By Richardson Dhalai
Thursday, March 06 2014 –

VULGAR MASARCHBISHOP of Port-of-Spain Joseph Harris yesterday attacked the lascivious behaviour of some masqueraders in the just concluded Carnival Season, conduct which the leader of the Roman Catholic faithful in this country described as symptomatic of the pervasive lawlessness in society.

In a forthright, sobering Ash Wednesday homily at Our Lady of Perpetual Help RC Church, Harris Promenade in San Fernando yesterday, Fr Harris also observed that all aspects of national life, including that of giving to the poor and indigent, must change if the Carnival-type mentality is to be transformed.

“The Carnival has ended. I suppose it would have been a miracle if the behaviour of some revellers were different…but unfortunately that miracle did not occur,” Harris told a packed congregation which included students from the San Fernando Boy’s RC and St Gabriel Girl’s RC primary school.

“The lascivious and lewd behaviour being exhibited by some of our people, in my opinion, has nothing to do with culture. If it had, then our culture certainly needs to be evangelised,” Harris said as some in the congregation murmured, “Amen.”

The Archbishop’s admonition against vulgarity in Carnival came just two days after a 17-year- old girl was hauled before a San Fernando magistrate on Carnival Monday charged with exposing herself in public. The teen was arrested after she stripped completely naked while participating in J’ouvert celebrations in San Fernando. Even after stripping naked, the charges allege, the teen also behaved in a lewd manner in public. The case is still pending in the courts.

“Let me now say categorically that the behaviour of certain individuals during Carnival celebrations is not the only aspect of our national life which needs to be transformed.

The pervasive attitude towards corruption, disrespect for life, lack of respect for the poor and indigent and the attitude of mind which says that the colour of a person’s skin is more important than the content of their character…these are aspects of national life which need transformation,” Fr Harris said.

He said “evangelisation” of culture was an obligation “incumbent on our Church and on each and every one of us”, adding that this could not be achieved by “staying away from it”, but by entering into it and letting the Church’s creativity transform the culture.

And with the Lenten Season also being a time for almsgiving, the outspoken Archbishop also urged the Catholic faithful not to perform good deeds in order to be recognised by people as, he said, is done by politicians.

“The Gospel, using the words that Jesus tells us, takes care not to perform righteous deeds in order that people may see them, otherwise you will have no recompense from your Heavenly Father,” he said, adding, “these words of the Gospel, are particularity striking because we are accustomed to seeing politicians doing good deeds but always with a camera person recording the deed for posterity or perhaps for the next election.”

Harris also observed that “more and more persons” were leaving the nation because of a lack of hope for the future. “Because of the situation in our country, many people are losing hope.

More and more persons are leaving this nation of ours because they have no hope in our future. Many parents are encouraging their children to study overseas and to not come back,” Archbishop Harris added.

He called for a transformation of the heart and not of the garment saying the Gospels emphasises “transformation of the heart.”

“Come back to me with all your heart, it is the Lord that speaks, let your hearts be broken, not your garments torn,” Harris said. “Focusing on the externals do not allow us to build the internals and any worthwhile transformation of our nation will only be built on the transformation of us,” he added.

Following the homily, Harris assisted by Father Roy Ragoonanan, placed ashes on the foreheads of the Catholic faithful as a sign of repentance and in preparation of the 40 days of Lent which is a special time of prayer, penance, sacrifice and good work in preparation for the celebration of Easter celebrated on April 18-21.


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  • Mayor Tim Kee: Too much vulgar behaviour

    By Carla Bridglal
    March 6, 2014 at 9:31 AM ECT

    All the soca songs say wine down low and jam on a bumper, and while masqueraders eagerly follow these instructions, Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee finds their behaviour “vulgar and reprehensible”.

    “That is not Carnival. That is rank, vulgar behaviour. You can enjoy yourself in a way you will not believe without going to those levels. Children are looking. I see some women do some things with some men—nothing for the imagination: you can’t do that. What about our guests who come here, our tourists? And it’s the adults doing it and blaming young people, but they do it and they promote it and sustain it and I am against that,” Tim Kee told reporters yesterday at the Downtown Carnival judging point on South Quay, Port of Spain.

