Needed: A second Emancipation

By Michael Harris
September 11, 2011 –

PNMMy column last Monday [PNM’s children] seems to have ignited something of a furore among readers. On talk shows, in the blogs, and in letters to the editor, there was a surprisingly huge outpouring of feedback as everyone appeared to have something to say about my article.

It was surprising, in the first place, because newspaper columnists and what we write are seldom the recipients of such massive attention. We write our articles week in and week out and, with the exception of the comments from a few inveterate bloggers, we hardly even know if anyone out there is reading what we write. At least that has been my experience.

The outpouring of feedback was surprising to me for another reason. While there were a few persons who were positive and complimentary (for which I say thank you), anyone following the responses would have realised that not only were most of the comments negative and downright vitriolic, but that they came overwhelmingly from people who regarded themselves as PNM supporters.

It is not surprising that PNM supporters did not like what I had written. That is their right. What surprised me was that, this time, they thought it necessary to publicly vent their anger. The views I expressed in the column last week were not new. I have held them for a long time and I have expressed them in this column many times before.

Writing in this column in August of 2008 I had this to say;

“…it is evident that the black community in Trinidad is trapped in a terrible dilemma. With each day that passes we find ourselves less free and more dependent than at any time since slavery.

We look around at what we perceive to be the economic and cultural progress being made by other ethnic groups in the country, particularly the numerically strong Indian community, and feel that we are being left behind. More than that, we question our own capacity to compete, to stand on our own and prosper.

The vast majority of us believe that we have no choice but to suck at the teats of the state if we are to survive. And so we feel compelled to prop up and support the very institution which we know to be the cause of our paralytic dependence; the PNM…”

What I wrote last week was merely a restatement, in a different context, of that point of view. So the question arises, why did last week’s article trigger such an outpouring of antagonism, resentment and bile from the PNM supporters? Why did they not continue to pretend to simply ignore me?

One possible answer may be that many of them may have been as shocked as I was at what we heard on the “Granny Quila” video. And to be told that this young lady was the product and consequence of their party and its politics over the decades must have hurt them to the quick.

But I think the answer is more complex than that. What I believe the public outpouring of antagonism towards the article betrayed was the deep-rooted sense of anxiety, of fear, and of genuine angst, which today exists amongst the vast majority of black PNM supporters.

When I wrote the words which I quoted earlier the PNM was safely entrenched in office having, not too many months before, won another election. My words then could be safely ignored, whatever the misgivings they may have prompted, because the PNM was in charge of the State and the gravy train would continue to run.

Three years later their world has turned upside down with a vengeance. Their party has been unceremoniously dumped from office. They stepped out with Patrick one step too far and plunged over the precipice of his arrogance. And they are well aware that today they are allowed to suck at the teats of the state on sufferance only; that at any moment they may lose their place at the feeding trough or be asked to pledge allegiance to the ‘enemy’ if they wished to keep on sucking.

But there is more to it than that. The fact is that as they look at their party in the context of the country as it is today, it is difficult for them to conjure up any hope of a quick resurgence or any resurgence at all. Even the most obdurate of them would have to acknowledge that the PNM, as it is today, is a decrepit and dilapidated shell of a party, bankrupt of ideas, bankrupt of vision, bankrupt of moral authority and bankrupt of leadership.

So they live today in a state of existential terror for they know not what to do. For so long have they been content to live lives of utter dependency that their muscles of independent thought and action may well have atrophied. Their condition is somewhat analogous to that of prisoners who, having been incarcerated for extended periods of time, are released into the world and have no clue as to how to survive.

But the answer to their dilemma is the same as it was one hundred and seventy-three years ago. For what circumstances now require of them for survival is that they stand on their own two feet; that, in the immortal words of Bob Marley, they “emancipate themselves from mental slavery”. Or, if you prefer the biblical quotation, that “they take up their beds and walk.” This is what our forefathers did and this is what they are now required to do.

This second emancipation is not going to be easy. There is no help to come from any abolitionists or from any free-traders. The only help to be had is from the brothers and sisters who have never succumbed to the poisonous draught of PNM ideology: have never given up on the vision of T&T as a nation united, independent, and free; who understand that such a nation can only be built if every class, creed and race find an equal place; and, above all, that citizenship in such a nation, means accepting the responsibility to be our brother’s keeper.

But the first step away from the plantation of dependency that is, and has been the PNM, must be their own. “None but themselves can free up their minds”.

* Mr Harris has been for many years a writer and commentator on politics and society in Trinidad and the wider Caribbean. He is a long-standing member of the Tapia House Group

53 thoughts on “Needed: A second Emancipation”

  1. This is, coming from someone as astute as you, incomprehensibly naive, and at best, misplaced idealism; at worst ill-disguised vendetta!

  2. If this analysis is correct, that the girl who cussed out the PM could be so young and base did so as a result of PNM policies, then, who is responsible for the politicians today, people like Warner referring during the election to an opponent as a ‘sewer-rat’?

    And for the AG bombast and belligerence?

    Where do the importation of games like Grand Theft Auto that teaches youth, for example, how to disguise themselves as cab drivers to ensnare women as passengers to then kidnap them and take them to secluded areas and there commit the worst kinds of crimes on them?

    And who, if your analysis is objective, is responsible for the new pornocracies abundant and available 24/7; 360 days a year, and for its production and publicity before children of all ages, at home and abroad?

    The PNM?

    If anyone is discredited beyond redemption here it is not the PNM, despite its many faults and vast errors.

    In fact what the PNM is most guilty of is its own naivete believing that all peoples in TnT believe as the Black people do that ‘every creed and race …’

    This, realistically should have read, ‘here every caste, not race finds its allotted place’.

    1. Your statement epitomises everything that is arrogrant and unattractive about the PNM and its’ supporters.You have turned the country of by your abject stupidity…by your inability to see beyond race.Like Manning your delusions are boundless.YOU need help.

  3. if you are truly from Never Dirty you too would be looking for deliverance from the PNM. Mr Harris is the best political commentator in the land and he on the ball with these two articles. People who are in too far just wouldn”t see it. What a pity.

    1. Before you talk about being ‘dependent’, go, as Michael Harris should also do, and read the Moyne Commission Report.

      It was written before WWII, commissioned by the British to ‘understand’ the reasons for riots all across the West Indies.

      It was a report which, written even by a conservative anti-Black British Lord–Moyne introduced Angostura Bitters to T&T–described such deplorable conditions imposed by the British on Black populations from Belize to Union Island, as opposed to the benefits accorded to the Indians who by that time had amassed in the British-controlled territories more than a million acreas of land, that the British only released Moyne’s findings after the war ended because they feared that Hitler would use it to mobilise support against Britain in Africa.

      And, yes, it is because I’m from Never Dirty why my education has been incisive and broadguaged. It is why I also know there would be no Indian Arrival Day were it not for Emancipation Day, and for former slaves refusing to be re-enslaved by British plantation owners.

      I grew in Never Dirty with Black Trinis like “old Soldier” who had fought in the same war and after, had been furloughed unlike their white Trini counterparts, without any pension.

      Before you talk, do the right thing and read, and develop the attitude of thinking forthrightly and without fear or favour … except being fearful of lying and being favourable towards being truthful, and being able to change where you have been neither.

      1. Correction: Lord Moyne of Bury St. Edmunds introduced, not Angostura Bitters but Guinness Stout into T&T during his pre-WWII stint as head of the Moyne Commission into riots and disturbances in the West Indies.

  4. Yeah Neverdirty, I too sense that cuz Michael Harris, was heading down pandering avenue , where one can always put on the Judas, 30 pieces of silver cloak ,favored by allegedly objective journalist, Andy Johnson, turn Government Information Chief/ Spokesman , and once relevant , bombastic ,self hating ,intellectual alligator ,Dr Morgan Job, who would grind his Afrikan grandmother , into mince meat, and eat same, if it would ingratiate him with dem modern day imperialist , in and out of his home, and or power.
    May their twisted soul rest at night.

  5. Ad what of those who see themselves as neither PNM Chirren or DLP?NAR?UNC?PP chirren? What of those who really care about their country, but find that the political largess of both parties leave them out in the cold? We have never seriously looked at what the role of an independent minded man or woman would be in a country where the government is the biggest emloyer, and so, political patronage means getting work and living what my students call “a good life” erning enough to marry, raise a family, buy a home. What percentage of the population can honestly say that after forty years of work, they have the means to be confortable, and they have the sense that their contributions have been valued? How has the oil wealth of the lst forty years benefitted the average person, other than through free education at all levels? In almost all societis, except the highly developed North American societies, there is a certain amount of nepotism. Your father and I belong to the same lodge, our people go to the same church, we went to the same high school, called sometimes “the old boys network”, when this does not function for one group, because like all Africans they try not to be tribal, or obviously so in deciding merit, but try to give everyone a chance, only to find that the other groups have no such values, what are they to do?
    What we may be seeing in TNT is a clash of values- the adopted Christian ethic of the African population, of which the adopted Golden Rule is paramount, and a very different ethic on the other side of “my people or nothing”. Before anyone tries to jump down my throat, since some do foam at the mouth(yeah I am mixing my metaphors what the hell)at the sight of this name in print; I want you to flash back to the PNM Prime Minister’s security detail,permanent secretary and secretary; and the one adopted by Ms. KAmla. Even while Mr. Nizam was saying there are not enough Indian police officers in high places in the service, and Raffique was reminding us that the traditional view of his people was that police work is dog work, Ms. KAmla was apparently finding sufficient officers so that her security detail is All INdian. Is it that she does not trust African police officers?ecreatries?Permanent Secretaries? Do they smell bad to her, because they eat different food? Whatever it is, the change is a fiat accompli, and nobody complained. Her first cabinet reshuffle shuffled out the other parties in the so-called coalition to the outer fringes of policy. No one complained, so that now her inner cabal is All Indian. Did PApa Doc and on down to Manning, ever do this? This is the core difference in peoples.
    This is an earth-shaking change for African originated people in TnT. Coupled with the arrest, hair cutting and accusations of gang membership of people of a certain complexion, we are on our way to hell in the one handbasket.
    Look at the comments on the men who were freed.The 21) Almost every commenter, on this blog, the Guardian, the Express determined that they were guilty.

