PM Manning: I do not fear death

By Andre Bagoo and Clint Chan Tack
Friday, December 12 2008

PM Patrick ManningPRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning left hurriedly yesterday for Cuba to undergo surgery at the Cimex Hospital in Havana to remove a malignant tumour in his left kidney.

Manning made the startling revelation at the weekly post-Cabinet news conference at the Office of the Prime Minister in St Clair, where he was the only minister present.

Hours later, Manning left on board a Panamanian Copa aircraft. He told reporters that all steps have been taken to ensure that the Government functions smoothly until he returns home in early January 2009.

His wife, Local Government Minister Hazel Manning sat quietly and sadly in a corner as Manning gave the worrisome news to reporters.

Asked if he and his family were distressed and worried about the sudden situation, Manning said: “I have no fear of death and therefore I have no undue concern in this matter.”

Speaking briefly with reporters afterwards in the foyer of the Office of the PM, Manning said it was too early to tell if there is a risk of his cancer spreading to other parts of his body.

“They have only now found it. It’s a preliminary diagnosis and it’s too soon to say,” Manning told Newsday. He said he had not experienced any signs or symptoms that something was wrong, right up to the diagnosis, saying, “no, none, none at all.”

When the media arrived at the Prime Minister’s Office for the conference at 11.45 am, there was no indication that this would be different and as usual, staffers were unable to say which government ministers would be addressing the conference.

A flurry of preparations within the conference room and the appearance of Manning’s senior advisors suggested that only the Prime Minister would be speaking. However when Manning entered the room around noon, he appeared to lack his usual vigour and seemed jaded and tired.

The Prime Minister said when he left for Cuba on December 4, one of the reasons he went there was for medical attention.

On that day at the post-Cabinet news conference, Information Minister Neil Parsanlal said: “The Prime Minister is going for his regular check-up as he has been going for the last few years since his surgery. That is not a secret.” Manning had a pacemaker implant done in Cuba in 2004 as a follow up to heart surgery which he underwent on the island in 1998 when he was Opposition Leader to correct leaking valves in his heart. The Prime Minister has gone to Cuba regularly since 2004 for medical check-ups.

However on this occasion, Manning said: “The medical attention went very well but the results are not very encouraging. It has been discovered that I have a malignant tumour in my left kidney.”

The Prime Minister added that because the tumour was discovered in its early stages by his Cuban doctors, “surgical removal is all that is required.”

He explained that because of his heart condition, he is on a tablet which lengthens the time it takes for the blood to coagulate.

“So the process will involve seven days to be weaned off of that drug , then the operation should take place either next week Thursday or Friday.

“Then there will be a two week recuperation period before I return home sometime in early January,” Manning stated. However specialists here believe recuperation will take much longer.

The Prime Minister explained that because of his surgery and recuperation in Cuba, “we have had to cancel the leave of all ministers with immediate effect.

“All ambassadors have been mandated to stay at their posts until I return to Trinidad and Tobago,” he said.

Manning added that he informed President George Maxwell Richards about his surgery on Wednesday and that he would be away from yesterday until around January 3.

While Manning spoke, a concerned Foreign Affairs Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon sat amongst the media. As he concluded his statement, Manning asked reporters: “Questions please?”

When no questions were forthcoming minutes later, a surprised Manning asked reporters: “All is well?”

This prompted a flurry of questions not about his medical condition but about the economy, crime and next year’s Fifth Summit of the Americas and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and even the Udecott inquiry.

Manning spoke slowly as he answered all of these questions. When the questions finally turned back briefly to his health, Manning said the surgery was not being done locally because he had been under the care of Cuban doctors at the Cemex Hospital “for over ten years” for his heart condition.

Asked if Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley was qualified to act as PNM political leader if should he die, the Prime Minister smiled and quipped: “I will not be here. Read my lips.”

Recalling that deceased Prime Minister Dr Eric Williams stated in 1976 that he would not pick his successor, Manning said: “That has not changed. That is not a matter for me. At any rate, why are we discussing that subject? There is no vacancy.”

Adding that his wife had “kindly consented” to accompany him to Cuba, the Prime Minister was confident that his surgery would be successful.

Downplaying rumours of a Cabinet reshuffle, Manning expressed confidence in his year-old administration to govern the country effectively during his absence.

