Porning our Carnival

By Raffique Shah
February 27, 2023

Raffique ShahIf anyone in the country was surprised by the minimalist style that almost all the designers opted for in outfitting female masqueraders, such poor folks have either detached themselves from Carnival for some time, or ceased to be bothered by the near nakedness of thousands of adults, whose gyrations and simulations of sex, could one day erupt into an orgasmic explosion, the effects of which might send some uncontrollable individuals into uncharted dimensions, something akin to never-ending euphoria on steroids.

It is not my intention to scare some people about entering twilight zones they know nothing about, nor am I suggesting that a carnival like ours, which has spiritual links, is vulnerable to unknown spirits of both liquid and gaseous constructs and pose a danger to those who dabble in it. There is nothing evil enough to tackle a ‘Trini Jumbie’. He ‘badder than a Tobago blue crab…or so the legend goes anyway.

Further, they say, ask Peter Minshall, ask Helen Humphrey, ask Peter Samuel and Allison Browne, all of whom were wounded by Jumbie in Carnival-related combat.

But wait; how did I reach in this esoteric world, scaling past herds of near-naked women immersed in a mythical wonderland where they live out their fantasies in the full glare of global media cameras, a freedom they enjoy for two days only? They are free to dress—or undress—as they see fit. Not that anyone had them in chains, enslaved as happens in modern slavery. Whereas the real slaves are compelled by their masters and mistresses to wear skimpy clothes to attract customers, in a reverse scenario in our Carnival, women seem to be saying to men; watch me, but don’t touch me. See as much of my body as you have yearned to, but that’s as close as you’d get.

Look, I lay no claim to being averse to enjoying waves upon waves of ‘eye food’. When I was much younger, that was the sole purpose for journeying into the capital city on Carnival Tuesday. There were miles and miles, tonnes and tonnes of the most attractive, prettiest girls any young male could behold. I believed then, as I believe now, that pound for pound, per capita, this country is it when it comes to pretty women.

I am convinced, though, that the Devil is hyper-active among them, and come Carnival every year, they go wild, throw feminine charm to the wind, and to tantalise the males among us, they dive into a cesspool of vulgarity, transforming art into pornography or worse. Some men join them in lowering the bar, causing decent families to duck for cover, to protect their children from contamination.

I stand in my shoes and wonder: how can any sane adult sink so low, simulating sex in a city awash with people, with families and visitors looking only for a taste of the famed, Trini Carnival. Have you no shame, woman? Have you no shame, man? Is this your normal behavior on any given day in your home? Is this what your children, your neighbour’s children are exposed to, by virtue of you claiming libertarian privileges, as seriously offensive as this display at ‘The Mother of all Carnivals’ was proclaimed by a veteran calypsonian and politician.

Not that I believe such depraved displays might turn any significant number of tourists away from our country. Indeed, the world being what it is, there are predators by the millions out there literally feasting on children and adults who cannot defend themselves. You are turning an already besieged world into one that is gripped by fear for the future of our children and grandchildren. Little wonder almost every day children and adult women, and now even boys, go missing. Spirited away into a dark realm, there to fulfil fantasies of the sick and perverse.

Before you open your mouth or get on your keyboard to assault me for exposing those who use the cover of carnival to bring shame and disgrace to humanity, let me say this, I am no prude. I am no religious zealot. I am not on any pulpit here. I am just venting my anger against people like you and yes, like me, who have taken having a good time to unbelievable pornographic levels. I hope that my voice will persuade the thousands of people who witness the street parade that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with either carnival or a street parade. I have always been a carnival person and I will continue to so be even from the confines of my chair at home. But when I see we are about to plunge into darkness that can so damage the society, I must call halt. Most of you I appeal to are my friends, my carnival friends. I expect us to remain good friends by joining to clean up the mess people have made of our mas.

4 thoughts on “Porning our Carnival”

  1. T&T is a country where the inhabitants take pride in presenting themselves as fun loving, carefree, and festive.
    Nothing is wrong with that characterization. The problem is that this laissez faire attitude pervades every aspect of the society and the mindset of the people.
    A country cannot succeed when its nationals are unwilling to recognize the seriousness of development in areas other than what is referred to as “we culture”.
    To make matters worse, the political leaders perpetuate and encourage the “fete” mentality in order to endear themselves to the population.
    The evidence of underdevelopment is clear for all to see after some sixty years of Independence and the squandering of a fortune in energy revenues.
    The Father of the nation called for “discipline, tolerance and production”. Now, in 2023, this nation lacks discipline, displays ethnic and regional intolerance and produces nothing.
    The nation is stuck with a string of incompetent leaders and a small, savy group of businessmen who exploit their “stupidity”.
    Look around the world, people and see what it takes to develop a country.