    If TnT African people need to be free, they must be prepared for some drastic measures. Take a lead from Louis Farrakhan’s book. If you buy a new car, they prosper. Keep your old one. If you buy new curtains, they prosper, keep your old ones. Avoid the liquor stores. Africans do not own any of those. Leave the rum-shop alone.Leave the whorehouses and casinos alone also. Our money should be saved to invest in businesses that would supply our needs- Tobagonians,Antiguans and BArbadians do this. Walk wherever possible, and take the bus when you can. Keep your pennies in your pocket, and out of their claws. I know this is not easy, but it can be done.
    The non-African community depends on our spending, while they hoard. If we do not spend, we would send a clear message. We should have the guts to send such a message.

    1. “Look at the comments on the men who were freed.The 21) Almost every commenter, on this blog, the Guardian, the Express determined that they were guilty”

      These men were arrested because the police have in their possession videotape of these men committing crimes on Nelson Street.They were freed on a technicality because the crimes were committed before the Antigang legislation was passed. They are presently in hiding for fear of being rearrested and charged in accordance with appropriate laws.

      1. Were those earlier facing extradition, and supporttive of electing the PP, also let loose on a ‘technicality’?

        Is having money, regardless of how earned and contacts, regardless of how unsavoury another definition for ‘technicality’?

        Is ‘technicality’ in the case of Nelson Street thuggery different from that of those caught, not so much by the police as by accident, with high-powered weapons in their homes and with millions lying around?

        Do the ones first mentioned–again facing extradition–and earlier freed on a ‘technicality’ not have tapes with the police, or is it that with the right connections and funding, some tapes unlike others could be unavailable for public consumption?

        You want to be righteous without being equally addicted to being truthful. As if being ‘honest’ comes from another etymology than being ‘honourable’.

        You act as if being a moral person is an equivocal stance, one possible to be activated at some times and in some places and with some individuals, and not in others.

    2. “In almost all societis, except the highly developed North American societies, there is a certain amount of nepotism.”

      highly developed, exempt from nepotism; LMFAO I thought you were a Trini-Texan; nepotism and cronyism was created by these so-called first world or developed societies, Africa alone before colonialism and slavery, lived a true Democracy.

      1. Sweetheart, every body who is somebody in Africa, so far back as I could find, is somebody’s son or daughter, announced twice before their entrance, and then again to the gathering, with all their ladautary titles recited. Sounds like a meritocracy to you? Not to me. Modern societies have systems of merit that allowed my former student, child of a single African American parent, to get into the US NAval Academy, nominated by his teachers, and supported by his congressman. The merit system was imposed by the judicial system, where people could sue for being left out. If you don’t get picked in TnT or in an African country, who you gonna complain to? You must realize that what we win, we win through the courts, that redress injustices. It was a court case of mine, heard before the Industrial Court of Tnt, that allowed the managers of every company below the level of AGM, to be able to form a union for their own protection, but the price was high.
        There are a few godhearted people everywhere. US Congressman Gene Green is one of them, but here you cn take an exam, pass it, and move up the system, in trinidad, I was always asked “Who is your father?” “An unemployed farmer,” I replied. “You would not know him.”

        1. Then you’re reading the wrong history books. Try Chancellor Williams’s Destruction of African Civilization.

          1. Reading is one thing, watching autocracies operate is another. Most African democracies areautocracies. What they were durin the ancient kingdoms of Ghana, Mali and Songai, in West Afric, and in ancient Egypt and Kush can be gelaned from artifacts and the testimonies of historians. I have seen nothing that suggested democracies. Perhaps in remote villges, democracies existed, but certainly not in cities.Epic stories of the Yoruba people, as well as the epic Sundiata do not suggest democratic institutions. That does not occur, generally, in warrior nations; nor among nomadic people.

        2. And you know for a fact that African’s were nomadic peoples before the Asian and European invasion? Did you know that the Mbuti still live in the Ituri forest; the Khoisan still live in and around the Kalahari and the Nilotic people still live around the Nile. The Twa still live in Rwanda. In fact the only known African Nomads are the Fulani/Fulbe/Peuhl, the same Africans that are genetically ancestral to our Asiatic and European cousins

    3. Bless you, Linda Edwards. My paternal grandfather had the same point of view; he was well before his time.

  6. “Even the most obdurate of them would have to acknowledge that the PNM, as it is today, is a decrepit and dilapidated shell of a party, bankrupt of ideas, bankrupt of vision, bankrupt of moral authority and bankrupt of leadership.”

    Sounds like the obituary is written for the PNM. All parties have a beginning and ending. So to our life a beginning and an ending. The PNM opposed the SOE which is popular with all law abiding citizens. Crime and criminals were always cuddled by the PNM, now it is clear public knowledge.

  7. Blaming PNM for India success could pass but for Indian extremes God Forbid! PNM was indeed naive that Indians would renege from our nations founding principles and fuel the unforgivable ;this ethnic disenfranchisement. For what I have seen in the Fiji Islands even in the Himalayas, is that Hindu ethnicity finds it sacrilegious that all men are to be treated equal. For those marrying and sucking-up pretending that the issues at hand suffice an intellectual discourse worthy of false condemnation; they will soon taste the Cobra’s venom. The British Slave master cum colonial administrator handed the economy over the Indian and White leftovers while the public &security services were looked down and spat at-today we see a mad rush to disqualify every black-ops! (we are all black)AfroTrini of their postings and replace us with Indians even if they are from Guyana or India. My late Grand mother was from KolKota May God rest her soul and I loved her as much as my Late Grand Father-her Husband May God rest his soul! What I am seeing is that lines are drawn God Forbid the day we AfroTrinis wake up via possibly unlawful -rest assured it will be human instinct; that we violently knock all despite the cost merely for our own survival. Its the human phenomenon. Time to rise up Trini %00 years we toiled this soil without wage and we made it hospitable for All-I mean All that came after wards.

  8. Kendall, the Birdie too, was limited by education, and his own narrow perspective.
    Living in the USA and continuing to educate myself, I stand in appalled horror at th basic info the average TRINI WHO WRITES ON AND READS THESE BLOGS DOES NOT KNOW. Carter Woodson’s book, “The Miseducation of the Negro” should be a wake -up call, just the title, if you do not have the book, should tell you something. All the history we were taught was from the point of view of the conquistadoes, the colonial subjugators, and in the last forty-eight years, no real attempt has been made to re-educate our people, simply because those who want to, do not have the means. REEducation leds to revolution.They stil have to use available media. In the US, one can launch an alternative media site, one cannot easily do that in Britain, nor in any of the British ex-colonies, so how are our people to know? Like Muniver Cheevy, they laugh, and call their situations “fate” and keep on drinking.

    You have no idea the number of pieces I have sent to this blog, and to all three major papers, on critical issues. If they are not about wife beating and such, proper things for women to worry their pretty heads about, they do not get published. A notable exception was at the Express under Owen BAptiste. In 1984 I did a three-part piece published in the Express on drug use in TnT. One of the points I made was that it was rampant among children. An American woman working at the Express at the time, called me up at home, to ask how I knew that that was going on. After I gave her my long list of credentials, and specific observations,she was willing to publish the piece.

    There was fear at the time of annoying the TOP COP, Mr. B. and when I showed the piece to someone at a high level in one ministry, he “innocently” suggested that I give it to Mr. B first. Now, my spirit guide said Why? So I next showed it to my friend Ralph Henry who was a Prof. at UWI at the time. He read it. Then I asked him Now, why would someone suggest that I show Mr. B this first? He was apalled. What he did next was make a copy for himself, and said, “Now, get in your car and go directly to the Express and put it in Raoul Pantin’s hand, Do not give it to anyone else. You could be found floating in the Gulf”. Thank you Ralph, thank you Raoul. You were fighters for a cause that others did not believe ought to be fought for.
    Apparently everyone knew Mr. B’s connection to high crime, except me, who had been abroad for many years. People know stuff. People are afraid. Te world has a way of clippin of the wins of those who try to soar abov the morass,but, you an fly.Just try.


    To think that I once had a lil bit oh faith in this man , and though it was even possible to vote for him . Well, water under the bridge , and obviously for good reason, I did not ‘bounce my head,’ and engage in such folly.
    What do you know , Dookie , our local Economics head guru, turn Finance Minister – a pay back for keeping his tail , and overambitious , COP pit-bull , AG Ramy , between his legs ,like a zandolle- is ready to lay out the red carpet to take care of , is it the CLICO crooks, or the prospective beneficiaries, turned victims of crooked ponzi schemes?
    Yeah Dookie , we know what this is all about , namely a ploy to give us a 6 for a 9 ,also on the HCU similar deal as well, as dem fans ,are getting a bit thirsty for their stolen money.
    You see folks ,this is exactly why crimes will be with us for a long time. Here is a bit of criminal psychology, that the now silent papa Deosoran , aka Independent Senator , won’t tell you about , in those Eurocentric findings of his.
    There are those unfortunate bunch of guys,who would look for any excuse ,to continue indulging in unwholesome activities, and our PP government is playing right into their hand.
    I know, it’s stupid , defeatist ,and sometimes childish , but what else can one expect on folks on the brink of social despair? If they observe certain folks engaging in unwholesome criminal activities , and then get a pat on the wrist , in disgust, they would indulge likewise ,even if they are quite aware of the dire consequences, that might accrue if caught.
    Fast forward to 2011,as Queen K , and her bunch are ruling the political roost. Are we going to see a revival of the long delayed ,case against their former boss Basdeo, or is the hope that he would die in his sleep at 86,without any action taken?
    By the way, how long again before President Richard leave the big house, and can his office ,give pardons for criminals such as Panday , if it comes to that , and jurors of his peers do the right thing ,by sending him to Carara? Just asking.

