The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
December 06, 2011

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeWe didn’t have to wait until the Prime Minister declared an official end to the state of emergency to realize that it was ill-advised, ill-timed and disingenuous. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear have come to the realization that what began as a farce ended up as a comedy of errors with rotten eggs splattered on the Government’s face and even greater opprobrium cast upon their name. Ah mean, they couldn’t even carry off this jokey maneuver with a modicum of humor.

At the beginning of this outrage, I reminded the populace about the hypocrisy of the Government’s action. I noted: “Jack wept just as Peter wept after he had betrayed Christ. Brigadier John Sandy bemoaned: ‘We must recognize that it is people looking like me who are being murdered, mothers like my mother, God rest her soul, who are out there weeping more than any other race.'” Although Sandy loved black people he had no problem in picking up young black men at random and placing them behind bars.

In the end, their crocodile tears and morbid sentimentality culminated in a real-life drama situation in which some of the major players almost came to delivering real blows to one another. We are told that at their last Cabinet meeting, dim-witted Sandy and big-mouth Anil came to “a near physical confrontation.” Big Mouth blamed Dim-witted between dim-witted Sandy and “the security forces for the failure of the state of emergency.”

Just to show who had more testicular fortitude, Dim-witted reminded Big-mouth that he had more military expertise than he; that he could shoot straighter than he. Just to emphasize the point, Dim-witted made Big-Mouth know: “I ent’ ‘fraid yo.” Like any school boy bully, Big Mouth threatened: “Let’s us take it outside so I could demonstrate with ma’ hands what ah saying with ma’ mouth.”

Dim-witted could only chide Big Mouth with the obvious: “Yo’ vex because dey fire dey yo’ sister-in-law” who was hired by the PNM. In a UNC world there can be no greater crime than this: being black and having worked with the PNM. It matters not who you are or where you come from. Once yo’ black yo’ gone.

As the mutual recrimination got worse, Big Mouth had to show his street credentials. He “stormed” out of the meeting beckoning Dim-witted to follow him outside to straighten out matters. Alarmed by such “ghetto behavior,” the kind the state of emergency tried to eliminate, the Prime Minister called Big-Mouth back inside and demanded that he apologize to Dim-witted which had the effect of cooling things down.

But could you imagine the spectacle? Two overgrown black boys trying to impress their Indian queen about their manhood credentials; each acknowledging that their experiment in public manipulation had failed; each going down the road of disaster but no one having the courage to say: “‘tun back before it’s too late.”

From the beginning it was there for all to see which is why I am not too impressed with the recent utterances of political commentators such as Martin Daly, Winford James and Bishnu Ragoonath who belatedly have arrived at the conclusion that the state of emergency was a farce to begin with (See Trinidad Express, December 6). It brings to mind the observations Queen of England II when she asked why none of our eminent economists was able to foresee the great recession of 2008-09. After all, it makes little sense to offer learned analyses after the damage has been done.

Initially, without having the political credentials of the aforesaid specialists, I rejected the state of emergency since it was thinly-disguised gesture “to capture some gang leaders” from black areas to satisfy the twisted logic of some twisted minds.

It ended with the same ignominy. They had to release the 16 detainees, mostly Muslims, who were held without any evidence and/or any consultations with the Director of Public Prosecution.

To Keith Rowley’s credit, he insisted that no confirmed plot was established to assassinate the Prime Minister and her colleagues and that the state of emergency was a farce: “The Prime Minister,” he says, behaved in “a reckless manner, [and] misled the country.” The purported document on which these detentions rest stated that the assassination was designed to show that the state of emergency was “a dismal failure” and that “the firearms and ammunition for the plot were brought by one person (named) and the guns may have been supplied by another alleged conspirator, through the assistance of another alleged conspirator” (Trinidad Express, December 3) and so the comedy of errors proceed.

The only satisfying twist in this tale of bizarre incompetence (if it can be called satisfying) resides in the fact that whereas they began the state of emergency by attacking the black community; they ended their ignominy by defaming the Muslim community. According to the Guardian, shouts of “Allah Ackbar,” were heard from the outside of the detention camp after the group of 16 was released from its unlawful detention.