  2. Porn in Carnival, yes even the ductta said Carnival is for babies (paraphrasing). Yes folks 9 months later a baby is born and no one knows the father. I remember seeing a woman in her early thirties with five children and no father. It appears as though they were all carnival babies. Yes the fertility level is high so to the alcohol and the whining, all a tribute to Baccus. Featured snippet from the web“Originally Dionysus was the Greek god of fertility. Later, he came to be known chiefly as the god of wine and pleasure. The Romans called him Bacchus”

    Carnival is a time when young boys become men. The whole atmosphere in the nation is highly sexualize and women loose their inhibitions whining on strangers and dressing in near naked form. It reminds me of the orgy at the base of Mount Sinai. Moses was at the top of the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments Thunder and lighting, he was there for forty days and nights. The people grew restless made a golden calf and had an orgy. God wipe out 3,000 revellers that day. The party was spoilt.

    Shortly after the baccanalian festival a lady came forward to predict that Trinidad will suffer a massive earthquake and Port of Spain will sink in the sea. Turkey and Syria has suffered massive earthquakes over 25,000 dead and they don’t even celebrate Carnival there. Something is happening.

    Lent is now in for the Catholic world similar to the month of Ramdhan except they eat more fish around this time. A Ugandan bishop used a liturgy for Ash Wednesday to condemn homosexuality, coming just weeks after Pope Francis’ denunciation of criminalization laws that remain in effect in that country. “Bishop Wanok said homosexuality is unacceptable and that the Bible condemns it, but since salvation is promised for everyone, including homosexuals, they should repent from such acts. . .Pope Francis does not subscribe to his views.

    Carnival is really porn on the streets of the nation and must be strongly condemned. But the silence of spiritual leaders from all communities is strangely deafening. I guess they don’t like to offend the ducta who a few years ago was seen whining on an underage girl. Poor child was only seventeen… Chalky would have agreed 65 can’t go into 17. But fish rotten from the head down. One must admire the courage of the Ugandan Bishop to call sin, sin. Although many Western Catholics will not agree with this African man of the cloth.

  3. In 2022 there was 8,711 visitors for carnival spending $71,000,000. This year the government spent $95 million on Carnival. It must be noted that there was a considerable drop in Carnival visitors in 2022. I suppose it would be the same for 2023. Is Carnival making money, the answer from balisier house would be yes because they use a different calculator.

    One cannot ignore the impact of crime and the various warnings given on foreign embassy websites. “ Reconsider travel to Trinidad and Tobago due to crime. Exercise increased caution in Trinidad and Tobago due to terrorism and kidnapping. Some areas have increased risk. Read the entire Travel Advisory.Nov 8th 2022” US. This is from the Canadian Embassy This is from the British Embassy
    Carnival visitors drop from 37,811 in 2020, no stats for 2021 to a mere 8,711 in 2022 and I suppose it is no different in 2023.

    The impact of crime on the economy is death knell for all and sundry. Even the $95 million spent on Carnival 2023 indicate a possible loss of revenue. But they still partying.

    The detection and solve rate for homicide stands at 13% in sweet TnT. Joel Balcon for a decade operated as a rapist serial killer with 80 charges against him. One can imagine how many gun toting cowboys with SLR machine guns, Uzi and AK 47 ready to reap a harvest of dead souls. Jamaica is doing better in solving crime 77% of murders remain unsolved in Trinidad. “ In 2020, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) recorded a 53 per cent clear up rate for homicides, compared to 39 per cent in 2019” -Jamaica Information Services. The Jamaicans are better at capturing and putting in jail murderers. The Vindra Naipaul case is an example of a sh*tty Justice system. People are in remand for 12 years, waiting for their day in court.

    But back to the issue at hand 103 murders in just 2 months of 2023. One must ask what kind of deal was made at Lecoto, and is the crime rate being normalized? Whilst at the beginning of this year Jamaica and Guyana has seen drops in murder rate, Trinidad is like a galloping stallion outside the gate. The new Commissioner of Police has promise action by June to reduce crime. But crime is a mixed bag of economics, family life, and hopelessness for the future. Most of Point Lisas has shut down and the energy sector is hoping the dragon deal with Maduro will save TnT. Talk about putting all you “garander” (rotten) eggs in one basket. Trinis are a brave lot and if election is called tomorrow the PNM will win handsomely. You simply get the government you deserve…..

  4. “Our” carnival?
    It’s made in China.
    Nothing like George Bailey and the masmakers and wire-benders of old.

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