Israel courting doomsday

By Raffique Shah
January 04, 2009

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Israel killsSOME 40 years or so ago, in the heady days of Black Power and the global fight for basic human and civil rights by non-Whites, I saw all White people as oppressors. I was a young firebrand, who, in the universal spirit of my revolutionary hero Cuban Che Guevara, was ready to fight against injustices wherever they existed. I actually lived out part of my utopian dream by taking up arms against “the establishment”, a feat many of my contemporaries also dreamed of, but never experienced.

In the sobering post-prison years-I was still not 30 years old-when my sponge-like brain absorbed information that I gathered from many sources. Besides being a voracious reader, I talked extensively with people whose wisdom I learned to value. It was during that period I recognised the folly of judging people by the colour of their skins, by their ethnicity. More important, I learned to distinguish between Jews and Zionists.

The woman who changed this warped perspective of mine was renowned economist Kari Levitt, herself a Jewess. I attended a conference in Montreal, Canada when she took me under her wings, in a manner of speaking. We spent many hours discussing everything under the sun. She disabused my mind of many radical concepts I held, pointing out that some of my ideas bordered on anarchism. I remain thankful to Kari, and to others, too many to name, who shaped my post-mutiny thinking without denuding me of my revolutionary spirit. The latter I shall carry to my grave, proudly so, I need add.

I have related my metamorphosis for good reason. A Jew who, I think, lives in Trinidad, has written several letters attacking my stance on Israel whenever I have had reason to write on that country’s murderous excesses. He hides behind anonymity: I do not. I write the way I see things, and I expect people to disagree with me, to engage me in debate. Indeed, given some issues I have addressed, I knew I risked bodily harm, even death. That prospect does not deter me. I firmly believe in fate.

It is against this background that I write about the Zionist massacre in the Gaza that was underway as 2008 made way for 2009. Those who justify Israel’s attempt to strangle the Palestinians, to deny them the right to exist in a sovereign state, quote from the Bible, from ancient texts, and they brand all Palestinians terrorists. In other words, Israel is fulfilling a holy mission by obliterating these “pests” from the face of the earth. Some claim Hamas has been pounding Israel with rockets, hence Israel’s right to retaliate with maximum force.

Seumas Milne, writing in the Guardian (UK) last week, made the point that in seven years of conflict, 14 Israelis were killed by Hamas’ rocket-fire while an estimated 5,000 Palestinians were killed by Israel with some of the most advanced US-supplied armaments. He added, “Among those killed in the first wave of strikes were eight teenage students waiting for a bus and four girls from the same family in Jabaliya, aged one to 12 years old.” Milne did not add the mosques, the university, ordinary houses.

In the face of such facts, those who defend Israel’s atrocities, nay, genocide, sound very much like people who blame the victims, not the rapists, for this ghastly crime (and these include many Islamists, I should add). Hamas won a free and fair election to govern all of Palestine, but has been denied that right by Fatah, by Israel, by the US and its allies. Democracy does not count for these hypocrites. Israel cut off electricity and water from Gaza, denied Hamas the right to money collected on its behalf, and during the six-month ceasefire, murdered Palestinians by the scores.

This time around, though, Israel has gone a sand dune too far. For the first time in this 60-year conflict, Israel’s Arab neighbours are saying, “Enough is more than enough”. Last Wednesday most Arab countries that are pro-West, cancelled all Old Year’s night parties, and called instead for a “sombre solidarity” with the Palestinians. Arab League foreign ministers met in Cairo on the same day. Hezbollah, which put a serious licking on Israel in 2006, has been suspiciously silent, as has Iran.

The tide is turning against Israel’s bloody hegemony in the Middle East. Its foray into Gaza will undoubtedly kill hundreds of innocent people, many of whose lives were a living death long before the bombs struck. But the resilient fighters from Hamas would have carefully planned for such eventuality and will live to fight another day. The massacre will also anger millions of Muslims, with many young zealots joining the radical ranks of suicide bombers. The mullahs and their madrassas will be happy for Israel’s recruitment bugle-call. Acts of terrorism against Zionists, those who support them, and even innocents, will intensify rather than diminish.

Maybe the Zionists always had a death wish, always saw their obliteration from Earth as being inevitable. They are now courting their extinction to fulfill some archaic biblical prediction, a doomsday scenario. What a way to start the New Year.

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29 thoughts on “Israel courting doomsday”

  1. There are certainly numerous Jewish Organizations and individuals across the globe including Israel that share the views of our respected writer Mr. Shah. They are fully aware that ‘trying to kill a fly with a sledge hammer,’ in a crowded glass room is the highest act of stupidity. As such there high military sophisticated arsenal including their unknown/un acknowledged nuclear weapons are useless and won’t guarantee victory or peace.
    This policy however is part of the reason that I never felt that military personnel roles must be limited to war or protection of the country externally , and their undue influence on a country’s politics can often be detrimental, as can be seen historically from the activities of Pakistan, Nigeria, Israel and the USA.
    A few years ago I was looking for a topic to write my thesis , but was discourage from my choice by a Jewish advisor Professor. My argument was that the real tragedy in the Middle East was the religious schisms that exist between Shiites and Sunni Muslims and not necessarily only the Israelis presence as most would like us to believe. Should Israel by some magic pack up and leave the region , then the Muslim world in that region would still remain in turmoil.
    The solution therefore is for Iran, Syria, Egypt, Iraq ,Saudi Arabia and other regional big boys use their powers to form meaningful bonds and in the process, stand up to Americans led by a powerful Jewish lobby , business conglomerate henchman that sits at the pinnacle of the American Military Industrial Complex, and of course their complicit military elites partners.
    What to me is most disgusting and unfortunate is the fact that these misguided folks are once more controlling the political agenda and could symbolically suck the air out of the administration of President Obama for the next 4 to 8 years. Sorry Darfur, Congo, Somalia , Kenya, Latin America and the English speaking Caribbean . Your issues are of no significance unless you decided to go nuclear perhaps, or many ,more European foreigners decides to take up residence by giving up Europe and North America as their permanent homes. Don’t hold your breath however.

  2. The current impasse and horrific war-mongering witnessed by victims of war, should lead us to realise that war serves no greater purpose than to cause harm and destruction by a few men who erroneously believe it is their fundamental right to do so.

    The world rejects this view: we desire peace. Yet karma tells us that where harm is caused there must be reparation…this is where universal justice is not only indisputable but must be made manifest.

