Capitalist Financiers in Charge Now

By Stephen Kangal
January 11, 2015

Stephen KangalMinisters Shamfa Cudjoe and Robinson-Regis labored to point out that the PNM was in charge, albeit ostensibly of T&T now. But it seems to me that having regard to the sudden, unprecedented ideological shift of the PNM in drifting away irretrievably from its traditional ”small-man” ideological moorings initiated by the late founder in 1956 to being sucked at present into the vortex and held securely in the vice of big business, it has to do the bidding of its capitalist campaign financiers members of the urban Chamber of Commerce and the Bankers Association.

T&T is now no longer PNM country. It has been mortgaged to the influence wielding, campaign financing and capitalist elites from whom neither derogation nor FOREX disclosures is permitted.

This is the only noticeable paradigm shift to be logically inferred from the illegal dismissal of the last Governor of the Central Bank because big business conglomerates were the ones exploiting and monopolizing the fast dwindling pool of FOREX and calling the shots.

They wanted this to be kept secret because they could not defend nor afford to allow this information to enter the public domain whilst SME’s and the many ordinary citizens could not access FOREX to finance legitimate international transactions. That draw-down on FOREX – the financial patrimony of T&T had to be hidden from public scrutiny, transparency and accountability standards of good governance even though mitigating circumstances proved otherwise.

This is a water-shed period for the “young and politically untutored” PNM. It has now been forced and driven by imposed political and electoral necessity to abandon its traditional, well-known, developed socialist philosophical and ideological moorings to adopt and defend the much-maligned capitalist ethic of commercial secrecy involving the use of public property.

Whilst the PNM was opposed to the selection of Mr Rambarran as Governor of the Central Bank, big business engineered the catalyst for his unjustified and tragic execution or crucifixion. When Massy Holdings sneezes the PNM catches the H1N1 influenza. When the Chamber of Commerce says to jump the PNM says how high!

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  • This is not news: the Capitalist Financiers were always in charge.

    • As of september 7th 2015, Kangal no loger has any UNCOPP project openings to stand before crowds & give public propaganda speeches about how PNM discriminated against indians & caroni but that the UNCOPP was ‘balancing’ everything THEN….he now has FORCED time off from the Nipples of the state to comfuffle the minds of the public with his stale, curried rhetoric…

  • 1. “Ministers Shamfa Cudjoe and Robinson-Regis labored to point out that the PNM was in charge…”
    2. “it has to do the bidding of its capitalist campaign financiers members of the urban Chamber of Commerce and the Bankers Association….”
    3. “This is the only noticeable paradigm shift to be logically inferred from the illegal dismissal of the last Governor of the Central Bank…”

    I have asked Mr. Kangal before and I’m asking him again, what was the value to Trinidad and Tobago in keeping Jwala Rambaran as Governor of the Central Bank? The one fact he stated was that the PNM never wanted Jwala to be Governor of the Central Bank. The reason is plain and simple. Jwala was the most unqualified for the job. The three most qualified candidates ahead of him were turned down in favor of Jwala. It would not be an over-stated point of view to say that Jwala was chosen as Governor because (1) He is the nephew of then foreign Minister Winston Dookeran. (2) Because he is Indian, preferred by an Indian government. Those two being his most significant preferences over the three other more qualified candidates. Given the job, one would have thought that Jwala would prove the PNM wrong. No! His performance was even more alarming. For the first time in twenty one years, Jwala changed the the forex U.S foreign exchange distribution. Making it difficult for companies and individual alike to have access to the U.S. dollar.
    This went on, causing hardships to big business and small individuals alike to get U.S dollars to pay their foreign bills.
    To add insult to injury, Jwala operated as a one-man gang and went to make public, the private distributions of U.S dollars to corporations. He mades it known his intentions not to be friendly with the government of the day. So, tell me Mr Kangal, in whose interest was Jawla working? Government made a wise choice in allowing Jwala to talk himself out of a job. Jwala was of no value to Trinidad and Tobago period! His presence in that position might have been of political value to a segment of t he society but that is where his value ends.