    ‘Nelson street videos, freed on technicality,PNM opposed the SOE, PNM , cuddled criminals, PNM is bankrupt morally, PNM , dis , PNM dat.’ Does any one seriously think this is about PNM, UNC, or PP?
    It just cannot get any worst. If this is law and order , then give me chaos folks!
    “When last you went home to T&T,”I enquired from a beautiful young lady , flaunting her Trini flag , while sitting in a Nissan Vehicle ,awaiting her mom, outside one of a Zoo York’s Banks, about to soon lay off 30,000 employees- even with Uncle Obama bail outs. “About 6 years ago ,” she responded gleefully. “Plan to visit any time soon ,” I teased? ‘Nope,” she almost shouted. “It’s , sad , but such a mad house down there,” she said with that far away look in her eyes, usually given ,after the nostalgic memories ,of a long lost relative. Just could not argue with dat, I thought to myself , walking away.
    Hey Neal,if you can quit drinking your daily , two cups of Starbucks ,burnt coffee, @ almost $5:00 a pop,then maybe, you can likewise, quit this stupid blog writing escapade , as it’s an act in futility.
    Let dem jokers continue to ‘throw de baby out with the water ,’and face the consequences.
    Just for the record, the fact that one spend 6 months in a Training college to be a Police Officer , does not make them more of a law abiding citizen ,or better human being , and Randy Burroughs my one time COP, was no exception.
    The same with 4 to 6 years of studying Law ,like Basdeo. Spending 25 years in the church like Archbishop Harris , does not make one more disgusted ,at the prevalence of pedophiles ,that saturate you Church , neither does joining the Huston police make one less inclined to be a neo racial KKK, only concerned with arresting innocent minorities.
    Being a mother with the ability to bear pain , and make kids , unlike dem evil men ,who impregnate , and disappear , does not make one more caring, to the point where one might not be inclined to murder one kids, and the list goes on.
    People globally , bring their crooked , evil, revolting , destructive , and harmful characteristics ,to the table , and or professions unfortunately.
    There is obviously work to be done, as we can see, before human decency , and respect for the other,is accepted as normal.
    Perhaps, I was a similar candidate for the social dung heap, like many of our Nelson Street boys, having had a useless father ,that was never there, an overwhelmed mother , who was too busy dealing with here own post slavery demons, to seriously care, but fortunately ,a loving Grandmother, instilling sound values, until her untimely death, when I turned 16 ,and I probably turned out right .
    I spent 10 years of my life , as a Police officer, in my beautiful country,from 81 to 91,qnd dares a single soul,alive ,or dead -if possible-to come forward, and say that I abused him / her, took a bribe ,engaged in any nefarious activities,or was derelict in my duties,as far as showing ‘bias/ favor , or affection,’re it’s execution, and I can boldly call him a liar.Not many of my former colleagues ,can make that statement, and that is unfortunate.
    Let’s stay engaged folks, but more important keep it real, while we continually display love for country ,and people.

  10. While I appreciate the comments of those who responded to this article, I do not take exception to the observation of the writer. I think for the most partt he was very much on target and yes “we are caught with our pants down”, with no where to turn. For the most part African gave up on most of what formulated our culture and way of life, the only thing we had going for us was the idea that people who looked like us were inh government and controlled the purses of the country. When that was taken and we saw who the real Kamla was, it was realised that we were like Ben E King singing “I, I who have nothing, I, I who have no one ………. I’m just a no one with my head stuck against the window pane”. Mr. Manning was a tremendous help in this displacement He leaft us a PNM party void of any fight lef in it. One that is void of any personalities that command respect or admiration, all because of his yearnings for personal power. It is my belief that the writer is telling us that we have to start from scratch again in order to gain respect.

    1. “the only thing we had going for us was the idea that people who looked like us were inh government and controlled the purses of the country” (KIAN)

      Here lies the problem which led to the elimination of Manning’s regime and left the Opposition without an intelligent voice.
      Your comment strikes at the heart of the matter. It seems that many have their noses out of joint today because they can no longer feed at the public trough. It also seems that many are not willing to accept what they perceive as the new image of the country. And this perception is based on biased, narrow interpretations.If we are to believe this new PM, the country is moving forward with a government representative of the many faces of T&T, with programs designed for all, and not only for supporters.
      You suggest starting from “scratch” again. Rowley is attempting to do just that; however, he fails to recognize the new political dynamic in the country. He continues to playby the old rules, which are outdated and will no longer work. It is unfortunate that many of the comments here on this site seem to indicate that the country’s image is tarnished because it is being led by what they perceive as an Indian government. That is called racism.

      1. Well ,kian , just maybe Cuz T-Man , did hit this one over the fence for six , my brotha. Got to give him some props , for being quick on his feet, Brian Lara , or is it Taignarine Chanderpaul style, yes?
        Time to put politics aside I think, and support progress ,where feasible. Let’s hold the hands of elected officials to the fire, to ensure that they adhere to the will of the people- whatever that entail.
        Hopefully ,the PNM has the ability to reinvent itself , in similar fashion to the old UNC,and we will see what the voters decide down the road ,who they are move impressed with come 2013 or thereabout.
        Not sure what plans are there ,to deal with the elephant in the room , a la Patrick Manning, who seems hell bent in being a vindictive spoiler.We will see, but remember , no security , no development.

        1. Neal, my feelings exactly. Manning is a spoiler. He adds nothing to the Opposition and can only hinder whatever ideas Rowley mmay have in mind. At some point we need to call spade a spade. My perception of whatever is taking place in PPP land is totally different from TMan’s take of it. Yes, he is quick and we must give him some crredit.

        2. Quoting Neal:

          Well ,kian , just maybe Cuz T-Man , did hit this one over the fence for six , my brotha.

          That one was a no-ball!

          Were the people of Fiji racist to rise up and reject an Indo government? I don’t think so.

          Was Lee Kuan Yew racist to establish a system of racial quotas in Singapore? Not necessarily.

          The point? The anti-racist, like the racist, must predicate his action on the basis of race. To the undiscerning, the anti-racist may appear for that reason to be racist.

          Malcolm X gave a brilliant example several decades ago. The racist cannot cry (reverse) racism, or assault, if the victim wrenches his boot away from his neck.

          The people of Fiji were accommodating to the new-comer Indo. The problem was that they were a little too accommodating, to the point where the Indo rose, using fair means and foul, to control of the country. That was when the native Fijians came to the realization that there were limits to what is acceptable under “democracy”.

          The founding Afro-Creole civilization of T&T, within which the new-comer Indo was given space to breathe and prosper, similarly has been too accommodating. We still have not fully appreciated the limits of “democracy”. The Afro-Creole of T&T have fully subscribed to the tenet that we should not oppress the stranger in our midst, for we knew what it was to be oppressed. Hence the PNM credo of “evr’y creed and race”, “mother T&T”, and etc.

          However, that sense of fair-mindedness is not shared by the Indo. Hence Kian’s sense that something, palpably, is not right under Indo government in this country. He is right. And he was right the first time.

          T-man’s objection is the tactic of the racist to label his opponent, the anti-racist, with the charge of which he the racist is the one who is guilty.


          1. Yoruba, you present as someone who has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous racism.
            Africans in T&T are too successful a group to adopt victimhood status.Also, your view of Africans being the “hosts” in T&T is severely distorted. T&T is no Fiji, Singapore or even Guyana. The geographical and political dynamic is unique. 40% of the population is Indian, but only 20 to 25% of that population is Hindu.This demographic alone will provide the checks and balances to prevent any overt attempt to shut out any segment of the population, including Africans.

  11. Mocco JUMBIE again; All of these guns seems so rusted and out of use-nice shot again.
    China coming to the rescue: China was bought in to MARXIST rule by Mao Tse- Tung regime, do we know about the ideology? Communist if you please- yes no rights and freedom, can’t we see the top of the ICEBURG here.
    Who paying back these loans being offered now? I wonder when the criminals getting the time to go and bury these ammunition and Guns? Trini the trickstar again- trow some night fetes and leh we laught out this one with the previous anaconda- Hee! Hee! or Ha Ha again.Trinidad nice to bad……

  12. Kian ,I often think that too often, we underestimate the abilities of Afrikan folks ,to fully appreciate their realities. It is why when last we checked ,the PP alliance government, won an election , and this change did not result due to a coup.
    All democratic countries across the globe , must go through this. Not saying that the PNM , and it’s fake Afrikan leaders , does not hold much of the blame for most of our problems in our society today , but from a sociological stand point , it’s too simplistic a thinking.
    All of us bear a responsibility , and if some in the drivers seat , naively think that gloating after winning two elections in 49 years ,is the way forward, let them go for it.
    If they think that doing business as usual, with some minor tweaks here ,and there ,is change , and ,or concrete solutions,for sustainable development, I have news for them – failure will inevitably occur.
    History supports me on this one, my friend.
    Finger pointing get’s us no where , even though I too occasionally indulge in the escapade. Solutions are needed, agora!
    Civil Society must be empowered to be useful partners in the process. Dragging whole scale , draconian social policies, from countries with 200 years, oor more, of racially/ ethnically homogeneous background , and force feeding it to our people, is foolhardy,but we will see. Welcome Prison Industrial Complex.
    Glad a few of us have a narrow interpretation of what the ‘I, I , me , me syndrome,’ entails, when it comes to demands,for the spoils of our country.
    It’s also a foreign concept ,that I lament about. Let the poor and desperate starve, and pull themselves up by their own boots strap , like the successful did they say, but give the successful the perks , like for example $TT 1.4 million to a certain ex PM to pay for his two daughters, to study law ,in England, then give the middle finger to said nation, in the end, when they graduate. Again a foreign practice from the more advance societies.
    Pretend that it’s only one segment of the society ,that’s suffering , when the evidence is clear that none in the two major groups has bragging rights over the other when it comes to full success, as it’s only a small cross racial elite, that has truly benefited across the society. Need I say more? Another foreign concept , we are too familiar with.
    Let’s see where this condescending penchant , by a few leads however, as they do the biddings of the other, while advancing their narrow causes. Yet some say nation building was going to be easy, but tell them , such is a lie.