The Prime Minister said while it was “not a perfect government,” all of its members “by and large” have performed very well in their respective roles since last November’s general election.

Given the fact that he will spend Christmas and New Year’s Day recuperating in Cuba, the Prime Minister used the conference to deliver his Christmas message to the nation.

“I would like to wish to members of the national community that they experience a very happy and holy Christmas.” Manning urged citizens not to leave Jesus Christ out of Christmas and hoped “that we move on to much brighter prospects in the new year 2009.”

“God’s blessings on the national community,” the Prime Minister said as he concluded the conference.

After speaking with reporters, Manning, accompanied by his wife Hazel, made his way to the building’s elevator and to the upper floors of the Office of the Prime Minister.

Mrs Manning then left for the Prime Minister’s Residence and Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s while her husband remained at his office. The Prime Minister eventually left the building at 1.55 pm, being driven in a black Toyota bearing the licence plate ‘PM I’ and not a national coat of arms as had previously been the case.

Instead there was a small flag on the left-hand side of the car which displayed an image of the national flag, alongside the coat of arms. The Prime Minister’s car was accompanied by two others.

The entire motorcade then drove to La Fantasie where the Mannings made preparations to leave the country, according to aides.

Mrs Manning yesterday afternoon offered no comment over her husband’s illness. Her spokesperson, Marva Newton, said the Local Government minister would not be issuing any statement given her “preoccupation with her husband’s health at this time.” She said she would possibly issue a statement today.

The Mannings’ flight left Piarco International Airport at 5.49 pm. His flight was due to arrive in Panama last night at 7.25 pm, and then in Havana at 11.17 pm. The Prime Minister travelled on Copa Airlines last week when he went to Cuba.

Trade and Industry Minister Dr Lenny Saith, who will act as Prime Minister until Manning returns, was amongst several top government officials who saw him off at the airport.

Health history

1960- At the age of 14, Patrick Manning was hospitalised for five weeks with rheumatic fever. This damaged the valves of his heart.

1998- In April, Manning, the Leader of the Opposition, took a month off as he travelled to Venezuela to have medical tests. At the time the media was told that Manning had gone on vacation. However a month later, Manning told the media surgery was done on April 21 in Cuba to repair two valves in his heart. Two artificial valves were implanted during the three and a half hour surgery.

2004- In August, Manning as Prime Minister travelled to Cuba for a pacemaker (a small device that’s placed under the skin of the chest or abdomen to help control abnormal heart rhythms) to be inserted. The surgery was done based on advice from Cuban doctors after routine medical tests. Manning has returned to Cuba since 2004 for annual medical examinations.,91603.html

22 thoughts on “PM Manning: I do not fear death”

  1. Does anyone find it stange that this happens just when the investigation into UDECOTT just begins…..or then again i can be wrong….

  2. I can put my last penny on a bet that Manning is about to poo in his pants with thoughts of this surgery and the cancer he is carrying around. He says he’s not afraid of death, but that is all talk. Every man, regardless how tough is afraid of the Unknown; but he has to put up that facade for self preservation purposes. But let me assure him, HE SHOULD BE AFRAID! He claims to be a man of faith, well if that is true, then he knows who he is going to meet and what happens. I am not his judge nor will i want to be, but he should be prepared to answer for his his crimes against humanity, especiall the humans of Trinidad and Tobago.

    He should be afraid becaue he should know that he can’t change the good book the way he is trying to change the constitution or the way the media works. He should know that all the babies that died on his watch, when he refused to lend a helping hand so that they could live, he will have to answer to those atrocities. Yes, He should be afraid, because Barry Sinanan won’t be there to clamp the mouth of the one judging him.

    Yes, he should be afraid, because he can’t dictate how he is judged, the way he dictates who lives and who dies in the country;he should be terrified! His fate is in God’s hands and I will never wish him bad, but I won’t be a hypocrite either and say like the others “we need our leader” because we don’t need him! I do hope that he lives long so he can regret all the wrong he has done to this nation, for him to die now wold be too easy.