Responding to the unjust position of the government, one of the detainees declared: “There is absolutely no truth in that [the allegations the government made]” although he refused to say whether the action of the government “was a plot against the Muslim community” (Guardian, December 6). And, as if to compound the irony of the situation, Selwyn “Robocop” Alexis, the alleged leader of the alleged conspiracy, wondered aloud: “I support the Government. How I go kill them. I campaigned for Stephen Cadiz and I was in UNC long before Cadiz.”

In eighteen short months, the UNC government has alienated the black as well as the Muslim community. They will go down in our history as the most incompetent and hypocritical government unable to discern the difference between play-acting and the reality of governing; the difference between truth and falsity; and an inability to take the entire population people into their confidence rather than betraying the trust they have placed in their hands.

I have a strange feeling they will live to regret this deliberate distrust they have sowed within the public arena.

20 thoughts on “The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight”

  1. “I have a strange feeling they will live to regret this deliberate distrust they have sowed within the public arena.”

    All criminals are feeling a strange deliberate set of distrust to this government. They are beginning to realise crime does not pay. In a very short time a few thousand of them were shown the cell of the prison, that could be very traumatic for criminals who saw themselves as “community leaders”. A sudden shift in status can be very disheartening. The SOE pitted the criminals hiding in the crime hot spots against our disciplined police and military forces.

    If an election were called today the PP will win possibly by a bigger margin. Why?? the SOE worked mainly in PNM areas where the “PNM till ah dead” crowd resides. They are not happy and they are filling the airwaves and bloggersphere with their contempt for law and order. But seriously something had to be done to slow down the criminal elements and put them on notice. This was done and hopefully all will understand that Queen means business…when she say “crime does not pay”…

    1. What planet you living in .To say if an Election is called today the PP will win by a biger margin.

      1. Selwyn…
        are you a child of the KING of KINGS?
        yours are the ONLY true and blessed answer to all the ugly stuff recently happen in my TnT…
        God Bless you sir…technically the PM should write this…churches,pastors, all Muslims , and the people of Trinidad aplaud you Sir…My Allah, Jesus, and PM God for all our loving Hindus friends too Bless you and true honest folks like U….

  2. If the Queen were advised to take this action by her inner Security circle then it is a reflection of how shortsighted the judgement call was on the decision makers. The SOE was overdue with respect to the heights of criminal activity in T&T. The threat on the Queen’s life and some of her colleagues should have been pursued differently. Initially a thorough investigation should have ensued possibly with help from Interpol before making this public outcry. Time will tell how much egg splattering has really taken place.

  3. As if this was a joking matter , mamboo said , ” seriously something had to be done to slow down the criminal elements and put them on notice. ”
    It’s called a long over due ‘job’s initiatives policy ,’Mamboo. What is so comical about you folks , and it seem as if ‘Her Majesty de Queen ,’ is falling into a trap ,by listening to clueless policy wonks, selfish , elitist , business freaks , turned financial advisers/ supporters, and worst yet , 12 century thinking , pseudo educated , donkey braying ,cyber fans, like yourself- into running five years for office, far ahead, in the future, even before fulfilling 1% of the mandate ,that was given to her party initially, two years ago.
    What a sick tragedy!

