PM’s Statement on Salaries and Pension Bills

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarBelow is a statement of the Hon Kamla Persad-Bissessar SC, MP, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, relating to the Judges Salaries and Pensions (Amendment) Bill, and the Retiring Allowance (Legislative) Amendment Bill.

“It is rare that the Government and the Opposition ever agree on anything.

The Judges Salaries and Pensions (Amendment) Bill, 2013 (} and the Retiring Allowances (Legislative) Amendment Bill 2013 were passed in the House with the full support of the Opposition.

The Retired Judges Association has also come out in full support of the said Bill which impacts their representative group.

Notwithstanding this level of agreement, there have been strong objections in some quarters to the Bills. Consistent with my policy of always allowing views to be ventilated and decisions arrived at after such due consideration the government’s current position would be not to proceed with approving the Bills until all perspectives and opinions are ventilated. The Senate debate on the said Bills which commences today will allow for some of these perspectives and opinions to be ventilated.

Further, the government expresses its willingness to refer the matter to a Senate Select Committee for review should such a procedure be agreed to by all parties in the Senate debate.? Yet further the government expresses its willingness to accept and adhere to the recommendations made by the Senate Select Committee.

At the end of the day, the national interest is what must be served.”

Kamla Persad-Bissessar, SC, MP

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago

4 Responses to “PM’s Statement on Salaries and Pension Bills”

  • It is strange the PNM supported section 34 and then marched against it. They support these increases but now claiming “set up”. They did not support the DNA bill, almost all crime bills they did not support, but the bill for more money….yes. They are not there to represent the people but to full their pocket.

  • I am beginning to question the intelligence and competence of this Prime Minister. The time to evaluate the validity and consequences of proposed parliamentary decisions and laws is in its drafting stages, not after the changes have been passed in Parliament. These retractions are happening too often under this Prime Minister who is a lawyer. (UWI graduate…maybe that’s the problem)

  • Independent Senator Helen Drayton said there were many retirees who have served this country in high-risk positions and with dedication all of their productive lives, but who are today living in poverty. “They include retired police officers, teachers, members of the Defence Force, nurses… I came across one yesterday that brought tears to my eyes…a retired assistant commissioner of police. His pension was less than $1,000 a month.” —Express.
    The independents are going to support these ridiculous increases, why??? They are all politicians who are hoping to have their share of a “big, fat pension”…Drayton was in tears over the “less than $1,000 pension” really Drayton. Please this man fooled you.

  • Since you are on the topic of pensions, what consideration is given to workers who assisted in building the country for many long years.
    These workers contributed to the NIS regularly and on retirement at sixty- five years are only eligible for $1000.00 more than any ordinary citizen who never worked or contributed.
    This unfair treatment to the retired seniors is definitely not justified and urgently need to be addressed.
    The Government and Union leaders must do something positive about this now.

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