    Tim Kee described some of the costumes he saw as “unacceptable—almost like a beach party on the street”.

    “I hate to say this—some women just don’t care,” he said.
    Full Article :

  • Beckles-Robinson is correct in her comments that the behavior focused on Carnival only is hypocritical. It has to be looked at without just looking at carnival. When I looked at the mas live online as I am not in Trinidad, the women seem to want to outdo each other with respect to their sexiness and seeking the attention of others. They therefore want to create a bit of shock so that they grab most attention. To do so they display themselves as being better at gyrating to mimic having sex in the most erotic manner. The hypocrisy is more profound with the so called higher class people who on there normal days would display morals mimicking “catholic” values. I feel sorry for the women to are so insecure that they have to be so aggressive to seek attention. There is a lot of hypocrisy in Trinidad, not just with sexual morals.

  • Beckles-Robinson: Carnival vulgarity part of societal immorality

    Sunday, March 9 2014


    This was how People’s National Movement (PNM) leadership candidate, Pennelope Beckles- Robinson, yesterday summed up recent complaints about the vulgar conduct of many female masqueraders during the recently-concluded Carnival season.

    “I think there is a lot of hypocrisy in the society in dealing with this issue. We need to deal with some of that hypocrisy,” Beckles-Robinson told Sunday Newsday during a rally to commemorate International Women’s Day in Arima.

    Lamenting that the issue of vulgarity surfaces only during Carnival, Beckles-Robinson said the topic should be discussed throughout the year within the framework of a general societal breakdown in morality with respect to corruption, white collar crime and discipline.

    Citing advertisements for escort services in the newspapers “for people to have a good time,” as a glaring example of hypocrisy, Beckles-Robinson said: “We seem to be shocked that this (vulgar behaviour) is going on.”

    Beckles-Robinson said highlighting the issue of vulgarity in isolation, strictly during Carnival, diminishes the level of concern that should be ascribed to it.

    “When we do that (speak about vulgarity during Carnival) the real issue is lost because some of them (masqueraders) will not listen,” she said.

    Beckles-Robinson spoke in the wake of concerns raised by the nation’s religious leaders about the high level of vulgar behaviour displayed by masqueraders during the Carnival season.

    Roman Catholic Archbishop Joseph Harris, speaking during an Ash Wednesday service at Our Lady of Perpetual Help RC Church in San Fernando, said the behaviour exhibited by some masqueraders was symptomatic of pervasive lawlessness in the society.

    Harris’ observation was supported by secretary general of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha Sat Maharaj, who said mas was now seen as a “sex thing and an alcohol thing.”

    Yesterday, Beckles-Robinson, in a clear reference to some masqueraders’ conduct during Carnival, said people must be cognisant of the choices they make.

    “I have looked at the way some women behave and I cannot even distinguish who is mother and who is daughter,” she said.

    “And, with all of the problems going on, we have to ask ourselves how did we get to where we are today, where there is almost an acceptance of a comfort level that it is okay to do wrong things.”

    Using bullying as another example of the breakdown in society, Beckles-Robinson said: “Society is in crisis.”

    She said proper codes of behaviour must be taught in all strata of the education system, especially at the level of early childhood.,191635.html

  • Perhaps the problem has to do with the unnecessary desire to attract more tourists. Because of the price a growing number of people paying mas are foreign people who come for the eerie cue of “having a good time”.


    Hey Sat, how about your role in halting blatant incest, and suicides, that is oh, so common within your tribal enclaves?
    Speaking of which, your Auntie Kamla , should know that her legacy as a political leader, would be judged, based on her actions , or rather, inaction, re such social neglect, not how many Afro Trinis she fired.How is that activist Vena St Rose, doing these days? As for Father Harris ,with his empty, hypocritical chatter, and pontifications? If only millions of global victims of child sex abuses ,at the hands of of neo pedophile Catholic priests, could put a class action suit together , which can eventually bankrupt the Vatican, that can be some justice for all, si? The facts are that Trinis whine suggestively , in Pagwah, Chutney Soca,Divali Curry Duck river limes, Carnival,and Hosey, but not one such gyration, is responsible for a crime.Trust me on dat!