    THEY KEPT THESE PEOPLE ON URP AND CEEPEP, WORKING 2HRS FOR 8 HRS PAY; they therefore learn the easy way of life and dishonesty early.







  14. It seems that many in T&T do not understand the nature of parliamentary democracies. When the government changes by the ballot requests of the people, political appointees are replaced by the new regime with members, supporters or sympathizers of the new regime. This is common practice in all parliamentary democracies.

    The PNM governments over the last half a century infiltrated every national state board, corporation, etc. with their party hacks. Now that these PNM political favorites are being replaced with a new set of PP affiliates, there is a hue and cry of unjust firings, political patronage and discrimination. Previous Oppositions seemed to have accepted these appointments of mainly African Trinidadians, many of whom were unqualified, (for example, Cudjoe on the Board of the Central bank) with helpless indifference. This is what our system allows. The time has come to make appointments based on merit and qualifications. I believe that the new PM is slowly edging towards changing that culture of political entitlement and expectation.

    1. So our ever grateful, foreign transplant T- Man , stated , “it seems that many in T&T do not understand the nature of parliamentary democracies.”
      Au contraire’ T- Man, most do, and it’s the reason why our society has not ignited as yet under this blatant social beat down,in like manner to what transpired in 1990, when ANR de then Tobago boy ,was trying to carry out his political mandate, as given by the people, but was halted via the indirect efforts, of various destructive , political, religious , business ,and criminal elements.
      It was your boy Basdeo , and fans, who however conveniently, misinterpreted what Westminster Parliamentary System was , and wanted to usurp the position of the PM , since they though that his 10 seats, had more value that the 2 brought in by the much more palatable Castaria kid, and de rest we shall say is history.
      You know how in work , especially in your circles T-Man. If the idiot kid , cannot get a dance , or kiss from beautiful girl, he’ll call her ugly, and steal the building lights , and DJ music, if need be .
      Yeah ,I know you don’t know anything about that, or really care, as you, and thousands of the country hating, national divisive clan bunch,who are leading the gloating brigade today , had already escaped to global Paradise Canada ,with Trini loot in tow, using the , disgraceful, and un substantiated refugee ploy.
      By the way , seeing that you are finally breaching Parliamentary rules , and making us privy into once suspected ,agendas of your government ,in terms of Afro -Trini purges throughout any position of importance in the country, tell them to make hast , as their final two years will soon be over, and the memories of victims , and families will last long.
      I have said it once , twice , three times, but it’s worth repeating again . Someone should grab Patrick Manning, and Hazel, as they exit Parliament , heading for their Sando Manshon. Place them in a smelly George Street cocrus bag, favored by the 50 ,000 or so Guyanese, alleged businessmen , and women , that were encourage to invade T&T, during the past 2 years.
      They should tie them both by their big toes, and hang them out to dry ,in either woodford square , or the big tamarind tree, near Lavantille EMR, and have disgruntled citizens ,who have emerged as revenge victims ,repeatedly beat them with a well soaked ,goat skin ,cricket bat ,to within 1/4 in of their lives ,then place them on a one way flight to Cuba, and why you enquire? Simple folks. It is him , due to arrogance , that was stupid enough ,to breech all historical traditions across the Commonwealth , by calling an election 2 years before one was even due. As such , these frauds were unleashed on the people , without many even having a chance to evaluate them in their entirety.
      You know folks , the almost nostalgic sentiments I am getting far and wide , even amongst honest folks from ‘within the tribe,’ is reminiscent to that which I was able to discern, in one of my many global peace maneuvers ,in war torn , Mujahadeen controlled , Afghanistan, somewhere in the late 90’s.
      Many , especially the women of Kabul ,were surprisingly nostalgic ,for the regime of Soviet puppet, Dr Mohammed Najibullah, for so disgusted were they,of the economic neglect , and ever present political abuses.
      Well, less than 6 months after my departure,the country was overrun by the Pakistan , and American cuddled, Taliban Islamist fundamentalist, who promptly hung the former president , and his brother , who were under house arrest , in of all place , a UN compound ,for decades.
      I think I have done my civic duty folks, and hopefully there are those that won’t continue to break sticks in their ears , and really hear, yes?
      We wish our people well.


    The time and hour is now.

    Labor unions in Trinidad and Tobago need to get real. They are a huge part of the problem.
    Isn’t it funny they can never agree for long? I tell you they are one lost group. Again Labor Day
    is just around the corner and is more of the same once more.

    Yes they are all false and not really prepared to work in the interest of the people they represent.
    Added to this there is also a small group around the leaders who benefits all the time at the
    expense of other workers whose only interest is to secure a job. You can look at the
    Industrial Court cases over the years and research who has benefited. Perhaps you know that
    once there is a trade union in your work place you cannot negotiate your own contract unless
    they say so.

    I worked here for 30 plus years in the Oil and Gas industry as a practicing engineer and was active in
    the trade union movement according to the IRA I was forced to join. This union knew very little
    about the company’s business or in the least my needs. We are still members of slave trade employers
    that have ruled the industry for donkeys of years. The chains were removed and put on our brains.
    I always remember this union saying to us on the picket line that we must struggle forever which
    I refused to do. The union head had bought a spanking new black Laurel in those days and drove
    around like King Herod while we suffered in our work places. Not a dog could bark then.

    I have experienced as part of many negotiating teams when in the 80s we were asked as staff to
    dump all our proposals for the benefit of other low hourly paid workers to come up to our levels in perks
    and salaries. We refused and were victimized by this union head who is your Hon. Labour Minister
    today. The truth shall always follow us as God says. I am out of work and broken today but God
    tells me to keep on giving on to Caesar what belongs to Caesar…… So I try to cope with that.

    I also worked outside of Trinidad over the years in other unionised industry as an engineer. Do you
    know that in the 1970s in GM motors, no member of the staff or worker forms the negotiating team.
    The composition of this team are hired professionals each coming in with a different expertise from
    law, economics, finance, insurance etc. I listen to your show this morning and this man from NATUC
    should really go to a doctor and have his head examined or does he think we are all goats. Is this
    not the same person who sat at the same table with Calder Hart and said nothing about wages for
    2008-2010 (gone years) as a labor leader. What is his agenda? He should be asking Misses Primus,
    not W. Duke, what she was doing or did, especially when she was busy maxing out the union credit card.

    Trade Union Negotiations in Trinidad follow the politics and everybody knows when a non PNM
    Government is in power whose members have strong ties to business activities in the country it
    becomes a we versus them game. Nevertheless a PNM Government was anti union and so we fight workers
    in a certain under hand way – aggressive to the bone. When PNM is in power and money and over time are
    running like rain when it floods …be quiet ….let negotiations stay idle, sign deals under the table
    if you must and/or wait for the recessionary years and then give the other Government thunder like the
    now days. In most recession years PNM is out of power. I am sure you will agree If we were to
    go back – 1970s(Black Power), mid1980s (NAR and Bakr), mid 1990s (UNC), 2009-2011 (PP).
    PNM always could not handle years of downturn in the economy yet they have the biggest
    and uncontrollable mouths and we saw the huge money giveaways to one group and the gross
    mis-management and waste. Recently we witnessed the sacrificed oil industry for the natural gas
    industry which has disappeared. Quick money for the boys as some would say.

    I am not a member of the PSA and not in Mr. Duke’s corner but I followed his strategies. Yes they
    seemingly are familiar strategies used in the past years when I was an active trade unionist and yes certain
    procedures are followed and yes internally they must have defined options for a way forward. But
    this economy is still very much in downturn and certain measures must be enforced – where is the revenue
    going to come from. What should be Mr. Duke’s focus. Does he build his ego now? Or does he lead by
    example? Would taking the matter into the Industrial Court the likely option at this time or perhaps
    the only option was to look for increases outside of salary at this time and plan ahead for the
    next negotiation this year. Perhaps you must know to pay attention to hidden agendas here.

    When you look at the trade union movement they do not even have a suitable lawyer on board
    to handle injury claims. In most cases their work contracts come up short on clauses or
    issues to properly deal with the injured on the job. This area is so ridiculous here that an
    injured worker only either qualifies for Workmans Compensation or monies paid out by an
    insurance provider based on their information on % PPD or severance benefits whichever
    is the higher. Any NIB benefits must be paid back to the employer who keeps your salary
    whole if you still can work. Do we the membership have any say ….no according to the IRA
    put there by PNM who rallies for business support for winning elections. This is just one of their paybacks.

    But we do have time to talk about race. It is as if Trinidad and Tobago is made up of
    two races only – Indian and African….no mixed groupings, no chinese, etc. When you look
    in unions, NIB, EOC, Public Service, Police Service, Fire Service, Hospitals, Government Offices,
    Central Bank Offices, the national football team, the national cricket team you see these
    two groupings in the main. For years this was made so by two former prime ministers,
    one african and the other indian who decided to continue the divide and rule policies of the British.

    When are we as a nation going to end the disgusting truths that will set us free and that
    are buried and not allowed to surface. Our children see plain enough and you know what
    this widens the disconnect between us parents and them. No doubt leading to the continual
    breeding of endless crime from primary school to the wider population that we are facing today
    and wreaking havoc to our pint size islands.
    Who are the losers… you tell me.

    And almost everything here happens by connections…..who you know there boy and how
    big is he and then you ask yourself what does he want in return for a favor. Who are we really fooling?
    Does every creed and race really find an equal place here? Haw, Haw this is a sick joke
    played on us. Yes there is always the sting in the tail to come. I hope I am gone by then.
    God is going to act as we are indeed a lost nation.

