Bizarre apology

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November 01, 2011 –

Patrick ManningWe deliberately did not rush to venture an opinion — or opinions — on Patrick Manning’s media conference and “apology” delivered last Thursday. Indeed, we are still wondering whether the former prime minister was apologising to the PNM or to the nation?

It is difficult to accept, on face value, that this might have been a sincere attempt on his part to clear his conscience. We say this because he explicitly avoided any mention of the wrong developmental decisions, the corruption which dogged his administration (and which he tried to defend stoutly), or the violent crime which flourished, and which he tended to excuse rather than condemn.

He did apologise for any wrong decisions he may have taken, and for “disenfranchising” people, but he did not identify whom he had disenfranchised. We must assume the “wrong decisions” referred to the choices of new glass buildings over much needed infrastructure and health care, but he did not acknowledge this.

His disenfranchising comment was especially intriguing. Many chose to read this as referring to the election he unwisely called in 2010, and which the PNM lost comprehensively. But that decision did not “disenfranchise” anyone, and all of the PNM were free to vote then, and they still are. We are confident that Manning understood that the departure of office by calling the election was not an act of disenfranchisement towards anyone, particularly his party supporters.

It was left to another former prime minister, Basdeo Panday, to raise the question of what Mr Manning really meant when he referred to those who may have been “disenfranchised”. Mr Panday’s question on the issue suggests that he (Panday) might have been alluding to the charges that Manning had used the Jamaat al Muslimeen to “persuade” voters in marginal seats not to exercise their franchise in the 2002 general election. If Mr Manning was referring to those allegations then he surely needs to say a lot more on the matter.

Manning is yet to appear before the Commission of Enquiry into the July 1990 Coup attempt. His appearance there will surely deal with Manning’s relationships with the Muslimeen, both at the time of the coup attempt, and subsequently, and there is a lot of conjecture already in the public domain, including affidavits by Abu Bakr, on meetings and arrangements between the two men. Unfortunately, Mr Manning was not pressed by the media present to explain what he meant by “disenfranchisement”.

But Manning did not only summon the media to play his contrite role. He took the opportunity to condemn the present Government for the way the crime issue is being handled. He called for exposure of the persons to whom shipping containers with concealed marijuana had been consigned, and while everyone should be interested in the answers, his call rings hollow to all who remember his own government’s failures in this regard. Manning had, almost proudly, announced in parliament in 2005 that he knew very well who was “Mister Big” in the drug trade. To the best of our knowledge, he seems never to have shared this information with his security services, nor indeed with the current administration, who might have been in a position to detain Mr Big in the current state of emergency.

Manning’s performance last Thursday was decidedly surreal. From announcing that he was confident that many of us were expecting “perfection” from him, to his promises that he was leaving politics after the current term, and his rather lame statement of support for current PNM Leader Keith Rowley, he left everyone wondering what was the real purpose of his performance.,149850.html

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  1. Much ado is made about Mr. Manning’s public apology (or lack of it) and what effect it has on his future. It is true that as a past Prime Minister one would and should expect something deep and profound in his public utterences but this conference did not enlighten us to any greater degree than is already known of his behaviour whilst in office. I am sorry to say that in this case we target the wrong source. To depend on Manninhg to come out and say how sorry he is and who or what he is sorry about is asking too much from a politician. It is the job of the media to ask pertinent questions with follow-ups that would give an insight into his thinking. Very often the media itself is very inept in probing politicians into explaining their actions and this one in particular is one which they are the culprits and NOT Manning. Here it is, a man who have hid from the media for close to eighteen months after he fell from power, ashamed by his his own decisions, failing thousands, maybe hundred of thousands by his foolish judgements, behaviour and overall demeanour that he is ackward in the public domain to say what he wants say. We depend on the professionalism of the media to push him to the point where he has to explain himself, so we can get a better insight into his thinking but the incompetent media just expect a seasoned politician to stand and pour his heart out without being probed to do so? If Manning gave nothing to accept of expand upon, then it is his prerogative in the given circumstances to do so! He is not obligated to say anymore than he wants to say because he is not now running the country. So, it is a waste of time to engage in circumstantive speculation as what he should or should not say period. To think that even a proven and substantiated liar as Jack has called on him to resign is nothing but a joke. This country is a living joke because the people we depend upon to do their jobs properly and with sincerity are not doing so. They all fail miserably. The best guardians to our rights are not the politicians (they will take us for all that we’ve got), it is the media (often called the fourth estate) that we have to look upon to inhform us as to what is happening around us and how it may affect us. A politician left to himself will tell us anything! A great reporter, allowed to progue him can get him to say things he would’nt easily admit to. Therefore much is made of Mannings ascertions about apologising BUT in my mind the MEDIA blew a good opportunity, period…..

