Hon. Prime Minister diagnosed with Dengue

From the Office of the Prime Minister
August 16, 2011

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarPrime Minister the Honourable Kamla Persad Bissessar has been recently diagnosed with Dengue fever (Classical type). It is the less severe strain.

The Prime Minister is now resting comfortably and would like to assure citizens that she is receiving medical care and supervision.

The Prime Minister in her statement on the situation remarked,

“While I was consulting with the Minister of Health on how to enhance and intensify the education drive Government has embarked on to sensitise the population on dengue fever, I became a victim of it myself.

“This indicates that no one is immune from this dangerous disease, and it reinforces that the entire population MUST be extremely vigilant and take the necessary precautions to prevent contracting dengue, especially with children.

“Let me also emphasise the need to immediately seek professional medical attention if you have any symptoms of dengue (which include fever, body pains and headaches) since treating the disease as an ordinary flu can cause more medical problems.

“On a personal note, I have been advised that I can work from my home office while I continue to receive medical supervision.

“I will continue to run the affairs of State unless otherwise advised by my doctors that it is not practical so to do.

“I wish to inform the population that despite my illness I am following all medical instructions so as to ensure that I will soon be back on my feet and fully functioning.”

At this time, the Ministry of Health has undertaken an aggressive aedes aegypti mosquito eradication programme across Trinidad and Tobago.

Further, the Ministries of Health, Communications, Local Government and Education have embarked on a multi-media education and sensitisation programme across Trinidad and Tobago to combat the dengue outbreak on several fronts.

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  1. Wow! Now isn’t this a turn of the tables… So NOW, ONLY NOW when the PM herself is diagnosed with Dengue then the Ministry of health (they used at this time so i can say only now)has undertaken an aggressive aedes aegypti mosquito eradication program across Trinidad and Tobago. When an 8 year old died of dengue after being sent home by the incompetent staff at the hospital and the Minister of health said it wasn’t the doctor’s fault no one decided to take an aggressive eradication right? The only thing I would say on this matter is she deserves the exact treatment the doctors gave little Asia! God forbid if she herself suffers the same faith then we’ll see how many doctors ca never practice again. This diagnose goes to show that politicians you too are not invincible so stop “walking on air” whilst people who voted you in suffer! Do your damn job and be just because one day you too will face the same faith.

  2. Trinis have not taken the fight to the mosquitoes, hopefully this will be a wake up call for all. The effort to get rid of the mosquito must intensify. And there are all kinds of contraptions available to deal with these pesty insects. Start with the school children educate them on keeping their surroundings clean…

    1. Yes mammoo, blame the kids , you social coward. Why stop there? Blame them for all the corruption , crimes, abuses, mismanagement, class ,non – patriotic attitudes by a selected bunch,ethnic divisions ,and economic greed , by unmentionable, ‘chiefly culturally depraved ,selfish elites ,’ that prevails in your country. Yet folks are wondering why Haiti, and Jamdown Jamaica are looking like social havens as compared to our underachieving , twin island. With comedians such as mammoo for alleged citizens , who need enemies? To compound it, he will profess to be a parent as well. Heavens forbid I say!

    2. Trinidad is too small for any one including governement oficials or elite or wealthy to think that they will not be affected by the ills whether it be health; crime or economic crisis that the general population is ubject too.
      Also, please do ot blame the Dosctors for every death – sometimes parents / patients do not follow doctors orders or they try home remedies and then it is too late… Alot of times the full story does not come out for example in the case of the young girl who succumbed to dengue – she apparently felt well by the third day and did too much vigorous exercise and collapsed … in the case of the pregnant lady who died after cesarian this was her third cesarian and therefore very high risk operation … she herself and her private doctor are to blame cause it is recommended that a woman undergo only two cesarian and any other pregnancies will be high risk..
      Please get all facts before jumping to uninformed conclusions …

  3. The PM was lucky I guess; not so the common citizens; perhaps if Madam PM had contracted the more severe strain Trinidadians might be looking forward to improved immigration and travel regulations. In order for Trinidadians to enter a 1st world nation they are subjected to rigorous health examinations and evidentiary proof of their antivirals, but the true citizens of T’n’T due to government corruption and cronyism are subjected to any and all kinds of opportunistic virus and bacteria brought into their nation from migrant workers from the under-developed world, because their ministers are paid not to ruffle feathers.

    1. Etymology

      The origins of the word “dengue” are not clear, but one theory is that it is derived from the Swahili phrase Ka-dinga pepo, which describes the disease as being caused by an evil spirit.[36] The Swahili word dinga may possibly have its origin in the Spanish word dengue, meaning fastidious or careful, which would describe the gait of a person suffering the bone pain of dengue fever.[39] However, it is possible that the use of the Spanish word derived from the similar-sounding Swahili.[36] Slaves in the West Indies having contracted dengue were said to have the posture and gait of a dandy, and the disease was known as “dandy fever”.[40][41]

      Dengue was here when Indians arrive in the West Indies, karibkween. Besides malaria kills over a million Africans each year. So not to worry too much about dengue, just make sure you empty your “bed pan” regularly…

      1. You are aware that Swahili is an Afro-Asiatic language, aren’t you? While you marinate on that little bit of information, consider also the proximity of Africa’s first Swahili speakers to the Asian subcontinent.

