Is This the End of France in Africa?

President Of Ghana And President Of Nigeria Called Out For Plans To Attack Niger

Wongel Zelalem reports on the people of Ghana and Nigeria calling out their leaders over Niger.

GDC Leader Hon. Mama Kandeh’s Closing remarks at the GDC Congress in Jarra Soma

The END of FRANCE in Africa. Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Gabon Lost. who next?

The New Tourist, YouTube
August 21, 2023

“The era of Francafrique is over!”. We are not the ones saying this. These are the words of French President Emmanuel Macron in March early this year. Immediately after he was elected into office, Macron visited Burkina Faso and declared that he is from a generation that does not come and tell Africa what to do. But the question remains: Has France really stopped meddling in the affairs of Africa? Early this morning, the Gabonese military seized power from the newly elected President Ali Bongo who won the elections that were held on the 26th of August with about 65% of the votes. The coup was led by Brice Clothaire Oligui Nguema, the commander-in-chief of the Gabonese Republican Guard, the country’s most powerful security unit, and cousin to Ali Bongo. The coup in Gabon follows coups in other Francophone African countries like Mali, Guinea, Chad, Niger, and Burkina Faso. The French government has been notorious for its neocolonial agenda in 14 African countries since after the Second World War.

France is keeping a firm grip on many African countries through dictatorships because it is exploiting them to survive. After the coup in Niger, Macron was quick to react, saying that he won’t tolerate any attack against France or its interests and that Paris will retaliate immediately. But what really is French interest that France wants to defend in Niger? Niger is the 7th biggest producer of Uranium in the world. In 2022, Niger exported 17,615 tonnes of Uranium to France which constitutes 20% of France’s uranium requirement. Do you see why France wants to keep control of Niger?

French ambassador stating that France is not to blame

May 20, 2023 African Diaspora News Channel Podcast
@ondirooganga reports on the French ambassador stating that France is not to blame for conditions in African nations.

The 14 Countries Still Under The Hostage Of France’s Colonial Tax Rule.

Aug 15, 2023
The 14 Countries Still Under French Grip.

African leaders often face accusations of corruption and perceived alignment with Western interests, which can be attributed to a compelling reason. These leaders find themselves in a delicate position, driven by concerns about their personal safety and the stability of their nations. Their actions, seeking powerful nations’ support, stem from a desire for protection against the risk of coups or threats.

However, this quest for security sometimes comes at a cost. Western powers, in exchange for backing, may expect these leaders to prioritize external interests over serving their own people or their nation’s best interests.

Former French President Jacques Chirac’s declaration in March 2008 rings with a sobering truth: “France’s significance could diminish to that of a third-tier power without Africa.”

Chirac’s predecessor, François Mitterand, foresaw this perspective as far back as 1957 when he prophesied, “The absence of Africa could render France’s historical narrative incomplete in the 21st century.”

Under a binding colonial pact enforced by France, 14 African nations find themselves compelled to deposit a staggering 50% of their foreign reserves into the French central bank, all under the control of the French Minister of Finance. Astonishingly, as of 2014, Togo and approximately 13 other African countries continue to shoulder the burden of colonial debt payments to France. The repercussions of dissent are grim; leaders who dare to resist face dire consequences, often falling victim to assassination or facing destabilizing coups.

In a troubling twist, those who comply with France’s demands are rewarded with a luxurious lifestyle, supported by the French government. This stark contrast paints a harrowing picture of disparity, as the people of these nations grapple with extreme poverty and despair. The weight of this reality underscores the profound imbalance in the relationship between these African nations and France, raising crucial questions about sovereignty, economic justice, and the future of these countries as they strive for genuine progress and empowerment.

CaspianReport, YouTube

Jun 6, 2019 — A look into the world of Françafrique and the powerful, inseparable synergy France has with its former empire in the African continent.

BAKU – Françafrique, literally meaning France in Africa, melded into one term, refers to France’s powerful, inseparable synergy with its former empire in the African continent. It revolves around political and economic patronage, as well as military cooperation. For decades, the doctrine allowed the French to maintain their grip on Africa, affecting its former colonies to the nucleus while being invisible to the naked eye.

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