PP’s Industrial Transfusion to Caroni

By Stephen Kangal
November 20, 2014

Stephen KangalThe Five Caroni Villages long slumbering under the depressing yoke of the PNM’s policy of exclusion, rural isolation, neglect and marginalization has now awakened to the dawn of a new Janaam (era) marked by rapid infrastructural development/transfusion that has created optimism, excitement, expanding employment opportunities and credible hope, more equitable and better life for us in Caroni.

The current modernization/dualing of the Southern Main Road from the Caroni Roundabout to the new modern, free-flowing Cocoa Corner Roundabout will not only remove the daily traffic grid-lock along the old SMR to access the airport and East Trinidad. It makes Caroni an important pole for further physical development having regard to easy access and the large land space available to support this development.

Headquarters of the Motor Vehicle Authority at Southern Main Road, Caroni
Headquarters of the Motor Vehicle Authority at Southern Main Road, Caroni

The hitherto sugar/rice-dominated landscape of Caroni is being transformed by the imposing turquoise blue glass façade of the Motor Vehicle Headquarters (MVA) building that is almost complete situated on the site of the former Caroni Ltd’s light railway yard. The new highway that should be named posthumously in honour of the late Bhadase Sagan Maraj/Pundit Krishna Maharaj, both residents and national icons of Caroni will facilitate the increasing traffic flows into this MVA facility. Several vehicle-related spin-off businesses are going to be started adding a wave of entrepreneurship and mobility to the area.

Simultaneous with the building of the new Highway there has been introduced a modern, efficient, State -of the art new drainage system that complemented by the embankment on the Caroni River can make flood-prone Caroni flood- free and dry for the first time in recorded history. The absence of flooding will invite businesses and investments to locate here. During last week’s flooding from the Caroni River in Kelly Village and St. Helena, Caroni remained unaffected by flooding.

Conqueror's Recreation Ground
Conqueror’s Recreation Ground

The Refurbished Caroni Conqueror's Ground
The Refurbished Caroni Conqueror’s Ground

The first act of the PP was to light up both the La Paille and Frederick Settlement Recreation Grounds allowing many night-time sporting activities. The Caroni Conqueror’s Ground in Jumbie Peace, Caroni has been completely renovated and modernized by The Sports Company with a spanking new Pavilion giving the area a noticeable face-lift and an inviting green space for Sports and Games.

We in Caroni also welcome the NGC Fuel Depot Facility built at a cost of $1.5bn as well as the relocation of the Government Printery at the Frederick Settlement Industrial Zone from crowded Tragarete Road.

This Estate provides ample employment/training opportunities for Caroni residents. A huge expansion programme that is in the pipe-line for the Industrial Estate will encompass the former 400-care site of the abandoned Caroni Racing Complex, brain-child of discredited former tur-fite turned politician, the late Johnny O’Hallaron.

Speaking of training the Vishnu Boys College has won Scholarships and is the National Cricket Schools Champions. An Early Childhood Education Centre has been completed next to the College transforming the site from nursery to primary to a secondary education complex located next to the defunct Caroni Railway Station.

Part of the Southern Main Road has been resurfaced pending the completion of the rest of the road in Caroni.

55 thoughts on “PP’s Industrial Transfusion to Caroni”

  1. This marks an end of the PNM ideology of jobs for the boys and girls only. It is good to see government spreading the wealth around. The people of Caroni suffered the most through the PNM years. Suicide was very common for the poor and unemployed whose frustration level led them to ingest Gramazone due to long hours in the field and sometimes victims of flooding. Let us hope some business will take a look at Caroni low crime rate and make some huge investments. As one PNM minister said on the closure of Caroni “we buss their throat”… No more such talk under the partnership.

    1. No matter how this is disguised, it is tribal talk with invidious connotations saying that there is two Trinidads, one for the Indians and the other for the rest.

      1. That my friend is not true, there is one TnT. Yes, like a big family there will always be differences. But I forgive the PNM a long time ago for their many sins too numerous to mention here. As Jesus said to those killers “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”. Besides Kian you can only be bad for a short time. Where is Hitler, Stalin etc…. Dogs bark only for awhile. Donkeys bray when the Lightning flashes, and the PNM is now a party of the past a relic of superstition. Look at your boy Roget, the PP gave them everything but their mind so nasty and dutty, they want to shut down the nation. That cannot be forgive Kian. Think about it.

        1. “That my friend is not true, there is one TnT”…………..Mamoo

          If you really mean that Mr. Mamoo, how come all you Indians describe your nationality as ‘Indian’?.
          Most of us non ‘Indians’ are very proud to be identified as Trinidadians.

    2. Oh my god! You people are really out of touch with reality and have no idea of what goes on in the community..Mamoo (and you are not a “real” indo-indian..do you live in a cave called the upper echelon? Are you a millionaire that is so removed from the problems that poor people face??).

      The ingestion of Gramazone does not occur because of floods and poverty, it occurs because of mental stress, religious beliefs and family pressure. The majority of people who commit suicide in Trinidad, that use Gramazone, are young people between the ages of 14-25. These are the people that worry about pleasing or disappointing their families. These are the children that fall in love with someone from another ethnic race, whose parents object to such union. It can also be the young girl who got pregnant and did not want to ruin her family’s name.

      People in Trinidad do not kill themselves because of a flood or because they are poor. These are people that worry every day about what their family think about them. These are people with family values and not insects.

      The sad part to the Gramazone deaths that takes place every year and that will continue in the future is the fact that Trinidad has no safety laws in place regarding the exposure and use of poisonous chemicals. Many times children and animals die from ingesting this poison because it is used to kill rats on the farm. Farmers leave this white powder in their fields, outside property and in the home. But none of you would probably know that because you are too busy trying to “sound poor and concerned” when in fact many of you are pretty educated and wealthy. Your lives will never have a direct contact with the poor.

      ….I just get this feeling that many of you never really struggled…am I correct??

      1. Indira you are obviously not aware of the history of Indian people. You born yesterday. I am not saying these things happening today. It happened in the past when suicide was a common thing, talking about the 60s, 70s and 80s.