    As far as point number one is concerned. The utterances of Shamfa Cudjoe and Regis-Robinson were not a boast, as his accusation seems to infer. The statement made by the duo was in response to Opposition members bullying in Parliament, telling the government how to act. That is the context in which the “we in charge now” utterance was made.

    Capitalists are citizens too. They provide an essential service to the upkeep of the economy of this country. They provide employment to a substantial number of citizens, they help grow the economy and make contributions to social well being of this country. So, to suggest that Jwala is Robin Hood, taking from the rich and giving to the poor is in poor taste and does not add to the credit of Kangal’s argument.

    In response to point three. Kangal refused to speak about Jwala’s educational and professional qualifications as opposed to that of those who were better qualified than him. He failed also to state the wrongs of Jwala and his performance which was sub par by any previous governor of the Central Bank.

    It is therefore utterly selfish and self-serving to ignore Jwala’s performance and qualifications this most important government position.

    • So WHAT if Shamfa Cudjoe & Camille Regis Boasted??? THEY DAMN RIGHT!!! Kian, two points you missed Yes they wanted Jwala because he is INDIAN, but even MORE importantly a HINDU (inner cabal circle)…is he a Maha Sabha Member?? We need to question HOW MANY Maha Sabha members were/are in state indtitutions as disciples of Sat!!…Also Kian, this is a sleight Of Hand in Indian Politics in T&T…Shamfa & Camille were boasting to UNC Politicians…the same triumphantilist UNC politicians that Traumatized African Trinidadians for FIVE LONG YEARS & even longer 3 months….soooo Indian politicians get to strut like a peacock and beat their chest while in Office…But PNM (African Politicians) supposed to feel GUILTY for being in office & in charge??L TIME FUH DAT DONE….we need representatives who FIGHT BACK, are confident & clear in their objective without apologies….this idea (just like the balisier tie issue) is too sell to African s & PNM supporters that they should emasculate themselves for ‘the good of the country’….to hell with THAT…..remember…when or if they get back in office as their supporters want….they will not be any different….they will be worse…showing political mercy is seen as a weakness to that lot….like Manning leafing Jearlene John in office KNOWING that she was a Panday appointed UNC operative….when UNCOPPP came into office look at what they did
      (1) Fired Pat Bishop
      (2) Removed Sponsorship for poor Ol’ Holly B’s radio program about local Patois language i.e. they kick him off air
      (3) Fired Wendy Fitzwilliam ( Miss Universe)
      (4) Fired Andrea Chambers (Ex-PM George Chambers’ Daughter from New York Mission along with African staff (tricked with rigged wexam and replaced with Indian/Hindus opon ‘failing’)
      (5) Used State, UN contacts to spread Misinformation to UN Secratary General & have him broadcast that Steelpan came from Indians…i.e. using state power to Ethically Steal the National Instrument from Africans
      (6) Systematically Emasxulating the African/Christian population by replaacing them with Indians/Hindus in every position of influence or lucrative gains….
      WHY are Y’all even bithering to reason with people of THAT mentality….’WE’ in Power now!!…just as ‘YOU’ was in 2010-2015. ..not saying it cha ges nothing!!…The UNCOPP uses their Indian support base as a political Shield…..PNM should nit have to apolotuze to the UNC & their supporters for being in charge… it a political party 8r an ethnic group?? It is dishonest to conveniently switch status between the two….when PNM fights UNCOPP they & their supporters pretend it is PNM figbting INDIAN S as an ethnic Groupp….BUTTTTTTTTTT, which is it??

