Kamla, Moonilal squaring off in UNC election

By Anna Ramdass
October 26, 2015 – trinidadexpress.com

United National CongressOn December 5, there are likely to be two major contenders for the leadership of the United National Congress (UNC) —Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Dr Roodal Moonilal.

Former prime minister Persad-Bissessar kicked off her re-election campaign last Saturday and faces internal heat as some of her colleagues and MPs are of the belief that she cannot lead the UNC to victory as she did in 2010.

Moonilal has not yet announced his leadership bid but has been consulting with his constituents and UNC party executives.

Barataria/San Juan MP Dr Fuad Khan has been vociferous in his calls for Persad-Bissessar to relinquish the UNC’s leadership and seek to contest another post, such as the party’s chairmanship.

Persad-Bissessar ascended as UNC political leader in the January 24, 2010 internal elections, which saw the defeat of former prime minister and UNC leader Basdeo Panday.

She won by a landslide, amassing 13,493 votes against Panday, who received 1,359 votes.

Persad-Bissessar went on to contest the May 24, 2010 general election and led the People’s Partnership into office.

Over the next five years, under her leadership, the UNC/Partnership lost the Local Government election, the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election, the Chaguanas West by-election, the St Joseph by-election and the September 7, 2015 general election.

The UNC has 18 seats in the Parliament and the People’s National Movement (PNM) 23.

Sources told the Express Moonilal was the only possible major opponent to Persad-Bissessar in the UNC internal election.

In UNC’s internal election in 2010, Moonilal was the only person on Panday’s slate who won his position, the post of deputy leader, with 3,087 votes.

Moonilal threw his support behind Persad-Bissessar and went on to become one of her closest and trusted members in her Cabinet.
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82 thoughts on “Kamla, Moonilal squaring off in UNC election”

  1. Lol…..take a look at the new UNC party….its amazing how cleaver some people think they are…if only they knew how others view them…the “National Solidarity Assembly” was launched at The UNC headquarters, the symbol is the hindu/nazi symbol (swastika) & the colour is orange(significant to Hindus)….oh & if it is blatantly obvious yet….all of the persons shown are indians. Hehehe….”naltional” “solidarity”…Hindu nationalism? Hindu Solidarity?
    what i like about this development is for discussion to arise about the link between mother & child…Hinduism & Nazism…when people ask..”Why are they wearing the nazi symbol?”….”Didn’t you know?….Nazism…hitler’s racist ideology wasn’t actually his invention, he had taken it wholesale from Hinduism…the Swastika, the aryan/’superior’ race ideology..Nazis were emulating Hinduism…”
    Hitler’s second in command was quoted as saying that whenever his conscience second guessed his duties, he found comfort in the Baghavad Gita (Hindu Sacred Text)..this discussion is well loòong Overdue!….
    Open Your Eyes!

  2. Unlike 2010 when the battle between Kamla and Panday was in full swing, many of us (non-hindus), were engaged and had a clear choice of who we wanted the winner to be – Kamla of course! Panday, the then divisive and charasmatic hindu leader’ who began his illustrious political career with help from former PNM stalwart MP from Point Fortin, Roy Richardson, was all too familiar as a gadfly trade unionist from the sugar belt, was experienced, witty and well connected. But his views and and purpose was the upliftment and enlightenment of the hindus. He saw race in any and everything the PNM did, even when it was not that way at all but he was always ready and willing to accuse the PNM of racism. So, in his contest with the warm, smiling and seemingly charming Kamla (a NAR product), the non-hindus thought the could never be wrong in putting their support behind Kamla. She was comfortable in Hindu garb and just as comfortable and pretty in African garbs, in other words – non threatening. As it turned out – we were completely fooled, we were really looking at a goat in sheep’s clothing. The goat was no ordinary goat, it was really the Village Ram. The Village Ram ended up giving us thunder for five plus long years and introducing for the very first time in Trinidad and Tobago’s politics – HINDUTVA. Sat Maharaj, who was always and continues to be a hindu nationalist, entered into the political campaign for this village ram for the very first time in his career supporting hindu nationalism unabashedly.
    Needless to reiterate how much we suffered under this charming lady turned village ram. The election results was a welcomed departure from the hardships she put us through. The purpose of my writing is to constantly remind the electorate that we should NEVER forget who she really is. So too is her opponent. Also a hindu nationalist, the interest of Trinidad and Tobago is NEVER the first thing on their agenda. It is our duty to always make sure that they remain in opposition. Their campaign in battle will always be saucy and entertaining but we must always remember their fight is not for the betterment of Trinidad and Tobago but one to attain hindu hegemony. So, let the battle begin.

    1. Two things you need to control people fear and hate. The black caucus lead by Kian has mastered both, taking Hinduism as something to be feared and generate hate here on this board. As a black caucus leader and PNM lead appoligist he conveniently forget the Hindus who supported the black agenda. Hindus who waved the balisier is treated as second class PNMites who is only there to help win elections. This is dark and true nature of tribalism anyone who is perceived to be a threat to Africana must be mocked, scoffed and socially isolated.

      This is the type of racist neo Nazi style cesspool of ignorant thinking that has enveloped the mind of my good friend Kian. His rantings of Hindu nationalism that conveniently forget statements such as “murky water alligators”, “recalcitrant” and other adjectives that Kian repeats to promote the black agenda. An agenda of hate that excludes anyone without a tribal designation. But that is the PNM mindset evil, spiteful and vindictive….

      1. “The black caucus lead by Kian has mastered both, taking Hinduism as something to be feared and generate hate here on this board.”…..Mamoo
        Mamma, my dear friend you do not need me to do that. Hinduism has done that already. Read your Bhagavad Gita, it is filtered with hate. Hate for those you consider outside the caste system. You don’t need the PNM to do that either. Your precious Kamla has done a good job during the past five plus years. She has made us aware of the teachings of superiority and inferiority as practiced and preached by hinduism. You might also wish to tell Dr. Venu Annamalai who speaks on behalf of over 250M dalits that hinduism preaches love and happiness to them. So, you see Mamoo, I just echo what we in Trinidad are just beginning to understand after one hundred and fifty years. It is too bad Eric Williams, Hudson Phillips, Roy Richardson, ANR Robinson, Jack Warner , Rodney Charles, Wade Mark and Vernalla Alleyene did not know it in time! Be thankful that we know it now Mamoo,

      2. Just one more thing Mamoo, the word recalcitrant means
        “having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority or discipline”. If you understand history and the context in which Dr. Eric Williams used it, you would find that he was and continues to be grammatically correct. Was the Indian faction (to Marlborough England) lead by the right honorable Dr. Rudranath Capildeo recalcitrant? Yes the correct answer is YES.
        I know that this has been used by the hindus to emphasize the PNM so-called marginalization of the hindus, but such a designation should not be taken in negative terms. It was spoken in literal terms to describe a behavior.

        1. Dr.Capildeo, leader of the DLP and a professor at the time at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London was very supportive for the island of T&T to get independence from England. He and Dr. Williams joined hands together and that’s one of the reasons the meeting at Marlborough House was successful in T&T getting independence. How can ‘Cap’ as he was known at U of London be recalcitrant? As a matter of interest Dr. Capildeo and Erica Williams were neighbours at Clapham Common in London during those negotiations in ’61/2. How can he be referred at his requiem service in 1970 at Chalk Farm, London, as a brilliant scientist and as a co-achiever for T&T gaining independence by a fellow South African scientist? Cap died at the age of 50 and the eulogy was done by his son who was a medical doctor at the age of 21. As the saying goes a prophet is never recognized in his own kingdom. Think about it, Eric Williams was cognizant of the parasites he was surrounded by during his demise and did not want any monuments built or named after him. Chambers was vilified and scorn and referred to as a dunce. These men did their best for their people and country but it is the arrogance of followers that heap scorn on great statesmen.

          1. Loyal Trini….You are a Liar!….The Indian Community, Led by Capildeo was not in Support of Independence 0f Trinidad & Tobago Under An African Led Government…Just like 2015! This is an example of how the Indian Community in T&T, led by College Professors, Politicians & Businessmen want to change the history of T&T as it unfolded to how they want people to believe it did…
            so there is this vulgar attempt To Lie incessantly until it is believed. THESE things are all well documented & only serve to ATTEMPT to mamaguy those who don’t read & research. A stalwart of the then DLP, who was until his death 2 years affiliated with the Express (i believe a board member or former Board member) was at Malborough House with Capildeo at the time & HE said capildeo was being Erratic & Unreasonable…cussing etc…This Was in The Express at the time of his death…he had written about and he was hailed as a key factor in the ordeal for pleading with capildeo. CAPILDEO’S speech ON THE DAY OF INDEPENDENCE 1962 was peppered with Nasty Insinuations About T&T having a “PRETORIAN GUARD” in the police service…’pretorian guard’ was Apartheid South Africa’s Police Force…Capildeo INCITED The Indian Community During A PUBLIC meeting to “Arm Yourselves” “Break up every PNM meeting”….again This is DOCUMENTED history….how can you LIR about things that people can look up in old media sources….this is just plain boorishness…The Indian Community under Capildeo’s Political & Religous Predecessor Badhase Sagan Maharaj (Sat Maharaj’s Father In Law) Also was publicly AGAINST the ENDING Of The American occupation of Chaguaramas…All Of This is Documented History!
            In 2005 Kamla stood Up In Parliament as an Opposition member & Publicly, on the hansard, Opposed the support for the Caribbean Court Of Justice (CCJ) because she (Kamla) Said that there were no INDIANS on The 6 member judging panel representing The ENTIRE Caribbean, of which Indians do NOT comprise even 1/6 th of the Population!
            Sound Familiar? That is the type of politics that represents the Indian Community for 80 years. They as a group opposed the Ending Of the American Occupation Of Chaguaramas because they propagated that Africans were not fit to rule them & all sort of nasty LIES about Africans taking away their land, raping their women (popular one).. IF Africans got political Power…or If the americans left…well 50 years since independence did any of these things happen? No…, but listen to the language whenever elections approach
            (1) Indian Political/Religious Leader (Pundit) Badhase Sagan MaharJ Opposed Dr. Williams’ political thrust to reclaim chaguaramas from american occupation…Indians Supported American occupation/control Of Our Society
            (2) Indian Political/Religious Leader & Successor to Bhadase Sagan Maharaj, Dr. Rudrunath Capildeo Opposed T&T gaining Independence under AFRICAN political Leadership & he clearly stated his ethnically paranoid/machiavellan reasons PUBLIClY just as his predecessor & the same reasons
            (3) Basdeo Panday, Indian Political Leader & ‘Brahmin’ (Though not A pundit as his predecessors),
            the puppet master himself was Political Leader when Kamla went on her tirade about the CCJ in Parliament, he also publicly supported then future Education Minister Dr. Tim Gopeesingh’s accusation Of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ at the P.O.S. General Hospital (98% of doctors in T&T are indian)
            (4) Kamla Persad-Bissessar Indian Political Leader also a ‘Brahmin’ appointed Devant Maharaj who has been documented as suggesting that Tobago be separated from Trinidad politically & “join with Grenada” he also seemed obsessed with the population of our Island by stating that if it wasn’t for Tobago Indian political parties would win elections. Kamla also took 200 persons to India almost as soon as coming in to office to ‘deepen ties with India…subsequent to this divisive move, she removed the visa restrictions for Indian Nationals (1.2 Billion) to go to T&T for 3 months with only a passport…Most right thinking African Trinidadians saw this as well as the mass deportation drive of Africans from even caricom countries as an attempt to flood the country with indian voters & remain perpetually in political power (Hindus/Indians)

            Indian politics in the caribbean has a documented history & ethnic thrust…did you also know that in as far back as the 30’s Indians as a group objected to their children going to school with Africa children? Read the Moyne Commission (i believe it was Moyne) where Britain sent a commission to evaluate & document concerns/issues with education in the colonies….Indians as the commission reported did not want to their children to be schooled with african children because OF THEIR CASTE CONSIDERATIONS(africans are inferior & “Polluting” of them…they were documented as saying that for them to be schooled alongside africans would be a “Violation Of Their Sacred Laws” Google the Document (available in PDF format) Titled “African & Indian Consciousness” by Dr. Tony Martin …all of these FACTS are revealed…..see?
            See? It is an unbroken lineage of Racist, sectarians, ethnic paranoia & scorn that has been Indian Politics not only in T&T, Guyana, buy everywhere that they have significant numbers…Fiji, Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda etc….always the same behaviours reported…Caste Mentality!…and they always try to demonize africans for not bowing & accepting Inferior status.