  3. I believe PM Manning when he said that he is not afraid of death, as a matter of fact some negative feelings I harboured about his sense of political direction and management changed when I heard that statement. It reminded me of similar disclosures from people like the Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Theresa, to name a few. Only enlightened souls have the courage to honestly utter those sentiments. People who truly fear transition, are normally those who are either unsure, or do not have a clue at the moment about the concept of humanness. Enlightened minds understand that it is only a minute portion of one’s total conscious existence that incarnate into humanness. This earth plane is not our home, it never was, and never will be. We are all beings of light, light energy is the true nature of our being. Earth was only created as a temporary residing place for that part of one’s consciousness that is still in darkness and have not yet come to terms with its own divinity. In other words, earth is simply a school room, a place of learning. There is absolutely nothing to fear here.
    The people who are afraid of dying, should not sleep, because sleeping is temporary death. If the subconscious mind is not satisfied with the ability of the body to retain the soul, it will simply, not wake you up in the morning, in which case you remain in one of the mansions of the soul where you attended when you body was asleep, and continue your evolutionary process. It is a very simple process, although some humans try to make living and dying as complicated as possible, it is difficult to understand why.
    As beings of light, we are fragmented, and exist on many planes and in many different realities at the same time. Comprehending this concept may be a bit more difficult, from the point of view of duality, but if one understands creation from the point of view of the Eternal Oneness, nothing is complicated, it just IS.
    We have to again become like little children, in order to successfully complete our earthly mission. Love unconditionally, hate no one or thing, hold no grudges against anyone, do no wrong to anyone or thing in action, words or thought. In other words “be happy”, remembering at all times, that Happiness is only achieved, when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony with each other..

  4. Felix your self righteous ignorance exceeds all bounds. It is peoples responses to situations like these that bares the sordidness of their souls and the absolute depravity of their thinking.

    Cancer is a sickness that does not know politics, does not know race, and its infliction on victims has nothing to do with God. To take this man’s intersection with a disease that affects all human kind regardless and purport it to be some punishment for his politics is ignorant, is primitive, and the surest indication that you Sir are just two synapses short of the intelligence of John Steinbecks “Lennie”

  5. Who cares whether the Prime Minister or his political arch enemy Mr. Panday dies when omn the operation table in Cuba or Maimi ?Devine intervention that would enable our country to finally move forward. It is an absolute waste of good time and energy to discuss such a futile distracting issue.
    What is important and should have us outrage is the fact that these two fools cannot see the impact of their folly in not trying to see that major improvements are made for our health institutions so that they can finally have the confidence in using it like the 1.3 million or more of our general population.
    One is heading to 90 , but like many of the global benevelent dictators of Asia is hell bent on holding to party power indefenitely in the hope that his wet behind the ears daughter. This obsessed nepotistic idiot cannot recognize that this woule further aliniate others in the party , create further divisions within the political base, and keep the UNC out of power for ever. The other believes that he is some modern day Eric Williams our self opinionated Dr/ father of the nation. In similar fashion , he continues to neglect the needs of nationals in attempting to advance the interest of perenially ungrateful Caribbean neighbors, while riding the backs of members of his base that have supported the party since 1956 with very little to show for their efforts. I say good ridance to fake , phony leaders and make no apologies.

  6. It was sad to hear on the news that Manning has kidney cancer. Let us hope and pray that his treatment goes as planned. Nevertheless, claiming not to fear death could be viewed by some as an irresponsible statement. If this is what he truly believes, then it should be a private matter and not something to boast about. If Manning does not care for his life, could he truly care about the health and wellbeing of the average citizen? Would Manning have made the same statement if he were under the care of doctors at POS or San Fernando hospitals? Choosing to be treated by foreign doctors has to be seen as not having confidence in the healthcare system. Manning should know that his statement does not offer any consolation to many of us who have a relative that is seriously ill. Good health and life and death are things that should be taken very seriously by all, including politicians.

    Cancer is a very serious disease that continues to take a very high toll on the lives of many citizens. Like the crime rate, the cancer rate has been increasing over the last few years. Some of this can be attributed to environmental causes. As the country continues to industrialise without giving much concern to the environment, we could expect the number of people who become victims to a host of diseases to increase. Lax environmental laws and an EMA that appears to be asleep on the job do not give us much hope or confidence. Giving the green light to smelter construction without a thorough environmental impact assessment is a classic example. The smelter projects have many citizens concerned because of an increase in the number of illnesses that could result when they go into production. Conditions such as birth defects, respiratory disorders, thyroid disorders, and cancer are just a few examples.