        1. http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2014/10/28/guyana-tops-region-in-suicides/

          When it comes to this Trini problem ,is it really easy access to weed killers, or failure of state regulators ,’Sistaz Indera,’ or rather, a fatalistic cultural behavior , passed on , from your ancestors?No se, mi amiga.
          Sociology was one of my major areas of study, and I subscribe to the tested , and tried view, dat ‘there are no truth, only perspectives.’ As
          Seriously , it is not for yours truly , to attempt to be so bold as you Mamboo, to claim that ‘Sistaz Indera,is “……obviously not aware of the history of Indian people. (since )You born yesterday.”
          Instead , I think she should be commented for attempting to address not only this , but several similar , sensitive/taboo subjects , most Trinis , are reluctant to broach-and no, we do not care if she lives in Greenland, or is some pimple face, naive , 17 year old. That’s the beauty of social media.We caring humanist can all get engage.
          Suicide is a hot button issue , that affects all societies-both in the more industrialized Global North, and developing /emerging Global South alike.
          It is not limited to any age , race , ethnic group,gender , or class, as anyone can become victim.
          It should however be of some concern to us , that Trinidad, Guyana , and Suriname, lead the statistics, re this social problem, while members of our comatose 4th Estate, say nada, and the leading regional intellectuals, pretends it ain’t exist.
          Oh , and by the way , the victims are primarily of Indian decent in the 3 countries mentioned.
          A crooked Indo Trini Christian White color criminal Reverend, caught with his pecker in his zipper-having stolen millions from his church, opted to kill himself , as opposed to confronting his accusers, and beg his fake , white sky god ,for forgiveness, while serving time , with blue color bums.
          Recently, a young , psychologically overwhelmed, Afro Trini male hung himself , in East Trinidad , during the pressurized school exam period-and no , it ain’t only Indo Trini kids , wjo care about good grades , or disappointing their parents.
          Hopeless Afro Gang bangers, or bank robbers,be it in America , or T&T,confronting over zealous law enforcement officers, would oftentimes go out in a blaze of glory, as opposed to surrender. ‘Suicide by Cops ,’ is what Criminologist , and Sociologist experts , refer to this.
          A corrupt law enforcement official, with his back against the wall -as it were -would take his weapon , and blow his brains out. Sorry, but he’ll take this death, over doing time with criminals , he put away, in questionable fashion.
          Jilted male lovers , in T&T, Surinam,and Guyana , have been known to attempt suicide , using the famous weed killers, Indera alluded to ,but would also force their kids to drink the poison. There is ample evidence to substantiate this, in 2014 Mamboo, so you and your leaders , can quit pretending dat this ended in the eighties.
          Somewhere out there , Mama Verna St Rose, is having a good laugh, for she was fired, only because she had de audacity, to try and force the hands of her callous, elitist, female boss,Queen K , to address these and similar social maladies , that affect our society.
          Need we talk about suicide bombers , that actually began in Sri Lanka , led by Tamil Hindus from India-as they fought for political supremacy in that Buddhist dominant ,Sinhalese fiefdom- gravitated to the Middle East , where Islamist are locked in struggles with Jews, and Christian invaders?
          How about soldiers on the field of battle , who engage in suicide missions , to save their fellowmen under fire?
          When Sistaz Indera, first brought up the poignant subject of Suicide, I was on the verge of saying something of Emile Durkime, a Social Scientist, who led one of the first studies on the subject in Europe.
          However , knowing her-based on our few cyber encounters- , I suspected she would dismiss Papa Durkime, as “passe “as well.
          After all, she is a learned , Yankee trained , elite lawyer, and me , just some clueless bozo , who enjoy trotting out ancient theories, that I picked up from dog eared Standard 7 text books, written, 2000 years ago.
          Just kidding, but couldn’t help a slight jab, mi Chica.
          Hey Mamboo, I wish both you , and our , well intention /idealist female friend well, mi amigo!
          “The personal is political , “so stated a passe feminist ,Sister Indera ,may be aware of.


          Don’t be daunted /intimidated , especially by dem terrible ,male chauvinist pigs …Well, nuff said .
          Keep their symbolic hands, to the fire,Y otra Vez ,
          before you write another blog-a word of advice :- (If you haven’t done so already,’ Sistaz I’)Go out to your public library, closest Barnes and Noble Bookstore,or better yet online store, and get a copy of the excellent book ,’The Sociological Imagination,’ written by a great Texan, radical, Columbia University Professor.


          Ain’t life beautiful people ? ‘Me think so.’
          Luv Humanity people!

        2. I thank you for that information. My recollection of T&T is from the late 70’s…onward and it was still kind of choppy..

          I’ll use your response as a teacher and student moment.
          Thanks Mamoo..

  2. Development is welcomed. Many decades ago when it was said that the development of the east west corridor was taking away arable land (valley of the Northern range)for housing development maybe the same can be said of the Caroni plains south of the river. How many torsos have been pulled out unto the banks of the Caroni river? The Poolool brothers and Ramiah family rendered havoc in the area and country wide. To have infrastructural and industrial development taking place earmarks the dawn of a new beginning rather than quibbling of recalcitrant minority that transpired in the past. The distillery appears to have gone forever, the home of Golden Glow that rode the brands of popularity has been taken over by Old Oak from its competitors. I wonder how many of our population knows that the Fernandes products have come from Caroni? but hats off from horse racing complex to industrialization!

  3. It was the British philosopher Thomas Hobbes ,who once remarked -“Look not at
    the greatness of the evil past, but the greatness of the good to follow.”


    (In my best John Agitation voice) But aye aye , look how dem desperate Trinis from lofty places such as Couva , and similar enclaves,are fighting together with their fellow Caricom /regional members, to stay in Obama country America, as law breaking illegals, during -of all moments -de PP reign, when their own callous , uncaring leaders ,are treating illegals in their own land T&T, like space aliens , stricken with Ebola, eeeh Mamboo?
    As my late,extremely wise ,Tobago Granny, would often say, to yours truly, back in de day, “do so ain’t like so,”and was she spot on, hmmmmm?
    Help me out fellas , and how many more days ,until we see the end of this clueless , corrupt , neo tribal Kamla led regime, that has taken this once glorious country, one half step forward, and 10 backwards since de demise of Manning s PNM , four years ago?
    Can you believe this folks?
    ‘Arjoon, who had a career in real estate and accounting before migrating but has no job in the US, says the new policy will enable her to go back to work and apply for a driver’s licence among other benefits. ‘
    Listen to Brother Arjoom, ‘shed crocodile tears ,’ as he reminisce about dem good old days ,when he was a high end accountant, and real estate agent ,under PNM , Uncle Manning stewardship.
    Hey Mamboo, and we thought -starting 4 years ago-all you country hating tribalists , had returned home , once alleged ,good governance, became de norm , under de UNC dominant PP? Maybe we were mistaken , ehhhh?

    I’m reading you loud and clear Uncle Stephen Kangal, the PNM had a ghastly policy, under Papa Deffy Eric, George Chambers, and Patrick Manning. Don’t only look at Caroni, but the entire wast West Corridors, and any poor insignificant , Afro Trini dorminant constituency ,who religiously voted for them sinc e 1962- including Tobago ,of course.
    Don’t worry mi amigo, for a new dawn is approaching, and it’s led by de much maligned, misunderstood,Mason Hall Kid/Tobago Wajang,ummm….The Right Honorable Dr. Kieth Rowley.
    He’ll have ‘you allze’ back,as we like to say on de streets, and would in reality,fight to see all Trinis excel , the same way he fought , self serving bozos, like Pundit MP Shama , in the Parliamentary tea room.