          2. Just a little correction Loyal Trini. I used the word ‘faction’. This means that the team led by Dr. Capildeo extracted as much as they can get from Eric Williams before deciding on the terms for independence. No one should even attempt to take away the achievements of Dr. Capildeo as a scientist and I’m sure that was not my intent here, but those who asked him to lead were definitely recalcitrant in their support for independence.

          3. When the marabuntas left Laventille to attack the Southland on an excursion they were met with a barrage of melons at the Debe railwaytrack. This is what the utterance at the time was, “Capildeo INCITED The Indian Community During A PUBLIC meeting to “Arm Yourselves” as you quoted in the undermentioned.

            You can quote who you wish to, that is your prerogative. But you certainly come across as a person who is willing to go at lengths without seeing how your rantings are baseless at times and reflecting an unstable mind. You have been selectively using a number of quotations in the context you wish to defend some of your statements as seen in previous blogs. Get a life!

      3. Mamoo someone like you who paid no heed to the fact that many black Trinis helped your Hindu Queen to victory five years ago when you were labeling and stereotyping them in this blog ought to know better than to try that guilt trip deceitful strategy on us. Supremacist like you are easily exposed by this utterly arrogant attitude that you display. Further, black people have never initiated racism in their interactions with other groups. we respond to racism. We have no link with any racial intolerant background or religious and cultural belief system steeped in racism.

        For someone who comes from the culture that the Nazis attempted to copy, to the extent of Aryan racial identification and swastika emblem, using the term Nazis against black people is laughable. We represented the other extreme end of Hitler’s Aryan superior continuum. You do not. So do not pawn a culture to which you are closely linked by heritage upon us.

        It was the black agenda that freed up space for many like you to enjoy freedoms in places like the US. We do not apologize for it. Your assumption that only Indians and Hindus are entitled to an agenda, to their GOIP and RSS is evidence of how racial prejudice warps the thinking of those who have had a thousand year association with it.

        Yeah, the Boers in South Africa also saw black resistance as evil. Black people are always evil because they refuse to shuffle and genuflect between you narrow assed Hindu supremacist who believe that you are the legitimate inheritors of the slave masters role and power in the Caribbean. For decades your flaunting of this attitude, engaging in the deceitful reversing of the trait upon black people, had managed to guilt trip many into silence. But that is over.

        You are no different than every racist, every supremacist, every white sheet and hood clad cross burning devil reveling in the racial persecution of black people for centuries. So you can engage in your Freudian displacement defense strategies to your hearts contents. You are the Aryan, we are the African. That relationship and kits circumstances are solidified in the annals of history. Your Goebbells like barking and vomiting transference of your traits and heritages upon black people will not silence us. Embrace it, it is your history, not hours. In the only history of racial social stratification on the continent, we were the victims.

        We break down the barriers, you come behind and claim and enjoy the results. We shed our blood, go to jail, confront the forces of oppression and you come in after and live high off the hog, cowardly boasting of benefits you never fought for. So please, take that narrow assed whining somewhere where it will have traction.

        1. Well said Rodwell! If you listened to Ralph Maraj yesterday on i955fm it was a carbon copy of what Mamoo is claiming. I cant believe that these people have the gall to blame black people for the marginalization of which they speak. They left the white man off the hook and blame us for “recalcitrant” remark, “culcutta ship” remark etc. Mind you those are just remarks without intent or structural machinations of authority but we are accused of racism? What a sorry group?

          1. Kian, we all know what ralph maraj stands for….but what do you think of those africans that sit down and enable him by talking with him everyday? Remember leesing sold the radio the company that owns the express & tv 6 “ocm” group…i remember around that time, reading an article where it said that ocm was looking to get the Indian market/ view & bam! Ralph is catapulted ONTO at least 3 shows that were previously enclaves of african people & pnm…..& he takes over & has been dominating it ever since….darrian’s show (ralph took natalie’s place), wayne chance’s show with lisa & the sunday show which Jenny & roger had….in ALL shows he began talking over callers WHILE they made their contributions if it went against the unc or exposed hinduism….In fact he is a real obvious propagandist….He keeps trying to convince african viewers that caste has nothing to do with hinduism.
            Ralph 7s part of a trend since the PP came into office where even though there are billions of india talkshows, tv programs promoting the UNC propaganda & The Hindu / Indian view….wherever you have 1 or 2 programs representing African view or the PNM….all of a sudden, an indian, hindu or a real “nigger” is forced unto the show to ‘promote’ “balance”.? that is where T&T got during the last 5 years…Indians are allowed to be as partisan as possible with their views, but africans need a babysitter to ensure that they are balanced!!
            the worst was what was done to Richard Noray & Harvey Boris!
            Notice how Ralph would not allow people to speak without trying to shut them up by talking over them etc….

          2. Correction *Leesing sold i95.5fm to the ocm group (one caribbean media) which own express & TV 6…the question is who owns OCM….?? And why did it buy i95 at such a crucial time during pp’s reign & subsequently Ralph MaraJ a UNC operative rose to prominence over announcers who had years of seniority over him…how is that possible or fair? Not one but at least 3 shows he literally took over….in fact he dominates so much that even though i stoped listening a long time now…whenever i decide to ‘take a listen’ i hear Ralph Marah Blabbing!……
            Africans are too passive & easily walked over!

          3. It is the caste mind Kian, it sees everything in REVERSE….the zebra should double back and apologize to the crocodile for escaping certain death. HOW dare the it escape & fight back! This is when crocodile/caste minded tears flow

      4. Notice folks, that mamoo is slandering the “Black Caucus” movement that is trying to engender africans empowering each other economically…….Indians, hindus, chinese, syrians…everybody does it selfishly & blatantly & that is considered normal. HOWEVER, when africans try it….it’s about hate…non patriotic….Remember Sat called for a boycott of Tobago after the elections? He told indians not to go tobago…but if you go, carry your own food…did mamoo complain?

        1. Alyssa, I have different thoughts on I955fm. Whilst there is concern for the elevation of Ralph Maraj, there is another side of me that believes that his promenance can be an eye opener for those Africans who still believe in the all-ah-we-is-one concept. Ralph, does not hide his hindu bias and when he gets an opportunity he is very open with it. The station is still very much one with a predominent African listening audience, so from that aspect I believe Ralph’s presence can be an eye opener for them. It also afford us the opportunity to bring out the race bogey man. Did you notice how easily it was for John Gill to fall into line and speak about it? That is because Ralph made it easy for him to do so. Because of Kamla, race is now an open issue that has been hiding for over 150 years in the minds of the Afro Trinidadian and it is about time that we no longer keep our mouths shut. Sat Maharaj never did, Kamla never did, Panday never did, those university professors at UWI never did, Moonilal never did, Rambachan never did, TMan never did, Mamoo never did, so why should we continue to be silent on the issue?
          The problem is with our past leaders like Manning and Hudson-Phillips nd Ellis Clarke and others who felt that they belonged to the Afro Saxon class where race should not be addressed head on. Kamla has made it possible for us and we should grasp at the opportunity to make the most of it.

        2. Oh Alyssa I forgot! I was reading the Business section yesterday and and saw the financial reports of the CEO Sir Holdip (in Barbados), presenting figures for ODM (or is it OCM?). He stated that profits for the reporting period this year was $89M compared to $78M for the same period last year. He gave as the reasons for jump in profits the T&T General Elections of September 2015. That is a definite clue in terms of how much was expended by the UNC for the elections.
          As we all know the ads were like twenty to one in favor of the UNC for Kamla 2015.

        3. For 34 years out of 51 years of independence the black man held the reigns of power. The black caucus movement has only sought to keep black people down and form gettoes in places like Laventille, Beetham and Morvant. It is people like Kian and Alyssa who propogate this neo Nazi racist black supremist ideology. Victimology is the code word despite 34 years of unfettered access to the treasury, we see a strange mixture of hate and anger with name calling such as Hinduvta against those who had to struggle harder than the black man to earn a daily bread.

          I remember when Trinidad was flooded by islanders numbering over 50,000 to create a PNM voter bank. 75% of all government jobs went to our tribal friends. Everybody else was placed at the back of the line while the black man was given the choicest seat and nourished with the fat of the land. He drank, fete, fornicated, raped the treasury and behaved like a spoilt child. Others simply worked hard, saved and built their dream. Now he sits green with envy filled with hate and lost in a mindless poison of psychopathy
          and arrogance. Alyssa and Kian symbolize the black caucus mindset, in their world they are ill suited for a diverse culture, to them only Africana matters…

          1. Mamoo…you do realize that it is a FACT that Nazism is in fact Hitler emulating Hinduism right?…and ‘neo’ means ‘new/contemporary’…so that when you use the term ‘neo-nazi’ as a pejorative term you are in fact ascribing maliciousness to the Hindu belief system….you do realize this..right?

          2. 1. For 34 years out of 51 years of independence the black man held the reigns of power.
            2. The black caucus movement has only sought to keep black people down and form gettoes in places like Laventille, Beetham and Morvant.
            3. It is people like Kian and Alyssa who propogate this neo Nazi racist black supremist ideology.
            4. Victimology is the code word despite 34 years of unfettered access to the treasury.
            5. we see a strange mixture of hate and anger with name calling such as Hinduvta against those who had to struggle harder than the black man to earn a daily bread.

