PNM’s Betrayal

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
May 05, 2016

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeAt some point the People’s National Movement (PNM) will have to decide whether it supports the moneyed interest of the society or the ordinary people whose votes put them in power. Much too often when the interests of the people is at stake, the hierarchy of the party tends to side with moneyed interest at the expense of the people.

The Trincity community, under its umbrella organization, Trincity Advocates for a Sustainable Community (TASC), objects to the construction of a five-story building—seven levels if we include the basement and an extension at the top—at the center of this peaceful community. The residents argue that the construction of such a building will damage their homes structurally, increase flooding in the area, and disrupt their social lifestyles.

Trincity came into existence in the 1960s when the Trinidad Sugar Estates (TSE), under one of its subsidiaries, International Properties Development, built houses on their sugar lands to alleviate the economic difficulty the company was going through. In 1975, TSE sold the estate to Home Construction Limited (HCL), a group of developers led by Tajmool Hosein and Ameer Ali Edoo for $15,016,800. With a capital of $780,000, HCL borrowed the rest of the money from Barclays Bank to finalize its purchase. Over the past fifty years HCL has made hundreds of millions from that investment of $780,000.

This sale, conducted under the aegis of the PNM, disregarded the impact it would have on the people. I have documented this sleazy deal in my book Movement of the People (1983). In 1983 I was placed into a cell at the Arouca Police Station for opposing the building of the Trincity Mall on land that was confiscated from Dinsley farmers. When the early residents arrived in Trincity in 1965, large parcels of land were set aside for community centers, playing fields, and so on. By 2016, the population swelled to about 15,000 people making Trincity a comfortable place in which to live. Many persons invested their life savings to achieve this dream homes.

Today, if one went into Trincity, one would not see a football field, a community center, a health center, or any other facility that contributes to the people’s development. Millennium Park, the only green space in the area, is reserved for golfers.

TASC fears the impact this building will have on the livability of its aging community. No building in the area is more than two stories high. When the citizens first arrived, it was generally agreed, that in keeping with architectural harmony of the area, no building should be more than two stories high. Many residents even opposed the construction of a three-story building at Millennium Park.

Now comes Bhagwansing with its proposal to build a five-story, seven-level building on the banks of the Miss Gutter Ravine, a river that lies about 75 feet from the nearest home. It would contain 230 parking spaces. Apart from the disruption such a building will cause to community life, the concentration of so many people and so much traffic will spread the seeds of greater violence and increased crime.

On April 30, at its second consultation with the community, Bhagwansingh informed the residents it had the necessary approvals to start construction. This led Dr. Carol James to ask how much, if any, consideration was given to the human factor in this frenzied building activity. I want to know how a five-story, seven-level monstrosity will harmonize itself architecturally within the area.

Camile Robinson Regis insists that the site on which Bhagwangansingh plans to construct its building was always meant for commercial use. Residents have a different understanding of this matter, when and how it occurred. Even if the former were true, is Ms. Regis Robinson willing to argue that this stipulation is writ in stone? Were residents consulted when this decision was made?

Residents recognize there must be a balance between social, economic, and environmental demands. At the October 2015 consultation, Paul Leacock suggested that the building be placed in HCL Business Park that is located not far from where Bhagwansingh’s hardware store is now located. He noted, “It would make more sense to place the building inside there since it is a commercial building.”

The residents are angry. They want to know on whose side PNM’s Executive and Robinson Regis have aligned themselves. They even wonder if people’s lives really matter to the PNM.


40 thoughts on “PNM’s Betrayal”

  1. Unfortunately, not the only and maybe the least of the betrayalS. As we speak,8 minths into office and many crucial boards are still as they were before the election…Hindu/UNC controlled…doing UNC bidding!Now, if corruption busting was the imperative, isn’t it obvious that this is ample time for tracks to be covered? Also, one of the nastiest stinkest things about the PNM that seems unchanged since before may 24th 2010, is a nasty unbearable reality that drives away african suppprters..or efen true pnm loyalists….as we saw yet again, when UNCOPPP is in power, they ethnically cleanse as much as they possibly can and THEN when PNM is in office…get this….Their appointments are littered with known UNC sycophantic indians. Same as under patrick manning…you see…Indians have a different mindset to africans with respect to politics. No PNM unless they prove they betray the party AND hate their own fellow africans could ever get any position when unc in power BUTTTTTTTTTTTT when PNM in power Indian “PNM” members are allowed to hustle positions for their Indian family and friends WHO ARE UNC , ANTI-PNM , ANTI-AFRICAN sycophants!!! It is an ugly torture to africans and true pnm loyalists. As we speak UNC indians who WILL shamelessly undermine the pnm as much as they could, have been put on boards by the PNM, are receiving contracts by the pnm… is a disgrace!so ei4her way, the indian commity and the unc are laughing. ..all the way to the bank! Imagine that….unc supporters and agents getting on state boards, appointed by the pnm BEFORE and in place of african pnm….there are even instances where these obnoxious unc indian sycophants under manning threw their racist weight around and were allowed to bully african pnm supporters and nothing was done…because their indian cousin or aunty or uncle is “pnm”!…yeah right…like ralph maraj is/was a “pnm”…that is like indians joining the black caucus ….what is their true motive???….you see there Re many african looking onm who woukd not step in for fellow african pnm over unc indians…

  2. “Camile Robinson Regis insists that the site on which Bhagwangansingh plans to construct its building was always meant for commercial use”

    I have always been a proponent of the philosophy that if the people don’t want it, then don’t build it. It has nothing to do with anything except in a democracy the rights of people stand as a salient symbol of democracy. However, having said that does the majority oppose building such a structure?

    In any developmental plans the human equasion must be factored in but so to future consideration, as an example will such a structure benefit the community in providing jobs and a sustainable lifestyle. As for the distance from the river one was must note that massive buildings in the waterfront has been built a stones throw away from the sea.

    If the support of the community isn’t there then Bhawansingh could find a place in Central to spend his money. I am sure the people there will appreciate such a structure that will enhance the Chaguanas skyline.

    1. Trinidad and Tobago is a plural ethnic society (not multi-cultural) The society is polarised based on ethnicity(driven by indian/hindu racism against africans) and therefore there is a political entity that each side supports. Read how The African population is being oppressed by the Indian Population, by stifling their views. Indians control wholly or partially All radio & Television outlets that the general public expects to share unbiased information about politics, social issues etc.

      The News Anchor Indian (Hindu)
      Major morning tv host Of Morning Edition) Indian (Muslim)

      CNC3(Guardian Company)Indian/Hindu/UNC Controlled
      Ravi Tewarie is Head Of Guardian Group (ceo)
      Major TV Host Morning Brew (Hindu) & Niece Off UNC BigWig
      Notice on this network how The Business programme(Kanhai)as well as the Investigative Reporting programme(Urivashi Roopnarine) are hosted by Hindu Women?? The only shows that i have seen with Black skinned, african hosts are entertainment…one is about calypso music and the other is an attempt at comedy but sadly is coonery and buffoonery…he is immasculated.(Blaze) pay attention to how his “jokes” seem to be tip toeing far around the unc and race politics and takes opportunities to jab the PNM….his function appears to be to promote that show as all Africans should be allowed to do…leave the serious issues like news and investigative reporting as well as Business to Indians (where the gateway to political power is)

      World INDIAN Network TV(WINTV)Hindu(no need for explanation)

      Islamic Broadcasting Network (IBN Indian Muslim UNC /ILP)

      CNMG When the indian party is in power this network has a controlled african upfront, and Indians/Hindus behind the scenes controlling everything hesays. All Of The Guests are UNC sycophants or sympathisers as well as Indian Supremacists/White supremacists that promote Ethnic Marginalization Of African culture. It becomes the sword and shield of Racist Indian Passions without mercy or shame. When The so called African PNM is in power, the show and host are proud to give way to the same forces that exist under the unc, all in an attempt to beg for love from the same 340,000 UNC that will NEVER support….unless “They” & “Their” agenda is in Power! This is siccccccccckkkkkkkk!!

      RADIO is even more ridiculously in favour of indian/hindu social and political positions..

      Look at Ralph Maraj’s Tactics and you will understand the indian/UNC/Hindu socio-political tactics very well. NOTICE the similarity between him and “Independent” (UNC) Senator Dhanashyar Mahabir’s behaviou….as well as Rolph Balgobin….Rolph Balgobin & Dhanashyar Mahabir VOTED FOR the run-Off Bill (along with David Small) which was a bill The Entire population (evsn supporters of it) believed to be an effort by The Kamla Persad-Bissessar administration (UNCOPP) to STEAL the election (Ralph MarJ0aj was a very vocal supporter of this bill) ALSO take note that since UNCOPP was ousted from office, Rolph Balgobin was given the head position for the Manufacturers Association , Dhanashyar Mahabir & David Small were appointed as “Independent” Senators by Kamla appointed President Anthony Carmona(Hindu Wife…wife’s family are UNC Bigwigs ). See the machinations?? They found a way to get thise three judases who voted against the will of the publuc in favour of The UNC and their bill (Runoff)…they found a way to put them back in the forefront to fight for UNC interests when UNC’s out of office .

