Humility was Jit’s hallmark

By Raffique Shah
January 11, 2016

Raffique Shah“I don’t know who Jit Samaroo was, but listening to others speak, he must have been a great man…my condolences to his family.”

That was a caller from Princes Town to TV6’s Morning Edition’s host Hayden Blades, who devoted much of last Friday’s programme to persons wanting to pay tribute to Jit, who had died the day before.

The substance of the call-I don’t know who he was-sums up one of the tragedies of our time: far too often, the real heroes of our country, those who make immeasurable contributions to its development, remain unknown to many in the society, most of all and worst of all, to school children.

I’m sure if the question is asked about who Jit was, ninety percent of students, including those at university, know nothing about this musician extraordinaire, a veritable Beethoven or Louis Armstrong, who, in his relatively short lifetime, helped lift the standard of local music, especially pan music, to dizzy heights.

Jit is (correct tense…his music lives on) among the pantheon of local musicians who elevated the art form from “beating pan” to “playing pan”.

He was not singular in this transformation of the national instrument from “biscuit drum” to the finely tuned, fully chromed tenors, cellos and others that we take for granted today. Many others made their mark along that rough journey from the 1930s when pan pioneers were persecuted by their own families and communities, physically beaten by the police, and prosecuted by the colonial establishment.

In this wider historical context, Jit was a bit player.

But he was unique in so many ways: an Indian from one of the most rural districts in North Trinidad who was undoubtedly gifted, playing the cuatro and guitar as a little boy growing up in Lopinot, but falling in love with pan, and pursuing with unmatched passion and determination that saw him scale heights few attained.

When, at age 21, master-tuner Bertram Kelman took him to Renegades’ panyard in the roughest part of East Port of Spain, and among some of the “baddest” men anyone could encounter, this little magician soon won their hearts and minds, and the rest is history.

But what history! True, it took more than a decade of dogged work before the ‘Gades notched up its first Panorama title in 1982. What followed was an almost magical run for the band-an unsurpassed nine titles, twenty-nine appearances in the finals, many times just outside winners’ circle.

If Jit’s crowning glory was his role as arranger and the inspiration for Renegades, bear in mind the bonus for the band was that it retained its title sponsor-oil giant Amoco, then its successor BP-longer than any band other than Desperadoes (WITCO).

Jit’s musical genius was not confined to Carnival and Panorama. He was also a great composer. According to his son Amrit (biography on When Steel Talks website), eleven of his compositions were selected as “test pieces” for other steelband competitions.

His repertoire includes jazz, ballads, Latin, gospel, folk, chutney and Indian music. I remember listening to his compositions at festivals-beautiful music.

For me, though, Jit’s greatest achievement was when, at age eleven, in 1961, following his mother’s death, he took charge of his twelve siblings, marshalling their musical talents, teaching them to play pan on instruments discarded by a band (Camboulay) with which he played.

Many who saw and heard those children perform (strings, pan, dance) described them as amazing. I became aware of Jit when they launched the Samaroo Kids steelband in 1967.

What none of us knew was that these children were playing for their supper, quite literally, for some five years before they became popular, and that Jit was their leader and inspiration. As the Samaroo Jets, they were one of the best stage bands ever.

If music was Jit’s forte, humility was his hallmark. As a Renegades supporter (another story of my life, this one linked to Darcus Howe and company) who limed in the band’s yard in the run-up to Panorama, I used to watch this unassuming, almost shy, man, stand among visitors, most of them unaware of who he was, as he quietly monitored the “drill-masters” take the players through the tune.

We spoke with each other on two occasions-I don’t recall details. I realised he was a very private person, so I never intruded or sought to interview him in my capacity as a journalist.

As a nation, though, we must not ignore the few geniuses who have enriched the society with their gifted talents in whatever sphere they excelled in.

We desperately need role models for our confused youths. Start with Jit, Andre Tanker, Bertie Marshall…

49 thoughts on “Humility was Jit’s hallmark”

  1. Certainly an icon in the history of pan composers. He holds the hatrick for winning Panorama thrice in a row. Few can duplicate or replicate his achievements.

    Yet it was the NAR and UNC who saw it fit to give him national awards for his contribution to culture.

    1. An interesting Fact about Jit Samaroo popped up during the celebration of his life that Mamoo might not like…Jit’s family said he said he drew his inspiration & skill in Steelpan from his “cocoa-payol” Mother’s influences & parang…”cocoa-payol” is a term from the french spanish patois that used to be widely spoken by the african population up to a generation ago…the term refers to the Venezuelan immigrants who migrated to T&T to work on the cocoa plantations,hence “cocoa”… & “payol” is in reference to ESP-paNyol i.e. ‘spanish’, i.e. they were cocoa-spanish…BUTTTTTTTTTT contrary to the ignorant mindset that existz in T&T…Venezuela like latin america is NOT a ‘race’ of people….it is Nationality wi4h different ethnidities…BUTTTTTTTTTT, the vast majority of Venezuelans, ESPECIALLY thise that came to T&T (low socio-economic backround ) are MULATTO!!…Former President Of Venezuela admitted this & said HE was of African Heritage as are Venezuelans…if you look at Hugo’s children their hair is STRAIGHT…that characteristic (staright hair) is misleading..Jit’s father like MANY Indians /Hindus rush to Venezuelan & Colombian woma0en for kinship thinking they are ‘better’ and of a ‘different race’ thatn black skinned africans in T&T, not knowing that theynare also of African Heritage….this is why MANY indians/Hindus have recent African heritage (since arrival in T&T) but they don’t know because their hair is straight & they have Hindu last names (e.g. samaroo) …BONE STRUCTURE, face & Body, as well as some facial characteristics (nose) are much more efficient indicators of ancestry/ethnicity…recent DNA analyses of La4in American countries’ population…from Mexico, straight down tto peru, brazil, venezuela colombia etc…shows that they are all a combination of European, African & Indigenous peoples…in varying percentages of course…A person may be 90% european, 5% african and 5% Indigenous…or…90% african, 5% european, 5% Indigenous. …or….50% indigenous, 40% european & 10% african…understand?? The PERCENTAGE of whichever ethnicities birthed you, determines your PHENOTYPE (how you actually look)…However, most people IGNORANTLY look ONLY at skin colour & Hair Texture!..BUTTTTTTTTTT THAT is deceptive, your DNA EXPOSES your specific ancestry….so Jit Samaroo, was of African heritage as well….

    2. Pay attwntion, Neal,Yoruba & Kian…Moomoo’s construction of a conspiracy…this is what Dr. Cudjoe refers to as ‘The Indian Narrative’…so Jit Samaroo & INDIANS in general, were not given awards until Indians in NAR & UNC weremin office…it is the snivelling, cowardly, surreptitious injection of it thT Irks me though…this is what Moomoo & his family, feed NON-African tourists…they target their ears as well as the youngest of our children because of their ignorance of T&T’s history…I want to kniw if ANY pannist received an award before NAR, and if so, how many of them did…again,,,NAR was in 1986, The STEELPAN, to the best of my Knowledge, was nit even named as National Instrument as yet!!…which says volumes!! The Steelpan was Invented & Pioneered by large groups of African/PNM supporters…Jit was a Needle in a Haystack so fas as a single Pannist EXCEPT for his exceptional ORHESTRATION if the MUSCAL arrangements…BUTTTTTTTTTT he is but a speck of the Pannists who came before him(in this context)..did THEY get awards under the PNM??? It was Patrick Manning in 1991-1995 term in office as PM, that Named the steelpan the National Instrument (angered the indian population) …but the steelpan was a well known Internationally Lauded invention & Passion of African PNM supporters for over Half a century BEFORE that!!…you see?? You see how FLAT & FLACID Moomoo’s UNC/Caste minded PROPAGANDA becomes with simple facts??…If Jit Samaroo was not awarded in due time, it was becUse of his profession(Steelpan) & not his Indian & Hindu-ness (half of his ancestry)…but Moomoo & his Ethnic masturbators KNOW this but keep injecting it into the National consciousness for their MALICIOUS, ethno-political agenda…this is how they keep THEIR younger generation in check….by twisting history to ensure compliance…but let us look at another angle…Moomoo mentions NAR’s tenure…this is when Arthur Napoleon Robinson gave INDIANS & HINDUS that ever growing, PRIME real estAte named the Diwali Nagar, to celebrate a SINGLE Holiday (Divali)..Not a DAMN spot of Land for people who ‘looked like him’…whatever you want to call them…NAR was a hidge-podge (just like UNCOPPNJAC) of Racists & self serving Opportunists…every NON PNM government since NAR has been exponentially worse…this is why it makes NO SENSE for African people to EXCLUSIVELY Harp on the deficiencies of The PNM regarding taking care of it’s base, w0as a decision making platform for who to vote fore, when the DEVILS who want to get in are clearly going to be much worse ANDDDD they view what we view as the PNM coming up short with its tKing care of it’s base as TOO MUCH!….this conundrum of the african voter is 5ough…Africans who do not want to identify with their ethnic group whilst in power & MALICIOUS,ANTI-AFRICAN RACIST INDIANS…it’s a ridiculous choice for a ridiculous society BUTTTTTTTTTT, I’m not hesitating to choose between:
      (1) Neglectful Daddy who doesn’t contribute enough financially or socially to my upbringing &
      (2)STEP-DADDY who wants to violate me in every way his sick imagination can muster & then try toEVICT me from MY home that he MET me in & STEAL IT…

      I ‘choose’ daddy #1…i have to try to reach him one way or another& let him know that he HAS TO be more involved & contribute to MY needs…

      1. Thanks for exposing your racist heart. I guess you cant help yourself. Did I mention anything about Indian? Yet you cant get over yourself sadly. You trip all over the place.

        1. The anti-racist is not ipso facto racist.

          Truth is an absolute defence to what otherwise might be construed as libel or slander. That is why I call you a liar and deceiver with neither moral qualm nor legal apprehension.

          Alyssa speaks truth.

          It is because you cannot defeat the facts nor the arguments she brings forward, that you call her names. Your calling her names is a corroborating sign of the truth of which she speaks.

          May the Most High continue to expose the liars and deceivers and their wicked and racist agenda to oppress the “Negro” in the very house the “Negro” built. And may He through Yeshua’s sacrifice, forgive and have mercy upon His chosen, that we may at long last inherit the kingdom.


          1. “It was Patrick Manning in 1991-1995 term in office as PM, that Named the steelpan the National Instrument (angered the indian population) …but the steelpan was a well known Internationally Lauded invention & Passion of African PNM supporters for over Half a century BEFORE that!!…you see??”

            Trinidad and Tobago was always known for the steel pan Winnie. I remember learning as a child that Trinidad and Tobago is the land of steel pan, calypso and limbo and that was in the 60s. So it was recognized by Willie long before Pathos. Pan music was funded and no other funding was available for other instruments out of the 37 years of PNM rule.

            As for racism since independence the civil service boasted of 80% Africana. I remember going with my certificates to service commission and as I sat there waiting patiently the Africana blight sitting there refused me the opportunity to go and meet an employment officer. Meanwhile her people was getting in as fast as a fly smell garbage. Some well groom Indian girls came and sat waiting patiently they were also ignored by her, after a few hours I have had enough got up out of my seat and challenge her on her racist attitude. The Indian girls were relieve to see someone stand up to this baboon in a dress. They gave me a weary smile. At least I was their hero for a day.

            But racism is a PNM invention and now they in power is only one kinda people getting employment and I am sure they don’t look like me. Every post will be filled with many square pegs in round holes.
            Here is a small example of tribalism with state funds.

            –The scandal and embarrassment of the $2 million legacy flag
            —$50 million dollars Boat that never Float
            —$45 million secret skullarship fund
            — John Rahael as Minister of Agriculture lease a house and parcel of land belonging to Caroni 1975 Ltd. To his sister
            —John Rahael as Minister of Health give his sons the contract to provide drugs for the CDAP programme
            —Penelope Beckles father got CEPEP contracts while she was an MP
            —Barry Sinanan law firm get government briefs while he was speaker of the house
            —Patrick Manning rented a house from Lenny Saith brother for $38,000 per month while the Palace was building
            —Jerry Narace Company got the contract to provide insurance for T&TEC
            — Kerwyn Garcia, husband of Christine Kangaloo, gets $530,000.brief from government

            Yes they all heading for the treasury to full their pockets. After 37 years of PNM racist rule out of 50 years these blights are back again to destroy the economy.

    3. Again Mamoo, one thing I am one hundred percent sure of, you really don’t give a damn about PAN. The fact that there is an Indian for you to boast about is what is MOST important to you. I too, admire and think that Jit was one of the greatest pan arrangers but I am proud of him because he was Trinidadian and he worked to advance the fine art of the steel band. I am sure that Jit would have disagreed with your praise of him ONLY BECAUSE HE WAS INDIAN! He was a genius in the art of making music and we are all better of because of the contributions he made.