    We must therefore work together towards the collective good, for so many lives have been lost to hate, bigotry, fundamentalism, fear, greed and apathy.

    Times are not changing…they’ve changed. Karma is here and what we do this year and the next will determine our destiny ( a bloody,extinct one, or a life-fulfilling harmonious relationship with our planet).

    These are serious days. Fortunately, there are more and more of us who already know what must be done to bring about peace (and it will not be through the use of military/weapons/arms) – but sincere, social action and mental will power.

    Higher energies always trump lower ones. So, while we are concerned about the Israel- Palestine impasse, the horrors in Dafur and elsewhere, we will continue to let our lights shine (no ole talk), but actual work at political, social and certainly economical levels.

    Israel (more specifically the few persons/caucuses who are pro-war) and other countries which emphasise on might and hate, will do well to follow our example – because whether they like it or not change is here – and guess what??? We’re (the majority) are opting for peace.

    Won’t you evolve with us?

  3. ” Read the Scriptures and you will see, only a few is seeking after me”
    John 18:36 ” My Kingdom is not of this world “

  4. To think there will ever be peace in the Mid-East is a wasted thought! The blessings that the good lord has bestowed on them in the form of wealth, have taken away the wealth of love and harmony that the majority of the world enjoys.

    They call themselves Kings and prince’s but of what? War and strife. In my world “God is love” but in theirs “God is murder and hate. A bunch of cowards who have no shame. They murder and then in the same breath call out God’s name. God is not associated with such atrocities.

    It matters not who is right or wrong in the war, or who is stronger or who is weaker! what matters is that the taking of human life in the name of God is the greatest wrong any human being can commit. That is of course, if one believes that there is a God!

    Those that live in the mid-east live on Holy land, but there is nothing holy about them!

  5. i dunno and will never understand this bullshit but the world is making bob marley a true prophet,,,,war in the east west north and south

  6. The Children of the god. John 8:44
    The god of this world. 2 Corinthians 4:4
    SATAN. Revelation 12:9

  7. In the article by Mr Shah and in none of the resulting comments have I seen the fact that modern Jewry composed as it of 90% ashkanaze, eruopean derived converted jews, has no claim whatever to Palestine.

    a state, Isreal, has been carved out of Palestine for for the jews, supposedly due to western guilt for the german holocaust.

    but the Zionist intent to create Isreal in Palestine long preceded t any presumed german holocaust, and was a prime reason for america entering the first world war against germany.

    Germany had defeated Britain by 1916 as far as I can tell, but the zionist achieved a continuation when British surrender was imminent… on a promise to get the americans into the war on the side of Britain, if Britain agreed to the creation os a state for the Jews in Palestine..the Balfour agreement.

    when Britain agreed the Jews then betrayed Germany where they had been taken and lived sweetly….and used their considerabe influence to bring Amefrica into the war on the side of England, to defeat germany..a fact that certainly must have played a part in the blows the Germans subsequently landed on european Jewry

    I said all that to raise the fact that that Isreal had been a twinlke in the Zionist eye for a very long time prior to the second world war and the German holocaust, which from all evidence wasnt half as holocaust as it is made out to be.

    also the fact of of the european ancestry of most modern jews as proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    the Jewish provenace is some kind or eur, tukish orign, settlment and long occuparion in central europe where they developed great power and converted to Judaism.

    This empire of Khazars was defeated by Byzantine/Russian complicity and the Khazars were dispersed throughout europe, becoming since then the eurpopeam jewish problem, subject to sequestration in ghettos and to violent anti-semitic pograms etc., over the centuries.

    what stands out out me in all this is the untter, indescribeably brutal history out of which all this comes. and the old Khazars were as indescribably cruel as any out of that godawful violent peuropean history

    Arthur Koestley in his book the Thirteenth Tribe gives a great impression of the nature of that time, of old europe and the quality of life out of which modern europe comes.

    I see nothing diferent in the current behavior of modern Askanaze Jews…Khazars… for the most and what is described of the original Khazars, 14-15 hundered years ago.

    it is as if people like Olmert and Barak, Netanyahu and Livni..the Likud and Kadema political parties walked strait out of the pages of old Itil, capital of Khazaria, into the current world, and live among the people of the world just as they did 15oo years ago.

    current Israel is Khazaria in the world once again, reasserting their old empire, as if they had promised to themselves and to the world to right that old wrong, and to make us all pay for that original double-cross, that led to reduction of that old empire.

    that seems to me what is playing out here…the effects of an ancient trauma, asserting itself obsessively in the long search of the Khazars for a nation, they can build into old Khazaria to dominate the planet as they once dominated a vast area of europe.

    there is the religious eliment of the conversion, which took place sometime before the double-cross, and a conversion that surely legitimizes in their minds, Palestine as the place where their recreation could and would take place.

    the politcal, the social conjunction of a terrible defeat at the hands of violent tribes which cut them to pieces, killed their livestock, raped their women, razed their lands and drove them out of their domains.

    the men apparently were tricked away in war and plunder, and while their nation was defenceless the tribes, the collaborators of the Rus/Byzantines, were made to descend upon the defenceless Khazarians at home.

    this is somthing like what went on but that was the par
    in european history.

    it seems to me hat we ought to see who the jews really are to get a full grip of what their domination of all western countres really means for the world.

    in the first place the jews are european and white. the small sephadic jewish minority hails from around north africa and african asia and europe like Spain, Italy, France etc

    the western white elites certainly came to know that the jews were indeed white people and perhaps that has been a factor in the combination of jewish and westerm white power arrayed against the rest of the world.

    there has been little seperaton and divison at the top. but at the bottom of western society the ordianry people have been riven with ant1 semitism.

    but divisions mean control and so we have not really had an encouragement from the top to celan up anti-semitism which sees a tool to keep both Jew and now Jew in line

  8. I’m still waiting to make some sense of all that rambling Navin! come to the point so we can all learn something.

  9. I will give you a more original thought Felix. The people that many claim to be the Jews are a simply frauds and imposters. If one is to use the Bible as a gauge, then only one race of people have being abused, misused, maligned by all others, and eventually scattered across the globe as depicted therein. Irrespective, they hold no malice against any, and would promote the interest of others over their own even to their own detriment. I am of course referring to the people of the global African Diaspora. The selfish, greedy, and evil behaviors that are perpetuated by these folks that purport to be Jews, is almost incomprehensible to anyone with any semblance of reason. Let the revisionist historian have their way, but in time, the truth shall prevail. I stand corrected.