            What a tirade of hate and euphemism. I wonder what Mamoo, would have done if the black man was really successful? When its all said and done, it will be the black man who is at fault, of course! Just when we though that we were being fortnight and objective, here comes the tyrannical outburst of those who benefited from our stupidity and yet is not satisfied. Alyssa, you were 100% on target about these people. Because they always had their way to do and say what they wanted and appears to have lost this argument about who they really are, they are in a fit to gain the upper hand. But they still have all the money in the world as TMan is always too happy to remind us. Poor Mamoo, does not want to hear of the things that have given him the edge such as hindutva, better education, more lawyers, almost all the doctors and own al the businesses in Trinidad and Tobago. I guess that is not enough for Mamoo, he now wants to own our souls!
            Mamma, that is one thing I promise you, you will never get. There is no price on that. Of course there are those idiots whom you have converted to dummies. People like Rodney Charles, Vernella Alleyne, Clifton DeCoteau, Dr. Lincoln Douglas, Pastor Samuels and Winston Cuffy. These people have a price but ‘the black caucus’ as you have referred to me DEFINITELY DONT HAVE A PRICE and I don’t feel threatened by your outburst of stupidity.
            You should feel empowered by my condition of being placed in ‘gettoes in places like Laventille, Beetham and Morvant’. Now I’m sure you pass by there every day and see me in my under privileged state of poverty with my raggedy clothes, maybe riding on an old bicycle while you drive y our Mercedes Benz to your lovely home in Lange Park, eh Mamoo? My hands are outstretched looking for a five or ten cents hoping that that big bad hindu Mamoo will pass by to give me a little change.
            Or, maybe, just maybe you might see me as ‘this neo Nazi racist black supremacist’ who are looking for the big bad hindu businessman who have all the money Kamla entrusted to them from the treasury. Or maybe, just maybe you may see me as this big bourgeois black elite who have ‘unfettered access to the treasury’ driving in my Lamborghini, making style on Mamoo and his rich Indian friends who are only driving Mercedes Benz. Such access allows me to do what the hell I damn well please. Or may be you will see me as a downright ganster looking for the rich and wealthy Indian like Mamoo whom I envy and will the ‘fat of the land’ to emulate. But hen again, I lack morals becauseI like to behave like the spoiled brat who ‘drank, fete, fornicated, raped the treasury and behaved like a spoilt child.’. Yeah Mamoo, that is me. The only thing is I feel sorry sorry for the hard working Mamoo who “worked hard, saved and built their dream.” – ALL WITH TAX PAYERS MONEY. NOW Alyssa and I just sit “green with envy filled with hate and lost in a mindless poison of psychopathy and arrogance.”
            After reading this Mamoo, I hope it cleanses your mind of all hate, envy and greed. Mine is a pure heart that feels sorry for your twisted soul.

          3. Mamoo your name says it all. You have been trained to be such a Dirty liar….Ironicalky, Kevin Baldeosingh DEBUNKED that racist myth in one of his articles challenging racist ramcharitar about ‘small islanders’ flooding T&T after independence! This article was maybe less than a year ago…he quoted figures of the african population before independence/PNM gaining Office & years after independence & there was a clear DECREASE in the African Population by a sizable margin. But let me adress Mamoo’s Grandparents’ hateful, stink Lies….African people populated T&T & This entire regiin CENTURIES before Indians arrived…according to Slavemaster William Hardin aburnley Of Tacarigua, Indians were to be brought to T&T BECAUSE their Religion shapes their minds to scorn & Hate africans! FACT! Mamoo is fulfilling the true, hidden terms of his contract of Indentureship. ALSO, get this…Africans were TAXED HEAVILY to PAY FOR the Transportation Of Indians to T&T….yes Mamoo…you ought to owe reparations!
            Imagine the NERVE, the crass, dirty, obnoxious Caste Infected Mind that would FLEE it’s own habitat arrive at someone else’s and then complain about those who were there BEFORE being there! YOU ARE SICK! It makes no sense…if you follow carefully the logic of this fool….Indians were slighted because Africans who were in T&T CENTURIES before them…continued to arrive…in other words the african population should have decreased or remain stagnant because it suited Indian political Interests. Pay attention folks..,,this (mamoo’s freudian slippage) is the genesis of unc’s foreign policy. This is the muck that exists in the minds of many citizens! He can’t help it….this is what he was raised to think like…After Indians arrived in T&T..Africans should have stopped coming or be regulated so as to be either equal or less than the indian population! YOU ARE SICK!….but there is a theory of mine though….unlike Africans who pride themselves in being distinct from other africans in the diaspora…Inian culture is the OPPOSITE…What mammo revealed unwittingly as his fantasy in fact occured in Mauritius…Same history….Africans were enslaved & were there for centuries until the colonisers delibertely brought indians there in a larger amount & get this…since Independence there has been A single Hindu party & Family running that country (Ramgoolam & Sons). The Africans who were there BEFORE never got a chance to rule their own damn country!…exactly what you would expect…Hinduisation of the society swamping the population with an unending airbridge to India…in fact..their is ‘caste’ rivalry…certain government institutions with only one caste others with another caste…africans are completely immasculated…not allowed in Protective services with free movement through the ranks. The organization ‘dedicated’ by government to deal with inter ethnic issues is Named after a Hindu (Gandhi)… Indians in T&T are very much in tuned with These events…even Devant was with a Mauritian woman…That is what they wanted for T&T…to them it is an embarassing loss…They wanted the illiterate, racist, Organized Crime Boss Badhase Sagan -Maharaj to usher in independence & from there it would have been like Mauritius. Remember, unlike africans are very connected to India via hindu organizations there that act like a satellite to their diaspora….so the developments in mauritius, fiji, guyana etc were in sync with one another…the goal being to control the country for mother india..to hell with the rest of the society!
            Google winston Dookeran & “Indian Empire”…xthe name of that newspaper says it all…it is about the indian diaspora & is in India…the online version has picutres of Anand, kamla, panday etc….Anyway read the interview that Winston “Harmless” Dookeran gave…read the type of questions they asked & how he answered them…this was either one month BEFORE the may 24th 2010 elections or One month AFTER….
            Kian, Yoruba you must undersrand that Mamoo, Tman et al are from a community that does not believe in daw, self criticism…especially with African people…in T&T indians do not criticize their own in an unflinching u compromising manner like Africans do…there is always a consideration for political, economic or social benefit FIRST before engaging, if so, in self (group) criticism….this is why there is so much anger, hostility & childish rants like “You hate Indian people”…Africans on the other hand….if you were to hold an International “Criticize Anything African” conference there would be africans from all over the globe would take part with Joy…in fact many indians enjoy taking part in criticism of African society & are welcomed with open arms by africans as contributing to “national development” i.e. “All o we iz one”…however, when the roles are reversed as we see in 2010 Vs 2015 political arena…Indians get upset….”How dare you criticize “Us”…you hate indians”…it is this type of deceitful double standard that is steadily eroding the civility between groups…probably this blogger is a side effect

          4. ….”He drank, feted, fornicated, raped the treasury and behaved like a spoilt child…” Mamoo

            (1) Glen Scandal
            (2) Sharma Scandal
            (3) Anand Scandal
            (4) Kamla Scandal (Krystian)

            …..yes mamoo?

          5. Mamoo, I don’t mind you saying it BUTTTTTT……….
            I believe (since you are reporting it), there is no reason to doubt that this is what is being preached in every mandir in the land to your children. And therefore, becomes one of the historical grievances against the black man, who evidently is not blessed or in receipt of any giveaways, handouts, favors or loans to grow their business. He does not find favor with the schools, because they want to take away his history. He does not find favor with the banks, because they think that he does not have enough collateral to back up his loans. He does not find favor with the medical profession because he is outnumbered by 98% to 2%. He does not find favor with the media because he does not possess the economic power to steer public opinion. He does not have the power to sway policies because there are too many organizations stacked up against him to be able to muster enough strength to ‘fight city hall’. So, tell me Mamoo, if all that is true (and it is), why is this onslaught on the black man, who only fights to uphold his dignity?. What is wrong with the ‘black caucus’ as you put it? Is the black caucus threatening to the power of your money? Is the black caucus gathering momentum to defeat your perceived economic power?
            Is the black caucus threatening your manhood? Is the black caucus taking away your women? Tell me Mamoo, we need to know. DONT JUST USE EMPTY WORDS TO INSINUATE PERCEIVED GRIEVANCES FOR CONSUMPTION IN YOUR MANDIRS. WHEN you give answers to those questions, then we can have an objective dialogue.
            There are only a few areas that the black man does not need help from anybody, and when he performs there are no referees to take away his ability. The areas of sport and agility he excels. When he excels in professions like education where he cannot be monitored he does well. Like Dr. Ben Carson, he is the best brain surgeon in the world. Music is another area that referees cannot keep him down because his talents speaks for him. Hate is not one of the black man’s forte. He is the ONLY really fair minded race in the world. Everyone else have a problem with others (as you have demonstrated in your diatribe). The black man fear no man, he fights his own battles and win many times.

            1. 50,000 to create a PNM voter bank.
            Tell us the real history – not subjectivity

            2. 75% of all government jobs went to our tribal
            friends. Look at the true history of the
            service and it will provide the true answer.
            Don’t just say it for hindu consumption.

            3. Everybody else was placed at the back of the line while the black man was given the choicest seat and nourished with the fat of the land.
            The only people placed at the back of the line
            is the black man, who voted in the power but
            was kicked in the butt and left behind.

            4. He drank, fete, fornicated, raped the treasury and behaved like a spoilt child.
            Read Alyssa’s reply.

            5. Others simply worked hard, saved and built their dream.
            Oh yeah! case in point the WASA $1b contract
            where less than 50% of the work was done
            and SIS ran away with 90% of the money?
            Yeah boy! that is hard work.

            6. those who had to struggle harder than the black man to earn a daily bread.;
            Tell us more about those who have to work
            harder than the black man, Mamoo. In
            Oropouche there are a lot of streams leading
            to the sea where the residents do not have
            obvious employment but they become rich
            overnight? Yeah! we know too well how
            hard they work.

            Mamoo, give me a break! that kind of talk might be good for your mandir, where hate is the diet of the day but definitely poison to serve as a meal to feed the clients of this restaurant of public opinion.

      5. Mamoo, I want to thank you for elevating my presence as Chairman of the black caucus. I am sure that David Mohammed will not take too kindly for that because I think he is doing a fantastic job by enlightening black minds to think outside of the box and not allow people like you to determine what is good for them and what is not. My mind is not indoctrinaire, so it allows me the freedom to view things as they are and not with pre-determined ideas on how it should be. When minds are tainted with pre-conceptions of inferiority and superiority it messes those minds to be hateful of anything that does not fit the dogma.

        1. Kian you don’t have to hold a position to promote a value that you believe in, such is the power of the Internet. Now your true nature can be exposed globally as a historical record of hate,fear and social pariah. Such is your pernicious ways promoting the true nature of cultism. As a neo Nazi holding views that quantify your character and unleashing such racist ideas on an unsuspecting public. But that is the way operatives of the black caucus operate selling their poison each and everyday. Malcolm X and Farrahkhan equals Kian. A man feeding on a diet of hate and false convictions.

          1. Mamma, read my answer to TMan because I believe that both of you are saying the same thing about my explanations of your behavior.