    Hey folks ,since de clueless Mamboo think’s,dis is an Indian/ Afrikan,PP/ PNM thing/ Rich / Poor issue , as opposed to a monumental ,T&T unequal playing field , Human Rights abusing , Injustice problem,just listen as the ‘Cyber brayer in Chief,’ continue with his revolting , cultish adulations.
    He said the following;- “All criminals are feeling a strange deliberate set of distrust to this government. They are beginning to realise crime does not pay. In short ,… a few thousand of them were shown the cell of the prison.”
    I fail to be angry with you mamboo, but rather pity both you, and kind , as to your, pompous naivety, on basic criminal psychology , and much needed , sociological explanations, for political realities , within fractured societies such as ours, Rwanda, Fiji, Guyana, former Yugoslavia, old Apartheid South Africa,Sri Lanka, and Dada Amin Uganda.
    Here is a basic rule,I want you to bite into when it comes to law enforcement my friend. We will call it De ‘Missing Link Theory,’ for argument. Criminals generally do not have a problem when they are outwitted by the law , and sent away to prisons for lengthy periods, since they know they most often ,deserves such for breaches, and the officials are simply doing their job, by has the backing of a state , that cares about the greater good of all of that society under review.
    Their only disgust was that they were so dumb to be caught. Want to know how you can piss them off however, and live to regret it? I’ll tell you, and it’s when you put in the missing link, al la , embellish de truth,fabricate facts , to build a bogus case, to fit a narrow social agenda, quota, and such defeatist idiocy.
    Put down your Vat 19, and Angostura bitters , long enough and answer me , who seem to be indulging in such trivialities, as a matter of policy, since assuming power- with folks being arrested, left right and center, then freed quickly, before we can say Jack Rabbit, in embarrassing fashion , due to lack of evidence. Think it is lost o them that financially privileged bums , with high end lawyers are beating the rap from obvious crimes, or ignored , maybe because …., well…, fill in de blanks.
    Now ,if you think these criminals “….are mad as hell and won’t take it any more ,’ just think about the impact on their voting relatives, many of whom, also directly, and indirectly ,got caught up in the net, have borne brunt of the emotional, and financial cost, of such faulty thinking?
    Hopefully others , of real influence , are not as blinded by such arrogance as mamboo, still unable to put a coherent , logical thought together, due to the sad side effects of alcoholism addictions- an unfortunate anomaly ,which began when he was , maybe an 8 year old , Chickland ,primary school drop out, emulating , …. well, fill in de blanks.
    Once more , a very spirited , and enlightened commentary,Doc Cudjoe . However , like Tom Hanks so famously stated in his Apollo 13 movie scripted debacle , ” Huston we have a problem!’We can likewise add, ‘T&T , we have a problem,’which needs rectification quickly, before any unmentionable barbarian overrun de gate .
    The question remains therefore, where is the alternative, against socially immoral , miscreants, who would abuse the trust of our people , abrogate mandated national responsibilities , and indulge in obvious organizational bullying , disguised as leadership, which can only push us over the precipice , and thus turn us into what can only be described , as a budding fail state?
    Tell dem Doc , that ‘de Guyanarization of T&T,’ will never , ever occur in this life time!
    We the social progressive, and unsound heroic voices crying in the wilderness, pledge ,to play our roles to help our country remain a proud democracy , second to none, where no race , gender , class, or opaque cultural souls, will change that.
    This as an addendum, calls for ‘introspections on the part of organizational leadership,’ and strategic thinking ,that would let common folks know where their real interest lies-across this mosaic, hmmm?
    Time for a new end game ,molded around a philosophical landscape image of ‘prudent patriotism.’
    Continue to keep dem honest.
    We wish our people well.
    Luv Humanity.

    1. Tell dem Doc , that ‘de Guyanarization of T&T,’ will never , ever occur in this life time!

      Explain Neal what is meant by your above statement. I am assuming this is post Jagan time that you are referring to. Please take into consideration the atrocities that took place at Wismar during Burnham time.

      1. Are you listening to your self think Loyal Trini,trying but failing terribly ,to draw a distinction between leadership, and a national bran,while using racial blinders.
        I sense that you do not know exactly who I am , or else you would not resort to such cheap , intellectually juvenile stunts, to make your point my friend.
        Check the records,as no individual , traveling on ‘dis here information highway ,’ has been more willing to unswervingly , belt out scratching attacks on pseudo Afrikan leaders across the planet ,including criminal Forbes, than myself- a la Jonestown , & Dr Walter Rodney.
        In short , exposing them for the harm they were willing to extend to their own, while ‘appeasing’ others, for short term gains.
        As for equally destructive , disingenuous leaders, from ‘allegedly more noble tribes ,’ who likewise run roughshod over basic rights, and freedoms of people, then resort to racial divisions, petty victimization theories , or name calling, to defend stewardships decades later?
        They too must be exposed , whether Port of Spain is their Capital,or Georgetown.
        Now what the naive Loyaltrini kid, does not know,as he tries to execute his cheap shot to yours truly, is the fact that Forbes and bosom pal Chedi,were two peas, of the same Marxist pod, and both became useful fodder ,for Janet ,and her CIA , Uncle Sam ,operatives.
        Hey LoyalT, keep this up ,and soon I would start charging a fee to you guys, for being force to give basic history lessons , for folks like yourselves, who are obviously educationally challenged.Just kidding- maybe.
        Luv Humanity.