  10. heh heh..this once made it.

    making sense of of my ramble should not be difficult.

    I admit I am all over the place but we are trying to explain the jewish/palestinian situaton and I dont see how we can without some idea of the whole story

    well I gave what I know of it and suggest that the Jewish people are Khazars with a particularly violent cultural provenance of very long standing, who conveted to Judaism around 1200-1300 years ago.

    I pointed to their current dominat postion in the power circles of the world, their long standing obsessive desire for a state of their own, in Palestine, to which they have no claim at all.

    yet we have that state in the reality of Israel, perpetrating the current atrocity with which we are dealing.

    I thought this atrocity, those that went before in this mix, and those further that loom ahead, fit nicely into the ramblin perspective I offered.

  11. yes neal! yuh right! Africans! we promoe the ineterests of all others over our own and of other Africans.

    we believe so aggressively in the promotion of the ineterst of others over our own, we are prepared to beat each other into submission to achieve this end, no mater how long it takes.

    it has taken 50 years so far in the Congo. it took 25 in Angola until we killed our own Jonas Savimbi so that some ‘peace?’ could reign.

    our determination that all Africans at home or in our diaspora learn this lesson, of the promotion of others over us all, astounds!

    back to the Congo it dawned on me just recently, that I was a little boy, a child when it happen, but I remember still the social ambient around me when Patrice Lumumba was killed.

    and dag ‘Hammerskjold’ too…the then UN sec Gen.

    I remember because his nae was a source of interest for me,now coming into consciousnes of the diverse world and names diferent from christian and east Indian names with which I have been familiar from the start.

    the killing in the Congo has barely paused, since i was a child to now…in the promtion of the interest of white and jewish mineral corporations, over the interst of the Africans of the Congo.

    right there is your ultimate promotion of the inetersets of others over our own…par excellence! incomparable! and we have died in droves to ensure that it continues and is maximised.

    dedication, determination, focus and eficiency in a job excellently done. DeBoes are grateful indeed.

    yet I dont know neal…this is an achivement I wud not want to sign to the heavens like you do here.

    trust would only make the rest of the laff deliriously! uproariously!…and I am sure you are not in the business of comedy!

  12. I am one that always enjoy promoting a policy whereby one should attempt to emulate success Navin . As you might agree the Jews did not always have this fervent support of the USA and fellow Europeans as they tried to carve out a niche for themselves in that convoluted region named the Middle East . It was only when they finally buried differences and rallied together to put a whipping on the butts of confused , divided Arabs that the countries mentioned saw where Israel could be used for their own advantage.
    The fundamental question to ask is who shapes foreign policies in corridors of power of the powerful allies to Israel? The answer is obvious , it is the Jews political figureheads and powerful lobbyist that resides in these respective countries. 800,000 Rwandans are murdered as the US dominated UN remains asleep. Hundred of black Haitian boat people are turned back as economic refugees in Florida , while George H Bush as well as “1st black president ,” Bill Clinton played golf and thousand of Cubans become citizens overnight after Castro emptied his prisons . Congo and Sudan are privileged to possess two of the longest running civil wars in the history of the world , as so called African Americans, Afro Caribbean and misguided Africans led by two of the worst Secretary of States -in the form of Powell and Rice- in the history of American politics run around like headless chickens as they ensure that peace prevails in Europe, Asia thrives economically , and Caucasian Russians remains unaccountable for the mayhem it helped create as a result of a stupid 40 year Cold War division and rivalry with nemesis USA – go figure. Yes the same conniving Russia that opened the floodgates to expanding jewish settlements after pretending to care about the causes of nuvo rich Arabs for years.
    I am optimistic however that true conscious can soon prevail amongst black middle class elites globally, but won’t hold my breath .

  13. well….its you Neal who seemed to be pushing soemnthing blac, African, derived from our way as exemplary in the world.

    I must have read yu wrong! yu probably were sarcastic, tongue in cheek!

    all the same the whole picture or the best facsimile of it that anyone can muster, seems to be the way out …a least for me.

    all the evil in social life is systematic and must be so, can only be so.

    along with the systematic violence endemic to exploition of ‘man by man,’ the long term and routine human violence as handmaiden of normal sociel activities, the class domination that gave rise to this way of life, out of that which went before…it follows that a thorough-going social revolution, that ushers in a democracy, a real one,… that is in embryo as we speak… is the solution to human problems.

    it seems simple to me, that human society has arrived at a point of fundamental change, when the old way is completely decayed, spent, run any progressive and expansionary phase it may have now old and decayed and must die and be replaced by a new and positive way of social organisation.

    the old way simply, has frustrated so far, the new potential for democracy to this point, and in doing so threatens all of human existence as a result.

    the new way its coming to be is the province of all the ordinary people, not just workers but all, the great majority in whose interest it is, to foment and create revoluton, to carry it right through.

    it is the only way to correct current human evil which is relevant to the system.

    all things are relative, so evil, as the christians claim exists, in justfication for theie own existence….does not in fact exist as sone seperate form in the world, solid and independent, like a cold that one can catch…or that we can, by choice so to speak, partake of as if it is there…just there.

    evil does not exist in the world in such form…crime does, criminal activity, lack of integrity.

    the nature of the system rewards what we call evil behaviour but is in fact crimminal behaviour by any measurement…against man and nature.

    to change evil, to eliminate evil is to change society at root, to produce a democracy, a cooperative society that rewards cooperative activity, activity to the commom good.

    given that subjectivity is the normal condition of the human mind, having been born individuals, ignorant and insecure, so subjectivity evolves with society and represents itself in the forms of any current day.

    currently subjectivity represents in the evil of a Bush and a Cheney, all the way down to the ordinary stabbing on the street for the change in your pocket…in the routine total lack of care of individuals for others in ordianry daily existence

    subjectivity, ‘selfishness’ therefore is natural but currently a very gnorant and short-sighted thing after long years of capitalist conditioning.

    but the limited manner in which subjectivity currently expresses itself, can be cured by knowledge of human truth which…. quite obvious truth

    the greatest expression of self interest – subjectivity – is to work for the survival of the human species fo survival of he species can guarntee survivla of the individual on an on-going basis…while the opposite of this is not true.

    the literal survival of the individual, alone, gurantees nothing. that individual will end and so and all with it.