      • “*EthNically* Steal the steelpan” i.e. they used state power to facilitate the ETHNIC THEFT of the Steelpan (from Africans to Indians)…

        • A Bogus exam was given to the T&T mission in NY as a platform to FIRE African Staff & replace with chutney loving Indians (Regular chutney boat rides were state sponsored in NY)…those sick bastards removed pictures of carnival & steelpan from on the wall in the NY Mission with the qup “THOSE picturss don’t represent the ENTIRE nation”….yesss…that is what they wanted state power for….they want back in….put pictures of Sundar Popo on the wall….and sai baba…imagine they names SAPA after Sundar Popo….what the HELL did he do for T&T soxiety as a WHOLE…not a DAMN thing BUTTTTTT. ..they were ANGRY becUse NAPA was named after a Black skinned African (Lord Kitchener)…BUTTTTTTTTTT, …Kitxhener used to go to the UK in the times where things were histile (racism) to caribbean people & he used his music IN ENGLISH (not african) to rally & support TRINIDADIANS (not only africans) & Caribbean People during their Cricket endeavours…Sundar Popo
          sang Indian Hindu religious & secular music for Indian
          people EXCLUSIVELY. …they rewarded him for SECTARIANISM, whil Kitxhener was rewarded for Nationalism & Caricom-ism…bringing humans together for a mutually beneficial cause….but noooooo they want UNFAIR,LOPSIDED Historically Inaccurate, ‘Indian Affirmative action’ (Hindu/Indian Hedgemony In Disguise) & they got it for… an entire political term……DO NOT ENCOURAGE THEM!

        • You are so right Alyssa. Sometimes I forget that this is not just an Indian thing. It is specifically a hindu thing, sometimes using Indian phraseology to disguise hindu intent. The last hindu Attorney General was intent on destroying the image of black people in Trinidad and Tobago. Holly Bs programme, although Trinidadian in all its form and machinations was axed. The first black Miss Universe, from Trinidad and Tobago, Miss Wendy Fitzwilliam was charged for being a party to the ITEK board of directors. The inventor of the GPan sounds, Professor Brian Copeland was asked to separate himself from his invention by that not good @##@$%^$## Anand Ramlogan. Patrick Manning, former Prime Minister was nationally accused of stealing a Wurlitzer piano. The same Ramlogan who later found out that that was not the case. Professor Ken Julien who was the master mind behind the development of Point Lisas and UTT among other things was charged with spending bad money as a board member of ETEK. Malcolm Jones, past Chairman of Petrotrin, also charged with wrong doing. And yes, Who should forget Andrea Chambers (late Prime Minister George Chambers daughter). I know her very well and was disgusted when she told me of how unceremoniously she was treated in the New York Office of the Consul General. These are hateful people. They always speak of what was not given to them. The more they speak, the more I go back into my own personal history to find the meanings for their hatred of black people and I think I came up with some answers. They behave like that because they never had to work for what they earned. Here we are in a recession, oil prices dwindling down daily and these hindus in Parliament are chastising government for taking measures to arrest the burden of the recession. It is because that they themselves NEVER heeded the reality that was eminent whilst they held the reins of government. As the Prime Minister stated in Parliament yesterday. He is now living in the Prime Minister’s Residence. During the Christmas Season, he hosted many organizations and had functions for guests and invitees as well. After the holidays, he asked his staff to take an inventory of the remaining drinks (he did not buy one bottle of alcohol). The accounted for remaining drinks worth over $450,000 in stock. And that was just the part-time home the last Prime Minister. So, could you imagine how much she must have stored in her REAL home in Palmiste? These are the people who are now criticizing the new government for taking measures to ensure that we do not become a basket case for the IMF.
          As for Kangal? I am still waiting for him to write something sensible.

  • The capitalist big business are busy exporting our hard earn patrimony into foreign banks. The PNM have never really cared about the small man. After 3 oil booms it took Bhoe Tiwarie of the last administration to deliver 51 toilets to the people of Laventille. If they cared they would not have deprived their staunchest supporters the simpler convenience of defecating in private.
    Today we see a PNM out to sink the small man, VAT on once zero rated items, property tax, higher fuel tax, no laptops for children, no scholarship, no Couva Children’s hospital but they will continue with the ones in Point and Arima. Business levy and other tax grab methodology. Who will suffer but the small man. Of course crime will increase. But we like it so…

    • Mamoo, one thing I am very sure about and that is, you really don’t give a DAMN about the people of Laventille.
      I am sure the people there will fare well this time around.

