Buying cat in bag

By Raffique Shah
March 22, 2015

Raffique ShahIt’s amazing how the 2015 general elections campaign is derailed by extraneous matters that have no bearing on the real issues that should under discussion.

With oil and gas prices trending lower, hence a projected shortfall in revenue of more than $7 billion for the current fiscal year, with the national debt rising as a consequence, and with tens of thousands of public sector workers, among them police, fire and prisons officers, clamouring for increased salaries for a period that has expired, the politicians are distracting the electorate with race-herrings and talk about dog and “cyat”.

Really, is this what we are reduced to at a time when countries across the world are forming new economic alliances, seeking to secure their nations’ future in a ever-changing global environment?

A man named Jaishima Laladharsingh, who, but for a handful of his relatives and tribe, nobody knew until his racial rant was made public two weeks ago, has become the focus of attention for using the word “nigger”. Why were people shocked by his liberal use of a derogatory word that many believed had been cast into the dustbin of history decades ago?

If anything, Jai must have been shocked by the outrage he triggered, he must have wondered why all the fuss. Worse, Minister Bhoe Tewarie fired him from the CDA board when, for years, the UNC if not the COP, ought to have known that no censure or punishment can alter his behaviour.

According to an Express report, back in September 2013, in what was described as a “closed UNC group”, he advised his “apan jhat” brethren to summon groups of “niggers” to attend a protest at City Hall that was being staged by the Partnership Government. “…My pick would be for the niggers…they pushy enough and gullible…it would not take much to sway them…it would also enhance the look of the PPG having the African members protesting…”

Of course, the Prime Minister knows him not, nor do her ministers, so we are left to wonder how the hell he ended up on the CDA Board (which is appointed by Cabinet), or in senior executive positions on other State entities.

But why fire him now for something he did two, three years ago? If Jai is so minded, he can take the Government before the Equal Opportunities Commission for rank discrimination. Because I am sure he can finger scores of officials who may be like-minded when it comes to race, and who continue to peddle their poison quietly, not online as he stupidly did, but quietly, in the comfort of their executive suites.

The other distraction is a one-liner from Keith Rowley in which he vowed to “ignore she (the PM’s) cat”. I saw it on television when the media first carried the video-clip of the PNM’s meeting in Brazil village, and I did a double-take, what with the vice in my head, as Sparrow would say, then my mind moved on. I could not imagine that in less than 24 hours, the Partnership’s campaign machinery would seize “cat”, re-brand it, and transform it into the Elections Road March. But they did, very stupidly in my view. Now, as the campaign heats up, Rowley’s fleeting quip will rival Lord Blakie’s “Hold de Pussy”. I envisage hordes of PNM supporters putting music to the six lines and singing and dancing to it on the campaign trail…all thanks to the Partnership’s advertising geniuses.

Let me say that I condemn all racist and sexist remarks wherever and whenever they are used. And even though I am no prude, I denounce vulgarity whether it’s on a Carnival stage or a political platform. In this regard, I think about the children who are watching or listening, although I am aware that many of these children can teach me a thing or three about sex.

On the 2000 elections campaign trail, Kamla and Ganga Singh staged a virtual sex-skit on the UNC’s St Augustine platform about Ganga “dropping pipe all over the country”, and Kamla relishing in “receiving pipe”, although she added that she knew only about “Mr Bissessar’s pipe”, I wrote (of Kamla), “…Listening to this affable lady publicly pronounce on the ‘size of pipe’ Ganga dropped…I couldn’t believe she would have jumped into the gutter with Ganga…”

I noted then that her colleagues on the platform, PM Panday among them, thoroughly enjoyed the two ministers’ performance. And, I observed that none of the normally vocal women’s organisations—the UNC women, the Hindu and Muslim women, CAFRA—criticised the vulgarity.

In contrast, today, many of the then silent, suddenly sanctimonious women’s organisations are pouncing on Rowley for his use of one word, “cat”, which, upon re-examination, was not necessarily used in a vulgar context.

More importantly, there are critical issues that those contending for power need to address now, given the state of the economy and the vulnerabilities we face. Instead of focussing on “cat”, electors should tell the politicians that they will not buy “cat in bag”.

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  1. What a stupid article. This article overplays one man’s utterance and then extrapolate it into politics as if the government support such foolishness. Bhoe fired the man not Rowley or the PNM and for good reason. He showed poor judgment in his comments. We live in a diffrent era where what you say, do or post online can be scrutinized and judge with dispatch. There is no real freedom except the freedom to respect each other and not ascribe improper motives to others.