  16. There is an awful lot of gloating on the part of TMan, Mamoo,
    husain and others who cant find a fault with anything the the PPP does. Maybe there is good reason for them to feel elated but I long for a Country free of racism and promotion of people who harbour deep racist expressions like Sat Maharaj and Devant Maharaj. They both have been rewarded by Kamla, one with a national award and the other with a ministerial position. Is Kamla telling something by these two events? Is she telloing something when she says that people can come to Trinidad from India without a visa but our Caribbean brothers and sisters cant? Is she telling us something when she elevated chutney (a mere 50 to 70 years old) to Calypso which is over 150 years old? Is she telling us something when she surrounds herself with a security detail that only looks like her? Is she telling us something when all of the personal advisors to her only looks like her? Is she telling us something when the ONLY criminals that the police can find are those that look like John Sandy (his words not mine)? Is she telling us something when she did not mention some obvious districts that have been known for harbouring drugs (like Chaguaramas)? Is she telling us something when she refuses to accept the resignation of the chairman of CAL? Is she tellinjg us something when Galbaransingh and Steve appears to be free in T&T? Look there are many questions that we need wonder about and Kamla is giving us plenty to ponder on, so in the meantime we are left to wonder whagt kind of country our children and grandchildren will inherit.

  17. “Maybe there is good reason for them to feel elated but I long for a Country free of racism and promotion of people who harbor deep racist expressions like Sat Maharaj and Devant Maharaj”(KIAN)

    Kian this is where we are in full agreement. I am no fan of either of these gentlemen, but unlike Cudjoe they cannot be accused of continuously tearing down others to enhance their own agenda. It is possible to be proud of and to promote your own religion and race without discriminating and ascribing inferiority to others. And no, Kian no one is “gloating”. We are simply stating facts.Cudjoe, considered a racist by many, was placed on the Board of the Central bank and provided with all the perks which accompany this position. And worst of all, he has no relevant qualifications.

    We could flip every one of your questions and provide alternative questions based on the sins of Patrick manning, but that would serve no useful purpose. My perception is that you are having extreme difficulty coping with change and for some reason you believe that you are being left behind. Let us be uplifted by the words of the CJ Archie, a Tobago boy without the racial baggage carried around by many of those who live in Trinidad.

    Over the last 50 years, we have too often placed politics above statesmanship, personalities before principles and yes, family and tribe before the nation,” he said. “We have lost our broader sense of community. In perceiving each other as enemies, or at least rivals for our country’s rich heritage, we have attacked and denigrated each other at the expense of those offices and institutions that are meant to provide the connecting tissue of our national corpus, and therefore should be held above the fray.”

    “If we don’t respect each other then how can we sustain respect and trust for our national offices and institutions, every single one of which has come under attack over the years? Today I want to invite us as a nation to do some self-examination because I believe Trinidad and Tobago that we are better than that! We have to do better than that! We have no choice.”

    “We must take pride in our heritage and understand where we came from but please understand that there is no mother Africa, India, Europe, China or Lebanon to return to. Let us not romanticise the past or be in denial about present realities in those places. We are children of the Caribbean and we have to stay right here and fix it! If Trinidad and Tobago is a boat, ah go stay on it, sink or float,” he said, quoting a line from calypsonian Trini’s (Robert Elias) “Sailing”. “Unity is built on mutual respect and compassion, only then can we truly embrace and affirm each other,” Archie said. He expressed disappointment with current social conditions.

    1. Absolutely correct! This is the most accurate and educated comment i have seen on this blog in a very long time. You clearly understand the essence of a true Trinidadian!

  18. TMan, you spoke as though the words came from my very own mouth and I applaud you thoughts but we differ on perception where I see Sat you see Cudjoe. Where I see Kamla’s weakness you see her strength. If you can discern my writings you will clearly see that it is my belief that Patrick Manning has not helped his people but hurt them. But after all is said and done we are still talking politics where we can pick and choose our talking points. Without the imposition of definition by this government we had “culture”, now with the help of some individuals (without unity on their minds) we are told that we must foster “multiculturism”. Clearly, this goes against the grain of what is taking place in the homes and moinds of the average Trinidadians. In every fete you go to you can hear soca & chutney palyed with equal ferver why do we need people to tell yus that us not good? If left alone people will find a way to survive without animosity, I know, I’m from such a community but when I have to respond to politics it negates my actual experiences and puts me in a defensive position where I feel that my soul is being attacked. You prevent this by appointing people of distinction to positions of power. I am yet to hear one criticism of Professor Deosaran, you know why? He has a dintinguished career where he has shown himself to be a Trinidadian. This is what we clamour for in our leaders.

    1. “If you can discern my writings you will clearly see that it is my belief that Patrick Manning has not helped his people but hurt them.”- Kian
      Unless you are not a “Trini”, he hurt you as well.

  19. T-Ma said, “Yoruba …your view of Africans being the “hosts” in T&T is severely distorted. T&T is no Fiji, … This demographic alone will provide the checks and balances to prevent any overt attempt to shut out any segment of the population, including Africans.”
    Hey Yoruba,once more , in the interest of fair play, you got to give it up to brother T-Man, and make him the captain of dis struggling West Indies cricket team in the post Vivian Richards, Clive Lloyd ,Brian Lara era, as the man is making a very good case. Each time you think you have him lock down, he hit’s another ball into the stand,to de delight of paying fans , then come back on the field , and proceed to take four catches, run out three ,over ambitious batsmen, save 25 runs with superb fielding, and to crop it off , like a true all rounder ,bag 4 wickets .Just saying!
    Seriously, I too have gone down this road before, in highlighting Fuji, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and even the madness of the savage Ugandan, fake Islamist, cannibal, Idi Dada Amin ,when trying to push a point to my Indo Trini brothers and sisters ,on the need for ‘a lil bit oh prudence ,’ and fuller appreciation on the merits of a more peaceful co existence ,with the other.
    I do it more as a precautionary warning ,in my capacity as a sociologically conscious, ‘global ethnographic practitioner ,’turn political animal , to show what can occur, if a large percentage of a certain segment of the society – whether correct or not – develop too negative an assessment of them ,based on actions they practice on a daily basis.
    History will prove that desperate people ,would collectively look for scape goats, when things are going badly, and the ones who would feel the backlash are those that are perceived , -sometimes unfairly -as being too successful for their own good.
    Remember, ne time low end , struggling Austrian artist, turn corporal Adolph Hitler ,in post World War 1 Germany, and the Jews? That ugly , big nose guy did not hate Jews per se , when he himself had no resemblance to any of dem pure race blond hair , blue eyed folks he spoke about.
    They simply became a convenient group to unleash the rage of the German people, suffering serious economic woes, humiliated from the loss of the war, and responding to an aggressive America who wanted repayment for past loans.
    Across the Middle East , it’s the same dilemma for many Arab people , unable to go forcefully at their own greedy, crooked leaders- ‘Arab Spring ,’ bull crap or not .
    As such , they attack the foreign powers , who cuddle the said leaders, and who else , the Jews ,who in addition to making victimhood into an art form, are the most united, and successful economic , military / nuclear ,com political force ,in the region.
    Indigenous people ,are unique the world over,be they native American, Australian aborigines, Fijians, South American native Indians, etc as many did not ask for any foreigner to come into their lands , and so change their customs , or force any strange system ,on them.
    Not sure if one can really blame the folks who came , and their descendants decades later, as they are thinking , and justifiably so , well , ‘we have a right , as citizens to everything the country has to offer.’
    T&T is no exception. Indo Trinis ,view themselves as competitors, who owe nothing to anyone else ,who think that they were wronged in some fashion historically. They are saying , hey guys , we are entitled to all the spoils that this country has to offer, and it’s not our problem ,if your Pappa Deffy Eric Williams , Idiot George Chambers, Self obsessed ANR Robinson, and Patrick Manning the clown , ignored your needs ,and rode your backs ,like some typical ,greedy savage African leader ,back on the virgin continent.
    ‘We are not to blame if Errol Mahabir, Kamal Mohammed, Dana Setahal, Nor Hasanalli, Basdeo Panday, Linda Baboolal, etc , etc , were smart enough to get all they could get from dem stupid Afrikan leaders , so as to make us, de more obviously astute people , evolve into an enviable political ,and economic force , while dey own people, are eating grass, murdering each other, and living like 4th class citizens in Tobago, across the East West corridors ,and anywhere they still call home.’ T
    hey are saying Yarouba, ‘look at us , thousands of our own people are still left out of this , alleged successful gravy train than a few elites , are truly boastful about , and yes , the reason why they are suffering in Central, El Secorro , Tunapuna, Tacarigua, Sando etc, is because of you same racist Afrikan leaders,that deprived us of all that the country had to offer, not our own criminal , selfish leaders in actuality.
    To sum up the war cry Yarouba , they are adding , ‘we now in charge of the cobous ,have a moral responsibility to make wrongs right, and to hell with any who think otherwise.’
    Now Yarouba, if your boy Makandal Dagga spent all his life touting the virtues of Africa, and it’s people, and now that he is in a position to make a difference politically , he instead decides to settle for some useless job, as an opaque, roaving Caribbean Ambassador , is Queen K to blame for such idiocy?
    If jokers such as little black boy Gypsy, Field Marshall Sandy, and the two toothless former trade unionist, of David Abdullah,and Errol Mc Cloud, as well as their trade union buddy, in all time UNC loyalist, Wade Mark, are prepared to settle for crumbs , as opposed to standing up and representing the people that looks like them , via the act of remaining ardent appeasers ,is the Indo Community responsible for such mindset,of silence of social and economic injustice , on your own , while elevation of the lives of every other?
    Yes we remember how Basdeo, Ramnath, Sudama, Rambachan , and company back in the day, brought down the house ,that ANR Robinson ,Karl Hudson Phillip and Ken Gordon, help build , and de rest we shall say is Yasin Abu Bakr history.
    Tell me again , if your ever vindictive boy, Patrick Manning -unlike Basdeo,enjoying his retirement, while his former protegee , Queen K flourish -prefers to be a spoiler to the Wajang ,Mason Hall Kid ,Dr Rowley , just because he thinks the latter , caused him to loose his position ,as PNM head honcho Church builder, yet Rowley wish to remain a but kisser for life to this stupid party , and the many ungrateful Trini idiot loyalist, as opposed to packing his Diego Martin ,doggy bags , heading back to historically neglected Tobago, and -even if a brinkmanship ploy or not – demand independence forthwith , who is to be blamed?
    There, in a nut shell my friend is our problem Yaraouba, plain talk bad manners. No matter how we slice and dice it, Afrikans , got to take care of their own business , as no race on earth ,owes them a thing, or really cares about their plights.
    Having said all that , if I was advising our PP crew , I would still caution them to thread wisely, as history would prove that shaking up a maibunta / jackspania, or bachack nest ,can have consequences , and worst yet, the refugee claims, they adore when things don’t go their way , might not work any more on foreign immigration authorities in the preferred Caucasians dominant countries ,as too many have been crying wolf, since 1986, ehhhh T-Man?
    Tell dem if you wish buddy, ‘Beware of a man / woman with nothing to loose,’ yes? Then however , what do I know, as our leaders , past or present ,only listen to Euro centric experts , from Canada, USA,and Britainia, yes?
    By the way, a few years ago, I did an IR Graduate paper ,on this book ,which might be useful reading for some , to shed a new perspective , and for many to get a better grip on what we might be grappling with .
    Not saying Professor Amy ,is totally correct , or that T&T dynamics / variables ,are totally exact , but again , something to think about. It’s called, ‘World on Fire,’ by Amy Chau

