Land of freedoms and freeness

By Raffique Shah
November 09, 2015

Raffique ShahI cannot understand the national outrage over the video posted on the Internet that shows several Trinidadian Islamic “jihadists” somewhere in Syria, dressed in combat gear, firing rifles on what appears to be a range, and inviting their Muslim brethren to join them in holy battle in “Hijra”, wherever that paradise or hellhole may be.

I’m serious when I say we should not only be happy that those men (and their many wives and children) are thousands of miles away from our country, but we should encourage others who believe in the nonsense they do to answer their call to arms.

If I had the power to so do, I would invite ISIS to send an “ambassador plenty-potentially” here to issue whatever visas they need to facilitate their journey into the netherworld. I would sponsor one-way tickets for all jihadists and their families, wish them speedy deaths, and let them know they will not return to this cussed land of their birth if they survive.

For those who think I am mad, let me paint an alternative scenario: would you prefer that these misfits remain in Trinidad, acquire weapons (no big deal) and go around shooting protective services’ officers, people of other faiths, or even their Muslim brethren they see as being infidels?

We have more murderers than we can cope with, so why not export as many as we can to countries or zones that welcome such “talent”?

I would even run some CAL charter flights to help speed up the process.

Imagine one fool saying that the reason he fled Trinidad was because he was not free to practice his religion. I was stunned, listening to him.

If anything, we have too much religious freedom here, and now we add freeness to the trough.

I repeat a statement of fact that many people may find unpalatable: on a per capita basis, or per square kilometre, however you want to measure it, Trinidad and Tobago has the highest density of persons who claim to be clerics in a thousand faiths or more.

More than any other country on earth, we have a surfeit of bishops, high priests, deacons, ministers, brahmins, pundits, gurus, imams, muftis, hajis, mullahs-and now jihadists.

Any quack can open a “church”, declare a “religion”, elevate himself or herself to ranks hitherto unheard of, and before you know it they are recognised by government, seek subventions from the State, and clamour for public holidays.

Now, add freeness to the boundless freedoms that religions enjoy.

Successive governments have been complicit in this scam. Religious organisations demand and receive State funding for festivals, something that should never happen in a secular State-which is what we are according to the Constitution.

Last week, Government granted millions to Hindu organisations for Divali. Sat Maharaj and the Maha Sabha got the lion’s share ($2 million). In doling out our dwindling dollars, the line minister reminded Christian groups of the deadline for submitting requests (or demands?) for funding of Christmas festivities. And a few months ago, Muslim organisations and mosques received generous grants for Eid from the previous regime.

I don’t know of any other secular State in the world that allows the religious freedoms we permit and the freeness we encourage.

Gone are the days when the faithful of whatever persuasion, and communities of varying faiths, contributed towards communal celebrations of each others’ festivities. Such collaborations fostered self-reliance and tolerance, and made communities across the country close-knit, hence better and safer.

Today, everyone is content with feeding at the public trough-politicians, priests, parents and children.

But back to the jihadist fools who could not practise Islam here the way they wanted, hence their migration to “Hijra”. Think about it: if there are another thousand families like theirs who are uncomfortable in the land of freedoms and freeness, would we not be better off facilitating their migration?

Look at it this way: besides the money we dole out in the name of God (for religious purposes, or so they say) and Mammon (millions paid for nudity and revelry at Carnival), why not a few million more to get rid of elements who, if they remain here, are sure to get involved in heinous crimes?

Beheadings and the dismembering of victims of crime, which is culturally unacceptable way of murdering people (shoot the man, nah!), and which is rearing its ugly head here (pardon the pun), is routine in Saudi Arabia, the headquarters of Islam.

We may well find opening a desk to facilitate flights to “Hijra” will bring us more benefits than wasting money trying to find out who wants to join ISIS, and preventing them from so doing.

Think about it, General Dillon.

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  1. Careful raff…we undersrand the context, but even appearing to seem as if to encourage people towards that cause might not be wise

  2. Shah: We can never get away from the haunting created by our sinful ways. In Trinidad and Tobago we get away from one set of sins in the PP government and enters into a new realm of sinful ways by the new government. God says to us all (we are all equal before Him) you want to sin; you have the will yourself to deceive, lie, cheat, and sin and disadvantage people because you have the power (to whom much is given much will be expected)…go ahead DO YOUR DO …but your sins will ALWAYS come back to haunt you. Panday knows this. Manning knows this. Robbie knows this. They all were haunted by their sins. Now it is Kamla’s turn? ALSO, now Mr Rowley is headed down the same path for he has started to deceive and enter into his sinful ways. You just have to check the wolves among his sheep. I know one of his picks who was a total waste of time with plenty false papers and connections where he is currently placed. It is all nepotism with the PNM again. But one will argue it was far better than Kamla and her bunch. The individual I refer to has a sad track record and is protected by a parent. He has failed miserably and now heads a dying national concern that taxpayers are propping up. Shah when will the shit end for us. The country belongs to all of us NOT just afro and indo peoples. When will the hiring in T&T be fair and include EVERY CREED AND RACE? When Shah? I grew up knowing that THIS land of freedoms and freeness called T&T belongs to only the chosen few.

  3. I enjoy reading your blog but I don’t share your views this time.Human life is sacred therefore killing people here or elsewhere is wrong.

  4. The real ISIS is the PNM they are slowly turning TNT into an ISIS paradise. Everyday someone getting killed, prison officer, army officer, even a police officer get killed in the police station.

    Beheading–less than a month ago a man was decapitated, his headless body a reminder of the evil stalking the land.

    Saudia Arabia Wahhabism is here. The Saudis send money to promote Wahhabism in the mosque they are building. Kalifa will never materialize because Brtian, US, Russia, Canada, France bombing the hell out of them everyday.

    As for the criminals running ructions across TNT that is only going to get worst. Make sure and watch your surroundings criminals are coming from across the Caribbean. TNT have an open border policy because we doh wah offend anyone.

    1. Moomoo’s parents still tuck him in at night with PNM ghost stories….”dem rawan is isis….dey makin T&T a isis paradise….”

      Thankfully Moomoo’s parents aren’t taken seriously

        1. Great post Moomoo…NOW…can you make the connection between cannibalism in sudan & african culture in the diaspora? But since we are lookkng for links…CNC3 airs “divali programming” today…They in the middle of one of the shows talk about saris influenced by DEVIDASI (Hindu Temple whores). Now anyone reading this research “Devidasi system” a hindu culture of Untouchable women prostituting themselves in & around mandirs for brahmins & others with money. They even pray to a goddess of this practice…mothers & daughters are “dedicated” to this practice by brahmins. A british woman even recently traveled & did an expose on them (also a male, gay devidasi)..this is all Hinduism…Research DEVIDASI SYSTEM….tell me if THAT has a link to the Indians(Hindus) in T&T…funny though….they didn’t share all this information about devidasi…they merely mentioned the name & a famous decidasi “dancer”…lol…& the unwitting “devotees” in T&T probably looked at that & said “I want to be a devidasi dancer when i grow up”

          1. I knew of the temple prostitutes (devidasi), but I didn’t know that some were male.

            Both are condemned by the Most High:

            “Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore, or the price of a dog (= male prostitute), into the house of Yahweh thy God for any vow: for even both these are abomination unto Yahweh thy God.” (Deuteronomy 23:18)

            And of course there is the overall precept:

            “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22)

            I say this to say that it is a (politically correct) nonsense for a claimed servant of the Most High to make common cause with Hinduism. The very idea of an Inter-Religious Organization bringing Christians and Hindus under one religious umbrella is a hypocrisy skillfully spawned by Satan. The Christian cannot do so without violating God’s Law. It makes no difference to Brahminist Hinduism, which may embrace as many creeds as there are gods and gurus, as long as the pyramidal structure of caste domination remains unshaken.

            Btw, no other god but the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the prophets even dares to make the claim that they are the Most High God. Therefore, as to what is Holy Writ, there is simply no other candidate but the Book Of Yahweh aka The Holy Bible.

            I resent my tax dollars being spent to support any unGodly paganistic religion, in any of its manifestations, no matter how “goodly” seeming. Much nonsense has been spewed about Divali, and it symbolizing somehow the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, etc. It is man-made, and therefore, idolatrous drivel.

            What we do know, because Holy Writ, is the following:

            “O Yahweh, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit. Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods?” (Jeremiah 16:19-20)

            The brahminists have simply either made stuff up, or embraced heathenistic practices they found in India when they invaded, despite themselves being under the Abrahamic covenant as Aryan Edomites. That included the devilish cult of the devidasi, as well as the Kushitic (and Hamitic more generally) festival of lamps (divali). (See Herodotus Book 2, para. 50, for evidence of this festival being celebrated in ancient Hamitic Egypt).

            My Christian brethren, and more specifically all who as Israelites — we the “Negro” — are under the strictures of the Holy Covenant, should consider carefully these matters. To be a good neighbour does not require embracing that which is condemned by Holy Writ.

            “Learn not the way of the heathen” (Jeremiah 10:2).

            That admonition, I am afraid to say, applies equally to the celebration of such pagan festivals as “Christmas” (pagan Yule), and Easter (celebrating the pagan goddess of fertility, Ishtar).

            I also resent my Prime Minister partaking of what is an evil in the sight of the Most High. By all means let everyone enjoy their right of religious conscience. That doesn’t mean that it is a good thing to partake … in every nonsense that is carried on in the name of religion, and despite the clear prohibition of Holy Writ.

            I was sickened by Mrs. Bissessar putting on a costume for every religious occasion, whether Christian, Hindu, Moslem, Orisha, Baptist, or other. A politician cannot be all things to all people and remain true to self. A politician should not expect to win votes by playing a mas’ with people’s religion and culture. Hypocrisy is not a requirement of political office, and is a sin before the Most High.

            I respectfully suggest therefore that politicians leave all religious observances well alone, except for those that apply to them personally, and then let those be private observances as far as possible.

            I agree with Raffique that the state should not be in the business of financing religion. There was a state religion under British rule, namely that of the Church of which the Monarch is titular head. That should have ceased when we became a Republic. Like it or hate it, there was at least some logical coherence to the British dispensation. There is no logical coherence to a dispensation under a Republic, where every religion is now a state religion since supported by the state.

            May the Most High expose the hypocrisy in our present arrangements, and bring the light of understanding to all who would be His servants.


