough already! Pot gut 40 year old Indo Trinis ,sexual sleazebags,have historically slept with / raped 9, 10 , 11 , 12, to 17 year olds- all under de guise of fake / illegal marriages, and you and kind , are awaiting laws, to change such barbarianism.
    No , we should enforce the laws that are here already, and lock up all Islamist Imams , and Hindu priest, who encourage such monstrosity.
    That will help in restoring dignity for poor Indian families ,all across T&T , who due to social neglect , and economic deprivations , are forced to sell off their kids , for a few dollars more, as if this is still Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or India.
    Next we go after all the midwives,and pro criminal tribal Doctors, who deliver babies — illegitimate – or otherwise under said situations.
    As for restoring humanity , especially for Africans? All we required , was that African leaders-from Papa Deffy Eric,to Dr Keith Rowley, MP for Westmoorings , and we can throw in Caranege, and dem dirt poor, crime infested enclaves, in Diego Martin- quit riding their people’s backs to political power , only to then give dem the middle finger , once in de drivers seat, all de while indulging in appeasement/pandering,to ‘greedy ,selfish , me me gemi, gemi, dog with ahhh bone , country hating fringe tribes.’
    African folks came to this country to toil for ungrateful White Massa, and when no longer useful, the conniving bastards , brought in servile , more manageable South Asians, offered them compensations , then 54 years , after Independence ,their great grand kids , are still getting compensated with said state lands – now that Sugar , and Rice , are a thing of the past , in La Trinity.

    Go figure !
    In de interim, the Africans ,are still stuck , on dem Brazilian like , uninhabitable Favelas enclaves , as their Afro Kinky head leaders , do the political limbo dance , while telling them , to quit stretching out their hands, for alleged governmental entitlement.

    Oh , and by de way – as a result of de action of his White color bandit pal Dupree, Basdeo Nerhu Panday two daughters , got their lofty British education , all fully paid for, at the expense of desperate , fleeced CLICO Shareholders.

    We won’t press too hard ,as to find out how / why ,Patrick crazy sons, got their German scholarships. As for our pontificating , world travelled PM, if anyone can convince me ,that his legal trained daughter , and the other soon to be Hofstra Grad kid , acquired their education , all on their own merits, and not because they had an influential Papa , then I have the Twin Towers,Piarco Airport, Rienzi Complex, Caroni Bridge , and 2 decrepit , inter island Ferry, to sell dem.
    You are correct Tman , “de struggle of Black Universally is not against Indians.” Then again, go tell dat to East Africans , who saw their rights , and economic wealth downgraded , as a certain compliant group was brought in, then cuddled , first by White Master, and then their self serving , naive African leaders.
    Go tell such foolishness , to Bantu South Africans , who saw South Asian Indians, elevated to special Colored status , while their land of birth , was raped ,and plundered , by a conniving racist bunch.
    Go tell dat , to semi African Fujians ,…. and need I go on?
    One thing I can assure you of is this TMan, and you can take it in your pipe and smoke it , as we like to say on de streets.
    Change will inevitably come in our T&T.
    A word of caution – ‘beware of a man/ woman , with nothing to loose,’ mi Pizano. When such occur , take note ,FOR off shore Banks, or Commonwealth actions, won’t save you , or anyone else , who choose to stand in the way of human progress.
    The naive amongst your ranks , can look every which way , but inward , for most of the ills that affect this our underachieving land.
    The struggling folks that are getting de short end of the stick, knows fully well, ‘what time it is,’ however.
    Remember ,who gave you de heads up,when the Socio-Economic – com Political -Blowback, finally comes,si?

    1. Neal wrote “Enough already! Pot gut 40 year old Indo Trinis ,sexual sleazebags,have historically slept with / raped 9, 10 , 11 , 12, to 17 year olds- all under de guise of fake / illegal marriages, and you and kind , are awaiting laws, to change such barbarianism.”

      It is good to feel your righteous indignation on the aspect of underage marriage. Did you know most of the underage marriages are occurring in several African nations? That India outlaw underage marriage some time ago but it is still practice in rural parts of India. India Constitution states that a girl must be 18 years old to get married.Here
      are the top ten nations for underage marriage.