    Long live de Republic of T&T!

    1. Hey Neil lets be clear I hate no one. People are entitled to hate me but I hate no one. I am happy if you are happy. Just that we come from different experiences.

      Neil wrote “Hey Mamboo, and we thought -starting 4 years ago-all you country hating tribalists , had returned home , once alleged ,good governance, became de norm , under de UNC dominant PP? Maybe we were mistaken , ehhhh?”

  4. I know you hate no one Bro Mamboo, and it’s why I accused you of no such thing. I called you , and kind, ‘country haters.’
    Big difference, but then you won’t know, seeing that you went to de Mayaro Primary school, during the August vacation, hmmmmm?
    Just kidding.
    Anything I can do to keep self serving barbarians, from overrunning de Trini Pearly gates, will lead to my eventual happiness.
    There is still much trabajar to be done, on that front.

  5. In every country in this world the infrastructure consists of cities, towns, villages and communities. In order to distinguish a formal address to a country’s location, structural organization and governmental headquarters, the Capital city was established. So when the term capital city or city capital of any country is mentioned, we know it is where the official operations of that government is. It is also where the head office of every department of government is located. In reading Stephen Kangal’s article, while not explicitly said or written, he is intact being very political, racial and regional in making the case for development of cities and towns outside the capital, he is in fact telling us that the regions which he mentioned, should compete for running important governmental services with the capital city of Port Of Spain. In a previous blog on another subject matter I stated some words to which the UNC presupposes everything in the formulation of policy, I quote ” • Kian October 30, 2014 at 8:22 am PNM, equality, equity, inclusive, mixed-race, Afro domination,race, racism, racist, discrimination, culture, political, religion, ethnicity, governance, PR, rule, diaspora, ethnic purity, population change, money, finance, riches, ownership, assimilation, power, numbers, preference, balance, racial prejudice, challenge, justice, change,fairness.” Even their most important national considerations are based on these words.

    No one opposes the development of town, cities and important cities in the delivery of services, whether government, commercial or private. But when the writer of this article prefaces his message insisting that “This marks an end of the PNM ideology of jobs for the boys and girls only. It is good to see government spreading the wealth around. The people of Caroni suffered the most through the PNM years. Suicide was very common for the poor and unemployed whose frustration level led them to ingest Gramazone due to long hours in the field and sometimes victims of flooding.” This could hardly be accepted as a statement of objectivity. Worse, if his intentions were to speak of the importance of developing Caroni to complement national development, then he started at the UNC headquarters at Reinzi building and never left it. His comments cannot be taken seriously when it is filled with innate racial, political and regional diatribe. Do we need to develop Caroni, Couva, Chaguanas and other important commercial communities in the area? Yes, we certainly do and we should do so with the studied infrastual studies and plans that would encompass, government services, social, residential and commercial life. Such an approach will form the basis of objective development, not the narrow, racial and political diatribe that this article is made.

    Chaguanas, Couva, Caroni…………..
    Kangal wrote ….”The current modernization/dualing of the Southern Main Road from the Caroni Roundabout to the new modern, free-flowing Cocoa Corner Roundabout will not only remove the daily traffic grid-lock along the old SMR to access the airport and East Trinidad. “. Whilst there might be no quarrel with such a wish, he could not deviate from his mindset of racial stagnation and pre-occupation with post-independence perceived racial animosity. He is stuck in this mode and as such will never be able to address matters of this kind objectively as long as he maintains the Bhadase/Sat Maharaj induced perception of racial antagonism offered by the ‘PNM’. I use the word PNM as not just party affiliation, I use it collectively because that is how the UNC and Sat has preached it. When used by Stephen Kangal, Sat Maharaj, Mamoo, TMan, Bhoe Tewarie, Hamid Ghany and Kamla,its meaning connotates party, racial, political and infrastructural significance, which for the follower of this doctrine is negative and you can eek out nothing positive from Williams, Chambers, Manning or Rowley. This is more than unfortunate, it is doctrine propagated to infuse hate, perception of discrimination and segregation. He went to suggest that the new hi way be named after Bhadase, I quote “The new highway that should be named posthumously in honour of the late Bhadase Sagan Maraj/Pundit Krishna Maharaj, both residents and national icons of Caroni”. Again, while Iagree that Bhadase was known nationally, his reputation is not one I would like to see associated in the name of a national hi way. While he fought for the cause of the hindu, his reputation for behavior that is considered much less than honorable is equally known. I challenge Stephen to show a completely healthy characterization of Bhadase without impunity. There are many hindus better deserving of such honor. But again, with pen and paper some people can make anything look good, if it their motive to do so.
    This article lacks national insights, truths and objectivity.

    Our Capital……
    The city of Port Of Spain is our Capital City, it was once changed by one of our conquering masters from St Joseph or San Jose. It has all the ingredients to keep it that way and we should all take pride in making it better, not running from it to create ethnic capitals elsewhere. In the past hundred years a lot of our historical sites and communities have been left neglected and in so doing lie as unmarked graves in our sight. It is only so because we have a society that does not cherish the past but only look to the future not understanding the past. The problem with looking to the future is, if we don’t know where we came from how can we be sure of where we are going? All right thinking people should reject regionalism, racism, and the destruction of capital structure. Let Port Of Spain remain the capital of Trinidad and Tobago NOT CARONI!

    1. If you want to know of the credentials of Bhadase check out my article on Bhadase in this web-page. Who said that Caroni wanted to be the capital?
      A capital is people.

      1. I am not talking about what you said. I know what you said. I am talking about what is generally known about Bhadase, with a lot of factual evidence. About the capital, there is enough trail in your writings to point in that direction and Kamla’s ‘development moves’ point to that direction also.

          1. There are many aspects of people’s lives. There are those we chose to accept and those we instantly reject and then there are those we want to accentuate. Bhadase was one such man and yes, the hindu might want to propagate his legacy as part of their own, but for those knowledgeable enough to know other aspects that you might not want to consider, those facts are also real. Ever heard of Boysie Singh, Poolool brothers, Thelma Haynes, etc?? It is history we may not want to dirty our minds with.

          2. And oh yes, Federation Park was designated as the residential neighborhood that housed ministers and bureaucrats of the West Indian federal government as well. Hope this clears up any misconceived ideas about what Dr. Eric Williams did.

      2. As a matter of interest Eric Williams was contemplating to move the capital of T&T to Trincity where the hub of transportation, Piarco; was in close proximity but the docks were in POS as well as the cathedrals.

        1. So what’s your point , Royal Trini? Contemplating you said , which means he was not an idiot, and so wisely did not follow through.
          Chagurnas , is a congested , unregulated den , and anyone who would encourage such folly ,as renaming such the capital , did not try to drive through that cesspool, during peak hours , recently.
          Enough already!