          2. It would appear that the more we learn, the more there is to know about this Caste System. We in Trinidad and Tobago have respect for religion but seldom do we investigate and find out what all the religious celebrations are all about. What is becoming increasingly clear is that mythology, sex, god, politics, psychology, marriage and gender play a huge part in that religion. Whilst it is not for us to pontificate we must not be fooled into believing that in that religion man’s beliefs supersede that of the many gods they represent. The devadasi system is cruel and ungodly but the religion does have a god to ‘protect’ them to scantily their existence as prostitues and whores.
            It seems to have the same kind of settings as that of the kama sutra civilization. I’m sure our friend TMan will tell us that this too is fictitious and fantasy that some old unheard writer but into video and pictures. Reading and knowing these things are a good source of enlightenment of what we celebrate today.


    Hema Ramkisson’s Morning Brew(Or as Jack Warner Says UNC Brew)

    There are two commercials for this programme that i’ve seen

    (1) An african woman with natural hair, upon waking & about to drink coffee, spills it on the table.?then, to my horror, This africa woman, dark skinned with natural hair, makes this ridiculous facial expression & proceeds to lick the coffee off of the table!! What a disgrace!…but wait..hema ramkissoon, hindu, indian heroine,saves the day & offers civility & class to this
    unrefined, classless African by way of a Coffee mug with the
    tagline “Something missing from your morning” lessons learned Africans (dark skinned, natural hair) are 1 step away from animals
    (2)Hema’s “UNC BREW” again:
    Another Dark Skinned African gets ready for work but again,apparently so Irresponsible, immature & dotish , leaves
    house without pants!….BUT WAIT! …Hindu, Indian Heroine Hema
    Ramkissoon is again to the rescue to offer civility & class by
    way of a pair of PANTS!with the same tagline “Something Missing
    from your morning”…lessons learned:africans are dotish, childish & irresponsible & in need of training…just like the first one..
    Hema’s audience is expectedly predominantly Indians…why aren’t these parts given to indian actors.Also,How come, dark skinned,
    natural haired africans are selectively placed in these situations in local media? Could you imagine an indian, hindu in
    a sari filling the first role? If not, why so??What about an
    indian male…would he do the second commercial?Could you imagine commercials like these making it in developed
    societies? There will be a million excuses as to why this is
    “normal” & “funny” but not in the U.S. , Canada, UK? Do you know
    why? Africans over there are conscious of the immascualting,
    degrading humour directed at them by other ethnic groups & won’t
    accept them…but in T&T? They probably enjoy it…
    (3) There is a commercial by a hardware (southern wholesale stores i believe) with three men in a boat..two indians & 1
    african…guess which one makes a fool out of himself & dives
    with clothes on i to the water to get the fish…while the two
    ‘sensible’, ‘composed’ ‘non clowns’ using fishing rods?….and
    then the clown springs out of the water with a ridiculous
    expression on his face with a fish…lessons learned:africans
    can’t fish, are childish & dotish clowns…
    (4) This one is horrible on so many levels & again for a hardware (Southern wholesale stores again i believe)…A young, African
    woman, is overtly trying to be seductive throughout the commercial & advertising different woods…she says at the end if the commercial “Don’t “we” all just want good wood?”…OMG!…lessons learned:African women are, loose whores…Not Virtuous? “other” women….I lie?…why didn’t they put an india woman, light skinned in that role, to say that crass line…..? Eh? OooooooMG!…Africans have no voice, no dignity & are immascualted hourly, daily, weekly, monthly & annually by a racist, non-african Dominated media!…the effects of this programming is very negative on the young minds.

    1. You made some interesting points there, but those companies putting out the adds are the real culprit, not the station receiving and showing the adds. There are a few people who actually make the adds. They are motivated by perception of inclusivity. So they put a dougla to represent both races. They put a light sink red Spanish mix to represent the upper class. In their efforts the majority is excluded.

      Most advertising firms across the world create an unreal world unique to their branding. It is not only in TNT but in many nations where the adds don’t represent the people. Perhaps one of the reason why I don’t watch much TV. I watch the news because TNT have some of the best female news anchors in the world.

      Here ends another lesson Alyssa.

      1. Again Moomoo froghops over the actual points made hoping to create the illusion of “addressing the issue”. As i pointed out…commercials/Ads are not Random….Whoever PAYS for these Ads as well as creates them are responsible & their mindset towards African people & society. Hema Ramkissoon’s ads are impossible to defend or more importantly Deflect (responsibility to ad firm) because she markets the show as basically By her for her….No excuses either way for ANY of those sinful ads….

        BTW Moomoo….”Dougla/Doogala” is a bhojpouri Hindu Ideologically origin word that means ‘Child Of A Whore/Prostitute’ OR ‘Bastard Child’…This is in reference to & in the context Of an Uppercaste & Untouchable/Lower Caste having intimate relations which is forbidden in Hindu Ideology & even more damning the child that is produced!
        The term ‘Dougla’ or more phonetically accurate, ‘Doogala’, is an EVIL, Despicable & racially abusive term used By the Indian community via Hindu ideology against Africans & theie offspring. This is a typical example Of the deceptive nature Of The indian community’s relation with Africans.All of the years growing up all of us were using the term (to this day) “Doogala” to describe the children of Indian/African ancestry because we were told at some point by those of whom the language originTed (Indians) said it simply meant “Indian/Mixed”, even though they knew it was derogatory! Imagine for decades….insulting yourselves & children/family members because you adopted a foriegn language word that you were deceived into believing meant good. In retrospect, the term dougla always seemed to have a negative connotation in the Indian community (Sat is most public example) However, most africans simply suspected that ‘some’ indians’ racism was responsible as they didn’t like the mixing….not that the word itself was derogatory!
        A big joke….for DECADES!….Now a part of common local vernacular…even on glossy magazines. Ignorant africans, even when ‘enlightened’ as to its true linguistic definitions are so LAZY they continue using the term with the same dotish ideology behind using ‘NiggA’ as a term of endearment.

        1. Correction *Untouchable/Lowcaste* is a type-o & incorrect…Untouchables (chosen name Dalits) have NO CASTE & are not in the same category as LOW CASTE (Shudras)…Dalits are actually in Hindu Ideology LOWER THAN low caste…However,Dalits are either higher than or on the same level as African People!

  6. Contrary to these racist depictions of African women & men…there is this overt attempt to portray indian women as light skinned, virtuous (in Hinduism, light skin & virtue are inseparable ), industrious, intelligent & virginal…look at the commercial with the indian SEA & C.A.P.E. winners…pay attention to the environment created for them. CNC3 is owned by guardian group? Isn’t Narid Tewarie Head of that Guardian Group since 2012? Is he Bhoe’s Son? Have you seen the commercial for the Newspaper? It shows with a flash an african starting the newspaper machine at the factory, then an indian man on his way to work at HIS business, then again AT his business, then an indian family, then light skinned, indians at U.W.I, then a chinese businessman in his office (suit) then a music studio of non descript africans with one (a popular DJ) endorsing the newspaper….Is that a National newspaper? Again, the excuses will flow but whe you study jiurnalism or professional media prodyction…nothing is by chance…everything seen on screen in any commercial is put there on purpose…whether consciously or subconsciously the minds of the persons paying for it to air are exposed.
    CNC3 is syrian owned & India run….remeber the whole media war in early 2000’s…remeber the syrians giving sat a station….it wasn’t the station itself…that entire CNC3 is By Indians for Indians….
    Jack Warner, former chairman & go getter for UNC referred to it as UNC3. The express & tv6 are one company also i95.5fm…Isn’t Shida Bolai ultimately in charge Of TV6? And Omatie Lyder in charge of Express?…Who owns the Newsday?…The Newsday sees unashamedly Indian & UNC in its posturing…World Indian Network TV (WIN TV) The name says it all…The Mirror is owned by An indian (Dalit last name….look at the founder’s skin & facial features)
    soooooo, For the first time in our history All major newspapers are either owned or run by hindus & indians….and this is ‘fair’…the noose is tightening…this 5 year term is for the next 50 to 500 years….if something isn’t done to create media houses &
    newspapers owned by Africans & Also Unashemed supporters Of The The PNM…well…you get the picture…

      1. After 37 years of uninterrupted PNM rule out of 52 years of independence we see an Africana prologue based on those 37 years of oil and unprecedented economic prosperity as one of the last century greatest failures. Alyssa is suddenly awaken to the victim hood that is her race. Everybody ahead an we behind so let’s send them all to the back of the bus.

        Alyssa luv: here is the deal, in a democracy anyone with brains and a good sense on money management can succeed. It is not based on RACE As you suggest in your mindless diatribe. The African must stop measuring himself with others. As long as he is doing that he will turn green with envy. It was envy that led to Christ being crucified. Envious people steal, swindle, cheat and destroy their soul. Rather than envy take the time to move out of that place of victim hood and rise to a better tomorrow by learning the ways of the Indians and Syrians. An African growing up in an Indian community learn to save, build, buy land and prosper. In his own community he could not achieve much beyond envy.

        1. An African growing up in an Indian Community is no worse than an African growing up in a right wing white racist community. Even is half the parentage is Indian. And this is established by examining every such community in this world.

          Africans who become wealth in Indian communities, among Indians, are like the former FIFA chief, who embrace the corrupt and ethically challenged values the encounter there. When you are culturally predisposed to seeing cheating and stealing as a right, it is difficult for you to inculcate and be repositories of positive values.

          You need to recognize that racism, racial prejudice, social stratification based on race, regardless of the fact that it might be part of your inherited religious or cultural heritage, has never been accepted as a positive human value outside the narrow group understanding people like you walk around with. Yeah, it is difficult to shed a thousand year old trait that became so deeply embedded in one’s group psyche that it influenced one of the most important historical decisions of the British. When you come from a history, a culture, the first of its kind to create a national social system that categorized the human vale of people based on their hue and the texture of their hair, pointing fingers at others and accusing them of being racist has to be the most ridiculous thing in this world. It is like akin to the goat wallowing in stench while accusing the sheep of being stink.

          The racial prejudice carried by Indians was instrumental in the British choosing them to bolster their numbers in the Caribbean and African Colonies. They saw them as allies against those pesky blacks who were petitioning and protesting for living wages for their labor and other forms of work. And the British were very intuitive in this discovery, because they choose the only group in the world at the time, whose perspective of race more closely mirrors theirs.