  3. Sadly kian, many if not all of these hindu nationalists that got on the political bandwagon to fool african people were introduced by influential ex-pnk sourpusses. PNM high rankers who in pursuit of their own selfish ends (not in the well-being of other africans) paraded these then newcomers in the 80’s who we dreaded 5 long years 2010-2015 & 6 1996-2001. Karl Hudson Phillips introduced & was responsible for offering Ganga Singh & Surujrattan Rambachan to african voters as best thing since slice bread (ONR) Karl would eventually confess to his associates that he believed that UNC stood for “Use N#$$@€$ Conveniently”…from the horses mouth! ANR Robinson gave us Kamla, Bhoe Tewarie, Suruj, “Professor” Brinsley Samaroo & the beginning of the Narco State. They were squeezed in at a time when the motto was PNM ‘corrupAs was revealed through research into the drug trade in T&T…it was during NAR that government officials, functionaries of crime families got official headway into the state apparatuses that plague us to this day….Also google the express article “The Life & Battles Of Arthur NR Robinson” an excerpt from his Auto biography…..our former prime minister & President, revealed the true genesis of the break up of NAR…
    According to ANR Robinson, panday insisted on two things as soon as they got into office…
    (1) He Insisted that the Minister of Foreign Affairs be placed under his portfolio
    (2) He Insisted that all the boards under his purview be replaced with a list of only indians that panday supplied him with!….
    Interestingly Robinson said that he eventually discovered that Guyanese Of a particular ethnicity (Afro Saxon robbie too prude to say indians)…yesss Guyanese ‘of a particular ethnicity’ were being brought into our Island of T&T at a rate of (minimal) 70 per WEEK!…..
    Now…..this is information from our former PM at the time. Now….70 per week × by 4 weeks= 280 guyanese indians a month..280×12 months=3,360 guyanese indians between 1986-1987 + 1987-1988 = another 3,360 guyanese indians…..so…by 1988 when panday & the furture UNC indians exited NAR in 1988 to form club 88….after only 2 years in power, MINIMUM Of 6,720 INDIAN Guyanese voters entered into Trinidad & Tobago…..!!
    NOW…knowing the afro saxon NAR & as indicated in Robbie’s language in a fear to face the issue head on by admitting it was Indians who came in….we could assume that the entrance of indians at that figure continued until NAR’s demise in 1991….because whoever replaced panday may have been afraid to address what was set in motion…buttttt even IF it was stopped in that quantity…6,720 Indian voters from race torn guyana came to T&T with a purpose!…but it didn’t stop there….and this is why as afro saxon as PNM may be at least the Africans there have some sort of conscience with their ethnic group…..but the Defectors who join up with Staunch anti-african agendas……no shame! SO even though Robinson admitted to Panday’s behaviour as a mere Minister under an african Prime Minister,…ANR Robinson chose to Give the same man, Basdeo Panday the Prime Minister role over a fellow african (Manning) in 1995…Ushering in the First Hindu government in T&T the UNC!. That is the Afro Saxon mind for you…..he risked the welfare/future of others who look like him so he could gift the indian community with its First Hindu Prime Minister..& to get a President’s Position….
    What alot of people don’t know is that Robinson’s health didn’t just magically deteriorate during his Presidential Reign…he was poisoned…!!! With ‘laced’ fish…!! Now….If in two years of NAR with a mere ministerial position, a minimum of 6,720 Guyanese Indians migrated to T&T….what do you think happened between the 1995-2001 UNC Government under the leadership Of PRIME MINISTER Basdeo Panday?? & 2010-2105 under Kamla (removed visa restrictions for 1.2 billion caste minded Indian nationals for 55 years, 3 months & steadily deported africans even from the caricom.
    Ever since NAR & UNC in its first term notice how all of a sudden PNM started to get increasing competition to get into office?? Even though both UNC governments were heralded as the most corrupt ever??? If we factor in 6,720 from the 2 years in NAR & reasonably conservative of trice that figure between 1995-2001, we may have at least (factoring in children) 150,000 guyanese INDIANS…VOTERS …in T&T from the 1986 timeline to now
    FACT: During Indentureship, TWICE as many Indians were sent to Guyana,…BUTTTTT Today the Guyanese Indian Population is LESS THAN the Trinidadian Indian Population!! HOW is that possible?? Mass Migration!
    …NOTE that we have not yet begun to estimate how many Indian Nationals have been brought in from 2010-2015. ….many of them may not have been regularized yet so as to slip under the radar…but…..it could be over 100,000 at least in the last 5 years….imagine our National Scholarship winner is an Indian National….her both parents migrated to T&T ….
    And the nerve…the obnoxious opposition & indignation to Hilton Sandy observing & warning of The “Calcutta Ship”

  4. A few years ago, a WHITE Russian JUDGE, BANNED the baghavad gita in RUSSIA because she said ”it promoted intolerance & hate” please research THAT Mamoo…wheel and come again.
    Of course, after political intervention the ban was lifted buttttt…if a white, russian could recognize that….Africans should too…
    All over the world everyone except hindus know about the racism of their religion…India has the largest converts to christianity in the world! It is widely discussed, written &- debated..
    The Author Of The Indian Fonstitution, Dr, Bhimrao Babasaheb Ambedkar, Publicly converted, with 1 million other Untouchables from hindu worship to Buddhism, because he said that Hinduism is racist. Today, over 300 million people in INDIA are crying out against the racism & ARE clearly documenting everything & sharing it with the world…however, mamoo is still reveling in the 50’s where the languages barrier & a lack of widespread authority on the religion left leeway for LIES….
    people like mamoo have tabanca for those days…he can’t deal with the fact that the cat is out of the bag & believes he can scare kian and others off the topic. Time for dat DONE! it is your legal right to have a racist religion & it our legal right to reject its philosophy & abuses directed at us…
    In mamoo’s fantasy, africans will cower in a corner & shut up as he beats his ethnic ego…..keep dreaming of bollywood….that is a bollywood pipe dream…..
    Kian, whenever mamoo behaves how he does you must ground yourself in his pattern of thinking as a reminder of whom you are dealing….
    In india as we speak, there are hindus (upper caste) that douse themselves in gasoline & burn themselves alive in PROTEST of low caste & untouchable children being given the legal right to upward mobility in education & employment….don’t try to reason with mamoo….his name is an indication….

  5. Well, and I am speaking honestly and without any sense of sarcasm, I shudder at the leadership choices on offer for the UNC.

    There are none who exude the qualities needed for effective and transformational leadership in our beloved Trinidad and Tobago. However, the worst of the lot is one Dr. Roodal Moonilal. How such an individual can even be entertained within the minds of the UNC hierarchy as a potential leader and Prime Minister really baffles me. I mean, I simply cannot see it. He is simply not leadership material.

    As for Mrs. Persad-Bissessar, she may have the overwhelming support of her constituency, but one constituency does not an entire country make. As for the rest of the potential challengers to the throne, well they also lack the charisma and “it” factor to be potential leaders of the UNC party and the country.

    I do not envy the UNC organisation at this point. They are in a very unfortunate situation with underwhelming potentials for political leader.

    However, not one of the party’s leaders appear to have learned the lessons from the “Partnership’s” defeat at the recent polls. The UNC organisation is blinded by its own hubris, self-delusions and inability to understand WHY the UNC lost.

  6. Trini…..your mind is too civilized to see what they present before you….the unc represents the mindset of the indian commuity with regards to politics…The Indian community as evidenced through their continuous, overwhelming, inter generational support like to see “ramayan” type politics where their leader ‘slays’ dem african rawan an dem….dey like to see the vicious, underhanded anything goes attack on african leadership!…everything else is gravy. That is why people like Moonilal & Ramlogan, panday etc are their heroes! Pay attention to the behaviour of their past & present leaders & contrast them to the pnm/msj/ or whatever african dominated (christian) organization….many africans are just too civil minded to fathom the hatred, classless, stoop to conquer behaviour that is i front of them…it is not moonilal or kamla or Bas….it is their supporters that cheer them on….they understand their supporters very welll & behave acccordingly…

    1. Hi Alyssa,

      Oh, I suspect that the ingrained prejudices of a segment of our population blinds them from seeing the reality of things in our political landscape.

      My only concern is that other citizens in T&T who are discerning and have the right set of mind to see things clearly reject in the strongest possible terms any sort of divisive, tribal agenda.

      According to my spiritual tradition, the Eternal Creator will answer certain people according to the idols set up in their hearts (racism, arrogance, etc). So, to reiterate, tt is up to us to not give any sort of endorsement or support for this type of behaviour.

  7. Why don’t you guys stop your racist rants and blame game and pay attention to the words of our recently elected Prime Minister. And while you’re at it, brainstorm among yourselves some solutions to alleviate your people out of the doldrums of crime, poverty, unemployment and immorality. You have angrily exhausted the Hindu/Caste/Indian theories of race, undeserved success, and the universal Hindutava conspiracy.
    Spend some time trying to uplift yourselves instead of savagely tearing down Indians everywhere. It is non -productive, considering the economic, educational and employment advancements of Indians globally, including the US where you continue to blame the lack of a head start for decades of failures in general. Your sinister motives are transparent and implicit in your words are what appears to be painful and deep psychological grievances against the Indian community. Get over it.Research Rowley speech to the students of Tobago and follow his advice. Also the following:

    PM praises UN’s work against discrimination

    Wednesday, October 28 2015

    PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley on Mondayh hailed the United Nations (UN) for advancing the cause against discrimination of all forms, two days after the international body marked its 70th anniversary.

    “The United Nations encapsulates the hopes and aspirations of people everywhere to live a life of dignity, freedom and individual fulfilment, unencumbered by the shackles of racism, prejudice, classism, religious or ethnic origin, gender disempowerment, and other forms of discrimination and exclusion,” Rowley said in a media release issued by the Office of the Prime Minister. “Many have not pondered the role the United Nations has played in our daily lives, often conceiving of this organisation as remote and preoccupied with managing international conflict, peace-keeping, and avoiding war.

    “These are all important and necessary aspects of the mission of the United Nations, but the United Nations represents much more than the promotion of order, peace and stability among nations.” Rowley noted the UN has developed 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets, to which Trinidad and Tobago has committed.

    Said the Prime Minister, “The Government of Trinidad and Tobago is determined to uphold these tenets and to so administer public policy as to ensure that opportunity to contribute to national development and to shape our communities and society is not the exclusive preserve of a select few granted favoured access due to circumstance of birth or social connections, but rather, that opportunity is open and accessible to everyone and anyone who has the will and ambition to dare to take the risk of pursuing success.” Rowley noted the UN has coordinated international action to deal with the problem of climate change, which is shortly to command centre-stage at the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris, France, in December.

    “For Small States like Trinidad and Tobago, seeking its place in the world, devoted to the social and economic advancement of its people and indeed those of the Caribbean Community as a whole, the United Nations has afforded us the protection of international law, which acts as a restraint on the use of force or intimidation by the mighty over the weak,” Rowley said.

    1. I also like the U.N. discussions Tman…let’s talk about the U.N. topic of caste being included as racism! 15 years now it has been raised as such, but uppercaste Indian lobbyists keep saying it is an “Internal” problem…
      What about the U.N. & its FACTS & FIGURES on caste/racism atrocities in India…how many low caste/dalit women are raped/murdered/mutilated every how many SECONDS just for looking the way they were born…black!…hmmmm?
      or how land, educational & socio/political opportunities are thwarted & denied to them by uppercastes? but you frog-hop over that go talk about Dr. Rowley’s address?
      Give Me A Break…pick any member of NJAC to have these silly banters with…you know they’d make you happy.