        2. Let me CORRECT that statement Loyal Trini, Trincity was earmarked as the Capital city of The West Indies Federation by Eric Williams, NOT the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. It was always Port Of Spain and hopefully will always remain Port Of Spain.

          1. The capital for the proposed West Indies Federation was Port of Spain. At that time the Canadian Government which was set up on the same principle (federation of provinces) made an offer and gave the proposed government a gift of 2 ships the Federal Palm and the Federal Maple prior to the Federal Elections. WIFLP leader Sir Grantley Adams of Barbados became Prime Minister. The selection of Adams as the Prime Minister was indicative of the problems the Federation would face. The expected leader of the WIFLP was Norman Manley, Premier of Jamaica, and the next logical choice was Dr. Eric Williams, Premier of Trinidad and Tobago. However, neither had contested the Federal elections, preferring to remain in control of their respective island power bases. This suggested that the leaders of the two most important provinces did not see the Federation as viable. Similarly, Alexander Bustamante, the Jamaican founder of the DLP, also declined to contest the Federal election, leaving the party leadership to the Trinidadian Ashford Sinanan. The absence of the leading Jamaican politicians from any role at the federal level was to undermine the Federation’s unity. During that time all plans fell through including the estabishment of the proposed new capital for Trinidad and Tobago which was also tied in with the West Indies Federation.

    2. Look , let us stop beating around the bush and tell it like it is: Port of Spain( business sector) is being transformed into an unsafe, crime ridden ghetto- a place to stay away from.
      The residential districts are occupied by people living in fear craving for security and safety.

  6. I am hoping that come the next election , the electorate elect 10 or more I.L.P candidate, giving the I.L.P a balance off power, keeping whoever form the next government. in Check ! and by extension the racial divide, which have separated ,WE & THEM

  7. James,you cyah be serious. That corrupted fifa official who rode the backs of the footballers and used the money from the WC profits to help elect Ms Bessesar. And got his behind kicked. you is jack warner’s son?

    1. Nevertheless Mr Brilliant, We would need to move forward,My hope was first with the C.O.P for change, but they prove worthless and a failure !

  8. Not a bad thought James , but sadly it won’t happen ,and that’s because the I.L.P.is dead, and no amount of Jack Warner loot , can resuscitate same, for it to be a factor come 2015.
    Jack might be able to dodge a FBI Federal Jail jump suit, because he and his fellow FIFA goons , can cajole, and deceive the world at large , that Qutar, and Russia did not pay their way to world cup stardom, come 2018/22.
    Jack Warner, might be able to fool Kamla , and her once desperate UNC party, or worst yet, the gullible voters of Chagurnas, but that’s where his story ends.
    Jack today, cannot win a seat in Lavantille , or any where across , the East/ West corridor-and we can throw in Tobago- even if he paid every African voter, a million dollars. That my brother , is the major cultural difference ,between the two major, competing Trini tribes.
    Hope you don’t need me to spell that out for you too.
    While we are on the question of party death, we might as well throw in the clueless C.O.P as well James.
    They had ample opportunities ,to whip the corrupt , visionless, neo tribal , self serving ,political bums ,that constitute the UNC ,into shape-and so keep our underachieving country, on a a more noble part to sustainable development-but they have failed miserably, due to their sell out, short sighted , leaders, from Winston Dookeran, to Prakash, and worst yet ,ambitious female eat ah fooder , in the unpalatable , Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan.
    Don’t know who told her, T&T was so enamored with that political , male manipulated neophyte (one and done leader , with de angel smile, and devil heart )called Kamla , so much so , that they wanted a clone of her .
    Well….., we know that one unmentionable ,recently appointed judge , ain’t no clone of Kamla , but a different issue , for another occasion.
    You however get my point , re these sell out COP folks, and how is that pathetic ,clueless , one time COP , turned UNC /PP AG doing again James?
    Don’t answer that if you ain’t have jail clothes, for that is where your country is today. No room to critique any one.

    Just in case , you aren’t smart enough to decipher all that I have tried to feed you in my cogent response , let me encapsulate it in a single sentence , that even a Cumuto , or Los Bajos high school drop out can understand.
    ‘Leadership matters, mi amigo!’
    It’s why George Chambers was given the nod by Sir Ellis, over those two PNM crooks, Winston, and Kamal.
    It’s why the bumbling Chambers ,’could not last as long as de Red House Fire,’ as we like to say on de streets.
    It’s why ANR with his two paltry Tobago seats , was seen as more desirous ,than ‘National Divider in Chief ,’Basdeo Panday, with his 10 trade Union -ULF seats.
    It’s why Kamla is PM today, and not Basdeo, his wet behind de ears daughter,or his morally repugnant lawyer turned AG, Ramesh.
    It’a why T&T under the nepotistic , anyi Tobago people ,Sando Geologist, was able to make our country the regional laughing stock.
    The dismal health care , security, education, and overall neglected infrastructure service ,that plague us today, can be laid directly at his , and drinking pal Basdeo feet.
    It’s why said Kamla would serve one term, like George Chambers , and dumped by the disgusted electorate ,come 2015. Remember , where you heard it first James.

    Ain’t high end glorified Political Science gurus such as Hamid Ghanny, and Selwyn Ryan , but yours truly.
    Just keeping it real , with no holds barred opinions.
    Hey, I luv this land.
    Long live de Republic of T&T!

    1. Neal ! I really welcome input and agree 99.9% with you.
      I would like very much to see a third option.
      After all you have said: WHO WE WILL PUT ?

      1. “After all you have said: WHO WE WILL PUT ?”

        Did I say that Bro James? Not certain.Maybe on that day, I was either puffing on ‘some oh dem , ‘soon to be legal herbs , de one time PP Head Dougla , Anil Roberts , was caught using in a seedy hotel with a bunch of hoodrats , and gangsters,that caused his fall from grace .
        What I do remember saying actually was -“De Guyanarization of T&T must never be allowed to take place,’under any circumstances.”
        This thus translated means :- one term for these UNC dominant, ungrateful , neo triumphalist, bandits, and is back to the political wilderness, for another 10 or 15 years.
        By that time – heavens forbid-Basdeo ‘CLICO , by way of London educated daughter , or perhaps our cyber high end , Yankee educated lawyer, ‘Sistaz Indrani-Indera- Gandhi,’ might be in charge of the former Sugar /rice paddy workers party, and better yet, the over influential, Hindustan Guru /Kamla Spiritual adviser , in Sat Maraj , would be already eaten by worms /or rather ,his ashes scattered on the Rivet Ganges – and they as a party ,would have purged out the defeatist, neo tribal mantra, given to dem by the Faddah of their Nation, in Papa Baz . Ummmmmm..”dis is our time!”


