Did Nicki Minaj Sell T&T Short on American Idol?

Nicki MinajCommenting after Zoanette Johnson’s rendition of “Circle of Life”, Nicki Minaj said:

“I’m proud that this place right here gives people like you and me, that came from absolutely nothing, from a country that we didn’t probably think we’d make it out alive, it gives us a shot. Thank you, Thank you. …”

Listen to Nicki Minaj after 5:17 on the video

Twenty year old Zoanette Johnson is a Liberian refugee living in the US. She came from war-torn Liberia where hundreds of thousands died and many more became refugees.

About Nicki Minaj, Wikipedia states:
“Onika Tanya Maraj was born December 8, 1982 or 1984 in Saint James, a suburb of Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city Port of Spain to parents Carol and Robert Maraj, an accounting clerk/gospel singer and an employee at American Express, respectively. She has two siblings; her parents are of mixed Indian and Afro-Trinidadian ancestry and she lived in Saint James with her grandmother. Her mother would occasionally visit, and one day, when Minaj was five, her mother picked her up to move to the Queens borough of New York City. According to Minaj, her father drank heavily, took drugs, and once tried to kill her mother by setting the house on fire.”

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  1. Who cares? Ain’t most of ur fellow citizens ,did dat on a daily basis ,up to two years ago, as they refer to it in the same derogatory breath ,as Middle East ,war torn Gaza?
    Many referred to themselves as genocidal victims,so much so ,that they ran abroad calling themselves refugees, while begging white Europeans , Yankees,and Canadians ,for favorable immigration status changes,Si?
    One such , even parlayed his subtle contempt for fellow citizens , and nation as a whole , by claiming his people were the victims of systemic genocide,since one of his students was not offered a job in one of our hospitals.
    CRe to guess how he was rewarded , two years ago?You bet , he was elevated into the higher echelons of political power, and so is now a high powered, government minister , with the ability to shape policies . Go figure!
    Worst yet , another was able to garner international fame and fortune, after receiving a scholarship , way back when, but guess how that Euro-wannabe ,self hating , intellectual fraud , honor his country . You bet,he ain’t even mention the name Trinidad and Tobago once ,during his acceptance of a most coveted prize, and just like Onika MAraj, uses every opportunity to put it down , as well as similar Caribbean nations , as a bunch of backwards,social pigmyes – who ironically mimmicks white European Massa, de same way he has done , since he was 20 years of age.
    Care to guess how two competing regimes rewarded these two clueless , country hating bozos? You bet, the first was given our contry’s highest National award, and the latter was brought home , only recently ,with money’s from our already strapped , national treasury ,to the tune of , ‘me think ,’$5 million, to perform in sell out concerts , to desperate folks . Sink your teeth into that , people.
    Surprise , surprise , for that is the way of TRinidad , and TObago ,aka Liberia.
    Sometimes , I ain’t know if to laugh or cry , for having said all dat , let me add, dat Sistaz NIkita Maharaj , may be correct , in referring to her Wcountry as another Libera.
    Ain’t we about to pass laws to give our military powers of arrest, just like Liberia? Didn’t our law upholding, Minister of National Security Minister ,not sit down with an ex member of a disbanded, extra judicial Police Unit , called de Flying Squad, with a view of reintroducing same , to continue killing , alleged criminals – mainly of folks belonging to ‘Kinky head nation?’
    Ain’t we experiencing similar tribal purges , akin to dat which had occurred in Oil/ diamond rich Liberia , under de noble European / Yankee, one time puppet ,Charles Taylor?
    I stand corrected, for there is one thing ,de two countries have in common- they both have female leaders ruling de political roost, ennnnt? Well…, some think so, hmmm?