    What I find disturbing is that politicians and the wealthy could jump on a jet and go to London or New York for medical checkups and treatment of any illness, while people like me have to spend hours and sometimes days just to see a doctor. If Manning and other government officials have so much confidence in the healthcare system in general, why don’t they go to any local health facility for routine checkups and treatment? This would send a message to the public that all is well with our healthcare system. For this reason, concerned Trinbagonians should start asking why we have to wait until the year 2020 to have a first-world healthcare system.

  7. All Trinis should hope for a speedy recovery and complete cure for Mr. Manning. As the global economic downturn continues, Trinidadians and Tobagonians of all social, political and ethnic stripes need stability of leadership.
    If you do not agree with Mr. Manning’s style and methods of leadership, there is a time and place to try to provide a viable alternative. It’s called the next election and isn’t due until 2012.

  8. To hold the PM responsible for every crime that occurs in T&T is irresponsible and unfair.
    To link his cancer to some sort of punishment for “evil deeds’ is downright ridiculous.
    Let us all show some class and extend our sympathy to the PM and his family and hope for a speedy recovery.

  9. Ms.Daniels, Regardless of your opinion of me and my choice words, I make no apologies. It is in time of sickeness and death everyone looks to God! If Your God(Manning) thinks by distancing himself from death in the name of God that this will bring him salvation, i’m afraid he’s not too familiar with his bible and neither are you.

    He’s got the ability to pay his way for professional medical assistance, paying with the very dollar the nationals are giving him and what he is helping himself to as well. We provide world classs help for him, yet he refuses to offer us any hope locally! Is this how it’s suppose to be; only the wealthy is afforded the luxury of a good doctor/hospital? I think not. Even you are entitled to the best in your hour of need and so did little Maurissa whom he turned his back on.

    Take my words and beat it as much as you want, but like I always say ” i say it like it is.” LIke it or not!

    Ms.Daniels, Just last night a teenager was attacked by 6 adults and murdered on the streets. However, before he died, he ended up at the POs Hospital where they patched him up. The child was talking and cheering with his mother. Afew hours later, the child died; with a stab wound that entered his heart! With proper medical help chances are, he would still be alive. But thanks to your God, he’s flying East to the professionals while our nations children are being treated by butchers all in the name of Manning and what he thinks the nation deserves.

    I say good riddence to him if he meets similar fate. When you live by the sword………

  10. I Feel compel to make this statement!
    T-Man-When one runs for leader of the nation, he is responsible for the nation and it’s goings on! The current state of the country leaves little to be desired and what is the PM doing about it? Absolutel nothing! What is he saying about it? Absolutely Nothing! who is in charge? we know who!

    Next question: Has he ever expressed sympathy for ANYONE in the country in their time of grief! NO! What makes him so special that the nation needs to come together? What has he done for the nation lately? Not a dam thing. Except allow and engage in massive corruption and crime.

    He has shown no mercy to the nation citizens! Stopping the construction on a Hospital is the ultimate betrayal which show that he does not care about the health of the people “he leads.”

    Ravi, what “leader” or “which leader.” What has Manning lead lately if ever! He’s sucking the blood from Trinbagonians and he has nothing substantial to offer it’s citizens, who needs him? I know, those government officials who use thier offices to bring wealth and comfort to themselves and their families.

    Therefore, who should we hold responsible? The PM will get sympathy when he gives some. Not because he holds the highest office means he get ultimate respect, because it does not work that way. Respect is earned not a right!

  11. Since it seems obvious to me that people have become very passionate and emotional about this subject, I am going to go out on a limb, and be radical, revolutionary and controversial. To begin with, people, not only here, but in many nations around the world, elect and establish Governments for the wrong reasons. The only purpose of a Democratic Government in any civilised nation, should be to protect and preserve the God given, unequivocal and undridled right of every citizen, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and that right not to be abridged except by due process of Law.
    In that respect, there should be only three (3) governmental institutions: a Department of Justice, Department of National Security, and a Department of Revenue. Everything else should be established, managed and be the responsibility of private individuals or groups within the citizenry.
    No government should be in the buisness of creating jobs, education, healthcare, housing, water & sewage, electricity, communication etc.
    Any government that is expected to provide all these services, will always, and has been proven time and time again, to do a bad job, will always be corrupt, always seem un-compassionate, and will never, ever be able to fullfil or satisfy the needs of the majority of the citizens. If private citizens or groups are allowed licence to provided the aforementioned services, there will be a competitive market, which will not oly produce a better quality service, but also drive down the cost of such service.
    Ask yourselves why should a country with 1.3 million people, a third of which is under the age of 18 years, have a 46 billion dollar budget. They only need 1/4 of that amount to provide the services that they should be responsible for. Think about what the citizens can do with 32 billion dollars or more. I will tell you what, they can give their children a better education, their families better healthcare, better housing continuous water supply and electricity, and a host of other things. So the question is: Are the citizens been riped off, scamed and swindled??. You bet they are, but not necessary by the government, but by the people who will not open ther eyes, accept responsibility for their lives and their actions, and continue to support an archaic form of government, that will for the most part, only serve the elite and the political masters of wisdom.
    I rest my case..