        Seriously Bro James , I hear you about 3rd option, but pragmatist that I am – unlike most of the cyber yappers,(near &far) who choose to pontificate profusely, on issues they know absolutely nada about-I am aware this weren’t happen in our lifetime, for the same reasons ,it won’t occur in good old America, or Mama Britain.
        If you or any other, need to be educated further , as to why this is the case then I am here to enlighten , so just ask.
        Long live de Republic of T&T!

  9. So the European Canadian wannabe ,troligian Maestro,is at it again folks, trying to lure clowns like himself, into escapist debates ,destined to advance no noble cause.
    Wake us up , when you ,and kind, are prepared to engaged in meaningful discussions- like the sub par leadership of your clueless Siparia Queen.
    Did anyone mention the high spate of domestic/child abuse, and worst yet , gun related violence ,that took place in this land , during her watch?


    What do you know people, some 137 road fatalities took place on T&T roads , in 2013, and as of today , we have already reached that figure.
    Guess what’s, the only initiative these ‘tweedly dee/tweedly dumb – PP bozos,’can bring to de table, is that of the ludicrous notion , of putting microchips in car number plates, as opposed to introducing concrete measures , to make T&T safe.


    Go figure, and si, talk about a case of ‘Square pegs,in round holes,’hmmmmmmm?
    How many more days folks , before you the wise voters,send Basdeo protégé Kamla, and her cabral manipulated ,political goons packing?
    To The PM in waiting, a la ,de Right Honorable Dr.Keith Rowley,aka de Tobago Wajang, are you ‘putting your house in order , as we like to say on de streets?
    Remember, de Guyanarization of T&T must never be allowed to take place, hmmmmm?
    Long live de Republic of T&T!
    I luv dis land, Y tu?

  10. There is an adage that says…If you want to know what goes on inside the mind of a madman ..Read Their Writings.” There are a lot scary people on this site and many hold that old backwards “Colonial Mentality.” They throw around asinine words that sound like gibberish and they make such weak attempts to come across as bipartisan, when their writing firmly touts their strong Partisan values and ignorant perceptions.

    A fellow comment stated that expats were trying to interview for jobs with the Government. Folks.., we doh need ah job in Trinidad. That is the mindset of a PNM supporter..yuh know….”that all the Indian Trinidadians from abroad are coming back to steal all de jobs from the Government, especially the oil and gas.”

    Let me remind many of you, decades ago, when the PNM turned their backs on the farming community (almost 100% Indians), they left these people feeling isolated and removed. These folks could not get their children into the prestigious colleges and universities of the island because they did not have the cash to pay some government or admission officer a bribe.

    But the farmers were pretty smart people. They remembered what Gandhi said…schools and colleges are really a factory for turning out clerks for Government, especially at that time in Trinidad.

    While the PNM were busy building up their wealth in the highlands of Port of Spain, San Fernando,, etc.,the farmers did not take to the streets looting and burning down buildings (like during the Black Power Movement). Instead, they packed up their bags, made sure their land was intact and headed off to other countries where they had access to equity (education and jobs). These people had every intention of returning to Trinidad one day…returning with economic power.

    Well the time is now and these farming folks are coming back to Trinidad. They are coming back home because they have “cold, hard cash” that they want to invest in their property and community. These people are not asking for handouts or spear change from the Government. They are asking for infrastructure so that they can rebuild houses, open up businesses, and expand their community. Maybe along the way they will create a few hundred jobs for their neighbors. Folks, this is called Community Revitalization and we are doing just that without asking for a “job.”

    Guess what…the government is taking notice of us and our PM is watching. On her few trips to NYC she always end up in Queens (not Brooklyn or the Bronx), where she meets with the Indian business owners and the community as a whole. She is not soliciting votes but garnering investors in T&T’s economy. She wants us to invest in T&T because she knows that diversification in the economy bring financial success. We want this too for our country.

    Community Development is the only way to create a strong economic workforce and we are doing just that.

    By 2050, many of you will probably be fertilizer for the cemetery soil and a smart generation will be leading the way. I support this PM because I have intention of returning to Trinidad one day and do what my fellow expats are doing…developing their land and creating businesses. If a government supports this move…we should support this government and work together.

    I just wish we had some younger writers on this site Mr. Shah…

    1. “A fellow comment stated that expats were trying to interview for jobs with the Government.” Indiana/Indera

      Oh AfroBuddahSunGod, and just when would this stupidity end folks?
      For a person who claimed to be an elite , lofty , Yankee trained lawyer , de lady certainly seems to be footloose ,& fancy free, with de Queens English- if I dare say so myself , hmmmmmm?
      I mean, it does not get more ridiculous than this now , does it?
      Traverse across this here , entire Trini Center Information Highway, and no where you’ll recall me saying dat ‘expats were interviewing for jobs.’
      What I said was ,” you should quit auditioning,” Sistaz Indiana -Indrani, as even a blind Caroni Water Buffalo, can see this is the case , and why we say this?
      Well , for one, your lips are so fixated on Auntie Kamla’s rear end , it would take a Fizabad butcher sheering knife , to remove same.
      Enough with your repeated over de top compliments, mi Chica!
      If you don’t know , then ask TMan, Royal Trini, or the Mayaro lifetime drunk , Cuz Mamboo ,for the playbook, on how to indulge in neo tribal cyber jousting.
      They are masters of dat game.
      More importantly,get your facts straight, especially if you plan one day, to work in a Dr Rowley administration.
      Trust me , de guy is a straight shooter…ummmm just why do you think de Lamla handlers , in the UNC dominant PP camp , are so scared of him.
      Ummmmmmm, no more free lunch!
      Too many unqualified bozos , and incompetent party hacks , seeped through de cracks , to served under the, UNC dominant, PP regime-where previous ,systematic purges in the Public service , of most members of ‘Kinky Head Nation,’ was de norm.
      The tribal replacements , simply ended up , stinking of de joint-as manifested by repeated faux pas, missteps, and sheer negligence, be it in Health care ,security affairs, the legal body,and our now tarnished ,financial system.
      Ain’t happening again, since starting in 2015, T&T, will be back on a course long overdue good governance.
      Oh , and by de way, for you detractors, who think that the nepotistic, PNM political Easter bunny, Manning , is on his way back, and is carded to be selected , and will run for , much less win his old Sando seat?