      1. Alyssa wrote “Trinidad and Tobago is a plural ethnic society (not multi-cultural) The society is polarised based on ethnicity(driven by indian/hindu racism against africans)”

        That is a very strange statement for someone to make. After all Africanas rule TnT for 37 Years out of 50 years of independence, during that time, 80% of jobs, housing and various state funded programs went to Africanas. Recently some 58 people were fired just for being Indian by the Minister of National Security. If at anything racism against the Indo population is at an all time high. So I fail to see the need for such terrible lies being promoted by the racist on this board.

      2. I have been collecting Dr. Cudjoe’s opinion for many years even after coming to the US. I have been deeply concerned with the response by the PNM regarding the massive state of corruption of which they were aware before assuming control of the government and as such, they would have taken steps to hol;ed all those responsible, including the former PM immediately accountable.

        In my own small way I have written to Dr. Rowley expressing the concerns of the many long serving employees of the T&T Consulate in NYC who were dismissed by the former Consul General most of
        whome are almost living hand to mouth in New York. These workers were repllaced by friends and relatives and are sitting in the office, receiving salaries from this PNM administration for services that they unqa;ified to perform. We have also requested an audit of both the Embassy and the Consulate without response.
        If this is not a level opf unwelcome negligance, tell me what is. Some of the effective victime were hoping to speak with the PM when he visited brooklyn on Thursday may 5th. but apparently
        the plight of these nationals were not important enough to deserve his attention.. BETRAYAL????

        1. Terrible lie perpetuated on the people after he accuse the former AG Ramlogan of going to the NYC and doing a headcount. He later apologize but I guess that did not make the headline.

        2. Oh My God! Thank hyou for your contribution Mr Chase…I actually not forgot, but negligently assumed that would’ve been cleared up or at least in the process of…My God…I will say this about Kamla…she didn’t give appear to me and most africans to give a DAMN about whar Non-Hindus or Non-Whites In T&T or the caribbean thought about her and her administration doing what they did for “Their Peolple”…it appeared to be an unwritten deal….her reputation was sacrificed for “their” collective agenda….the Hindus & Indians don’t give a damn what her administration did illegal or not as long as “the agenda” was fulfilled!
          Fastforward to sept 7th til now….Many Africans are getting the impression that these africans in PNM & Dr. Rowley is the REVERSE….he and they (i hope & pray i am wrong) seem to care solely about what Indians, chinese, whites,syrians & their deceitful, hypocritical socio-political posturings as a group…but NOT the concerns of the AFRICANS who they KNOW put them in power!! I’m sorry….i am NOT satisfied with what i am seeing so far and what i know of, what i have heard behind the scenes…i want to be clear…i am not talking about the “performance” that the racist hindus, indians and whites that make up the 340,000 who voted FOR Kamla, suruj,anand,glenn,volney etc …
          When i say thay i am unhappy it is that i do not SEE or FORsee any agenda for Africans i T&T! As soon as Kamla won on may 24th 2010 she stayed with her Hindu buddies The Gopauls (GopAl/Gopaul is an uppercaste hindu title)
          subsequently within months it surfaced that NP gave their newly found company a FORTY MILLION DOLLAR contract…ALSO sunshine exposed that Apparently the then government ordered rather sneakily a Tractor os some other equipment valued at TWO MILLION DOLLARS in a “Two for one” Deal designed to hide that there were two items and one was intended for government business BUTTTTTTTTTTTT the other apparently was intended for or already given to a Company of the same gopauls (Sunshine Newspaper). Remember Anandsi ans his TWO Identitical Range Rover Chassis numbers?? My GOD!!!
          Thes casteminded created an economic “master race” in the 5years 3 months they were in office and it seems that PNM i.e. African politicians that are in charge now are not going to even TRY to reverse it…it appears their ‘reputation’ among the straight haired class is more important!!! MY GOD The Point Fortin Highway had been vzlued at $3 Billion by the Manning PNM, Kamla-Baba gets into office, seweruge gets into office,Anandsi gets in the door and the value magically
          ….MAGICally jumos up to $SEVEN BILLION Treasury Funded Dollars!!!! Hindus were forced into every leadership position in control of Land, Finance, Intelligence Agencies, Director Of Highways ($$$$$$$$$)
          Sunshine Exposed how Roger Ganesh Director Of Highways SON IN LAW became wealthy enough to buy a fleet of cars priced individually more than $2 million…a SINGLE car was $5 Million (Rolls Royce Ohantom i believe)….and PNM going to come into office “for all”….THOUSANDS of acred of OUR TAXPAYERS’ Land given away to HINDUS, INDIANS and other straight Haired groups tobe the new slaveowners as their cane cutting grandparents envisioned…over African peolle….and you (PNM) coming in to merely “dot your I’s and cross your T’s” to beg for a pat on the back and faux acceptance from the same licentious 340,000 who voted FOR ethnically
          Themed corruption to continue??? NAHHHHHH The Game has
          changed!!! If PNM doesn’t practice VICIOUS Affirmative action to merely CORRECT what those racist hindus & Indians BOLDLY,SHAMELESSLY & MERCILESSLY did IN HIGH
          OFFICE…we as african people & PNM supporters would have been robbed of our VOTES!! Did any of you know that at the very BEGINNING of 2015, the United Nations declared THIS Decade! (It has lready begun) The DECADE for people Of Africa Decent?? And the U.N. said that This decade is supposed to be for nations/Governments to DEDICATE The WILL & RESOURCES to eradicate the obvious inter-generational effects of being racially & economically socially oppressed During AND AFTER Slavery up til present Day….WE KNOW WHY Kamla didn’t announce or Dignify it(The Decade) BUTTTTTTTTTTTT, WHY
          Hasn’t Dr. Rowley did so as Prime Minister!!! WHY!!!!
          and to be honest, he should have done so as opposition Leader, but we hoped it was simply a political strategy to not turn away racist indian potential votes BUTTTTTTTTTTTT, No excuse why he hasn’t announced it since september 7th, 8th or 9th 2015!!! Or since!!!
          Does anyone else feel u comfortable that only Colm Imbert and Faris Al Rawi (respectively), seem to have Almost as much or equal status or commanding presence over/along with Dr. Rowley??? Colm is the first Acting PM?? Faris seems to have a ‘special place’ with Dr. Rowley…Aren’t there any Africans who can project this power & influence in the PNM?? It feels like a stomach ache…this imagery is almost painful….don’t get me wrong Colm more than fought his share in opposition and Al Rawi held his own BUTTTTTTTTTT, there is something off about whe Hindus & Indians get in power it is Mandir time for the whole country…look at THE DAMN Television Programming on ALL the DAMN networks…
          everyDAY & NIGHT TV6,CTV & CNC3 is Hours of Hindu Time now!!! supposedly 25% of the population is Hindu BUTTTTTTTTTTTT all local channels tied up with HINDU programming (Bollywood is Hindu) for HOURS!!! A spiteful hateful and oppressive act designed to shove their behinds in Africans’ faces and FORCE them to be slaves to THEIR culture…these are the same peolple who are lobbying to remove pan as the naionL instrument and replace it with Tass (Iranian Instrument popular in
          India) WHAT A DAMN DISGRACE!!! And we must take THAT!!!
          WINTV ALONE is 24 hour HINDU/INDIAN media & Politics!!!
          BUTTTTTTTTTT “we” “we must give it dem african/Ravan”

        3. As Prime Minister Dr. Rowley makes his way to Ghana it is a journey back to roots. Ghana in my opinion is one of the more peaceful African nations, with a relatively small population of just over 26.1 million. My Ghanaian friends are amongst some of the warmest people I know… To Alyssa I feel your pain. Dr. Rowley I am sure would be delighted to start a Trini expat community there…

          Jerry Rawlings, the former Ghanaian President passed legislation granting indefinite residence for people of African descent.

          By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

          At one time, there was a push among many African-Americans to go back to their roots in Africa. In the midst of segregation and Jim Crow laws, the idea of going back to one’s roots seemed good on paper, but not a reality for those struggling financially.

          A new movement is slowly spreading among many African-Americans. What is it? They are migrating to Ghana in search of spiritual wholeness. In an article in the Christian Science Monitor, one person described the move to Ghana as the best move he’s ever made. The story went on say that this individual described his move in that ‘he has found his wife, reconnected with God, and even manages to play golf daily.’

