The Politics of Spite

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
February 10, 2015

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeThe Trinidad Guardian, it seems, is worried about the PNM’s future, our democracy and the quality of postcolonial democracy in societies such as ours all because the PNM rejected the candidacy of Penny Beckles, a good friend, and the possibility that Patrick Manning will suffer a similar fate.

In its editorial of February 7, the Guardian praised Dr. Eric Williams and offered his example of how one takes care of these matters. It argued: “It could be that PNM founder and T&T’s first Prime Minister had the right approach, when he faced in 1976 the demands by constituency groups for the inclusion of incumbent nominees…. Dr. Williams reluctantly allowed the party to prevail, but not before describing the men as ‘millstones’ around his necks.”

In 1976 Dr. Williams could afford to take that position. He could not do so in 1956 when he contested his first national elections. By 1976 he had ruled the party for 21 years, possessed the overwhelming support of his party (and even the national electorate) and, with the exception of the Federal elections of 1958, had never lost an election.

Dr. Keith Rowley, the leader of the PNM, is not in a similar position. He was elected leader of the party in 2010 after Manning made a disastrous mistake of calling an election before it was due constitutionally (it was the second time he had done so) and lost it. As a result, Dr. Rowley was faced with the monumental task of rebuilding the party. Although Dr. Rowley has won two elections he still has the onerous tasks of continuing to build the party and consolidating his leadership.

Dr. Rowley, in 2015, is not in the same place psychically and/or politically as Dr. Williams was in 1976. Of necessity, his tactics and policies must be different from those of Dr. Williams. Therefore, the Trinidad Guardian’s analogy has little relevance to the problems Dr. Rowley and the PNM face today.

There is another problem with the Guardian’s advice. Manning is a sick man. He may be recuperating nicely but acknowledges that he is still paralyzed and suffers from a speech impediment. Therefore, the party, in its wisdom, must reject his candidacy. He does not have the ability to carry out his functions as a representative of the people.

It would be irresponsible for the party to select Manning or anyone else who is unable to represent his or her constituents fully. The party has no higher obligation than to deny Manning the nomination for the San Fernando East seat. His selection is not in the best interest of the party or its constituents regardless of what the Guardian or the PNM executive of his constituency says.

There is a further downside to Manning’s selection. Let us suppose the PNM wins the next general election by margins of 21-20, 22-19, or even 23-18. Can Rowley count on the unwavering support of Manning in Parliament regardless of whatever promises he makes to him and the party?

Further, if the PNM wins the election by a margin of one seat (21-20) or two seats (22-19), and Manning is one of the parliamentarians, can Rowley be sure that he would emerge as the Prime Minister of the country? Isn’t it possible that Dr. Rowley might be de-jure Prime Minister while Manning emerges as the de facto Prime Minister? In fact, Manning’s one seat or even his ability to convince another Member of Parliament to follow his lead could seriously undermine Dr. Rowley’s ability to perform his duties. No serious leader can take such a chance.

The Guardian and Rowley other detractors have accused the Dr. Rowley of being vindictive and spiteful. It was Manning who disregarded Ken Valley, Fitzgerald Hines, Camille Robinson Regis, Eddie Hart and others and replaced them with persons we never saw before or do not know where they are now. Ironically, it is Dr. Rowley who resurrected Penny and made her Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and Louis Lee Sing, the major of Port of Spain.

A wise leader leaves nothing to chance. He anticipates the problems he is likely to face and guard against them. The self-interested and his opponents will always castigate him. His is always the virtue to keep the ship of state steady and to disregard spurious nonsense.

Many in our society take delight in denigrating our leaders. However, Dr. Rowley need not worry about his detractors and the hateful things they say about him. He has the support of those of us who have his best interests and the party at heart.

God willing, he will triumph in the end.

9 thoughts on “The Politics of Spite”

  1. The next election would be a battle between propaganda and performance. Factors such as ethnic polarization will weigh heavily on the mind of the voters. The PNM as an intitution it’s future hangs in the balance. If they lose the next election by a wide margin it will be difficult for them to come back from such a defeat. The PP will have to select the best possible candidates so to the PNM. The risk both party may run is losing its grass root supporters in the process.

    Trinidad politics has assumed another dimension. To the credit of Prime Minister KPB whose theme and mantra has been “people centered governance”. People are more aware and more discerning and involved in the political process than at any other time in the nation’s history. They are willing to get actively involved and openly states their position.

    As per writing at this time Mr Manning will not figure in the next election he has step down, leaving San Fernando East to become a real battleground for the first time in TnT.

    The popularity of the Prime Minister must weigh heavily on the minds of PNMites. She has exceeded expectations and she must remain above the fray and set up better mechanisms to deal with internal Mavericks. If she keep things stable and steady another 5 years awaits.

