The Charge of the Warner Brigade

By Stephen Kangal
July 10, 2013

Stephen KangalWarner chose the maximum advantage-minimum cost political strategy to enhance and repair his damaged post-FIFA image and to restore the political status quo ante- the Palmiste debacle.

All that he is alleged to have committed and not proven took place outside of the jurisdiction of T&T within the largessse of the FIFA culture of gift-giving. He did not steal from the people of T&T. The four legal opinions have discredited the Simmons Report as being legally and procedurally flawed and therefore worthless.

The attitude of the South-dominated UNC towards this move will determine how politically savy or neemakharam they are or can be. In this scenario political security is mortal’s chiefest enemy and UNC has the seeds of their own political demise and destruction if they were to choose to go against the wishes of the Chaguanas West constituents. Remember this man defeated the mighty and politically immortal BP who strode Central like the towering Dattareya Hanuman murti and has cultivated and embedded a strong and impregnable base amongst those were marginalised and discriminated against in Chaguanas.

He was their savior. He undid 50 years of ethnic marginalization and DLP/ULF/UNC neglect. Do not talk to them the Chauhaners about remote FIFA-ethics when they were ketching crabs and their ‘arse’. He was their unprecedented and long-awaited political messiah who brought their interests into the mainstream. Do not give the Felicitians poverty again lest they might chose to steal against their karmic prescriptions.

Those who are wondering about the ratio dicidendi of Warner’s master-stroke have not seen the Green pyrotechnics and boiling climax. He will annihilate the enemies “within” and bring about a new janaam or watershed in the politics of T&T.

Do not lecture Chauhaners West (CWC) about ethics and principles that consigned them to be “permanent” hewers of wood and drawers of swamp crabs that JAW changed forever. Panday et al were of good character but what did they deliver to the people of Felicity as part of their political legacy and representation? This is politics- the art of the possible and strategy to compromise in the national interest- the allocation of the rewards of the state that eluded these Chauhaners continuously under the PNM and the PDP,DLP, ULF, NAR, UNC.

Were the PNM to return to power they will be again victimized and forgotten under the guise of urban regeneration and rural neglect. Drunk or sober they the Chauhaners must mind their own political business and elect a proven MP because the hot spots(law beakers) are commandeering an unjust and inequitable share of the resources of Dharti Mata T&T.

It took a black man from Arouca to deliver the Promised Land to the Chauhaners and this they will not forget.

8 thoughts on “The Charge of the Warner Brigade”

  1. Jack, an untouchable, should commit jauhar for genuflecting before Hanuman.

    However, like most Trini Dalits, he still remains dangerously unaware of two things.

    One is being totally ignorant of the people among whom he chooses to cast his lot and be most vulnerable.

    What does JAW know of Aryan and pre-Aryan Sindhu Valley gods and goddesses; of Dharti Mata, Lord Shiva and the vast maw of deities most of which describe people as himself as untouchable? Or in TnT as ‘law breakers’.

    The next is his role–like too many other Black Trinis who carry status–of being conned into taking an historical responsibility, not for being guilty, but for being descended from victims; not for sinning, but for being sinned against.

    For all who think to abuse and denigrate the Children of the most High–even prodigals like JAW, Yahweh says, Genesis 12:3: ‘Those who curse (qll) you, I will curse (’arr); Those who bless (barakh) you, I will (barakh).’


  2. “Remember this man defeated the mighty and politically immortal BP who strode Central” As long as sugar was king Panday base was there and no one could defeat him. In his latter years when sugar disappear Panday was vulnerable and with Jack’s help Kamla became the Queen in the Western Hemisphere politics. Now a leader in her own right. To her credit and political savvy like the Queen of Sheba, the American Vice President, Chinese President came to visit along with all of the Caribbean and some Latin American leaders to the shores of TnT to meet and dialog with her just a month ago. Never in the history of TnT was there a leader of her stature.

    Jack Warner is a leader by his own right, an international figure who did a lot to bring FIFA into the 21st century. Despite 4 protestors against the FIFA report, much of what was written is correct. Jack is the slimest of the slime in business. Just ask the Brits who were told that FIFA’s world cup was coming to Britan, even the innocent Prince Williams was told so by Jack and on the day of the decision, behold the face of smiling British leaders turned sour when they lost their bid. MI6 sought to bring down Jack on one of his not so subtle bribery efforts recorded and play for the world to see. They got back at Jack and his bags of money. But Jack did not fell then despite the fact that the smile from his face was not ever present after that incident.

    The FIFA report was bad really bad, a ball by ball coverage of a scandalous Jack appeared in a daily newspaper almost everyday. Prompting Dr. Moonilal to ask the question “how come Jack not suing the newspaper”. The straw that broke the camel back was the FBI investigation into “white collar” crimes committed in Florida. The Prime Minister got wind of this and she being a lawyer was perhaps shocked and deleterious to discover that uncle Sam was now investigating Jack.

    And now the battle for Chag West is in full swing with a popular Prime Minister squaring off with an equally popular MP for the area. Jack used his bags of cash to help the poor and destitute in his area and not only his area but near and far. He never disappointed anyone except who he wanted to disappoint. Albert Gomes a great Trini would have come close in his giving to those in need as Jack Warner. Albert always had money for poor people.

    History has taught us the no one in the UNC ever learned anything from their history and those who don’t learn are condemned to repeat it…sadly. Here we go again.

  3. I hope Warner and other Africans recognize the turncoat conduct of frontline UNC members who felt they already got what they wanted from him. Of course, Warner will still be popular among poor Indians and others who still feel they can get something from him. Now we have Kamla and people like Mamoo willing to use the same arguments that others have been presenting to fight against Warner. When he served their agenda he was the best thing ever (with all the allegations around… they defended him) and now he is not serving their elitist agenda he is akin to a drug dealer who they would like to see in jail.

  4. JAW is a very interesting fellow. He has learnt that in order to get what he wants, he must go and get it for himself, not depending on anyone to do it for him. He has fought amongst the biggest (crooks) and won with and without them. To the amazement of most, he succeeded and did it his way. He was single-handedly responsible for the UNC winning the last election and had the smarts and finance to back up the elusive goals he set for himself.
    It would be an understatement to say that Jack is crocked but he understands cause and effect, something the Phds, LLBs, MDs and most of the titled elites of the UNC don’t yet understand. He sets up conditions and goals for his achievements and all that comes from the titled elites is that Jack is trying to win the seat for the PNM. This is a politically weak strategy that hinges on ethnic emotions conditioned by hate and intolerance. Could this strategy work? The people of Chaguanas are best qualified to answer that and come July 29, they surely will. Money has always played an integral part in elections and this one, even though a single constituency has all the markings of a General in scope. The big guns are out, big money is in, egos are everywhere, bets are on, expectations are many and divergent. Depending on the outcome, many a career might be broken or new ones might emerge. Many might be sad or many might be happy. In the meantime, those of us looking in from the outside are wondering what does all this mean for our lovely Trinidad and Tobago?

    1. Well said Kian. Jack attempted to get rid of the head of FIFA and he paying for it. Now he is attempting to get rid of the UNC. Ramesh, COP all tried…but Jack have the money to shift the political landscape.

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