          “Whether motivated by love, money, or the desire to rekindle a long-lost connection, black repatriation to Africa remains alive and well, even if it never quite became the high-volume, emotional return to African roots that initially captured the imagination of black intellectuals and celebrities like boxer Mohammad Ali decades ago.”

          There are roughly 25 million people who live in Ghana and out of that, some 3,000 are African-Americans. This migration is made up mainly of retirees and those who wish to discover their roots.

          Without question, many who trickle to this county on the African continent are looking for spiritual rejuvenation.

          You may be wondering how do the citizens respond to this migration. Well, many are not too receptive of it wondering why African-Americans would come to suffer. This is just one reason among many. Even though the economy of Ghana is growing, there’s still widespread poverty.

          Jerry Rawlings, the former Ghanaian President passed legislation granting indefinite residence for people of African descent.

          Just as Ghana is opening its doors, history informs us that Liberia was created as a place for free slaves and that civil rights activist, Marcus Garvey often promoted the development of the West African nation for African-Americans to move back, if they desired.

          A country rich is history; it will no doubt attract more people in search of finding themselves and even discovering their purpose.

          Source: Christian Science Monitor

          Dr. Sinclair Grey III is a speaker, activist, author of (5) books, business consultant, life coach, and liberator of persons from all intellectual, social and cultural walks of life. He is a committed advocate for change. Email: Follow him on Twitter @drsinclairgrey. Visit his website:

          1. Alyssa, Mamoo like all Indians love to state numbers and census. Being that as it may, ever wonder why, during his reign as minister of Planning, Bhoe Tewarie CHOSE, yes chose, not to operate the census bureau? This is not by mistake, nor is it co-incidental. Bhoe chose not to do so because official numbers were not in favor of what their intentions of policies wished to propagate. That being so, we must insist that our good friend Mamoo, eh… Mr Penal…. state the source of the numbers he so callously comments on. Mamoo loves numbers, especially when he thinks they are in favor of his points. When they do not do justice to his assumptions, he totally ignores them. I am glad that you have the wherewithal to correct the self-imposed numbers he wish to propagate for Indian solidarity. Mamoo, comes from the same district as I and it is one that has had great transformation from the early Indian cultures of yesteryear. Mamoo, however displays every symtom of doctrinaire
            hindu culture that cannot be encouraged in our schools, yet, he was made to teach black children in our city’s school system. Any wonder why black school children are so confused? We need to employ more psychology in naming teachers of our children.
            When the teaching service was majority African, there was never such a problem, because black teachers are objective and color blind. Reading Mamoo, can you or anyone believe that Indian teachers are capable of same? To some degree, we are not blameless in the Trinidad-turned-bollywood syndrome. We (Africans) accept everything and everyone without questioning motives. Indian hegemony did not start yesterday, it has been in existence a long time ago. It was only when they gathered enough power (money, race, politics and culture) did they challenge the statistco.

        4. Excellent contribution Bro Chase. Quite a valid point on your part , mi Piazano.
          Translation:- ‘UNC /PP gone, UNC /PP dey, si?
          I saw the results of such ugliness , up close, each time I attempted to get some basic service.
          Geriatric party hacks, cronies , and clueless families de la tribe ,took over the Consulate, as loyal ,career staff members -cringe in fear , on the sidelines.
          One must however remain optimistic.

      3. Alyssa get use to us, there are 1,300,000,000 (1.3 billion) of us on the planet. Indians are the majority in Trinidad, Guyana and Surinam. Despite the fact that the PNM bought in over 60,000 Islanders in the 50s and gave them jobs and ID cards to vote, the only reason they are in power today is they fixed the boundaries and paid off the EBC last election. Uncle Rowley is going to Ghana to bring in some more. Lol. He plan to build housing all over to the place and steal elections.

        If you see a few Indian people or now there are more Douglas and bi racial people in the media don’t get your self all worked up luv. It is the natural progression of life. My advice to you go back to Africa, a lot of black folks are moving back to Ghana and Nigeria. There are places set aside for people like you.

        1. (1) “Indians are the majority in Guyana, Suriname & T&T” Mamoo – LIE…This lie Mamoo’s Parents,friends & Plitical Leaders keep tellin him to Boost his ego BUTTTTTTTTTTTT The real majority (Africans) understand that this ia surely a lie….Africans were populated in these Countries looooong before Indians came…the gzme that is consistently played is to divide africans into who is lighter and who is darker to play with the figures…while all shades of indians remain Indians…it’s a parlour trick…Indians are Neither The Majority in Guyana, Suriname NOT T&T!In fact…How come, in the most divisive T&T has ever seen was launched in 2015 and the Indian Party lost ??? Eh mamoo….that still hurtin eh…??
          (2) “PNM brought over 60,000 ‘islanders’ and gave them jobs and I.D. cards to vote…” – Another Hindu/Indian vectored Lie/Myth…Why didn’t the pnm Bring 400,000 i wonder??? Or 200,000?? Why 60,000??? You see readers you must understand the Hindu/Indian mentality to T&T as taught by their ‘leaders’…Imagine a people so obnoxious and deranged as to migrate to a Territory, meet people there they do not like becUse of their skin colour and appearemce and then decide..their population must dwidle and die out, never grow but the indian population shoild take over and multiply…this mindset is fuelled by Mauritius…this is what guyanese Trinidadian and Surinamese rzcist Indians/Hindus want….Mauritius has a similar hustory…an island off of AFRICA, where Africans were enslaved and toiled for hundreds of years…then when they eventually were released, the white colonials and former slave owners swamped the country with Indian/Hindu racist Indians, to out number the freed africans as social engineering to make sure they were the next black skinned, straight-haired slavemaster who despised the africans MORE THAN the whites…so said so done….AND over the years as the ramgoolam hindu political dynasty successively rules Mauritius without Africans who were their FIRST ever getting an opportunity to see political office in their country, the mauritian hindu government created a bridge to india (air) and further swamped the country with racist hindus from India….THAT is what Mamoo, devant, seweruge, kamla-baba and Anadsi envision for T&T…..ANY sensible human being would not believe that Africans ran T&T for 30 years and somehow could not swamp T&T with Africans if that was their wish….there is no way indians would have ever seen power if Africans in PNM were so minded….but give me a chance….i’ll FLOOD this country with so many Igbo and Zulu…Mamoo and his children would be speaking 10 african dialects!! Even Kevin Baldeosingh addressed this LIE peroetuated by ramcharitar last year….Baldeosingh quoted the figures of the African population from the early 1900s i believe and up u til onm first gained power and years after… and guess what??? THE AFRICAN POPULATION DECLINED AFTER PNM CAME INTO POWER IN THE 1950s….it did not increase as Mamoo’s forked tongue spews….Ohh and another mirage & smoke and mirrors illusion that racist Hindus and indians keep spewing to the younger generations is that “small islanders” (T&T is a small island) but immigra ts from grenada, st vincent and barbados ONLY started migrating to T&T AFTER the 1950s whe PNM cameinto power…LIE….as far back as BEFORE Indians came to this hemisphere, African slaves were brought to T&T from other islands by their FRENCH CREOLE slavemasters…..islands like Martinique St.Lucia, even Haiti came to T&T in the 1800’s and never stopped coming!!! BUTTTTTTTTTT Racist Hindus & Indians obnoxiously started to obsess on how many “small islanders” came to T&T and chalked it up to a conspurwcy….the fact is These racist hindus & Indians like mamoo hide the biggest migration of all….i.e. INDIANS from Guyana, Suriname and other islands like St. Vincent & Grenada have been swamping T&T with the express purpose of ‘Taking over’ The most economically powerful island in the caribbean….THAT is their goal….Indians are the MINORITY in all the Islands they existedmin BUTTTTTTTTTTTT their rzcist religious beliefs and culture creates a devious swollen ego that is unhappy with who they consider inhuman inferiors (dark skinned, kinky headed africans) to be in charge of wherever they go sSO…..they try to swamp the countries that host them (fKe smiles) with Indians from India and other places…..
          “…Why don’t ‘you’ go back to Africa…”- Mamoo…
          See?? See how obnoxious and irrational??? In Mamoo’s degenerste mind, AfricNs who are populating this HEMIZsPHERE for hundreds of years BEFORE Indians arrived should be the ones to ‘leac0ve’…..why the hell don’t YOU go back to India Mamoo….this way you can act in Bollywood with other’s like yourself….i.e. cleaning the toilets and bathrooms BEHIND the cMera and off camera…????….instead of torturing Non-Hindus with the awfully racist and horrible acting in these Melanin-no-phobic Bollywood soap operas that run for hours simultaneously on all the local networks……GO THERE mamoo….and leave HERE…..!!
          (3)”there are more Douglas and bi-racial people in the media….” The term “doogala” or as mamoo spelled it ‘Douglas’ is an example of the negative Hindu influence on T&T society…the term “doogala” is a RACIST Hindu inspired term that means “child of a whore” “bastard child” and was introduced surreptitiously by Hindus into T&T vernacular to insult Indian women in particular (e.g. sunity maharaj) for having children with African men (dark skinned)…had it been mariano brown they would have been thrilled and elated!! But somehow they convinced dotish, gullible africans that the word “doogala” was a mundane reference to mixtur of indian and africa heritage..and so to this days dothish bi-ethnic persons of african indian parentGe wear the insult of “doogala” as a badge of honour (better than ‘pure’ african)…they wezr it in ignorance of the truth…the mockery…the scorn…the hatred….from Mamoo’s ilk…who conveniently like his “doogalas” during the census and election time…that’s it!! Go back to India Mamoo! !!go back to cleaning the dung from REAL brahmins and uppercastes…it suits you and your family!!!