          1. I meant “An African growing up in an Indian Community fares worse than an African growing up in a right wing racist white community”

          2. Rodwell we must say…William Hardin Burnley was a wise investor (evil & racist as hell…). He made a wise choice. Imagine, if you talk to the indigenous fijians…the same damn type of mindset they complain of….Indians refuse to use & learn the indigenous fijian language & try to petition againdt it being the national language of fiji BUTTTTTTT..they want HINDI to be the national language!!…..imagine the mindset of a people to go to another people’s land….sneak in while it is under occupation by colonisers…and try to fight the indigenous people for the society when independence is afoot….and after…This is the problem…black skinned, africa s are seen ideologically as ‘rawan’….Ravi Ji admitted this on camera….they see africans as “Rawan”….he used past tense but i disagree…It is a mindset to fight you to dominate, control,immasculate,infantilize & abuse

  7. Did you look at the “youth prime minister” elections? On the same CNC3? Or as jack calls it UNC3? What a farce? With all the hype surrounding that, as soon as you look at the judges….you know what’s up…Ralph Maraj, A Syrian, & Muhammed Muwakil who is supposed to represent Africans? I heard him comment on one of the contestents (sharp, dark skinned african debater, ) & i could have sworn i heard him chastise the contestaent for debating ethnic issues or something like that & said to myself riiiiight that’s what he’s there for…but seriously…you set up a political competition & the people in charge of it are Indian & UNC…with the facade of “selection”…even if i was fooled into thinking it was a transparent competition, after seeing the UNC
    Youth leader Nicholas Morris joined the competition…i miraculously predicted that he would ‘win’…
    I must be a fool to believe that during the most heated ethnic & political tensions….a competition is created by a TV station controlled by indians, that has shown a bias towards the political party that indians support (UNC) is going to have a political competition & allow a random winner?….who would have the prestige of being the first winner? Please….give me a break….what was sad is that Nicholas Morris was clearly the weaker debater! he seemed to “have all the right answers” but the delivery was still unconvincing & weak (or just a weak debater in general)….have you heard him the past week rationalizing
    kamla’s defeat?…this indicates he’s kamla’s golden boy (hence
    youth leader)..& he as youth pri e minister is expected to be ‘fair’ in his participation in T&T politics as “youth Prime Minister”??

    Give Me A Break!

    1. Your obviously racist. I saw two intelligent young people but you didn’t see that because your Africana black caucus brain is on overdrive. I know your kind.

      1. A political competition for the youth, but the judging panel is….Mickela Panday (UNC), Ralph Maraj (UNC), A Syrian & one young, out of the water Muhammad Muwakil….only in your mind is that judging panel fair…Neither Africans nor the PNM were equally represented…and miraculously…the UNC Youth Officer entered & WON.?….LOL….LOL!

          1. Lol…..and? That would be quite interesting indeed…Britain was built on the backs of African slave Labour…for the first non white Prime Minister to be indian & not African would not only be incredibly unjust but typically racist & confirmation of Britain’s ethnic hierarchy i.e. Whites in top, almost whites & other straight haired groups below & then Africans. It would create serious tensions.Like guyana….how is it that Indians who arrived centuries AFTER Africans were gifted with first Prime Minister of Guyana? How does that happen without racism?

          2. This is the same cameron who told Jamaica that a jail & not reparations is what ‘they’ need? Was cameron, as a young man, part of a pressure Group that campaigned against Nelson Mandela, calling him a “Terrorist”?

  8. People, whose name and character hold national prominence are expected to be responsible. The word responsible means – having an obligation to do something, or having control over or care for someone, as part of one’s job or role. Marcia Braveboy, a UNC activist and media person, representing UNC’s views and activities, has been on record as criticizing the chief justice for being a PNM, in the matter of the UNC’s petition before the courts to overturn the results of the elections in six constituencies. So vitriolic was her statements of condemnation of the Chief Justice that the Law Association had to intervene on behalf of justice, to warn Ms Braveboy that he intervention was irresponsible and invidious. Every citizen of this country has an individual right to vote and the right to an affiliation to an organized party. Whether such person is the President of the country, Chief Justice, Chief Magistrate, Chief Protocol Officer or Solicitor General that right is enshrined in our constitution. So, when Ms Braveboy used her prominence and space in Facebook or other social media to announce that the Chief Justice is “a PNM”, the intention cannot be considered mere information, it has to be taken as negative connotation of her intent to subvert the case before the courts. Many people who have spoken with me about the matter have expressed private concerns that the magistrate, Ms Mira Amorer who allowed the petition to go forward to the Appeals court is a UNC, but that in itself is not cause to cast aspersions on her. There must be provisions in law before a judicial officer can make a claim of validity and Ms Amorer had done so. In the case of the Chief Justice he has a much larger responsibility. He is responsible for the conduct of the practice of the law profession in this country. He is responsible for the conduct of officers sworn to the practice of law in this country as well. And most importantly, he has a responsibility to ensure that cases before the court must be attended to and tested in all its manifestations to ensure that the court is not unnecessarily burdened by frivolous charges of misconduct on the part of essential and important institutions such as the EBC. He also has a responsibility to protect the integrity of the EBC as a responsible and essential part of the electoral process. The integrity of the EBC must be defended if it to be maintained and respected. If an aggrieved party use this process to maliciously try to undo the ruling of the EBC, then it puts its validity into question. The outburst by Ms Braveboy and by extension her benefactors (the UNC) is in effect an attempt to subvert the process of this litigation. The UNC has vowed on many occasions to make this country ‘ungovernable’ if they are not allowed to run the country. Could this attack on the Chief Justice by Ms Braveboy be one such case of trying to demean the system of justice? We don’t know but the attack is sending political messages that suggests the questioning by the Chief Justice was construed by the Opposition to be non complimentary of their case submissions.
    This is a serious breach of responsibility and to this day there is no word from the Opposition Leader or the UNC executive to condemn the action of Ms. Braveboy. Instead, word on the internal UNC elections is that they are preparing for bye elections. This tends to confirm the belief that the UNC, through it’s PR is hoping that meddling by people such as Ms Braveboy can bring pressure on the CJ to rule in their favor. I am sure that there are laws in the books that can be used to charge Ms Braveboy with sub judice. If so, then the appropriate authorities should set an example by bringing her to justice for incitement. Yes, this is a democracy but being a democracy does not encourage us to do and say anything we want regardless of the circumstances. We need to show respect for the process of law in this country and regardless of who or what want to subvert this process, there should be ways and means of protecting the sanctity of the institutions of law.

  9. Kian, I apolgize for not retyping my response to you. I had submitted a response to you for the compliments from your brother, but it, along with the rest of my contribution was blocked as ‘spammy’ & i didn’t feel like doing it over right away & it slipped me about responding to you. Thanks & my intention is to spread knowlddge that was lacking…please educate your children, grandchildren, family & neighbours about this issue….or else….kamlas’s grandson will get in office to carry on the legacy…yess…just like mickela panday….the goal is to manipulate the african electorate’s impatience & lack of generational GOALS/AGENDAS…so….you see how they behaved in this last term…..what they plan to do is keep shuffling the same deck of cards (indian community)..they plan to send up their family & pumpkinvine family unc activists to aim for office so whoever gets in even 10,15 years down the road… only takes one more term…to concretize the agenda..although more than enough damage was done recently…T&T has two choices…governance by hindu/indians or governance by Christians/Africans/afro saxonish…to not vote or vote against whichever party Africans are significantly in charge of…..will end up with UNC control…again….people do a lot of PR concerning the “fall” of the COP…the truth is the COP was founded by Winston Dookeran who wNted to run UNC but bas blocked him…..The COP was the same UNC with the local whites & almost whites up in front BUTTTTT the same UNC….did you notice the membershop of the COP meetings during elections…..all INDIANS…..The reLity is there are the two real options i mentioned before….and then there’s ignorance
    (1) Hindu & Indian control Castetatorship
    (2) Afro Saxon/Christian Control…..

    1. You are so right Alyssa. It is a constant aim to gain control with or without help from the whites and Africans. As we saw with Kamla, once that goal is achieved they WILL institute hindutva. The only way for this country to be governed properly is for it to be free from hindutva ethnic control. Continue with the education you are giving us. My brother speaks of you as though he knows you personally. That is how much you have edified him and am sure the readership that is looking for truth are happy you are here to discount the bs and correct it with authenticity.

      1. Again your black caucus world view is showing to all and sundry. The black caucus believes that is the divine right of the African to rule to the exclusion of others. To achieve that Africana pride is a must.

        Since the PNM achieve official reign over the nation everyday someone is dying. In 6 days a prison officer, army officer and police officer was killed. Then there is drowning, car crash and C section deaths. Plus the drug related deaths. Now in your mind Kian you don’t see anything wrong with the demons of death in the nation.
        You have to realise during the election campaign the PNM dark side was dealing with the devil, slaughtering animals for power. Now those same demons are looking for human blood.

        Kamla gave the churches $55 million, no other Prime Minister gave the churches anything. In addition she gave land to build churches. Further to that the shouters got a school. Under Hinduvta that would not happen. So please stop throwing around those silly labels.

        1. 1. ” The black caucus believes that is the divine right of the African to rule to the exclusion of others.”

          Mamoo, maybe you can show us in detail that under “African rule” as you put it there is exclusion. The cabinet is right before your eyes, parliament is before your eyes. So if you re blinded by that, then don’t expect an answer from me. Your premise is dumb and stupid.

          2. “Since the PNM achieve official reign over the nation everyday someone is dying.”

          Death took a vacation for the past five years under Kamla. As a promise to Kamla the devil told her that he would not be greedy with the souls he wanted for his kingdom. He wanted those souls to remain alive so the UNC can point out all those whom he wished for his furness.

          3. “In 6 days a prison officer, army officer and police officer was killed.”

          As you say Mamoo, the devil is not asleep and Kamla made promises to him that she did not keep. So, he is now taking revenge. All those pools before the election. The little huts around the hindu homes were busy making promises to deliver souls after the election, so he is now angry.

          4. “Then there is drowning, car crash and C section deaths.”

          I agree with you Mamoo, it is the medical profession not fulfilling their obligations. They lost power when Kamla lost, so they are now being neglectful.

          5. “Plus the drug related deaths. Now in your mind Kian you don’t see anything wrong with the demons of death in the nation.”

          It started when Kamla got rid of the OPVs and appointed Reshmi as the new director of SAUT. The devil got on a rampage, flooded us with drugs, crime, incest, gambling in every nook and corner, giving away our lands and the richest hindus had a reign of terror over the rest of the nation.

          6. “Now those same demons are looking for human blood.”

          Mamoo, I am sure you know all about demons. It might be a good idea to give us a lecture on that subject. There is a lot we could learn from you.

          7. “Kamla gave the churches $55 million, no other Prime Minister gave the churches anything.”

          Before Kamla, the churches were fine without the $55M.
          But money is the devil’s god. It is when the churches stopped saving souls and instead handed them to the devil. Remember Mamoo, “vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord”. So all of them who took that “dirty money” will have to answer to the Lord for that.

          8. “Under Hinduvta that would not happen”

          Yes Mamoo a case of hindutva happened just yesterday.
          Who says that the Prime Minister MUST attend hindu festivals. That is mixing church and state. BUTT…
          Devant jumped the gun and accused Rowley of not attending divali. Meanwhile, Rowley was there in dapper attire being asked to read chose verses from the bhagavad gita. Point is, if Rowley did not attend the hindu gods will be mad with him. You are still pushing hindu hegemony and that is hindutva.