      Yeah right,dream on!
      Don’t worry guys , for the only seat that UWI trained geologist/Dr. Eric Williams wannabe ,will be holding , when the 2015 election is over ,and Dr. Rowley is finally elevated, is that toilet seat, both he ,and wife Hazel, have been frequenting with some regularity,at his San Fernando Hill mansion, since his political demise , some 4 years ago, at the hands of Jack Warner. ..oooops, I mean Kamla de Siparia Queen.
      Manning is dead politically, and so is his divisive , Couva ,drinking pal Basdeo Panday.
      They just ain’t know this as yet.
      Our T&T ,ain’t crazy Mugabe burdened Zimbabwe, or worst yet , ‘one oh dem backward South Asian fiefdoms,’ where undemocratic,elitist, neo- imperials , and there corrupt families ,hold power ,long into perpetuity.
      Love humanity people, & forget the tribe!
      Failure so to do, can have dire consequences. Trust me on that.

      1. Alright Neal, point well taken and thank you for opening opening my eyes. No animosity here, just good banter. In all honesty, I just cannot believe the politics of Trinidad and Tobabgo. Now I know why you use the slang “tribal” “tribe.” I wanted to call you on that but today I really got it when I read the Trinidad Express Op Ed section. I almost vomited from the stench of ignorance that was spewing from the pages.
        A 16 yr old girl, pregnant (did not know), goes to a health center, gets meds, get sick, goes into labor prematurely and has a child that is now an amputee. The editorial states that basically it was the girls fault for getting pregnant, not seeking neonatal care and blah, blah, blah…because she should have gotten help from god knows where….it is that type of tribal and backwards view that is strategically in place to oppress people.

        Blame the victim.

        It is editorial like this that promotes stupidity in the the public. The health care system in trini…you all know it, the economy…agree with you, and yes I agree with you…

        Why can’t there be another political party in Trinidad?? The constitution allows association of groups, etc…

        Also, what are you all doing writing on this blog when you should be out there setting up a nonprofit and establishing a political party???

        BTW, I am not some human centipede…I just want a “good” government. Seeing a woman as the PM was nice, but in all honesty, I am learning about her politics…I just don’t want another PNM..

        on another note,,The Mayaro bridge is every American lawyer’s dream. A massive lawsuit brought by the entire village based on willful negligence. Even today..Roger Ganesh said that the bridge was faulty..and that they are going to build another stronger one…The funny part is that people will say..he right, we need a stronger bridge.

        But that is how you deflect attention away from your pocket book. You point everyone in the other direction. This government is great at this game..

        My apologies for not writing Trini slang. I can talk it but writing it like you all…well that takes years of good experience

        So to all my cyber space and HTML/CSS friends…forgive my forwardness…I am an novice..but I am working my way to become an accomplished novice in writing slang and keeping up with the Trini politics…

  11. I never pay heed to these transplanted Aryans, whose arguments mirror that which we heard from the Boers and other Whites in Apartheid South Africa. Both parties come from centuries of cultural and religious centers of anti black racist learnings, and employ the strategy of rationalizing those fault lines in their character by pawning them of on black people.

    So I only need to see their names in this blog to grasp the implications in any argument they offer. We did not come to these shores with any cultural baggage of racial prejudice. We were brought to these shores by people with such baggage, and after it became impractical for them to maintain the system, they released us from the yolk, at least symbolically, but compensated for that by ensuring that they introduced a group into the population mixed they were sure would embraced the same racist antipathy for people of African descent. After all, after they were the Colonial power in India, and certainly grasped and understood what they and their Colonial Subjects had in common. Man, one thing, the White Man was awfully smart in selecting the one group in this world they could be assured would be in their corner from a racial consciousness and hostility level.

    So we need not be surprised when we see manifestations of that in the perspective of the descendants of the “white mans” successor, the “white mans” replacement. They expect us to engage in defensive arguments so as to obfuscate the reality of their cultural belief systems, and to some extent we do this. I will not. I will argue that you cannot be so dumb that you can expect me to accommodate a rationale that you who come from a centuries old religious and cultural belief system where humans are apportioned into castes, are victims of racism from those who have traditionally been victimized by the same kind of prejudices and antipathies that are subsumed in your psyche and personalities.

    I mean what you seek, and many of us need to awaken ourselves to this reality, is a T&T where blacks become like Andaman Islanders, living under the control of Aryan hegemony. But it won’t happen, because too many of us are becoming hip and alert to the disingenuous strategy,and frankly, no better tool could have been constructed to promote this awakening than the internet.

    1. Yes, the internet is fantastic and guess what??? Loose copyright laws!! Freedom of speech, but this is all going to change because of monetization and greed…so anyway,… Neal do you think we have ah “parties for rent” loyalist here? Mmmmmmmm

      You need to wake up from you African American/Black Studies dissertation and find some real current statistics to back up your historical back dated paper. The Andaman island is what Prof. Kubalasingh wanted to preserve in T&T (listen to his TedTalk)..All this talk of “tribalism, tribal, aryans…ect” sound like something out of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK). Perhaps the PNM wants to lynch the Trinidad Chinese, Syrians, Pakistanis, and yes Indians values and beliefs.

      Please don’t preach anything before 1976.

      Mr. Shah, can you please invite some of your friends grandchildren to write here..I was misguided when I read that trash of the Express. So I am just going to stick to the WSJ and NYT….and maybe every so often the other rag…just to read the madness…

  12. Somehow I thought that maybe, just maybe we were going to have some intelligent and non-partisan conversations for a change but I was sadly mistaken. Seems like we are back to the same old, same old UNC/PNM kind of tit for tat and we will never make any headway into becoming ‘Trinidadians’ because the forces of tribalism is too hard to resist. So, after all brother Neal you were correct in your assumptions of who this Indira/Indera is/was.

  13. “Seems like we are back to the same old, same old UNC/PNM kind of tit for tat and we will never make any headway into becoming ‘Trinidadians’ because the forces of tribalism is too hard to resist”.(KIAN)

    Thanks for the confession.You are one of the main agents of tribalism on this Blog.

    1. If what I write represent falsehoods, feel free to correct with facts. But your facts must be authentic, not wishy washy notes to some kind of convention that you like.

  14. I just want to say to all of you that I am sorry for this banter…I need to take my foot out of my mouth…I like reading the blog and I enjoy the conversation. I should not take sides but look at the situation objectively.. and say it as it is presented,…

    I really thought that many of you were “parties for rent” and I could not understand where you all were coming from…but now I get it…
    So can I come back and be part of this group??? Please…ah really like this site..