          1. I am sure you wish you were an Indian. All you can talk about in your posting is irrational, contemptuous love for Indians. And you are very, very good at stereotyping Indians, “all racist” “all hate black people” “all this and all that”.

            Let me say Indians come in all color. In southern India there is dark skin Indian with curly hair called Madrassie. In northern India there is the fair skin Indian. We are made of all stripes. Mauritius is one of the richest African nations. In fact they have done exceptionally well. They are a tiny island 40 by 20 kilometers.

            The term dougla means mixed but it may have started with bastardization. In those days there was not much interacial marriages. Much like Bollywood was meant as an insult to the Hindi cinema. Douglas comprise 22% of TnT population and over time they will be the dominant group in TnT, I would say a generation away. Why? I have number of cousins who have gravitated to African boys. I can think of 3 right now. The Africana boys enjoy Indian girls better than Africana girls. They don’t have to deal with the hair, smell, attitude or other human anomylies that exist with the sisters.

            BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT hahaha, time changes and dinosaurs do die.

        2. Dottish Mamoo Indians were and never will be one race of people. Read the news more nah….in family they chop one another for family wealth and sex like they chop meat.

  3. This is a worldwide issue (not just Trinidad and Tobago). If we wish we can learn from what pertains in other places in the world. Prince with all the fame and fortune and stardom fell to nothing other than drugs. IT IS ALL CHEMICALS THAT AFFECT THE HUMAN BODY ADVERSELY OVER TIME. Just like in the case of Michael Jackson and these things are covered up quite nicely to the rest of the world. and of course before them was Ray Charles. But then again there is Bill Crosby (THEIR BLUE EYED BOY) and his game and his demise. However I remember that the down fall of Drugs (CHEMICALS) that come in many forms generally legal and illegal and illegally obtained and are sold legally from the filthy rich that are in league with the bastard foreigners in our country…NOT THEIR COUNTRY. THEY ARE THE PROFIT/LOSS BEASTS THAT CONTROL EVERYTHING IN OUR COUNTRY. IN THEIR COUNTRY IT IS COMPLETELY A FAR DIFFERENT STORY. YET THEY ARE ONLY A BIG BUNCH OF DISGUSTING LIARS AND OBAMA LOST IT RECENTLY WITH HIS LAST MEET WITH THE PRESS DINNER (RIGHT ON N… comment) . Under all of this is a flawed system emanating in North America into radicalism. TRUMP IS JUST BRINGING ALL OF THIS OUT. And we copy them in every which way. Nevertheless I am a problem solver in my profession … a root cause specialist. NOT RECOGNIZED IN MY COUNTRY BECAUSE I DID NOT PULL THE RIGHT STRING WITH THE RIGHT FOREIGN GANGS MANAGING AND BLEEDING MY T&T EVER SINCE I KNOW MYSELF. It is not only the drug boys bleeding my country. It all started with the Brits, THE USA, the filthy french creole elements, the Syrians, the uncle toms and recently the recalcitrant minority who grew rich over time off the sweat from all or backs AND NOW FEEL THEY HAVE REACHED OF AGE AND ARE cheating us over time and still doing so. YES IT STARTED WITH DIVIDE AND RULE POLICIES IN OUR SLAVERY DAYS. And it is still here …divide them by spinning the truth into lies keeping so that we keep the poor poorer and poorer over time so that they remain the church rats. WHO ARE THEY SERVING? And in addition they are over taxing us all the time and are blowing all our tax dollars all the time. GOD DOH SLEEP. AND WE MUST CARRY ALL THE BURDENS POSED ON US BY THEIR LOUSY DECISIONS. And I will say this without prejudice. Unless the G8s stop the shit they continue to do in this world and not force the poor human being conditions on the third world and still that condition of today that leave us penniless and lawless because of those policies in exchange for exporting huge profits into their own country causing their own to turn to drugs then we all in the world will not pay darely because of this drug WORLD WIDE problem world. And of course we become refugees of the world. You know we are faced daily with policies like endless multitasking when our brains are clearly NOT designed this way is leading to this shit. Things like the bar is lower in your country…..WHEN FORT Mc MURRAY IS BURNING TO THE GROUND AS WE SPEAK. I REMEMBER THIS WAS A FAILED PROJECT BACK IN THE 70s WHEN I WAS A STUDENT AT THEIR LEADING UNIVERSITY. IN USA how many of the billions of USD pumped into the now presidential fight for the USA President will go into drug use? Places like Trinidad are the main supplier of those drugs either as a supplier or producer of these drugs. Yes we use some and yes we have gangs but WE DO PROVIDE ALL OF THE G8s. Do you not think that Joe Biden and Barrack Obama do not know the key money making players in the game in these G8s. They knew every detail of where Bin Laden was, did they NOT? A dottish former PM once told us he knows the big man, …WHAT DID HE DO ABOUT IT? And that is only one side of the huge equation. We know about the money laundering in Panama and generally Central America,,,,countries who are in a worse situation to ours. It is all about the rich and their limited heaven here on earth. God just does not say to us …do whatever you want with all his freeness given to us (in our free will). Instead He has allowed you in your life to look to Him when you are lost here. He also says to you I will be your greatest strength in your deepest lows. ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS LOOK TO HIM. HE IS EVERYWHERE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. These are laws as quoted in the bible but there have consequences related to these laws. And we learn over and over all that our entire protected life is connected to respecting these consequences. Yes our entire life and our fairing in this life is related to how we address these laws. God forgives us all the time when we fall short for we are expected to fall short (we are imperfect, ALL OF US. Some bloggers here blame the Catholic Church for our predicament when we are in charge of our own consequences. But the problem with us is that we think we can hoodwink God and there is a thing called spin that we use to distract others (diversionary tactics)….BUT WE ARE NOT FOOLING ANYONE IN THE LONG TERM. WE GENERALLY END UP LOOKING LIKE FOOLS. So Rowley needs to learn to deal with the problem AND NOT GIVE US MORE SPIN.

  4. I have been reading the newspapers all my life to get a feel for what is taking place around me. I always considered the editorials my ‘dessert’ because historically, editorials is where one looks for the wise of the Press to share journalistic wisdom and eek out point of views that mere reporters failed to illuminate. With the failing of society’s norms and political posturing of the media, editorials have become not just partisan, but a forum for commercial and racial pandering. The topics chosen are in poor taste, the opinions rendered have little to do with wisdom or the need to inform and educate. You can determine who writes an opinion without the author’s name attached to the commentary, because they are so fixated on expressing their own political and social affiliations, that it is easy to know what they are trying to sell us readers. I take pleasure in reading the editorial of the Express and many times after reading, especially those without the author’s name, I can swear on the Gita that the author MUST BE Capil Bissoon.

    Editorials should be serious journalism. When partisan interests take precedence over journalistic prudence, the outcome could NEVER be objective. And this is where our journalism in media have taken us today. A bunch of clowns, holding media credentials that they did not even work hard for, writes editorials to ‘inform’ serious minded readers.

    Please Mr. Editor, raise the standard of your journalists to be objective and persuasive in making commentary on important matters. I am not asking for editorials that I necessarily agree with, I am asking for hard hitting ones that gives me reason look forward to that expresses wit, knowledge, experience, investigative prowess, warmth of personality and confidence in the matters written on. This can be said of all major media outlets. Readers are yearning for editorials that challenge our minds, appease our knowledge and savors our curiosity. Until then, it would continue to be mere advertising for political and social causes to be used by a serious format.