    4. Not only did NAR & UNC give Jit Awards, i noted carefully how, as soon as UNCOPP’S tenure began in 2010, they used the government radio station to exclusively parade Jit as the solely Important pannist in T&T, as they also did with Johan Chuckaree…i picked up on that…he deserved his accolades, BUTTTTTTTTTT to conwpire to create a ‘new face'(indian/Hindu)for the steelpan, as it has become increasingly internationally recognized & Lucrative, is sickkkkķ!

      1. I suppose it would have made you very happy if Jit did not receive any awards. Great is the balisier and it shall prevail. Imbert is increasing taxes on everything maybe you think the Order of TnT he should receive.

  2. Jit deserves all the accolades that have come his way. May he also enjoy God’s grace and mercy and rest in peace. None of us is without sin, and I’m sure, as humble as he may have been, that he too will be in need of God’s abundant mercy.

    I am revolted by such as Mamoo, as they try to score ethno-political points using Jit to do so… the fabricated Indian narrative that is actually a slander to the house that the “Negro” built. If there were truth in it, I would submit in all humility to it.

    But it is a lie, and a damnable lie, advanced by a , sectarian minority that is waging a war of covert aggression against the creole host; see the Indian Policy.

    In this case, the obviousness of the lie is to be seen in the circumstances of Jit’s accomplishment. After all, he was the arranger for a Port of Spain steelband comprising a bunch of hard-back “ol’ niggas” (I use it as a term of endearment and respect, in its original meaning cognate to “king”). Some of them, like “Dr. Rat”, were, shall we say, well known to the police. So these were not nice middle-class boys like those from Invaders or Starlift or Silver Stars. And among those “ol’ niggas”, Jit Samaroo, the young Indian boy (thanks Alyssa, I didn’t know he had cocopayol in him!) by dint of sheer musical talent, was welcomed. That is the story that Mamoo has completely to miss, to advance a narrative of anti-indo discrimination by the “Negro” or the non-indo in this land.

    Let them continue with their lies. The more they lie, the more certain it will become that no indo political formation, however disguised, will ever again see office.

    May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and protect the innocent, that we may enjoy His good grace, and be spared the wickedness of these wicked agents of Satan that would destroy the peace and comity of this land.


    PS. In my opinion, Jit will be remembered most for his masterful arrangement of Kitch’s “Pan in ‘A’ Minor” (1987), which has since become an international test piece for pan. How many remember that in that year, it was Boogsie and Phase II that won Panorama, or the tune they played? That year will I think be looked back upon as the high point of the golden age of Pan. In that same year, All Stars playing “Curry Tabanca” placed 4th! The year 1992 was another miracle year for pan. I’m glad I was around to witness both!

    1. That so called “indian policy” document reads more like the Warner policy document. Yoruba at university I learned about “source criticism”. That means when given a document, you must examine the source and question the reason for that source producing such a document. The so called “indian policy” document was written by a man who had an axe to grind against the previous administration.

      You must note that he told all kinds of stories leading up to the election. He was desperate for the PNM to win and everyday he was standing on platforms and making all kinds of outlandish statements. The so call “indian policy” document was written to inject fear into the hearts of the Afro Trini population and make them as uncomfortable as possible so that they will reject the PP. That strategy worked and like a hungry virus you devoured these silly notions that formed this hate document.

      Anything by Warner is under “suspect” even his loyal indian women who milking him like a cow. Please no such document exist except in the racist mindset of a Warner.

      1. at university I learned about “source criticism”.

        Your claim to a university education remains laughable. Google, Wikipedia, and the diploma mill that Suruj paid for his “doctorate”, are not universities.

        The idea that Jack Warner fabricated the “Indian Policy” is laughable.

        What is dispositive is the *totality of the evidence*. The Indian Policy accurately reflects the sickness — moral, pyschological, and socio-cultural — of brahminist hindutva teaching. And it accurately reflects the behaviours we witness from the indo community, and most especially from the Maha Sabha and its political arm, the UNC, in and out of Government.

        The sad but nevertheless true fact is that the sickness of caste infects the collective psyche of the Indian (I do not say indo) in T&T. They are a hostile and recalcitrant sectarian minority that are waging a covert war of aggression against the creole host. They are disloyal in Opposition, and were disloyal in Government. That is an unfortunate summation, but I make it nevertheless, because it is TRUE.

        How freed dalits would yearn to advance brahminist hindutva against another people (“make the niggas your slaves!” — Indian Policy) speaks to a moral decrepitude that they will have to answer for.

        May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and the wicked schemes they wickedly devise. And may He protect the innocent, that peace and comity may be brought to this land.


        1. Yoruba, did you read Mamoo’s drivel about Pan being ‘funded’ by pnm as opposed to the indian steel drod & horseshow (dhantaal) LOL..could you imagine this clown teChing your grandkids…because that is the issue…these aren’t independent views….cit is braodcasted to the entire community & they lapmit up like dhal as FACT…the they try to impose these dishonest views on OUR children…
          I pojnted out that the steelpan was never made the National Instrument (official designation) until Patrick Manning…this clown (Moomoo) responds by saying the pan was well known for x amount of years…BUTTTTTTTTTTTT only in the 90’s it was made the Natiknal Instrument i.e. i wonder if Mamoo & his family want african people to apologize for crwating & popularizing steelpan & soca…?? That is EXACTLY where this propaganda about PNM funding steelpan & not ‘indian instruments’ is leading to (Tassa is an Iranian (Aryan) Instrument that was exported TO India)…Calypso was popular DECADES BEFORE PNM was even formed! You see…it is all connected…african culture dominated T&T long before PNM…in the 20’s & 30’s calypso was played in America & Europe…they were even on the solver screen….PNM didn’t make T&T the land of Limbo, Calypso & Steelpan…the fact is, even according to a sociologist named Morton Klass, who lived in T&T among Indians to study them as an ethnic group decades ago (HE provided them with a book about traditional caste politics i.e. The Panchayat, which is a ‘HINDU’CASTE Council )…This white, american researcher noted thT Indians were ‘not interested’ in ‘the rest of ‘ the society (africans) and chose to keep to themselves & within their communities, only from their community to work & back….how the HELL do yiu expect to popularize the Indian instruments & culture (marketing) in THAT manner, with THAT mentality (Racizt, sectarian)…let us not forget, that as noted by another White, Irish commissioner of education who visited T&T in the 19th century to assess the education system in ‘the colony’ to make recommendtions pointed out thT INDIANS did not want to send their children to school with African children because this would “violate their sacred (‘hindu’/caste) Laws (of Manu)” research “Laws Of Manu” i.e. ‘Hindu’ RACISM /APARTHEID regulTions/’hindu’ LEGAL Text i.e’ Hindu Law’…sooooo imagine a century later Indian/Hindu society is feeling the effects of their self imposed apartheid….BLAME AFRICANS!…remember Ras shorty I was villified by Hindus & Sat himself, for “defiling’ indian instruments by playing them…

          1. “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and _unto him shall the gathering of the people be_.” (Judah 49:10)

            My dear Alyssa,

            Keep doing what you do. Forgive me, but by gift of the Holy Spirit, I try to tie everything back to Holy Writ. Because, trust me, it has all been written. That straight-hair alliance of which you speak is just a variation of the hatred and envy that *all* the other nations have to the true nation of Israel, and more specifically to the true tribe of Judah: we the “Negro”, that were scattered to the former British colonies of the West.

            That is why, as vilified as we are, as denigrated as we are, we the “Negro” are still the gold standard: “unto Judah shall the gathering of the people be”. Whether for good, or for ill. We, the “nigger” are God’s chosen. That is why the whole world hearkens to our culture, our music, our entertainers, our athletes. Rap, pan, jazz, hip-hop, calypso, soca, reggae, boxing, football, basketball, even cricket. The charisma is palpable. Therefore, the enemy will try to denigrate us and worse; God warned us; Psalm 83:2-6.

            Digression: There is a clue in the word, “denigrate”, which actually does not mean to be reduced to the status of a nigger, but to be reduced by taking the “nigger” out. We are taught that the word “negro” comes from the Latin and Spanish and means literally “black”. No. The word originally means “king” (Ethiopian/Kushitic “nega” = king) and by semantic drift, came to mean “black” in some romance languages. In Kushitic Hindi, the retention is there in such names as Nagarjuna = NiggerJuna = King Juna. For that reason, I’d rather be called “Negro”, or even “nigger”, than African. Not every African is a “Negro”, and not every “Negro” is African, e.g. the ancestors of our Fijian brothers did not set foot in Africa after the Exodus. End digression.

            My point: the enemy, in all his variations, will try to “denigrate” us, in the literal sense. There is a program afoot to make us to think that “Negro” features — bronze skin, woolly hair, rounded facial features, round bottoms — are somehow in some essentialist sense, ugly or inferior. It is quite the opposite of course. Because God said He made His chosen people the most beautiful of all the nations. That’s what He said, not what I say. Women of other races, and homosexuals, know intuitively what the real deal is. That’s why the white women of Europe and North America descend in droves to the Caribbean looking for sex. The men are just as black in Madras, but you can be sure that there is and will never be a similar phenomenon involving black Madrasi men. So the men of every other nation hate and envy the “nigger”. As long as they control the media, there will be a brainwashing program to convince their own, and especially their own women, that the “nigger” is ugly. A side-effect is the brainwashing of the “Negro” into becoming denigrated, and seeking therefore disproportionately to out-marry.

            Now, I’m not seeking to rehabilitate the terms “Negro”, “nigger”, “nigga” and its cognates. I have simply been guided by the Holy Spirit into an understanding of the deep etymology of the word, that will not be found in any etymological dictionary; hear or forebear. What I’m seeking to do is to get us to understand our deep history as a people. We are most certainly not some amorphous bunch of Africans; we were specifically chosen, pursuant to prophecy, for kidnapping and enslavement — from king to prince to priest to prophet to commoner. The various tribes of Africa were complicit in our enslavement. Therefore, it is to me a part of the program of our denigration for us and our deep heritage to be blurred and merged into a generalized Africa. I understand how that came about with the Pan-African agenda and I certainly bought into it for a long time. But then I went to Africa, and by dint of discernment my eyes were opened. The only Africans in Africa were “Negros” scattered to the West, coming back “home”, guided by ideology.

            So, keep doing what you’re doing. But understand the matter goes much deeper than straight-hair/soft-hair vs woolly-hair sociology. God made it a point to describe Himself as having woolly hair, and His Chosen people likewise:

            “I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool…” (Daniel 7:9)

            And so there would be no confusion as to the full significance of that, He also had Yeshua describe His skin colour:

            “His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters.” (Revelation 1:14-15)

            As a reference to skin colour, fine brass burned in a furnace will be some variation of nigger-brown.

            God knew that the skin-colour issue and the straight-hair vs woolly-hair issue would play itself out before all was fulfilled. So He put it in His word against this day. There is a reason why these Scriptures are rarely if ever addressed in the Gentile Christian churches. Given the lie that is a depiction of Yeshua as being white of skin and straight of hair, the reason should be obvious. That lie alone has turned away many of His Chosen from His word. The answers that we seek are all there.

            May the Most High in His abundant mercy forgive the sins of His Chosen and our forefathers, and pour out His Spirit upon us that we may awaken to the Truth that will make us free.


          You know Yoruba if you have to chose between Jesus and Barabas you would choose Barabas. In the above video all that Warner is saying has been proven to be lies and he had to pay up.
          This is the man whose character speaks for itself. Without any sense of disgrace, he instantly formed his own party, brought on board senior figures from the political establishment and adopted the colour green, in contrast to the red of the PNM and yellow of the UNC, Trinidad’s long-standing bitter parliamentary rivals.

          Warner almost immediately turned on his former colleagues in government, calling names, accusing people of corruption and of having accepted bribes and gifts. He did the same of reporters who had been trailing his activities; he did the same of former FIFA colleagues.

          He set up his own newspaper, Sunshine, to broadcast his counter-accusations. Like a naughty boy caught in the playground stealing sweets, he was telling tales, snitching, ratting out his pals. In essence, Warner was telling Trinidad and the world: ‘everybody else is doing it, so why can’t I?’

          Yes you rather believe a liar Yoruba because it suits your racist agenda. You can’t get past your standard 3 education.

          1. The racist agenda is that of the Indian Policy. The indo in this land are exposed as conducting a covert war of aggression against the creole host. They are a hostile and recalcitrant (by their own choice) sectarian minority, as disloyal in Opposition as they were in Government. Never again!

            Jack did not write the Indian Policy, he reported it. The totality of the evidence of the moral, spiritual, psychological and social bankruptcy of brahminist hindutva is the ultimate proof of the veracity of the Indian Policy. God has exposed it, that His Chosen may finally begin to understand who are dese people, and what dey want.

            Jack like all of us, is not without sin. But in this matter he has been used by forces above and beyond to expose a monstrous evil in our midst.

            For your part, you are a proven liar and deceiver. Like your father the devil, you can’t even help yourself. As those Yeshua in the same manner condemned, when they could not defeat His message, they sought to destroy the messenger. So against all reason in the present context, you reach to irrelevances about Jack, and you seek to diminish the educational accomplishment of your adversaries. As though it matters! When you see a bird in flight, its flying diploma becomes an irrelevance. And when you see a pig grunting, better not try to give it singing lessons.

