Kamla croaks away

By Raffique Shah
October 26, 2013

Raffique ShahType the name “Kamla” on the Google search engine and see what comes up. That “Kamla”, a very common Hindu name, instantly yields Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, suggests that she is the number one “Kamla” in the world—something we should all be proud of.

But the second word that follows the name is so disgraceful, I shall not even mention it here—not for fear of being sued for defamation (since it is fact), but because as a Trini-to-the-bone, I feel ashamed.

Now, I know the PM is not responsible for much of what is posted on the Internet about her. During the recent local government elections campaign, I heard her tell her supporters if they were dissatisfied with the performances of their councillors or parliamentarians, they should let her know via e-mail, Facebook, or other social media.

I assume, therefore, that she actively participates in postings and exchanges on the many social media sites that exist, which I hardly ever visit. These instruments and interactions, however, allow ordinary people to upload videos of their own, to manipulate and alter images and actions, and to comment on each other or on public figures.

The latest posting on the PM is a news clip from CNC3 Television, which I happened to view live last Tuesday night. The night before, elections night, when accurate results were hard to come by (which is another sad story), I was trying to follow developments via the three main television stations.

When, around 10 p.m, all stations cut their panel discussions and futile attempts to bring up-to-date numbers, and switched to a location in Siparia where the PM was addressing the UNC faithful, my jaw dropped.

I could hardly decipher the incoherent babbling coming from Kamla’s mouth. In the face of what appeared at the time to be a routing at the polls, she attempted to put a positive spin, but succeeded only in making a fool of herself.

At the time, in frustration, I switched off the television; but worse was to follow before the night was over. I didn’t think that in that state and at that hour the PM would journey to the Rienzi complex. After all, what good news was there to share? In any event, I thought she should be heading for one place—her bed.

Only the following night I would learn that she actually went to Rienzi, and in the stupor of defeat, she bellowed like a cow about to be slaughtered, croaking something incoherent. Again, I tried to figure out what she was doing. I was told she tried to sing melody lines from a song titled “This place called home”. I listened to the original on YouTube, and, well, I think Kamla and her chorus group should sing in private, behind firmly locked, soundproof doors.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I heard the lady say if she had to choose a career in her next life, it would be a crooner. I can empathise with her. In my college days, I fancied myself a calypsonian. I even had a sobriquet, Lord Carlti, which some boyhood friends use to this day. I knew the lyrics and melodies of most calypsoes, especially the bawdy ones!

But I could not sing. So, except for carrying on out of time and out of tune when we were having fun, or bellowing to my heart’s delight as I shower (even now), I never inflicted my non-talent on the public. A man must know his limits.

Joke aside, what is Kamla’s real story? She said she was aware of the video posted and the vile comments that accompanied it (I have not read them). She added that she had grown accustomed to the vilification, and she expected worse to come.

I shudder to think that she plans to take us deeper into the gutter. Because, except for one such video I have seen that appears to have been “doctored”, the others—and there are several—are authentic clips of the PM “performing”. They tell a sad story of a woman who, three years ago, fired the imagination of the public, only to let us down badly, to take us beneath the limbo bar.

What is worse is that the men around her seem incapable or unwilling to reach out to her, to lend a helping hand, to extricate her from hurtling down the highway to Hell. Make no mistake about it, the results of last Monday’s elections spell doom for the UNC and the Partnership.

With a record-high turnout of 43.5 per cent of the electorate, the ruling party mustered a mere 27 per cent of the votes cast, with the PNM surging ahead with 42 per cent, the ILP managing 22 per cent, and COP trailing with 7.0 per cent.

The coalition effectively controls only three of 14 corporations, and is virtually dead in the vital East-West corridor.

In the face of this electoral avalanche, the PM croaks and her supporters sway. A sign of the times?

7 thoughts on “Kamla croaks away”

  1. Raff, you write as someone who is an alien to TnT culture. Every year for a week the most vocal critics of the PM–PNMites engage in a wanton display of the flesh and drunkeness. They wear the skimpiest outfit and bend over to enjoy ah lil whinning. People like you Raff become silent observers of such unrestrained public display of vile vulgarity. Indeed it is now part of the NATIONAL culture.

    The PM was up late on election night, late into the midnight hours, she was obviously very tired and should have just gone home. But she choose to come and celebrate with her constituents. At her age a few drinks of champaign would be enough to cause her to slur. Yet the PNM made this none issue into an international crisis.
    Next day she opened a brand new nursing training school in El Dorado and she sat in a spanking new police car outlining the government plan for a safer nation. One of those highway patrol car would later intercept a vehicle and catch two kidnappers and free a man locked in a car trunk. Those things of course does not matter because Trinis enjoy putting down their leaders. They like beating up on the PM whose entire life is under public scrutiny. Yes Raff while you secretly enjoy a few drinks with your friends the PM is daily denied such simple pleasures.