      1. NJAC is a Disgrace! It has been wholly subsumed into the UNC’s “fool dem africans” arm.

          1. Makandaal Daaga proved one thing in the past 5 years….He is one of the many africans that jumped on the “black power” bandwagon when it was in style. Daaga was merely 1 of many who jumped on & jumped off…african voters were right not to ever support NJAC!!..you know what else? I notice in T&T alot of “Black Power”/”social justice” types love to mount stages & talk about “the white man” & “oppression”… but they only seem to see it in two groups: Whites & Other Africans… It is easy to talk about white racism when they are a minority…but how come they don’t notice Indian Racism? Ever notice that? This is the same dotish, ignorant manifestation of the propaganda that Indians & Africans should ‘unite’ against whites/racism & is based on ignorance of the fact that indian racism is DEEPER, More Pervasive & evil than modern white racism….again…they ignore or are ignorant of the elephant in the room & keep singing that tired song!

            Mamoo…you & the unc can keep Daaga, Njac!… Mamoo & Tman get angry when their plans are derailed…the plan is to buy off African leaders in the african community to endorse unc/indian racism in governance….NJAC even tried to molest African Trinidadian History so that 1970 was about Indian-African Unity…period. That is a lie! Notice how daaga, njac & khafra kambon would jam pnm while in office but during 5 years, 3months of kamla they “get weak…could hardly speak” according to cro cro? These africans like to talk about European racism but ignore indian racism IMHO, because it has little or no negative blowback…european Trinidadians are less than 5 %…Anyhow you look at i don’t take them seriously as being Leaders…

          2. If Martin Luther King had, right after he led the march to washington, mounted a platform & Endorsed Edgar Hoover for president…he would have lost all credibility & attracted downright scorn & ridicule from African Americans…. Why should african Trinidadians treat Makandaal Daaga & NJAC any different? GIVE ME A BREAK!

            In mamoo, Tman & The UNC’s mind, The Figures within a movement are more important than the spirit of the movement as well as the movement itself! So because Daaga ate a food & smile with UNC for 5 years, 3months….Africans should follow him like the ‘Pied Piper Of Hamlin’ ….NEVER! 7000+ African people locked up arbitrarily…a national footballer as well as John Gill from i95.5fm were among those…NOT A WORD from DAAGA during that year of people for African Descent designated by the U.N…..& mamoo & tman trying to muzzle Kian?….

          3. Loyal Trini…Loyal to the UNC & caste is all you understand. Imagine this dolt uses three questionable sources to disprove our points.

            (1) Wikipedia is not “head on a block” credible because anybody can add or subtract information on any page…that is actually the point so whatever the UNC writes for capildeo wills be puppies & kittens

            (2) There was one of these confused africans who on behalf of the Dr. Eric Williams committee gave capildeo’s nephew or grandson an ‘award’.. (pnm civility politics)…anyway in typical ungrateful/boorish fashion the award recipient (capildeo’s) relative ranted to the media (while getting an award on behalf of capildeo by the committee for Dr. Williams…) that his uncle/grandfather “prevented violence”…LIES!…..Capildeo in typical fashion had the mentality that if Indians were not in charge they should “mash up de place”…Remember Panday after 2002 I believe… “make the country ungovernable”… In the minds of many indians….africans & the pnm should thank them for not being violent after independence….that is the subtle insinuations by those utterances.

    2. TMan, your sarcastic and intemperate perceptions of “ranting” and “racism” on our part, advice of derision and perceptions of problems within black culture, versus Indian success and esteem is no cause for triumphalism. Are we pre-occupied with the hindu/caste/hindutva? Absolutely NOT. Are we being educated on the matters of hinduism, caste system placings and hindutva? The answer is yes, absolutely.
      Questions asked deserved to be answered in like manner and in this respect, I will take the opportunity to answer to your charges as you relate them:

      1. Why don’t you guys stop your racist rants and blame game and pay attention to the words of our recently elected Prime Minister (you asked);
      At present, we are not concerned with Dr. Rowley. He has gotten his mandate and we expect him to be expeditious in tending to the matters of governance. I don’t see any racist rants – that is your perception. Racism, as it pertains to hindu connotation is anything that does not speak well of them. What we are discussing, is that perception that runs contrary to our experience and reality. It is something that has been put under the rug for literally more than one hundred years, the administration of Kamla Persaud Bissessar has revived the dormancy of discussions on this matter. We feel that this is opportune time to grasp the relevance of the subject matter and to bring all its faults, secrets, hypocrisy, dangers and harm to the open society.

      2. And while you’re at it, brainstorm among yourselves some solutions to alleviate your people out of the doldrums of crime, poverty, unemployment and immorality.(you asked);
      Here you are saying two things: 1. You ask us to brainstorm and be resolute. 2. You are elevating yourself as being better than us because from your perspective, we are in the doldrums of crime, poverty, unemployment and immorality, while you enjoy wealth and comfort. Foolish!
      Again, I may have to digress. I have always seen you as being totally immoral because you lack a sense of compassion, moral measuring and in the pursuit of greed. On the question of crime, it does not automatically carry a label of color and race as you insist.
      I remember a time, when Trinidad was living in fear of a few criminals, their names – Boysie Singh and the Poolool brothers. That time was dangerous and we lived in anxiety. Crime is cyclical and I venture to say there are classes of crime that people like you may not even want to classify as crime, because you might be making a penny from it. The open borders that Kamla created when she came into office has catapulted the accessibility of guns, ammunition and drugs. The people you are referring to in your summation are not the ones bringing it into the country yet it is the main ingredient in burgeoning crime. Yes TMan, that too is crime of the highest order but your morality may not allow you to consider it crime.
      So, please don’t be too quick to pontificate.

      3. You have angrily exhausted the Hindu/Caste/Indian theories of race, undeserved success, and the universal Hindutva conspiracy.(you asked);
      No! no!no! my brother, we have just started on the subject of hindu, caste and hindutva. From our perspective that is definitely NOT t-h-e-o-r-y, it is fact that you may wish we never bring up but it is in effect reality that we cannot ignore. For well over 150 years, all you had to do when you want to have your way, is call a person like me a racist and wham…. I allowed you to go free without a challenge. That is no longer so TMan. I challenge you to tell me what made me racist when I describe your actions?
      As compared to the muslim, the hindu has many gods to satisfy his emotions and character. The muslim, like the christian has one god. A jealous god that want no other god but him. When we as muslim and christian sin, we know we have to go to that god and repent. You can escape by going to others gods for satisfaction. Caste is a sorry state of affairs by which the hindu divides humanity into inferiority and superiority (and they can do nothing about it). Hindutva is the process by which those of hindu origin feel that they are the rightful beneficiary of privileges just because they are hindus – it is called hindu hegemony. So, you see TMan this is an exhaustive examination of your hindu/caste/hindutva theory that has to be looked at in all its forms and machinations. But we are not angry (as you claim) about it, we just have to examine it in all its manifestations and determine the ways it affects us.

      4. Spend some time trying to uplift yourselves instead of savagely tearing down Indians everywhere. (you asked);
      It is my hope that we are not tearing down Indians. In the process we do deserve to know how we stand in relation to those whose perception it is, that they are being marginalized and we were more privileged than them. In terms of our upliftment, you may permit me to call that observation nonsense!

      5. It is non -productive, considering the economic, educational and employment advancements of Indians globally, including the US where you continue to blame the lack of a head start for decades of failures in general.(you asked);
      It is your view that your people have come to the new world and progressed better than those who made those opportunities easy for you. I may warn you that that is ungrateful. You did not have to sit at counters (and you a proud of that); you did not have to face the clubs and stones of armed policemen (and you are proud of that); you were not denied an education (and you are proud of that); you did not face gentrification (and you are prod of that). What I would ask you to do is give some consideration to those that did all of that and still end up being President of the United States of America. Not bad for people you deem uneducated, economically deprived and backward eh! TMan. Don’t put down what you know nothing about.

      7. Your sinister motives are transparent and implicit in your words are what appears to be painful and deep psychological grievances against the Indian community. (you asked); Since you detect sinister motives and transparency in our words I now dare you to detail some of them and tell us how you arrive at your conclusion. I do not view living alongside the Indian as a contest or something I have to compare. It is merely something I have to live with and there must be a way other than the ugliness that you so much want to exaggerate and create as your “better seat on the bus” theory.

      8. Get over it.(you said); Get over what TMan? I assume you image that you have something that we crave. My christian teachings tell me that I came with nothing and I will leave with nothing no matter how ‘accomplished’ , wealthy or advanced I may feel that I have become. I am really nothing in the sight of God………Amen

  8. Ahh Tman, you have obviously learned nothing. This is why it is useless to cast pearls amongst the proverbial swine.

    On the issue pf work with the Afro-Trinbagonians, to use a local colloquialism, “doh hot yuh head.” There is work going on very quietly.

    In the meantime, we shall continue to warn right-thinking citizens against falling prey to the chicanery and opportunism of the tribally-minded disingenuous elements in our country.

  9. Hey Tman, i really missed your hissing!

    We need to calibrate the word “Racism” as it is used by Tman, Mamoo etc….clearly racism has a different meaning for them as opposed to others…
    In fact, as i pointed out there are numerous incidents of uppercastes in India Protesting the upward mobility of untouchables & lowcastes being ALLOWED LEGALLY to go to school & get jobs previously denied to them ….The word that these uppercastes use to describe this in relation to them & their ‘rights’, is ‘Discrimination’ & “Racism’ against THEM…so Tman….your words have very little credibility outside of persons of your mentality…

  10. Lol…Again….A Hindu is trying to demonize Malcolm X & Loius Farrakhan As “Racist”…NOTE..neither of these civil rights activists ever put any attention on Hindus or Indians as Adversaries. HOWEVER, mamoo (Hindu Nationalist) is attacking those two men ON BEHALF OF (Racist) whites. Mamoo cannot even realize how his very utterances validate the accusations he is trying to rebuke. He can’t help himself its a cultural/religious compulsion.

  11. Mamoo…the Hindu pundits that visit T&T…the real brahmins…Do they go there to tell Indians how to luv up & wuv up african Trinidadians? Is it that they go there to tell them that they must seek out African kinship…ESPECIALLY the DARKEST Ones? OR is it that they preach….something else? BUTTTTT You have the nerve to point fingers & rant about african racism? GIVE ME A BREAK! Mamoo’s cultural/Religious understanding Of the term “Racism” is Obscene, Vulgar &

  12. I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr.

    Kian and Alyssa are obviously preoccupied and obsessed with hatred directed against Indians everywhere. The proof and evidence of this realization are embedded in their intense, defamatory and unceasing commentary directed against anything and everything Indian. They carry out their mission of derision with tunnel- vision hostility, seemingly gaining some sort of perverse pleasure as they engage in what they surely believe is a contest. I am happy that they are not my neighbors.
    Regardless of population statistics, governmental control, or economic advantage, we are all nationals in one country and in the final analysis, we must learn to co-exist peacefully, avoiding insults, crude accusations, RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY, and triumphalism. Alyssa, I hope your mind is less poisoned than your pen.