  12. Ravi, you are absolutely right. Elections are not due until 2012. So let the myopic and self centered people who are bent on only seeking for themselves wallow in that fact. Is there a leader out here right now who has the vision, the foresight and the well being of his people as much as Mr. Manning? If there is then he/she is yet to be dentified.
    One only has to draw from the Jamaica experience to appreciate the many strides this Government has made in providing for the citizenry. In Jamaica as well as other Caribbean countries, everything cost money: Education, Health etc. Here we take things for granted :Free education…from nursery to teretiary to PHD! Free school feeding, books, transport. All a youth has to do is sleep, wake, go to school and learn. Even that is too hard for some of them. They blame the Government for trying to help them improve their lot. Then there are programmes as MUST, YTEPP. MLAT, CEPEPP, URP even! When PM Manning realised that black youths were being left behind in the academic race he was instrumental in lowering the grade for a pass in CXC to III. And yet these ingrates ask what has he done. The people who are most critical of the PM are those who feel that all they have to do is open their hands and manna will be thrown into it.
    The PM is right: he should have no fear of death. Death is the only certainty in life and one is given a whole lifetime to prepare for it. Man was born to die. The Pilgrim’s song says-” is lowly by birth/ man is only a pilgrim on earth/ born to be king / he is such a temporary thing / only a short time on earth.”
    One of the problems with some people is the envy factor which clouds their judgement and derails their every attempt at positive thought and wanting good for fellow man. It is a learned trait though hereditary at times, not wanting to see one’s kind progress. Ahhh what a life!!
    So criticise my fellow T&T, criticise all you want, the real truth is there is nothing else that you can do but wait your turn to vote which I believe some of you never do anyway. A bunch of talkers with no plan or alternatives, those who even if they lower the CXC to 4 will not benefit.
    Ahh what a waste!!

  13. What the country currently has is what was there for a long time, Manning had nothing to do with that. So please to credit him with the achievements of Dr.Williams is a disservice to the Dr. and that would make him roll in his grave. If Manning cares about the country and this is the status quo, I am personally asking him NOT to care so much! I would really love for someone, anyone to please point out one thing that manning has done to the benefit of the people. When I say people I don’t mean the sportsmen/women. I mean the average joe blow who does his 9-5 with 4 children, pays his taxes and everything else required of him as a born Trinbagonian.

    I look forward to hearing from many of you who worship him in all his glory. Please don’t be shy! Lay it out as best as you can.

  14. Welcome to the internet- Trini style Richard Stevens. If your comments fails to fit the status quo censors , by spewing some of the common partisan gibberish of atticking one race of people for all the ills of the society, and the world at large , then they’ll find a subtle way to delete same.
    It is time that some of us find an independent/ unbias forum to articulate concerns, and edify our desperate populace tired of this usual diatribe .
    I for example have been trying for the past two days to make a sane comment on this preposterous and misleading subject poffered by Manning aka ‘baby Eric williams’ , and had to suffer the indignation of seeing it dismissed by being categorized as spam – go figure.

  15. Editor’s Note: Switching usernames to praise your own posts, using obscene language, or posting links for unauthorized promotions will not be accepted. The most common issue that gets posts sent to the spam filter is when people try using different usernames, often in an attempt to support their own comments. Quite often the moderators do not get to see posts that make it to the spam filters. Dishonest attempts to abuse the weblog are not tolerated.