            Keep grunting. By all means do your best, as pitiful as it is, to convince everyone that Warner fabricated the Indian Policy.

            Btw, you cannot even keep your lies straight, and prove again *you* reached only to Standard 3. It is what is called a Freudian slip. You accused Alyssa and me before of reaching only Standard 2. You raise it now to Standard 3, revealing thereby that one constant in this dialogue — your own, again, pitiful accomplishment.

            Get over your sense of inferiority! That is the real reason for brahminist hindutva, the Edomite sense of inferiority vis-a-vis Jacob, aka the “nigga”, aka the Chosen.

            May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and the wicked deeds that they wickedly do. And may He protect His Chosen, who are without guile, a nation of lambs in the midst of greedy wolves.


      2. Then how about this one Mamoo?
        The author needs no introduction and Im quite sure you are very familiar with it:
        November 1, 2014 at 12:09 am
        Human Rights Report.


        In 2010, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, who is of Indian and Hindu descent, became Trinidad and Tobago’s first female Prime Minister. She heads the People’s Partnership (PP), a five-party coalition that came to power in May 2010 after defeating Patrick Manning and the People’s National Movement (PNM). In the 2010 elections, the People’s Partnership won 29 seats and the PNM 12. During the PNM regime Trinidad and Tobago experienced high rates of crime and public corruption.

        The PNM had previousloy ruled the country for five decades and drew its main base of support from citizens of African origin. Upon coming into office, the new Prime Minister declared that she would make the country a successful multicultural society. And Bissessar has endeavored to create an inclusive government with representation from all ethnic and religious groups, as her cabinet includes a number of ethnic Afro-Caribbean ministers. In contrast, the prior ruling PNM had largely marginalized Hindus and Indians from positions in the government. Moreover, Bissessar’s People’s Partnership won the elections by attracting voters from across the ethnic and racial divide.

        Under previous governments, citizens of Indian and Hindu descent faced widespread discrimination, economic and political marginalization, and were disproportionately targeted for physical violence and harassment. In July 2009, opposition Member of Parliament, Tim Gopeesingh, accussed the PNM government of carrying out a policy of political discrimination, that was specifically targeting Indo-Trinidadians. Similarly, the Indo-Trinbago Equality Councl (ITEC) claimed that there was systematic discrimination against Indo-Trinidadians in the areas of nursing, state housing, military, police, public service, and elsewhere. According to Devant Maharaj of the ITEC, the only field where Indo-Trinidadians were overrepresented was in the medical profession (as doctors) because the field was based on merit and education.

        A recent report further supports the contention that Indo-Trinidadians were underrepresented in most professions and government positions, despite comprising nearly 40% of the population. The report traces the unequal rates of employment opportunities and representation in various areas over several years. It refers to a study from 1970 that showed that: “[O]f the 100 employees of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, 84 were Afro-Trinidadians, 10 were Indo-Trinidadians, 3 were of Chinese descent, 2 were of Portuguese descent, and 1 was white.” This unequal employment situation was further evident in 1989, when statistics showed that of the total number of persons employed in all government organizations, 29% were Indo-Trinidadians. In the police force, Regiment of the Defense Force, Coast Guard, and Port Authority, respectively, the percentage of Indo-Trinidadians was 25%, 5%, 16%, and 6% respectively. At that time, census data indicated that Indo-Trinidadians made up 40.3% of the country’s population, while Afro-Trinidadians comprised 39.6%, thereby demonstrating the wide disparities. The report further found that Indo-Trinidadians reached and surpassed the equity ratio in the areas of medicine and finance, “but that the criteria for employment and advancement in these two areas was clearly technical skill,” supporting the claims of the ITEC.

        There was also pervasive racial tension between the Indian and Afro-Carribean communities. Moreover, Hindus faced restrictions on religious freedom, state preference for Christianity, and inequitable funding of religious activities in comparison to Christians. As an example of the previous government’s institutionalized preference for Christianity, former High Court judge Herbert Volney reportedly claimed that a judge “must know [his] benediction and must be known for [his] piety,” in order to ascend to the Court of Appeal. Incidentally, Judge Volney is now the Minister of Justice in the Bissessar Cabinet.

        Consequently, the election of Bissessar brought optimism and hope for the ethnic Indian and Hindu communities and expectations of a new socio-cultural-political dynamic. In a symbolic and significant gesture, the new leadership gave TT $1 million for the celebration of the Hindu festival, Diwali, which costs nearly TT $15 million. On the other hand, the previous PNM government had provided only TT $10,000. As the new Attorney General Anand Ramlogan stated: “People think of Trinidad as a predominantly African country…We want to rectify this mis-perception. The majority is of Indian descent.” Previously there was “discrimination manifest in subtle ways,” he said, one of which was the allocation of state funding.

        However, the new Prime Minister must also ensure that in redressing previous grievances, her government does not discriminate against non-Indians and/or non-Hindus. Thus far, it appears that Bissessar has not shown state preference for Indians and Hindus and has created an inclusive government.

        Nonetheless, there still remains a high level of mistrust and mutual suspicion between the Indian/Hindu and Afro-Carribean communities. For example, a recent article by Professor Selwyn Cudjoe, one of Trinidad and Tobago’s well-known writers, seems to reflect the continued ambivalence, if not outright hostitility to the citizens of Indian descent in the country. In the article, entitled “Hindu ethics and morality,” Cudjoe questions Hindu morality and ethics itself and effectively instigates ethnic Africans against Indians/Hindus. He writes: “Speak to any non-Indian in Trinidad and Tobago and one is asked the same question: What dese Indians want? It may be an unfair question, a paranoid response, or just the reflection of feelings of anxiety. Yet, there lingers in the minds of many non-Indians that there can be no pleasing Indians in Trinidad and Tobago. Do they yearn for equality or do they seek dominance?”

        Similarly, at the Emancipation Day dinner in 2009, acknowledging the arrival and slavery of people of African descent, Professor Cudjoe warned of “turbulent times” for people of African origin “because they are now a minority in this country… If ethnic trends in voting continue, it is likely that in the next ten years we might see that same pattern that has emerged in Guyana in which the dominant group will hold power in perpetuity.” And in 2006, he claimed, “[A]ll the turmoil that we see in our society today not only represents a relentless struggle on the part of the East Indians to dominate the society; it also suggests that the agents of their group are prepared to utilise any means—be they legal, political, academic or religious—to achieve ethnic dominance.” Professor Cudjoe’s inflammatory rhetoric continues to exacerbate tensions between Trinidad and Tobago’s two largest communities and ignores the widespread discrimination ethnic Indians and Hindus have encountered for several decades.

        After the PP’s election in 2010, there have been indications that the country is still plagued by violent crime, with accusations of corruption, and the mishandling of certain top government appointments. In August 2011, Bissessar declared a state of emergency in an attempt to deal with the surge in violent gang-related activity. In the two months after the emergency was declared, more than 7,000 people were arrested, and large quantities of drugs and weapons were seized. Subsequently, in November, Bissessar alleged that the police had thwarted an assassination attempt on her and members of her cabinet by “criminal elements” in an apparent reprisal against her Government’s declaration of a state of emergency.

        The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is an archipelagic state in the southern Caribbean. The country consists of two main islands, Trinidad and Tobago, and 21 smaller islands. Trinidad is the larger and more populous of the main islands; Tobago is much smaller, comprising about 6% of the total area and 4% of the population.

        Originally settled by Amerindians of South American origin at least 7,000 years ago, Trinidad and Tobago was occupied by Arawakan-speaking and Cariban-speaking peoples at the time of European contact in 1498. A history of slavery and indentured labor has left the country with a population of African, Indian, European, Middle Eastern, Chinese, and mixed-race descent. All these groups have left a significant impact on the country’s national culture.

        Britain consolidated its hold on both islands during the Napoleonic Wars and combined them into the colony of Trinidad and Tobago in 1899. As a result of these colonial struggles, Amerindian, Spanish, French, and English influence are all common in the country. Subsequently, African slaves and Chinese, Portuguese, Indian, and free African indentured laborers arrived to supply labor in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Emigration from Barbados and Lesser Antilles, Venezuela, Syria, and Lebanon also affected the ethnic makeup of the country. Trinidad and Tobago elected for independence in 1962. And in 1976, the country severed its links with the British monarchy and became a republic within the Commonwealth.

        Trinidad and Tobago is a democratic republic. The Head of State is the President and the Head of Government is the Prime Minister. The President is elected by an electoral college consisting of the full membership of both houses of Parliament, while the Prime Minister is appointed by the President.

        Political parties are generally divided along ethnic lines, with the People’s National Movement (PNM) supported primarily by Africans and the United National Congress (UNC) drawing its constituency largely from Indians. In the recent past, there have been three elections in three years contested by these two main, ethnic-based parties. However, support for political parties is not completely polarized along racial lines. In the most recent elections, for example, the PNM fielded Indian candidates for election, while the main financial benefactor of the UNC is an Afro-Trinidadian. The PNM has dominated politics in Trinidad and Tobago for much of the country’s post independence history.

        Dr. Eric Williams, the country’s first Prime Minister and a member of the PNM, referred to Indians as the “recalcitrant minority.” The racial and religious animosity between ethnic Africans (primarily Christian) and Indo-Carribeans (mostly Hindu) was exacerbated over the years and manifested particularly in the media and government. Prominent Hindu leader and Secretary General of the Hindu Maha Sabha, Satnarayan Maharaj, stated in 2006: “This year marks 50 years since Trinidad and Tobago attained the right to internal self-government (1956-2006). Out of this 50-year period an Indian-based political party held power for six years. The People’s National Movement (PNM) ruled for 30 consecutive years without appointing a single Hindu as a government minister. The cry of rural neglect, alienation, marginalization and discrimination affected the political psychology of Indians as they lost hope of ever winning a general election.”

        Maharaj goes on to point out that despite the PNM being in political office since 1956, Afro-Trinidadians continued to agitate for affirmative action and preferential treatment.

        Furthermore, according to the book, The Indian Struggle for Justice and Equality against Black Racism in Trinidad and Tobago (1956-1962), “The 1956 election was won by the PNM headed by Eric Williams on the institution of a resurgent Negro nationalism. Since then, Indians in Trinidad have been subjected to all sorts of humiliations, degradation and ignominy by PNM racialism.”
        Status of Human Rights, 2011

        In the past, Hindus in Trinidad and Tobago faced a multitude of human rights issues, including physical attacks, temple desecration, economic/political discrimination, and the inequitable distribution of government funds. Although conditions are starting to improve under the Bissessar government, Hindus and ethnic Indians continue to confront a number of challenges.

        Moreover, during 2011, the country continued to experience a high rate of crime. According to a UN report, Trinidad and Tobago had the second highest crime rate in the region, after Jamaica. One out of every two persons living in Trinidad and Tobago is fearful of being victimized of violent crime. There were 354 murders committed in 2011, down 27% from the 485 murders recorded the previous year. In addition, there were 3,891 burglaries and break-ins reported, for a monthly average of nearly 325 incidents. And the number of kidnappings during the year was 101.

        Religious Freedom
        The Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago guarantees equal protection under the law and freedom of religion for all citizens. Furthermore, religious groups possess the same rights and obligations as most legal entities, can own land, and hire employees. The Government subsidizes both public and religiously affiliated schools. It also permits religious instruction in public schools, setting aside a time each week when any religious organization with an adherent in the school can provide an instructor. Attendance at these classes is voluntary and the religious groups represented are diverse. Parents may enroll their children in private schools for religious reasons. As a result, there are thriving Hindu, Muslim, and Christian schools. The Government has also established public holidays for every religious group with a large following. In addition, the Government grants financial and technical assistance to various organizations to support religious festivals and celebrations, including Indian Arrival Day. The level of state funding for such activities, however, has been inequitable in the past and generally favored Christian groups.

        Although Hindus were underrepresented in government positions in the past, under the current government, there are Ministers, Members of Parliament, and public figures representing every religious group and denomination and the broad spectrum of religious beliefs in the country. The government also supports the activities of the Inter-Religious Organization (IRO), an interfaith coordinating committee for public outreach, governmental and media relations, and policy implementation. And it provides the prayer leader for several official events, such as the opening of Parliament and the annual court term.

        In response to wariness over past colonial experiences, the government limits the number of foreign missionaries allowed in the country to 30 per denomination at any given time. Moreover, missionaries must meet strict entry standards and cannot remain in the country for more than three years per visit. Additionally, there were no reports of forced religious conversions in the island nation.

        There are over 300 Hindu temples in Trinidad and Tobago. No incidents of vandalism and desecration of Hindu temples were recorded in 2011. The following section, therefore, provides recent examples of discrimination towards Hindu festivals, religious practices, and places of worship.

        In May 2009, students of a nondenominational public school in south Trinidad participated in a voluntary Hindu prayer service. The students planted symbolic flags on the school grounds appealing for success in their examinations. The Ministry of Education ordered school authorities to remove the flags. The decision of the Ministry offended some students and teachers, who belive their individual religious rights were violated and declared that they would boycott classes and stand guard around the symbolic prayer flags. The school principal eventually removed the flags. More than half of the school’s 1,500 student body is Hindu.