          P.S. The job of the “black caucus” is to enlighten
          (not you) and from all that we can see, they are being informed and apprised.

          1. Did you actually see the clip of PM Dr. Rowley on stage presenting & declaring to two pundits? Did you see how sour & disinterested they PROJECTED they were in him & his address? Did anyone else notice that? How embarrassing…with the hindu queen Kamla everybody (especially Africans) had to be ‘googly eyed’ & exuberant in her deified presence! Embarrassing….but i refus3 to feel sorry…reading from the gita as and endorsing he scriptures…that is not required Of A PM….Respect the choice of the religion & its day in the sun BUTTTTT you must put your foot on the Ground as a christian & Black Skinned man…that is torture..could you imagine a jewish person becoming president of germany & reading verses from mein kamf in order to show respect for THE RIGHT TO follow Nazism? This type 8f politics is leading us off of a cliff…How can you not respect, or acknowledge of another’s right to believe in a religion but to ENDORSE a religion & religious community that HATES YOU because of your black skin & ancestry?? What message is being given to the youth?…this type of politics is why manh africans/christians are so weak to stand up for the selves as a group whe being abused by another group in the last term….these political holidays are being used to make you bow & worship indirectly!
            If a Dalit or Buddhist (many ARE dalits) was to become prime minister of India…would he/she read verses from the Gita & say that Hinduism is great in order to Show acknowledgement of THE RIGHT to be hindu?…Or a Buddhist

  10. Thank you.
    The Indian community, the mandir, presybterian church, Indian mosques, rotary club, hindu & Muslim organizations/Social groups Along with the Indian Political Party (whatever the name is or will be) are much more in control of the actions & future of THEIR children than the African community….hence 18 seats…Whether it is mickela panday, nicholas morris, stacy roopnarine or whoever they put to be leader….the result in office will be the same or worse…i’m expecting worse than under kamla…they will pick up wherever they ended september 6th 2015 ….Africans must plan for the next generation politically ALSO…….the slogan should be….”Keep Sat OUT OF Office”

    1. “….Africans must plan for the next generation politically ALSO…….the slogan should be….”Keep Sat OUT OF Office”

      Sat is near the end of his journey just leave the man alone. As for the next generation succession planning, the PNM gave us Beetham, Laventille, Morvant, we can expect more of these gettoes to show up. I am sorry to disappoint you Alyssa but you being a tribalist have no choice but to espouse the values of your PNM education. For me only if they show that they understand that they must look after the whole nation and stop ignoring those who did not kiss their butt will I feel confident in them again.

  11. LONDON SPEAKS finally:
    The solution is to bring more Trini Indian entrepreneurs and workers to Tobago. Africans are non productive.

    Tobago has a productivity problem.

    And if it isn’t addressed urgently, it could impact on the sister island’s prospects for self government.

    This was part of the message today from Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary Orville London as he delivered an address to open the Tobago Economic and Business Outlook Conference being hosted by the THA’s Division of Finance and Enterprise Development at the Magdalena Grand Beach and Golf Resort here in Lowlands.

    London noted several statistics which seemed beneficial to Tobago but which could also hurt the island’s chances to boost its gross domestic product.

    For instance, while Tobago had one of the “lowest unemployment rates in the Caribbean” at four per cent in 2014, there was still a critical need to create more high-paying jobs and Tobagonians had to be willing to take on the responsibilities that came with those jobs, London said.

    Surveys from 2011 to 2014 showed that the services sector in Tobago accounted for 90 per cent of the island’s GDP and recent labour force data indicated that 60 per cent of Tobago’s labour force was employed by the State sector.

    London said this suggested there were “certain weaknesses that have to addressed urgently”.

    Diversification was critical and there is an urgent need to improve productivity on the island, London said.

    This “productivity challenge” was not confined only to the public sector, London said, adding that it was critical for self government.

    If the island is to benefit from self government, productivity must be improved, he said.

    1. Hmmm, how is it that you didn’t post a link as usual? Are you ‘paraphrasing’ ( with room for deceitful interpretation) or are these comments structured & quoted as is? If he did make these comments it is embarrassing & a disgrace!…Not the issue of productivity, is a reality that many young tobagonians (africans) as well as african trinidadians lack communal goal or entrepeneurial ambition (hence the black caucus). However, to suggest bringing INDIANS to solve the problem….well you read my earlier comments.

      I await proof of authenticity of your references (article name, newspaper)

  12. Correction.

    The first statements were mine not Mr. London’s. It appears in my post that the first two comments were his.

  13. Antigua, Barbados, Islands that do not have petroleum and gas are doing as well as Trinidad and Tobago without Indian Migration. I can cite many African economies that are outstripping Asian economies today, and they are under the management of Africans with no Indian input. In Guyana, since the coalition took over that Government, in six short months sugar production has increased to levels not attained under the Indian PPP Government.

    Indians are individualistic, and as a group culturally contradictory with the African community cultural understanding that embraces diversity, does not need to masturbate their ethnic ego because of their ,multi faceted abilities and skills. That is to say, they can go into any field of human endeavor and excel, rather than just doing ok in one area.

    There is no history of Indian activity ever fueling economic development in any nation where a diverse population was lifted up equally. There is no stellar history of Indian selfless contribution to human kind on the scale of what was produced in the most harsh of times, under the most harsh of circumstances by Africans. Africans during a period when they were being marginalized educationally, socially, economically and culturally, were still able to provide the world with things like the scientific process of storing blood, the traffic lights, the lubricating cop that revolutionized the operations of steam engines, the screw base and filamen for the light bulb, and so on and so forth.

    It is not simply what is done that accurately measures an accomplishment. It is the circumstances under which it is done. It is the obstacles that had to be surmounted to get it done. accomplished that measures I can go on and on. Highlighting the accomplishments of Indians on a ground that was prepared by other long before they got there, that was cleaned by others long before they got there, just demonstrate exactly what I pointed out heretofore, about the need to ethnically masturbate little things by some Indians. So the very notion put forth in this context is not only ridiculous, it lacks any historical precedent.

    Indians flee from nations Governed by their own to enhance their fortunes in nations that are predominantly Africans and managed by Africans. There is no way that Africans can develop in any society in which Indians predominate and control. The natural racist animus Indians brings to any environment in which there are Africans, embedded from cultural and religious learnings and nurturings going back a thousand years, renders any positive returns of an influx of Indians into the African mix as suicidal.

    In terms of expanding commerce by infusing a population group that is grounded in that particularly, it would be better to select Chinese or Europeans. The consequence to African Kids growing up under the influence and control of people like TMAN and Mamoo would be equivalent to them growing up within some community controlled by the Klu Klux Klan. And even that might not be as bad, because the enemy then is less likely to to be slithering cunningly about the place waiting to bite them on their heels. Better to bring Chinese or Whites.

  14. Rodwell Paton
    November 12, 2015 at 1:40 pm
    Antigua, Barbados, Islands that do not have petroleum and gas are doing as well as Trinidad and Tobago without Indian Migration. I can cite many African economies that are outstripping Asian economies today, and they are under the management of Africans with no Indian input. In Guyana, since the coalition took over that Government, in six short months sugar production has increased to levels not attained under the Indian PPP Government. WELL SAID RODWELL…QED. But Chinee, White, Syrian ARE NOT THE ANSWER. WE HAVE TO DO IT OURSELVES. WE HAVE THE KNOW HOW, THE TALENT ETC. AND THERE IS ANOTHER FORCE…. THE BOURGE AFRO TRINI WHO THINKS THEM ALONE CAN DO IT AND WE MUST BE ENSLAVED AND JUST LIKE IDI AMIN AND GADAFFI WE NEED TO BE CONTROLLED AS MANNING WAS DOING. AS SAID IN MANY QUARTERS WE ARE OUR GREATEST ENEMY. WE NEED TO TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT OUR AFRO LEADERS AND DETERMINE WHO THEY ARE ANSWERING TO. ROWLEY HAS ALREADY STARTED TO DECLARE WHO IS REALLY THE BOSS IN HIS CORNER. THERE IS AN IDI AMIN IN THE MAKING HERE, IN OUR MIDST WHO LIKES TO CHEW ON PAPER TO CREATE A DISTRACTION AWAY FROM HIS LACK OF PERFORMANCE.

  15. “Sharon Rowley’s presence on the trip opens up the Government to accusations of hypocrisy, as it has consistently accused its predecessors of unnecessary spending. Even so, opposition members were measured in response.”…….Gail Alexander of the Guardian

    That statement was included in her reporting of the upcoming trip to Malta by the Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley who is also being accompanied by his wife Sharon Rowley. I find her warning of hypocrisy infantile and not conveying the proper value of Sharon Rowley’s presence with her husband on an official visit to a foreign government. When Kamla Persaud Bissessar maDE HER OFFICIAL TRIP TO INDIA AND DID NOT HAVE HER HUSBAND ACCOMPANY HER I thought that it was lacking in decorum and short of protocol because she is a married woman and head of state. Now, Gail wants us to be sensitized to Dr. Rowley’s past criticisms of the previous government’s spending on travel. How could it be wasteful spending when the head of state is accompanied by his wife on an official visit? This to me shows naiveté on the part of this correspondent. The comparison is definitely not appropriate and is misleading to readers and the public. It is a very common occurrence for wives/husbands to be part of the official delegation on such trips. A spouse may choose not to be part of that delegation, but to accuse the Prime Minister or inject that people will criticize him for that, is pure naiveté and lack of understanding of protocol. The job of a reporter is to inform, not to inject improper motive and I’m afraid that Gail Alexander was just to quick to insinuate that this occasion warranted a call to wasteful spending. She imputed hypocrite behavior on the part of the Prime Minister, when this is in fact routine. If the Prime Minister was carrying a bunch of riders for the trip then an imputation of waste might be considered correct. But there is nothing in her report to suggest that the prime minister is going on a safari. I believe that Gail has offended the intelligence of many readers with this report and it is my hope that she apologies for making that imputation.