  5. Sapologies for the typoes within
    my comments which I was unable to
    timely correct.

  6. It is a disservice to our intelligence when people who CANNOT stand up to scrutiny, find it convenient to become nasty and abusive in language and tone. Obviously, when met with superior intellectual challenges by the likes of Alyssa, Mamoo dips into his lexicon of filth to puke the kind of word suited for the garbage can. As a combatant, he seeks exit into the pit of moronic escape when he delves into the “bak to Africa” mode of conduct. Just for starters Mamoo, Africans were the people who cleared and worked the fields of Caroni hundreds of years before your dalit foreparents arrived in this country to replace them.
    They made your fore parents life comfortable (if one might call it that) and livable compared to what they had to go through to make this country what it is today. Now, that you see yourself as ‘successful’ you feel the brahministic superiority taught to you by your hindu religion. It is just a feeling Mamoo and it is not real. All you are doing is exposing your ignorance of history and life in general when you delve into the gutter for words of comfort to your feeble insecurity as a human being. If you feel intelligent, then you must show your intelligence, not utter bastardized slangs that you feel will hurt the likes of Alyssa, myself and others. The cultural complexity of the word brahmin, gives you some feelings of class, but class is something that one works for not inherited by utterances in the books you consider holy. You do a disservice to the people you think you are speaking for when your methods of delivery is by choosing moronic insults to accomplish that end.

    1. The Inter Religious Organization (I.R.O.) Headed By An Indian “Hindu” “Brother” Harrypersad & Vice President Indian Muslim Hajj Afzal Mohammed and Flanked by the self serving agent of the U.N.C./P.P. Barbara Burke…This Organization is a FRONT for, and The Political Arm Of The United National Congress a.k.a The Congress Of The People a.k.a The People’s Partnershi!They DO NOT represent the African Christians, African Muslims and their general views.As with its Patriarchal Organization,The UNC (People’s Partnerehip) It is basically The Hindus as MASTER with Indian Muslims, Indian Christians and Emasculated/Self Serving africans supporting their every position.


    This morning on “Good Morning Trinidad & Tobago”, Leeron Brumell interviewed The (Hindu) Inter Religious Organization
    (H.I.R.O.) and it was represented by of course “Brother” Harrypersad (brother to hindus maybe…NOT ME), Hajj Afzal Mohammed & Barbara Burke….all known U.N.C. agents…. (shameless). Anyway so The three of these people were giving their shallow petty,prejudiced incoherent reasons why they opposed Archbishop Harris’ call to seek clemency for those in remand for petty crimes in which there time in remand outpassed their possible sentence. Now, imagine these “religious leaders” in referring to persons on remand for petty crimes, using “these people” (scornfully referring to prisoners) and “there/’dey” (scornfully referring to remand/prison)…they in any decent society of disqualified their opijions on these matters! BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT,
    The best part of the Interview was yet to come…in an unexpected twist, The host questioned “Brother” Harrypersad
    About the issue of CHILD MARRIAGE….LOL listen to what the “Brother” said….
    (1)His mom (11) married his father at (15)….
    (2)The State should not intervene in Religion i.e. state should NOT ban child marriage!
    (3) Hindus HAVE A CASTE SYSTEM and Child Marriage is meant to PROTECT THAT SYSTEM! He gave example of brahmin with brahmin, ksatria (warrior) with ksatria…he said child marriage is to protect the “Dynasty”…”thousands of years”
    4) when asked about the issue of child marriage and intercourse (sexually), this Pundit “Brother” said that “beczuse the child is married, it doesn’t “necessarily” mean that they have intercourse….the parents decide when,”
    This is of course a political response….historically in T&T and in India, in many cases, the man BUYS or BARTERS with a family for a female(child) (cow/bicycle/car etc.) And t0he marries the child and immediately begins intercourse!
    There is a MUST SEE Movie Titled Bandit Queen (True Story) that goes to great pains to illustrate thus reality!
    Then the host questions the muslim vice president of this HINDU IRO, and he says that Islamic law (agrees) that the woman can be married at puberty, but the norm in this society is different (but he/islam is in agreement)…Then the Host Questioned for last the “Archbishop” BarbRa Burke and she tried to have it both ways by not officially addressing the issue if child marriage but Deliberately and Technically trumpeting what the two oters (Indian masters) said “The State should not intervene in Religion” “we want to protectmour culture from being lost”….NOTE the host specifically questioned Barbara Burke about CHILD MARRIAGE and she says “The state shoukd not interven in Religion….we want to protect out culture”…i.e. the state should not ban child marriages!!!!! Barbara Burke has priven without a doubt that she does NOT represent the views Of African people in T&T she is a representative of The Hindu, and the wider Indian community (FULL STOP)
    Kian,Yoruba & Rodwell….do you know what the stinkest, nastiest, stenchfilled, rank aspect of this entire debacle…If 5ou watch that interview, The pundit who uses christian/islamic concept of “Brother” (incompatible with caste/hinduism which he admitted on national television) is trying to HIDE his Hindu/Caste views, behind the ENTIRE population and other religions…as if “we” “all o we” are “pro” child marriage….he tried to make it seem as if Africans & Indians, Christians as well as Hindus are “traditionally” “pro” child marriage and that the state’s intention to ban child marriage is infringing on “our” “culture” and “values”…he efen tried to link the divorce rate as a symptom of getting married as adults (LOL)…this pundit even tried to suggest THAT….child marriages last longer!…LOL….BUTTTTTTTTTTTT, it is NOT funny that he tries to hide his Hindu position behind christians….do you remember the 50+ Hindu man a couple years ago who when reported and caught with a girl (less than 14), he married her after he was charged to escape jail..???? Yesss…he was also a member of “the cult”….The I.R.O. should be outed for what it is a Hindu, UNCOPP, PP, more than likely Maha Sabha FRONT organization!…hiding its ethno-political, social views/stances behind the masses of Africans & African christians! Why try to fool the public that the Hindu,indian position is anything BUT A hindu, indian position?? Why try to make your positions seems as though it represents other ethnic groups and religions when it is clearly, specifically Hindu and is DIRECTLY in OPPOSITION to the interests and views (ethno-politically,socially,religiously) of Africans and African christians, radtafarians etc.??? These sneaky,underhanded “Tactics” are fraudulent to the core!!

    P.S. The use of “Brother” among christian, their monks, and even muslims, buddhists, and their leaders is synonymous with their faith and its tenets i.e. Brotherhood if all humanity…no divisions…united under ONE god etc….BUTTTTTTTTTT “Hindus” as PUNDIT Harrypersad admitted on National Television believe in CASTE/VARNA i.e. DIVISIONS based on skin colour (varna) and RACE….INEQUALITY under MANY GODS!!!…a Brahmin does NOT consider another man of either Ksatriya varna (caste) or Vaishya Varna his “brother” or equal…they must bow to him as their superior!!that is madness according to THEIR religion!!!illogical!!worse even listen!Neither,the Brahmin, Ksatriya NOR Vaishya(UPPERCASTE) consider the lowcastes (Shudra) or the NOCASTES ( No VARNA) to even belong to the human race!They are considered outside
    of the human race!!…subhuman… (africans are cinsidered to be in thus category OR EVEN LOWER!! So Pundit Harrypersad calling himself “Brother” is deceptive (whether purposefully
    or not)…to admit to believing in caste/varna and to admit that kne believes in child marriage as a tool to protect the
    “Dynasty” of caste (his words) is to also admit he believes in untouchability, whjch begs the question that ALL Africans in T&T should ask:If Pundits Are(supposed to be) Brahmins, whom does this pundit believe are the Untouchables in T&T??

    He is a Pandit/Pundit NOT a Brother!(deceptive)

  8. At least a Muslim Vice President of a Hindu organisation is a little more ecumenical than anything you would see in Pakistan or India.