  16. There we go again. Of course we wish Mr. manning well and that he recovers. Why all this attention!! There are thousands of people who are suffering from terminal illnesses and others with severe illnesses. Who pays attention to them?? Who is their voice?? Fortunately Mr. Manning can access all the money he needs and the best medical care. Why did he not go to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital?

    “He is not afraid of death”….words, only words. He is praying to get well and live long because his ego loves the title, “Prime Minister.”
    Let me assure that I am a very compassionate and empathetic person. It’s just that I am tired of leaders who mislead, are untruthful and uncaring and they do it all under the umbrella of their religion.

  17. Very well put Malaise! I express the same sentiments. I also am an sympathetic/empathetic & compassionate person but I am also not a HYPOCRITE! It is ungodly to wish someone bad, but think it is just the same as saying it, but saying it brings criticism (which i’m not afraid of) and crocodile tears in not in my forte’. In most cases people learn from personal experience and develop perspective toward others based on their experience; our PM has not done neither! He continues to defy the most common human instinct of caring.

    Many of bloggers here will attempt to attack my comments and according to “Ruel” my depraved indifference; that’s fine go for it.

    Our Pm can invest in a private Jet and 200 luxury cars for outsiders but can’t find the funds to invest in medical equipment that is detremental to our citizens; which would make a difference between life and death.

    He is trying to build a legacy but I can safely say that the only legacy he will leave behind is being the “2nd dunciest” PM ever with George Chambers being 1st.

    Finally, I hope the PM lives long enough to experience care at our local hospital, him or members of his family! Perhaps, which I sincerely doubt, will he actually see the need to make the health care system in our country, a PRIORITY!

  18. PM safe after cancer surgery in Cuba
    Success! Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s surgery in Cuba yesterday was “very successful,” the Office of the Prime Minister confirmed.

    PM rests after cancer surgery

    Manning resting after cancerous tumour removed

    Dr Sawh: Going to Cuba was right decision

    Prayers and tears for PM Manning
    A woman fainted, while others broke down in tears as prayers of goodwill and health were sent across the seas to Prime Minister Patrick Manning, who underwent surgery yesterday in Cuba.

  19. The managers/owners of Trinidad & Tobago News Blog should be congratulated for the creation of this forum. A free and democratic medium which could be used for the purpose of educating,motivating or entertaining even. An unintentional feature,I am sure, is its ability to teach tolerance, as it is doing to me.

    I have been reading here a while back but only recently decided to contribute after I saw a few intelligent pieces on various topics. My dilemna is however, that like “Talk Radio”, the ones who are blogging the most are the ones with nothing educational or informative to contribute, who cannot even supply facts to support any critique that they offer. Why would someone go on and on wasting good cyber time and opportunity with foolish and inane comments as have been carried in the last two items. Like an old Head Master I can only read and shake my head from side to side at the rubbish being spewed.

    “MALSIE” (changed to “MALAISE” by a fan, I wonder why ) started his piece by criticising the outpouring of love and concern for the PM and then suggesting an absence of same for the “thousands suffering from terminal illnesses and others with serious illnesses”. I try to find the relevance in his questions and the nexus with both situations.

    MALSIE are you aware of the reasons for the concern? Let me just nudge you a little. We live in a system which offers a lot of freedom and comforts which we take for granted. Let’s suppose that, heaven forbid, the PM’s operation or recuperation is unsuccesful and the worse happens. The entire country, region even, would go into a tailspin. And that has nothing to do with whether you love or support PNM or not. A window for instability, insecurity and uncertainty would be opened in this country.

    There would also be something close to meltdown in our economy as businesses stall, foreign investors forego initial plans waiting to see what happens and who happens to be the successor and whether they would be comfortable conducting business under the new individual’s tenure. That is why mature and intelligent people are concerned and have been praying and whatever for a successful result. It is safer and easier to live with the devil you know than with the devil you don’t, some say.

  20. Home for Christmas
    PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning yesterday made a surprise early return home for the Christmas holidays, a mere seven days after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous left kidney at the Cimeq Hospital in Havana, Cuba.

    PM jets home from Cuba, shows off surgery scar

    PM: I’m back and alive
    “My goodness. I’m back and I am alive.” Those were first words uttered by Prime Minister Patrick Manning as he made a surprise entrance to the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s shortly before 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon.

    Cuban gift above board–Manning
    Prime Minister Patrick Manning says the Cuban government’s payments for his surgery was no breach of integrity in public life.

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