    Jai is not the Opposition Leader but he is treated as such in this article with great over kill. He appologise, the man written to took no offence. Dr. Rowley offended a nation and refuse to appologise to anyone. Yet Shah treats Rowley as though he is a saint.

    Reference to the 2000 election was nothing more but some internal banter and there was no need for anyone to appologise. PNM Cox said “Rowley p*nis hard” no one ask her to appologise. That was an internal matter. The PNM propaganda machine is empty of “ah ha moments” not so with the UNC.

    Just a few days ago Rowley told church leaders that the $55 million given to churches was a bribe and they could have accepted such a bribe. The $200 million wasted on Carnival was not a bribe. Church turn youths away from crime, carnival produce the next generation of criminals with women giving birth to children 9 months later, no father in sight. Is that what a nation should be funding? Morals disappear with 66 year old grandfathers wining on underage girls.

    Yes there is no outrage from a party that was once given the mandate to rule TnT on “moral and spiritual grounds”. How has the mighty fallen.

    Raff must continue to sing for his supper…

    1. The truth hurts ….doesn’t it, even down to your big toe – why don’t you suck on it instead of just crying….

      1. The truth according to Raff is an overwhelming dramatized and melo dramatic obsession with racism. If at all the PP should be applauded for dealing swiftly with Jai comments unlike Rowley behavior when Hilton Sandy made the “Calcutta ship” comment. The PNM use race all the time and they act like they are on the moral high ground. Who could forget the comment of a PNM minster on the closure of Caroni limited “we burst those indians throat”…

        1. Yeah, yeah but when Eric wanted us to route together against the men in the cork hats….the recalcitrant minority rich indo trinis wanted their pot of gold here. They played for that. They marked out that dividing line a long time ago. You were probably not born yet and needs to be educated as these so called bright indo trinis were sucking up to the men in the cork hats for land and wealth as through divide and rule these same men used divide and rule to allow them to further their plans to control the wealth of T&T. These same recalcitrant, the mentality is still here with us today, these few indo scamps knew what they were about…to eventually rule all of us and practise the same deep racism that still exists in mother India. She, the PM showed this when she stepped down and kissedthe man’s feet in mother India. We are not all dottish yet.

          1. You know Mamoo you need to really search for the truth. There is racism in our midst in T&T and yes there is also bias and prejudice. I grew up in it and it sicken me so much I decided I must leave Trinidad for somewhere better. But you know what there is plenty more racism outside Trinidad. And then there is denigration of religion. I am not a Muslim but there is a worldwide attempt to push endless war against Muslims. Why, because their religion is dead set against Capitalism which has recently destroyed the world economy and has put our nation along with many other third world nations back into poverty. But you know what the UNC is bent on emptying the treasury as they did in the 90s. When will we be able to isolate the truth from all the lies, the propaganda, the false papers, the con jobs, and of course the blurted out acts of racism? We cannot hide who we are. We all fall short but some of us are simply monsters. Yes we are all hypocrites before God, but we all do not deserve your government….your poor performing government. They got their chance and have failed miserably. There are many Indo Trinis that are proud and non racists but this recalcitrant minority group is only hungry for power and of course money has always been their God. We can make this racist boogy go away but we must start with proper leadership both in government and in the judiciary and by having our laws enforced fairly and that all come under our laws. Indo/Afro racism is just another form of challenge due to fear from politicians but it has little negative consequence on getting us a better life. We moved forward from that since the PNM/DLP times. But your feet seems stuck in the mud with that. However the greater racism we face is the French Creole, Syrian and Foreigner racism against all ah we. I am not afraid of them are you? This is where we need to do battle so that our country becomes free. They came and took hold of all our wealth. We never got out of slavery. The more things changed the more they remained the same. Capitalism is what drives their system and like in North America we must stop punishing the real workers in the economy. Those groups I mentioned put themselves in position to keep us wanting by having us train our guns/ammo on each other. Wake up and smell the coffee and stop your disconnected rants. Rowley is not your problem….your real problem is these other groups that have been stealing for years and have been re creating slavery in a much stronger way…you are blind to it. No matter how much we are educated at the tertiary there are no jobs for us at home …only for their people. There are lots of them wanting places Venezuela and Cuba to fail while they plundered the other islands of the Caribbean. But I leave it there for now…

        2. Mamoo, you speak as though you are addressing i-d-i-o-t-s. Your moralization is foolish, because you know why? If YOU knew that man held those RACIST views prior to it becoming national news, you would have kept quiet and damn anyone who accused him as such. When you write Mamoo, write to convince, dont treat or assume that you are addressing fools. The information that you post are neither convincing nor plausible. Just call the man a racist, let him pay for his deeds and leave it at that. You would sound more credible than making all those stupid excuses.