    for the individual and society to come to see the fundamental cooperative basis of human survival, for the indivudal to come to see itself inextricably bound up in nature with the entire species….that all humans came from the same source and have the very same interests…. that we are all in this together and that the point is human survival, collecive and diverse… for diversity, hybridization on all levels of life, is actually the greatet human rsource, the only one that we actually posess as part of our bodies, live with, help increase with our own reproduction and expqansion….and actually do take with us… opposed to the ceaseless accumulation of money in the process of which we destroy our habitat ….. is through revolutionary change from a systent that promotes such ignorance to one which fosters truth and human intellectual expansion

    the only way the individual and society as a whole can come to see that the point is to answer the question in the postive …how does humanity survive indefinetly in an evolutionary universe?…is through revolutionary means, the over-throwing of the current status quo, that is no utterly backward, ignorant, fosters and imposes same ignorance on the entire human specxies by rigging the intellectual process in ways that condition the people into belief and life by lies in all phases and areas of life

    we live by religious lies, historical lies, scientific lies…divided on gender,on class, on issues on race….divided by al manner of ideas and issues.

    with regard to race the very greatest human resouce….our biological diversity has been turned into a weapon of mass divisiveness against the people of the world.

    we hate each other on skin colour, even as it has been proven already, the function of skin colour in human survival, its utterly fundamental influence in our survival…that we are able to mutate and survive in all and every environment we encouner.

    not to mention of course, the global quilt of biological immunities that is consistent with the spread of skin colour around the planet…as well as the intellectual variety that is consistent with cultural variation.

    is that an advantage or not?

    it most certainly is….when one considers the vastness of the job that is required to answer the question: how does humanity survive indefinetly in an evolutionary universe?

    against the backdrop of these facts, on such consideration does it not become clear, the stupidity with which we deal with in the elites who dominate global social life currently?

    in the decripitude of capitalism, these activiely, aggressively, pointlessley, openly… work against the interest of the human spcies by supressing truth, conditioning for maximum ignorance, poisoning the human intellectual superstructure with lies and misdirection.

    and at the pinnacle of this insanity are the Khazars, the current jews..ceaselessly working aganst the interest of the humna species, bragging openly when they humiliate such as presidents..and president of the supposed most powerful nation…the USA.

    Little ‘Khazaria’ now controls the power in the world and can make everybody grovel…this while the world turns colder and we do not have clue as to how to deal with it….

    this while their genetically modified foods imediately give rise to deseases like Morgellons, which we have never ever seen before in the world…and have no cure for

    this while the world has been brought to its knees by their atrocious debt based banking system….

    this by endless ponzi games in all areas of life…in oil abd its pricing, in investment, in agriculture, in the environment… seeking to enslave and control and to push global systems of governance by forcing erroneous and concocted and dangerous nonsensical ideas like global warming…

    the list of danger and evil done sytematically in social life is endless, comprehensive, complete… for that is the only way the old order, the currentr elites of an old and dead way of life…. can act to save itself…by lies and mass murder, wars of waste, mass criminal activity in all areas of life….

    the elites who dominate life can do nothing again positve in life. their ‘positive ‘ time is done. the elites must “kill life in order to save it” as they say, in conjunction with the whole village in another mans land ‘they’ had to kill in order to ‘save it for democracy’

    their way, the capitalist way cant work and even the capitalists have abandoned it as we speak. they are now socialists from the top down, as the “banksters” and the governments merge in western countries in order to better save themselves…an impossible task for csapitalism is as dead as a dodo…and society globally has run up on its twin forks of options.

    these options are obvious: the ordinary people of the world carry through a social revolution or we descend into some form of capitalist, engendered disaster, as the capitalist elites try to perpetuate forever their domination over society.

    no revolution…. then look out for the war the end all war…or industriall disasters….or the deliberate loosing of dangerosu chemicals or deseases on masses of people…genocdides everywhere, especially in Africa and India….and some attempt at the creation of a ‘Brave New World’

    that is all the capitalist have to offer now..disasters…their options having run out. they have no positive option for the human species.

    thats why all the evil in the world…and thats way evil is not specific to colour for it is in the waters of life everywhere capitalism has flowed and influenced, evolved so systematically in an evil sysem that has now run its ‘postive’ course and phase fully.

    there is no way to go now but up to democracy or down to Brave New World and total human disaster

    ‘pay your money and take your chances’ or make your choice for the revolution.

    (very funny…but quite serious indeed)

  14. You give me too much credit navin ,or perhaps its your way of telling me to keep my trap shut and return to the foxhole from whence I came with my distorted ideas re my commentary on the real Jews of the world as opposed to what I perceive as the evil selfish phonies hell bent on using phantom victimization as a crutch all the way to the 50 th century, while practicing with glee their own version of state terrorism against divided and confused regional Arabs , Persian and Turkish Muslims with tactic support of European allies and the USA at the helm.
    Speaking of Angola and Jonas Savimbi, I happened to be in that country for a short period in the late 90’s when his slickness our so called “1st black president Bill Clinton ,“controlled the Whitehouse. It was almost comical – except it was not funny in the least- to see him struggle to maintain his sanity as he attempted to hold out to get some relief from his former allies – Jesse Helm of the Republican party and the white South African henchmen that helped destroy his country at the height of the Cold War and Castro’s adventures in that country. Every morning I’ll wake up to see 50 boys and girls under 10 begging at my door , or travel throughout the city of Luanda and observe hundreds of women fighting for water at a single stand pipe , in the country laden with diamonds, oil and other natural resources carded for Pretoria , Europe and Norte Americana. As for Congo, need I say Mobuto sese seko? We know who propped him up for decades and why , until they had no more uses for him . There is a common thread that runs between these two regions – both treath their women like garbage under the guise of culture, both are run by some of the most sadistic , uncaring leaders – with few exception, both are prepared to sell their souls and country for mere morsels as long as such actions can reflect in a positive cash flow in their Swiss and other offshore accounts, and both would remain backward unless their respective peoples led by a vibrant middle class have the courage to stand up and push back against their real enemies. John Perkin‘s ‘The confession of an economic hit man’ is a useful read to see the evils of runaway capitalism led by one super power, I wish I can put my hands on the equivalent about the ideological bozos’ on the opposite socialist side , for they were just as evil. some might agree.