        On August 8, 2008, a prominent Hindu temple in Cunupia, a town in central Trinidad, was vandalized and images of sacred Hindu deities were desecrated. There was also a similar incident in 2007 at a different Hindu temple in central Trinidad.

        Although there are several Hindu temples in Trinidad, Hindu temples were non-existent on the small island of Tobago. Until recently, the Tobago House of Assembly refused to allow the Hindu community to construct a mandir (temple) on land purchased on the island. The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) had sought to build a temple in the Carnbee area, where they owned lands, but the Assembly declared that temple construction is prohibited in residential areas. SDMS, however, noted that there was a Christian Church approximately 150 feet away from the land it wanted to build on. They also pointed out that in other residential areas, such as Bethany and Four Roads Bon Accord, churches had been recently built.

        In addition, while refusing to fund a kirtan (Hindu religious concert) on the island, churches on Tobago were funded and the Assembly promoted a Christian gospel concert. Complaints from the Hindu community regarding the overt religious prejudice by the Assembly members had little immediate impact on the Tobago House of Assembly’s discriminatory policies. After a five-year struggle, the first Hindu mandir in Tobago finally began construction in the summer of 2007, with a $250,000 grant from the National Commission for Self Help Limited (NCSH)

        Hindus have also faced challenges with religious festivals, including yearly Diwali celebrations and the annual Ramleela (religious performance in honor of revered Lord Rama). The largest Diwali celebrations are held each year at the Diwali Nagar, Chaguanas, in Trinidad. This event has grown from a modest affair to an international fixture in the Hindu calendar, attracting Hindus from around the world. Each night, over a 14-day period, thousands of Hindus and non-Hindus congregate at this famous location to enjoy and participate in pujas (sacred rituals), concerts, art, craft and social activities. In 2006 and 2007, however, the police refused to provide additional security unless they were paid. During the first few nights when the police stayed away, several vehicles were stolen and vandalized. It was only after protests by Hindus that security was increased.

        Furthermore, in the past, Ramleela festivities were targets of violence. For example, in 2005, vandals desecrated religious items and destroyed tents, props, and fences used in Ramleela celebrations, as well as the sacred jhandi (flag to mark the completion of puja or worship ceremony) at McBean Village, Couva. Consequently, many Hindus were fearful of attending the celebrations at McBean.

        In several other parts of country, Hindus have even been prevented from holding Diwali and Ramleela celebrations. Recently, the head of the Sugarcane Feeds Centre refused permission for workers to hold their annual Diwali celebrations. And in another instance, Hindu police officers were prohibited from celebrating Diwali at their workplaces in South Trinidad.

        Religious discrimination against Hindus has also been an issue in the educational system. Although Hinduism is the second largest religion in Trinidad and Tobago, there were no sixth-form Hindu secondary schools to prepare students for university, while there were eighteen Christian and two Muslim sixth-form facilities. Moreover, an Indian community leader recently alleged, “Certain denominational schools are forcing all students to study the religion of the school, without introducing the appropriate religious instruction for students of other religions…The Ministry of Education needs to correct these discriminatory practices, especially in the denominational school.”

        Furthermore, in many primary and secondary schools and colleges, the religious rights of Hindu students were violated by preventing them from wearing Hindu clothing, rakshas (protective amulet), and other symbols. For instance, in March 2008, Hindu high school students were prohibited from wearing the raksha, “a Hindu religious symbol consisting of a colored string worn on the wrist during the performance of sacred rituals and removed within seven days after the prayers,” and were forced to remove them by school security guards. The Ministry of Education later apologized to the students.

        And in October 2006, an Anglican School in Fyzabad, South Trinidad withdrew permission previously granted to students for celebrating Diwali, despite it being a national holiday. Students were also banned from wearing rakshas.

        General Violence
        Violence directed against Indians and Hindus in Trinidad and Tobago is not uncommon. Indians and Hindus have been subjected to verbal and physical assaults by mobs of non-Indians from neighboring villages and from the northern urban areas of Trinidad where the population is predominantly African. For example, the Hindus of Felicity were recently attacked by Afro-Trinidadians from the adjacent village of Boot Hill. The Hindu residents of Felicity were unable to commute to work and schools after Afro-Trinidadians from Boot Hill blocked the main road with piles of burning debris and broken bottles.

        Institutional Discrimination
        Institutional discrimination against Hindus and Indians in Trinidad and Tobago was rampant until recently and included economic/political discrimination, inequitable distribution of government funds, and prejudice in the education system.

        According to one observer, the “Indo-Trinidadian community is witnessing a ‘shock and awe’ programme with this state-sanctioned policy that directs significant state resources to one ethnic group at the exclusion of other groups. The lowering of qualifications for state employment, house padding, the establishment of the University of Trinidad and Tobago, the elevation of criminal elements to community leaders…are all examples of the programme conceived to push the Indian out of the space that is shared in Trinidad and Tobago.”

        Despite comprising approximately 40% of the population, inhabitants of Indian descent were severely underrepresented in government sectors jobs, including the Protective Services, the Civil Service, State Companies, Statutory Boards and Commission, the High Commissions and Diplomatic Missions, the Central Bank and Board, and executive membership at decision-making levels of the State. This began to slowly change after 2002.

        One report found that Indians were “heavily under-represented, except in areas where merit and technical criteria must prevail, as in the judicial and professional sectors, where Indians were more than adequately represented.” For instance, prior data from the Service Commissions Department indicated that there are only 18 Indians serving as department heads in the nation, compared to 87 non-Indians, and there are no Indians on the executive of the police service or army.

        Additionally, in the Promotional and Advisory Board of the Police, the five members of the promotion board are all of African descent, which in turn affects the promotional prospects of Indians. Moreover, none of the ten Assistant Commissioners of Police or three Deputy Commissioners are of Indian origin. When Nizam Mohammed, a Muslim of Indian descent and chairman of the Police Commission, pointed out these inequities, he was effectively forced out of his position by the People’s Partnership government for fear of losing the support of the Afro-Trinidadian community.

        Similarly, Police Captain Gary Griffith, commenting on the imbalance in the police and security forces stated, “The Police Service should reflect the ethnic composition of the society that they are assigned to protect and serve. There have also been numerous reports of East Indians being rejected by our Defence Force and then reapplying to other foreign armed forces and excelling by leaps and bounds, which means a loss of talent to our nation because of poor selection processes.” As a result of his critical comments, Griffith was compelled to leave his position, just as Nizam Mohammed was. Discrimination against Indians in the police and security services of the country has persisted, despite the election of the Bissessar government.

        In addition to prejudice in the police and security forces, Hindus and Indians have confronted bias in employment opportunities. For instance, High Court judge Maureen Rajnauth Lee recently found that the Education Ministry had discriminated against two Hindu-Indian teachers, Vijesh Mahadeo and Vashti Maharaj, in wrongfully denying them teaching positions. The Education Ministry did not even come to court to challenge the case against them.

        Hindus have also encountered challenges in obtaininig business licenses. For example, a the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha of Trinidad and Tobago (SDMS) was forced to fight a seven year long legal battle to finally acquire a broadcast license for a Hindu radio station, Radio Jaagriti, on 102.7FM. SDMS originally initiated their application in 1999, but the government consistently refused to award the organization a radio license for seven years, while granting another group a radio frequency for its station. On July 4, 2006, SDMS was victorious in its appeal to the Privy Council. In a landmark 19-page judgment, Lord Justice Mance said, that “in light of the exceptional circumstances” of the case, the Privy Council would order Trinidad and Tobago Attorney General John Jeremie to do all that is necessary to ensure that a license is issued forthwith to the Hindu organization. The State was also ordered to pay SDMS’s legal costs for all court proceedings. In September 2009, the decade old discrimination case ended with an award to the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha of almost $3 million. The compensation was ordered in a September 22 order by Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh, who said, “What this case showed was discrimination, plain and simple.”

        Citizens of Hindu and Indian origin were further discriminated against by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the distribution of service awards. Moreover, the highest award for public service, formerly known as the “Trinity Cross,” was “perceived as a manifestation or symptom of what was, in substance if not form, a Christian state that tolerated non-Christians. It was a powerful psychological reminder of the fact that [Hindus] were merely ‘tolerated.’”

        The Maha Saba, a Hindu organization, along with a Muslim group, instituted legal action against the State regarding the use of the title “Trinity Cross.” In reference to the case, Justice Peter Jamadar stated: “This general prohibition against non-discrimination thus prohibits laws that differentiate between people on the basis of their inherent personal characteristics and attributes. Such discrimination undermines the dignity of persons, severely fractures peace and erodes freedom. Courts will not readily allow laws to stand, which have the effect of discriminating on the basis of the stated personal characteristics.” In response to the Court’s decision, the “Trinity Cross” was officially changed to the “Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago” in August 2008.

        Inequitable Distribution of Government Funds
        The previous PNM government often provided preferential treatment to particular ethnic and religious groups in the distribution of public funds. For example, a Joint Select Committee of Parliament meeting, chaired by Independent Senator Parvatee Anmolsingh-Mahabir, found that the National Social Development Programme (NSDP), a State agency, was responsible for explicit discrimination against Hindus, Muslims, Catholics, and Anglicans, while favoring predominantly Afro-Trinidadian Christian denominations. The Indo-Trinbago Equality Council (ITEC) also alleged inequitable treatment in the distribution of land to Hindu religious groups. According to the Indo-Trinbago Equality Council (ITEC), the Tobago House of Assembly allocated land to the Baptist Church in order to build a place of worship and gave $9 million to fund the Gospel Fest, while the Hindu community in Tobago continued to be marginalized.

        In addition, millions of taxpayers’ dollars were spent on St Peter’s Baptist Church, the Jesus Elam Ministries, Febeau Open Bible, Revival Time Assembly, Gospelfest, and other small politically affiliated churches, while Hindu celebrations, such as Ramleela, were denied adequate funding.

        Similarly, the US State Department’s 2009 report on international religious freedom indicated that: “A Hindu group that organizes the celebration of Phagwa (also known as Holi), a joyous celebration that marks the start of the Hindu New Year, complained about the level of government funding it received. The organization objected to the reduction of state funding from approximately $12,500 (TT$75,000) in 2007, to $10,000 (TT$60,000) in 2008, and finally to $800 (TT$5,000) in 2009. The group returned the 2009 grant in protest.”

        Indo-Trinidadians also believed that the allocation of public housing by the National Housing Authority (Home Development Corporation) and the disbursement of compensation following natural disasters, disproportionately benefitted Afro-Trinidadians under the PNM government. For example, $36 million was provided in immediate assistance to flood victims from Port City and Toco, in comparison to south and central farmers (nearly all Hindus), who did not receive any government aid and lost millions in flood damage.
        Violations of Constitution and International Law

        Constitution of Trinidad & Tobago
        Trinidad is a democratic state that “acknowledge[s] the supremacy of God [and] faith in fundamental human rights and freedoms.” Chapter 1 of the Constitution recognizes an individual’s right to “equality before the law” and freedom of religion, thought, and expression. It also guarantees the “freedom of the press,” although it does not expand upon what this freedom entails. Furthermore, the Constitution states that Parliament may not “deprive a person of the right to a fair hearing,” nor deprive a person of the right “to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.” Despite these protections, Hindus have experienced attacks on their places of worship, government sanctioned discrimination, and societal abuse until the formation of the new government in 2010 headed by Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

        International Human Rights Law
        Trinidad and Tobago signed the UN’s International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination on June 7, 1967 and ratified it on October 4, 1973. Its accession to the UN’s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights took place on December 21, 1978. The Trinidadian government has repeatedly violated these UN Covenants, however, by failing to protect its Hindu and Indian citizens and discriminating against them on ethnic and religious grounds.
        Conclusion and Recommendations

        Despite constitutional protections ensuring “equality before the law” and freedom of religion, Indians and Hindus have faced systematic discrimination and harassment/abuse. With the change in government in 2010 and an Indian/Hindu heading the new government, the conditions of the Indian/Hindu population is improving. However, it is also incumbent upon the government to guarantee fundamental rights and freedoms for all citizens and enforce civil and criminal laws in a uniform manner. Furthermore, Trinidadian leaders should discourage racial and religious stereotypes and hate speech; recognize Hindus and Indians as equal partners in the rule and governance of the nation; and distance themselves from Christian fundamentalist organizations promoting Christianization of the government and hatred against Hindus and Hinduism.

        November 1, 2014 at 12:26 am
        Another version of history.”

        HIUNDU HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Alas! Jit Samaroo was really human. When listening to his arrangements, I often wondered if he was real or from another planet. I secretly referred to him as a madman, but I suppose all geniuses can be so considered.

    Jit, Thanks for the music and Rest In Peace.

  4. Yoruba the racist wrote “Jack did not write the Indian Policy, he reported it. The totality of the evidence of the moral, spiritual, psychological and social bankruptcy of brahminist hindutva is the ultimate proof of the veracity of the Indian Policy. God has exposed it, that His Chosen may finally begin to understand who are dese people, and what dey want.”