  2. “The popularity of the Prime Minister must weigh heavily on the minds of PNMites. She has exceeded expectations and she must remain above the fray and set up better mechanisms to deal with internal Mavericks. If she keep things stable and steady another 5 years awaits.”……….Mamoo. In Michael Jackson’s Thrilla, the song ends with the evil Boris Karloff’s character, who brought the zombies, deadheads, living deads and other insane characters into the video, screeching and laughing into oblivion……ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha………………..
    It is the kind of exit the Siparia queen Kamla will be taking (if) and when she calls the election. Why? if Trinidad and Tobago were to be allowed to go down any deeper into the Failed state hole……. then combo smoke we pipe. Guyana would look like heaven compared to what Trinidad would be like under Kamla II. To start with, one of the first thing a good leader does is to choose the right people for the right job. Kamla starts with a good intelligence gathering unit, tells we don’t need it and replaces the seasoned, quality trained operatives with a neophyte clerk in the name of Reshmi, when the public tired foul,even she had to acknowledge that she overstepped her bounds with such a selection. Then there was the uncouth, boisterous, boastful, unethical, evil, promiscuous AG in Anand, better trained for the pasture than the halls of justice. Then there is the still operational Devant Mahahraj, the GOPIO kid who lashed out at anything non-hindu, African, muslim, non-indian or whatever, under the guidance of Sat Maharaj, spilling all kinds of invectives into the minds of people. Then there was Nizam Mohammed (the PSC chairman), who let the cat out of the bag, replace the police force with only Indians (to make the police force equitable). Then the many neophytes heading state boards like CAL, Petrotrin, NCC, TCL, Central Bank, FCB etc etc etc, people who had fake qualifications, people who haD NO QUALIFICATIONS, people who were let in by their relatives without bothering to check qualifications, CEPEP, boards set up with party hacks just so that they can get a large salary such as Lifesport where there is need for a commission of inquiry to tell us how the $400,000,000 was spent. Canceling of the SUVs to patrol and protect our borders, Brazil is today enjoying the use of the fine patrol vehicles that we should have had here. We need a leader who thinks for herself or himself and not have some religious zealots imposing their will on the people.. It is strange that in the last five years we have had two in succession. Manning with madam Pena and now Kamla with Sat Maharaj, God knows we don’t need another….. Churches and religion should be allowed to function of their own to nurture our spiritual, moral and ethical needs, without the need to have government interfering into their operations to bribe them with evil money. Children need to enjoy the innocence of youth when Christmas time comes around, not a prime minister playing Santa Claus, literally handing out gifts with money she she herself admits she does not know where they come from. We don’t need to have evil money from our pm to the heads of our churches, for the purposes of electioneering. For the past five years the quality of our calypso music has deteriorated because the government insists on injecting its favor into who should and shouldn’t be qualified to go to the Dimanche Gras show, we need our clypsonians to be authentic and true to their profession, we don’t need government telling us who is good for us. Under this PPP, agriculture is dead. Our diet have now become STAPLE OF AMERICAN fast foods like KFC, MacDonalds, Wendys, White castle, etc etc. The oils used to process these foods can be smelled a mile away from their kitchens. Obesity is now the expected, especially in the women. For what ever reason, men still happen to maintain some degree of naturalness in their body figures but our women folks? We need to control their diets. We have never seen so many oil spills in our heartland as we have been experiencing in the last five years. I submit that it is not just natural, it is the continuation of the wrong people doing the wrong jobs, wrong executives to manage the wrong managers who manage the wrong supervisors who manage the wrong employees. Flooding……..Lord put a hand. With the building of box drains comes the never ending floodings and with that comes the mosquitoes that brings diseases like chikungunya, dengue and malaria. The box drains still the waters and prevent natural flows, so with it comes the health concerns. When are we going to have a Commissioner of Police? Don’t you think that when you leave A MAN TO ACT for too long, that is all he will do… just act. A man either have a job or don’t have a job. Manning started that foolishness and with the UNC it became policy. And we wonder with Police is not working! These are only some of the symptoms of bad governance, anything that bad, when allowed to continue, WILL only get worse untillllllllll, well who knows, maybe, just maybe people like Mmamoo will one day wake up and admit that yes, we have become a failed state …finally.

    1. “Then there was the uncouth, boisterous, boastful, unethical, evil, promiscuous AG in Anand, better trained for the pasture than the halls of justice. Then there is the still operational Devant Mahahraj, the GOPIO kid who lashed out at anything non-hindu, African, muslim, non-indian or whatever, under the guidance of Sat Maharaj, spilling all kinds of invectives into the minds of people. Then there was Nizam Mohammed (the PSC chairman), who let the cat out of the bag, replace the police force with only Indians (to make the police force equitable).” Classic case of racial polarization right here. Most PNMites think like Kiano.