  2. Listen to this immoral creature ,try to defend the subpar stewardship, of his Auntie Kamla, aka Basdeo Panday’s protege, by depicting her as some female victim.
    Yeah Mamboo, and if your leader cannot stand de heat, then we suggest she leave the grand stage.
    Tell her to quit placing her tail between her legs, like a Los Bajos Zandole , and instead fight back, by also redefining her regime’s agenda, or place a coherent socio- economic policy ,on the table, for the benefit of a desperate nation, and extremely tired voting public.
    Put differently,take off her apron , and get out of the Political Kitchen, if she cannot cut it without a speech writer, or other handler, close at hand.
    Just pathetic, when the reality is, that pro tribal Mamboo ,and his neo -elite PM Kamla,could care less about low end Trini females.Of this I am certain.
    When the PP was beaten in Tobago, ‘Her Majestrick Queen K’s,’Spiritual adviser ,Sat Maraj,suggested that his fellow tribal members , punish the folks of De Island Ward, for having the temerity, to rebuff phony overtures,made to them ,by self serving , disingenuous leaders, who obviously had the same contempt for them , that they possess for poor folks stuck in the Beetham, Nelson Street, Lavantille , Caranege , Belmont, and similar,’Brazilianish Favella enclaves.’
    I wonder what will be be suggested now? I am truly doubtful that the ever popular , white heaven, sky god exist folks, for if he did , he would make arrogance, and ingratitude , motal sins, punishable by…what else, hell brimstone, and red hot fire, ennnt? Long live the Republic and people of T&T!
    ‘Me think,’ that we all have a moral obligation ,to prevent barbarians ,from over running, te Trini economic gate, si?

  3. Raff is Karma boy, she said at Chaguanas west that the voice of the people is the voice of God. All Thirty-one groups wanted Jack for the by-election, she went against their wishes and hand picked Kateja Amin her reason was false allegations about Jack, which was never proven, and that is the cause for all the negative results for them today.
    If only she did not listen to the Cabal and listen to the people and choose Jack this would have strengthened the PP Collation.
    The only savior for the Partnership is to listen to the voice of the people, put aside their differences and come together with the ILP to win the future elections.

    1. Warner is a shrewd businessman, he does not need politics to live. He is a man nearing the end of years, at age 70 you want to make friends and do good for the remainder of your years. Jack’s popularity is in Chaguanas where he could be regularly seen driving his humvee stopping to eat doubles with the poor and having a drink with those who prefer rum instead of family.

      Outside of Chaguanas the appeal dies away rather quickly. He is seen as a man who only wants his hand in the treasury to assist those starving people in Chaguanas, a local Robin Hood, who spends public money with great extravagance. The Prime Minister is the opposite of a Jack a woman who for the first time addressed the needs of the citizenry outside the urban areas. She is the type of person who even though offered “kickbacks” simply said there is a process to follow, follow that process. In 3 1/2 years she got rid of several ministers who stepped out of line, Jack being the latest. She has made ever effort to run a clean government.
      Secretly PNMites support her but due to the great mental control excercise by the tribalist they can’t run from party politics.

      It must be noted that since Jack left government Raff poison pen has quietly died, similar to Rowley uneasy quiet.

  4. Mamoo, breds, be careful. In attempting to defend your beloved PM, you are not coming across as intelligent, but you probably don’t care. PNMites are not the only ones who engage in the “wanton display of flesh and drunkenness.” Ask Oma Panday. What point are you trying to get across in your first paragraph?

    New cars do not intercept vehicles, catch kidnappers and free people locked in car trunks. The truth is the PP Government is not being favoured by the voting population, and you don’t have to be a PNM to see that. They are responsible for their own downfall. The present AG is a piece of work.

    “Trinis enjoy putting down their leaders. They like beating up on the PM whose entire life is under public scrutiny.” I hope these words are not thrown back in your face some day.

    1. Fronts that is a Port of Spain view of the PP. The nature of mid term elections has always been challenging because the party out of power have a more determined base. The PNM postpone LGE twice or more times because of it. This Prime Minister was an A+ student whose report card is there for all to see. The next 18 months will prove to be her best.

      Crime will register a remarkable decline so to all the other negative indicators. I know the AG makes Dr. Rowley nervous because he is the State chief attack dog. Unleashed he is poised to make an end of Rowleys empty boast “great is the PNM”. No Dr Rowley “corrupt is d PNM”. And the stolen billions must be returned to the treasury.

      As for Oma and the Pandays they are a lot that can now boast of being foreign to the UNC. They are a pitiful, spiteful lot whose idea of creating a Ghandi type succession has been delt a fatal blow. Not to be out done Bas recently said the UNC finish and he favours a PNM win in St.Joseph. His true allegiance to the PNM is manifest during the 18-18 tie he hand over the government to Manning.

      As per PP achievements (1)66 labour disputes settle, with $1.4 billion going into the pockets of government employees, (2)El Dorado nurse training school finish (PNM was bringing in Filipinos nurses and Cuban doctors) the Chancery Lane Medical School along with British doctors coming in to train students. Locals will do the work of doctors not foreigners. The Penal, Arima, Couva and Point Fortin Hospitals will take care of health needs, (3) the Highway to Point and the one to Moruga will revolutionize transport and economic development. (4) community policing, rapid response and highway patrol will reduce crime and road deaths, (5) Costatt campuses are being built accross the nation, people can now be certified, uwi campus in Debe, laptops for all students….(6) water is now 24/7 in many homes. (7) hundreds of kilometers of roads and box drains are being built. (8) unemployment at 5%, economic growth in the positive last quater…

      Fronts buddy I can go on, but I will stop here. The backward people will always find excuses to go back to their Egypt…sadly…

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