  2. Liberia was ruled by Charles Taylor a Trini. That is the only connection Trinidad have with that nation. Nicki is reflecting on her own brush with death in Trinidad…

  3. Once more Mamboo-no one cares, what a fake blond,fake posterior end, ethnically confuse , phony Rapper , says about anything.
    To your baseless defense of her stupidity ,more folks have died in her adopted home America, during the hour or less, it took to record this boring show in Vegas, than in Trinidad ,over the past 50 years.
    It is only country hating ingrates , like yourself , and her ,who would have a problem with Trinidad,after some minor incident.
    Tell you what,within the past 2 decades or so-compared to Yardee land Jamaica- with it’s 5000+murders per year, T&T might have had , what, 3 to 400-which is a mere blimp on the global scale.Never in a million years , would a Jamaican ,be as idiotic, to dare make such foolish remarks on their country- knowing the negative implications.
    I’ve warned T&T about dem swing voters, who are known to stick their fingers in their putrid jaws, then raise it to de sky ,so as to see which side the breeze is blowing, then decide what action to take.
    Be forewarned folks , as you cannot teach patriotism.
    Hey Mamboo, Liberia is a failed , war turned state, that was indirectly raped by your loving Brits , and similar European- thus explaining it’s pathetic conditions.
    In contrast ,India , and Pakistan , idly boast of being thriving democracies, and yet ,the former , enjoys historic levels of gang rapes on innocent females, as well as bride burning at a high level.As for the latter, it reman’s a haven for terrorism , and women are historically treated ,as foot cloth , 4th class citizens.
    Do you think your Onika MAraj , would feel safer in any of them, as opposed to Trinidad Y Tobago.
    This clueless , trolling , simi coherent mouthpiece! Just why I waste my time,even acknowledging him , is beyond me , folks!

  4. I have been living in New York for 17 plus years and was excited to return to where I was born.Trinidad.. My visit to Trinidad made me sick to my stomach it’s so depressing their. Always watching your back, burglar proofing and all the other measure people take to secure them selves.
    when I watch the trinidad news in new york, Trinidad looks like a real shit hole, infested with crime and more crime,rapist,drugs etc. I know Trinidad have many intelligent people and loads off potential.. Sadly that’s not what’s broadcast. With the latest statistic Nikki is not at all wrong for her comment.

  5. Neal I grew up in a Trinidad where you could walk the streets day or night and not have to worry about criminals. Today, Trinidad looks like a nation with houses built with iron bars, more like every one is living in houses design as a prison. They call it burglar proofing, but I call it prison camps because the asylum is open and the mad ones are out and in charge of the nation. The latest report Neal is the boys from the hill are doing their thing exporting crime to south land. It is call “puttin down ah Wuk” when they come into your premises rape your teen daughter and put a bullet on you, just for good measure. Liberia is not too far away Neal. The police, army and your fadder cannot stop this massive growth of criminality…. Watch how the murder rate climb to 700 this year…

  6. Mentally Nicki isn’t all there like some stars. She needs to say things to gain attention because talent isn’t enough in the fake full of lies place she now lives. Nixki left where she was from at age 5. So she knows nothing and didn’t make it out of anything.

  7. @ Nadine How dear nicky compare Trinidad to Liberia. I am ashamed that people like you and her are even born here. Bringing down the name of a country you supposedly grew up in….she have no class, acting like a spoilt brat on American Idol… and you certainly did not learn any morals or values here, she got that from Queens. she struggled so much you came back to make the dumbest music video I have ever seen. Trust me boo boo…she did not do us any favours!!! and you It is best that you stay where you cuz i swear the way you talking you must be living up in heaven. Your presence in our country is neither required nor desired. We Trinbagonians would appreciate it if you stop embarrassing us by telling people you are from here. Let me educate you, Mark Twain said, “Loyalty to the country always. Loyalty to the government when it deserves it.” Don’t put us down to get pity from other people. Keep it moving!!!