    Yoruba, there once was a time when religious people like you thought the earth was flat instead of spherical, also that the earth revolved around the Sun and that the earth was a square planet. There was also a time called the Dark Ages where religious people like yourself used the most cruel means to slowly torture people whom they deem to be heretics. They engaged in extensive witch hunts slaughtering thousands.

    Now in those above comments you made, like Winnie and Kian with your standard three education it does not surprise me that you believe any and everything. You say Jack did not write that document, well who did? This is the same Warner who lied and was sued successfully on several occasions. Please say who is the source since you know Jack did not concocted such a document. Please get beyond your religious believism and tell us what you know or kindly shut up.

  5. Mamoo:

    Please say who is the source since you know Jack did not concocted (sic) such a document.

    Obviously the author of the Indian Policy document is an indo of about Standard 3 education, to judge from the sorts of grammatical errors made in the text, but who nevertheless has a certain arrogance about himself, in presuming to tell his indo brethren what hymn and from which hymn-book they should all be singing, and with the assurance that his indo brethren are down with the program and would indeed follow. After all, 340,000 of that sectarian minority voted to return to office the most corrupt and also inept government in this country’s history. The profile suggests a pundit or a politician, in either case of political influence within the indo community.

    I was about 11 years old when the pundits came to my street to visit the indo families and told them even then what they had to do: buy land, because he who owns the land owns the country, and don’t sell to the “niggas”. Cro Cro sang about t’iefing in Common Entrance several decades ago.

    So the Indian Plan/Policy is of long standing, requiring only mere update from election to election. It is an open secret that is nevertheless unknown to most of my afro brethren, because in our lack of guile, being true Israelites of the seed, we tend also to be forgiving, forgetting, and gullible to a fault. Leladharsingh was right at least in that respect, in his objectionable remarks about “gullible niggers (sic)”.

    So I consider it my duty to bring this racist brahminist hindutva document to their attention. They will make up their minds. Guileless and gullible we may be to a fault. But that is not the same as being stupid. We are far from being that.

    I am glad that Alyssa and Kian and others of my afro brethren are alive to the sectarian war of aggression being covertly pursued by the disloyal indo in our midst. And I am especially glad that Alyssa has researched deeply into its well-springs in the brahminist caste-mind, that clearly infects the dalits that came to these shores escaping their sad lot in Mother India literally having to eat sh*t to satisfy brahminist delusions about varna and dharma. Fine, if you believe in that. But don’t bring it here, and attempt to recreate another hell-hole that you were only too glad to leave behind (otherwise, why was the option to return to India not exercised?)

    Now in all of that, I am being anti-racist, not racist. I do not preach or practice any sort of race-based oppression, quite unlike the Indian Policy. I have no wish to make slaves of the indo in this land. By contrast, the Indian Policy states boldly, “make the niggas (sic) your slaves”. I did not write it. But it rings true as something that would be vomited from the guts of brahminist hindu supremacists. That animus and agenda go back in T&T at least 87 years in remarks that have been documented by one F.E.M Hosein. The animus toward “negroes” of V.S. Nightpall have been admitted by him, and is palpable in many of his writings. So the racism, and the racial animus to go with it, lies at the door of the indo in this land. If anything, the afro in this land have bent over backward to accommodate, and indeed to knuckle under to this or that racial and political blackmail engineered under a long-standing Indian Policy of covert aggression against the creole host in this land.

    I am here to say, Enough! Our afro youth must be inoculated against the clear attempt, clearly outlined in the Indian Policy document, to make them slaves in the house that their forefathers built long before Indian arrival. That is why I speak as I do.

    My prayer is for peace and comity in this land. The Indian Policy is a satanic agenda that will accomplish the opposite, if it is mindlessly embraced by indo youth. They too I address, that they may look with revulsion upon this brahminist hindutva nonsense, and if not with revulsion, at the very least with the realization that that way lies overt war.

    I do not address your nonsense about Dark Ages. Holy Writ was always clear about the earth being “round”. Holy Writ was always clear that Satan for the time being is lord of this world. Therefore, his agents, like the brahminist hindus, and sundry Gentile idolaters of this or that persuasion, including, I’m not afraid to say, those in the Vatican, have advanced Satan’s agenda of wickedness. Such should not be laid at my door.

    May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and the wicked schemes that they wickedly devise and pursue, that they may be thwarted. And may He protect the innocent, and the guileless, that we may have peace and comity in this land.


    1. “Obviously the author of the Indian Policy document is an indo of about Standard 3 education”
      Again I kindly ask you to name the source of this document that you obviously as a religious nut believes in. You have not and continue to promote a lie written by the chief liar Mr Warner. I have shown you that he had reason to promote such ethnocentric thinking because of his hate agenda. He used his own sons to do money laundering, what kind of father would do that to his children.

      The real slave masters of African people has been the PNM and there handlers. They built ghettoes in Beetham, Laventille and Morvant. To this day those places produce people like you Kian and Winnie, filled with hate and suspicion. You believe anything that you read and that is scary but not surprising because mind control exist.

      1. because mind control exist…

        This you amply demonstrate, but with yourself as the example, not me.

        Furthermore, a billion people in India are brainwashed to greater or lesser degree by brahminist notions of caste. Alyssa has schooled us on the caste-mind retentions even among converts — Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, and Sikh — consciously fleeing brahminist hinduism.

        Your own brainwashing is clear to any discerning reader of this blog. For here it is, you are a dalit, escaped from the brahminist slavery imposed by your so-called dharma, and yet you defend brahminist hindutva. And attack the messenger as “racist”. Sad.

        You proudly point to the “first” dalit billionaire, and it does not strike you the implications of him having made his billions outside of India! It also does not strike you that he had to have escaped his dharma also, putting him outside the law which you consider racist for Alyssa and me and others to dare to condemn! Hypocrite!

        May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and open the eyes of the guileless and gullible, that they might see the satanic agenda of the wicked in our midst.


        1. “For here it is, you are a dalit, escaped from the brahminist slavery imposed by your so-called dharma, and yet you defend brahminist hindutva. And attack the messenger as “racist”. Sad.”—Yoruba.

          This is the standard 3 level of thinking I have to deal with. I escape “brahminist slavery” sounds more like a statement Lucifer would make to me. You escape my plans for you. But that is not surprising. This blog has been reduced to name calling, Hindu, Hinduvta, Indian, brahminist, India, caste etc.It has centered around race which I value as a sacred treasure given to me by my creator. I respect other races in fact much of what I have learned came from other races.

          As I have written before I don’t live in India nor do I know much about India except through Bollywood. I don’t even know the language. So with your standard 3 level of education I find it rather amusing and a bit entertaining that Lucifer appears as an angel of light on this board quoting Scripture and all. And trying to associate me with the caste system. A system I don’t know much about but expected to have some association with.hmmm. It is this infantile view of the world that is rather disappointing. A man quoting some document from a known thief and liar and sadly believing it with all his heart is an example of a degenerate soul. I expected that this blog site would graduate to a level of intellectual vigor that would stimulate my thinking, instead I have to deal with 3 blind mice..

          1. nor do I know much about India except *through Bollywood*. I don’t even know the language.

            If you were aware of your brainwashing, then you could do something about it. And that is being kind.

            In fact, Yeshua admonishes us to be not as the horse or mule without understanding; Psalm 32. We are to heed the sometimes very slight signs that he sends, that nevertheless speak volumes. When He condemned the Edomite Pharisees of his day, He did not mince words, and gave us the clue that applies to the Edomites of this day:

            “Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye *cannot hear* my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:43-44)

            Brainwashing may be reversed by careful, patient, re-education. But there are those that literally “cannot hear”, and are locked in. You are one such, such is your blindness, and deafness. You are a reflexive liar and deceiver, as may be expected of a spawn of Satan such as Yeshua condemned.

            By all means continue in your denial. You make a perfect exhibit for my afro brethren, ignorant of our true nationality as Hebrew Israelites of the seed, guileless sons of Jacob walking amongst wolves, who ask with astonihment and little understanding, “who are dese people, and what dey want?”.

            Yeshua described them accurately against this day that we might accordingly be forewarned. And they reveal themselves as literal spawn of Satan in such scribblings as href=>Indian Policy. It is wholly consistent with brahminist hindutva teaching as to varna=colour=caste and dharma=ordained life path determined by caste. Read it and weep, but have your eye opened.

            May the Most High continue to expose the wicked and the wicked devices that they wickedly devise, that they may be thwarted in their evil plans. And may He protect the innocent, and wake us up to His mysteries, that we may know the truth that will make us free.


        2. YORUBA!! Ohhh Nooo did he mention the first Dalit Billionaire as some sort of ‘proof’ that casteism/racism has ‘progressed’ in India?? LoL…WOW…He ssems to be setting himself & his ideology up for ridicule…Please ask him Yoruba…ask him if… (google first) THAT VERY SAME Dalit Billionaire., is able to buy A SINGLE PLOT OF LAND in the vicinity of ‘Caste-Hindus’ i.e. actual hindus (low & upper caste)…Answer THAT and it will give a vivid picture of ‘progress’ in relation to caste in India!Thanks for setting up this punch!

    1. He is so deep in brainwashed denial, if you hit him upside the head with a clue-stick, he still wouldn’t have a clue…


      1. They won’t sell that land to a Dalit…

        They’re doing the same right here in T&T, but with the “niggas” (intended term of offence, not endearment) playing the role of the new dalits. Erstwhile dalits like Mamoo and Kangal seek of course to be recaste (!) as brahmins in this sweet T&T. Some, like every caste mahar that changed his name to Maharaj, have become brahmins by the proverbial boat. It takes a certain chutzpah, as their Edomite brethren the fake so-called Jews might call it.

        For my “Negro” brethren that do not think it possible that we are the real sons of Israel, and of the southern kinddom of Judah, therefore the real “Jews”, take a look at one picture of what we looked like during the Babylon captivity. Even then we were renowned for our musical gift:

        “By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion. We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof. For there they that carried us away captive required of us a song; and they that wasted us required of us mirth, saying, Sing us one of the songs of Zion.” (Psalm 137:1-4)

        May the Most High pour out His spirit that my “Negro” brethren may awake to the remembrance of who, really, we are as a people.


  6. ” It was the NAR and UNC who saw it fit to give him national awards for his contributions.”

    Therein lies the ironic reason as to why your tribe has only won two out of 500 elections in the past 53 years of our nation’s existence, and after the utter rubbish that existed ,over the past 5 years , which was proffered as authentic stewardship , by political lightweight Kamla , and her PP goons, is destined to lie in the political wilderness, for hopefully , another 3 decade.
    This revolting , defeatist habit , of unwarranted gloating , over every agenda driven act, is not only tedious , but pathetic – even for you , members of the self aggrandizing/ country hating tribe.
    Here is a typical breakdown:-
    1. Some poor , inconsequential bloke ,get’s knock down on the Beetham Highway, and before you cut a ribbon to open a stupid walkway, the minions have to remind the desperate folks , that Africans ignored them , while Indians saviors did not- even if it was after the folks had to resort to burning tires, to get any attention.
    2. It came to the fore otra zez , via ‘you alze’ quest to further that delusion triumphalist narrative, al la Afro neglectful leaders, vis a vis caring Indos during the recently concluded THA elections , as your Siparia Hindustani leader, ran to Tobago, promising the world , if citizens followed Tobago Duckman Jack , and vote UNC . They lambasted every leader on the island ward as evil , and crooked PNM stooges, while portraying themselves as benevolent saviors.
    Not only would we give every unemployed Tobagonian a gas station , and a pension for life (they seem to suggest )but unlike the Afro dominant PNM , self government, and if you wish Independence- as if it’s their’s to give.
    Fortunately, voters gave them the middle finger, but sadly paid a huge price of continued neglect, verbal denunciation, by Kamla’s spiritual guru Sat , and ugly treats of ostracism, and humiliating beat down of the THA- all because they felt compelled to exercise their democratic right, as they deemed fit.
    It didn’t matter for many, as they kept their dignity / pride,and in de end, contributed to the most welcome effort ,aimed at ouster of a destructive UNC egime.
    3.You build a hospital, and there is gloating, even as our healthcare service nosedive , due to the sub par work of Dr Goopiesing quasi educated , corrupt student doctors.
    4. You hand out a few stupid , fragile lap tops , even as internet remains a bank drainer for poor folks ,and you gloat.
    5. You hand out a few HDC houses , chiefly to the tribe , already with 10 acres of stolen State land ,and there is gloating.
    Fast forward to 2016 , and here is this simi literate , braying cyber donkey Mamboo, jumping to the high heavens , all because -as claimed -NAR , and UNC gave Jit awards.
    Now as to the subject at hand , as laid out by Uncle Shah . I am talking about ‘Jit’s hallmark of humility.’
    Let me see if I get this clear Uncle Shah. Prior to when a simple young man , named Jit ,came down from the northern Hills of Lopinot to team up with Dr Rat , and his Fellow Afro Trini , pan beating savages on Charlotte Street, our Steel pan , was merely “biscuit drum,” and had he not intervened to fine tune same , we citizens ,would not be blessed with dem fully chromed tenors, cellos and similar instruments that we take for granted today?Did I get that correct?
    Somewhere out there in heaven , or hell , Roudolph Charles ,and Robert Greennige ,must be holding their heads in consternation , and cowering in fear , for given the opportunity , Uncle Shah , might exclaim likewise , that Jit not only invented pan, but Amoco Renegades ,and not Despers steel band ,made the most significant contributions to Steel pan, which made it what it is today – a globally adored instrumental treasure- second to none other.
    I am not too certain if these national heroes got their due, or worst yet , if any Trinidadian under 50 knows anything about them , in like manner to their lack of knowledge of Jit. However another debate , for another occasion.
    Our treatment of national heroes , be they sporting , artistic , or otherwise, have been most unfortunate.