  3. What is sad Dr Cudjoe, is the fact that you have to use your precious time, to educate the conniving comedians of our historically comatose 4th Estate, about the basic tenets ,re political machinations,and worst yet ,give dem History 101 tutoring.
    Outside of that delusional Patrick Manning, the closest T&T leader ,who behaved like a political fool,on de grand stage was that Russian caviar eating ,French frog legs adoring,Chinese dog testicles savoring ,English tea slurping ,Yankee Apple pie fanatic ,Foreign Minister of ours ,in COP eat ahhh Fooder in Chief, Winston Dookie.
    Remember him?Yep the boorish, so called Economic expert, whose major contribution,as Central Bank Governor,and ‘me think,’ Finance Minister, en rout to selling his soul, to political lightweight Kamla,was to claim that T&T ,was broke ,when he and fellow UNC dominant PP goons, assumed power,only for us to see,his government embarked on their treasury raids,so as to finance White elephant -tribal projects.
    As leader of the then COP/UNC,this bozo was naive enough to get into bed with that cancer forming Couva Zandole,in Faddah of his Nation Baz, and his morally repugnant criminal lawyer,Ramesh Lawrence Maraj. Well,we know how that stupid experiment turned out,don’t we?
    The same subjective ,pro PP,media clowns ,that are today ,touting the virtues of Papa Deffy Eric, forgot why historically neglected Tobago, is the most backward, and underdeveloped island, in the entire Caribbean region-based on our vast natural resources ,most of which (one was reliably informed) was stolen from the waters of the Island ward ,by big brother Trinidad.
    Unlike you-who for obvious reasons ,must subscribe to political correct lingo,since you are afraid of PNM diehards, who might stone you, and your TT$8 million Lexus,as you visit the various Panorama tents,to listen to another Afro Trini, dying art form ,I instead, will keep it real,as ‘I have no cocoa in de sun ,’as we like to say on de streets.
    Dr Williams ,of “when I talk,no darm dog sneeze,or rather bark ,’fame,was in actuality, a neo imperial, vindictive, control freak,scared out of his wits ,of the young ,bright ,honest ,ambitious Castaria Kid ,Robbie.
    Not only did he throw Ahhh wee Bouy ,into de political dog house,when de lad got too big for his breeches, but that stinky pipe smoking bastard,punished the people of Tobago,for daring to lend support for their island’s hero.
    In de interim,ravine mice-crooks and bandits, such as Kamal of ADB ponzi scheme fame,brothet Mastana Bahar Sham,Japanese Garden Errol,and Canadian Trini ,white color bandit, Johnny O,were allowed to roam free,and rape our T&T, while neglected ,neo Christian -Afro Trinis,suffered throughout this land.
    Fast forward to 2015,and what do we see,re a long term PNM policy ,of appeasement, for de other, vs social neglect of their own? Africans folks ,stuck in Brazilian like ,Favalla enclaves ,still munching on crumbs ,and the mindset of those self serving brutes ,who repeatedly ride their backs to power is giving them the political middle finger, while likewise shouting -why look at us ,when it’s ‘our specie opportunity/time now?’
    Your leaders , be they Papa Deffy,Duncy Chambers,and Fake Christian Patrick Manning, ignored ‘you alze,’for decades ,and therefore, so can we.
    Rumor has it ,that the Arima jokers ,holding on to Afro- Carib Penelope knickers,as well as those Southern comedians -who think Patrick is Eric Williams, and so,should also die in office – are planning to sabotage de Tobago Wajang efforts, to become the country’s next PM,by encouraging their votes, to stay away from the polls,come 2015 elections.
    Stay tuned, and maybe in my next response, I’ll indicate why I wish they ‘take god put of their thoughts’ -as we like to say on de streets -and so let thus occur.
    Stay vigilant people!
    In de words of the wisest woman, that ever lived, in my late, extremely wise, Tobago Granny, “de longest rope,has an end,”hmmmmmmm?

  4. Yellow Journalism = moral panic or in this case ethnic/cultural panic. Many of us can see this….


    Yeah ocra,”yellow journalism indeed!”We read you loud and clear,and here is a more perfect example of such.
    By any yardstick use on planet earth, the political stewardship, by Siparia Queen Kamla,and her UNC dominant PP regime ,will be assessed, as a dismal failure,and yet,here is a subjective creature, choosing to offer high praise, even as our underachieving country, titters on de brink of failed state status . Pathetic, ain’t it?
    Stay vigilant T&T!

    1. “choosing to offer high praise, even as our underachieving country, titters on de brink of failed state status . Pathetic, ain’t it?”