  15. When a piece of literature is well written and speaks truth to facts and objectivity, it does not matter what the writer’s political affiliation is, as long as those reading it can draw reason on the contents and contexts of the subject matter. There is a definite hatred for the PNM coming from people represented by a certain ethnic class. The charges range from so-called marginalization, inequity, to corruption and insensitivity. If the writers can chronicle the practice and systematic behaviors that warrant these characterizations I shall be too happy to engage in objective conversations. I can have differences with Raffique and even criticize him but in the end I know that I am having a heart to heart exchange with a fellow Trinidadian. But the criticisms coming from these PNM hater have no real real substance in origin. I criticize Kamla, not because she is a UNC, I criticize her because she is a poor administrator, manager and prime minister. I criticize Ramlogan, not because he is a UNC but because having lived under many AGs I know what to expect from that portfolio, and he is very poor in that capacity. As a judge, I thought very highly of the president, but as president, I am very disappointed in his performance. Howai might have been a good banker but as minister of finance? when asked a question, he either did not think of it, does not know it, they tell him to do it or he will look into it. Again, very poor politician. Why haven’t we heard him addressing the state of the economy, the budget and financial planning associated with the 2014-2015 budget? I could not care what organization Sat Maharaj belong to or heads but when he propagandize hate towards hindus as being the making of black people or the PNM, he looses my respect. I make no apologies for saying this: The Trinidad we know and love was made so by the christian deeds of people belonging to the christian faiths. When the christian gives, it does not matter who receives the gift of his love, the receiver might be christian, non-christian, bhudist, muslim or hindu, he gives with a loving heart. Our hindu prime minister ‘gives’ (the people’s money) in abundance to hindus or hindu controlled districts and denies others the same opportunity. I felt outraged that our women football team was not afforded the same kind of allocation of funds that other national teams get, just because the team is managed by Tim Kee, a PNM. This is discrimination of the worst kind. With all the talk of PNM hatred, I would like one of those PNM haters to explain to me, why did the PNM choose to build such a huge industrial estate at Point Lisas (a hindu and UNC district) and not LaBrea? It is because the PNM represent national development and the UNC is forever possessed with the word they call ‘equity’. I wish they would use and define the word by its true meaning. The failings of this government is legendary and certainly does not need me to detail all of its ineptitudes but when it discriminates without conscience and then turn around and blame the PNM, one can only reason that we are looking at people who are only willing to blame other people for their own failings.

    1. Your accusation related to the funding of the women’s football team is totally incorrect. You obviously do not have a clue as to what really transpired.
      Try finding out the facts yourself. I really have no time to explain the true circumstances of this particular situation to a biased, bigoted racial and religious merchant.
      Have a nice day.

    1. All this says is that Kamla scolded the TTFA for not being solvent. It still did not address the fact that a spirited women’s football was handed only a paltry $500.00 U.S. by the national government, even though they play hard enough to make us proud internationally. The ethical question is why didn’t she find it fit to help them out, the way she used every opportunity to market her fund-giving ability by showering the javelin thrower with gifts and house, for his olympic achievements?.

      1. There is a process for submission of expenses which was not filed on time to the relevant civil service department before the team left T&T. The team was given expenses for one day on a temporary basis with the rest to follow in a timely fashion in spite of the fact that the coach did not follow the rules, as archaic as they are.
        The PM had nothing to do with this process. When the coach misspoke in the US regarding the lack of funds, the media alerted the country of this unfortunate incident. I do not necessarily agree with the red tape and excessive filing of papers, but coaches should familiarize themselves with the proper protocol.
        Also, photo-ops are used by savvy politicians all over the world.

  16. Kian, you are a religious bigot because you openly reject the teachings of Hinduism and has made countless derogatory remarks about Hindus. I am not a Hindu but I accept all religions and the right of individuals to worship their Gods.
    Your brand of religious intolerance and bigotry goes hand in hand with other forms of conservative societal prejudices and hatred which are transparently reflected in your lengthy comments on this blog….. most ironic for a Black man living in the USA.

  17. “Kian you are a religious bigot because you reject the teachings of Hinduism.
    Your brand of religious intolerance and bigotry are most ironic for a Black man living in the USA.”

    Hilarious indeed. Not even the great , late Trini comedian , could surpass this .
    Hey ,I feel your pain Bro Kian, but all I can say , using the words of- who else , but de wisest woman ,that ever lived, in my late, extremely wise, Tobago Granny is -“ah rather you than me ,” my amigo , as you try to continually do the impossible. ‘Cast pearls before swine, ‘as we like to say on de streets.
    The reality is, that that the TMan, Sat Maraj, Basdeo Panday, VS Naipaul ,Royal Trinis, Mamboo, and we can throw in the naive , fake progressive ,adopted Yankee,Indrani/Indera of the world ,would always view you as a hopeless , racist African savage , no matter how you try to be civil, or respectful of their tribe, and why?
    Deep down in their twisted , putrid souls , they think of themselves as superior to any member of ‘Afro Kinky Head Nation, ‘ be it Dr Eric Williams, ANR Robinson, Watson Duke , Orville London , Dr Cudjoe, Dr Keith Rowley, Jennifer Baptiste-Primus , Roger Gaspard,and counting.
    In contrast, they’ll accept the most vile behaviors of their much adored ,White , European barbarians, humanoid counterparts, since they see themselves as vastly inferior to them , and somehow wish there was some magic wand , that could be used, to change their own color , speech, and whatever the hell , they feel disgusted about themselves.
    Cases in point ?South Carolina Nimrata Nikki Randhawa, aka Nikki Haley, and fellow Louisiana ,neo Conservative tool, Piyush Jindal, aka Bobby Jindal.
    Aren’t even proud of their own respective names , and so , would desecrate same , to be more socially palatable, to White anti African , neo racist Southern American voters.
    Sad ain’t it?
    I wish you well in your thankless endeavors mi amigo!
    Hey Kian , and who said nation building, was ever going to be an easy exercise, especially in our tribally fractured society ,T&T?
    Ain’t life beautiful people? ‘Me think so.’
    Luv Humanity people!

    1. Neal just nailed it…the problem with “some” of the African trini community is that they spend so much time thinking about how much the others hate them, oppress them, etc..and less time on critically thinking of ways of picking themselves up…Everyone is entitle to freedom of thoughts, but don’t point fingers at us when you make yourselves into victims…The Indian community was not involved in the politics of Trinidad for almost 30 years you think that they are responsible for all the corruption???…well the PNM were excellent teachers at teaching themselves how to become more self serving.
      This PM and the PP are trying to correct 3 decades of past injustice…

      I’ll just say Haiti, Chad, Somalia, and the rest…you know it…

    2. Neal, next carnival go down to Trinidad and play “Robber”. Your dramatic speeches would definitely captivate and most importantly entertain the crowds.My wife and I usually lime around the savanna every year on Monday and Tuesday, but catch us before dark because we head back to the Hilton to take in the sunset over a few cocktails and to avoid the dangers of walking through Belmont on the way up.
      Trini First…other identities second.

  18. “The Indian community was not involved in the politics of Trinidad for almost 30 years you think that they are responsible for all the corruption???”

    Just when I thought it could not get to this level folks!