    1. If POINTING OUT the history of your traits, your behavior, your attitudes, your discriminatory practices, your beliefs that hinges on inferiority and superiority of fellow humans, your lack of enthusiasm for darker skin, your treatment of people you deem fit only for the dirtiest type of occupations to serve those of higher castes and you do not condemn wrong doing of those of similar behavior, makes me a hater of haters. Then it only means that I have to keep doing what I’m doing. What I express is the same contention of over 250M people in India, more than 70% of the population of Trinidad and Tobago, 60% of the population of Guyana, Suriname, Fiji Islands, Seychelles, Mauritiaus and other lands where those who populate with behavior like yours exist. If that in your eyes make me a bigot, then I believe that we need many bigots like me to come forward.

    2. I wonder…If someone accuses a Muslim Of Despising Pork, Alcohol & Homosexuality….Is that someone being a Religious Bigot?

    3. …we must learn to co-exist peacefully, avoiding insults, crude accusations, RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY, and triumphalism.

      I don’t know what religious bigotry you accuse your interlocutors of. But as one who might be considered “religious” in my discourse, let me respond by saying that the code of the Covenant I keep requires:

      “Thou shalt not abhor an Edomite; for he is thy brother: thou shalt not abhor an Egyptian; because thou wast a stranger in his land.” (Deuteronomy 23:7)

      The Brahminists are our near Israelite brethren, being a branch of the Edomite family tree. The implacable hatred of Esau (aka Edom) long ago earned God’s disapproval. That implacable hatred continues today as we see with the “Indian Plan” discussed all too briefly on this blog not long ago. Remember one of its articles was to make the Israelites (i.e. “Negro”/”African”) eat faeces in the roti and doubles sold to them.

      Even so, with that kind of evidence of the implacable hatred of the indo for the afro, God is clear that we are not to “abhor” (hate) Esau, for “he is thy brother”. That is clear.

      Even at their most passionate, I have not seen Kian, Rodwell or Alyssa express hatred for the indo. And I challenge anyone to show me where I have expressed hatred. It is one thing to hate the sin, which has been the object of condemnation, another to hate the sinner per se and as such.

      Under the code of the Covenant, we must straightforwardly condemn the behaviour that is unrighteous:

      “Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.” (Leviticus 19:17)

      “Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.” (2 Timothy 4:2)

      To be true to our God, we must not suffer sin upon our brother, rather rebuke, reprove, exhort… That indeed is love, since rebuke is what is necessary to save an errant soul.

      Certainly the behaviour of the indo in this land merits rebuke, reproof, and exhortation to cease and desist from the brahminist usurpations in which he has been ceaselessly engaged. And the brahminist in India has foisted upon those he found in India upon his arrival there, the most invidious form of religious bigotry known to man, the system known there as varna (=colour =caste). I do not hold my tongue in that regard, and I for one approve of Kian’s, Rodwell’s and Alyssa’s condemnation of it.

      I go further to say that Holy Writ likewise condemns it.

      “And thou, Asia, that art partaker of the hope of Babylon, and art the glory of her person: Woe be unto thee, thou wretch, because thou hast made thyself like unto her…” (2 Esdras 15:46-47)

      If the Brahminists do not see themselves falling under this condemnation, it is only for the same reason that the Edomite sons of Abraham could not “hear” Christ’s word:

      “But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth, which I have heard of God: this did not Abraham. Ye do the deeds of your father. Then said they to him, We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God. Yeshua said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.” (John 8:40-47)

      The indo in this land and elsewhere must understand that they are of many seedlines. While the Brahminist sons of Abraham are Edomite, and fulfill prophecy pertaining to the Edomite seed, there are many who are of a different seedline altogether, including some who are Kushitic (Ethiopic) sons of Ham, and some who, like the “Negro” and Bantu, are indeed sons of Israel. We live in an age when Yeshua is calling out His own. Those who hear His word, will know what they must do.

      “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Revelation 18:4)

      In any case, just as Holy Writ is so plain-spoke as to seem brutal at times, Truth sometimes requires the ones speaking it to bear the risk of being seen as purveyors of hate. In the face of monstrous evil, many may indeed succumb to hate. Hence the scriptural admonition against abhorring an Edomite. But that said, we must on no account shrink from delivering righteous rebuke that we not “see” or tolerate sin upon our brother.

      That is not hate. Not necessarily. It certainly may be what’s necessary for those blinded by Satan to wake up and correct themselves that they not follow Satan into the lake of fire. Any preacher of the word knows that it is a false facsimile of love to speak words calculated not to offend, when the truth may appear bitter. Be that as it may, the speaker of bitter truth is not thereby to be confused with any sort of simple bigotry, religious or otherwise.

      May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, whether indo or otherwise, and to protect and uphold the innocent.


      “That this is a rebellious people, lying children, children that will not hear the law of Yahweh: Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits: Get you out of the way, turn aside out of the path, cause the Holy One of Israel to cease from before us.” (Isaiah 30:9-11)

  13. “Kaffirs (Niggers) are lazy & Dirty…this type of degradation is unknown to Indians (Uppercaste)”
    Mohandas Karamchand “Mahatma” Gandhi

    “We The Indians believe in the PURITY of race as we belive You(White South Africans)do too….so why reduce us (Uppercastes) to THE LEVEL of the Raw Kaffir (Niggers…indigenous South Africans)”
    Mohandas Karamchand “Mahatma” Gandhi

    Tman & Mamoo are launching tried & true techniques of Psychological assault on their enemies (Africans everywhere) trying to guilt trip & batter them into the role of inferior Clowns to constantly praise & look the other way of the bad behaviour & downright maliciousness towards Africans from persons like himself. Tman & Mamoo are not spokesperson for the Indian community…but rather, spokespersons & Lobbyists for RACIST Indians from the community. The proof is in their utterances & behaviour ESPECIALLY in the past 5 years, 4 months…..Any criticism of Indian RACISM gets them angry!….Nobody criticized Indian features, hair, dance, clothes etc…just RACISM & Narrow Mindedness. HOWEVER, the same Tman & Mamoo enjoy & believe they have the right to criticize the Intellectual capacity of Africans as a group as well as their perceived social status in the society. This blogger does not succumb to this barbaric psychological assault.

    1. To him that is pure all things are pure, to him that is defiled all things are defiled. In your world Alyssa it was Gandhi oppressing your African brothers and sisters. He was the one ruling South Africa. He so controlled the British that when he spoke they obey. That is the racist neo Nazi mindset that emanates from Africana thinking. Everyone is against we….Kian and Alyssa must bear in mind that on the day of judgement every idle words will be brought into judgement. So choose your words carefully.

      It must be noted after India gain independence, African nation’s were released from British rule. Today they would have still been subjugated and violently controlled.

      1. Actually Moomoo, Sergeant Major Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is on PUBLIC record fot VOLUNTEERING himself & the indian population in Aiding The Colonisers at the time to CRUSH the Zulu (indigenous south africans) Uprisings agInst oppression & Taxation in Their own Land. Gandhi begged the british to let him & his fellow indians in South Africa to help ‘put down’ the zulus….Sergeant Major Gandhi was even awarded a Medal for his ‘meritorious service’…come on mamoo…know your History…This historical event is known as “The Bambaata Rebellion”…So yes, gandhi actually did Oppress Indigenous South Africans & he gave his reason publicly, on behalf of indians for why he despised africans & that he & other indians in south africa should be given higher status than Indigenous South Africans…lol…that bastard tried to shun Inditenous Africans & beg for a seat close to the Apartheid Whites…he was typical & a disgrace! The Author Of The Indian constituttion …An Untouchable (Appointed By The British) referred to Gandhi as deceitful, conniving & The #1 Enemy Of Untouchables.There is audio eh…he exposed Gandhi for what he was A Caste Lobbyist & Politician.

      2. India had no role in independence of Africa. India and Indians have no history of struggle that open doors for others. I mean, imagine making such a claim at a time when black men and women in India, in the Andaman islands and other places, were no better off there than their brothers and sisters in South Africa.

        If that kind of coincidental evidence is all you have to big up your self on, well, tough cookie. Where would the Aryans, at a time heavily infused with neanderthal DNA, have been if the ice had not melted. This is more important evidence of human and group disposition than anything else.

        Africans had been fighting the British when Indians had accepted the system as long as the religious stratification system remained to differentiate between those who were born from the top of the body of the Gods, and those who were born from the bottom of his feet.

        ZULU chief Bambatha in the early 1900s was leading organized rebellions against the British. In 1904 the Herero People of Nambibia rebelled against their German Colonizers. Africans have a long history of struggle for freedoms, and the only group that cab claim credit for helping come from the same oppressor group.

        So please, the Indian Population in Queens Richmond Hill New York can live there because black bodies struggled and sacrificed to open up those neighborhoods. No many of you could be found when these struggles take place. You emerge after the heavy lifting is done, to partake of the spoils. Dont get me started.

        1. Ahhhh excellent Rodwell…& to add insult…richmond hill & other enclaves of caribbean Indians are racially regulated. They rent & open up real estate to Non-Africans…I know this from personal experience.Also…you are wrong about indians not participating in Africa struggles….especially as you referenced Bambatha during “The Bambatha Rebellion”….Mohan Dass Karamchand “Mahatma” Gandhi stuck his big nose in that struggle & invited his other indians in south Africa to “participate”….but not to help The Zulu & Bambatha….but to crush them…..yesssss Sergeant Major Gandhi begged & volunteered himself & 10,000 indians in South Africa to “put down” Bambatha….nobody asked that clown for help…Imagine the obnoxious, caste infected mind thT would do such a thing….Migrate to a society where the indigenous people are being oppressed in their own land & you…you sick little nazi decide to help in any way you can to be PART OF the Oppression!!….That bastard got a medal for his ‘participation’! & here in T&T kamla brings hindus from south africa to talk about how great Gandhi was & dedicate taxpayer land to name after that bastard! Yes…some time this or last year..

