Has God Forsaken Us?

By Raffique Shah
April 10, 2023

Raffique ShahI believe it was the night before Holy Thursday, listening to news on radio or television, I paid attention up to when the announcer counted past seven murders. They might have been over a period longer than 24 hours. They might even have been less than the full day’s score. What did it matter? I asked myself—and continued doing whatever I was doing.

Then realising that like so many citizens in this country who have been numbed by violent crimes, who do not even consider stealing from the public purse a “real” crime, I was growing inured to this unholy degeneration of my country. It was never crime-free—but 20, 30 years ago the numbers of serious crimes were such that we citizens could live with them.

Today the only numbers that matter are the ones we died for or from—killed in home invasion, shot by stray bullets, targeted by hit-men, and so on.

What struck me last Thursday morning, we were deep into a period of spiritual and religious celebrations in the many religions that live side by side on this small island, never having fought battles against one another. Or on the few occasions that the line of respect for each other was crossed, it was by some fool who knew nothing about the God he professed to represent or whose command he pretended to obey.

Really, this is an amazing country. Or all the talk we talk, all the whispering and giggling about one another’s beliefs, we have never ever descended into hostile verbal warfare based on our beliefs. Which is why new Police Commissioner Erla Christopher’s first line of defence against the satanic criminals who stalk the country was “Only God can help us”. Like her predecessors, from Randolph Burroughs to Stephen Williams and everything in between, she pleaded with citizens to collectively pray to God for help in the fight against rampant crime.

But Madam Commissioner must know that she was appealing for divine help at the time when Christians were observing Holy Week, the cruel crucifixion of Christ; Muslims across the world were fasting in the month of Ramadan; Hindus were paying tribute to Hanuman; Spiritual Baptists—I hail Bishop Brother Ray Brathwaite; and other religions must have had other activities as well. How much more prayers does the Commissioner require as help in the war against crime? More than half of this population is praying at any given time, and that’s a whole lot of people. Hell, even the criminals must pray before they engage in sadistic treatment of their victims, treating us as if we were animals being slaughtered in the service of God.

We need note that among multi-religious, multi-cultural societies in the world, T&T holds the enviable distinction of being one of the very few such countries that does not explode in inter-religious strife or, worse, open warfare—as is the case in countries that boast of being bigger and better than our tiny twin-island state.

You look on television at the state of blood spilling in the birthplace of Christianity. When the Creator or whoever was the spiritual architect set out to draw a map for people who say they are God’s chosen, that architect seems to have made grave errors in judgment: suffering, murders, wars and every possible violation of human rights that you can think of, are embedded in Israel’s unholy constitution.

Israel claims divine ownership of prime land in Palestine—or what ought to be Palestine, leaving others who can lay equal claim to that land suffering under the most brutal and inhumane conditions. Its armed forces are equipped with the deadliest weapons, all courtesy its western benefactors, and it uses them to make their neighbours’ lives a living hell, virtual genocide.

Palestinians are a homeless nation. Whatever power they exert, as they must if only to show a presence on what ought to be their land, or shared land, the “sacred” Israelis wreak upon them the hellfire of their afterlives—only, they are still alive.

And to think that their recently re-selected Prime Minister Netanyahu has vowed to wipe Palestine off the map. So much for God’s little acre and God’s chosen people. Thank God, not in T&T.

And, that is just one multi-religious state that’s in an unholy mess that makes our criminals look like peaceful shepherds by comparison.

In India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, parts of Africa, Ukraine, much of Europe, hell, even in North and Latin America, there is religious strife that frequently erupts into bloody battles taking many innocent lives, and leaving masses of orphaned children and state-less people.

So, yes, our crime and criminals who perpetrate demonic acts of violence against their fellow human beings make us ashamed to belong to this country of which we were once proud. They can break our bodies but never our spirits. Never.

3 thoughts on “Has God Forsaken Us?”

  1. It is indeed a wonderful time of religious celebrations. The moral compass of a nation can be easily lost during the journey of life. “Am i my brother keeper”? Cane asked the question after the first murder was committed setting humanity on a course of blood letting such as the world has never seen.

    There are times when citizens must pause for reflection as the next victim can be someone you know. The current commissioner of police is a deeply spiritual woman and understands demonic influence of the killers who have lost their way in this never ending spiral of death.

    Romans 13: 1.Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.
    2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.
    3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:
    4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.”
    The apostle Paul reminded them of their duty to obey first of all the commandments, the law of the land except where the law of the land is against God’s laws.

    The Commissioner of Police bears the sword in the land. “ 4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he (she)*beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.” The role of the entire Justice system is to protect citizens from evil. God has placed the sword in the hands of the CoP and the Justice system. They must know how to use it.

    When Randolph Burroughs was in charge, crime was at a very low. In the battle against evil it is possible to fall into the snare of the Fowler. And he did in his latter years. But the fly squad ensure that criminals were eliminated before they destroy the lives of other citizens. Today the Justice system is in total shambles as was evident in the Vindra Naipaul case. Despite evidence the price of innocent blood is now $20 million out of tax payers pocket. Lucifer is laughing.