    Here is my full take on honor, or lack thereof , for heroic pioneers , especially in our case of the African persuasion:- It is not only in T&T, but globally , African contributions, which assisted in to furtherance of overall civilization as a whole , and what a sick tragedy.
    In America Por ejemplo,,a fat drug fein called Elvis Presley, got all the fame and glory, for popularizing Rock and Roll, as stalwarts , such as Chuck Berry, and Little Richards, were given the Middle fingers , by white establishment types.
    Every White , brown , yellow , and Black kid across the globe has suddenly embrace Rap/ Hip Hop, as a sociological symbol of protest , and fight against the establishment .
    In America , it is still viewed as music for low caste African inner city gang Bangers , and illiterate ,dysfunctional hoodlums, even as entertainment media chose to now label White guy called Emenem ,the greatest Rapper of all time.
    The Blues , and Jazz, are no longer considered music for Africans , as White artist ,as well as their fans ,have shamefully hijacked same , and used them for their own ends.
    In contrast to many purist, I tend to feel proud however , when others embrace Afrocentric art forms, as art ,along with sports- as most of us fully knows -can be a useful bridge building tool , towards a more noble future, for us all.
    Whether it relates to foods, music , or any other endeavors ,in their efforts to feel loved , appreciated, and wanted by ‘the other,’ Africans ( especiallly in our ethnically confuse T&T) must not be encouraged to ignore their culture, as it sends a wrong subliminal message to a younger generation. In two more years Carnival would be dead , and buried i Tobago. As for big brother Trinidad. Chutney Soca , would be the main event come Carnival , as Dance Hall is the new craze.
    It won’t surprise me one bit , that not a single kid from Nelson Street , or Success Lavantille , ever got a music scholarship, after their respective schools dominated the Junior Panorama Festivals landscapes , over the decades.
    One can surely guess, that Jit Samaroo Orchestra kids did. Now trust me ,when I say , we ain’t hating , but just pointing out a most common reality,si?

    In addition , the million dollar question which should be asked is this :- Since as Uncle Shah claim , humility made Jit excel in an African dominant art form, would a similarly humble kid ,from Never Dirty Morvant, Gangsterville Upper Gonzales/ Belmont , Mt Dor , or Carenage , be allowed to enter Los Bajos , Tabaquite , Oropuche , Aranguez , Chagurnas ,or Couva , to participate in Tassa Drumming , and annual Chutney Music extravaganzas ,to the same extent, in the hope of winning a few titles, and better yet , would he/she get a chance to excel?
    Returning to the issue of NAR, just why did it fail as a government , and political party?
    Put differently , and using humility as an overriding theme. Who was expected to be humble in that relationship? Was it opportunistic 10 seats ULF Basdeo Panday – unable to gain political power , for diverse reasons- , or rather , the more electable ,two seat Tobago Ahhh weee- Bouy – ANR Robinson?
    We won’t ever know , as the revengeful neo Machievellian fall out , by these two proud, British Educated , strong willed leaders ,has contributed to ugly political gridlocks , we citizens , are forced to live with, even as late as today.
    Sing with me and Dr David Rudder , people ,”AH whe de man with the hammer gone? Tell me …tell me whe he gone!”
    Thanks to a great innovative pan pioneer in nationally ignored ,Rudolph Charles.
    Muchas Gracias to our cultural Ambassador Robert Greenidge.

    Poety in motion people!
    Play music guys!

    Thanks Dr Pat Bishop, for your sterling contributions to your race ,art, and nation as a whole.
    Thanks Jit Samaroo, for serving as a positive vehicle for social change , using art / pan music, as a platform.
    Deep condolences to your entire family , and community .
    The optimist in me say , that if multicultural / Cosmopolitan Brazil , with an almost exact history as ours ,can get it right with respect to their national treasure in Samba , then in time, so can we in what South African Dr Desmond Tutu ,affectionately called ,”Rainbow Nation ,”si?
    Luv Humanity people!

  7. Yoruba, I came across this video and found that it raised some interesting conversations of race, ethnicity, religion and racism. You have written quite extensively on this topic of our ancestry and genealogy and the subject of this video, Mostafa Herny, an has raised the issues of the white man’s dilemma with the black man. i.e. : when he is considered black and when he is considered ‘white’, yes white!. I have read similar articles, where white correspondents have tried to describe the people of Burundi as ‘white’, even though they are obviously black. What is the white man’s problem with black identity?
    Comment please.

    1. What is the white man’s problem with black identity?

      Deep question and a deep subject.

      Ultimately, only a scriptural answer will do, I’m afraid, the matter is by now so convoluted and entangled. It is only Scripture that will cut through all the crap, and with the deftness and surety needed for one to *know* that one one is on solid ground.

      First thing: the relevant categories of identity are mis-specified. If your categories of thought are wrong, then any conclusion you come to in terms of those categories, also will be wrong. The principle is present in high school geometry. If you start with a wrong axiom, you can “prove” anything whatsoever … that is also false.

      So here is the thing. There are no “white” people. There are no “black” people. Literally. Therefore, to speak of “white” people and of “black” people is to adopt a sort of short-hand of description of identity. Once we take the terms literally, as descriptors of identity, we are in trouble. But the logical brain-computer is such, that that is exactly what people do.

      Enter Mr. Hefny. By skin-colour and phenotype, Mr. Hefny is a “black” man. Buttttt…. some U.S. bureaucratic regulation has determined that Egyptians are to be classified as “white”, for purposes of the U.S. system of racial classification. Ergo, the “black” Mr. Hefny is “white”. A skilled lawyer will see nothing absurd in this conclusion, for to a skilled lawyer, words may be made to mean whatever they are defined to mean, for purposes of whatever the legal discourse under consideration. In the same way, it is actually not at all a legal absurdity for the “Negro” to be defined as “three-fifths” of a human being under U.S. constitutional law, for the purposes of apportioning seats in the Congress to the respective states. And constitutionally the U.S. Supreme Court Justice was actually quite correct at the time when he said that the “Negro” had no rights that the “white” man need respect. That was a legal finding, not a moral one.

      In the present case, we have a similar situation proving that the law is an ass. But more to the point, we have the problem stated at the outset: when one’s categories of thought are in error, absurdities are bound to result.

      The only antidote to such absurdities of identity is Scripture. God let us know from *whom* all the various branches of the human family descend. That delineation is given in Genesis Chap. 10. The delineation does not mention skin colour (although it lets us know by and by that the Kushites are a dark-skinned people, and that the children of Judah likewise; Judah 14:2, elsewhere). It mentions seedline. But obviously, if skin colour is a heritable trait, it will become a good shorthand by association, that the Kushites are a “black” people.

      Who then was the father of the “white” people? Search the scriptures! You find there is none. There is no “white” patriarch, like there is a “black” man, Kush, renowned for having sired a nation of very dark-skinned people. And going up the family tree, we see Ham was the father of Kush, and he too was reputed to be dark-skinned. Thus, the Zondervan Bible Dictionary correctly describes Ham as follows:

      “Ham – The youngest son of Noah, born probably about 96 years before the Flood; and one of eight persons to live through the Flood. He became the progenitor of the dark races; not the Negroes, but the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and Canaanites.”

      That’s the clue right there. Within the context of U.S. law pertaining to the “Negroes”, we are “black” in contradistinction to the “white” people who were the “We the People” that founded the Republic. That designation, “We the People”, manifestly did not include those who were enslaved. That is why, for the purposes of apportioning seats within the U.S. Congress, slaves were not ordinarily to be counted; they (we) had no vote after all. But it was a political compromise that the slave-owning states negotiated that allowed enslaved “Negros” to be counted for the purposes of seats, but at the rate of 3/5-ths of a person who was “free, white, and 21” (some whites actually also were not free, believe it or not). And initially the franchise was restricted to those who were free, white, 21, owned property, and were not bankrupt. The enslaved “Negro” was therefore not “American” in that sense, and not a party to the Declaration of Independence, nor a citizen of the Republic, but counted only for the purpose of apportioning seats, and then only at the rate of 3/5-ths.

      The point. The notion of a “white” person acquired meaning in terms of U.S. law, and at the level of the Federal constitution, as well as at the level of the several states, obviously. And the notion of the “white” person was needed to make a distinction vis-a-vis the “Negro” as a class, that did not join the Union in free association with “We the People”.

      The 13th and 14th Amendments abolished slavery (except under express conditions that still apply today to state prisoners, who are held in bondage and may be made to work legally as slaves) and allowed the “Negro” to join the association of “We the People”, but with limitations. I put the matter very non-technically. The point is, that “racial” distinction remains part of the U.S. Law, hence an immigrant such as Hefny had to be classified on arrival. And he could not be classed as a “Negro” because the circumstances of his joining “We the People” was not that of the “Negro”.

      Now, all of that has nothing to do with how one is perceived walking down the street. Mr. Hefny would be seen by everyone, based on skin colour, and phenotype, to be “black” in the non-literal sense.

      That is part of the matter.

      The other part of the matter is the business about ancient Egypt, and the ideological necessity (white supremacy) to separate the “Negro” from the accomplishment of ancient Egypt. Hence the Zondervan definition of Ham, carefully separating the dark-skinned Hamites from the more or less equally dark0skinned “Negros”, served a useful purpose from the perspective of white supremacy ideology. It served their purpose to classify the Hamites, though dark-skinned, as “white”, if only to deny the “Negro” any claim to that ancient accomplishment.

      Holy Scripture delineates the matter very carefully. We the “Negro” had an association with ancient Egypt alright. We were enslaved there by Pharaoh. But only after our forefather, Joseph, had distinguished himself, and was at one point viceroy in the land, and only after the “Negro” had elicited envy and jealousy because of their accomplishment. (Not including the pyramids and Sphinx at Giza, which were pre-Flood constructions, prior even to Noah). That is why we were enslaved in the first place.

      But come back to the progenitor of the “white” people. Again, there is none. Just as dark-skinned people come from different seedlines, e.g. Ham vs “Negro” minimally, so too white-skinned people cut across seedlines. I’ve written before about the origin of white skin in what Scripture calls “leprosy”. Miriam was turned leprous, “white as snow”; Numbers 12:9; Gehazi was turned white as snow; 2 Kings 5:27.

      In this way, white skin entered the world, and also through the gene that governs albinism, inherited from Noah, the father of all, who was white-skinned albino. In order to have dark-skinned Ham, his wife had to be dark-skinned also. I have been guided, hear or forebear, that Noah’s three sons were all dark-skinned, with Ham the darkest, Japheth the lightest, and Shem in between. The “Negro” comes from SHem through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But the possibility of turning white was present for all the seedlines and gave rise to a white people, and in some sense a series of white “races” as white people moved to the cooler climes, and established there new cultures. But white people, like dark-skinned people, all derive from exactly one, by paternal seedline, of Ham, Shem, or Japheth. For example, the DNA of Thomas Jefferson is Canaanite, from Canaan, the last son of Ham, and he too was dark-skinned like his brothers Kush (Ethiopians), Mizraim (Egypt), and Phut (Somalia). There are many Canaanites of the seed still in Palestine today, and they are a dark-skinned people, and called as a term of derogation, Kushi, by the white-skinned Khazar Jews, who are not Israelite at all, but Khazar of the line of Japheth. The table of nations lays it all out in Genesis 10.

      To summarize, our identity is only and solely, determined by seedline, not skin colour. Nevertheless, skin colour is today an overlay of that seedline identity, that cuts across seedline. Brother Hefny is likely Hamite, not Arab. The Arabs are of the seed of Shem, close relation of the “Negro” via Ishmael, the older brother of Isaac, and uncle of Jacob. But they have been mixed and bleached out almost beyond recognition. The Egyptians today are a mulatto people with a full colour spectrum, just like the Caribbean. A lot of them are of the seed of Japheth, through the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Even earlier there would have been in-mixing from Greece under Alexander, and later under Roman invasion. And prior to that, there would have been invasion from the Persians (Shemitic) and Medes (Japheth again). The Arab conquest would have been neither here nor there in terms of skin colour, because there were black Arabs and red Arabs both undertaking the conquest. Be that as it may, the original Hamites would have fled south in the face of the succession of foreign conquests. See The Destruction of Black Civilization by …(forget the name right now). In any case, Scripture prophesied exactly that Mizraim would be scattered back into Pathros (inner Africa) and there become a base nation. So said, so it has become.