  2. Any attempt to paint any one, political party in one corner on this issue ,as far as sole beneficiaries , is nothing short of disingenuous/ misleading. Both Manning and his drinking buddy Basdeo Panday ,possess bloody hands , and should one day be called to account for their respective roles, in destroying ‘Aw we TOBAGO bouy’ ANR led , NAR government , that was destroyed in 1990 ,when two bit islamist thug Lennox Phillip, aka Yasin Abu Bakr attempted de destruction of our democracy in a failed coup.
    Not surprising that both , along with high end members were out of the house on that fateful date. Not surprising that both were reluctant to push for a serious investigation since 1990, or rather ensure that a noose was placed around the neck of this fake Muslim , who was essentially a criminal.
    Ain’t it ironic , how history have a way of repeating itself? Back then , ANR , was doing no different ,than what ‘Her Majesty , Queen K ,’ is attempting today. Namely , work his Alliance for the benefit of all. The difference is that the ULF / ONR fraction then , had more control and influence , than anything the COP , and labor fringe pockets of a UNC dominant PP, can dream of holding.
    However, Basdeo, Ramnath, Sudama, Suraj, Dookeran, and company, had different agendas, since in their old maths , 2 minus 10 , equalled zero. So let the political charade , and escapist jig and dance continue ,by equally destructive , but perhaps more palatable leaders, hmmmm?
    Maybe we learn something , and can forestall a repeat via overkill politicking.

  3. An appology must be direct. You don’t appologise for being a bad Prime Minister because your entire tenure was not flooded with bad actions. Hence an appology must be direct. Is he appologising for not being an inclusive Prime Minister by disenfranchising others???. Then even that has to be specific is he talking about the scholarship and and various programs of the PNM that was simply design to take care of their own. A Prime Minister’s appology is even more powerful when he is in office.

    For instance the Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Harper, appologised to Chinese for the head tax, the natives for abuse at the religious schools, to East Indians for the bombing of Air India and the lack of proper response by the then government. He went further an even ordered investigations into these incidents. Yes his appology was direct. You simply can’t appologise for everything that went wrong because we are human.

    Mr. Manning must come clean and truly tell the nation what exactly he is appologising for. He must be specific to what he did that was wrong. In so doing he will emerge the better man, the history books will favour him, and it will help to ease the pain of the past.

    His speech should have gone like this “ladies and gentlemen during my tenure in office I have made some mistakes that upon reflection I have come to the conclusion that I must appologise to those affected by my indiscretions. I want to say it will not remove past hurts but it will put us as a nation and party on the pathway towards better governance”. I would like to appologise to those who were disenfranchised from the scholarship scheme, upon reflection it was poorly handled on my part and for that I appologise. I would like to appologise to party members for calling an early election, at the time it seem as the right thing to do. I would like to appologise to the public for not managing crime in way that would have cause less pain.” Thank you ladies and gentlemen. He should then end abruptly and leave.

  4. Much ado over nothing mamoo, and so who cares? Tell me , since ‘Her Majesty , Queen K,’ pounce on the national scene , and you still unfortunately hear the political rascal ,Basdeo Panday speak on issue he deem pertinent, do you ,and the rest of the tribe ,loose any sleep, break out in a sweat, or get your blood pressure going , due to any such comments?
    Give it a rest buddy! Manning is certainly not your problem ,and never was . Your problem is looking at you squarely in the mirror. Try as you might but your verbal doo, doo won’t stick on the cyber wall, and hence the reasons for no traction to your views. I am only responding , because I am bored with the usual pointless debates.
    I will add that you , along with no sensible , educated social scientist ,wort their salt,can ever prove that he did not, in thoughts, words, deeds, and actions, adore Indo Trinis , Chinese, Arabs, Jews, Hispanics, Caribs, Arawaks, Europeans of all stripes, and the myriad of interracial callaloo creations dispersed across our nation , and the globe at large.
    Now , as for the folks dat looked like him however? Well….as the wiser old folks used to say ,’ dat ,is a horse of a different color.’
    Just in case you don’t know what dat means , being Guyanese and all, then you can enquire from our resident historian,Madame L.