  15. Khazar domination and capitalism have become synonymous, replete with rapacious banking system that inflates and conrols money oall over planet earth.

    it is interesting to note that nations where there is no debt-based reserve, banking system… are the very nations targetted for attack and anihilation currently.

    it is also interesting for example to note that american president John F Kennedy was embroiled in a number of basic issues in opposition to the interests of the Khazars in america…whohad took control of american banking in 1913, imposed a debt-based reserved system nationally.

    with a view and intent to restore american public control of american banking and money supply, Kennedy issued a presidential directive or order, that the american treausry print up billions of dollars as certificates representing the value of silver at fort knox…. that the american government as representatives of the people could use without debt, interest is the right of an and all nations.

    that meant the end of the federal reserve system, an end to the financial monopoy that has brought the world to is knees curently..owned, operated and controlled by international Khazaria.

    that is as sure as day part of the reason why Kennedy was assassinated. and it is also as certain that all end every reason why he was killed had to do with there he was treading fundamentally on the control of the USA by Khazars

    it may also be important to note that Islamic banking is of a different nature to debt-based western banking, which is as noted, a rip-off from start to finish, conceived in corruption and will likely end in the destruction of the planet.

    the spread if Islam is not consistent with capitalist expansion and maintainence. to stop Islam is to stop a major attack on capitalism by way of protecting its major instrument..debt-based, reserve banking.

    now if you study the history of the Khazars one fact should strike you immediately, smack in the face…how this history, mirrors literally the history of the days of the Khazar empire in AD central europe.

    the same games are evident, the same set up of forces, an empire the Byzantines, Khazaria (Israel) the rise of the Russians, corruption from one end to the next, the use of surrogates to protect this or that flank, shifting alliances and betrayals galore..infiltrations and control….much as the USA has been infiltrated and taken over so that the tail wags the dog.

    and war and more war…atrocity after atrocity..treaties and betrayals of treaties and more war. the currentr massacre in the gaze is nothing out of the ordinary as actions by the Khazars who have been always like that from their days on the steppes of europe/asia..from day one all the way through. they have no changed as far as I can see

    the Khazars were defeated, ultimately dispersed into europe to emerge currently as Israel, seeking to restablish an empire as they used to have with all manner of trauma in the mix, from their experienc all the way through.

    the Khazar-Jewish-Israelite strength is capitalism, their growth to complete mastery of that sytem and its uses as a tool of conquest to dominate the world… and to achieve now, their never-lost ambiton of the recreation of Khazaria.

    and as capitalism is their tool it follows they are the implacable enemy of all laternative to capitalism.

    the Khazar power in the world has used the weastern powers, especially the USA in which a rabid ani-communism was evolved…to beat back all alternative to capitalism till now.

    and as Islam spreads at the expense of christianity,we have a war against terrorism around the world, in which Islam has been demonized as terrorist par excellance…and a war of the worlds scenario called the clash of civilisations.

    well it seems to me the banking systems are at the bottom of it all…the money and how it is to be made and controlled..aho is to control and therefors dominate.

    all power in the end rests on the money, the wealth and who controls it.

    in capitalism only the few can be rich, wealthy, enjoy the fruits of life…. for there must be workers and oddles of unemployed to keep the employed honest and true to his exploiter–er! I mean to his employer.

    but in Islam we have the means for a beter life for all or the many. and the principles of Islam appear to offer a way out for all, although I am no expert in Islam.

    but I can see that there must be more to this war on terror/clash of civiliations thing. there has to be something basic to it thats not being spoken.

    and it is a clash of civilisations of sorts..between the Khazars and their capitalism and Islam who would be against the treatment of the Palestinains, opposed to the expansion of Israel into an empire at the expense of the nations of the middle east.

    any alternative that arise and puts paid to capitalism ends the Khazar effort in the middle east. the Khazars must depend on hosy nations to cary out their middle east effort for there is nothing is israel and they make little there that creates a sustaining wealth to see them through.

    the Khazars in the creation of Israel, as opposed to just being citizens of the varius nations of the west into which they were born..must be rapacious parasites, turning their western home nations into hosts which they suck dry to keep Israel up as it expands in search of sustaining wealth of its own to go on.

    that is the unfortaute situation america now finds itself the body, the rich body that can be milked dry to help create and sustain the parasitic state of Israel/Khazaria.

    as america falls apart, sucked dry there is no money to meet the needs of its own people, even as they cannot turn of the spigot that flows into Isreals’ larder.

    americans go unemployed, hungry, starved out, so that Israel can live.

    American young peole go fight and die, get chopped-up, horibly injured and crippled for life for Israel. trillions of emerican treasue is wasted on wars for Israel. Banks that have ripped off wall street and millions of americans now doubly rip off americans in huge bailouts of Khazar owned and run companies.

    this can happen because the Khazars have become past masters of manipulating the capitalist system and its electoral politics and so own all and every american politician, know all their business and personal faults, blackmail them, corrupt them and control them so that they vote for anythng and everything the Khazars want.

    an interesting digression is the usual call that goes up in the world for evolving countries to go democratic, with the one man one vote, representstive electoral system with political parties, bicameral legislatures and cabinet government…replete with huge bureaucracies.

    well! no developing country get get anywhere encumbered with all that expensive and unproductive, time-consuming administrative baggage.

    and of course such an administrative set up is super easy to manipluate from afar by corpoation and foreigh power.

    the Khazars who occupy the western power, the dominant power in the world insist on such a set up for the developing world and the rest is all plunder as usual, as again they are past master of manipulating such administrative sets.

    any basic social change disrupts Khaza control. the Khazars must have en inequitable system to dominate whole societies, the world.

    where there was no inequitable system, the Khazars have manipulated ceaselessly to create one…ergo our current debt-based, reserve banking system.

    and through this banking system, particulary where it grew to take over and control the amrican money supply, the printing of money and lending it to the government as debt… essence counterfeiting and inflating the valid money supply and directing all its proceeds into their pockets…the Khazars have grown to own and control all that is worthwhile on planet earth…including for example every worthwhile sports franchise on planet earth…save perhans the one that was allowed to Bob Johnson, for harvesting and selling out to them…the neglected blac televison audience in the USA…Black Entertainment TV.

    which is why Khazars and capitalism are now one and the same thing, synonymous…a total consistentcy.

    the Khazars will also be consistent with any eggregious systematic effort that flows out of capitalism as it effort to maintain their class position and power at the top of society.

    so any effort at Brave new world will also be theirs…and as usual as the implacable enemy of anything but capitalism all… alternative to capitalism will find itself under Khazar attack