      Neal U ar nuttin but a hater who swallows PNM propaganda bake and Saltfish.

      Here is the truth Mr. Neal for your information TnT is number one.–Tobago_16356187

      All of the PNM propagandists including Faris Al Rawi (PNM PRO) have been lying about the amount of money spent by the PP govt during their term in office . They have been quoting wildly that about 400 Billion dollars were being spent .The figures quoted below are the actual budget statistics from the Ministry of Finance .
      2011 $ 49 Billion
      2012 $54.6 Billion
      2013 $ 58Billion
      2014 $61 Billion
      2015 $ 66.4 Billion
      Total $289 Billion
      The total realized budget deficits for these years were $21billion .
      This data proves that the PNM propagandist figure of $400 billion spent is entirely false.

      1. And look what has been done!


        The following major projects have been done under the PP Government in The East West Corridor:

        1. UWI Costatt Campus – SANGRE GRANDE

        2. New Arima Hospital (under construction) – ARIMA

        3. Completed the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway Extension – ARIMA

        4. New Arima Police Station – ARIMA

        5. Valencia bypass Road (under construction) VALENCIA

        6. New Walkover – OROPUNE

        7. New Walkover – MALONEY

        8. St. Barbara’s Spiritual Shouter Baptist Primary School – MALABAR

        9. Nursing Academy – EL DORADO

        10. Tunapuna Promenade – TUNAPUNA

        11. Upgraded Tunapuna Market – TUNAPUNA

        12. National Tennis Complex (under construction) – TACARIGUA

        13. Churchill Roosevelt Highway/Uriah Butler Highway Interchange – GRAND BAZAAR

        14. Completion of the Aranguez Overpass – ARANGUEZ

        15. National Oncology Centre (under construction) – MT. HOPE

        16. Mango Rose Homework Centre – EAST PORT OF SPAIN

        17. Nelson Street Police Post – PORT OF SPAIN

        18. Diego Martin Highway Extension – DIEGO MARTIN

        19. Diego Martin Technology Centre – DIEGO MARTIN

        20. Chaguaramas Boardwalk and Recreation Facility – CHAGUARAMAS

        21. New D’Abadie Bridge (B1/23) – D’ABADIE

        22. New bridge B1/14 Churchill Roosevelt Highway – TRINCITY

        23. Creation of three lanes out of Port of Spain by building a third lane on Bridge at Sea Lots

        24. Creation of Roundabout at Lok Jack School of Business

        25. Repairs to the Blanchicheuese Road improving connection to Asa Wright Nature Center

        26. St Joseph River Bridge being reconstructed

        27. Valencia Stretch repaved along with several sections of Eastern Main Road as well as widening of CR HIghway into three lanes going East

        28. Upgrades to Hollis Main for an improved water supply along corridor

        29. Water projects to expand pipe borne supply 24/7 for all.

        30. Wastewater treatment plants in Matura, Arima, POS


    “Neal U ar nuttin but a hater who swallows PNM propaganda bake and Saltfish.”

    This is beyond hilarious, that it ain’t even funny anymore, mi self loathing piasano-by way of de Berbice piranha infested river.

    Now on to more pressing affairs, as we choose to ignore yet another escapist,tassa whining, mombo jumbo,as regurgitated by…well….,who else ,but de Mayaro lifetime drunkard,turned UNC tribal -Cyber Chieftain – Mamboo.
    Tell him people, dat his two Hindustani leaders-Basdeo,and ardent Protégé Kamla, in one term of office, has done more to tarnish the image of their country, than the worst enemies of T&T could ever conjure up.
    Whether it be corruption, blatant cronyism, nepotism, narrow, neo -racist tribal initiatives, at both the national, regional, and wider global level,it’s the same.
    Faddah of his Nation Basdeo, “This is our time “philosophy, stood supreme.
    Surprise surprise, the voters ,that mattered,only gave Basdeo Panday ,one term as the PM,and our extremely wise President, and honest ,globally adored Statesman,in ANR Robinson, aka Ahhh wee Bouy,ensured that morality debase soul ,did not get a second crack, at raping his country again.
    Not surprisingly, Sat Maraj devote Kamla, along with her UNC dominant PP goons,would be given the same treatment by astute voters ,come overdue National elections.
    Repeat after me Mamboo :- One term,and is back to the political wilderness,where ‘you allze’ belong!
    Why is dat so,even after all this alleged great stewardship,some still wish to know? I’ll tell you.
    It’s imperative that we do all in our power, to ensure, ‘dem self serving, me,me, gi-me, gi-me, dog with a bone – barbarians ain’t overrun ,de T&T perley gates.
    Put differently-De Guyanarization of T&T must never be allowed to take place!
    Stay vigilant T&T!

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