    As for Manning’s Parliamentary escapades? This is called attempting to protect one’s fragile legacy. Fidel Castro does it, Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Clinton, G.W Bush, Leslie Rawlings ,and soon the Guyanese racist ex President Jagdeo would be indulging in it, as well as , drug dealer supporting ,political crook, a la ,Yardee Prezident Goolding.
    Focus your energy instead mamoo, on something that might help advance your nation , and prevent it from soon igniting ,symbolically , or literally.
    Don’t leave it at that , but strive to luv humanity, instead of yapping about your Canadian PM, trying to ingratiate himself -for economic cheap labor gains -with socialist ,fake capitalist Chinese.
    To that as well, no one cares. Wake us up when he does more than extend lip service ,in terms of substantive apologies ,to the Red Man ,whose lands his ancestor’s stole, and without much thinking , engaged in rabid genocide to eradicate them all.
    Which means therefore that you too ,since 1986, are a beneficiary of genocide.

  5. Well, Well, Well- the time has finally come to see this character becoming sensitive to reality and the real world.

    Far to long now the PNM has held the mantle, but of what stake.
    it is time for them to resign and go out from what they cannot deal with.

    The imploreable state that were created by this party is a real disgrace and shame when it comes to meeting people’s need and the basic commodities to living.

    One Question that always affect me is: When would these Jokers get down to real business and start planting the land. Yes! all those lands left off for use by Caroni LTD.

    PLANT the land people- you in Government this appeal is for you: get down and plant the land.stop this importation of basic food stuff that can fully well be grown in TRINIDAD and TOBAGO.

    I can’t believe that all those farmers of days gone by did not leave mechanism to further this trade. Trinidad can grow and feed itself, enough with the Politics, the Rhetoric, The Bubbol, the slackness and plain being unconcerned.

    Remember them Lagoon Conch and Canal Crabs? we want to see some of these again. Casscadoos, Waabeen, Cosscurob . Oil down, Dasheen, Corn, Bananna. Cucumbers, Smoke herrings, Coconut Bake and buljol.

    if Trinidad stop now- I guess they would have to settle for foreigners can food, Chips and fries, plastered with saturated oils and fats. Greece is the word now.

    As soon as this outside chemical stuff become the staple diet- well is only diabetes, blood clot, heart failure, by past surgeries, Memory lost, Hypertension, Death etc…

    Come on down now T&T massive get back up from where you have fallen, fallen because of ignorance, lack, to high expectations, and just old pressure.

    Pommorac, Mango, tankabeen, Cassava pone, Good Buss up shuts, and legendary Dhal Purrie. Curry Fish and Dumplings.

    Bring it back, nice pepper sauce, Trmbrand coocheela, and Plum. Guava and nut-meg, Plaintain, moco and sapodilla.

    Come back and let the children take a taste of you, Tarmbrand ball, cherry and red mango. Politics cannot mix with this- ewhen they talking, you should be planting….

    its only up to you now T&T you had the land, why you letting it go idle and uncultivated….get up now, and get on board….

  6. Excellent job Trini, as ‘ah lil bit oh nostalgia , ain’t half bad,’ hmmm? I too know about dirt ovens, and two or three neighbors, coming together at Xmas to bake. We were poor enough to enjoy , fire side on top , and below , on a four stone , Iron pot in a wet kitchen outside de house. My Grandmom giving away some of her fresh milk to the neighbors , and boiling the rest with bayleaf. The neignbors coming to my yard and freely acquiring every fruit imaginable on earth, hog / Jamaican plums, sapodilla, mangos, golden apple, bananas, oranges. Sitting in a garden on a crocus bag , as she plant the land of corn and peas to eventually sell in the market. Digging the yarm , and ginger , and reaping the sorrel for daily consumption. Raising our own domesticated chickens, sheep, and goats, and sneaking across to the neighbor house to watch a bit of TV. At ten ,being a budding kinky voyeuristic freak ,spying through the cracks of our house , at the 15 year old neighbor, as she bath naked in her open backyard. Those were the days.
    Sorry Trini , but those days are gone-so quit reminiscing as they ain’t coming back-and so is de House of Mr Biswas ,once located on Miguel Street, as the mimic men/ women barbarians, are overrunning the gate,with their penchant for narrow profiteering, distracting tribalist politicking ,foreign taste , finger pointing ,and immoral distractions are legendary.
    Not to be outdone, ‘de prophets if doom and gloom , always looking over we shoulders, at alleged noble stewardship cretins ,’ are also out in full cry especially on dis here information highway, still attempting to redefine past , failed, political legacies , belonging to their heroic ,yet socially immoral ,fake Afrikan leaders, who successfully rode the backs of poor ex slaves to power, then discard them , once expedient.
    Somebody should tell dem likewise Trini, that even plants needs nurturing, or else they too would die. Translation? The Ballisea is dead , and so is the clueless creatures, dat still support de PNM.
    Time for fresh ideas- if ‘dey end game’ is sustainable development, and nation building , yes?
    We wish all 1.3 million and counting , a la mosaic people, well, yes?
    Luv Humanity! Dismissed the idea of de tribe, as history would show it did nada for mother Afrika/ Asia/ Europe/ Latin America,Middle East, and ‘PAX Norte Americana,’ , neither can it for gleeful Trinis, aka America.