    Let’s wish our people well, hmmmm Yarouba? It’s such a beautiful day.

  20. An excerpt from an article in Saudi Aramco World, latest issue, recieved in my mailbox today.(
    “When the ninteenth century Senegalese religious leader,and patriot, Amadou Bamba wrote poems urging his countrymen to shrug off French Colonial rule, he penned his verse in his native tongue, Wolof. When the Nigerian writer Nana Asma’u composed her elegac portrait of the Prophet Mohammed in the early 1800’s, she did so in what has remained West Africa predominant language, Hausa.(?)
    And when the 18th century court poet Sayyid Aidarusi honored his master with an adaptation of the Arab epic “Umm-al Qura” he wrote in the prevailing tongue of some fifty million East Africans, Swahali. While all three wrote in their native languages, the script they employed each bore a close resemblance to Arabic. They were using African versions of the Arabic alphabet, collectively called Ajami.” Tom Verde.

    Now, Ajami is not a lnguage, its the use of the Arabic script to write in another language.

    I copy this to remind Africans of the diaspora, that we had languages, poets, scholars, before our forced migration to the west. In the eleventh century Africans in Mauretania were copying the Koran into the language of their people, four hundred years before Columbus set out for the Americas.Some of these documents are still preserved in Mauretania.

    It was important to the slave traders and slave masters in the New World, to foster the idea that these people were savages, just as they lied on the Mayans and Incas.
    The second “Emancipation” my people need, is to invest in some African history. A lot is available online. I would dispute with the author of the quote above, the most widely spoken Nigerian language.I belive it is Yoruba- about fifty million people speak it. IF we knew where we came from, we can celebrate our past and chart a better future for ourselves. If you are ignorant of your past, anyone “can put tata by your mouth and tell you its butter”, to use my father’s words for being ignorant.
    Read African history, online or in books, listen to African music, there are world famous musicians you do not hear enough of, or may never haave heard of.
    I lucked into a copy of a CD called “Keur Musa”, a recording of Christian religious music, sung by the Benedictine Monks of the monastery of Keur Musa in Senegal. They sing in the Wolof language, and a more magnificent sounding piece of music, you cannot imagine. I do not understand a word of Wolof, but I bounce that music off the windows of my car as I drive down the freeway, and in no time , clicking my fingers and rocking, I am at my destination.

    Saudi Aramco World is published by the Aramco company, and is distributed free to those who request it.It helps to correct some misconceptions about the Arab world and Islam. This company sponsored a ten day visit of some Houston educators, including myself, to Saudia Arabia.

  21. “we had languages, poets, scholars, before our forced migration to the west. The most important word in that line, Madame L , is “had,” and how sad indeed.
    The savage conquerers did likewise invade Asia, as well,and yet? …well, you can fill in the blanks. The Chinese for example , like our more uncivilized Afrikans brothers and sisters , did have culturally reprehensible practices , but in the name of progress eliminated many from their society.
    One such was foot binding , as I am certain you an ardent, neo feminist, history buff, would recall.
    The Afrikans led by the likes of Mao, Mao , freedom fighter in Chief ,and European educated , anthropologist Jummo Kenyatta, had genital mutilation, but his people , along with most of the members of the AU , proudly holds on to it for some opaque reasons even as we speak.
    Not sure if it predated the Arabs invaders, or they met it , but who cares? No continent has engaged in more child soldiers , and abuses of young women, like that of Africa unfortunately, and that is sad, and worth condemning. Can any society fully progress , and expect a good future that ignore the needs of women,and rights of children,? The answer to that is obvious.
    The idiotic practices of raping virgin young girls, and female babies , as some cure for the deadly HIV AIDS Virus, is well known in parts of South Africa , in addition to East Africa , all the way to Uganda , and beyond .That too is sad, and worth pointing out.
    As I told my good friends parading on dis here information highway repeatedly , I won’t hesitate to point out the evils, as known to have occurred via the hands of by fellow humans ,across the globe ,as far as injustices against the good people of Afrikan descent ,while demanding justice , and compensation where warranted, but where we part company, is when they refuse , to speak out forcefully, on the same atrocious habits , and practices, as played out by the latter , simply due to some sense of faulty ,neo tribal obligations.
    If 800,000 Afrikans murdered each other in Rwanda, and close to 300 millions it seems , were likewise murdered in the other 54 states by said Afrikans since independence, this is what I wish to address now , not the fact that Europeans , or Arabs taught them to indulge in such habits 300 years ago.
    Noble language , customs, and culture means absolutely nothing, if we are only prepared to engage in , or tolerate such stupidity long into perpetuity.
    Hopefully , as we fast forward to 2011 , and make an assessment of what is prevailing for politics in T&T , we can fully appreciate , what the present power brokers, are saying, and here it is in a nutshell.
    ‘You Afrikan creatures , tolerated incompetence, sub par stewardships by assumed Afrikan leaders from 1962 to present, but now that we are in power, are crying to the high heavens, demanding all sorts of empowerment, social changes , and massive development in historically disenfranchised communities.
    Yes, we here you, but your issues ,and needs, are not a priority for us, so take aside.
    Not sure if they are totally correct in their approach ,but who am I to say?
    We wish our people well, whosoever they are ,and wherever they may be.
    As the wisest lady dat ever lived would always advised me back in the day, “try and pick sense out of nonsense,”yes?

  22. The difference son, is moving us elsewhere. My nephew, who is Yoruba through his father’s line, was born in London, and educated in Nigeria. When he moved as a medical doctor to TnT, he was stunned at the backwardness of the people, though charmed by the beauty of our mixed race people. He was amazed at some simple procedures that people here did not know. After Ms. RAmsumair’s death at SAndo, though he was not in any way involved in that mess, and though he blew me out of the water for suggestiong that the surgeons’ previous jobs were grasscutters on the compound, he moved to London. He wants to save lives. Not make money. Oh, and by the way, his dreads caused constant problems. Doctors are not supposed to have them, you see.

    Recently, I dined in a delightful Nigerian restaurant with a bunch of my girlfriends.One of them used an ungrammatical construction, without hesitation, the waiter corrected her. A waiter, mind you. He was born and educated in Nigeria.When my nephew came to visit, before he finished his studies, I left him home for a day. When I returned he had gon through all my classical music tolisten to his favourite pieces, and had targetted anumber of books he wanted to read while here. A western educated child would hve most probably spent the day watching TV. I may have mentioned before that I volunteer with an international organization that brings students from abroad to study for advanced degrees in the US. You would be astonished at what those students know, compared to our students in the west. More is demanded of them,in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. We have NO Tradition of respect for scholarship.We respect money, and Trinidad picked up that infection about thirty years ago.Its been downhill ever since.The sale of exam papers in TnT is part of the scam to make money fast. People with a BA in the health sciences calling themselves doctors! Money!

  23. “not the fact that Europeans , or Arabs taught them to indulge in such habits 300 years ago”

    Seems like you need a refresher course, Patrice Lumumba was assassinated a mere 50 years ago last January, and less if you count to the time of the Rwandan genecide:

    The Guardian blares :Between 1961 and 1973, six African independence leaders were assassinated by their ex-colonial rulers, including Patrice Lumumba of Congo, who was killed 50 years ago today

    They can do that because Blacks don’t read and they are full of self-hate and will quicker find fault with their own that seek out the underlying or hidden causes or provocations. So the Western Media whenever they are challenged can always point to some place where the Truth is hidden, because they know it will remain hidden because Blacks are too busy trying to achieve “One Love.” Where would the REST OF THE WORLD be if AFRICA regains control of her people and her resources? Not to worry though another DARK AGE is dawning.

  24. We celebrate the achievements of Mao Tse-Tung but forget how many Chinese had to die so that Chairman Mao could achieve his Chinese reunification. Did we also forget Tiananmen Square; a mere twenty-two years ago? The Asian Tiger didn’t achieve its status without sacrifice; and what of India?

    Maybe the difference between us and them is that they make no apologies and concede nothing; and all Western sympathizers are quickly silenced either through incarceration or death, because they understand from the outset that unification of a pluralistic society can only be successful if some of the wants of the many are suppressed and that some must make the ultimate sacrifice for the harmonious MANY. What’s that parable of the farmer who endeavored to please each passerby on his way to market?