  16. Kian, are you surprised? Gail can only exhibit behaviour that she learned from her parents, grandparents & community…It doesn’t have to be logical or honest….the results are all that matter (ends justify the means) So to gail & others like her….Dr. Rowley, as Prime Minister, carrying His WIFE & Or children is or should be scandalous just like all the times Kamla carried her sister & the whole village to India, Brazil, China etc, Kian, when hilton sandy bravely warned of the impending doom of the calcutta ship….Gail went to interview nameless indians who “felt unsafe” because of the statements…This is why Africans Need their own media! Stop being marginalized, infantalized & enslaved by Chauvinistic, racist, UNC, indian controlled media! Didn’t you get the memo after “WINTV” was launched? It is a in your face move to control T&T & subvert the then state media & control T&T minds as to (1)what is politically attractive & what is not, (2) what is “we culture” & what is not..
    (3)what is racism & what is not….
    If you don’t curb this onslaught now, your children to great great grandchildren, will grow up to be the next round of Makaandal Daaga, Clifton Decouteau, Errol McCloud, Hurricane George,Roger “pray for a ministry” Samuel, Lincoln Douglas etc….cro cro sang about them…
    What someone sees, reads & hears everyday shapes their minds….So no matter how conscious you may be , right under your roof could be learning to be the next bum bum licking self hater!

  17. There is a rumor that the Rowleys have been using skin lighter creams. might be true based on recent photos.

    1. If it is true they are skin lightening, they probably used the thousand year old hindu recipe as was shared in the express a few divalis ago….& they also probably thought that since Kamla appeared to have set that precedent along with Photo Shop!….they may be misguided based on those events…or probably the rowleys wanted to celebrate divali like everybody else at the nagar (skin lightening is part of hindu culture….spawned by it)…
      either way if it is true I think it is sad,,,,,a product of racist abuse in the last 5 years in particular from the UNC/indian community….”too black”…”rottweiler”

      1. I encourage anybody to take a look at the picture out up in the Irport of kamla & compare it to how she sctually looks as well as how she looked BEFORE she became political leader (there is a popular photo of her when the internal elections results were confirmed) …at least two things will be noticed….Her skin tone is markedly lightened AFTER she won the internal elections & more so in time for 2010 & Also….that photo of her in the black outfit is photoshopped!….she does not look like that!
        Has anyone noticed How light Roodal Moonilal skin is becoming? I guess the elevated skin tone is meant to matxh the ‘loss’ of weight & the bollywood sunglasses!

          1. Don’t flatter yourself. Your skin tone is not a product of an additive, it is productive of a deductive. Personally none of us in these conversation have envy for anyone with the same skin tone of the slave masters of our ancestors. Our skin tone and hair texture identifies us in the image of the first humans to walk the land, and least likely to be a product of cross specie reproduction, to wit, early human/neanderthal inter-breeding. It is also kind of re-assuring to muse over the possibility that should the Ozone Layers opening increase suddenly and dramatically, we would be the most likely to survive the consequence.

            Who knows, we live in hope of a world absent the nasty traits of cultural and racial prejudices that formed in certain parts of our world and become exported with migrating mutated population groups.

          2. There is a rumor that the Rowleys have been using skin lighter creams. might be true based on recent photos.

            First you reported it as a “rumour”, now you assume it as fact, to leap to a desired but unwarranted conclusion, i.e. “black” people want to be more like “brown” people, even our beautiful, “too-black” Prime Minister.

            Actually, the envy goes the other way. “Nigger” envy is a problem the rest of the world has, and has had for a long time. And it goes deeper than “swag”, as the young people call it, which the “Negro” has, and other people, albeit with few exceptions, simply do not.

            The source of the envy is to be found in the descriptives “nigger”, “negro”, “bantu”, used with scorn to dismiss us. These terms originate in Hamitic languages that carry the same denotative meaning as “Israel” == prince with God, or son of God literally. Nigger/negro is the strongest, meaning literally “king” in the Kushitic language(s) (look up “negus” = king; cf. “Kebra Negast”, the Book or Chronicles of the Kings of Ethiopia). Bantu (Ba + ntu) carries the denotation, the people (Ba=collective) who are gods (ntu; cf. Egyptian “ntr” = god, from which English “nature”) or sons of god.

            That… is the problem. The favoured son is envied by his brothers. Joseph was envied by his brethren, the other sons of Jacob, and for that envy was sold into slavery in Egypt. Ishmael was passed over in favour of his younger brother, Isaac, and so Ishmael envied Isaac. And Esau was passed over in favour of his younger twin, Jacob, and so Esau envied Jacob. That is how deep the envy of Jacob/Israel, by all the other nations, goes: it is the envy of the son passed over for the son given the inheritance. It is as simple as that.

            Hence the “enemies” of Israel today are principally his near-kin, Esau/Edom, and Ishmael, but also including other kin such as the sons of Lot, Abraham’s nephew, and extending to include some Hamites, who early enslaved Israel in Egypt. Psalm 83 attests to this hatred/envy of Israel:

            “They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee: The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes; Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre (Hamites); Assur also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot. Selah.” (Psalm 83:4-8)

            Btw, the pictorial archaeological evidence shows clearly that the true ancient Israelites are phenotypically what we know today as a bantu or negro people; see

            The idea we have today that the ancient Israelites were a white people is simply wrong, moreover contradicted by Scripture itself, as well as the afore-cited archaeological evidence.

            If anything, white skin used to carry the stigma of leprosy, since morphed into white-skin privilege since about the 17th century (i.e. coinciding with the trans-Atlantic slave trade; prophesied at Deuteronomy 28:68). Miriam was turned “leprous, white as snow”, and Gehazi likewise, in each case pursuant to a curse. So white people had to carry a heavy burden — the stigma of leprosy — because of their skin colour. We the “Negro”, i.e. true Israel, have had to feel the lash of skin colour prejudice, no doubt to teach us a lesson we were in need of. You can be sure we were guilty of discriminating horribly against the lepers.

            Btw, it is because the bantu/negro would be coming out of a state of oppression, that Scripture prophesies that the “meek” shall inherit the earth. We are “meek” in the sense of being the oppressed, enslaved, wretched of the earth. But we are Israel: princes with God, literally. That knowledge vibrates quietly within us, and it doesn’t take much for that vibration to be quickened. Which is why we take so quickly and easily to the Word of God, even when the one bringing it (back) to us is indeed and manifestly so, our enslaver. That reality makes a nonsense of the afro-centrist fixed-idea that we are “black” or “Afrikan” as a matter of core identity, where these terms must be understood in some non-literal, rather ideological sense. No. Identity is not a matter of ideology. It is actually more correct to say we are “niggas” in the noble sense of the Kebra Negast, or sons of God in the noble sense of “Bantu”. But more specifically, our proper designation of identity is that given in our own ancestral language: we are “Israel”, princes with God.

            Because of Israel’s (i.e. the “Negro’s”) exalted status, the rest of the world has, and has had for about 3,000 years at least, a bad case of “nigger envy”.

            Thus they would take every characteristic of the Israelite (i.e. the “Negro”), and turn it into a caricature with negative ascription and connotation. “Nigger brown” used to be a designation of colour used in the textile trade as late as the 50s, slur not intended, rather taken for granted. Those who are healed lepers (white or near-white people; Leviticus 13:13) came to look down upon “nigger brown” as an essentialist marker of inferiority. Darwin (The origin of species) even concocted the idea that white skin represented the pinnacle of human evolution… up from the black ape. It is a nonsensical idea ab initio, now thoroughly discredited in the light of DNA-based propagation of the species. DNA-based propagation requires the equivalent of computer software of an even higher-order of complexity, i.e. information and intelligence, thereby defeating the idea of other than design, as opposed to chance, for the origin per se of living creatures. That fixed-idea of evolution, and the elaborate intellectual corpus built up around it, is perhaps the most extreme case of nigger envy on record.

            Next to Darwin, the other extreme case of nigger envy is of course the brahminist nonsense of varna, or caste=colour.

            That sickness of thought they would now project upon the “Negro”. But tell me, if I am Israelite of the seed, and therefore entitled to an inheritance as “prince with God”, why would I want to change that which God gave me?

            No, our present wretched condition, soon to come to an end, is not because of us being “nigger brown”, but in spite of it. For God made His princes with God also the most beautiful of people on the planet. That is Holy Writ. More and more that is being seen for the truth that it is, but of course Satan’s veil covers it for those who for the moment remain ensnared by the Wicked One. The truth “shall” make us free, but there are some who literally “cannot hear” the truth of God.


            “And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle; and, behold, Miriam became leprous, white as snow: and Aaron looked upon Miriam, and, behold, she was leprous. And Aaron said unto Moses, Alas, my lord, I beseech thee, lay not the sin upon us, wherein we have done foolishly, and wherein we have sinned. Let her not be as one dead, of whom the flesh is half consumed when he cometh out of his mother’s womb.” (Numbers 12:10-12)

      2. It’s working. He is looking great these days. By the way one of the biggest importers of that cream is Jamaica.

        1. Yeah, and the most prolific manufacturing occurs in India. Given its cancerous properties, one has to wonder whether it is not agenda driven.

          Jamaicans are frequent and abnormal consumers of that product, and it is not surprising that you take pride in that fact. All it does is lend credibility to our position that you are uncomfortable with Africans who do not see you in the mythical conjure of superior human group. And we know that is what pisses you and your spin twin off more than anything else.

          But do not get your hopes up too high. Only a very small portion of misguided Jamaicans seek to shroud themselves in the color of the slave master. And maybe it is because they are not many like you among them to wisen them up to what they are attempting to mimic. It cannot be an accident that nations with less contact and interactive experience with TMAN and Mamoo would be less conscious about the slave masetr extension and association with skin whitening products and its source.

          1. Rodwell, skin bleaching originated in ancient India! That is a fact! Skin bleaching arose out of neccessity through Hindu culture & caste ideology…I read in the express no further back than 2012 during Divali a youn indian writer was giving an “ancient indian recipe” for ….i can’t remember the exact eupheumism she usesd but it was skin lightening & she had also linked it to Divali (Hint Hint)…”brighten up you skin for divali”…”lightness (skin) over darkness (skin)”….the clues to the ideology are right in front of you…

          2. One of the ancient skin blezching secretz0s among the indian community is Saffron….they scub out fhe melanin with that…right there in T&T…years ago cosmetic things like creams were too expensive for the poor…also skin whitening creams were not available as they are today (in the caribbean) but it was & is a vibrant culture in the Indian community

          3. I saw a documentary of skin bleaching in South Africa, & i’ll never forget what a young ladysaid….she said she bleaches her skin so as to not look “Dangerous”….i.e. Her experience is that the darker your skin, the more dangerous society perceives you to be…a legacy of apartheid in the minds of South Africans (Indigenous).

        2. According to Tman Dr. Rowley could only “look better” id0f skin lightening creams are applied. She thinks that this is amusing to say.

        3. Sadly, this is true…the self hate (black skin) in jamaica is probably the worst in the caribbean…not the ONLY…but the WORST….vybez cartel is an embarassment but also a good case study for how self hate is rationalized nowadays…according to him he doesn’t hate himself because he scrubs out his melanin (skin bleaching)…he just likes tattos & his dark skin doesn’t illuminate them as white skin does….RUBBISH. …you are admitting that you aren’t happy with your skin for the purpose of vanity!