  9. Well said Alyssa! I also read on the Express this morning, the same matter of child marriages and it was interesting to see how the media too, tiptoed around the subject to make it appear universal (meaning it is a habit of all in this society), while at the same time trumpeting the call by the Hindu Women’s Organization (HWO) to end the practice of child marriages. In this society Alyssa, it is not just the politicians that try to fool us. Religion is the main culprit and not far behind – the media. These three entities, the politician, the priest/pastor/pundit and the reporters are the main architects of hypocrisy. As stated so eloquently in your comments, where in the hindu religion is the word ‘brother’ used to associate another person (regardless of caste/class/commitment/condition)?
    It is not in the Gita nor is it in the hindu conversations of religiosity. But Trinidad, being the plural society that it is leaves room for cover when one does not want to expose his true beliefs. As I have stated many times on this blog, name me one Hindu organization that freely gives without consideration to race, color, creed, religion, status or state of mind? THE ANSWER IS SIMPLY NONE! It is ONLY Christians who give freely.
    My good friend TMan hates me for mentioning the IRO as an outmoded organization. And he has good reason for being of that mind set. He knows instinctively, that the I.R.O as presently run, gives the Hindu, muslim the upper hand without having to explain themselves as to who they really are. The Christian, on the other hand, uses the christian theme of L-O-V-E regardless of the circumstances. Whilst it is not wrong of the christian to use the greatest commandment – LOVE towards his fellowman, the hindu uses it as ‘weakness’ to take advantage of christianity’s charity. The African is unsuspecting of the UNC. He sees it as purely political and that is the mistake he is making. The UNC is hindu and the hindu is UNC in all aspects. UNC operates as an octopus, one arm is the political, another is the religious, another is the social, another is the legislative, another is the arm for change, yet another is the change for culture Indian style, another is for total control of the judiciary, the military, the police, the security of the country and last but not least total control of the Press. All that isnhappemning right now as we speak and as you rightfully noticed, people like Barbara Burke and the same Archbishop of Port Of Spain Fr. Harris are being used to buffer the advances of hindu hegemony. All done under the aegis of the UNC. A group to notice is the so-called ‘independents’ in the Senate. If these people are ‘independents’ then I am the ‘Son of Sam’. There are just too many hypocrites in the form of ‘OFFICIALS’ with power in this country and we must call them out when they raise their heads.

  10. Kian, i believe i mentioned this 8 months ago…Kamla Appointed, Hindu Wife President Anthony Carmona, Appointed the “Independent Senators” After PNM won the election. Check how many are African…the majority were INDIAN appointments and ALL are UNC/COP/PP Agents/sycophants!! Who does Anthony Carmona represent as President?? Pay attention to the like of Dhanashyar Mahabir & David Small, these 2 along with Rolph Balgobin were the trio who voted FOR the most heinous, infamous bill in T&T’s history, not 1 year ago they did this
    at a time when the vast majority of citizens (even unc who supported it) believed it would have given or was designed to give an advantage to the UNC in the general election…and those three VOTED FOR THAT!…Notice, that they were put back into parliament (David Small & Dhanashyar Mahabir ) and the manufacturers’ association played their hand by electing Rolph Balgobin of that same trio as their ‘representTive’….Notice Kian, we as africans are supposed to be dumb, deaf and blind to these machinations….NOT ONE OF THOSE INDIAN SENATORS VOTED FOR THAT BILL!!!! THEY AR ALL UNC!!!!!! I am sick and tired of the Indian populatiin being given criticism free reign to be as narrow minded and politically unyielding while at the same time Africans are herded into these emasculated political/social views where we must not be tribal or politically vicious.s..we must be weak and tame…but lookk! Look at their behaviour…..have you forgotten the behaviour of kamla when she lost??? She had to be shamed and criticized into accepting defeat in a sportsmanlike manner…she was shamed into congratulating Dr. Rowley and the PNM….what a disgrace!! 340,000 people support THAT but want to criticize the SSA bill??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! African people have to wake up or be run over!!! Look at the contrast in behaviour as an opposition……5 years! And 3 months! All the scandals….the UNC/PP was shown a high level of respect as a government ev2n though muost africans were disgusted with them!…we didn’t like them in office either…BUTTTTTTTTTTTT look at the difference in attitude….thus is what gets me….Did any of you hear Dr. Rowley speakk on behalf of africans for the entire political term of kamla?? He avoided the issue…BUTTTTTTTTTTTT Everything is race race race now…..that is my gripe…as long as africans continue to run away from the race issue, the india population will CHASE after them with it like a sword! As long as africans keep burying their head in the sand on the race issue i.e Indian/Hindu religion driven racism , well…when your head is in the sand, your ‘read’ is exposed to be….the indian population will continue to ‘ram’ us in the rear!!! Sickening!! No shame!!! Look at them in the senate…alllllll indian all NOs !!!disgrace!!! Never forget how many indians took to facebook after the september general election, to say “Nigger” this and “Nigger”

  11. “Persad-Bissessar also said Al-Rawi ought to have known that former temporary Independent senator Justin Junkere was on the payroll of his ministry. She dismissed Junkere’s claim that the 2015 state brief was offered by AG Garvin Nicholas.”…..Saturday, May 14 2016 Guardian.

    This is the view of our beloved Opposition Leader, as one of the supporting evidence of Faris AlWari’s lack of judgement as Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago. Since her elevation and subsequent demise of the post of Prime Minister, this woman has shown in every way possible that she and her party does not wish to advance western democracy in this country. If she does, it certainly is not democracy to advance the causes of all the people but merely those of the UNC and affiliated groups who fit into the mold of it’s hindu based philosophy. Faris AlWari, an accomplished and energetic attorney at law graces the role of Attorney General. The UNC and its leaders are supposedly against the expanding of the SSA rules from just covering drugs, to encouraging surveillance of suspects who engage in crimes of money laundering, corruption, espionage and misbehavior in public office. The Opposition is laying claims to privacy as an infinite individual right and that the SSA should restrict it’s powers. Trinidad and Tobago is a small country with a huge drug transshipment problem. As evidenced by the last PP government, the Treasury was purged from funds that are yet to be accounted for. The Panama Papers have introduced local operators like Ken Emrith, whose ties to the last government is well noted. There have rumors of former PP ministers owning malls in Europe and China. There have been massive over spending by the last government with nothing to show for it. There have been massive contracts given to both foreign and local contractors who have been less than honest in their agreements. Massive projects with billions of dollars have been left unfinished and unaccounted for the massive spending that shows little or no work for big money. THE POLICE SERVICE AS A LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY IS INADEQUATE AND UNABLE TO THE TASKS OF BRINGING ANYONE TO JUSTICE. MANY WOULD AGREE POLICING IS ON ITS DEATH BED IN THIS COUNTRY. There needs to be an effective and progressive surveillance of persons involved in illegal activities if we are to see an advance of crime solving in this country. So, the Opposition’s claim to less effective surveillance and infinite privacy CANNOT BE CONSIDERED an enhancement to our democracy. That position is regressive and hardly complementary to better governance or the apprehending criminals and bringing them to justice. We need to ask the question WHOSE INTEREST IS THE UNC SEEKING? It is definitely not the people’s or those concerned with the spiraling practice of bringing drugs, ammunitions and illegal immigrants into this country. One of the first acts of the last PP government was to loosen the borders of the country, enabling those same elements to take a stronger hold of illegal activities in this country. If one is to take their actions into consideration it can be seen clearly that the Opposition interests is not with the general population but interests in opposition to good governance.

  12. “Journey From The East” that plays on National Television every 2 minutes, is RACIST, DECEITFUL,POLITICAL,PROGRAMMING!
    PROGRAMMING the minds of the Nations’ children, African & Indian alike!! WHY are these filthy distortions & fabrications (LIES!!!!) of history, with the purpose of hardening the political spear tip of HINDU INDIAN politics in order to “compete” with African History & insert Hindus in alignment for reparations FRAUDULENTLY being allowed to air on NATIONAL Television without challenge??? WHY??? There is no ‘mistake’ or ‘misinterpretation here…..THESE ARE DOWNRIGHT LIES!!!! Listen to the lies propagated for Indian Arrival Day, and forced into Textbooks and school institutions as we speak…playing over and over for African children’s ears to be clogged with:

    (1) Indians/Hindus & Muslims were FORCEFULLY converted to Christianity….LIEEEEEEEE! Only 10% of indians are christians and their history is documented! The Canadian Reverend John Morton PREACHED Presbyterianism to Indians and Many converted to ESCAPE Hindu racism & caste discrimination, oppressive control over them…child marriage etc…Many Fraudulently converted for social mobility/economic mobility in the socieety! NO ONE FORCED ANYONE! John Morton was a canadian….NOT a colonist!!!

    (2)Hinduism & Islam among Indian indentured Labourers “perservered” “despite” attempts to forcefully convert them…LIEEEEEEEE! Indians were ALLOWED freedom of worship! They were encouraged by the white colonists to practice their white supremacist belief system (“Hinduism”) for obvious reasons! These lies have far reaching implications….that Indians merely “perservered” and kept their religion and africans were not as “strong willed” and so we did not “perservere”…

    (3)Different “castes” arrived from India in T&T. least among those who came for indentureship…..LIEEEEEEEE! …all of them were UNTOUCHABLES who lied about their true names…using “SINGH” as an “add-on” to denote high rank!!!… These people had NO CASTE (untouchables are outside of and beneath upper and lower castes!!)