        1. I sense that you do not know exactly who I am , That’s correct.

          Now what the naive Loyaltrini kid, does not know,as he tries to execute his cheap shot to yours truly, is the fact that Forbes and bosom pal Chedi,were two peas, of the same Marxist pod,

          No need of history lessons from you buddy! You appear to get your fill by chastizing contributors, try and resist because that seems to nullify some interesting contributions you tend to make. I ain’t no kid either.

          1. Just keeping it light Loyal Trini, a quality we the good folks of our blessed twin Island Republic , should never loose. No offense intended.
            Apoligies ,if I did however.
            Luv Humanity.

  4. Mamoo, what criminals? Where? No one was held for the so-called big drug bust at the ports or in the marijuana fields. It is business as usual for crime lords. They lost a few dollars, so what. Business will pick up again.
    If this SOE were to be successful, this government first had to clean out death row – apply your own law. Let Verna go and join the PNM if she does not agree. Trinidadians are afraid of two things – death and snakes. Every low level criminal would have been trembling. Then go after the big boys and trust me, they all know who are the big boys. Dont tell me that they knew where to pick up 17 alleged assassins from all over the country, but cannot find a drug lord, day after day, year after year. Remember, Panday did not need an SOE to melt down Dole Chadee and his boys and the US did not need an SOE to take out Al Capone.
    I did not know that it was Queen Kamla who said, “Crime does not pay.” I thought that was said long before she was born. But just in case you are wearing blinders for your party, crime is paying in sweet Trinidad.

  5. Mr Selwyn Cudjoe, You have lost focus. If you people really love all the citizens of Trinidad, your writing will not possess those twisted and bias statements. Sometimes, I wonder how some of our so-called educators were educated. Your mind is twisted as a rope. Please compare and contrast the numbers of murders as of Jan. 01.2011 to Dec.04.2011 with any previous year. This is a simple exercise.

  6. GC, I was just on the phone with a Canadian-based Trini and was asked. How do we know that the SOE prevented murders? Do we know how many murders would have been committed if there was no SOE, considering that murders were committed during the said SOE? Exactly how many murders did the SOE prevent? If these questions can be answered, then I would like someone to give me the accurate number of murders that will be committed for the year 2011.
    How many murders were committed at the beginning of the SOE compared to the same date in 2010? This is a simple exercise.

  7. SOE was the T&T version of Guiliani Mayoralty in New York. It was designed to shackle Africans, to demonstrate the Powe of the Aryan Replacement Oppressors in T&T.

    When we cease expecing anything other than these Nazi like actions from the regime, and its rationalization by its sycophantic fascist assembley, we will begin to see the light.

    It is the prelude to the Indianization of T&T. That they have a few negros in their midst is no unusual. Anti African racist have a tradition of trying to hide their misbegotten actions and evil traits behind a few black faces.

    I say this again, a thousand years of racial enculturation cannot wiped away over a couple of centuries of geographical separation from the incubator where those traits and behavious were learned. You Heard!!!