        4. The idea that Dark Skin is nasty, dirty & needs to be “washed off” or “scrubbed out” is all part Of Hindu caste culture…Vivian Richards (master blaster) has a daughter with an indian actress (Gandhi Film).She grew up & lives in India (Fashion Designer) The express posted an interview she gave with a magazine of some sort a couple years ago….she admitted that when she would visit her father on holiday in the caribbean, upon returning her grandfather (maternal) would scrub her down (melanin) becuse he detected some ‘darkness’ in her skin. If you see her photos, her skin tone looks (unnaturally) light. Neither of her parents are white or white skinned & yet she is lighter than them both.imagine that….your grandfather scrubbing out your melanin!….

  18. If PM Rowley wants to take his wife with him on any foreign mission, he should feel free to do so at the expense of the state. Let’s stop the petty criticism.

  19. Take a gander at the T&T Nazi rants. This is not an anomaly. This is an example of the content of every Caribbean blog where Indians congregate. As soon as they get together, the common hereditary racial excrement begin pouring out. When they come on these blogs and accuse black people who expose these racist behaviors of being purpose, understand very clearly what their purpose is. Because without question it is to keep you defending your reputation while ignoring theirs, and allowing them to continue doing what comes naturally.

    1. Rodwell, the ingrates that are making these comments…do any of them appear to be over 30? The myth that “it’s the older ones that does push de race ting” is dotish and idiotic…why deceive yourself…they are trained in this mindset from young! “Blackness” & dark skin is considered nasty & ugly in the indian community, so when you notice that indians refer to africans who are the same hue as they are as “Black” & themselves as either “brown” or “indian”(geographical, ethnic origin rather than a damning colour reference) it is an exposure to the sick, diseased caste mind!
      Look at those comments rodwell, look at them laugh & heap scorn at african people patronizing their businesses, food & culture…That is why i warn africa people …do not trap yourselves into believing that stroking the ego of the caste-minded racist will somehow lead to unity…it will not work, only fuel thee ridicule….it hasn’t worked for the untouchables in 1000s of years…it will not work now!…Dr. Rowley should not fall into the same trap as manning….there are many people who don’t like you because of your african features..politics is a mask! These are the same people who clamour that their culture isn’t acknowledged & marginalized & when their is ample in your face evidence to the contrary i.e. african people in large numbers buying their food & clothes…..ahhhhhhh now there is a PEDESTAL to heal scorn in arrogance….”look at ‘dem black people’ lining up for divali buying out all we food’….”ah cyah even get in line, dem black people buy out all o “we” food!”….”look at “dem”…dey doh even like dey own food”….
      As Dr. Cudjoe pointed out (casting pearls before swine” Africans line up for blocks & contribute to the vast majority of patronage to indian businesses YEAR ROUND but ESPECIALLY during Indian Arrival Day & Divali…even buying saris & dressing up…BUTTTTT during AFRICAN Holidays like emancipation day etc can anyone on this blog ever notice Indians dressing up for emancipation day & patronizing the emancipation village??? what many have witnessed is that indians will use that day to do their own thing & refuse to take part……. can anyone counter this claim???
      This is a truly embarrassing reality….the mindset is you must worship our culture & religion but we reserve the right to scorn & shun yours!…food made from Africans (untouchables) is polluting just as they are & will be shunned….eat their food but they will not eat yours…This is a religious attitude as well as cultural…those who do not mind these rules are going against the grain (religion & culture)

      1. The truth is Alyssa, you can’t separate religion from culture. It is one and the same. I too I’m not in agreement with Dr. Rowley attending the religious hindu festival of Divali. If it is religious, then leave it to the those who are members of that religion. Whilst we celebrate religious diversity we should also be respectful of one’s faith and persuasion. But there is no requisite for joining in celebrations of a system that runs contrary to what I believe in. Tell you what! Recently a friend explained a story to me that horrified me somewhat: A young Indian girl at an elementary school in central was asked by her teacher “who is the prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago?” The little girl looked at the teacher without saying a word and bowing her head.
        The teacher kept repeating the question and awaiting a reply from the girl but she would not answer, just bowing her head. The teacher found it strange and took her to the principal. After the teacher explained the behavior to the principal, he turned around and asked the girl “who is the prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago?” She raised her head, looked at him with wide opened eyes and said to him that her parents told her not to ever mention or answer a question like that. As for those who indulge in cheap Indian food as a way of filling their bellies, I say to them, take a picture of yourself and see how you look!
        whenever I pass by Brooklyn Bar in Woodbrook, I see those big black men taking doubles from the seller. With a bend of their right hand, raising their heads as if to look up to the sky in satisfaction, opening their mouths to the fullest, releasing the doubles in the mouths, chewing and then sucking their index, middle and little fingers as if to saying “that is satisfying”. I say to them, “you fools, you look stupid eating food that has time and again been tested and there are reports in the past suggesting that it contains traces of human waste.”
        If you indulge in being satisfied with that, then you must acknowledge you are subservient to those who call you those names on Facebook.

    2. Please read this newsday article from june of this year by none other than Israel B. Khan…pay attention to the 2nd & 3rd paragraphs particularly….he states Kamla belongs to “Brahman Caste” and describes Dr. Rowley’s comments as “Niggard”….then a host of “twists & turns” of T&T history

  20. food that has time and again been tested and there are reports in the past suggesting that it contains traces of human waste.

    Thanks for that info. This is an article of the “Indian Policy” discussed in the Sunshine newspaper and briefly on this blog. Therefore I’m not surprised to hear that this is so. But I have not myself seen such a report. Do you have a link that you could share?


    1. This is by no means a new phenomenon or story commonly covered in the newspapers. Doubles have become a million dollar business that have gone outside its cultural origins. So the association will do all in it’s power to mask any such stories that can effect the doubles economy adversely. The reports that I have read was close to five years ago and don’t have a link associated with it. The matter was covered in the newspapers about roti and doubles that were tested in the lab to uncover foreign substances. The then story covered were of findings done in the San Fernando area. There are stories (as told to me by ordinary Indian folks) in the Couva area of ingredients worse than human waste. I personally have been told that they use water washed from dead bodies to augment the taste. Whilst that is hard for me to believe, I am told that it has religious significance that encourages those who buy doubles to come back all the time. Judging from the way those big black fellas eat that thing, I feel somewhat perplexed when I see them really enjoy eating and calling for more.

      1. So dey working obeah with the doubles (and the roti), and moreover have separate batches, one for the indo the other for the afro…

        We should also avoid “prasad”, even if all the ingredients are wholesome:

        “But if any man say unto you, this is offered in sacrifice unto idols, eat not…” (1 Corinthians 10:28)


        1. Actually yoruba…the trini (hidden rzcist) usage of the term obeyah betrays you….to say “workin obeyah with the doubles” is actually loaded language when used (unwittingly by africans)….you see obeyah in this context is meant as evil magic…(christian context)…but why is it obeyah alone ( not hinduism) that is used this way?….among “uppercaste” indians they say “kalipuja” as a catchall term for “evil” practices…in gets more interesting “Kali” is the a Hindu deity!…with black skin…. “puja” means prayer or worship…the name KALIcharan is common in T&T, among the most blackest skinned indians (not coincidence) I say this to make the point that using African ancestral worshop (obeyah/voodoo) ALONE as a substitute for ‘evil pagan magic’ is encouraging the perception that it ALONE fits that description from a christian perspective…Hinduism is in the same boat!
          I heard Hema Ramkissoon this past week try to “explain away” the christian position that Hinduism is devil worship…she invited penny beckles’ internal elections buddy chandrabhose sharma to ‘dispel’ this perception by explaining the process of divLi food etc…STOP! This is where it gets dangerous….you cannot re-interpret the christian perspective on behalf of christianity for public consuption as Hindus…It is what it is…an immovable impasse!…christianity (the bible) views Hindu practices as evil & of the devil…there is no way to change that!…worshipping “false gods” is evil to the christian belief system….you can’t ‘spin’that reality away in order to convert christians & bring hinduism mainstream (that is the intention)
          The only honest, neutral position would be to accept differences between belief systems as the legal, constitutional right of others…next will be the re-interpreting homosexuality as NOT an abomination (according to the bible & quoran)…One does not have to believe in or obey the rules of the bible/quoran but you cannot LIE about their message…that is not real social progress & will return negatively in the future.
          It is actually a secret ideological war (for the hearts, minds & souls of others)…one side is trying to “sotften” the resolve of the others through sweet, utopian words, food & $$$$$…figure it out

        1. Hindu caste practices are not “universal”….nobody said that faeces only ever ends up in indian food….HOW & WHY it ends up in WHOSE food is the discussion….i know you are aware of this & are trying to spin…..consider yourself unravelled!

      2. Wow kian, i didn’t notice that part of your post whe i did mine…you also talked about the run off water from corpses being placed in doubles!! It isn’t for the taste though…it is ritualism/magic supposedly to keep you coming for more. Have you seen (movies) & heard about the “gypsies” of europe??? What is associated with them?? “Black” magic & evil curses performed with bodily fluids as ingredients right? “Gypsies” that you see in movies with crystal balls, tarrot cards etc are a people descendents of UNTOUCHABLES fleeing caste persecution from Northwest india 1400 years ago, using the coming of Arabs (islam) & their conflict with brahminism to escape..yup..similar to the circumstances with the U.S. Yankee/confederates civil war.You should listen/research the european non politically correct stereotypes of “gypsies” based on their experiences with them over a millenia (even gypsies acknowledge are true) of “gypsies” & their associated behaviours(culture)…dishonesty, cheating(always looking for an angle) nasty,gruesome rituals for “magic”…

    2. Yoruba…ohhh the irony….did you see one of the facebook posts “i should take a pic of all d black ppl buying roti in San Juan…i pass through to buy some sweets and all the food done….is only black ppl buy out d food…dey need to stop this s%it…” her name is Lizz Ramnauth…remember what i told you about guyanese surnames being easy to pick out? In Trinidad it is spelled & pronounced Ram-Nath but in guyana Ram-NAUTH…imagine a guyanese descendent querying where (san juan) & what (indian food) african TRINIDADIANS buying IN TRINiDAD!! Either she, her husband, her parent or parents came from guyana but feels entitled to ownershop of the country…the last 5 years especially has emboldened MANY!