    (4) “Indentureship was slavery in all but name”…..LIEEEEEEEE!
    Indentureship PAID. …Indentureship was PAID, NON-COERCED Labour! Indentureship xfor each individual person Lasted 5 years and then were given LAND (10 acres) to stay or FREE passage back home(africans were taxed to pay for this) most Indians CHOSE TO sTAY (by their own admition) to make a better life for themselves…..WHY WHY WHY would someone CHOOSE to stay, or perceive that they could make a better life for themselves after 5 years of “slavery”??? The people who spread these nasty, stink lies are STINK and dangerous!!! Using MEDIA to spread their poison to even african

    The people who spread these Stink, nasty lies on television to children are SICKKKKKKKKK! ….this is the mindset that had control of our state and education system between 2010-2015!

    1. Alyssa, what do you think Clement Sankat and Brinsley Samaroo are doing at (H).U.W.I? Teaching young people true history? When history comes from accredited institutions and vetted by the likes of people like Sir Hillary Beckles, it gives authenticity to its premise. It ceases to be fiction and becomes real life truth then. Listen to
      Ralph Maraj and` you would believe that Dr. Eric Eustace Williams was the worst thing that ever happened to Indians in Trinidad. They pay to get the platform and forum to spread their LIESSSSSS>>>LIESSS,,,,,LIESSS<<<<LIESSSSSS…
      and it becomes truth, and if it is truth, it becomes history. If you ask white racists about slavery in the American South, they would quickly tell you that slaves were happy people because they sang (happily)…. They never interpret that act of singing to be a buffer for the pains and heartaches they feel about having to work shard and tedious for NOTHING!!!! It is the same concept being employed at H.U.W.I to mask Indian indentureship as slavery,
      even though they signed contracts for doing it prior to coming here. Africans did NOT enjoy such niceties. On one hand it was 'slavery' and on there other hand it was voluntary. They need to be clear, which one was it?
      It is the same all the time, they want to eat the cake and have it at the same time. It is always what Mamoo, tell us every day. Read his statistics about African 'advantages' in the civil service but he will NEVER tell you that Indians had the advantages of having land to cultivate and do their own business as opposed to Africans who worked the land but could not own it. It is important that history be CORRECTLY written and propagated. When the premise is to create an illusion, it creates a dangerous precedent for real history to be written correctly. Africans in Trinidad have a tendency to be laid back about these matters, but they are doing so at the expense of being sidelined and becoming nondescript.

  13. Maybe we must revisit the paper trail to determine where the $90,000 came from?

  14. “Much too often when the interests of the people is at stake, the hierarchy of the party tends to side with moneyed interest at the expense of the people.”
    Dr. Cudjoe

    Great article Doc. The Sociological perspective is likewise spot on.

    Hopefully some day , we in T&T , as well as similar nations across the Global South , will force our complacent intellectuals ,to get off their lazy rear ends , and so stand up for the real important interest of their communities, the poor, weak , neglected, and maligned.
    The question is folks , do we likewise have a T&T Power elite, and is it the same as that which exist in Pax Americana, and similar regions of the more industrial , Global North?
    I am referring to the military , business, and politicians , doing musical chairs , as they push / expand their own interest ,and advance their socio – economic financial wealth?

    I’m on record as saying ,that the PNM , and UNC are basically the same party ideologically. Their respective leaders, play the same destructive , “betrayal” games ,against their ardent .low caste , die hard supporters, and even the gullible middle class, many of which, are unaware of the fact that they are two pay checks above the poverty line.
    Both parties ,remain obsessed with clueless Military leaders- from Basdeo handpick High Chief Commander Theodore , to UNC gatekeeper Uncle Sandy,petulant Griffith , and now out of his element Dillion – as they have repeatedly forced them on the unsuspecting population, as National Security heads,only to have said disgusted public ,sit by and cringe in horror, as crimes escalates.
    The competing Business elites, of various stripes ,have also had a stanglehold on both parties, and often stand close by with glee, once elections are over , to get their ravenous gums/ suckling lips, on ‘de Trini Economic – Mother Sow titties.’
    Political elites on both sides of the so called tribal divide – especially those masquerading as lawyers – are masters of the ‘eat ah food’ game, and so will find a way to get their respective pound of flesh , once in, or out of power.
    Tell me folks, is Kamla lawyer Israel Khan son David , still stinking up de joint ,at our Nation’s Prisons,as some overpaid Inspector of Prisons- even as ever conceivable deadly drugs,and weapons ,are seeping to to the Prison dens, and officers get shot willy nilly , by street bandits outside?

    In the mean time , they all together have a good laugh ,at the populace expense, as they point fingers at each other in disgust , with idle denunciations ,as to who got more business contracts,State/ Quasi government-board Chairman memberships , inflated legal fees, Senatorial appointments, and wasteful Ambassadorships, with limited socio- economic value ,for T&T.
    Now here is the bigger questions:- 1. Are there any other groups , which should be added to this list?
    2. Should debates be limited solely to racial, tribal , gender, or class difference, and exploitations, or should closer observation be made,to the machinations of a self serving , often unpatriotic , yet growing, interlocking National parasitic elite?
    Stay vigilant T&T! Don’t be afraid to use your influence, to make a dent on society, si?

    1. Neal once again like a true patriot presents a totally objective view of the political realities in T&T.
      It will take a third force to transform T&T into a true national entity. The existing political parties are indeed identical philosophically,corruptly catering to their respective ethnic bases and openly pandering for votes at election time.
      I vowed to discontinue commenting on this site because of the negative destructive forces here, spreading their hate and derision, but …..

      1. Ahhhhhhuh, 9 months out of the serpent’s mouth and here comes a UNC sycophant (Tman) again with the “Turd (3rd) force” snake oil….domafricans sit to think WHYYY do so many UNC sycophantss like Tman always try to sell a “third” option??? Why woukd they be willing to throw their Hindu/Indian party uner the bus along with the PNM in their deceitful political rants??? It is because the game is rigged!!! As with the COP, it was the same cards from the UNC deck fighting for power within the UNC that gave birth to the COP…they cleverly put the “knife and fork” indians, along witthe light skin africans and whites from the UNC who wanted more power from under the dominant Hindus….THAT is what comprises the COP….light skin africans who don’t give a damn about other africans and call themselves “mixed”…racist , selfish whites who enjoy the company of racist indians and their racist politics against “dem n******” and simply the “bottom cards” from the UNC “deck” power structure…..they do not differ in ideology to UNC , just they want more “gravy” than they get under the tiered structure of the UNC gravy train…..sooooo for regular indian unc supporters like Tman….either way “they” win……The UNC nor any third/Turd force can match PNM head on alone(policy/ideology) and therefore they simply invent fzke parties to confuse hapless, unconscious AFRICAN voters!… ….Tman supporting a third force is just support for UNC in amother name!
        Also…fact is Indian/Hindu politics are based on the power structure of the Mandirs (temples) presbyterian church/rotary club (indian christians “former” hindus) and Indian Mosques (stronger ties to Indian nationalism than Islam itself (politically and socially)…. and these groups are very organized and have a firm grip on the minds of their youth and all age groups…they are Indian dominance centered…..this is why they can easily take over or form a new party and maintain their ethnic agenda! Only Africans in general actually believe in ethnically divorced politics…..which is really a fro t for self hate on their part, and a burning desire to impress Indians,chinese,syrians…any other eth ic group….the “third force” ideology is a wedge in the door for racist hindu/indian/whites et al to take over the society and openly oppress and denigrate Africans! The same people who were so upset about calder heartand pnm blah blah blah, the so called “middle” voters, stayed quiet and seemingly enjoyed UNC/PP’s disgraceful reign from 2010-2015! !! They enjoyed it….and now….they want to come back again and pretend they want better for T&T…NO! They want a straight-haired Prime Minister! That is what they want! But are too deceitful to admit it!…the people with this mindset are NOT only Indians eh…there are many Negroes in the African community who think this way!

  15. “Dr Singh went even further to launch a social media attack on the reporter who had exposed his clear UNC bias and even admitted to posting semi-nude photos of himself and threatening to expose his testicles to the female reporter,” the League added….today’s Express

    The story is about the NOT-SO-SUBTLE UNC President of Trinidad and Tobago, appointing a NON-INDEPENDENT temporary UNC senator as an ‘independent’. If the Head of the country does not want to show his independence as a head of state, how does he expects and want to see a country united? Your policies tell us who you are Mr. President and there was absolutely no subtlety in this appointment. Are you working for the people or Kamla? Nuff said!