      According the 2015 UNICEF report, “State of the World’s Children” (.pdf), the countries with the highest rates of child marriage before age 18 are:

      Niger* — 76 percent
      Central African Republic — 68 percent
      Chad* — 68 percent
      Bangladesh* — 65 percent
      Mali* — 55 percent
      Guinea — 52 percent
      South Sudan* — 52 percent
      Burkina Faso — 52 percent
      Malawi* — 50 percent
      Mozambique — 48 percent
      *Countries where World Vision works to help build communities that promote and provide for women’s and girls’ development along with men and boys.

      A World Vision report on child marriage called “Untying the Knot: Exploring Early Marriage in Fragile States (.pdf),” found that fear of premarital pregnancy, rape, hunger, and homelessness were all drivers of child marriage.

      Of the 25 countries with the highest rates of child marriage, the majority are affected by conflict, fragility, or natural disasters, the report finds.

      Other drivers and consequences of early marriage
      In developing countries, one of every three girls is forced to marry before her 18th birthday.

      Girls trapped in child marriage tend to be poor, under-educated, and living in rural areas where birth and death rates are high and where conflict is common.

      Other drivers included harmful traditional practices and the lack of alternative opportunities for girls — in particular, the lack of opportunity to go to school. Girls will also marry because of threats and coercion.

      Those who are subjected to child marriage are more likely to experience domestic violence, forced sexual relations, poor reproductive health, and lower levels of education, according to the report.”

      Unlike what you think the real problem is teenage pregnancies prevelant within the Africana culture in TNT. That will remain unaddressed, hopefully when laws are in place these issues will fall under the Child Protection Agency and justice will be delivered for these young girls.

  9. But aye aye ,what do we know folks?In de words of my late , extremely wise ,Tobago Granny ,’….wonders never cease!’ Here is this Mamboo creature, trying to educate yours truly,about the UN-an Organization, I have worked in, for the past two decades , and have seen it’s repeated failures, re the plight of the poor,pathetic state of women, and ghastly situations,as far as child neglect/ abuse of children- especially within countries located in the Global South.
    Give it a rest ,with your useless Statistics!

    Whether rural, or Urban , no one cares , but the reality is , that Rape is also illegal in phony Democratic India , but yet your ancestral land, leads the World , in this barbaric act ,against defenseless females,and worst yet, in also failing to get them real justice in the courts, since the neo patriarchal savages,that includes the Police, and Judiciary, choose to blame the victims.
    As for Child Brides, and similar barbaric practices in South Asian fiefdoms such as Bangladesh…? Please!

    Yeah we get it,you morally repugnant creatures, choose to marry off your impregnated teenagers, and you seem to get some opaque bragging rights , when it comes to underage pregnancy.
    Please don’t get me started with that useless Child Protection Agency body, which is nothing but another, ‘eat ah food political, feel good gimmick,’ created by our local leaders , to make the Global Community think T&T,is doing something for our Children. What folly!
    The state has a specific role to play , and that ends with enforcing the laws , which for obvious reasons , they aren’t doing. It is instead Civil Society / NGO’s, who much take up the slack, and lead , on these ,and similar Social concerns.
    Tell you what Mamboo, if a hell truly existed, then that ‘good for nothing,’ Padre of yours, would eventually end up there , for sure, for not allowing you to go to school , so that you get and education like ‘-Globally sophisticated -elitist TMan’ did.
    One of the first lessons you would have learned in English class , would be Comprehension , but you obviously missed it.
    Here is yet another chance , so re read my previous comment ,as to the T&T state of affairs, since the disingenuous,competing ,tribal UNC/ PNM political camps, pretends to care about our Children:- “No , we should enforce the laws that are here already, and lock up all Islamist Imams , and Hindu priest, who encourage such monstrosity.
    That will help in restoring dignity for poor Indian families ,all across T&T , who due to social neglect , and economic deprivations , are forced to sell off their kids , for a few dollars more, as if this is still Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or India.
    Next we go after all the midwives,and pro criminal tribal Doctors, who deliver babies — illegitimate ,or otherwise -under said situations.”

    Here is the deal my country hating Piazanno. If you wish to start a meaningful discussion – with a viable End Game – about Children’s Rights, in La Trinity , I’m here, but if you like numerous others , (as I correctly suspect ) are solely locked in on those typical, feel good -tribal masturbations- about how more civilize your people are ,count me out.
    I’m in the solution business, starting with my T&T. Once we make some dent in addressing issues/ problems ,that affects us as a nation, then we can branch off to the wider Caribbean , and eventually ,our world at large.
    In de interim , what goes on in Africa, India , Nepal, Pakistan , and Bangladesh , stays there , for their citizens ,to solve.
    Solidarity Matters People!

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