  8. you people should look at your own news then talk, I look at your PIX11 everyday and all I see is your kids going craz and shooting up your schoolscuz they think it a video game, crazies on the loose pushing people on the subway tracks, madmen kidnapping your children and raping them or stalking thm in and around your schools, sickos lurking in the bushes peeping at your kids, not even grannies are safe, but you want to talk bout trinidad and tobago, yea rite, fix your crazies first nah.. you all not living in the sky people, no you living in a first class country the US, but just look whats going on there, not even your movie stars doin the rite thing, making sex movies and shit then having a big show and you all suporting she.. hell you are the ones to talk.. nah just shutup.. there is no coming back from that one… if I was you I wouldnt even bother…

  9. @mamoo you doin like you was she neigbour boy, you kno what she went thru, all you kno is what nicky say and if she say in trindad the sky always brown and raining chocolates you will agree, jus cuz nicky say so, but i cant understand why every carnival the US stars come down and stay. and why Will Smith came last year and stayed bout 2 weeks if this places so bad plus so much more, then i cant figure it out… then it must be the raining chocolates… ent mamoo

  10. My visit to Trinidad made me sick to my stomach it’s so depressing (their.?) Nadine did you not get the the free Manning education P S. Its THERE.

  11. “I have been living in America for the past 17 years ….. my visit to trinidad made me sick to my stomach…….it’s so depressing there …. always watching your back ….When I watch de news ….blah , blah ,blah .”Nardine

    Oh AfroBuddahSunGod,,please grant me patience to deal with some of my fellow Trinis,when it comes to the level of idiocy that are spewed out of their putrid craws. Talk about cluelessness, and blatant inferioty complex syndrome , covered in de cloak of unpatriotic fervor,as exhibited by dis ,self hating Pisano, who call herself Nadine.
    Ok Sistaz Nadine , just in de spirit of full disclosure , I too lived in dem United States , but for 21 years , and have seen it’s good, ugly , bad, and yes ghashly underbelly,but still appreciate it , as major symbol of imperfect democracy , and still a major global superpower, which can still be prodded to live up to lofty ideals,which it’s Founding Fathers initially envisioned.
    The first week , during my visit, when I saw a homeless,European male , crawl out from under a cardboard box,and rummaged around a dustbin , for something to eat, I nearly got a heart attack, since – based on the nonsense fed to us by CNN, and othe news media entities – I too thought,this revolting state of poverty ,was only limited to 3 World countries ,like my T&T. I have since lost that clueless naiviety , and so should you- if as I suspect,you have more than an rotten apple in your head, for a brain. Just kidding – maybe.

    Seriously Nardine ,for your information , America is a developed country, with a white dominant majority , who was able to shape it’s development , for decades, while utilizing Afrikan slave labor-yet to this day ,outside of a few disingenuous paltry apologies , never compensated any of their ancestors for.
    It was only when slavery ended , America , began to experience immigration on a grand scale , and so the influx of numerous , diverging cultures, and races, that we have come to know today.
    Compare that with your T&T, who since 1962 independence , has grappled ,with the culturally ladened egos of our competing tribes, all attempting to grab a bigger piece of the socio-economic pie- at the expnse of de other, .one should add.
    Do you think this blue print , I have laid out would impact negatively any policy our respective leaders might have tried to initiate over the past decades of our existence as a nation- including Ntional Security, mi Amiga?
    Por ejmplo:-Who do we choose as our Commissioner of Police , and why?Is a state of emergency good ,but only for a part of our society’ as practiced recently?
    Should we revamp de deficient law enforcement landscape ,with de extra judicial killing machine /pro – Genocidal Flying squad,or not?
    Are our local judges good enough,when compared to glorified Privy Council , London Law lords ? Are local magistrates fair , or politically bias ,based on their favorable , or unfavorable legal rulings ?
    Are job,decent homes ,and land distribution ,de social solution ,for poor Indo Trinis (like your America )while Basketball hoop dreams, and block parties, all that needed to up lift Afro Trinis,in Beetham , and Gaza strip Lavantille?
    Should ,mainly weed smoking Tethron soldiers , who commonly beat up on innocent folks across T&T, be now allowed ,to have powers of arrest ,like Police officers as planned by our visionary leaders?
    How do we handle recidivism, or native deportees from your America, Canada, and Canada, or more importantly , what message we send when white color crooks , or party hacks ,are patted on the back, while blue color bums not ,mainly because, some suspect , they are of a different race?
    What’s T&T immigration policy , when compared to America, and more importantly , how are immigrants forced to embrace T&T,once there?
    You see my friend , crime solving, and country development ,are not some catch phrases , we can conveniently trot out ,for public consumption when we feels like it.
    You , I ,and everyone that cares ,must share that moral responsibility,to do whatever is necessary ,to elevate our country – in thoughts , words, deeds and action.
    You see Nardine , Euro- Wannbe – fake lady gaga , in Onika MAraj , aka Niki Manaj, is simply that , an ugly , insecure , media concocted freak, lucky to live in de land of the free, where opportunities abound, you ,I suspect is an intelligent person , and so I would like to think I did not waste much of my precious time ,to show you the folly of your ways ,as you naively attempted to do a comparative analysis ,between two unequaled countries. I wish you well.
    Sorry Mamboo, no such luck para te , as I just ainn’t wasting more cyber time on you. You see my trolling guru , I suspect you are an incorrigible rogue, with the mind of a naive 10 year old. Ummmm…, I take that back , since this might be an insult to 10 year olds.
    ‘Me think ,’ you are a machine that was set up in ‘one time journalist , Andy Johnson , posh ,Ministry of Information office,’ dat is frequently trotted out , ever so conveniently, on these pro PP ,neo-tribal , social distraction expeditions.
    I ain’t buying buddy , so go get your psychological solace ,from somewhere else ,mi amigo.I have more importance business / challenges ,to see to.
    Ain’t life wonderful?
    Luv humanity , people!