  8. Frontsman asked ,”How do we know that the SOE prevented murders? Do we know how many murders would have been committed if there was no SOE, considering that murders were committed during the said SOE? Exactly how many murders did the SOE prevent?”
    Tell you what ,years ago, my late , yet wise Grandmother , would chide both myself ,and sometimes others ,when in her estimation ,we ask an outrageous/ almost stupid question, by reminding us of a witty ,yet though provoking quote in her response,which was initially given, by one character to another in a daily cartoon, from one of our then daily news papers.
    It was called Mutt , and Jeff, and went like this :- “If you ask me foolish questions, I will give you foolish answers.” Quite appropriate , I think ,in this case, for how can one really assess this ,one way or the other. Many other variables , must be placed in the equations to determine , the rise or fall of crimes in any society, over any particular time. Was it for example ,the Introduction of a most expensive , bureaucratic ,Homeland Security, that ensured the USA not see another major terror attack on it soil since 2001? Many resource ladened states often end up into conflicts zones due to the acquisitions of new found wealth . T&T had their first national crisis in 1970 , then another in 1990, then none since ,why?
    The biggest flaw of this broad based created regime , is the perception that emanated by some citizens , that it came to power with a very narrow agenda ,and here it is in a nutshell. 1. Crimes are a sad reality, but it’s only committed by Afrikan people in certain enclaves .
    2. Every member of the Police Service , and the entire public service as a whole, are corrupt, Afrikan, anti Indian , racist PNM stooges,who should not be trusted.
    3. We the PP , possess the mandate to do as we deem fit ,which includes a purge of the entire Public Service , and can place either ardent fans , or Eurocentric foreigners, many with absolutely no concept of domestic reality in place.
    4. Any individual who dares to stand up , or speak out against a policy , must be anti PP, an obstructionist , or still enamored with some none progressive approach to government.
    5.The PNM was totally terrible for the entire 42 or so years they held power, therefore the population should bear with us , and be in total agreement ,that the PP was able to save them from total implosions, will ahlt all corruption, and end crimes single handedly if need be.
    This however ,is not the way in which a working democracy operates, unless this was a reality TV show ,or a Bollywood/ Disney Fantasy Island.
    A draconian,top down , almost militaristic, tough nosed, totally legalistic ,no nonsense approach to crime fighting ,is well and dandy , but many think, and rightfully so ,that it’s only one part of the equation in making our country safer, and would resist.
    The other aspect is a need to likewise introduce proper social policies of benefit to all citizens- which of necessity, will include a job creation agenda , supported by state and private enterprise.
    More importantly, is a sense of fair play , so that low end blue color thugs , and white color bandits ,with the means ,can appreciate that all citizens would be treated to similar brunt of the law. In short , an equal playing field ,justice, will become the norm.
    A cat and mouse, almost juvenile game of prodding a particular people ,until they cannot take it any more, then when some react negatively , as many would , begin a cry of criminal elements backlash, won’t cut it.
    Our 1.3 million people , are fairly sophisticated , and knows when they are being given a 6 for a 9.
    We wish them well, yes?

  9. Neal, we all had grandmothers like that. Were Mutt and Jeff your role models?
    The claim is that the SOE prevented murders, and comparison figures are shown as proof of this. If the SOE was a success and figures can be placed on the value of drugs that was kept off the streets, the amount of guns and ammo that were seized, the amount of persons that was arrested for various offences, and so on. Then how many murders were prevented if the claim is that the SOE was put in place to halt the murders? We know how many it did not prevent, so it seems that the only foolish question that cannot be answered is how many murders it did prevent. If the question is a foolish one according to you and your grandma’s logic, then the claim of a successful SOE is also foolish because it cannot justify its reason for coming into being.
    By the way, I only mentioned murders and not crime in general, and I dont think I got your foolish answer as promised.

