Carnival Copyright Concerns

We the people

By Suzanne Mills
February 17, 2013 –

CarnivalEveryone has the rights to Carnival except the people. Pan Trinbago cuts off our Panorama semi-finals; a newly formed, unknown copyright organisation warns revellers not to post pictures of themselves or their friends online; the NCBA and the government station wrangle over the streaming of the Parade of the Bands. It’s as if the copyright pendulum has swung completely in the opposite direction with copyright now intersecting with and infringing on people’s basic rights.

This is not about freeness. If I buy a Carnival costume surely I am entitled to have a picture taken of it, post the photo on Facebook and show it to who I please. Or if I am walking through the streets on Carnival Tuesday and come upon a piece I like, does copyright prevent me from shooting the photo and posting it on my Facebook page?
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Copyright Concerns

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