  12. I visited Trinidad and Tobago in July 2012 after an absence of 10 years, sure the murders were disconcerting but. they seemed to be either youth related implying drugs/gangs or domestic violence related.There were not a lot of hold-ups or mugging type crimes. Certainly there were no reports of teens being killed for sneakers or items of clothing as happens frequently in Washington DC and surrounding suburbs. My biggest disappointment was in the apparent lack of planning and development control,the sheer nonsense that passes for politics, and the incomparable absurdity of the legal decisions given by many of the Judges. Otherwise I enjoyed my visit and will return this year and God willing permanently in the near future. As to Nicky Minaj she does and says what she needs to do to be larger than life, including remaking herself in the mold of Michael Jackson,she might look like him but,the talent just is not there.

  13. Living in Liberia
    A small social media-fuelled storm erupted soon after entertainer Nicki Minaj commiserated with American Idol competitor Zoanette Johnson about the challenges of their childhoods. “I’m proud that this place right here gives people like you and me that came from absolutely nothing, from a country that we probably didn’t think we would make it out alive, it gives us a shot.”

  14. Why waste time on Niki Minaj and Nadine? I spent more time than them in the good old USA, packed up recently and have never had to look over my shoulder. Life is good, I don’t care too much for the politics of the day and only intend to visit the good old USA because of family matters. Niki and Nadine, please stay where you are we can do without folks like you.

  15. nicki minaj did no sell t&t short on american idol ….nicki minaj sell nicki minaj short …..

  16. Normally I would comment on these things, but this girl is so retarded it is unbelievable that she reach in the spotlight. You can not compare Trinidad and Tobago to Liberia the atmosphere is different the culture is different. Trinidad and Tobago is not in war torn country and saying she don’t know if she would have made it out alive? Are you talking about your father trying to set your family home a fire? Someone need to sensor that girl, matter of fact Liberia could have you we in Trinidad and Tobago prefer you stay away and keep your comments to yourself. Our GDP is nothing like Liberia and we are ranked 99th by the UN and Liberia is 164. Unlike the states where if you dont have money and your hungry you can’t kill ah duck and eat without getting arrest here you could live on whatever the land provides. We free education and free health care, you dont even have that in the states. We live pretty well, Thank God. And for you to say something so ignorant it is better you no claim us. You were born in Trinidad but you aint no trini…FYI where a developing nation, read a damn book! And no one begs the USA to leave Trinidad moron, trini’s go to the states for school on scholarships or to make money and come home and build ah big house and cock up in comfort, states not our saviour…trini too sweet for dat, take yuh time.

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