  10. Frontman, your ardent subjective defense of this clueless bunch , and their misguided policies,is ample proof to any with a brain , as to why, being ardent fans , or cultish tribalist ,gets us nowhere in terms of sustainable development, as a nation- which is all I care about incidentally.
    Your Kamla , Manning, or Rowley ,is of absolutely no significance to me ,as I never voted for any , and have no plans , so to do in the future.
    This pitiful response of yours, gives me all the evidence I needed to ascertain , who you are , where you probably reside , or sympathies lie.Let me guess, Frontier man , you have several relatives , who likewise ran from your crime ladened country in 1986 to Canada, while seeking refugee status,yes?
    The curfew , and state of emergency did not affect you ,friends, or any of your close relatives ,because ‘you alls,’ belong to that special racial / ethnic group, that does not engage in criminal activities- oh sorry, more appropriately, murder people.
    As such , you do not give a hoot about whether rights of folks are ignored, or that certain segments of the country were ignored – including wealthy ,possible political financiers.
    What is even more comical , is that these same bozos who today are getting their knickers, and jocks strap in a twist over ending crimes , where loudly denouncing our authorities when they were going after all criminals for years.
    We then heard the typical cries of racial persecutions, genocides , and corrupt police , following an agenda , even though our prisons has as much Afrikan incarcerated , as Indians , bearing in mind they are the two majority population in our country.
    All that most of us are saying is that it is premature to start pulling out de 2015 election manifesto, on claims of suddenly eradicating crimes in your country ,because of a hastily contrived operation , that saw 5000 people arrested, 90% of them being poor Afrikans, or a few desperate confused Muslims , then being forced to free 4090 of them , due to lack of evidence.
    Have some empathy my friend , and quit your’ neo tribal , all ah we policy good, because it is weee time, part 2,’ hmmmm?
    Luv Humanity!

  11. Neal, I had no intention of replying, but I am forced to.
    You are assuming that I might have political affiliations and that I might Indio-Trini. Wrong on both counts. I consider myself a Trini to the bone because my grandmother was of Carib descent. I am a Carib/Afro Trini. I dont have relatives in Canada and I dont live in Canada, although I would like to visit some time. I dont really know what is your beef but I cannot see how you can assume that I support any Government. Like you I have never voted in my life.
    So allow me to make my own assumption. You seem to be long on words and short on brains, because you cannot seem to understand what you read.

  12. “Neal, I had no intention of replying, but I am forced to?
    Talk about someone ‘short on words, and long on brains’ , ehh Frontier man? You’ve certainly fit the bill ,my 3/4 Carib,1/8 Afrikan, dat wish to someday visit Canada, friend.
    Tell you what frontierman, it does not hurt ,to still try to expand your intellect, where possible ,as the returns can be quite useful.
    Hate to see you like too many others , falling for hogwash ,place on your plate ,as some special ,fine, 5 course level cuisine,by deceptive , and conniving , self serving ,political bandits,hell bent on preying on the sensibilities of the gullible.
    Yes, I know how difficult it is, in Dr Goopiesing new Fiefdom ,for poor desperate folks like yourself , to get a leg up in terms of higher T&T education , now that all the plans are in place, to selectively slash spending,across institutions favored by kids,whose parents, cannot obtain dem win , wink CLICO loans, to study in exulted Universities in England, then return home two days after the exam papers dry, and run for office in Papi enclave , while biding one’s time for higher power, only to see such dashed by, …. well, you can fill in de blanks .
    Seriously ,Frontsman ,your party affiliation, race, class , ethnic origin , or agreements / acceptance of my opinions , means absolutely nada to me.
    It is you -whether you vote or not- that must live with the consequential fallouts – good or bad- of any governmental policy , introduced by whosoever run’s your country.
    I am in no way affected, and so, if you are happy with the state of your country , so am I.
    For the record , I voted once in my lifetime, way back in 1986 , but likewise ,saw the betrayal of my country ,by none patriots,and de rest we can say is history.
    1990 occurred , and I was forced to run , then pledge like Chagurnas national, Trini British folks hero,Sir VS Naipaul , never , ever again to , … well, once more, fill in de blanks.
    Long live the Republic of T&T.

  13. The trend is unmistakeable. It is not a coincidence that An Indian Government in Guyana and an Indian Government in T&T operate like siamese twins. Their very mindset entertains a construction that they own these countries. That these countries are plantations over which they are overseers, and specific groups in the national population are at best squatters, and at worse slaves. And it is with this perspective, this odious and hateful cultural predisposition, that they do the things they do.