  25. Neal, try to find a book on African History written by Basil Davidson. I cannot locate my copy at the moment so I cannot quote the ISBN number for you. Check with traces African history long before the Arabs got there. It is evident that many westerners, you included, it seems, believe that African History began when Marco Polo touched on the western shores. The region now called Nigeria was smelting iron ore two thousand years ago, as was the area around modern MAuretania. It is believed that King Solomon’s Mines really existed in southern Ethiopia, where gold mining has gone on for more than two thousand years.In the tombs of Egyptian kings(Pharoahs) there was found beadwork of the sort Nigerian children still do in their villages. The Dogon people of West Africa knew more astronomy until very modern times, that most westerners.
    Now in the words of a scholar of the Hausa people, “when the British got here , under Sir Fredrick Lugard, 1914 to 1919,they directed that the Hausa languafge was to be written using Latin script, which the people did not know, instead of the Arabic and Ajami script they were used to”. This rendered all of the people illiterate, as far as the Brits were concerned. The colonial governors did not want the people to write things they could not read themseles, nonetheless, their written language, Ajami, became a tool of resistance.
    You can destroy, or try to destroy a culture in many ways, forcing your language upon them, and making your language the language of success, is the one most often used by colonil masters. The Brits did the same after the conquest of Trinidad, but well into the 19th century, the sermon at the CAthedral of the Immaculate conception continued to be delivered in French. LAnguage and faith becme tools of resitance here. Decrying African herbal medicines, and calling their knowledge of such “witch doctoring” is another. That Africa has survivesd that cultural genocide, and others, is proof of the resilence of the African gene pool, and the value placed on the oral tradition.
    We who are AFricans, and claim ourselves, know that. Education may help others. Africa was the teacher of Greece, and Greece was the teacher of the rest of the West.You think Chaka of the Amazulu ever read Mau Tse Tung?Did Hannibal of Carthage(Tripoli) when he used a herd of elephants to cross the Alps in winter and attack Rome?
    Whenever Africa does something great, westerners look to attribute it to somebody else. Ignorance and jealousy. They attributed Greater Zimbabweto others, and say no connection between those stone structures, and the Living Rock churchs at Liliabela in Ethiopia, carved entirely out of rock on the land, and so, built downwards instead of up, built in the fourth century. You can check them online also.

    1. Quoting karibkween:

      The Re-enslavement of Black Americans…

      The so-called “black Americans” are in fact Israelites, as are all the Afro-Creole slave descendants of the Americas.

      This is easy to prove scripturally. To some of us, as servants of Yahweh, it is also given spiritually to know this for a fact. The scriptural proof lies in the fulfillment of prophecy. The Afro-Creole slave descendants of the Americas uniquely fulfill the prophecies of Deuteronomy 28:15-68 and of Leviticus 26. Central to those prophecies is that of our enslavement given at Deuteronomy 28:68: “And Yahweh shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy (i.e. redeem) you”.

      Here is Moses, leading the Israelites out of captivity in the house of bondage (Egypt), telling them that Yahweh will bring them back into Egypt (bondage) in ships. They walked into Egypt from Israel; no ships were required. So literal Egypt is not meant, rather a metaphorical house of bondage. This prophecy was fulfilled in the form of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, which indeed was entered into via the ships of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Clearly we the Afro-Creole are the fulfillment of this prophecy. Equally clearly, there are no other people, anywhere, who can claim to have fulfilled this prophecy.

      The prophecy also described a particular kind of bondage, one from which “no man” would redeem us. This describes chattel slavery, as opposed to biblical bondage which provided for redemption (Leviticus 25:48) and for a strict limit on servitude (Exodus 21:2). The slavery which we endured was chattel slavery, from which we could not be redeemed, rather only sold upriver or downriver to this master or that.

      In any case, the end of chattel slavery in the Americas did not bring an end to our captivity. The distinction here is between voluntary and involuntary servitude. Involuntary servitude came to an end with “emancipation”, except, per the 13th Amendment, as punishment for crime. Voluntary servitude remained, i.e. work for wages or for share-cropping. And of course involuntary servitude remained for those who were convicted of crime, and therefore subject to being pressed into prison work gangs. There is nothing new there, although of course the details described in the link are interesting.

      Our captivity and servitude, whether voluntary or involuntary, would last precisely for 400 years: “And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years…” (Genesis 15:13).

      As a servant of Yahweh, I am guided that the start of the 400 years of captivity was marked by the publication of the King James Bible in May, 1611. Therefore, Yahweh brought our captivity formally to an end in May, 2011. The U.N. declaration of 2011 as the Year of People of African Descent is only one of many signs sent by Yahweh to mark the event.

      The way is thus open for our redemption, reparation, and regathering.

      As to our redemption, note that Yahweh said that no man shall redeem us (Deuteronomy 28:8). This is left to Yahweh himself.

      Marcus Garvey could not redeem us. Martin could not redeem us, Malcolm could not redeem us. Forget Marley. Forget Barack.

      Here in T&T, Eric Williams could not redeem us. Manning could not redeem us. Mackandal and Khafra least of all.

      Yeshua states succinctly that it is the truth that will make us free. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32).

      Conversely, it is for a lack of knowledge that we are destroyed: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children” (Hosea 4:6).

      The key knowledge we need to reclaim is that we, the Afro-Creole slave descendants of the West are true Israelites of the blood and covenant. The book known as the Holy Bible is our book. It is a book (i) of history, (ii) of the Law of the Covenant to which we are bound by the Most High, and (iii) of prophecy. It was written by black-skinned, woolly-haired people that looked like us, and who were our forefathers. Yeshua (Christ) was a black-skinned woolly haired brother. Xtianity goes to great lengths to hide these physiognomic facts, although scripture itself is plain. And the peculiar institution of slavery went to great lengths to separate us from knowledge of who we were. We were made to lose our names, our heritage, our history … from king to priest to prophet to peasant. Yahweh discontinued us from our heritage (Jeremiah 17:4) because we rejected knowledge, and because we violated the Law of the Covenant.

      Nevertheless, Yahweh promised unilaterally to redeem us from the condition to which he consigned us. Knowledge is being increased: “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased” (Daniel 12:4). So we are at the time of the end, and in particular our captivity is over.

      The stage is set for the regathering and reparation:

      Genesis 15:14. And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.

      So not only are we to “come out” (the regathering), we are to do so with “great substance” (reparation).

      The time is not that far off. Yahweh said that power would be given to the beast to “continue” 42 months (Revelation 13:5). This is to be counted from the formal end of our captivity. This gives us time to repent and get right with Yahweh, and to acquire the knowledge and the truth that will make us free.

      As stated, that central truth is that we, the Afro-Creole slave descendants of the West are true Israelites of the blood (i.e. literal bloodline descendants of Jacob aka Israel) and covenant (Deuteronomy 29:14-15).

      We are not African. (Nor “Afrikan”, whatever the “k” is supposed to connote.) I concede that we were scattered into Africa, from which we were kidnapped, chained, and taken in ships across the Middle Passage, and sold into chattel slavery. I concede also that we are a black-skinned and woolly-haired people that are indistinguishable from the Africans with whom we sojourned, starting with Joseph in Egypt. And I further concede that starting with Joseph we have inter-married with Africans, and are part-Hamitic therefore. But by paternal bloodline we are Israelite. To call ourselves African is to miss that critical point. Not to mention we were not born there and don’t know to which tribe we may trace our ancestry. I allow the term Afro-Creole as having clear descriptive power. But in truth we are a black Israelite people. That is the core truth that explains our condition and our history. The land of Africa is home to black Hamitic people, and to black Ishmaelite people, and to black Edomite people, along with the black Israelite people from whom we descend. We need to be clear that we were led into captivity by black Hamitic, and black Hebrew Ishmaelite, and black Hebrew Edomite people, and sold into the trans-Atlantic slave trade to white Hebrew Edomite people, the Jews who controlled the trade, and in which white, Gentile Christians participated. Until we make those distinctions, we will not understand our position vis-a-vis other black people (Hamites, Edomites, Ishmaelites) who led us into slavery. Nor will we understand our position vis-a-vis the white Gentiles and Jews who tried (and almost succeeded) to separate us from our history and birthright as the true children of the Book.

      Eric Williams mightily researched slavery and capitalism and colonialism. But he completely missed these simple facts just outlined. No slur on Eric, for the time was not yet. Likewise, all our great would-be redeemers — Marcus, Martin, Malcolm, Marley — have been lacking. They served the purpose of waking us up, but raising us up is a task reserved for the Most High: “After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight” (Hosea 6:2).

      That may in some sense be considered a “second emancipation”.

      But note that the word emancipation says nothing about either being awakened (revived) or raised up. Indeed the word emancipation in its original meaning does not even mean being set free, rather merely being set free from the jurisdiction of one master to the jurisdiction of another. Thus the legal sense of the emancipation of slaves was that they were children released from the jurisdiction of their erstwhile private masters, into the jurisdiction of the Crown, and for which the Crown paid compensation. The Crown became the new master, and established laws (less oppressive to be sure) it deemed fit for the regulation of its new wards. Emancipation therefore did not mean the end of our captivity.

      Here in T&T it certainly did not mean that the emancipated slave was restored to freedom, or to land given to him freehold from which he could begin to order an independent existence. No. The captivity continued after Emancipation. Even after Independence, the question of reparation was never raised. Therefore we remained a people living as captives in a land not ours.

      Yahweh has now formally lifted our 400 years of captivity (1611-2011). But it is only with the regathering (Deuteronomy 30:3; Isaiah 43:5-6) and restoration (reparation) (Genesis 15:14; Deutoronomy 30:5; Isaiah 66:20; Revelation 7:17; etc.) that are now near at hand that we would be raised up to live in God’s sight, and indeed to rule (Revelation 5:10).

      In the meantime, the following remains true:

      Isaiah 42:22. But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses: they are for a prey, and none delivereth; for a spoil, and none saith, Restore.


