PNM rallies around Ali

By Clint Chan Tack
June 15, 2016 –

Hafeez AliTHE ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) yesterday demonstrated unwavering support for former government senator Hafeez Ali, who resigned from his post after being blackmailed by a woman from North America who posted nude videos of him on YouTube. Ali is the first Government Senator to resign since the PNM won the September 7, general election.

Through party chairman Franklin Khan and party deputy leader Rohan Sinanan (who replaces Ali in the Senate), the PNM declared it would provide its fullest support to Ali and this matter would not have any negative repercussions on the ruling party whatsoever.
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3 thoughts on “PNM rallies around Ali”

  1. The PNM dirty little secrets are coming out one by one. Professing to be the moral leader of the nation with many skeletons in the closet reeks of hypocracy. Ali should be ashamed of himself, his actions could be viewed as bravado or moral depravity. Either way I am sure the General Council already have a job lined up for him. He follows closely on the heels of Malcolm Jones… A man rescued by the PNMites at Petrotrin. His $2.5 billion US boondoggle is viewed a just a mistake by the hirachy of the PNM arrogance club.

  2. Police Cybercrime Unit investigates blackmail videos

    By Nalinee Seelal
    Thursday, June 16 2016 –

    FORMER PNM Senator Hafeez Ali was fleeced of thousands of dollars by a woman who coerced him into exposing his naked body in a 47 second video which went viral on internet social media over the weekend.

    The money was paid via wire transfers on more than one occasion to the woman who had a character name on Facebook.

    Newsday understands that the TT Police Service’s Cybercrime Unit has been called in to assist officers of the Fraud Squad in finding the person who fleeced Ali of his cash. The woman is believed to be a resident of the United States of America. Officers are expected to view Facebook messages between Ali and the woman.

    Newsday also understands that local financial institutions will be called in to assist in the investigation.

    Ali, 42, a contractor and pilot who contested the 2015 General Election for the San Juan/ Barataria seat but lost, began a Facebook communication with the perpetrator of the blackmail recently. Newsday understands that there are several videos in which the woman, who is Caucasian, is captured undressing while playing with sex toys. In one of the video chats she is urging Ali to also undress.

    The perpetrator coerced Ali to expose himself in a video chat ‘live’ feed link. She then threatened to release the video images if he failed to pay a certain amount of cash. The father of five became afraid and began wire-transferring large sums of cash to the person who collected the money yet still released the video.

    On Friday last, Ali went to the Fraud Squad and reported the blackmail to head of the Fraud Squad Snr Superintendent Totaram Dookhie. He then met with Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and tendered his resignation as a Government Senator.

    He has promised to reveal all at a press conference soon. Police sources said yesterday they believe there are other locals who may have been fleeced of cash by this same woman and are urging members of the public who can assist in this investigation to come forward.,229269.html

  3. The PNM establishment showed extremely poor judgment in selecting this sex craved deviant as a candidate in the first place. Proper vetting would have showed his unsuitability. His appointment to the Senate as a failed candidate by Rowley and his recent support by Khan and Sinanan demonstrate the moral bankruptcy of the party itself.
    The front lines of the PNM in the House are also putting their intellectual deficiencies on full display as they fumble and stutter daily.

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