  16. the intelectual left, the bureaucratic left is the reaction in waiting.

    the belive ther are the future but capitalism loves them and wil ultimately allowed tjem into power for the bureauctatic state-state capitalism s the best they can actually offer to the people.

    real democacy has no use for the intelletual left.unless such a left understand their fate, disavow it and join with the people to do their honest part in any revolutionary circumstance that may arise.

    they wil do their part and no more or less. they must be part of the whole in normal and regular interhange – teaching and learning too.

    the intellectual left particualry those out of the best capitlaist schools have no monopoly on truth. they are an elite class really who will not let go of power as the revolution grows and requires increasing democacy, increasing people control of society.

    they will not wither away the means by which they havearrived at power but strengthen it…which means party and bureaucracy still those strangles the revolution and becomes the reaction..imosing a dictatorship on the people

    that is one reason why the left ends uo distating to the people, treating them as awfully as the capitalist once did.

    capitalism can live witht that, make deals with it, suport the truncation of human aspirations it becomes, opposed to revolutionary democracy as it is.

    ony spontaneous social action can avoid that phase of social evolution in which a nasty left comes to power which nasty left would be indistinguishable from the nasty right

    spontaneous uprisings if they represent a deep movement and goes far in revolutionary action must avoid the inellectuals rising among them.

    to do so the poliical acitivity, clerical activity, intellectual activity of a non-direct sort must be de-emphasised and actually earmning of a living, the participating in the creration of wealth emphasised.

    everybody must be activiely involved in the prodcutiong of the material means of the survival and furtherance of the revolution.

    all politial and representative activity must be shortterm, the names a candidates draw from a hat..and when the job is done the candidate returns to normal work.

    and when representgative work comes up only those with a previous qualification relevant to the job to be done would be/should be considered

    ways must be evolved to ensure no social structure arises that provides a bridge for the reactionary to re-asseert any kind of social dictatorship on society

    but it must always be borne in mind that the intellectual left is the reaction, the counter-revolution already in place…..ready to subvert the peoples democracy…regardless of how it looks beforehand…no matter how progressive they look on the way forward.

  17. Very interesting history lesson my friend. It makes a lot of sense even if half of us do not have the patience to decipher what you are saying in its entirety. Some would hold on fervently to this notion of parting of red seas, Moses taking the Jews out the land of bondage and similar craps.
    I prefer to look at the roles played by greedy Arabs followed by evil conniving European miscreants that went into Africa and stole Africans, then transport them across the Atlantic to do the task that neither they nor many other weaker races were incapable of performing.
    The real Jews hopefully would stand up to be counted, perhaps it is only then that the world might evolve into a peaceful, , environmentally sound entity that we can all be proud to call home.
    It is my hope that this President and his administration have the cohunes’ to stand up to all these Middle Eastern tugs of whatever ilk and say once and for all blackmail won’t work any more, and the US citizens won’t stand another day of using their tax dollars to subsidize your pointless warmongering obsessions and pennant of inhumanity to others that on the surface appears to be different .As for the Arabs we would seek out oil, gas and other vital resources elsewhere. With regard to the Jews, they must be told that the guilt trip charade is stale news, and won’t work anymore. It’s laughable, but one cannot have the third largest/ powerful military in the world and still claim victim hood.
    Instead he might have the courage to say, that this is a new day and the continent from which my father emanated- Africa and the millions of folks that look like us both across the globe will finally get a piece of the pie that was given to others via the skewed, racially bias actions of the last 43 US Presidents. Keep up your Pipe dreams Neal, the legacy of slavery is alive and well for the global black middle class leadership is yet to collectively find true consciousness, which is the first step to true social, political and economic development of his neglected race.

  18. A necessary re-write!

    January 17, 2009 at 1:53 pm
    the intelectual left…… the left that becomes the bureaucracy…. is the reaction-in- waiting.

    these capitalism loves for capitalism can live with the bureaucratic state capitalists.

    real democacy has no use for the intelletual left, unless such a left understand their carded fate, disavow it and join with the people to do their honest part in any revolutionary circumstance that may arise.

    the intellectual left will do its part and no more or less. the intellectual left must be part of the whole in normal and regular interhange – teaching and learning too.

    they intellectual left is not a superior pat of any social movement, just part like all oher parts. any ‘superiority’ based on education must be instantly reconciled away for the the garbage

    the intellectual left particualry those out of the best capitalist schools have no monopoly on truth. they are an elite class in waiting, who will seek to usurp revolutionary power shud the circumstance arise….and not let go of power as the revolution grows and requires increasing democacy, increasing people control of society as a whole.

    the intellecual will not wither away the means by which they have arrived at power but strengthen them…which means party structure and government bureaucracy, risen supreme…which strangles the revolution and becomes the reaction..imosing a dictatorship on the people

    the so left ends up dictating to the people, treating them as awfull as the capitalist once did.

    capitalism can live with that, the state capitalist into which the intllecual left morphs….make deals with it, suport the truncation of human aspirations it becomes, as such is opposed to revolutionary democracy.

    only spontaneous revolutionary action can avoid that phase of social evolution, in which a nasty left comes to power, turns into its oposite and establishes a dictatorship…a dictatorship equal to or worse than the old capitalism.

    spontaneous uprisings if they represent deep movement and go far in revolutionary action, must contain and direct the inellectual groups rising in the movement.

    political, clerical, all indirect activity intellectual activity must be de-emphasised as superior activity, made equal to all other social emp[loyment. actually earning of a living in the creation of national wealth emphasised must be emphasised as national good…and no particular form of employment is to be given presitie over and above any other.

    all must be actively involved in the prodcution of the material means of the survival of the nation and movement, and furtherance of the revolution.

    all politial and representative activity must be short-term, the names candidates draw from a hat proverbially

    and when the job is done the candidate returns to normal work.

    selection for representative should be based on committment to the revolution

    ways must be evolved to ensure no social structure arises that provides a bridge for the reactionary to re-assert any kind of social dictatorship

    the nature of the left intellectual class must always be borne in mind…. that that class constitutes a social danger if it is not properly managed.

    the intellectual left in charge of the revolution is the reaction, the counter-revolution already in place…..ready to subvert the peoples democracy…regardless of how it looks beforehand…no matter how progressive they look on the way forward.

    the intellectual left would need to the commitment of the people to achive revolutionary national goals.

    this support is spontaneous and forth coming once the people are in charge and they are working for themselves, for the nation…once the people are intimately involved in all social process including the decision-making and planning of goals and objectives.

    the intellectual left does not see things this way. the decison-making, the formulation of plans goals and objectives is their right by education and teaining. the lumpen are not ready so they must do it all, until the lumpen is trained to participate at such levels…a training and prepaation they intellectual will never see too.

    the intellectual left works for the revolution, agitates for it, plans for it? even if they do they cannot tell if an when a revolutionary circumstance wil actually arise. that depends on the people and often happens with spontaniety

    in such circumstance as if of right the intellectual left moves to the fore and the subversion of the original revolutuionary activity begins.

    but that intelletual left must be taken over and submerged into the revolution from the start. for them to lead he revolutuion is the disaster that would need down the road a second revolutiona against thes very people…the intellectual left.