    Tewarie: CDA board member said he used N-word ‘in a moment of rage’

    By Denyse Renne
    March 17, 2015 –

    Board member of the Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) Jaishima Leladharsingh has been fired for posting racist statements on Facebook.

    Leladharsingh, who is also a senior United National Congress (UNC) activist and former marketing manager at the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) on April 12, 2014 referred to Anthony S Mcleod as a “stinking nigger” on Facebook.

    Messages sent via Facebook to Mcleod yesterday for a comment were unsuccessful.

    Speaking briefly with the Express yesterday afternoon, Minister of Planning and Sustainable Development Dr Bhoe Tewarie under whose portfolio CDA falls, said the posting by Leladharsingh had been under investigation and following its completion, he was asked to resign.

    Asked how long the issue was being investigated and why in the interim Leladharsingh was still a member of the CDA board, Tewarie declined to comment and instead referred all his comments to the news release announcing his firing.

    Efforts to contact Leladharsingh were unsuccessful.

    Following the resignation, Leldharsingh’s Facebook page was on the receiving end of individuals expressing disgust over his statements. Posts left on his page have ridiculed his statements. The last activity on his page was on Monday where he posted pictures of Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine.

    Checks by the Express revealed that Leladharsingh’s derogatory remarks on Facebook are not just last April’s. He and several other UNC bloggers have also launched a series of race attacks against Facebook users who oppose the Government.

    Several of the posts have also attacked journalists and opposition members.

    In one post dated September 15, 2013, Leladharsingh posted in a closed UNC group, “Each member should target at least five individuals and inbox them in persuasion of going to City Hall in protest for answers my pick would be for the niggers they pushy enough and gullible it would not take much to sway them it would also enhance the look of the PPG having the African members protesting. But I do need to ask Allan how did you persuade the “impeccable” Kazim Hosein?”

    Sources told the Express that only a select group of UNC bloggers have administrative access to this closed group.

    Last year, the administrators of this group expressed concern over the leaking of conversations into mainstream Facebook. Sources say the group’s main objective is to attack anyone perceived as being anti-government by using racial slurs and personal attacks.

    Sources further told the Express that a relative of a former government minister who was once employed as the minister’s personal assistant has been named as one of the administrators for the closed group.

    Efforts to contact the assistant were unsuccessful.

    The genesis of the remarks made against Mcleod started following a post on April 11, 2014, written by former prime minister Basdeo Panday.

    The post was in reference to comments made by Panday in the media following the death of former prime minister and president Arthur NR Robinson in 2014.

    In that interview with the media on April 9, 2014, Panday said though he sympathised with relatives of Robinson on his passing, “I was instrumental in him becoming both prime minister and president. But I think that issue would not be as kind to him, for some of the things he did while in office.”

    In his Facebook post two days later, Panday said, “It seems that my response to some journalists from the media who asked me to comment on the passing of Mr ANR Robinson has caused some very interesting comments. But none has accused me of speaking untruths.

    “Had I lauded praise on Mr Robinson I would have been accused of hypocrisy, and justifiably so. All I said was that history would not be as kind to Mr Robinson as I had been to him. And when pressed for an explanation of that statement I referred to the 18-18 elections deadlock of 2001.

    “I also referred to the breakup of the NAR. In so doing I spoke not an untrue word. Would my critics have preferred that I lied? Some say I should not have said what I said on such an occasion. Is there an occasion for the truth and another reserved for lies. If so, then they must surely have a morality of your own. I only ask that they do not pass it on to their luckless children”.

    The Facebook posts

    One day after the post was made, Leladharsingh posted: “I’m glad that Robinson is gone forever”.

    Mcleod responded: “You would also be gone forever. We all have to go. I can’t believe how big people can be so stupid”.

    Leladharsingh then stated, “go f… yourself Mcleod. You bastards will never understand because you never had to fight nor work for anything. I gave my opinion and I don’t care what you f…. parasites think”.