      • Absolutely not true. I think the big business Kian will one day take over Laventille because it is prime real estate and lots of money to be made. Who do you think is getting these kids to use guns and perform executions.

        • Good answer!
          But your opinions must remain consistent with the issues surrounding crime.

        • ” Who do you think is getting these kids to use guns and perform executions?’Mamboo

          Well,as we like to say on the streets,’De proof of de Dal /Rice / calaloo/ Maracas -Fry bake /Catfish ,and English pudding, is in de eating,’ Mamboo!

          If you still stupidly feel like doubting dis , then ask that not too closeted criminal , Cuz Coolman ,of Extra Foods fame , and his step daughter, how ,and why , dear Auntie Vindra Niapaul got murdered?

          Yeah we know dat a bunch of illiterate Lavantille, Carenage , and Never Dirty , fake Muslim thugs , got tagged for committing the gruesome acts ,on the wealthy heiress, but the billion dollar question is , who was really behind such, and or better yet , truly benefitted?
          The fact remains that 75.1 % , or more of the kidnappings, and murders committed on our delicate… ummmmm… ultra -law abiding – Indo Trini citizens ,which allegedly were conducted by ‘Afro- Kinky head -savages ,’ were done on behalf of desperate , money hungry relatives, who lived beyond their means, and were unable to await the dead via old age of their SYMBOLIC cash cow .
          Am I correct Dr Ramesh Deosoran- our glorified local Criminologist/ Lifetime Independent Senator?
          Just keeping it real, mi delusional/ conniving ,country hating Pizano.


          Speaking about criminals, fraudsters , and suited Afro- eat- a food gangsters , a la this ‘Surge Knight’ character – who is essentially an embarrassment to not only the legal profession, but his race.
          The question I wish to ask this grateful political clown ,and or UNC Party hack , who seems obsessed in doing the dirty deeds of his Indo Trini benefactors. Where de hell were you -our new age anti corruption advocate – when Basdeo Panday, and his crooked wife, were ripping off CLICO shareholders , with the help of their corporate ….ummmm…”social friend,” Duprey? Let me guess, attempting to pass your Hugh Wooding Law exams.
          Ok , and as a follow up , just why didn’t , you and that Transparency International , Ex PP MP Comedian , Mrs King , not see it fit ,to follow up , and ensure that Basdeo Panday , and his Omar ,do jail time, for their role in educating their two crazy daughters , with dirty monies ,that rightfully belong to hard working T&T taxpayers?
          Fast forward to 2016, and you seem to have this ‘humongous hard on,’ for this Garcia character.
          Now mind you folks. I don’t know this accused , from jack rabbit, or really care , so to do.
          If this Garcia guy is guilty , I for one. not only want to see him sent away, but demand so , as well.


          Let me add for the record, that if this firebrand , Mc Donald , PNM MP woman,likewise had her hands in the symbolic cookie jar, a la NHA/HDC ,while serving under Manning,once proof is proffered by law enforcement experts (not de Opposition folks, ..Mr PM) I also wish to see her fired by you Uncle Rowley , and sent up to one of our State prisons for a long time ,where she’ll hopefully become the sex slave of some desperate , mentally deprave , female criminal, incarcerated most likely ,for murdering her abusive hombre/Esposo, si?
          Why is this so , one might ask? This is how I roll! ‘Equal playing field justice.’
          What’s good for de Toco, Lavantille, Mt Dor, and Malony Goose, is equally good for the Oropuche , Los Bajos, Couva,Siparia ,Las Lomas, and Erin Gander.
          I don’t give a rats behind ,as to who your race , tribe , gender, geographic origin, party affiliation, state of health, age , elite education, or social achievement is- trust me on dat!
          To quote TV detective Beratta , famous lines,’Don’t do the crime , if you can’t do de time” ….. eeeehhh disgraced ex AG Anan Ramlogan, HCU bandit -Harie Harinarine , and ex CJ Sharma?
          I equally don’t care if the acts , you were accused of , were committed in 1956, 1970, 1990, between 2010- 2014, or yesterday. Same difference.
          Get moving Mr Acting Commissioner.Rumor has it that you’ll be accorded another 6 months on de job, si?
          This William bloke, people! Talk about a guy with no self respect. To allow himself to be subjected to this despicable treatment , by disgusting leaders, who have essentially politicized the office of the Commissioner of Police, and thus contributed to the Service loosing any credibility ,in the eyes of the general public.
          As for the low moral of it’s officers, stuck with Kamla, and Jack Warner’s undertrained , chiefly criminal SRPs? Don’t get me started.