  7. Yes Reminiscing about the past might calm some people down and bring some reflection by them. What’s your ploy for Trini? Push for people to start planting the land.

    Is we who have this place so- only climbing on top of one-another you Scratch my back, then I’ll Scratch my back and C for yourself.

    Twang- Twang is all we know- Your fresh ideas cannot come about without we knowing where we come from. You don’t know where you come from-how you would know where you would be heading?

    Massa days gone- leh we lego some cuss, this would soften them up- We who sit back and watch them introduce all this chemical, all this genetic alteration upon us- lego beast if you please.

    Crix and bite you Tongue- We only playing Intellect by reading the Guardian and Express, now we have Computer- We become Judges-Cons and Pros !!! all this language wasting for so.

    Because we cah pitch marble pitch and pelt mango !!! we have to stay inside and watch TV- We get we personality from here and we end up living inside the Box- Only tell we to jump and tell we how high?…

  8. Well ,speaking of planting land, answer this? Who has it , and still want more ? Which two political parties hated land reform and why? Hope you are likewise acquainted with your history, beyond jab jab , duck limes, oil down cook outs, and maracas bake and shark escapism, my friend. Nation building is not for cowards,and weak hearts. Are you up for the inevitable revolution?

    1. Nation building is not for cowards and weak heart- nation building also calls for strong spiritual men and women- Firm and strong Christians if you please.

      Go ahead and rant and rave now I remember you !! who hate to hear about the Bible- Western Civilization was Christian Civilization- Where the Bible and faith gone?- Rise up now and blast like the Atheist and other God killers- am waiting to hear the ridicule you always have for the Bible…

      All this nation building without God is only destined to go like the nations of the ancient world- Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Greece and Rome- morally bankrupt and godless.

      Would you include the knowledge of the Bible with the nation building? If not we’ve seen the downfall of plain humanism-just look at the world around….

      1. More bloodshed , mayhem and confusion have been caused across the globe, by folks obsessed over opaque religions my friend. It therefore has absolutely no place in multi ethnic , and multi racial societies , such as ours.
        There is perhaps only two lines in the stolen King Bible, that I fully subscribe to ,and here they are: 1. The first is to ‘luv thy neighbor like your self.’ Folks who do, would have empathy to their pain, would care and share with others in need.
        2. Secondly ,thou shall not kill. By that I mean an end to all forms of war, the death penalty, and murdering of any animals for food consumption.
        When the Christian hierarchies of the world , from the Vatican , to Britain , across Norte Americana ,and the various other imperialist creatures ,get down on their knees ,in ashes and sack cloth , to eventually beg forgiveness, for their respective religious institution’s role in encouraging slavery ,raping Afrika, of all of it’s human and natural resources, so as to then benefit financially , yet never willing to compensate historical victims ,then we can talk.
        Now if you insist on embracing one religion, then here it is Trini – if your end game is peaceful tolerance, and progress for all.

        Luv humanity instead my friend , and avoid all forms of dogma. Remember this is no contradiction, as Buddhism is in actuality , a way of life.
        Your call.

        1. Sorry My Friend Study your Bible and you would see what the Bible is saying-rather than what mankind is exemplifying.

          Yea Yea Yea! The Vatican has fooled the world posing as Christian- Read your Bible and you would see if this is Bible?

          Baptize pagan beliefs were responsible for the killing of millions of true Christians during the dark ages- The Bible never recognize the church courting the world. Sleeping with the kings of the earth.

          Is all this Anti- Christian powers that fool people like you, posing as Christians- Go start studying your Bible and do some serious home work- don’t damn the Bible when you never read it. Don’t be fooled by what and how people is representing the Bible with their lives-

          Only sincere and honest folks while reading and discovering what the Scriptures says would understand what is happening.