  19. Evil cannot spread without believers. If Righteous Men and Women would only stand up for the Truth. To much Rambling all over, now is the Time People should start seeking after truth on the knees. No one can claim God as their’s. God is no Racist!!
    The Truth of the matter is: There are TOO MUCH Professionals and Experts in this world!!!. We don’t need another Professional, what we need today is: Sincere Men and Women all over who should stand up for Righteousness. To much Mammon bowing down after the westernize dollar bill $$$$$. Herein Lies their Power, power after Lust and Greed.
    Always know that this power only comes from Paper and True Power comes from above. Today most of this Paper is not even backed by Silver , neither by Gold. Who is checking all these draughts and Loans being made out from thin Air. Who Professes to be the Elite Race upon the Earth? Who professes to be the Top $$$$ money men of this world?
    Stop and see that they want us to be just as we are- Divided and weakened. Divide and rule has always been their Motto- It is growing stronger day by day. Come on we are not That Stupid!!!!!!
    The human intelligent will cannot be fooled all the Time. If God was working with these people, if they are a chosen race, am afraid we are all DOOMED to slavery and mind controlled.
    “He came unto his own, and his own received him not” John 1:11.
    Check out Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9. We need to do some recollection here.

  20. You are killing us navin. What’s the deal here ? Are you writing a book or auditioning for some PR position . Leave these deep intellectual diatribes for the lecture halls ,and the ears of some pimple face excitable college kid. In contrast ,we the adults on this blog are busy folks who prefer to read something authentic and original ,and not the regurgitation of some baseless theory that perhaps was in vogue during the William Shakespeare Elizabethan era.
    Please cease forthwith and tell us what you really think about the Middle East. Is Israel practicing state terrorism? Did Muslim become the new convenient enemy after the demise of the USSR? Should greedy self obsessed Arabs leaders play a role in reparation to Africa for their roles in slavery ? Are Arabs and Jews destined to be a loggerheads for the rest of their lives because stupid religious dogma make both camps foolishly think that God gave them some claim of right to the land they both clamor ?
    Israel with all their nuclear technology and other military arsenals garnered from the USA and ex military political leaders at the helm seems certain that they can force Arabs and other regional Muslim into acceptance via , humiliation of their leaders , and wanton destruction of their countries while practicing what Jimmy Carter aptly described as systemic genocide against Palestinians even as the world and various respected bodies sit idly by impotent with looks of horror and consternation. What’s your take ? See where I am going with this navin -substantive issues , not obscure obfuscation , humm? How you past our blogging censors is beyond me with what must be view as spam !

  21. man wat is so deep and unfathomable in what I said?

    why cant grown and mature people understand all said at a glance.

    if the Jews or anyone or any people behave in a consistent manner… what are we going to asses them on…what is said of them, what they say of themslves… or what they do, how they live…have lived consistgently over time?

    to understand the limitless violence and stupidity, the utter backwardness of Jewish activity in the world, is to see them as Khazars for what hey are..the descendants of a Turkish tribe from the steppes of Asia, who converted to Judaism at some point….formed and lived as they have been, fromed from that experience.

    if you know their formative history, all that you see of them now comes into better focus and you know with whom you are dealing.

    if you see the Jews as Khazars, actually white people, ethnic caucasians, and not ethnic Sephardic for eg., you might see that some of the compromises that allowed them to be as dominant as they are currently, might have been made on that fact alone..racist fact, by previous western govenments.

    yu might see that what they have been allowed is on the basis of white racism too, not only on holocaust guilt…the holocaust about which there is much historical doubt actually happend the way it is told.

    all wester governments would have long been privvy to that actual history, that began to be publicly know by the 1970’s onwards..a simple history and yet not well know enven currently.

    most importantly for such as you, you will see the ignorant brutality at the heart of the matter on the Khazar side…the total ignorance of these people, uncivilised and backward, in no way comparable to the simple advancement currently, of some ordinary people, who might have have realised for example… that wait a minute!…all man from one place you know, all man the same and that we changed to survived…in response to environmental survival demands….the changes in fact very good, and that all people have a right to live, as free and democratic as possible on the day.

    these Khazars do not even know this, obviously do not live by any auch principle, are not as advanced as this simple formulation…are formed of something horrendous… and that is why they can do the terrble things they do in the world, as easy as drinking a glass of water.

    that is how they have always been, have not changed from their days on the wild steppes..have walked straight out of the pages of history into the modern world without so much as a bath.

    I simply figured that with access to computers and the inter, such as you Neal would have accessed wikipedia for example, and checked out KHAZARS by now.

    there is a lot I have said that was and is easily verifiable..right or wrong…just a click of the mouse away.

    if you corect or corroborate me we advance here do we not?

    why the groans? just check it out!