  21. Faeces & urine,force fed to untouchables, is part of ancient hindu culture.Google & research a hindu practice called “Food Rolling”…After a public feast on banana leaves, Brahmins get up & spectate as Untouchables line up to ‘roll’ over the leftover food on these leaves as it is supposed to cure skin ailments as well as ‘show respect’ to the brahmins/uppercastes…google it & watch that clip! To this day forced ingesting of Faeces & urine is done to untouchables as well as African students studying in India!These & other bodily fluids in ancient indian rituals are viewed as alchemical ingredients with power e.g. sweat rice(common in T&T) is ‘made’ by boiling rice & after the rice is strained, but still piping hot, the woman squats over the pot, so that the steam from the rice causes her genitalia to “sweat” unto the rice which is then fed to the desired lover or person to be controlled!These bodily fluids when ingested are beleived to give power to the woman, over the person ingesting it = a returning customer. An indian national visited T&T within the past 5 years & wrote about his experience…he couldn’t understand the practice of some hindus in T&T inviting over africans to divali for food. HE said in trying to come to terms with thus practice & understanding it that He did know of some rituals among Hindus in india where low caste & untouchables are fed food as means of passing out or purging bad karma (into those eating it)…i will search for & post that article..
    Many reading these reports of faeces in doubles think it is a sign of bad hygeine… eh….that is part of ancient rituals….”magic”…you know…it’s fu ny how “obeyah” & “voodoo” to this day are stigmatised as devil worship (and they are from a christian standpoint) however , hinduism has been given a major “makeover” in the past 25 years in T&T…this is no coincidence as there is the NCIC & others that have been working arduously to “sell” it & evwn eclipse christianity in the cRibbean with $$$$$$ being thrown about BUTTTTT Hinduism is vast in its practices & has very similar practices to Obeyah & Voodoo…i remember a trusted source said that a popular founding family of doubles business in T&T used the run off from washed corpses as a ‘secret ingregient’….at the time of hearing this i didn’t have the knowledge of the religion & culture that i do now & of course i dismissed it as ole talk…BUTTTTT. ..from an anthropological point of view (closest to neutral)….these thjngs are quite normal….(to that belief system)….there are hindu sects that ONLY drink out of human skulls and others who rub down i cow dung to attain their brand of enlightenment (cow is sacred)…The author of “Why i am not a hindu” (dalit scholar) pointed out that hindus worship the cow & NOT the bull because of colour (cow has white, Bull is black)…The imagery & information propagated about that belief system in T&T for many years are carefully woven, obnoxious lies!…Lies meant to capitalize on the ignorance of Indian History & culture,especially because of the language barrier (africans)…This is why i was laughing hysrerically at the Hindu UNC’s smear campaign ad that depicted “Obeyah” as evil & Dr. Rowley as a practitioner…obeyah & hinduism & there practices are viewed as evil from a christian perspective….
    BTW…if you think this is MY propaganda…
    According to Trinidadian author & former Pundit & son of a famous pundit in T&T(60s) Rabindranath Maraj in his book titled
    “Death Of A Guru” , Mr. Maraj says that First Born child sacrifice is a widely practiced, well kept, hidden secret among Hindus in T&T(for Wealth & power). HE says that they will never
    admit to it outside the community…
    Remember, the Hindu practice of “Suttee” i.e. while cremating her husband, the widow is expected to dive into/unto the burning pyre & join her husband (or be pushed) This practice was outlawed by THE BRITISH….the indians that came to T&T practiced this in India….alot of the perceptions of Indian culture & hinduism

    1. However dressed up, however spun and re-spun, hinduism is idolatry. It is qualitatively the same as orisha worship. Orisha worship recognizes a certain duality in its practice, i.e. a left-hand path which is sorcery, plain and simple, intended to hurt, and a right-hand path intended to help/heal. Some practitioners specialize in one, some the other, and most practice both sides for fee. It is the same with hinduism. The only difference is the brahminist overlay in hinduism, which sought to assign a special virtue to the brahmins, and a special villainy to the low-caste and untouchables, accounting for and justifying the difference in caste status. Orisha worship is untainted by such hypocrisy. But that aside, there is no qualitative difference in the spiritual principles at work. An orisha ritual to find/keep/control a man, for example, is in principle no different from a hindu puja to find/keep/control customers. Wanga is wanga. Magic is magic. Whether white magic or black magic, both are condemned under Holy Writ. Those who are of the seed of Jacob and therefore under the Holy Covenant, may not engage in either.

      “And say, Thus saith Yahweh Elohim; Woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature to hunt souls! Will ye hunt the souls of my people, and will ye save the souls alive that come unto you? And will ye pollute me among my people for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, to slay the souls that should not die, and to save the souls alive that should not live, by your lying to my people that hear your lies? Wherefore thus saith Yahweh Elohim; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly.” (Ezekiel 13:18-20)

      While the indo-Aryans are not Israelite, and therefore not under the Holy Covenant, the are Hebrew Edomite, and therefore under the Abrahamic Covenant. They too therefore owe exclusive worship to the Most High God. Therefore they will come into a world of hurt, as indeed is prophesied in Holy Writ. God hates oppression more than anything else. Hence His absolute condemnation of sorcery. The brahminist overlay of hinduism is sorcery, plain and simple, in its oppressive intent, moreover cloaked in a hypocrisy that is breath-taking in its audacity. Orisha worship is also condemned, make no mistake, but the brahminist/Edomite variety incurs God’s hate:

      “The burden of the word of Yahweh to Israel by Malachi. I have loved you, saith Yahweh. Yet ye say, Wherein hast thou loved us? Was not Esau Jacob’s brother? saith Yahweh: yet I loved Jacob, And I hated Esau (aka Edom)…” (Malachi 1:1-3)

      The ultimate end of Esau is prophesied elsewhere in Holy Writ, and it is not pretty.

      “…when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever…” (Psalm 92:7)

      And btw, to cite Holy Writ is not to engage in “religious bigotry”, as TMan would accuse, it is to give fair warning to a brother caught up in sin.

      “Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.” (Leviticus 19:17)

      My point therefore is to rebuke, not only the indo caught up in his ancestral brahminist nonsense (I do not mince words), but also my afro-Isratelite brethren caught up in only a slightly less damnable form of idolatry — orisha worship whether of the right hand or left hand.

      “And Yahweh shall scatter thee among all people, from the one end of the earth even unto the other; and there thou shalt serve other gods, which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, even wood and stone.” (Deuteronomy 28:64)

      It was prophesied that we would get caught up in this and other forms of idolatry. But get over the idea that it is our true “African” culture. It is not. It is a filthy garment that may be discarded, not “we” culture, and certainly not “we” identity.

      And btw, Yahweh has a way of rubbing our noses in it. If we will not learn that he disapproves of idolatry, he will make us to suffer under those that practice it even more abominably than we do. That is what is happening with indo faeces in the doubles and roti sold to afro-Israelites. Yahweh is exposing the wickedness that we may learn the appropriate lesson.


      “Yahweh is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” (2 Peter 3:9)

  22. Kian….that is common behaviour in the indian community…& worse….you are dealing with two completely different mindsets to society & politics…Only africans in T&T have this cultural perception that ‘is jus politics’…& its not to be taken seriously…Indians view politics as literal warfare & not a game!….i.e. there is no “gracious loser”…they (as a group) are extremely hateful Of PNM & Africans for dethroning their Hindu Monarchy. They inculcate their children militantly into the political battle from young (this is why they have unwavering support) Africans on the other hand are immature & in denial of the political reality of T&T…it is not party…it is about race/ethnicity…remember it was Gandhi who told the world & his fellow hindus that Religion & politics are inseparable! I.e. your religioos view is your political viewa,e.g. If you are a hindu, how can you accept low caste/untouchable/african leadership?? OR as a christian or muslim, how can you ENDORSE homosexuality ?

    1. “To believe in something and not live it, is dishonest”
      ………..Mahatma Ghandi

      If we are to take this statement literally, it can shed many lights on what we notice everyday but are too blind, not willing to admit or ignorant of our experience right here in Trinidad. When we (Africans) hear hindus (especially) expressing hate for the PNM, many of us wonder where is the hate coming from. From a strictly political point of view, Indians have benefitted tremendously from policies of the PNM. Education, commerce and religious freedoms were liberated more by the PNM th an did under the British, yet
      the one who is hated is not the British or white man, it is the P-N-M!!!!! Why is this? Under the PNM the Point Lisas Development was created (in an Indian area). This is at a cost of billions. LaBrea is unfortunate area because under two PNM administrations when development programs were to be developed and completed UNC administrations closed them down. The first being the Lrea development involving the pitch lake …….Panday closed that down. The Altrumint smelter plant that Manning managed to contract and develop was stopped by Kamla Persaud Bissessar. Why is this? If not race, then what is it?
      Is it fact that Indians do not like to see black people succeed? Is it a fact that hindu beliefs forbid them to
      appreciate black development because of hindutva, hindu religious practices or just a plain case of superiority/inferiority complex? I believe that the answer lies in what is being taught to them at an early age.
      It is also obvious that what is taught in the mandir and temple supersedes what is taught in the schools. It is true that hindus see politics as warfare. Kamla Persaud Bissessar was not magnanimous from the parliamentary level in paying attention to true democratic representation when she thought it best to destroy Dr. Rowley’s involvement in by participating in house debates. He as a representative had to represent his people of Diego Martin. But that did not matter to her. From her point of view it was best not to have Dr. Rowley in the house at all. To her, that was warfare! It must be in her mind that Dr. Rowley and all African people are her enemies. I listened to Roodal Moonilal canvassing for the UNC leadership and I am yet to hear him speak as one whose interest it is to run as a national candidate. To him UNC is Indian and Indian is UNC and UNC is Trinidad (not Tobago). This is evident is his delivery and one does not have to be a keen observer to notice how anti-nationalist the UNC is.

      1. “To believe in something and not live it is dishonest” (to yourself)….BUTTTTT the reverse is even more dishonest….

        To live something (ideal) and (pretend) not to believe in it is DECEITFUl

        1. Yes that is also true. If in fact the hindu is following Ghandi’s phrase to the word, it means that he extracts his character ethic and personal ethics from the book (the gita). It is what guides his integrity and morality. So, in that sense he is living what he believes. But at the same time the gita might be teaching something that is dishonest, but honest in the eyes of the hindu. So, when we (the Africans) consider the behavior of Vernella Alleyne immoral, undignified and dishonest, the hindu like Moonilal considers her behavior in keeping with his beliefs and therefore is not an act of dishonesty.

      2. Not only point lisas…look at U.W.I. St. Augustine…it is a UNC safe seat…no coincidence there…it is an indian controlled Area! All the business that benefits from U.W.I. prestige & population=customers are Indian controlled…rum shops, lucrative apartment rentals etc…THAT is what they want in Debe ×1000!! You see kian, if there is significant non indian controlled commercemin African areas where will they get their rawans to sweep the building & do the heavy lifting? It is economic warfare…once you put these wannabe aryans in control of anything that can advance their spiritual/racist agenda it will be done…
        police service
        fire service
        Any damn institution will be turned into an ethnic enclave..but it is done with warm smiles!mit is a mindset backed by stubborn arrogance!