          Check out and see if the Bible ever commissioned One man to rule over the Church in the World?
          Priest not suppose to get married, worshiping of a Woman they call Mary as part of the Godhead.

          Purgatory, Churches having Ambassadors representing them all over the world. Christ said ” My kingdom is not of this world. How many of these deceivers are being persecuted for Righteousness sake”?

          Lording it over the wealth and materials of the world. possessing paintings and relics that are priceless- yet we have so much poverty all over the world.

          Sitting on a throne, having a kingdom on earth, having a Triple crown that is made up with priceless diamonds and precious jems? Go now and look up this in the Bible and you would see…

  9. Was Manning apologizing for encouraging ethnic disharmony and ethnic politics?
    Was he apologizing for dominating the PNM and stifling fresh new ideas from his fellow fellow parliamentarians?
    Was he apologizing for his failure to introduce constitutional reform which would have secured a victory for all?
    Was he apologizing for his recruitment of Abu Bakr to ensure victory at the polls and his awarding of land and contracts to a terrorist Muslim organization?
    Was he apologizing for his incompetence and wastage of millions at the Toruba stadium?
    Was he apologizing for wasting millions on International conferences which brought no financial benefits to T&T?
    Was he apologizing for the failure to deliver the Tobago hospital after spending hundreds of millions?
    Was he apologizing for his failure to reduce the excessive crime in T&T?
    Was he apologizing for blaming the victims for kidnappings?
    Was he apologizing for his preoccupation with big buildings and his neglect of the people?
    The list goes on ……………..

  10. Oh, cut it out T-Man . You are obviously living in Canada for too long, and so enveloping alien values , and norms ,that can never emerge within any of your social and political leaders from , T&T,your own country of birth.
    People do not apologize , or even resign from public office here, so get over it.
    Were any of your leaders ,that contributed to the neglect of Tobago-my neck of the woods-ever apologetic? Did any of them apologize for misunderstanding their roles, as national leaders , whose purpose was to likewise ,look out for the interest of all citizens, irrespective of race, color, class or creed?
    You know the answer, and so do I, and guess what , I too do not care about the past.
    All I wish to know today , is this . The people gave a mandate tow years ago, so what plans exactly, her majesty Queen K , your leader ,hold, for the development of our country? What’s the job plan for example?
    Nuff said.

    Move on my friend, and let the elder statesmen live out their days. If I can forgive Basdeo Panday, and his business as well as political pals for their roles in keeping T&T divided ,and or backward via escapist, cock on de roof politics, then as part of progress,and in your mind reconciliation, you too can do the same even for Uncle Manning , his drinking buddy ,even with all his perceived neo racial flaws, hmmmm?

  11. Manning was acting in the historical context of African consciousness, something that is poignantly absent outside of that group. He was not apologizing to any segment of the population. Why should he. His ancestors did not worship at a religious alter that assembled human worth on steps based on color. His ancestors did not introduce racist hate and prejudice into the world of human thought processes, and thus created that major causes of wars and divisiveness.

    Africans have been the most forgiving and tolerant of the human family, as history and examples can demonstrate unequivocally. We have not left our domains to go into other lands and dominate the people we found there. We have been at the forefront of every struggle to open up once bastions of white supremacy, where every jack rabbit and parasitic mole can now move into and enjoy the fruits of our labor. So Manning does not need to apologize to those whose history is an unending pattern of racist religious and cultural beliefs.

    Manning need to go and make his peace wit his people, use his retirement time to awaken their consciousness to the vagabonds and narrow assed racist salivating over the opportunity to masturbate their slimey egos from the imposition of religious caste system in T&T. He need to let his people understand that there will never be no change among the major actors in this group, and they should steel themselves to the challenges that lie ahead. If we existed in this world thousands of years before coming into contact with the offspring of neanderthal mixed homonids, certainly we can do the same today.

  12. “We have been at the forefront of every struggle to open up once bastions of white supremacy, where every jack rabbit and parasitic mole can now move into and enjoy the fruits of our labor”.

    Very true,but is this because new generations of Africans have failed to capitalize on the struggles of their forefathers, thereby creating vacancies for “neanderthals” all over the world to take advantage of the opportunites provided to them, utilizing the principles of entrepreneurship, hard work, self determination, accountability and personal responsibility?

  13. It was not a failure to capitalize. It was lack of visceral racial prejudice and a willingness to share the fruits of their sacrifices, even with those, who, while taking advantage of it was practising their neanderthal backwardness. If Africans heriditarily were inundated culturally and psychologically with the same kind of backward prejudice they face from those who benefit from their struggles, the situation would have been quite different. The merchants who flock to their nations and communities to get rich off their consumer habits would have found a less hospitable climate.