  14. There is no doubt in my mind that this topic has generated a lot of conversations, accusations and knowledge. Yes knowledge. I am much better for having engaged in the conversations. I am much better for it by being accused of being a racist because I dared to question the motives of behaviors on the part of some hindus. Unfortunately, I learned nothing from those defending the hindu behavior or beliefs. In my quest, I was not being accusatory or damaging but clearly investigative and seeking to understand behavior that runs opposite to what I was taught to be un-christian, un-patriotic and/or unkind. I believe that Alyssa provided us with many answers that were objective and referenced by authors of Caribbean/Indian/African lineage. Alyssa is definitely very knowledgeable on this matter and we are all better off for that. Those who disagree would only prefer us to know that Alyssa and Kian are racists, because they dare to raise questions about behavior that were never questioned on behalf of the people who were on the receiving end of insults, innuendos, denigration and stereo typical images. Such behaviors were mortified by characters like Leladdharsing (a disciple of Bhoe Tewarie), occupying a substantive position in government, where decisions he made represented the very same people he insulted and denigrated. Were we to idly stand by, accept those insults and say nothing of it, then those protagonists would be bolstered to be even more bold in their condemnation of us. On this blog we submit our rebuke of those would have us shut our mouths and allow the evil and putrid behavior to continue to make us less and lesser respectful human beings. We have experienced the evil behavior of the then Prime Minister, Kamla Persad Bissessar to deny our then Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley
    a seat in Parliament (the people of Diego Martin West Representative) to speak for his people. That was the height of arrogance and racial superiority. It was a classic case of the BRAHMIN USING HER AUTHORITY to deny the simplest of decency to a fellow parliamentarian the opportunity to represent himself in the parliament of the country. What made that even more degrading was the fact that she allowed fellow Tobagonian, Vernalla Alleyne to speak and write in hansard the most absurd and insidious lies of her fellow man. That to me represented the height of arrogance and mis-use of authority but to our detractors, we should not speak about it, or if we do, we are to be described as ‘racists’. Even the allegation of being called a racist represents an authoritarian behavior where one feels that he has the feeling of superiority to call one he thinks should be inferior to him. Such behavior is infuriating to me and I surrender to no one who express such devious attitudes.
    I Believe that this board presents an excellent opportunity for us to present our cases to be heard and openly and before an audience that appear to be smart and responsive. Alyssa presents her ideas and cases with references as to where she got her knowledge. Yoruba, his style based on biblical and historical knowledge also presents information with quotation, references and sources that he knows best. I present my knowledge based on experiences, knowledge and facts as I know them to be. We present all of this to the leadership for perusal, study, entertainment, knowledge and information that can be rebutted in the hope that rebuttal will come in the form of objectivity and correctness. For the most part, our opposition have been in the form of opinionated subjectivity. Those opposing want us to believe that facts are not facts and evidence of truth are in fact lies. It is very unfair to stand this kind of behavior and allow lies to take precedence over truth, true information to be labelled mis-information just because they don’t like what is being said. I have enjoyed the conversations and will continue to do so unrepentantly.

  15. Has anyone noticed how kamla, moonilal & others’ skin tone skyrocketed after they got into office? At least 2-3 tones lighter…sasha mohammed/janice thomas…lol

  16. When the marabuntas left Laventille to attack the Southland on an excursion they were met with a barrage of melons at the Debe railwaytrack.

    If this is true history it has been well hidden, at least from my usually inquisitive ears. I don’t believe it without further substantiation.

    “Excursion” I can believe. “Attack” I don’t believe.

    Tell us more about what constituted the attack. How many were there? What weapons were used. Who “fired” first, etc. What prompted the “attack” and etc. How did the defenders know to get ready with their melons?

    This sounds like the case of the fellow in Debe who took exception to the visit made by Dr. Rowley when he was Opposition Leader, and told him he was not welcome in Debe.


    1. Well those who have ears let them hear and those who have eyes let them see. Maybe there is some truth that wisdom comes with age. Guns were not the weapons of choice at that time, cutlasses were!

      The rotten eggs used by the assailants were torched by the Opposition on the roads that they were thrown at. The torch was the symbol of the DLP then. Whether it’s rotten eggs or freshly committed murder, do you read about the smell at the scene? If you try to google for that, you would not see it just as you would not see the headline at the time ‘Erica loans T&T Gov’t’. Around that time as well, Chong Kit won an island schol at a very young age, try and see if you can locate and what became of him, but then check out Mano Benjamin and you would find that. See how much info you can get about the birthplace of Chambers on social Media?

      http://www.pnm.org.tt/index.php/history/history2/george-michael-chambers-1928-1997.html but I do know he was born in Icacos. How about Samuel Selvon which I know is correct https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sam_Selvon

      Attack can be verbal as well, just as how your compatriot refers to me as a liar. I see no rebuke from you about such. Now, your compatriot made her statement about Wikipedia. So one can’t have their cake in their hand and want to eat it at the same time. As a point of interest when I make my point I never slander people un-necessarily e.g., T-girl, etc. It’s sheer dis-respect. So Sir, I cannot tell you what to believe in or not. I rest my case.

      One thing I have been shooled in very well and see the truth and relevance even to this day, is the creed of today becomes the need of tomorrow. The anti sentiments about races and religion I have read here in these blogs bear no real semblance of peacemaking but the opening of wounds of ‘HATE’. My testimony is memory and am a male and contributed significantly to the growth and development of T&T for ALL.

      1. In other words, a whole lot of nothing.

        Some people get pelt with rotten eggs, and pelt back with melons. That seems to be the sum total of the Laventille “Marabunta attack” on Debe some 40 years ago. And even that may be an exaggeration.

        Please stop this foolishness. If you or the indo community have a real grievance against the afro community in this land, I am certainly all ears, and I am sure that most of my afro brethren, whether “afro-saxon” or not, will also be all ears, and bend over backward to correct any misdeeds on our part. But this is foolishness. Utter and complete.

        Please don’t respond with more nonsense … like about Williams and the cow-shed, or Williams and the recalcitrant minority… seeking to prove afro racism against the indo.

        The wicked flee where none pursueth. And the wicked project their wickedness onto the other, and then use that as justification to “do dem fuss”. Please stop it. It is a dangerous game.

        May the Most High continue to expose the wicked and protect the innocent, that peace may be brought to this land.


        P.S. There is a moderator to maintain whatever level of decorum on the group he deems fit. He has done a good job for the most part, although I too sometimes wish for a more parliamentary standard, maintaining a balance between heat and light more in favour of light.

        P.P.S. To Alyssa, as I use the term “afro-saxon”, I find myself reflecting that saxon = son of Isaac. In a literal sense we most certainly are (Israelite) sons of Isaac. But of course Lloyd Best wasn’t thinking of that interpretation when he coined the term.

      2. Nobody resepected Hitler’s minister Of Misinformation! No matter how soft he spoke..i have no respect for you either Loyal Trini for the same reasons…the proble with persons like yourself is that you built a fake reality where you could stand on the side of wrong & nastiness but somehow attract constant applause & goodwill smelling like a rose. People’s lives & history is nothing to play with.

      3. “…I never SLANDER people UNneccessarily..”

        Loyal Trini.

        So you admit to Deliberate slander? Who determines when slander is Necessary Vs. UN NECESSARY? How ridiculous!

      4. Wikipoedia was designed to allow multiple persons to contribute to its knowledge base on any issue. There are historians, doctors lawyers etc who contribute..However, there are also malicious, uninformed persons who deliberately or unwittingly put information that is not factual or slandering oike when Loyal Trini deems “Necessary”…so..wikipoedia is useful Buttttt one must understand that depending on the topic…concrete sources should be sought after.
        E.g….Sat Maharaj & Anand Ramlogan’s wiki pages were not written by objective historians…more than likely either himself, a colleague or a unc supporter or several contributed to that page.so if you were to quote that page in an argument…it doesn’t hold water….it could be factual…but i wouldn’t take the page (or its hidden writer) at face value

  17. Google winston Dookeran & “Indian Empire”…xthe name of that newspaper says it all…it is about the indian diaspora & is in India…the online version has picutres of Anand, kamla, panday etc….Anyway read the interview that Winston “Harmless” Dookeran gave…read the type of questions they asked & how he answered them…

    Thanks for that link.

    I’m not surprised. I’ve been saying for some time that the indo in T&T as a bloc constitutes a disloyal minority at war, albeit mostly non-violent, with the state that has given them succour. Are there exceptions? Certainly. But they don’t take away the truth of the generalization. It is a sad commentary. But truth is truth, no matter whose toes feel stepped upon.


    1. How about googling Isabel Teshea and see if you can find the reason(s) she was sent to Ethiopia as an ambassador and then to Guyana?

      1. Give me a more precise link and I’ll take a look. I am generally very inquisitive, and find myself connecting all kinds of seemingly unrelated dots. So I process information like a vacuum cleaner. I gather up everything, and then sort out later.

        Butttt… I am not going on some 50-year old goose-chase where I don’t even know what I’m searching for.

        I know very well that there are and have been miscreants among the PNM party. I am not now and have never been a member of the PNM party, or any other party, but I give them credit for most of the good of which this country can today boast — including the bounteous state of the Treasury that the UNC sought to alienate from its rightful owners, and in one 5-year term — notwithstanding known miscreants here and there, and some unknown ones. If you want someone to defend PNM wrong-doing, I am not your man.


        1. That is the trap set Yoruba….’pnm’ is a fig leaf eupheumism for ‘rawan’/african people…These bloggers’ aim is to demonize the african community into backstepping straight off of a cliff. The real insinuation with these false tales is that African Trinidadians were violently targeting indians during & on behalf of PNM’s reign …LIE! That mindset never existed in T&T…remember some of these bloggers are guyanese who project the violence of guyana’s history unto T&T Africans & PNM rule.It is a well set,poisoned trap,to accuse the political party supported by Africans as being racist & anti-indian & because of the disjointed mindset between Africans & politics, many africans, not seeing the bait & switch distance themselves fromt0 that particular battle of the History Narrative thinking its a PNM battle…NO!…it is slandering of Africans as an ethnic group, it is wrong & most importantly LIES…
          you want to talk corruption (even gross exagerrations & fabrications) fine…that could be disowned as a purely political battle…but when you want to talk discrimination & Racism ???nahhh..eh eh! look in the mirror long & hard…NEPOTISM…yes(Not nearly as obscene as UNC/PP) but..that is generic politics…Discrimination against AFRICANS on the alter of unity & No Mother Africa etc…that is what PNM should look at.

  18. In some countries, including Canada the content of many of anti-Hindu/Indian statements posted here by the Black caucus would be legally classified as hate crimes.
    There is a case now before the Courts involving a blogger who posted anti-Jewish comments similar to the anti-Hindu/Indian remarks which are posted on a daily basis on this site.
    It is reassuring that spreading hate on the internet is a criminal offense in some countries.

    1. Speaking of hate-thought, Naipaul hated “negroes” so much, he took his island scholarship, went to Britain, away from the “Trinidad Guardian and negroes”, and never came back.

      Sat Maharaj and his radio station would never have got a radio license in Singapore, and would be imprisoned and flogged for many of his divisive utterances.

      It is clear to me from where comes the hate, and it is not from the bloggers of this group who have been putting brahminism and hindutva under the microscope. It is not a pretty sight when examined close up. And such as Mohan Das Gandhi look positively ugly when so examined.

      Truth in law is an absolute defence against what otherwise would be slander, libel or defamation. The same goes for so-called hate-speech.

      But I am aware that the Jews have fixed it such that in Canada, Germany, France and elsewhere, “denial of the Holocaust” is actionable “hate-speech”, and truth cannot be asserted as a defense. Google Ernst Zundel to see an example of that travesty.

      No my brother, if you want to shut up the bloggers that have laid waste to brahminism and hindutva, counter their accusations with truth. If you cannot, don’t seek manifestly unjust law to do it for you.

      Then again, you always have the option to go to Canada, or like Naipaul, to Britain, if you hate “negroes” so much. Or better yet, try India. There are many there complaining about brahminism and hindutva, including many Dalit Panthers that look just like most indo in T&T. But guess what, they are routinely raped and murdered for their untouchable insolence.

      So please… T&T has been a blessing for the indo that came here. Don’t turn T&T into that from which you were glad to flee.

