Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons on 106 & Park

Bunji rocks ‘106 and Park’

By Leiselle Maraj
May 02 2014 – newsday.co.tt

Host of BET’s 106 and Park, Bow Wow (Shad Moss), did his research before interviewing local artiste, Bunji Garlin, and his wife, Fay-Ann, on the show’s episode that aired yesterday, questioning the two about their boycott of the recently concluded Tobago Jazz Experience.

A little bit of freestyling, a little bit of wining and a lot of soca were on display on the popular American music video countdown show when Bunji (Ian Alvarez) and Fay-Ann made their much anticipated appearance.
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2 thoughts on “Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons on 106 & Park”

  1. Trinis are certainly going places, people.As de popular ,Arima Soca brad said -“we ready!”
    Not certain for what, but there it is.
    Two or more weeks ago, a profanity laced video, went viral,showing the country in all it’s ugliness.
    In it, an extremely angry woman, almost beat her 12 year old to death, with over 63 lashes, much to the delight of jubilant fans , both domestic , and international, who bragged about getting similar floggings, as kids themselves.
    Now we have this.
    Bunji ,and spouse,gave the middle finger to the Tobago organizers for the Jazz festival, all because, he and his 18 piece band , did not get Royal ,5 star treatment-“..no lie , no mamaguy …,” people.
    Want to hazard a guess, if the Trini Royals , would have done the same , if the popular festival , was being held in either , Arima, or Chagurnas? While at it , care to try and figure out why?

    Not to be out done , is the fact that Tobagonians got a real feel for how their fellow Trinidadian, feel about their globally adored citizen, and hero.
    Yep , the population took the cue from political luminaries, such as ever divisive ,hatemonger in Chief , Basdeo Panday, who not only, choose the man’s death ,to publicly denounce him , as a racist, but was conspicuously absent in the funeral proceedings.
    Educated grown man still holding grudges , like a petulant child , who was deprived of his favorite cookie , before chased him to bed.Pathetic!
    More than 95 of Trinis based in Trinidad, did not even heed the call to come out and pay tribute/respects , as their leaders, publicly babbled on – while trying to mimic foreign dignitaries- with less successful attempts , of high praise.
    Hopefully, the bigger lessons , weren’t lost by historically astute folks , from the island ward.
    Oh yeh , ‘we ready!’
    Soon to come , a law to ban corporal punishment, and domestic violence.Quick on the heels of that is a law , to make a sitting Government official , be able to investigate himself , and office.
    How about a law , to make a referendum, that would decide , if Trinis wish to join the locally based CCJ? What did I miss? A law to go after white color bandits, with the same force , we do for low end ,Blue color thugs. No, Nyet, Nunca?
    Oh yes , a law to make Chagurnas, Couva , and Siparia, capitals, with equal standings as POS,and simultaneously, grant Tobago , and most of the East / West corridors, their independence-all before 2015 , of course.
    Long live the Republic!

  2. It is about time that Soca receive this level of exposure,
    indeed, this effort is in able hands. Go Bunji & Faye

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