    • Neal assumes that the family is of East Indian descent, judging from his comment and based on the article. I wonder how he knows that? Incidentally, the family in question is of African descent, not that it really matters. By now most of us know that no ethnic group has a monopoly on rape, incest, murder, theft, burglary, child sex abuse, corruption, etc.

  • “Neal assumes that the family is of East Indian descent, judging from his comment..”blah blah blah! Ain’t have a clue as to what you are talking about T Man.For the record-An attack on any child , is an attack on all our children T-Man. Blatant cases of female abuses , and other examples of despicable ,wanton savagery , cannot be condoned in one community, or put differently, treated with kid gloves, by conniving, corporate agents of the 4th Estate, because it is a taboo subject, but then over the top outrage, and front page media bashing about ‘dem savages ,’ when it’a a rival tribe-particulaly of the kinky head persuasion. of I do not care if the victims involved are African, Indians, Chinese , European by birth ,or Eskimos , mi amigo. If your female PM had recognize that, then Miss Vena St Rose would still have her job, and working towards making human rights in T&T , more than old talk , during lofty foreign , photo ops, led by her Majestic Queen K ,and Uncle Dookie. Hey big fella, winning elections is easy, building a nation , is the challenge. Your leaders have a few more months to get it right, ain’t that right?Long live de Republic of T&T,hummmmm?

    • Your confidence in Verna is misplaced and alarming. Verna was given an opportunity to lead. She blew it like many others in the PP caucus…remember Theresa of Health and later Foreign Affairs, Colin of Security, et all.
      Verna committed an innocent employee to St Anns when she should have checked herself in complete with her bell and mind boggling outfits.
      Bring on the next PM Rowley and his sidekick Hinds of “too black” fame. Photo ops will be more challenging.

  • Still striving to defend , your’ use and discard leaders,’and their penchant for convenient purges of any ,who dare to defy the UNC Cabral , huh TMan?’ Auntie Kamla knew from the inception , who exactly Madame St Rose was ,yet got into bed with her ,because he latter served a useful political purpose, then threw her under the bus , at the drop of a hat, once it was convenient.
    Local Transparency International , head guru,Ms King suffered a similar fate, so did incompetent judge, turn overnight UNC , big player, in Dominican Carib hero ,Volney.
    In the meantime , that clueless AG of yours,still have a job, amidst his similar, and even worst,repeated foibles.Dr Goopiesing is sill in control of education, while a brave , yet maligned female , Hindu teacher, is trying to pick up the pieces of her life, after exposures by her ,of neo racial/discriminatory practices, by a state supported,religious institution , against kids of Kinky head nation. One drunken, junior National Security Minister , only got fired, after the war cries for his head, became too loud.Only recently, one irate Minister , publicly berated, and assaulted a stewardess ,on
    one of our national airlines, and instead of him getting kicked to the curb, by your selectively outraged leader, he is on TV , begging for forgiveness, like a out of control, domestic abusing , repeat offender husband. Now, ther reality is , that a Verna St Rose in the party , would not have tolerated that, since she believe that wWomen’s rights, are precious, be they , from the poor enclaves of Central, the East West corridors,high end corporate boardrooms, or at work ,within state owned institutions, of our nation.
    Leave our former Police , turned Insurance broker , lawyer , and political Rasta, in Cuz Hinds alone. He has a role to play, and is a sound role model for our youths.
    Your Auntie Kamla has her sidekicks ,and loyal pitbulls, such as Anil Roberts, and Clueless AG Ramy .If you can live with them -eccentricities , and all- so could members of Kinky Head Nation, with Rastaman Hinds.
    Speaking of the PM Rothwiler, let me guess, you and kind , would prefer to see that political lightweight , Arima chick Penny ,succeed over him,in the Party’s internal election, then proceed to do what glorified Economist Winston Dookeran did, for your party ,in the Basdeo/and his criminal lawyer Ramesh Lawrence Maraj, wasteful fantasy era ,correct?Sorry, aint happening, unless, she too can find a corrupt businessman , turn political party financer/advisor , to do her dirty work, just like hat which was done to aid ‘Her Majestick Queen K,’during her power grab from her men tty or ,Bas.
    On second thought ,some might secretly think ,that a loss ,might not be so bad an idea , especially if a defeated Rowley, might become so disgusted with everything Trinidad , or PNM, that he sell his expensive house in Westmooring, return to his Mason Hall roots, and start a more meaningful cause-A push towards Secession, and eventually, full independence for the historically neglected folks of the Island ward. For the record, I ain’t one to argue with that.
    Well.., that too ain’t happening ,so I’ll reiterate …..Long live the Republic of T&T.