  23. Narvin let me break it down to you as far as your Khazars articles and halfhearted, paltry reactions -especially by yours truly. There might just be some merit in everything you’ve described. I personally despise bullies, folks that lack empathy to the plight of others in suffering , calculating individuals that turned victim hood into an art form , groups that hide behind stupid psychological ploys or distorted religious dogma , to justify their greed , disgusting ,evil and selfish attitudes towards others all under the guise of fearing a repeat of history as occurred under the hands of lunatic Austrian/ German some 6 decades ago. Let me put on record that my prime concerns are for the neglected people of African decent that many across the globe of all racial and ethnic background have taken sadistic pleasure in using, abusing , exploiting ,and finally blame for all the ills of the world where possible.
    Navin if you’ve taken the time to read any of my blogs you’ll recognize by now that I am passionate about all my fellow human beings, irrespective of their make up . It is for this reason why I have attached myself via work to a global organization entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the security, economic development , as well as social and political empowerment of all. Unfortunately it has failed miserably to live up to its mandated ideals due to the skillful operation of a small power elite satisfied with the imbalance of the global status quo. This I’ll elaborate on in due course.
    For obvious reasons, I cannot help but be concern about the real Jewish people of the African Diaspora scattered across the globe perhaps due to their neglect of our bibliical God – if the Kings James Bible is to be believed. You know the folks whose free labor helped build most of the world’s dominant , and some not so prominent nations. The resource laden virgin continent has unfortunately seen its share of rape of its resources as well as wanton carnage both at the hands of greedy Europeans, conniving Asians, sleazy Arab foreigners, and non caring complicit domestic leaders through the decades.
    I simply hope in my lifetime to see a change of fortunes for these people with historical inferiority complex towards perennial oppressors that always seem to have to play catch up to others . Why I wonder can’t they not similarly utilize perhaps some of the powerful savvy , craftiness practiced by others to manipulate the world while still howling like a horny cat at night about perceived sufferings?
    Perhaps I thought , its time for some of them to finally join hands with conscious others within the Diaspora , as well as progressives of other races and ethnic groups to uplift their own and help elevate themselves and the virgin continent into a position of respectability through global economic and political empowerment.
    I am fully aware of your “well research Wikipedia Khazar mantra ,’but as you guessed could care less. Explain to me instead about the 1982 Sabra & Chatila savagery at the hands of Ariel Sharon aka The ‘Butcher of Lebanon ‘, and how the fiasco led to global condemnation and a well oiled PR exercise by Israel to turn around / enhance their images abroad so as to make it more palpable for Western consumption -especially their fervent benefactor.
    Talk to me about Ethiopian black Jews that were conveniently brought into the country – in 1991 via operation Solomon -when the Republican liberal 41st President G H Bush decided to draw a line in the sand with respect to foreign policies in that region as it relates to Jewish settlements and continued aid for Israel. Explain their justification for resorting to treating the good Africans as fourth class citizens , via blatant discrimination and racial ostracizations over phantom claims of blood contaminations, once they had no uses for them anymore.
    Speak to me about the unfortunate murder of the only ex general PM that really cared about unconditional peace with Arabs – Yitzhak Rabin at the hands of a religious nut . While you are at it touch on the UN’s much acclaimed Non Proliferation Treaty and explain how Israel was able to ignore it to the extent of developing a comprehensive nuclear program that became the world’s worst kept secret , while at the same time doing everything in its power to thwart the efforts of misguided divided Muslims such as Iraq and Iran from doing the same, yet suffered no penalties blow backs by global authorities with US at the helm.
    Explain White apartheid South Africa and who made them powerful and a military replica of themselves, helped developed their nuclear program and mysteriously eradicated same on the country’s behalf ,once it was understood that a black Bantu government was inevitable.
    Since I do not care ,I’ll leave out for the moment ,USSR/ Russian and European migrations blackmails to the USA and when curbed ,to Israel , as well as explanations as to why the top 9 out of 10 millionaires in post socialist Russian were Jews. I hope that you are not attempting to convince us that all these unwholesome actions are the result of some Khazar innate quality peculiar to Jews , my friend ,as you would certainly be insulting our intelligence.
    There is absolutely nothing more reprehensible to me than an ethnic group of people , that hides behind some frail cultural norm via religion , or historical anormaly to explain away un palatable and atrocious modern behaviors. But what do grown, mature , Third world idiots really know ? Come on edify us Narvin , we are at your mercy – you phony. To think that my country’s leaders is stupid enough to be using failed security playbooks from this region to try and solve crimes that a 1st year criminal justice , or UWI sociology student can help eradicate in record times for much less if requested. Proves how desperate we have become , and a blatant indication of the blind leading the blind. Go figure! The next things one knows Narvin and others like him, have has lined up a big time advisory job to the Ministry of National Security in similar fashion to our overpaid British Scotland yard protectors . Travesty? An understatement of the century.

  24. I am self censored.

    I agree with yu that my contributions have been spammish no matter how sincere.

    my first post was a ramble that was too long and was too much work to make sense of…to relate to the original post by Mr Shah.

    and I continued in that vein. hence my apology and my self-censoring.

    yes I am awful trying to prove the jews are innately wicked.

    yes you are very passionate Neal…and that means everything. as a result of your passion, feeling, and identification with all and everything in a concerned manner, you are fine!

    I was trying to foster a discussion here and I immediately struck the wrong chord and got everybody pissed, from the word go.

    so I take your common sense advice Neal and have stopped my spamming. the censors of this forum will have to take no further action.

    take it easy man. all the best!

  25. Don’t take me too serious Narvin, as I am simply having some light hearted fun at your expense , and now in true Trini fashion will turn around and indicate to you that we are on the same page.
    Like some of us, I too must try to impress other bloggers by fronting what I would like to think is my intelligence, as one never knows who some readers might know within the corridors of national political powers perhaps a safe seat near Oropuche. Better yet some similar governmental bone might be thrown my way , or with the confuse state of our foreign policy our government might finally decide that they too might want to follow Israel’s lead and start to develop/ cultivate a vibrant lobbying system in much beloved big wig countries that can bolster the fortunes of our country and eventually the region with folks like us at the forefront that understands fully global North / South subtle international relations political shenanigans. Tell you what ,presently, if one was to close down our various inflated embasseys , and missions in the countries that matters one won’t know the difference as many of the ego inflated fat cat officials have done absolutely noting of worth to further the interest of our country since Erica Williams was running around in the Prime Minister’s residence in cotton knickers and ponytail and ribbons as daddy smoked his stinky pipe and plot how to destroy ANR Robinson the Tobago upstart, or ensure thatclose pals Kamal Mohammed, Errol Mahabir ,and Johnny Ohalaran the national crooks, don’t finally destroy the country through their greed.
    I sense that your heart is in the right direction my friend . Hang in there , keep it light ,and ensure that our many country haters remains honest.I am therefore looking forward in the future to many more edyfying commentries from you. Much respect, and As cousin Stokely Carmichael would fondly say – get “ready for the revolution.”
    Regards. Neal.

  26. I’ve never read more ridiculous drivel in my entire life. My advice to this sad little man, Raffique Shah, is that he concentrate his limited worldview to his hicktown country and forget about international politics and international affairs. He has a terrible sense of his own self-worth and opinion – and to be honest, no one who matters in the grand scheme of things cares about his skewed, redneck views.

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