    This post by Leladharsingh received “one like” from Bridgie Ramkissoon. Checks on his profile have revealed that Ramkissoon is a medical doctor.

    Mcleod’s response to this rant was, “Hahaha u rel funny”.

    It was at this point that Leladharsingh stated again, “ and you are a stinking nigger”

    Mcleod brushed aside the comment stating, “you can say what u wat you still have to dead”.

    “And you will die as a low class nigger”, Leladharsingh shot back.

    Mcleod responded, “You dnt knw me nor my status and you are so confident abt ur statements. Frm wht I can see is that you hav no class”.

    “F… you both, Anthony S Mcleod you are a f…. stinking and low class Nigger”, Leladharsingh wrote.

    Panday then intervened and warned Leladharsingh about his conduct stating, “My Dear Jaishima Please do not do anything to exacerbate the racial problem which has been the bane of this society for centuries. Speak your mind without being offensive. Please?”

    On December 26, 2014, Leladharsingh also accused the Express of being racist and called for a boycott of the newspaper on Facebook.


    1. On 17 March 2015, at a political meeting in Brazil Village, East Trinidad, Dr Rowley is said to have deliberately levelled one of the worst public insults against women and girls in his address to the small crowd.

      Referring to Prime Minister and ruling People’s Partnership Leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s revelations of alleged misconduct by beleaguered PNM Senator, Faris Al Rawi, Dr Rowley told supporters: “She could back at meh dog, and I will ignore she ‘cyat’”.

      Dr Rowley also went further, describing legal professionals in Trinidad & Tobago who have gotten State briefs from the Ministry of the Attorney General as “suckling on the nipples of the Prime Minister.”

      The comments drew instant fire from women’s groups across the country, crying shame on Dr Rowley and demanding a full apology.

      PNM Candidate for St Ann’s East, Stuart Young, attempted to apologise on Dr Rowley’s and the party’s behalf, but Dr Rowley is reported as saying: “Apologise for what? I have nothing to apologise for.”

      Jai was fired for his comments, Dr. Rowley has not appologise for his comments and continue to display a high level of arrogance. He is not fired yet but will be soon enough, women feel insecure and threaten by Rowley comments. One particular media outlet appears to be obsessed with Jai a virtual unknown until this controversy. The person Jai made the comment to did not take any offence it must be note. Meanwhile thousands of women, girls and men find Rowley to be very offensive….

  3. Rowley’s phrase a variation of a T&T slang

    The Opposition Leader’s controversial statement—“she could bark at meh dog, I go ignore she cat”—appears to a variation of a Trinidad and Tobago slang referred to in the Dictionary of the English/Creole of Trinidad and Tobago written by Lise Winer.

    The book, which gives the meaning of local dialect terms, records that the term, “If you kill my dog, I will kill your cat,” means a “tit for tat, butter for fat… She kill me cyat, I kill she dog” or “a threat of retaliation or revenge”.

    The book, in giving “historical principles” behind the use of the term, cited an incident involving a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Legislative Council, Timothy Roodal, who was removed from the Executive Council by the then-governor John Shaw in 1948.

    “Roodal as you know is very vindictive. Roodal openly declared that, “Whoever kill his dog, he going to kill their cat.”

    The author suggested the Mighty Zebra, in a calypso titled “Who chase the Governor?” (1950), which immortalised the event, contained the words, “But if you kill me dog, ah go kill you cat. He left himself open for a bold attack.” The Governor’s term had ended in 1950.


    Unless all UNC people have been living under a rock, what Rowley said was a slight variation of an old Tobago idiom which was also pointed out by the Express. The ‘dog and cat’ idiom has nothing to do with sexual parts or disrespecting women, it speaks of ‘tit for tat’.

    I was speaking with a Tobagonian woman over the weekend who was surprised that so many people do not know the saying that Rowley used. In one part this speaks about how far removed some of us have become from our own cultural expressions, and on the other side, it speaks of a serious disconnect some people have with anything but their own brand of culture. They want to run this multiethnic country but remained wrapped up in their own ethnicity and do not pay much attention to African culture, and more so the culture of Tobago.

    Rowley altered the saying and also removed the word “kill” from it which gave it a twist that says he would not treat with ‘she’ (Kamla’s) distractions in like manner but would ignore them.

    Although a few commentators, who were initially ignorant of the saying, realized it was harmless and said so, UNC’s propaganda machine will continue misinforming their followers for the sake of attempting to demonise Rowley to score political points.