    Check out what the Guyanese twin of the PP did during the last elections:


    The election that was held on 28th November 2011 was rigged by the PPP and GECOM.

    2. Voter Turnout
    The voter turnout in APNU strongholds was very high as was evident from the large crowds seen at the polling places throughout the morning. That was in stark contrast to PPP strongholds where only small groups of voters were seen. Yet according to the Statements of Poll the turnout in PPP areas was high. How is such a contradiction possible? The answer lies in the rigging process such as multiple voting and phantom voting.

    3. Multiple Voting
    Multiple voting was facilitated through several mechanisms and those were as follows:
    As many as eight polling stations were located in a building.

    4. Buying Voter ID Cards
    At West Demerara Secondary School I saw PPP activists with a briefcase full of Voter ID Cards. They were distributing the cards to a group of PPP supporters. GECOM Created Obstacles to

    5. Polling Agents
    Since 1992, it was always the practice of GECOM to issue Letters of Employment to polling agents to enable them to vote at the station they were working at rather than where they were registered. Two days before elections GECOM aborted that practice by refusing to issue Letters of Employment. It meant that polling agents would be late, would leave the polling station, or don’t show up at all if they had to work outside of their registered districts. That created a window of opportunity for PPP allied polling officials to mark up ballots for the PPP. Opposition polling agent were absent from most stations in the Amerindian communities.

    6. Polling Places Located At Homes Of PPP Supporters
    Our population has been declining, and as a consequence our national list of electors has stagnated or declined. Despite this, GECOM increased the number of polling places, especially on the East Coast of Demerara, Region 4.

    7. PPP Controlled GECOM
    In PPP strongholds the GECOM polling staff comprised PPP members and supporters.

    8. PPP Phantom Voting

    PPP phantom voting is a phenomenon whereby an elector votes without ever setting foot in the polling station or signing a proxy form. conning the agents. Care is taken not to exceed the numbers on the polling station list, as that would raise a red flag with the Local and International Observers.
    Due to lack of opposition polling agents the PPP captured the Amerindian votes through phantom voting.

    9. Ballot Box Tampering
    On Tuesday, 29th November, concerned citizens reported that ballot boxes were being tampered with at North Ruimveldt Multilateral School in which all the ballot boxes for District 4 South Georgetown were stored by GECOM. APNU was able to obtain eleven broken ballot box seals from someone who smuggled them past heavily armed police. That was the same district that the PPP wanted a recount after its agent “fixed” the votes.
    10. Ballot Boxes Found On The West Demerara
    On Wednesday, 30th November, one ballot box was found at Vreed En Hoop, West Coast Demerara, and another was found at Versailles West Bank Demerara, Region 3. The finds were made after police had searched the homes of two PPP activists in the area for ballot boxes. Homes were also searched for ID cards. It was clear that PPP personnel were involved in nefarious activities with ballot boxes and ID cards.

    11. PPP Calls For Recount
    12. Statements Of Poll
    The Statements of Poll (SOPs) are the most important document generated during the electoral process. They are a count of the votes and are the basis on which the election results are tabulated and declared. The SOPs do not reflect multiple and phantom voting. Those have to be detected on the ground and objections must be raised immediately to stop the fraud. If multiple and phantom voting are not detected then the elections appear to be good and so the rigging cannot be detected on the SOPs, especially when, as is the case of the PPP, you have the largest bloc of traditional voters, and you just have to keep your numbers high but do not exceed the list.


  14. The real fear is that those targeted during the SOE will now try to continue thier lives like business as usual without working hard to prevent it from happening again. SOE is over, but as we comment on this page you should feal assured that another evil plot to exterminate ll of those that the UNC and it’s followers see as undesireable.
    Yes I fear that many of those targeted will go back to wasting time, lyming and not working hard to secure thier future and nurishing thier families as they gro. Instead there will be more murders by some want to be like New York gangsters. Crooklyn want to be’s would rather still father more children than they can support even if they wanted to and do things that detract from a society rather than doing for themselves what members of the UNC are doing for thier followers.

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