      1. Let me also make the point that the so-called Jews are not Israelites of the blood. This is a necessary point to make because we have been deeply brainwashed by the “enemy” that enslaved us (so described at Deuteronomy 28:68) to think that the so-called Jews are the original Israelites, who are moreover a white people. Hence the ubiquitous and false depictions of Yeshua as a white man. We are further brainwashed to think that we the Afro-Creole slave descendants are some version of gentile, certainly not Israelite.

        To quickly address these falsehoods, let me make the following points:

        1) The gentile nations descend from Noah’s son Japheth. This is stated at Genesis 10: “2The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras. 3And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah. 4And the sons of Javan; Elishah, and Tarshish, Kittim, and Dodanim. 5By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.”

        The so-called Ashkenazi Jews, also called Khazar Jews, descend from Togarmah, and so are a Gentile people, notwithstanding their (false) claim to be people of the Book. See Arthur Koestler, The 13th Tribe. See also Shlomo Sand, The Invention of the Jewish people. The Khazars became “Jews” by conversion ca. 750 CE (Koestler). Some of them migrated westward to middle Europe (the land of Ashkenaz — Poland and Germany) from their ancestral land in the Caucasus area between the Caspian and Black seas. The migrants to the West became known as Ashkenazi Jews, to distinguish them from their Khazar brethren who remained in the Caucasus areas of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, etc.

        These Ashkenazi/Khazar Jews are today the predominant strain of modern Jewry, constituting 80-90%. They are white, European gentiles descended from Noah’s son Japheth.

        Another segment of modern Jewry are the so-called Sephardic Jews, who descend from among the biblical Samaritans. They have a connection to the land of Israel, through the Sepharvaim people who were transplanted there after the Assyrians took away the 10 northern tribes of Israel, ca. 720 BCE: “And the king of Assyria brought men from Babylon, and from Cuthah, and from Ava, and from Hamath, and from Sepharvaim, and placed them in the cities of Samaria instead of the children of Israel: and they possessed Samaria, and dwelt in the cities thereof” (2 Kings 17:24). Later, these became known as Sephardic Jews. They also do not have seedline connection to Jacob.

        The third strain of modern Jewry are Hebrew Edomites, descended from Jacob’s brother Esau. They are originally a black-skinned people like the original Israelites, who moreover mixed with the Hamitic people of Canaan, and Egypt, from which places Esau took wives. Esau also took wives from among the black Hebrew Ishmaelite (later Arab) people. Esau was described as red and hairy. But this is red as some black people are called “red”. King Herod was an Edomite. As the king of Judea, the Roman province, he was in some sense a “Jew”, certainly of the seed of Abraham. But he was not Israelite. The Edomites came up into the land of Judah, when the southern kingdom was taken away into captivity by the Babylonians. “Thou shouldest not have entered into the gate of my people in the day of their calamity; yea, thou shouldest not have looked on their affliction in the day of their calamity, nor have laid hands on their substance in the day of their calamity…” (Obadiah 1:13).

        The Hebrew Edomite Jew is now least among the various strains of Jewry. As they did to their brother Jacob, the Khazar Jew has done to them. “…as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head” (Obadiah 1:15). The Khazar Jew now dwells in the tents of Shem: “God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant” (Genesis 9:27). This prophecy has been fulfilled with the 1948 creation of the “state of Israel” by a gentile people, the Khazar Jews, in the land of Canaan.

        It should now be clear the sense in which Yeshua says: “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9). The prophet Daniel also spoke of a people who would be impostors: “the robbers of thy people shall exalt themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fall” (Daniel 11:14).

        The so-called Jews and Israelis are the impostors. We the Afro-Creole slave descendants are true Israelites of the blood, for the most part still blind to the truth, and deaf when we hear it. But Yahweh promises: “Bring forth the blind people that have eyes, and the deaf that have ears. 9Let all the nations be gathered together, and let the people be assembled: who among them can declare this, and shew us former things? let them bring forth their witnesses, that they may be justified: or let them hear, and say, It is truth” (Isaiah 43:8-9).

        So there it is. If we are the Israelites, then the Israelis and Jews are impostors. And vice versa. The impostors are the ones who claim to be Jews “and are not”. The true Israelites are blind and deaf as to the fact. That would describe us, the Afro-Creole slave descendants, who objectively fulfill all the prophesied curses that would befall true Israel for (our) disobedience, prime among them the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the chattel slavery which we have endured.

        2) White skin is the biblical curse of leprosy. Gehazi, an Israelite, and an apprentice of the prophet Elisha, was turned white as a curse, and moreover the curse was to rest on his seed “for ever”: “The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee (Gehazi), and unto thy seed for ever. And he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow (2 Kings 5:27).

        So we see leprosy defined for all intents and purposes as white skin. It is not disabling, as Naaman the leper was described as a “mighty man of valour” (2 Kings 5:1) otherwise. We see further that leprosy is associated with a curse. And we see finally that it in this case was to be passed on by Gehazi to his seed as a permanently heritable trait.

        On this basis, we may be sure that there are white Israelites (Gehazi’s descendants for one). The Irish, Celts and Danes for example.

        We may be equally sure that along with black Edomite tribes (Ashanti, Idoma) there are white Edomites (e.g. some of the Iberian (Hebrew) peoples of Spain and Portugal, that gave rise to such as Aaron Lopez, the white Hebrew Edomite Jew who ran the trans-Atlantic slave trade at one point.

        From the standpoint of a black Hebrew Israelite sold into slavery, is the black Hebrew Edomite who sold him any better or any more a brother than the white Hebrew Edomite to which he was sold, and who sold him again on the other side of the Atlantic?

        When we identify too uncritically to a skin colour or a land mass, we stray away from the truth that will make us free.

        This comment applies equally and perhaps more so to such as the white Hebrew Israelites like the Irish. In many ways, they too suffered the Israelite curses (including captivity right here in the Caribbean). But having become white, they suffered the obvious temptation to identify as “white”, in the new-fangled notion of skin-based racial designation, for the advantages it would bring. In doing so, they fulfilled prophecy that said: “Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward” (Genesis 49:16-17). So many of the Irish, of the tribe of Dan, participated in the colonial enterprise, racially discriminating against their own, albeit black, brethren, the enslaved black Hebrew Israelites. They are likened to a serpent by the way. It explains why the tribe of Dan are conspicuously absent from the 144,000 who are being sealed in the latter day, 12,000 from each tribe (Revelation 7). Joseph gets a double portion (one for Ephraim another for Manasseh) while Dan gets none.

        3) Contrary to Xtian depictions and brainwashing, Yeshua was not white, rather black-skinned and woolly haired. This is evident from: “And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; … And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace…” (Revelation 1:13-15).

        A description is here given of one like unto the Son of Man, i.e. Yeshua. As to texture, his head and hairs are described as woolly. And his exposed feet are described as to skin colour as that of fine brass (i.e. smooth) as though burned in a furnace. If you burn fine brass in a furnace it will attain a skin colour that today we would term black.

        The matter becomes even more certain when we compare a similar passage where Daniel describes a “certain man” (angel) that appeared to him: “Then I lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a certain man … His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass…” (Daniel 10:5-6). The similarity to Revelation 1:13-15 is obvious. The word here translated as brass is Strong’s Hebrew word H5178, nekhosheth, the meaning of which is given in Strong’s Concordance not as brass, but as bronze. As a description of skin colour this would definitely be what today is called black, as may readily be ascertained by going to a place like Washington, DC and gazing at any number of bronze statues decorating various public squares.

        So let us look that we may see, and unstop our ears that we may hear. We the black Afro-Creole slave descendants of the Americas are true Israelites of the blood and Covenant, the people of the Book. Scripture tells us that there would be impostors, identity thieves emboldened to take up the vision, but they shall fall. Those identity thieves are the so-called Jews and Israelis. We the true Israelites are for the most part still blind, still deaf. My brief is to change that: “Hear, ye deaf; and look, ye blind, that ye may see” (Isaiah 42:18).


  26. The post Vietnam era enslavement has to do with the media-driven compulsion to own the latest portable technology, while living, practically, out of one’s car. Those who own a home do not need the latest I-pod, I scam and i-thief. Home ownership has always been important to African people. A man’s house stood at thhe entrance to his compound, in a defensive position with his women’s houses behind his. Modern economics?
    It has to do with buying four times as much house as you need,, to compete with people who do not care a hoot about you, and later, you lose the house an all in it, to foreclosure.
    The saddest sight I ever saw was a woman who was out when the sherrif’s people forced open her door, put all her possessions out on the front lawn, and changed the lock. Before she got back scavenger neighbors of all races were picking up things an walking off. Her underwear was spilled out of a clothes basket all over the grass. I cried. I did not know her. We have to insulate ourselves against this sort of thing. Education in the use of money is ESSENTIAL.

    The international News today, BBC, CCTV-China, and others announced that the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to three women, two from Liberia, including is first democratically elected woman president- Mrs. Sirleaf-Johnson, a community activist from Liberia trying ot organie all African women to help themselves move forward, and a bold, vieled Yemeni journalist, camped out in the town square to cover the protests against her president. She fears if she goes home she will be killed, but in the square, she is protected by other protesters, other women.
    The news in TnT also did not make much of the pssing last week of the Tree Mother of Africa, a Kenyan recipient of the Nobel Prize, who died at 71. Called by Ex President Daniel Arap Moi of Kenya “the mad woman” she insisted that planting trees held back the encroaching desert, and got African women to plant more than a million trees in the Sahel and other dry places. Glory be to God for the memory of Wangara Matthai, and for the other African Women Nobel LAureates.
    Their achievements, which could inspire Caribbean women of African ancestry, get little press in TnT, because of who owns the papers, and because the media seem to really prefer stories of teenage mothers with babies and no job skills. It is up to people like me to trupet the achievements of these women of Africa, so that our daughters may have role models other than beauty contest winners. African women are a making difference, everywhere.

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