    The Justice system is corrupt, Joel Balcon had 80 charges against him but was still out free committing crime for over a decade. Where are the undercover cops working in these neighbourhoods seeking to identify the criminals. And why can’t there be a major overhaul of the Justice system? If it is not working make it work. The solve ratio for murder is 13.5%. Why aren’t the criminals being caught? One criminal was the former CoP nephew. No doubt a very embarrassing situation for him and his family.

    We can easily say God has turn his back on TnT and find comfort in those words. But is it really so? We come from a slave/indentured culture where we have grown accustomed to shooting the messengers instead of solving the problems. The psychological mindset of our leaders is pre programmed for system failure. The 1% have guns, high gates, body guards and the full protection of the police service. Ordinary citizens have no protection, criminals rule the roost.

    The danger the CoP face is the continuance of status quo. She is the chief bearer of the sword and has been ordain to execute and use it. She must find creative ways to connect with the ordinary people but also show her no nonsense side… Criminals must fear or else they will continue to destroy the lives of the innocent.

  2. https://www.guardian.co.tt/news/dinner-for-aranguez-family-turns-into-30-minutes-of-terror-6.2.1678942.8deb8dd708
    I was shocked and angry reading this article. A family terrorized for 30 minutes by six men in a home invasion. “ Ghany said the intruders told his wife that if she did not hand over the cash blood would flow.
    “What got us frightened was when they said they will kill two people if they don’t find any money. My body just went numb. I didn’t know how to react,” Fazeela’s younger daughter said.
    “They put the gun to their heads….they tried to shoot them… but the gun kept sticking. They wanted to cut off my mother’s ears. You know what it is to hear your mother, father, brother and children bawling and you can’t help,” Fazeela said, as tears rolled down her face.
    Ghany said his heart broke when the men suddenly turned on his grandson.
    “They started to beat him with the gun on his head. They cuff him in he face and break his nose. I beg and cry for them to leave my grandson alone. That boy get so much of licks from them fellas, I thought he was not going to make it when we saw him bleeding so much,” Ghany said, wiping away tears.
    When the Guardian Media visited the family yesterday, there were blood stains on the flooring, walls, chairs, tables, doors, toilet and wardrobe.” —Guardian.

    Folks this is Trinidad under the PNM rule. Those six men are still out there planning their next attack. It could be your family next. Do not live in the utopian world that you are protected from these monsters. Criminals choose their target carefully.

    The current National Security Minister was part of the Manning regime when Indian business men families were being kidnapped and the Honorable Prime Minister Manning said the kidnappings were targeted. There was a list of kidnap targets. Those dark days are returning to TnT.

    The current Minister of National Security upon assuming office a man by the name of “snake” who kicked dirty water on him was shot by police. Dead dogs tell no tale. Hinds on a political platform once said “all of them alligators from the same murky lagoon”. He has shown utter disdain for the Indo population. One can only surmise by the home invasions and police inactivity in catching these criminals that there is a return to the Manning days.

    A Chinese businessman was shot and killed, shortly after the police shot and killed one of the criminals. But nothing of the six criminals still walking around sitting and planning some more victims. Cudos to the 15 year old who bravely fought to protect his sisters and family. I hope some help or recognition would come his way. Thankful that he is alive.

  3. The further decline of Trinidad. https://www.guardian.co.tt/news/tt-ranked-6th-most-criminal-country-in-world-6.2.1681633.09fb9058a0
    Trinidad is ranked #6 in the world as a criminal country. Beating Guyana #7 and Jamaica #10. So essentially the number 1 country in the Caribbean. The Minister of National Security comes from a constituency that has produced more criminals per capita than any other part of the Caribbean.

    The criminals have infested that constituency and is now expanding operations into areas where Indians with nice houses are deemed to be rich. This is far from the truth. Most Indians have survived in this country through generational wealth. Father built the house the children inherited it. If you have a business chances are it will be targeted, the criminals in the past used to come and take what they want and leave. Now home invasions they are there for about 30 minutes ransacking your property. They would beat, rape, and torture your family. Try applying for a gun and you are out of luck.

    The 1% are well protected. They got the guns and they go to the gun range and train to use it. Bandits don’t leave with anything if they go to Bayshore, Westmoorings. They only leave with a bullet.

    The PNM in their mad rush to win elections in the 1960s brought in over 50,000 islanders and gave them ID cards telling them Indians bad vote PNM. Many of these islanders found police and nursing jobs. They moved to Point Fortin and were employed in the oil industry savouring the fat of the land. Some stayed in Laventille, Beetham, illiterate and arrogant they manage to keep at least 3 seats under the PNM when they were trounced in the 33-3 election. One seat was kept in Sando under Manning and it was questionable if he really won that seat. But Panday intervened and said let it be. From there criminals plan and executed their operations now moving into Indian areas, killing, raping and stealing. The police has been numb and people wonder why. It is simple most of the police officers belong to the same tribe as the criminals. Believe me they know who is committing the crime but they form an iron dome around these criminals and in effect protecting them. But God don’t sleep and the blood of the innocent victims are on their hands. As Scripture teaches when it is in the power of your hand to do good, do it!!!

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