      In any case, we won’t let you. And I speak not as an adherent of any “black caucus” — for I do not define identity, and certainly not my identity, by skin colour. That is a foolishness certain to fail, as has NJAC and that silly movement seeking to make common cause on the basis of skin colour. Had they read and been schooled in the Book of Yahweh they would make no such elementary error. The real enemy comes in all skin colours.

      May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and protect the innocent in all the matters unfolding in this land, and indeed worldwide.


      “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

      1. Ahhhh Yoruba..well said but speaking of Naipaul Yoruba..Yoruba Yoruba…..When we talk about caste & indians in T&T it is denied…but guess what??
        Google Meena Kandasammy…a Dalit feminist in India who said (based on his remarks & writings) that Naipaul is a typical caste minded individual!…guess what else Yoruba…Yoruba according to Meena Kandasammy in INDIA..Dalit Feminist….Naipaul was given the Nobel BECAUSE of his caste minded arrogance & talking down on ‘Others’…LOL….the plot thickens no?? IF a Dalit in India could single out a famous Trinidadian as Caste Minded based on the same language that grieved so many of his african countrymen but were told by others especially negroes like M.Job that they “misinterpreted” his writing…if she could see it…who are we?

        1. Thanks for that pointer, Alyssa. I read her essay here on Naipaul, with which I can only agree. I long ago relegated Naipaul to the trash heap.

          “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools…” (Romans 1:21-22)

          He writes well. But his writing betrays no real understanding, certainly no wisdom, no gravitas, just an over-wrought sense of grievance, mostly against “negroes”.

          He lives up to the English meaning of his name — cf. invidious: from invidia “envy, grudge, jealousy, ill will”.

          Kandasammy’s take on him, from the brahminist sense of entitlement angle, is interesting and rings true. He would have had to negotiate at QRC quite bright “negroes” like C.L.R. James and others, who would certainly not have bowed to nor fed the brahmin sense of entitlement. Quite the opposite, he would have been seen if anything, as a social and physical inferior, whatever his intellectual gifts. I expect that his encounter with such “negroes” would have burst his brahminist bubble, to such an extent, that his entire writing career has been devoted to blowing it back up.

          His white Edomite brethren — for reading of scripture would reveal that the brahminists are a branch of the Edomite family tree — by awarding him the Nobel, would have helped in that task no doubt.

          Nevertheless, sad to say, he remains, in my humble opinion, a sad human being, living down to his name.


          “Is there iniquity in my tongue? cannot my taste discern perverse things?” (Job 6:30)

          1. Lol…..YORUBA….don’t you find that piece Of The Honourable Meena Kandasammy to be ‘All Encompassing’ with a view of the issues we discuss on this blog?The article reference is like a price smart Of all the things that Mamoo & Tman call untruths & Hate Speech! Get your popcorn Yoruba…let’s watch thise two squirm around THAT web page! Lololl…kian check it out…LOL!

          2. Yoruba…oh my gosh..did you see on that page where miss kandasammy references Naipaul’ book abiut a half brahmin guy that marries an african girl bu leaves after time because “he had trouble with the idea of marrying an untouchable”….right there…either Naipaul’s book or The Dalit Feminist In India is referring to or acknowledges Africans as being the same as Untouchable…..PROOf! Right there…from the horses’ mouth….Africans are viewed as Untouchables in the Hindu Theology (Caste)

    2. The dictionary describes hate as a “feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone)”. A statement of fact is an expression of a condition that occurred, is occurring, or will be occurring. If a statement of fact is not met with your approval, it does not in itself mean that hate was expressed. It only means that something was said or done that you do not like. Expressions of opinionated fabrications and stereo typing can and sometimes do meet the level of hate, like in the case of Leladharsingh.
      There are hate groups that will maim, hurt, tarnish, denigrate and spread willful dislike towards an individual or group. That would constitute HATE. There are those who, despite facts to the contrary, express a negative view of people they don’t care for – that is HATE. I know where you are going with that line of reasoning TMan and I dre you to state factually what has been said that REALLY constitute hate? You have many times used expressions of hate to describe what is written about you, your race and ethnicity. BUT using hateful statements of dislike? I do need you to give examples of such hate.

  19. I’m curious how that would play out with this blog….who determines what is legally “Anti-Indian” & who does not…also is “Anti-African” also considerd ‘hate’? Or religious docrine? You see this is an issue with many sides….Is islamic & christian doctrine o homosexuality going to be deemed illegal because of the massive Pro LGBT movement? Since you follow the laws around the world did you hear about caste being outlawed in the UK a couple years back? If so will they outlaw it here too? Can a homosexual person be charged for HIGHLIGHTING the ant-homophobic stance of Christianity & Islam i.e. The Bible & Quoran? Are Hindu views on skin colour & ethnicity going to be sifted through the eyes of anti-Hate laws also?…
    You see Tman? If you want to civic…go all of the way not just 1/4 mile. One ethnic group/Religion ALONE CANNOT determine what is legally right to say or do in T&T….mein fuhrer!
    legally right in T&T

  20. The Book Titled “Gandhi:Behind The Mask Of Divinity” is dear to my own heart….”BEHIND THE MASK of DIVINITY”…The laws on religion are based on or seen through a DATED european/christian prism that all religions are based on one’syour faith in its system &/or creator & not based on one’s physical appearance/skin colour/ancestry….& also that as a result of these pre conceived notions that religion isn’t racist or hateful & therefore harmless…i.e. you should cherish all “religious leaders” because they all want what’s best for everybody….Rubbish! That is projection of one’s own beliefs unto other beleifs & their followers & has had disastrous effects. This is why sat maharaj can publicly say what he says via radio, now television & platforms & everyone (African Leaders) remain silent…
    He’s a Religious Leader & we should all respect & honour hime…he ‘means well’ Rubbish….

    1. Alyssa, I think that this is a tactic. All of a sudden we are now called ‘the black caucus’ and they have a right to say whatever they feel but to get into dialogue with them on their terms is a detraction from objective conversation.
      Thomas Paine once said “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason, is like administering medicine to the dead”. No amount of argument with TMan and Mamoo will ever sway from them what hindu doctrine has taught them – be obstinate! A friend of mine once told me also that “sometimes on your journey, you have to step over dead bodies” and I think that we are in a position now where these quotations apply.

  21. Some positive news.
    Over 30 East Indians were elected to the Canadian Parliament. Today 4 were sworn in as Cabinet ministers, including the Minister of Defense.
    This is what happens when you focus on the positive and make advocacy for the diaspora a priority rather than being preoccupied with the faults of others.

    1. When the wicked spring up as the grass, it is that they would be destroyed forever.

      The issue is not finding fault. The issue is that the Most High is rubbing His Chosen’s nose in it, that we search for and cry out to Him, and He is using among others brahminist wickedness for that purpose.

      Thus the issue is to consider and analyze our situation. Part of that requires us to “know the enemy”. But indeed the greater part requires us to know ourself. Indeed we must know both.

      The last T&T election went the way it did only because God’s hand was present, and very much so in response to prayer.

      Those of a materialist bent will of course not see it. I lose no sleep over that, because the Word and Hand of God are not for everyone to discern.


    2. “…Another Lying, Black Apologist….” Mamoo…
      Mamoo’s Mother, Father, children & Great Grandchildren were & are BLACK, but as a child his parents traumatized him as to what skin colour was in the mirror…he now projects his disdain for his own skin colour on ‘others’ who are also black. One of the very telling signs of the att7tude towards Africans & skin colour within the indian community is the unwillingness & fear to identify with their own skin colour…Anand gave a speech, where he referred to indians as brown. Patrick Manning is much lighter than anand, but Anand is brown & patrick is black? E.g.? B.S.!

      Also, with regards to guyana & Dr, Gibson’s book, I’m positive it hasn’t read the book but is ascribing “victimhood” to scholarly research. Dr. Gibson used references of Indians from India who are authorities on the subject of hinduism & caste…she didn’t create the knowledge butttt the facts were too hard to handle. An indian writer she referenced even mentioned the behaviour Of Guyanese Indians as among the closest to the Caste Indian mind (in india) the conflict & relationship between African & Indian guyanese are again closest to the relationship between uppercaste & untouchables. So, if she is lying then 100’s of millions of people are lying too!
      Don’t be caught up with Mamoo in terms of trying to reason with Mamoo..he does not even genuinely believe the things he said..it is just how he was raised…a public relations specialist for his caste..anything that ‘sounds’ negative..especially if its true he will deny…LIE to hide it. Only laudable things are to be admitted. Also, Moses Seenarine (Guyanese Indian) has a theory about why there is so much dishonesty within his community (generally, culturally) according to him, ‘they’ are very dishonest about their ethnic origins (caste, india) & are constantly defending these lies & it eventually ‘seeps’ into their everyday culture i.e. lying

  22. Well we can, while experiencing the kind of sensation one gets from holding a slippery eel from reading your inverse proportional ethnic masturbatory preenings, accept that it is just another piece of evidence that corroborates our analysis in this blog. Frankly, for us, it would have been more of an accomplishment if 30 non Indians had been elected to the Parliament of India. We do not need to be informed that white Canadians are less racist and tribal than many who take up domicile in that Country. In fact the only groups one is likely to encounter taking mass positions for the rights of others outside of their groups are whites and blacks. When you have an example of that to hang on your chest we will be impressed.

    We come from a people whose experiences represent the most profound example of producing positive from the negative. If despite our experience we can produce from within our midst the Doctor Charles Drew of blood plasma fame and Doctor Henry T Sampson, the inventor of the gamma electric cell, without which cell phones would be still a dream. It is difficult to imagine where the many who today, while being fused in a cultural and religious praxis that they are superior because of some concocted doctrine, would have fared had they been forced into a similar experience, rather than being fortunate to be recognized as a shared source of the primitive belief that it is ok to reduce segments of the human population to a status less than human, at a certain time line in human history.

    So we do not have time to crow about our Political accomplishments. I mean we can go back to centuries before others saw America to time line such accomplishments. The difference is that we fought, struggle and sacrificed in order to create a pathway for it to happen, rather than always hiding in the background and waiting for the heavy lifting to be finished, before sliding in to partake of the spoils.

  23. Note how the caste mind works. In response to coomplaints about racism & malicious attitudes or as Dr. Tony Martin put it “..Very Mature, Anti-African Racism… “, Tman searches for & braggs about accomplishments (Material, upward mobility)…think about that..Imagine in response to criticizm of Nazism…german’s started boasting about how many nazis had engineering/medical/law degrees etc…would that make sense to regular, right thinking people? No, it wouldn’t… in fact The Nazis were very ambitious,diligent & hardworking…Buttttt it was the nature of their ambitions,& the malicious mindset towards jews & ‘non aryans’ that was the problem.
    Oh, and Tman…thanks for raising this issue….it is no coincidence that Prime Minister Trudeau was doing ‘bhangra’ dancing as these 30 ministers were signed in…It’s polictics…India is considered a world power….especially with at least 300 million slaves who are organized & controlled easy..India is an economic empire….Untouchables are the backs on which India’s economic power comes from..,not factoring in the children sweat shops…so Have a glass of bubbly on me Tman.

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