    PS: Some of us will not forget what was reported to have come from the UNC activist Jaishima Laladharsingh in the company of other UNC activists. This is the mindset that we are plagued with from among those who lead and aspire to continue to lead Trinidad and Tobago.

  4. Good, old Mamoo, my comedian friend. I never realized that there were so many gutter-minded, hypocritical females in Trinidad. The use of a three letter word, in a recognized national slang, was transformed into an International Crime against women.
    Dr. Rowley also used the word “dog.” I am suggesting that he apologizes to all men.

    1. Aye Frontsman. It is not the meaning of what the Rottweiler barked from his podium, it was more how it sounded to the ears of the listener. It sounded “rude” and he don’t have to appologise to anyone…

  5. The U.N.C lack of defense for all that went wrong during their term in Government,such as replacing or firing ministers,appointing persons to high office with false credentials and a list of many more.
    They need to find something to distract the intelligent electorate, who look at the issues before casting their vote.

    As if they can “FOOL” the people all the time, They are trying a THING by saying the CAT insult women, How could that be? WHEN A CAT IS A CAT and nothing else.

  6. Tell dem Bro Frontsman, and James,dat those massive Rottweiler dogs,most of us are all familiar with, ain’t care about running down cats,so Kamla,the fat behind women ,that make up the selectively outraged UNC camp,and the well known clueless,hypocritical- pothound barking /cyber yapping clowns,that enjoy stinking up the Trini Center joint ,with their escapist, putrid ,neo tribal diatribes ,are barking up de wrong tree.
    These country hating ,social mescrients ,can talk until all dem Caroni Water Buffalos come home,but they ain’t stopping The Tobago Wajang, Dr Keith Rottweiler Rowley, from sitting in that big PM chair, when the election dust is settled.
    On a more important point,as commuters,salivate in Road Traffic gridlocks,let’s remind dem otra vez, that de Guyanarization of T&T, will never be allowed to take place,aqui!
    It’s one term, and back to the political wilderness, where they belong.
    Long live the Republic of T&T!

  7. Mamoo I don’t think you got the jist of Shah’s blog.He is saying that the politicians should focus on serious issues like the price of oil, the economy and crime.
    Fatigue and picong is part of Trinidad and Tobago culture. Politicians and everyone uses picong. Why should we make a mountain out of an anthill?

    1. Ching the real issue requires brains, they go to these meetings to let out gas. Sometimes the gas suffocate them. This is an election year the leaders are under close scrutiny. What they said last year not as important as what they say this year. In an electronic age videos, pictures, sound bites play an incredibly important role. The leader have to protect the brand one slip and wolf pack goes in for the kill…

      1. Well said Mamoo, so be careful what you post so that this requiring brain and back up gas disease doesn’t look like it affecting you.
        Yuh know yuh is mih breds.

      2. The idiocy of this hypocritical defensive move by Bhoe, TMan, Mamoo et al to disguise the blatant racist rant of one Leladharsingh, UNC activist, member of the Board of Directors of the CDA and Committee Chairman, a post rewarded to him for past and continuing performance as a UNC activist, trying to disguise Rowley’s remarks as worse than that stupid racist. It is the practice of UNC to run it’s campaign with racial innuendos and blatant ethnic baiting. So when the UNC Women’s Group pontificating it’s selective morality, coupled with the selective morality of the Muslim Woman’s Group, it reeks of hypocrisy and political favoring. When these same groups begin monitoring Kamla’s sexual innuendos and mauves langue, then I will bother to pay attention to what they are saying. Anything short of this is just foolish talk by a set of ethnically UNC sponsored women and men’s groups seeking moral and ethical recognition. If they find that in the people they represent – fine but moral and ethical principles does not in itself recognized by one’s organizational identification, it begins with the principles that is exhibited by how they conduct themselves. Principles, morality and ethics have no party affiliations. When these groups start condemning Leladharsingh racist, cultural rants and hate then we can say that there is an evening out of their principles but until then, they might as well go back to their racial and ethnic positioning. I am told that the saying uttered by Rowley is Tobagonian in practice. My first hearing of it was the news media publication. The main accusers of his language are – mainly rural UNC supporters whose cultural language does not even register in the same terms that the Tobago language is used. They are fighting hard to convince us that Rowley is more racist and sexist than Leladharsing. Kamla said that there is no room in the UNC for people like that. My question to Kamla is, if what she is saying is true, how come this RACIST ended up as a Board member and Committee Chairman on the CDA? Did he just escape the vigilant and ertshwhile UNC appointments committee? Did the moralistic UNC cabal just happened to miss his profile? The truth is they knew exactly who and what Leladharsingh brought to the table and only because he was stupid enough to put it in writing for the whole world to see and read they could not escape the ugliness of his character. Mamoo, give it up. Your point is foolish, stupid and of no value.