          However , I digress, “Capitalist financiers in charge now!”

          Yeah Uncle Kandal, we believe you!
          These selectively outraged , country haters , ahhhhh tell you !!

          Not you Uncle K. I would never accuse you of such. I was referring instead , to Surge Knight, de grateful UNC/PP Senator/ legal activist.

          I’ve said it once , twice , and three times my lady , but it’s worth repeating-‘ de person /persons, who can make me hate dis land of mine , ain’t born yet!’
          Stay vigilant T&T!

          • Careful Neal with “surge night” & “race”…if you look at hus facial features & hair when it was grown, i suspect that he like wade mark, anil roberts, Khadijah Ameen (light skin african mother) & Suzanne Mills, (ferocious UNC agent & spokesperson, exclusively for her INDIAN half) have indian roots also..why is this relevant? Although i have my reservations on these two, i will simply refer to others similar(ethnic mix) to them i.e. majority african but some indian heritage…Those are THE WORST! Remember the clolour /facial feature/hair texture pyramid i mentioned that exists in T&T..”doogalas” as Hindus have named them….as much as is permitted, hey will seek to “choose” which group is more beneficial (socially, politically & financially) to their interests & bat for IT (Indian community)…Who want to be african in T&T (capitalist perspective)….scorned, racially abused daily, no powerful organizations to pamper you & your history…no political party that beats it 9s chest for YOU (africanness)…THAT is whT runs throught the minds of Africans people who have other heritage & it shows phenotypically (light skin, soft hait etc) and so many simply “choose” to identify with what they could get away with (indian, almost white or whztever else they have) a.k.a ‘mixed’…sad…

    • Again, propaganda….”The PNM never reallyncared about the small man” Mamoo

      LIE…yes, the PNM is elitist…their policies since from 1956, were someqhat socialist… i.e. They catered SPECIFICALLY FOR “The Small Man”…this is nxot evwn up for debate amongst the more HONEST of their detractors…Faris’ grandfather was well known BECAUSE OF his “give jack his jacket” approach to politics…before PNM, “education for all” did not EXIST…the vast majority of the population ‘slipped through the cracks’ without even secondary education…free lunches for those who could not afford to feed their children…GATE..just under a decade ago, the PNM piloted “from nursery to tertiary” FREE education….ANYONE could go to university without spending a CENT!! ALSO, Post Grad scholarships to ANY University in the WORLD if first class honours was achieved in undergrad…PNM!…whi benefitted from THAT Moomoo…not merely “The Small Man” but specifically the Small INDIAN Man & WOman…as they toom the BIGGEST BITE out of THAT pie! As they should have…BUTTTTTTTTTTTT, tp spin around and claim PNM “doesn’t really care about the small man” is such a classless LIE!…In fact, the racist Elite ind this country were ANGRY at the PNM for instituting gate, hence UNCOPP dismantled it significantly between 2010-2015…all those businesses that employ slave labour & dog work for little pay (indian owned) didn’t want large amounts of their workforce getting educated & certified for better pay & work…The group “Divine Echoes”, was an attempt to introduce some dignity to underpriveledged youth & encourage a pursuit in careers in classical music….what did Mamoo & his family do as soon as they got in?? They locked the cast members of the group, out of the training hall & confiscated their instruments…ecen after they pleaded to pay for these instruments, as it was their livelihood, the UNCOPP never gave it to them…sick sick sickkkkk !!

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