    • Secession for Tobago? Are you serious Neal? Even though I see you are in rippin’ form on this blogsite, even you must realize that Tobago could not last a single day on its own. I know because I spend a lot of time there enjoying the fruits of my own labour.
      Tobagonians do not know the meaning of the word, “work”. They are spoiled brats who are led by a corrupt THA, which makes the T&T government look like choir boys when it comes to corruption. They clamour for their yearly check from Trinidad and demand increases annually. The average annual payout from central government amounts to approximately 45 thousand dollars for every man, woman and child in Tobago. They get back much more than they generate from a failing tourism industry. The vast majority of Tobagonians receive a paycheck from the government and the only successful entrepreneurs in Tobago are from Trinidadians who are buying up the island, after the Germans exploited Tobagonians, who preferred to sell to “white” people. Political parties and governments are held to ransom by the two Tobago seats because they all realize that whoever wins Tobago will most like likely form the national government. Tobago recognizes its easy life and full independence will mean eventual disaster. As for the ravin’ bull Rowley of Landate gravel fame, still unaccounted for, Mason Hall might not be very welcoming since he has burned some bridges on Crusoe’s isle.

      •  “Mason Hall might not be very welcoming since he has burned some bridges on Crusoe’s isle.” T Man
        He should be reminded that ANR Robinson , made similar calculations , and we see what dear price he had to pay, from the hands of the ungrateful bums , in Trinidad. 2 bullets in his knees, from fake Islamist, well supported , criminal thugs, daily denunciations ,from both Indo , and Afro elites , for having the audacity, to be smart as , or maybe, smarter than their heroes,Papa Deaffy, Eric Williams, George Chambers, Basdeo, and Patrick Manning.
        As to the Subject at hand ,”Secession for Tobago,”so that it can move from being the rejected stone , to the corner stone? Well,you just made my case T Man, with this- I must add-honest assessment.All the more reasons as to why Big brother Trinidad , should remove this burden, and they in turn should take charge of their own affairs. THA?Sorry,mi amigo, but my motto is -‘you cannot be half pregnant!It’s the whole hog , nada!
        As for London, he is nothing but a food eating, yellow belly , Manning lackey/ PNM stooge, who once Tobago cut the yoke from ,’dont give a darm if Good Friday falls on a Wednesday Trinidad,’should be immediately arrested ,publicly flogged , and repeatedly sprinkled with salt water,then hung from a tree in the middle of Scarborough , for all he allowed to occur under his , and that megalomaniac Manning stewardship.
        For the record , TMan , Barbados is what 40 miles larger than Tobago, and has a better GNP than our resource laden, mismanaged Twin Island Republic .Speaking of resources , before any break will be made, Tobago will of course aligned itself with win/win , global partners,that ensures it’s interest are maintained , and yes , demand compensations, for the decades of stolen oil, and gas reserves,from across it’s waters, that were used instead ,to develop , prop up glorified places ,such as Chagurnas, siparia, Couva, Oropuche ,and similar Brown triumphalist ,tribal enclaves, and ain’t that fair TMan?
        It would acquire its fair share of present day available resources, during the split ,before your Auntie K, syphoon all away to dem resource starved Chinese, India , and Guyanese East/South Asian bandits, and ain’t dat a prudent maneuver as well TMan?