    Regardless, I would not trade our material disadvantages for wealth if it came with those primal attitudes and behaviours. The fact that those behaviours are shared with those who are said to have neanderthal genes is no coincidence.

  14. Hey guys , why do you allow T-Man to get away with this tripe. Ask him how he think they should deal with the white ,and brown neanderthals in post Apartheid South Africa, outside of what Mugabe , and Idi Amin did? Ask him , how exactly they should operate, so as to make the wrongs, right, in T&T , where, due to the political idiocy ,and limbo dancing appeasements towards others , by Afrikan leaders , their people continue to live like 5th class citizens, while ungrateful jokers, pontificate daily about excelling , while gloating about their noble culture, and alleged hard work?
    Remind him ,that due in part to the failed stewardship of the Nehru family clan, that his much adored India, was on a runaway train wreck to nowhere , until fortunately for that country ,a former neo socialist economist reformer,Sikh PM ,name Manmohan Singh, help placed them on a course of respectability.
    If left solely to the Hindus , and rivaling Muslims ethnic cousins, well .. let’s say they would be 100 times worst off.
    I say all this to say , that the South Asian diaspora possess no more bragging rights than their Afrikan cousins globally . Where so ever they excelled out side of the ancestral home , was more due to the fact that Afrikans peoples, through neglect of their own allowed them to.
    Warn him however, that we Buddhist folks, subscribe to a thinking that changes are inevitable , as nothing is permanent, even the ghastly state of the world’s historically maligned people from the Virgin Continent.
    Luv Humanity , guys.

  15. “Africans have been the most forgiving and tolerant of the human family, as history and examples can demonstrate unequivocally. We have not left our domains to go into other lands and dominate the people we found there”. (Keith Williams)

    Very true, but is that because African dictators over the years have been too busy making a mess of their own countries. Consider Charles Taylor – Liberia, Sekou Toure – Guinea, General Sani Abacha – Nigeria, Laurent Kabila – DR Congo, Kamuzu Banda – Malawi, Robert Mugabe – Zimbabwe, Mobutu Sese Seko – (Zaire) Congo, Jean-Bedel Bokassa – CAR, Idi Amin Dada – Uganda.

    1. The majority of whom you listed were C.I.A pawns or puppets for Eurocentric intrest. There is no question that Africa would have been better off without European and or Arab interference.

  16. With all his idle talk, and finger pointing , what the naive T-Man failed to recognize ,that by any serious analysis , Afrika as a whole ,is much better off that Asia, using any yardstick.
    What you misguided creatures, tend to blab about, is the life of a very tiny elite , that exist in equal measure on both continents.The people of Asia , unlike Afrikans, tend to also be very accepting of their ghastly state, and so won’t resist.

  17. Selwyn Ryan: Con job, catharsis, or catastrophe?
    We note here that Mr Manning only apologised to the party and its supporters. There is no doubt that some members and supporters welcomed Mr Manning’s apology and saw it as a genuine attempt to make amends. Judging from the reactions of most of those with whom I spoke, however, most have concluded that Mr Manning was still suffering from political bereavement (aka political tabanca) and was using the apology as a thinly disguised ruse to get back into the political spotlight and rescue and refurbish his image for posterity. One party member advised me to stop looking for rational explanations for Mr Manning’s behaviour. The exercise, I was told, represented a quest for catharsis, the need for relief of strongly suppressed emotions. Clearly, Mr Manning is still suffering from PELT, “Post Election Losers Trauma”, a disease that is common to political leaders the world over who are retired by their electorates.

  18. Losers Trauma”, a disease that is common to political leaders the world over who are retired by their electorates? Who are these people , and where did they learn?
    Between Basdeo Panday , and Manning , who was retired by the electorate? The latter has been in power for the past 40 years since he was what 27? Was PM longer than Queen K , and the Bengal Tiger could ever be , all put together, is still drawing a salary, while awaiting some pre election , over the top accusations ,to finally blossom into a charge , and they are talking about retired? What a sick / perverted joke?
    Yes , I know, some comedian ,would seek to brand me as some delusion PNM diehard , but tell these bozos , that yours truly ,only voted once in his entire life, when it came to his country, and it never was for a PNM party, or worst yet, ULF , before it evolved into de Club 88, or UNC.
    Luv Humanity , and forget de tribe.

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