    Not satisfied with regurgitating typical ,baseless mantras ,learned at the feet of her aged Grandparents, or the pray books of ‘diabolical -anti Afro Trini kids , radio guy /Spiritual Head Guru -Uncle Sat Maraj, this novice , is trying to give yours truly , back handed compliments, while simultaneously attempting to kick me in de you knows what folks, and ain’t that funny? Listen to her …

    “Neal just nailed it…the problem with “some” of the African trini community is that they spend so much time thinking about how much the others hate them, oppress them, etc”
    Sorry Chica, but its I who wrote de script ,on how to ‘play dead to catch Cobeaux alive,’ and that’s because ,I had the benefit of an extremely wise , late ,Tobago Granny.

    As much as it is occasionally refreshing , and one might add , even fun at times ,but pretty soon folks , I will be tempted to quit indulging in any serious cyber conversations, with this ‘Sistaz Indera/Indrani Gandhi,’our alleged -Yankee educated, Suspect lawyer.
    The Chica keeps coming across as a clueless/naive, pimple face ,15 year old kid, who just get 20 minutes per night, to use the family computer, before she is hustled off to bed ,by her tyrannical big brother , overbearing dad ,or worst yet ,lecherous Central Uncle.
    You’ll think that a grown , educated person ,would know what political involvement entails by now, hmmmm?
    After all, her America has made lobbying into billion dollar industry,where lawyers rule , si?
    It ain’t only when your tribe , is a PM , you are involved Sistaz I-I.
    Por ejemplo, Basdeo Panday, got the cock on de Red House roof taken down,50 thousand Eurocentric Streets names changed across T&T,to reflect our country tribal makeup,and refugee status for his people , mainly in Euro dominant fiefdoms , such as Canada , America , and Europe,all before he became our country’s 1st Hindustani PM.
    That too is political involvement.
    Long before Wade MBA Mark, and fellow Grand Wizard Eat ah fooder ,Errol Deputy PP Mc Cloud, hitched their self serving /opportunistic bandwagons ,to de ULF/UNC-PP,power machinery,they were forceful Trade Union activist, fighting for the rights of working citizens. That’s political involvement.
    Ish , and Steve , ain’t politicians , but were almost able to pass a law in T&T to prevent extradition, and halt jail time , in Yankee Federal Prisons. Translation- business folks , since they finance politicians, and parties , can influence decision makers . 50% or more, of T&T Indians , are top end business folks , and so as benefactors to many of our Trini politicos, are involved in politics.
    Social activist are likewise involved , as Dr Kabalsing , and Sat Maraj , did .
    Judges sitting on benches , can influence the political process.
    If you continue to make these , and similar juvenile , or worst yet,erroneous statements,and pass them off as learned commentaries, I am going to take the liberty -“freedom of thoughts…” entitlement or not- to exert you to , ‘stay out of grown folks business,’as we like to say on de streets.
    As a matter of fact , since you are portraying yourself , more as a frustrated , simi literate, ex Caroni farmer, with 10 kids ,who abandoned you , to a lonely existence in your 1 room Barackpore shack , when you lost your 35 grand pension, to the HCU bandit , Harry Harinarine, few of us Progressive humanists,might have to just conjure some novel way, to have our wonderful Cyber administration police folks , at Trini Center HQ, to ‘examine your horns ,’as it were , to see if you are really who you claim to be .
    After all ,try as you might you have not stop the revolting auditioning cyber acts, for phantom PP job.
    Hey Sistaz I-I, if you don’t know , what ‘examine your horns,’ mean-seeing that you were living in smelly, over crowded Richmond Hill, Zoo York , since age 12, then ask Cuz TMan.
    He went to one of our local , Christian elite Trini colleges. QRC ,’me think’ it was.Now you , and de clan know , why he TMan ,adore Papa Deffy Eric, de authentic Faddah of our Nation so much.

    Listen folks , I have said it once, twice, and three times my lady, but it’s worth repeating-‘de person who can make me hate dis land of mine, ain’t born yet!’
    It ain’t too early , is it folks ,to say to my dear Yankee based pizanno ,Sistaz I-I, Feliz Navidad-even if she was so disrespectful enough, to refer my rather learned viewpoints , as nada but de mere ramblings, and or ,rants of a madman?

  19. You sound like a cyber bully with pretty strong threats. Is that how the folks behind the PNM operate?? Cyber threats??
    People who argue like you tend to have a very deep financial vested interest in government. My interest in only to engage in conversation. I did not realize this was a PNM site.
    My mistake.

  20. If government like Trinidad operate the way they did in the past, then in the future, everyone will be eating oil and drinking gas.(by me)
    The farmers and agri people, regardless of race or creed will rue the day…

  21. We need to end this blog…

    The bottom line, the elite white and non-white rich appears to have both parties in their back pockets. We need to make this group transparent. Who are these folks? What banks, stocks, and ownership to they control in Trinidad? Why won’t the banks their investors’ identity? Sounds like a strong cover up.

    Many of the information I research seem to have lost all the data from the Williams era. It’s almost as if this information was intentionally censored. But I came across a great book that taught me about why poor Indians did not assimilate with the African and it really helped me look at both sides and at both parties.

    Recommended book: Post-Colonial Trinidad: An Ethnographic Journal
    By Colin Clarke, Gillian Clarke

    The above book details the stubborn culture of the Indians…good factual information from a somewhat object historical perspective…

  22. Well, I’ll be damn. Let’s see how this thing works folks. Yours truly was called a madman, a card carrying, PNM party hack,a simi -educated ,mysogynistic , envious, anti Indian bum, who speaks Latino gibberish.
    I was repeatedly lauded with fake compliments,while my people , were often labeled , as lazy, unambiguous, criminal savages , and yet , I am de bad guy, si?

    You certainly need to get your head checked , Sistaz Indrani/Indera-Gandhi, if you, in your twisted soul, seriously believe, that my objective , insightful blogging commentaries , are examples of cyber bullying.
    Pray someone tell me what they taught dis Yankee educated, Suspect lawyer , in her Phantom law school?
    Now she is spending her precious time ,reading a book written by some opaque African author, attempting to explain away, why her South Asian ancestors , were reluctant to assimilate with Africans-unless they possess money, and power.
    Hey, Miz Richmond Hill , I am about to finish writing a book as well, and it’s entitled :- Why do Asians adore all Euro Whites folks, even the Methheads ,Skinhead, KKK Grand Wizards , trailer park dwellers, and Zoo York Subway vagrants.
    I’m almost certain I told this Chica ,to not only , ‘Stay in her lane ,’but never to blog another word ,or better yet, attempt to engage in any serious / grown folks conversation, with yours truly, until she had completed the C .Wright Mills ,Sociology reading assignment, I gave her.
    Tell you what people ,if de wisest woman, that ever lived, in my late, extremely wise Tobago Granny, was alive today, she would say ..’well Neal , you looked for that, for I have always warned you , that ‘if you play with de pups , you’ll get bitten by de fleas,’ and si,was she spot on, hmmmmmm?

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