      Bro. Hefny is “black” as to phenotype, likely Hamitic (Mizraim) as to seedline, but he is not “Negro”. In the context of U.S. Law, he can be whatever the law in its asinine, but legal logic, allows him to be.

      Hope that helps. Must run. No time to proof-read.


          1. Yoruba, your reply was so complicated and thorough that it would take me some bible studies to get a full understanding of it. But I’m on board with the explanation you gave and will continue to seek knowledge about these matters. I do welcome your valued commentary and look forward to learning more.

  8. your reply was so complicated and thorough that it would take me some bible studies to get a full understanding of it.

    Had I more time, I might have been able to shorten and simplify it. The two video clips will give more scriptural background and authority, but they do not per se address the case of the Egyptian brother.

    The main thing is that “black” and “white” do not define identity in a real sense. That is determined by seedline according to Scripture.

    The Y-DNA that passes from father to son is scientific corroboration of the notion that identity is a matter of patrilineal seedline as Holy Scripture teaches.

    In that sense, every so-called “white” person on the planet traces back genetically to a dark-skinned patriarch, namely either Ham, Shem, or Japheth.

    In the same sense, every so-called “black” person on the planet, and every dark-skinned person more precisely, traces back to the father-of-all, Noah, who was albino, and therefore a “white” man by skin colour; see Book of Enoch, para. 106.

    And all the seed of Gehazi, a “black” Israelite, would today be “white”, otherwise God is a liar; 2 Kings 5:27.

    What I’m trying to say is that skin colour is not, repeat not, a reliable indicator of seedline identity, even though skin colour is for the most part a heritable trait.

    That said, the sons of Ham — Kush, Mizraim, Phut, and Canaan — gave rise to dark-skinned races. Kush was called Ethiops (= burnt-face) by the Greeks, hence the name Ethiopia. Mizraim was called Egyptos (= black feet) by the Greeks, hence the name Egypt. The founding race of India was called Indus-Kush or Eastern Ethiopia, which is why there is a strain of very dark-skinned, though straight-haired people in India today. They are a dark-skinned race of people, but they are not “Negro”.

    At the same time, when we understand that the “Negro” are actually Israelites of the seed, and dark-skinned, we may understand for example how Joseph was mistaken by all his Israelite brethren for being an Egyptian. And when Jacob and all his clan went down into Egypt, a total of 70-odd souls, it was to mingle seed with the Egyptians. They took of them wives from amongst the Egyptians. That is why looking at the statuary etc., it is easy for the “Negro” to think that we are Egyptian. Yes, much of our DNA will be indistinguishable from the Hamitic Mizraim, but the Y-DNA, that passes from father to son, will trace back to Jacob. We resemble the Egyptians, but we are in biblical terms, and by patrilineal identity, Israelites of the seed.

    Get the drift?

    So do not think in terms of skin colour. Some of our Israelite brethren would today be “white” of skin. Again, otherwise God would be a liar; 2 Kings 5:27. The tribe of Ephraim is notably and principally “white”; they are the Anglo-Saxon rednecks, crakkas and hillbillies of America, and the British tommies and “teddy-boys” of the 60s — these one way or another fulfilled Jeremiah’s prophecy and became the “battle-axe” of Empire; Jeremiah 51:20 if memory serves. That they would be at logger-heads with Judah, principally the “Negro”, also was prophesied, as well as an end-times reconciliation. But Esau has been pulling their chain, just as much as he has been pulling ours. All these are long and deep stories.

    The main thing is that if you see your identity only as colour, Satan has you ensnared. You will then have logical conundrums to disentangle, like Bro. Hefny.

    I don’t like the term, “Negro”, because that too is a byword or nickname. But I prefer it to “black”, because all kinds of people who are not “Negro”, also are “black”. And there are lots of light and bright skin people, e.g Colin Powell who are only “black” by seedline, but his skin tone is far from melanated. It’s too big a stretch really to call him “black”, but “Negro” is more specific, more precise. That ties him to a specific seedline of people that made the trans-Atlantic passage. Bro. Hefny’s seedline did not. Another example is the famous “Negro” Congressman from Harlem, forget his name, but he to all appearances looked and could pass for white. But he identified as “Negro”.

    Btw some of those British teddy-boys of the 60s, reputed juvenile delinquents, gave the West Indian immigrants hell in the 60s. Today their children are amongst those that have embraced Pan, and have no problem with the rhythm!

    We have Israelite brethren amongst the native Hawaiians. They today still refer to a priest as a “kahuna” (cf. “cohen”). They are awakening to Israelite identity. Meantime halfway around the world, there is a Zulu tribe, the Lemba, who have the highest incidence of the Cohen Modal Haplotype Y-DNA gene, over 50%, as compared to 10-15% for those of the so-called Jews who claim a priestly lineage!

    The identity question is crucial, It is a big part of the truth that shall make us free. As I say, “Negro” is a nickname, a proverb. But so is “black”, and it is worse, because it retreats from a precise delineation of our identity. And so is “African”, and for the same reason. It is allegedly more dignified. But by associating ourselves with an entire continent, we make it harder to pinpoint identity, not easier. We may then confused ourselves thinking, even insisting, that we are Hamite. Yes we are mixed with them, in particular with the Egyptians, in whose land we were formed as a nation. But in Scriptural terms, by paternal seedline, we are of the seed of the Jacob, brought back into Egypt (bondage) because of our disobedience, yet heir to the Promise.

    Be clear: Holy Scripture is our story as a people. The Gentiles have made it into a religion. But for us, it is our history, our prophetic destiny, our moral code, and our handbook, all rolled into one. We cannot escape our destiny, we can only embrace it the hard way or the easy way. The hard way is to be ensnared by Satan into ways of thought that lead us and keep us disobedient to and separated from our God.

    In sum, the issue is not colour, it is seedline. If we identify as colour, we will have logical conundrums to face as with Bro. Hefny. It is also not landmass. Yes we sojourned in Africa. But where are we today? The Y-DNA goes with you wherever *you* go; the last landmass of our sojourn does not. So the Fijians are our brethren, the native Hawaiians are our brethren, the negritos of the Philippines are our brethren. Even the British teddy-boys! The full colour spectrum. But not all “black” people are our brethren of prophecy, and not all “white” people are the Edomite enemy of prophecy.

    I hope this additional commentary helps. Again I don’t have time to proof-read, polish or sharpen. Interpolate accordingly.


    1. I cannot ask for more Yoruba!. You have been very gracious and patient with my questions and I do appreciate it very much. I have some familiarity with the story of the Lemba tribe of South Africa. Extensive research was done on their claims to Jewish ancestry and it has been scientifically confirmed, that their seedline also came from Israel. I am glad I brought up the subject because you have enlightened me not only on the issues but also of my own seedline. May you be around for a very long time and please continue making the splendid contributions to this here cyberspace.

      1. Kian,

        Thanks for the kind words.

        Re the Lemba being “Jewish”:

        They and we are not “Jewish” in the normal connotation of that word. That word has been co-opted by the fake so-called “Jews”. They are “Jewish” by religion and ethno-culture, but they are not Jews by seedline. The 10-15% frequency of the Cohen modal haplotype among the inherited priestly class would have derived from the actual Levites of the seed that were brought to Khazaria to convert them to Judaism. That 10-15% amongst the Cohens does not make the Khazarians as a whole, of the seed of Jacob or Levi. The Lemba on the other hand descend from Jacob through Levi, which would explain the still high prevalence of the Cohen modal haplotype, and for the general male population, not just a priestly subgroup within it as for the so-called Jews.

        The so-called Jews as such, are not, repeat not, a validating reference sample for who are seedline sons of Jacob, notwithstanding the Cohen modal haplotype Y-DNA that has been tied to the Cohens amongst them.

        We the “Negro” in the former British West Indies are of the tribe of Benjamin; hear or forebear. Those in the U.S. are literal tribe of Judah. Those in Haiti are tribe of Levi, like the Lemba. (It is easy to imagine the phonetic drift: Levi -> Le’ba -> Lemba, or some such).

        Judah, Benjamin and half of Levi together constituted the southern kingdom, termed collectively the kingdom of Judah. In that sense, we are the real “Jew”, not the fake Jews who “say they are Jews and are not” (Revelation 2:9, 3:9; Daniel 11:14).

        In other words, the descendants of the original Cohens (priests) that converted the Khazars cannot confer their Israelite-ness to the rest of the Khazars, who obviously remain by seedline overwhelmingly Japhethic. That explains the relatively low frequency of the Cohen modal haplotype among the so-called Jews, even the hereditary priests, as compared with the true-Jew Lemba. Nevertheless, amongst the Jewish Cohens, some indeed (10-15%) will be literal seed of Jacob, via Levi.

        This is important for the following reason. God gives His word *only* to seedline sons of Jacob; Exodus 19:5-6, Psalms 147:19-20; Deuteronomy 18:18-19. Nowadays his seedline sons come in all skin colours and have been scattered into all kingdoms of the world. When therefore someone steps forward claiming to be a bearer or interpreter of God’s word, they may be dismissed as false if there is no chance that they are of the seedline of Jacob. It takes discernment to see it sometimes. But it cannot be a matter simply that they have to look “negro”. I’m persuaded that Bro. William Branham was a true prophet, and he was a hill-billy. Similarly, I’m persuaded that this young Israeli had a true revelation (will post link). But it’s not *because* he is Israeli. And if he had a true revelation, it is because he is a rare Israeli that is actually Israelite of the seed.


  9. I want to deal with this issue before it dies down…this article by Raffique Shah highlights it. It is important that African trinidadians, fiercely defend their history, lest ‘others’ chagne it to suit their own ethnic group ego. Although i believe Raffique Shah’s articles to reflect a Non Malicious mindset, and that he tries to be objective…his ethnic (indian) bias must be accounted for. In this article, he says that Jit “helped” transform biscuit drum to the steelpan. THAT is a LIE! Jit sammaroo, was born in 1950-1951….the Steelpan was invented in the 1930’s! It seems very difficult for the indian community to accept that they did not take part in this invention. The Steelpan, was ‘Transitioned’ from Biscuit Drum by AFRICAN Trinidadians from East Port Of Spain! Period!…The notion that someone can come along 3+ decades later, after that transition was made, to “Help” with the transition is LUDICROUS….Jit is akin to a composer in an orchestra…one of the finest, producing the best melodies….can this be used to say helped to create the the clarinet?? Or the trumpet? This is why it is so dangerous to have Non-Africans in T&T ‘recalling’ our history, to OUR children! As i said before, i do not believe Raffique Shah to be Malicious to african history, but as many Indians do, he seems to want his ethnic group to ‘share’ bragging rights, or to be a part of that history…malicious or no, it is incorrect & disrespectful to African people! “Ethnic Theft” of inventions from Africans as a group & individually, is not unique to T&T…”capoeira” & Steelpan, share a common History!
    Capoeira, is an african Brazilian martial art, that was used to defeat slave ships (mutiny), transporting SLAVES from Africa to Brazil. Capoeira blossomed from Africans ON THE WAY TO Brazil, and was pioneered by the said Africans IN BRAZIL and was always known to be a ‘nigger’ endevour(100’s of years). The state of Brazil (europeans/whites), NEVER accepted this Art Form as even ‘National’ However, in the 1980’s, through the hard work of the art forms’ exponents, Capoeira became internationally renowned, through Television & Visual Media…THEN, after Europeans all over the world expressed interest, and the art form became somewhat prestigious & lucrative, the calls began to be made from those who do not identify as african, to refer to it as a (generally) ‘Brazilian’ Martial art, and not a African Brazilian Martial Art…see?? Kumar Mahabir, the UNC ‘Hindu’ agent, was placed in UTT by Kamla-baba, to continue his “good work” from U.W.I, is the originator of this propaganda that steelpan came from tassa…he also claims that africans tried to takeover T&T in 1970, in a totalitarian way…This man, is spreading these misrepresentations of our history, at the educational institutions that our children & great, great grandchildren will be fed false history.