  8. Rowley: Sorry about that “cat” talk

    …I didn’t mean to offend

    By Joel Julien
    March 25, 2015 –

    “Ladies and gentlemen I could spend a lot of time talking about animals because I have been trained in zoology, I bet you did not know that, I have training in zoology but I am not going to spend one minute tonight on any animal,” Rowley said.

    “Not tonight, nor on no other night because I realise that this desperate government is proving the maxim ‘desperate people do desperate things,” he said.

    “But I want to say one thing which I must say as a public official I hold the office of Opposition Leader and I represent all the people in Trinidad and Tobago in that office because there is only one person who holds that job and while I have it, I do the job without fear or favour, malice or ill-will and if I resort to the Tobago genealogy that I carry without any complaint or apology, if I resort to that in invoking the concept of ‘tit for tat’ and it has offended any person in this country…..I am in the service of the people of this country, I am not in the business of offending anyone so therefore I have regrets on that, that was not my intention to offend anybody. If there are those who think they can prosper politically by that I wish them well,” he said.

    Rowley said it was being used as a distraction.

    “I simply want to remind you that there is a lot that the government and the government’s friends don’t want you to know because they know that if you know that, they don’t stand a chance in hell in getting back into office to continue their misconduct which has been the highlight of the last four and half years,” Rowley said.

    “So their campaign is to make sure that you don’t know what you should know hoping that you will vote in ignorance,” he said.
    Full Article :


    Rowley apologises for sexist ‘cyat’ comment

    By Geisha Kowlessar & Rachael Espinet
    March 25, 2015 –

    Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley last night apologised for the “dog and cyat” statement he made last week which has been seen by many as a sexist attack on women and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

    Speaking during a PNM cottage meeting at the Mt D’or Community Centre in St Joseph, Rowley noted that if he had resorted to his “Tobago genealogy” in “invoking the concept of ‘tit for tat’ and it had offended any person in this country, “I’m in the service of the people of this country and I’m not in the business of offending anyone. So therefore I have regrets on that. That wasn’t my intention of offending anyone.”
    Full Article:

  9. Now he has to apologize for suggesting that the new AG is ” sucking at the nipples of the PM”.

  10. A Good leader is tolerant of ambiguity and remains calm, composed and steadfast to the main purpose. Storms, emotions, and crises come and go and a good leader takes these as part of the journey and keeps a cool head.
    Rowley has demonstrated that he is incapable of good leadership as he continues to negatively oppose everything and everyone, including members of his own party.

    1. TMan said, “A Good leader is tolerant of ambiguity and remains calm, composed and steadfast to the main purpose.”

      Who from the UNC camp were “tolerant of ambiguity” when they misinterpreted or deliberately distorted Rowley’s ‘dog and cat’ statement? From all evidence it meant nothing sexual and was not degrading women.

      1. A literate ,educated aspiring leader of a country should not be indulging in such crude, baseless and petty dialogue. Without ascribing any meaning to the exact slang spoken, one has to take issue with the base tone and vile mood presented to the nation.

        1. TMan, I am beginning to feel that you and Mamoo are the same person.
          I take it that you have not detected any crude, baseless and petty dialogue from any other party or politician. Are you now saying, it is not the meaning of the exact slang that was offensive, but the vile mood in which it was presented? Do you think that all the gutter-minded, hypocritical women, who immediately focused their thoughts on some other part of their bodies, share your position, or are you the voice of intelligence amongst them?
          What vile thoughts does the word ‘dog’ imply? Something has to be done to remove this dirty ‘c’ word from the children’s alphabet.

          Do you fellas read over your post? How do you describe a vile mood, or even recognize one?
          By the way, what are your thoughts on the “Debe Banner,” vile or not vile?

  11. Mamoo, you are stepping on your tongue. You said in a previous post, “and he don’t have to apologize.” Now you are saying that he took so long.
    It is election time, and politicians kiss crying babies and will consider it a good photo-op if a baby vomits on them. That is why I cannot do politics. I would have told them all to kiss my dog.

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