    1. Kian, leave the President and hus “Hindu” wife alone please! Hus wife’s family have invested too much time and effort in the UNC to “waste” hus position! It is “Their” time now! Also Kian, i like his behaviour in a particular context…
      he exposes a social quirk in T&T…light skin Africans who marry and are socially and politically much closer to Indians than other africans who are darker and scorned by Indians…this should be a lesson to Africans in T&T…i would like to see him in a kurta worshipping Hanuman like jack…forget about christianity nah…go where the heart is (so e say louns)…

    2. Kian,

      Notice the stink, nasty, classles comments that come out of the mouth of “Dr.” Kriyaan Singh…he doesn’t know any better…it is how he was raised at home,in the village, at rienzi and among his kith and kin…imagine that…i want the readers of african decent to pick up in this…that is how this “Dr.” Speaks to an african woman…buuuuuuuuuttttt
      the media not the wider society analyze this as possibly racism….thus is how the hindu/indian party, the ethnic group and the religion TRAIN their choldren to behave with African people…no decency….ohhhhh and kian, yoruba…he boasts at being “hindu” eh….but have white woman…nothing wrong….buttttttt how come (again) no “fellow” “uppercaste”
      ???or is it that white people are automatically (default) brahmins???eh?? Conversion is just a formLity….see the pattern??? Anyway…do you think he would have spoken to anna ramdass, renuka singh, hema ramkissoon or his other UNC/”Hindu”/Indian/Striaght Haired “peoples” like THAt?? The way he spoke to Ms. Ris Taitt??? What about Franceska Hawkins?? Would he have dared??? Of course not!!…his behaviour is specifically for dem “Rawan”/Knee-Gah…yesss…do you know what else??? I want african people to see this as a contributing factor to the brak down in the society fro top to bottom….thus guy is a Veterenarian…a “Dr.”…with Africans, whites, chinese….to achieve prominent positions through academic achievement is understood as coming with a social transformation (especially if one come from poor,ghetto, or humble backrounds…observe AFRICANS who becme doctors, lawyers,engineers, politicians,bankers,executives etc…they even go so far as to distance themselves from other africans as part of that thought process that they have to change what may be undesirable or narrow behaviours that they may have had BUTTTTTTTTTTTT Meet Dr. Kriyaan Singh, look at public comments he makes on Facebook….he doesn’t thjnk like that…like many Indians, education appears to be merely a “hack” for more money,status and power in society…they seem to want to drag the entire barrack yard with them…and force those under their newfound power or status to ACCEPT these behaviours….look at Anand, Glenn, Kamla, remember Dhanraj singh…for him..being a minister was to have public, impromptu Tassa wining competitions…he was not ashamed…remember Oma sitting on Evander Hollyfield’s Lap??? Could you even imagine Dr. Williams’,
      George Chambers’,A.N.R. Robinson’s or Patrick Manning’s wife Hazel Doing THAT?? Eh?? And what smashes any talk about “not all o dem so”….did the indian community condemn her?? NO!!…buttttttt they get VEXXXXX when Africans, especially calypsonians criticize them…it is a destructive double standard….Kamla as Prime Minister made a number of PUBLIC embarassing statements and behaviours….340,000 went and voted for that!!!!!! It is not about class with many on ‘that side’….it is only about CASTE(VARNA) i.e. don’t matter how repulsive, nasty,stink, outrageous,destructive, dishonest your behaviohr is to the society….as long as your skin is fair and your hair is naturally straight….you could get away with what happened to Dana Seetahal…BUTTTTTTTTTT you must not say anything about it…Africans have t jump, skip and roll through hoops, be on their p’s and cues to partially gain public acceptance but Indians et al could behave nhowever and ndver get the deserved condemnation…take Dr. Rowley for example….look at how dignified he has to carry himself compared to Kamla’s behaviour i Office AND still he would never catch a break from the “hindu”/indian community….they will never support him….if this was a developed country like the UK or Canada or U.S. …you think Kamla could have gotten340,000 votes??? Look at how Gerald Ramdeen behaves…oook at Ian Alleyne and his “Political Crime Watch” show…they milk their positions of power (lawyer, Media practitioner) to shamelessly benefit theeeir tribal political party…there is no shame…could you imagine Julian Rogers behavng so?? I am sick and tired of the double standard!! It is creating egotistical monsters….why do Africans have to “be fair” impartial and Emasculated when in positions of powerm in order to please Indians, BUTTTTTTTTTTTT They can do WHaaaaat they waaaaaaaant!…ni criticism…no condemnation…this is sickkk!

      1. Well said Alyssa! The media is the main culprit of the double standard. They shamelessly cloud Indian racism to mean racism committed by ALL. Brother HGarripersad is a LIER based on his behavior about the I.R.O voting unanimously. But this behavior was NEVER characterized by the media as a PUNDIT telling OBVIOUS LIES.

  16. I looked at the Senatorial debate regarding the motion put forward by Senator Wade Mark denouncing the firing of the former Governor of the Central Bank Jwala Rambaran. If there was any doubt that the UNC is a sectarian party, the proceedings of the debate does confirm that they are definitely NOT a National party in terms of their aspirations and concern for the good of ALL the people of Trinidad and Tobago. In his presentation, Senator Mark is yet to use guidelines, rules, regulations or policies to substantiate his assertions that Jwala was wrongly fired. Every point he made in reference to the firing was RACE centered or race related. Senator Mark NEVER used policy, law or patriotic related substance to augment his case. His summation, was one in which he he used UNC party related opinions to make his arguments, which was almost totally political. It is as if to show the UNC supporters that they are doing something in Parliament to show that they are fighting for their base. The main reason for a national Parliament or law-making body, is to make laws that would serve the best interest of the country and to serve and protect its citizens. But when you view UNC representations in the House and Senate, it is only the narrow political views of the UNC that emanates from their corner. Always ONLY seeking UNC’s interest. Objective Opposition participation in our houses of parliament is important for the best options to be adopted when matters of importance are discussed in our houses of assembly. Opposition need not be necessarily partisan. Contributions can be made that would facilitate the best ideas from give and take. The constitution allows three basic inputs into the deliberations of the house, viz: The Government, Independents (represented by the President’s choices) and the Opposition. One would expect the best and most objective minds to come from the Independent benches of the house, but looking at the recent appointments the President has made, it can easily be mistaken for that of the Opposition instead. Prior presidents have always operated independently of the two opposing parties. Dr. Max Richards, a PNM member outside of the president’s house, operated independently without favor in has capacity as President. There was never a call to sanction his dealings as partisan. But President Carmona? Almost everything he does seems to come from a page out of the UNC play book. This weakens democracy, not strengthens it. I take a much keener interest in the content and context of the Independents on the bench because from all the machinations of what was said and done, it seems like the Independents operate more like a caucus than individual contributions. It is a sad note, when the holder of the office was so accomplished in his chosen profession and now, most of his moves appear to be dictated to him and he follows. There is NOT one member of the senate appointed by the President that stands out as a contributor of renowned knowledge. They are ALL mediocre and can be swayed by the Opposition when matters of kith and kin comes about. When important matters are discussed, one can tell beforehand how the ‘Independents’ will vote. This is a seriously flawed and sad occurrence. The house and Senate is a place where one should expect wisdom to flourish. It should be the place where one should expect the best soundings of national issues. Who is there as an ‘independent’ to carry out that role?
    NONE!! The national character is the product of what goes on in the corridors of power and influence in the country. It is sickening to see and hear people who yield those authorities stand before the cameras and just tell lies after lies and expect us to believe that what they tell us is truths. For us to see change, we must select men and women who are thinkers and doers of good things to make the changes work. As it stands now, one arm of government (the Presidency), is very flawed and compromised. In order for that Office to be made better, a new holder have to take the reins of leadership to add character and vigor to our national debates.

    1. Kian, does it surprise you that both mark(hema ramkisson’s aunty) and carmona have “HINDU” wives much younger than themselves?? In the US Mark would be labelled a COON!

    2. The UNC is obligated to fight for its base in the face of rampant discrimination by the PNM and its surrogates.

  17. The continuous “rantin and ravin” by bigoted, disaffected, psychologically abused zealots on this Blog against Indians locally and globally, has gone past being offensive. It is now tiresome and boring, morphing into plain stupidity.

  18. Apparently, money talks. And, in Trinidad, the rules of engagement are no different. Trinity was a place I lived for several years before I migrated abroad. Dr. Cudjoe, I applaud you on your stance to defy the ‘norm’ of prior times which landed you in jail.
    Having a voice in such a piercing matter is imperative to true societal communication, development, and, progress. As a real estate professional, my understanding of community development goes beyond the scenarios of private meetings, cash flow statements, political connections and other legal paper documentations. Real Estate developers today should be concerned about the effect or effects their activities would have upon the environment. It is only then will they be considered environmentally responsible. At the moment it appears as if their efforts are a joint venture, which h will benefit those with deep pockets,and which eventually will widen social, economic and resource divides between the wealthy and the poor.

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