    1. One of the problems with our people is the fact that we are quick to accept and take things for granted. I was heartened just a few minutes ago, when the Majority Leader Camille Robinson Regis asked for the adjournment of the house to 10:00 am on January 21st, stating that the Opposition was in agreement with this, another PNM member asked her to not take them seriously because they are likely to change their minds and say that they did not agree to that. This is the Parliament, the highest law making body in the land and if there is mistrust of the Opposition there, then it follows that we, as the population must learn from this example of whom we should trust with things that are important to us as a people. Alyssa, I commend you for bringing this matter up to our attention because, it is the simple things that you don’t think of on the spot that will come back to haunt you. On the political side we saw so many reversals on the part of the UNC that there is nothing we can lay trust on them to be faithful to. Pan is serious business. It is our national instrument, it came from that part of the country where the Opposition (UNC) castigates as the worst part of the country. They say (without restraint), that Laventille is the worst part of the country and as such nothing good can come from there. The fact of the matter is, Laventille is the district of the country that gave us PAN – period. Dr. Rowley, in his wisdom has indicated that our history be taught in our schools. I think that it should form an important part of our curriculum and there should be fervent debates about our history in elementary and secondary schools. We should commission serious writers to narrate out history about our past with accuracy. There should be no duplicity nor should there be no complexity about the facts that are narrated and published, thereby leaving nothing to interpretation by succeeding generations. Slavery was a brutal an important fact in our history. We are still suffering the effects of that history. The names that we, the descendants of slavery carry do not represent our true ancestral heritage.
      My last name is Scottish even though I am black. While there might be some legitimate claims to why I am so named, the question should also be asked why didn’t I be named after my great, great African grandfather? That would have represented my true nature. It is therefore incumbent on our PrimeMinister to follow through with his suggestion to allow our educational process to remember where came from.
      By the same token, there are many so-calloed intellectuals,
      (especially hindus) who are too willing to deny us that from which we came and that is unfortunate and an aberration. WHEN one gets to the point where he/she is considered ‘an intellectual’, emanating from that individual should be not just honesty but also professionalism. It is also unfortunate that for the past five years, we have been inundated with people from the educational class, carrying all the credentials of an intellectual misleading us into believing things that are totally untrue. We should establish some kind of certification and decertification process where such unfortunate things happen, they should be faced and challenged for their dishonesty and decertified, if necessary. I am tempted to call names but for the sake of authenticity I will abstain. There should be a clarion call to all good members of society to come forward and subscribe to telling our stories to our children and grandchildren. IN this respect, I would like to invite my brothers who suffer from the irritations of shaving, to please look at this product and see if it is good for them:


    Ain’t this something folks? Chinese illegals are running around our country, willy nilly, as if Kamla ,and her PP goons, are still in power. Chinese high officials begging El Presidente Cameo , to recognize opaque One State Policy , as began by Pappa Deffy Eric ,decades ago, thus giving democratic Taiwan de middle finger. Talk about mamaguy these Chinese. Trinidad is an influential regional leader? Are you kidding? In what folks? T&T , is a regional laughing stock. Oh yeah, I get it – leader in neo tribal , competing elites – gridlock , right next to Guyana,si? If dis is their concept of what ‘SOFT POWER’ entails , you can keep dat China. Take your competing global hegemonic -damblays with Global Police PaxAmericana , somewhere else.,222895.html

    These conniving comedians , are paying state visits to Kamla , as if the UNC Carbal is still running de political show/ stealing our money, and siphoning away our fast depleting resources to de highest South/ East Asian bidder, while we get chump change in return.
    Can you believe that years after that overburdened Tobago Scarborough hospital is completed , we still have hundreds of Chinese running around Tobago , allegedly performing up keeps?
    Not to be deterred , the now politically irrelevant Kamla, is bawling like a ‘Caroni Water buffalo, with runnings,’ about her pet project, Couva hospital, as citizens are dying left ,right, and center from Swine flu. Yeah Kamla we know how much you cared about T&T kids!
    Here however is de big question folks:-
    1.Would these illegals get the same sort of preferential treatment accorded to others, Kamla style- namely to be handed over to their Ambassador and told , they can change their clothes , and get jobs in the 5,001 Rumshops/ restaurants, that has PROLIFERATED ,across my T&T over the last 5 years, or more?
    Oh , and by de way , we are quite aware , as to how ‘sensually enticing , much desired by sex starved -Trini hombres – Latina Chicas,or dem Jamaicans, Guyanese, and West African blokes ,were treated in contrast, by the race mongrels , that ruled the political roost, eeeh?
    2. Is Uncle Deyalsing simply giving citizens the exact PP jig and dance , …ummmmmm… 6 for ahhhh 9…when it comes to Health care realities?
    During Kamla’s reign – just before the 2015 Carnival- all they did was white wash ,a wing of de decrepit ,Caura Chest Hospital, stock it with some unworkable ,million dollar screening equipments , then had that idiot Dr Fraud ,stupidly claim, that our T&T was Ebola free.
    Fast forward to 2016, and citizens are finding it difficult to figure out , heads or tail , what Uncle D is saying. Let me see if I can paraphrase , since foot in mouth diseased spokesman Cuffie has gone out to lunch with what he deemed dem irritating “Opposition questions.”
    ‘We have thousands of swine flu shots,given to us by neighbors. They are available at your local health centers ,and hospitals. only old folks, pregnant females, and pre teen kids ,are given priority,and so the rest of you Trinis , can go to your private doctors , and fork out $700 TT a pop for same, after you find out , you are on de verge of death. Continue to eat grill swine chops / Geera pork,since this disease ,can only be contacted from sneezing,and failing to wash your hands after eating doubles, bake and catfish…. ummmm shark,and using our carefully bolted toilets across our various cities.Mosquitoes might be de culprit, but spraying is a waste , so clean up your back yards , and properly dispose your garbage.
    Did I miss anything Mr Deyalsing, or are you and Dr Rowley since worried about the UNC/PP, election recall lawsuit, that is carded to be tried before OUR grateful , Honor ,Justice Lucky, of COP fame?

    Let’s get it right folks , as citizens are soon beginning to come to de obvious conclusion – dat UNC /PP gone ,and /UNC PP still dey, hmmmmm?
    Oh ,and by de way , Uncle Rowley, a word of caution ,your political Honeymoon will end ,at 1201 Am , Ash Wednesday, once the last band depart , POS, and Cuffie/Lord Street. I deliberately omitted Tobago , since based on my observations, Carnival on the Island ward ,is on it’s death bed.
    Love live de Republic of Toba….. oooops… lo siento.. T&T!

  11. I often wonder if we have or will ever rise above race and see ourselves as Trinidadians.
    During the last few months “Racial comments” have become quite common even on this response ,with regards to Jit Samaroo.

  12. James, just a word of advice. Your comments are sincere and comes from the heart but we have to face the realities of life as it presents itself to us. While you or I might want to ignore race, there is a whole segment of the society that thrive on it.
    It is not a question of if we like it, it’s just that we can’t ignore it.

  13. Well said Brother Kain.

    Translation James , ” We didn’t start the fire ….it was always burning since the world been turning . We didn’t start the fire …no we didn’t light it , but we tried to fight it ….”
    Put differently, and to quote Movie actor Sylvester Stallon, aka Rambao, ‘we didn’t draw First Blood.’
    Here is an undisputed fact , that you ,and similar others ,can place same , in your pipe ,and smoke it. African folks , wheresoever they might exist, have no conception of racism , against others.
    Their historical crime , remains using , abusing , ignoring their own folks , while simultaneously promoting ,elevating, appeasing , others , who in the final analysis , would do everything to further their own narrow self interest- at the expense of said Africans.
    Don’t get mad if a few of us, more progressive / humanist , caring patriots , are prepared to fight back, as we won’t allow ,real race mongrels, win out in the end , a la destroy a country , where our ancestors , with little choice, helped build- with their blood , sweat , and tears, as others in de end , were allowed to Waltz in, to inherit the spoils , by a conniving , White evil Massa.
    It’s your right , to sit on the side lines , and sing Kumbaya , while others kick you in de face , behind, and other unmentionables .
    It’s your choice to sit idly by , as they rape , steal / plunder willy nilly, then finger point,but we progressive won’t.
    I for one, don’t wish to see my country degenerate into another Uganda, Fiji, or Sri Lanka .
    I do not wish to see what happens in South Central LA, and similar American , or European fiefdoms ,with increasing frequencies , occur here as well.
    Trust me when I say , that in this globalized day , and age , it ain’t totally impossible- and when it does de glorified Commonwealth , and or UN,won’t save us.
    Be part of the solution , or stay in your social prison in White metropolis fiefdoms ,and daily sip your burned coffee Starbucks , and eat your sugary Dunkin Donuts , while counting down the days to the Donald Trump Presidency.
    In the interim, some of us have a nation to save, from dem unmentionable , self serving barbarians- no matter how well they are disguised – in and out of power , who mean us mucho harm, si?

    1. Hey brother Neal, you said it they way it was meant to be said. The problem with our society is that some many of us are willing to stand by and ‘let Rome burn’. It is exactly whey we are in the mess we are in today. I remember working in the oilfields many years ago. The foremen of crews, drilling, production and exploitation always met these same brahminist men at the gate with their wives. Do you know why? They shared the beds of the same men who came to meet them with their wives. Today, the children and grandchildren of these same brahminists are the bosses and heads of Departments and manages these lowly paid foremen’s children and grandchildren. There are lots of stories to be told here, if you read between the bed, err the lines.

        Frank Bainamaram is a Stooge (not sturge) of INDIAN Fijians. The racist, caste minded Hindu state of India meddles in the Affairs of Fiji on bejalf of Hindu Supremacy over the owners of that country. If you listen to the rhetoric from bainamarama’s mouth, he’s nkt batting for his kith & kin. He even went to india to discuss Fiji…or is it to discuss which offshore account to fill?Could you imagine that INDIANS are formulating policies for FIJI’s future?The OWNERS of Fiji are the indigenous peoples, they did not invite indians there…it was under colonialization that, just like T&T & elsewhere, the white colonists chose to bring caste minded persons as a ‘scorched earth’ policy to prevent the indifenous peoples from fully controlling their own DAMN land! How Obnoxious!
        India has its tentacles in T&T politics already…Queen K’s trip there was to discuss how best to take over T&T??
        Dr. Tony Martin, revealed on i95.5 months before his passing a couple years ago, that he discovered through research that Krishna Deonarine a.k.a Adrian Cola Rienzi was in secret talks with the U.S. to ‘take over T&T!

  14. I’m reading you loud and clear mi Progressive , Patriotic Piazano.
    Sadly, there are those who would erroneously believe ,that you are only singling out one particular tribe ,for pushing us into this ugly , socio- political morass ,we presently find ourselves in.
    Of course , I for one knows that nada can be further from the truth. All you are doing in your own way ,is to indicate that we all as citizens – be it of African, Chinese, Syrians, Indians, Lebanese, native Amerindian ,or European , extractions- have contributed , and as such , we all must collectively assume blame , and eventually find ways to rectify the situation.
    Our politicians alone cannot do the job. The selfish T&T ,corporate / business blokes ,are too obsessed with narrow profiteering , to support any initiatives aimed at alleviating, our national social problems . I am a strong advocate of well run, honest , transparent visionary Civil Society , even if such is a challenge in our neck of the woods.
    Speaking of which, Bro K- your views on the under mentioned simi reshuffle ,by our PM?

    Do me a favor , if you can , and take a look at the comments section, as a certain guy,Znendrii, seems to have some fresh perspectives.
    Remember folks , dat nation building ain’t an easy preposition. Here is the deal :- When it comes to this La Trinity , neo tribal reality , the fact remains , that like it or not , we are all stuck with each other.
    It’s therefore time to ‘build bridges to the future,’ and simultaneously , attempt to smash the -former ancestral lands/ conniving – White Massa – divide & rule – tribal castles, of the present/ past!
    Yours truly, optimist as I am , do like our chances.
    Stay vigilant T&T, si?

    1. The appointment of Moses, whilst surprising might also be a practical one also. If crime was to be taken as purely a local matter, then this appointment may appear confusing but the fact is and remains, crime while locally committed, is empowered by many from outside the country. The Chinese community has historically been seen as one dedicated to commerce and trade. But in the last ten or so years, they have been largely responsible for encouraging gambling in Private Clubs, houses of entertainment, and liquor stores.
      If the natural vices of that kind of entertainment is followed it would be plain to see, money laundering, prostitution, possibly drugs and ammunition as part of that scenario. International help would be of utmost importance in bringing to the fore information involving that kind of crime. So, annexing the Foreign Ministry to that of the Ministry of National Security does make a lot of sense. During therapist five years and three months, a lot of money is unaccounted for. One does not have to be very smart to realize that foreign countries might be complicit in hiding large stashes of Trinidad and Tobago’s money. Those charged with the responsibility of recovering that money may need the diplomatic cover in some instances to gain access to important information. One would be foolish to assume, that this move by the Prime Minister does not make sense. So, in that respect brother Neal, I believe that Dr. Rowley has once again, shown that he is way ahead of the game while idiots are left to ponder on why is he doing this.

  15. Hey Brother Kian,now that you’ve laid it out so cogently, let me add– you just might have a valid point.
    Uncle Rowley may be way ahead of the Chess game.
    We do not want another Foreign Minister , only hanging out in Washington, or worst yet ,getting fat , like Economist Winston Dookie,due to his sudden passion for eating French Frog legs, Chinese dog testicles, English puddings, Russian Caviar ,and American Apple pies, while only voting yeah/nay , on useless General Assembly resolutions,si?
    Let de man come home, and help light a fire under the rear ends of our domestic criminals, past , or present.
    I have a line , I’ve adopted from an old A Level Teacher , back in de day, and here it is:- ” Something is good if it works, ” and therefore , who knows?
    Often times , we miss seeing the forest, by only focusing on the trees, and ain’t that the unfortunate?
    Thanks a million Brother K, for this fresh perspective.

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