  23. Yoruba, i also addressed this in my earliest posts….of the most damning evidence thzt Hindus in T&T have always practiced caste against Africans is the “Juta utensils/ware”….Juta is “spritual pollution” or bad karma…..Hindus believe thus can be transmitted through physical contact or even the shadow (hence “untouchables”)…this is why many Africans have niticed over the years or have been leaked this information from some indians that at the home of hindus/indians there are “special” utensils & wares for if ‘YOU’ happen to passby for a drink or earts…in other words they won’t give you a cup, knife, fork, plate to use that is part of the regular cycle in the household….i”ve heard many talk about the “juta cup”,…but it’s actually juta anything…reserved for africans….untouchable status….also in the hindu scriptures dictates that untouchables should eat out of broken plates/wares & dress just as hindus wrap their dead…there is a photo or photos available online of indians when they first came off the ship in T&T….pay attention to their clothes & …google indentured labourers & trinidad..but because most africans are ignorant of these practices, what they mean & ancient indian culture in general….they happily fill the role..

    1. I well remember. I grew up on a street that was 50-50 afro/indo, so I knew about “juta”. But how my indo childhood friends explained it, it was reciprocal. Juta was just germs, basically. So I avoided their juta as much as they avoided mine, lol! Your exegesis obviously is more accurate.

      It reminds me of the incident in Parliament where Manning shook Panday’s hand. Panday made a big show of pulling out his handkerchief and wiping his hand. I wondered at the time what that was about, although of course it was passed off as a joke!

      But with all that sense of superiority, the indo-Brahmin will find, if he has not already, that the afro-Israelite is a hard nut to crack. For the role of the afro-Israelite is indeed to be the real “brahmin”, but without the evil of oppression:

      “For thou art an holy people unto Yahwweh thy God: Yahweh thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.” (Deuteronomy 7:6)

      Whatever fleeting success the indo has enjoyed in his hindutva program vis-a-vis the afro-Israelite of the Book, in Uganda, in Kenya, in Fiji, in Mauritius, in Guyana, and even in T&T, it is because the afro-Israelite has been made to suffer the consequence of disobedience. Having thereby cursed ourselves, Yahweh let the indo to rub our noses in it, as was prophesied:

      “The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.” (Deuteronomy 28:43)

      But as we wake up, and more specifically as we are raised back up, also as prophesied, they are in for a huge comeuppance. God hates ugly, and He hates oppression.

      May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and protect the innocent in this land.


      “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free…”

      1. Re being a hard nut to crack…

        I might add… the afro-saxon more so than the afro-centrist…

        e.g. ANR Robinson moreso than Mackandaal Daaga…


  24. Shah Your topic of Land of freedoms and freeness as I Quote I cannot understand the national outrage over the video posted on the Internet that shows several Trinidadian Islamic “jihadists” somewhere in Syria, dressed in combat gear, firing rifles on what appears to be a range, and inviting their Muslim brethren to join them in holy battle in “Hijra”, wherever that paradise or hellhole may be.Unquote is totally ignored here as bloggers are really engrossed in spewing HATE. I always stay clear of this but permit to add my two cents to your topic.
    You need to know from whence you came and why you may have certain feelings deep inside of you from you gene make up. WE ALL CAME FROM SOME WHERE WITH GENES WE DID NOT CHOOSE. Of course you as with me are from very mixed back grounds. Nevertheless genes in one root are attracted to genes in another root especially when relationships span over 60-70 years.
    History is so important to us. You move forward knowing from whence you came. For years my inner feelings, fears , anxieties etc. haunted me but some where along the way my adopted belief in Jesus Christ has caused me to ponder and wonder what is it inside of me that I cannot come to grips with and why I am always defending something dear to me and always seem to be on the losing side of things. My roots always defended something lowly but true and pure and innocent and perhaps it is because my ancestors defended the same as with the grandson of Muhammad who defended the poor in the society in his day and age. My heart has a special place in it for him. I try in my little way in my lowly placed location in society to emulate his ideals. This comes to me so strongly as I grew to know his being even though I am here on a much lower scale with those genes or leanings to defend against all injustice especially my rights regardless of the society I live in. Today French planes are not bombing the daylights of perps as in the rich and famous who are making WAR for a rich living or are they defending against war in their homeland from ISIL but it the poor people of Iraq that are facing the bombs. Yes these bombings and guns were pointed at the poor and lowly in Syria just as in Paris. The real monsters are always protected and prevail in any war in history. And of course the lies are spreading like wildfires to stir the pots of propaganda. So Shah be careful of your analysis of the situations. We the poor and lowly become the pawns of survival. Is it NOT strange in all of this mess that 90% of the Sunni Muslim population (over 1 billion) are also trying to kill off the Shiite muslim population or the truer believers in the Muslim faith that my grandfather ran from in the 1870s to Trinidad under the tyranny rule of the Shah of Iran a non Muslim back then.
    Hussain ibn Ali his roots was a 7th century revolutionary leader who made the ultimate sacrifice for social justice in the face of corruption and tyranny. He gave everything he had, including his life, for the honour of those around him.
    Hussain ibn Ali was born in 620 AD to a family famed for their values of love, honour and peace. Raised by his grandfather Muhammad (the last prophet of Islam), Hussain was known for his integrity, generosity of spirit and blindness to colour and social class. It was for this reason that people flocked to him and his family.
    Hussain was a man of integrity and honour.
    Despite cultural expectations of him as a ‘prince’ of his tribe and a prominent figure in the Islamic Empire, Hussain would shun the grandeur of his status in favour of breaking bread with the poor and needy. He broke all cultural moulds, brought people together and helped where he could.
    Not long after the passing of Muhammad, the leadership of the vast Islamic Empire had fallen into the hands of the corrupt. The good values that Muhammad had spent his life instilling into society was slowly eradicated as the new ruler, Yazid, from the Ummayad dynasty was determined to gain complete control.
    Hussain ibn Ali is buried today in the land of Karbala, Iraq, where millions of visitors come annually to pay homage. HIS DEATH WAS ONE OF THE MOST BRUTAL IN OUR HISTORY OF MANKIND JUST AS THAT OF JESUS CHRIST. HE WAS TRAMPLED BY HORSES OF SOLDERS UNTIL HE STOPPED BREATHING.
    Hussain made a selfless stand for social justice.
    Hussain witnessed the basic rights and dignity of his people being violated, and good values from his society being drained. Yazid ruled with an iron fist, and demanded Hussain pay him allegiance to lend credibility to his own rule.
    Hussain had to make a decision… Should he give his oath of allegiance to a tyrant – and stand aside as the people were being oppressed? Or make a stand and risk his own life? The timeless words of his grandfather Muhammad echoed in his heart, and Hussain knew what he had to do:
    Published on Nov 16, 2013
    This ceremonies are held once a year to commemorate the martyrdom of the grand son of the Prophet Muhammad (Hussain) who stood up against a tyrannical army of 30000 having only 72 men. It is done to keep the massage of Imam Hussain alive. Do not oppress and do not allow others to oppress you is one of the many messages of Imam Hussain. There are 1000’s of gatherings like this in Tehran.
    Hussainia (Persian: حسینیه), also known as an Ashurkhana or Imambargah, and “Imambara” is a congregation hall for Shia commemoration ceremonies, especially those associated with theRemembrance of Muharram.[1] The name comes from Husayn Ibn Ali, the grandson ofMuhammad and the third Imam of the Shia Muslims. Imam Hussain was killed by the Umayyadcaliph Yazid I at the Battle of Karbala in Iraq, on October 10, 680 AD. Shias commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain every year on the day of Ashura in Hussainias all over the world.[2]
    A Hussainiya is different from a mosque in that it is intended mainly for gatherings for Muharram in the mourning of Hussain ibn Ali, and may not necessarily hold juma’at, or Friday Prayer.




  25. Re: Sat joins PM at Divali function
    (Today’s Guardian article)

    Where will this nonsense stop? ISIS Jihadi Liberation Day?

    Our founding father, Eric Williams, wisely gave us the watchwords: discipline, production and tolerance. Today, these have morphed into, it would seem, discipline, production and hypocrisy.

    To be Prime Minister unto all, does not require a state function for every religion, with the PM putting on a costume to suit.

    The article says, with photo to prove, that Sat was “beaming”. Of course. It is a victory for him.

    There is something quite wrong with every state institution holding a Divali day. Central Bank, UWI, Prisons… the list is interminable, and continues even after the day is past and gone. Now the Prime Minister.

    Please Mr. Prime Minister, insist on a separation between state and religion. You cannot be all religions all at the same time. This surely is hypocrisy.

    Yes the state guarantees, as does Holy Writ, freedom of religious conscience, for it condemns hypocrisy. So let every man indulge in the vanity of whatever idolatry he has inherited, or for the moment captures his imagination. Such a guarantee merits tolerance, as Eric Williams evidently understood. But it does not merit, and certainly does not require, the endorsement of every idolatry by the state.

    I for one resent the use of my tax dollars for such purpose. It makes me partaker of what Holy Writ condemns.

    In view of the condemnation of idolatry (1st and 2nd commandments) by the Most High God (whose Law not incidentally is recognized as “supreme” in the preamble to our Constitution), I have to publicly repudiate the spend of such dollars in my name, and disassociate myself from it, lest I be partaker before God in this abomination.

    “Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and receive not of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4)

    Also, I am constrained as an Israelite of the seed, under the strictures of the Holy Covenant, to rebuke a brother in error.

    “…thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.” (Leviticus 19:17)

    It is certainly religious error since in contravention of the afore-mentioned commandments.

    Arguably it is also a constitutional error, considering the preamble to the Constitution.

    That said, it is also the case that Yeshua admonishes us to not be as the horse or mule without understanding, lest He bring bit and bridle to our jaw; Psalm 32.

    With that understanding, it is not by accident that the Divali observance was rained out. It is also not by accident that its chief proponent, in the person of Satnarayan Maharaj, has “satan” within his name, as does the institution that he heads, the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha. His beaming on the occasion of the PM celebrating this idolatrous occasion, moreover wearing the costume of the idolaters, is the victory smile of Satan. Hear or forebear.

    Therefore, Mr. PM, I would strongly urge that the Office of the PM cease to observe religious functions as though state functions.

    Further, I would strongly urge the PM to return to and attend to his own religious persuasion, founded in Holy Scripture, that he may retain the anointing given to him to be the PM. In case he is not aware that was by the hand of God. Again, hear or forebear.

    May the Most High continue to expose the wicked in this land, protect the innocent, and bless us that we be not as the horse or mule without understanding.


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