One Thousand Patriots

Raffique Shah
February 06, 2023

Raffique ShahIf, after thorough investigations into this outrage, the State being ordered to pay approximately two million dollars each to five murder-accused in the Naipaul-Coolman case, stands; if no minister or public officer from the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office is held accountable, placed in shackles, held in jail as their trial on serious criminal charges are conducted; or if no agent of the battery of attorneys we have grown accustomed to seeing daily is charged with grand theft of Reggie Armour’s mystery file; then take notice that I, citizen Shah, shall take whatever action I decide is necessary to dissolve the republic of Trinidad and Tobago, which has proved to be a useless country not deserving the title of sovereign state.

Note, too, that I shall arrogate unto myself powers to personally administer the ‘bull’ to those who rob the treasury blind, using spurious laws, and who seem to have the blessings of certain judicial officers. Such extraordinary powers I assume because the normal laws and regular courts have become dens of injustice.

Before this colossal, bungling of what seemed to have been a fairly simple case of aggrieved prisoners trying to milk the state, TnT was, has been, and continues to be lawless in the extreme. People’s disregard for anything governed by laws is incredible. Nobody bothers with traffic regulations for example, hence the daily mayhem and traffic jams in just about every district in the country. Laws that govern the sanctity of life are ignored such that an average of five lives are taken by very violent means every day. Robberies are so rampant that the few law-abiding citizens we still have set aside ‘bandit money’ in a purse or pocket hoping that their assailants will spare their lives and maybe leave them with a little cash.

Children are victims of criminal behavior from inside their homes to the streets they traverse daily. They can expect to be brutalized or killed anywhere, any time. Senior citizens are even softer targets. As they struggle walking or driving slowly, seeing about their daily business, younger pedestrians and motorists bellow after them, ‘Move yuh ole ar*e off the road nah!’.

Life is hazardous any and everywhere. If you think you can run to the lawmen to be rescued from the lawless, they pounce on you and beat you mercilessly, as we see in in viral videos. With the country in such chaos and corruption gnawing away at the fabric of society, T&T had become a cesspool in which we swim aimlessly in faeces. Into this toxic brew comes the case of the ‘disappearing’ file from a government office that should be a sanctum of security. Put in perspective. Vindra Naipaul-Coolman, a supermarket magnate, was kidnapped and we presume murdered since she has not been seen afterwards and evidence emerged to suggest that she had been murdered. We cannot be sure since the state in the trial of nine men accused of abducting and murdering her fell flat in the High Court when all the accused were set free. It was a sensational trial in which dozens of attorneys were involved, most of them high-profiled and higher-paid. It ended with the accused men walking free, so free that they would go on to sue the state- that’s you and me- since the state represents us. They sued for malicious prosecution, inhumane prison conditions and a host of other abuses that were this to be a precedent, any and everyone who has been picked up and tossed in a prison cell before being freed, can follow suit and take the country for millions, billions of dollars.

You and I, the few law abiding citizens left, expect the highly paid legal officers employed by the state to not merely pursue justice but ensure that at the very least, those who commit crimes are successfully prosecuted and punished. Instead, the rate of successful prosecution in serious crimes is abysmally low with many if not most of the accused walking out of prison free and now as a bonus, having the option to sue us. And, when they do, files go missing, the state forgets the details of their matters and you and I have to fork-out millions of dollars to pay them for committing heinous crimes.

Any which way we turn, it’s stick for the law abiding and money for the lawbreakers. Former AG Anand Ramlogan, one of several attorneys who have almost trademarked the pursuit of ‘justice’ by criminals who have won matters against the state, where the prosecutors seem to be bungling everything that comes before them. So we paid him big then, we pay them bigger now and the criminals laugh at us and continue their crime rampage. This damn nonsense must stop somewhere. I, lame citizen Shah, am looking for one thousand patriots who are prepared to give their lives to return this country to some sanity. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “One Thousand Patriots”

  1. It is in the power of the State to ensure that criminals are prosecuted. If the State does not have the will then criminals will continue to reign supreme. One cannot go around blaming high priced lawyers when the AG himself admitted the file “lost” so we have to pay up.

    I was talking to my Jamaican friend a judge, whose job it was to ensure criminals do not walk the street freely. She said everything has to be guarded including the files, the criminals will try their best to get their hands on the files once they do “case over”. She had to be shuttled to and from a hotel nearby under high security. She could not walk the streets or spend time with her family until the case was over. Security for her was very high. The criminals had money and could do a hit if they knew where she was.

    One can safely say that the Vindra Naipaul Coolman case was the worst denial of Justice despite the evidence collected. The imagery of her sitting on the pool table then being shot point blank rage by a diabolical killer should sent shivers down the spine of women in this country. Rape over and over against whilst in captivity.

    The reward for this injustice is $20 million in blood money. But there is much more to this case. As we all know files just don’t disappear. To silence his critics that he is not doing anything, the AG hired a judge to locate the missing file. However, this government is very weak when it comes to the administration of Justice and we all can write the last chapter in this saga…but will it be the last chapter for the nine? Time will tell.

  2. The files that was “lost” has been found. Whew what a relief but what if it is lost again or important information removed. Was the file intact or tampered? How can anyone know?

    The case of the missing and recovered files does not mean mystery solved because of many unanswered questions, like where was it and in whose care and why didn’t they return it immediately so that the AG did not have to hire a retired judge to find.

    Trinidad is a land of mystery. Now SEA results the parents are required to file to find out the score. Instead of publishing it in the newspaper and embarrassing the “duncy head” children. Why not make the information available to the Primary School Principals. So that if a parent want to know they can ask the principal. Personally speaking I attended a 4th rate school but studied hard and did very well in life. So I don’t care about the marks but it would be instructive to teacher and school as a rite of passage.

    Then there is murders. Well it is no secret that Guyana and Jamaica in 2023 show a considerable drop in murders. “The 32 homicides for the period represent a decrease of 56 per cent when compared to the corresponding period in 2022. According to the statistics, the police division with the most murders is St James with five“—Jamaica. Guyana-“Guyanese police are doing well in detecting murders compared to their counterparts in Trinidad and Tobago, Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Deputy Police Commissioner Wendell Blanhum said on Tuesday.
    He told the annual departmental awards ceremony that Guyana’s detection rate is at “an all-time high” with 80.3 percent compared to Trinidad and Tobago whose rate is 14 percent. “We are doing well across the Caribbean,” he said.
    While Guyana has recorded 122 homicides so far for 2022- the third lowest in 10 years- Mr Blanhum said there have been more than 500 homicides in Trinidad and Tobago for the same period. The Trinidad Guardian on Wednesday reported that there are 590 murders so far for this year”-Demerara Waves.

    I can assume that the reason why the detection rate for murder in Trinidad is so low, because a lot of police relatives are in the business, renting firearms for their nefarious mission. Even the former CoP nephew was involved in a hit. When Joel Balcon died he had 80 charges against him. There I rest my case.

  3. Finally Mr Shah has come to the realization that his compadres in the PNM have totally *f****d* up the country. Hopefully other law abiding citizens who are still doubtful of this obvious fact will also see the light and use their once every five years opportunity to vote for change.

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