        There is something I always like to ask myself , and objective bloke that you are TMan, I know you will give a good answer.If Tobago was saturated with say 80,or preferably ,90% of our Indo Trini brothers and sisters,coupled with a fair mixture of Euro transplants , and not the other way around , as it is today -majority ah dem lazy, shiftless, good for nothing , over dependent ,growing neo racist, and we can add ,extremely intolerant, yet criminal bastards , that represent the savages of ‘Kinky Head Nation.’
        If our Indo Brothers ,and sisters, led by say, a Panday,Sat, Capildeo, Kamal, Errol Mahabir, of Japanese Garden fame and not Afo trini, uncaring , neo elitist bozos, had ruled the political roost, since our Imperial Massa had departed , what do you think it’s development stage would be today? Now my friend , please, please , do not insult my intelligence , with that over the top nonsense of private initiative , hard working , business acumen, due to high culture brought over from the South Asia Motherland,because I ain’t buying ,eeeh?Leave such idle talk, for the likes of the simi literate , Mayaro, life time drunkard Mamboo, or worst yet, that ego inflated , insecure delusional ,closet cretin, called Dr Royal Trini, ooops..Loyal.Here are the facts TMan:- 1.Wheresoever your ancestors have migrated -with the help of Mama Britain,they were able to excel ,either at the expense of the natives , or in that well known insidious fashion, was able to induce the power structure to direct substantive portions state resources towards them , while the latter simultaneously, neglected their own.The only places that script backfired , was Fiji, Sri Lanka, and I guess ID Amin Uganda.
        2.In our T&T, Indo Trinis make up 50% ,or more ,of our public service,have received more than their fair share of state resources , be it via government lucrative contracts , or increased land / financial capital, and other community perks.One should add, it did not matter , if they held political power or not.These facts you wont hear about , since we are stuck with a bunch of intellectually lazy academics, and corporate media cowards, too scared to research, and present findings , to educate the nation, and thus prevent us from socially crashing , in the not too distant future.However , another issue , for a more appropriate occasion, hummm? I Luv this land!

    • Rowley described the behaviour of Mucurapo schoolgirls engaged in a recent brawl like “hyenas in the African jungle,”
      Rowley shoots his mouth off at every turn on every issue. Imagine if this statement was made by the existing PM

  • To some clueless folks, your PM Auntie K, might be dumb, in the mode of say a George Chambers,but trust me when I say,she ain’t quite sink to that level yet ,TMan. ‘Me think ,’that’s would have resulted in political suicide, on her part.
    In case you forgot Tman, she is the leader of a tenuous coalition, and 50% of the PP votes , from the last general election,emanated from delusional, Afro Trini voters.
    Perhaps ,there are prudent political lessons for you, and your leaders here TMan, as exhibited by Uncle Rowley, aka de Tobago Wajang,and here it is:- Despicable behaviors, must be denounced in the strongest fashion, irrespective of who are the perpetrators. Score one for our UWI Geologist Doc, for publicly saying what most in the population were secretly thinking, eeennt?
    What do you know, his chess move worked, for 1 day later, there is Her Majestick Queen K, close Spiritual adviser , in Papa Sat Maraj, calling for the hide of a certain Junior Minister, who behaved in like manner -as an ‘old Ni..r,’ ooops,….hooligan , for his role in assulting,threatening to fire, and eventually cussing out, an innocent ,hard working airline stewardess.
    Just maybe , a new culture is developong in our T&T , T Man.
    Score one for what my favorite Tobago Granny, and perhaps ‘de wisest woman in the world,’ would call-“plain talk, bad manners,”eeeehhh?
    I have said it once , twice, and possibly 10 thousand times, but it’s worth repeating-‘de person, who can make me hate dis country, ain’t born yet!’

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