        Your ignorance aside; Dengue existed well before Africans, captured and enslaved by the Portuguese contracted a virus their nature had no immunity for; history records it as the virus that brought about the collapse of the Han Chinese dynasty, a millennia and a half before European Chattel Slavery; and like the Malaria virus it has its GENETIC ORIGINS on the ASIAN CONTINENT.

        The Neanderthal who raped EVE probably blamed her for the death of his children.

        1. http://www.avert.org/africa-hiv-aids-statistics.htm
          Over 14 million orphans due AIDS in Africa.

          Karibkween while you worry about dengue, it is a known fact that more people in Africa have died from AIDS that any other disease. AIDS of course started in Africa…

          “Although there are many stories/guesses of how and from where the disease originated? HIV virus is strongly believed to be originated from Africa around 1940. According to stored records, the first known patient of AIDS disease was from one of the states of Africa in 1959 whose blood was stored in order to find out the possible cause of his death. In tests carried out, the blood is confirmed to contain AIDS virus.

          AIDS is an acronym for the disease called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. More than 24 million people have lost their lives after falling prey to AIDS over last two decades (Please note that the number of deaths caused due to the disease might change). The disease has become most notorious of all the diseases and is spreading very fast among the people all over the world.”

          Africa gave the world AIDS….how very sad.

          1. I see the Neanderthal is still convinced that HIS VICTIM the AFRICAN EVE, is responsible for all his diseases of perversion. Yours must be a brain on Toxo.

          2. http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/459/760558

            Origin of HIV/Aids – Thirty years of the untold story

            “By the end of 1981, 121 people in the US had died of AIDS and were from San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. It means they had been infected at least two years earlier that is in 1979. They had never been to Africa, or eaten monkeys or chimpanzees.

            The earliest recognised AIDS case in Uganda was diagnosed in 1982, in Kenya 1983, in Burundi 1984, Botswana 1986, and Ethiopia 1987. Between 1981 and 1983, there were 5,660 AIDS cases in the US compared to only 17 for the entire Africa, suggesting that US was the epicentre and origin of HIV and Aids.”

            Africa might be the origin of all genetic anomalies, it is after all the birthplace or cradle of mankind; the proverbial garden of Eden if you will’ the Creator’s workshop: but why is it that these plagues which are detrimental to humankind never reach the level of epidemic or pandemic on the continent of origin? It suggests that ignorance and a perverted lifestyle are the real purveyors and propagators of pestilence upon the face of the earth.

  4. Everytime I read a story like this I recall the words of G. H. Massey, evolutionist, poet and historian:

    “We all know there is an awful deal of suffering in the world that cannot be considered as a mere individual question!–sufferings that we do not individually cause, and are not personally responsible for–sufferings bequeathed to us as individuals and as members of the State; for we have to bear the accumulated burdens of centuries on centuries of ignorance, or, worse still, of willful crime, and, worst of all, of wrong made sacred by religious sanction, and supported by Law and the Press. And the burden of the many crushes the individual to the earth; and the God of Justice appears to be blind to the case–makes no rush to the rescue, even when we suffer for the sins of others. Be sure even these can be turned to eternal account. But, he has this lesson to convey to the world—

    Humanity is one. And the power that is, has instituted certain laws–laws that operate for the species rather than the individual, an important distinction to be made in any interpretation of nature; laws that deal with the species as one in spite of our manifold diversities and our deified doctrine of every-one-on-his-own-hook-ism. He does not put forth his hand to take you off your hook when it happens to run into you particularly sharp, flesh or soul, and makes you supplicate or swear.

    Establish what private relationship you can with your Maker, and derive what spiritual succor you may whilst bearing the burden, or writhing on the iron that enters you, the laws that do deal with humanity in the aggregate, and operate for the good of the species, will go grinding on with their larger revolutions that sub serve eternal interests whilst crushing terribly many smaller claims of individual life

    For, mark this, the Eternal intends to show us that humanity is one, and the family is more than the individual member, the nation is more than the family, and the human race is more than the nation. And if we do not accept the revelation lovingly, do not take to the fact kindly, why then ’tis flashed upon us terribly, by lightning of hell, if we will not have it by light of heaven, and the poor neglected scum and canaille of the nations rise up mighty in the strength of disease, and prove the oneness of humanity by killing you with the same infection.”

  5. As undeveloped and as devastated as Haiti was after the earthquake, they didn’t have Cholera until the U.N. decided to assist them by providing help from the citizens of under-developed nations.

    1. Karibkween, I was glad when the Haitian Government refused the “Cholera Vaccine,” because instead of 5K dead, it would have been 500K. I am in total agreement with you that there is a plan afoot to rid the planet of Black Afrikan peoples. AIDS, was produced in Baltimore, Maryland. Ever since Charles Darwin published his theory, those bigoted Eugenicists have been manufacturing all types of methods to substantiate Africkans inferiority, eg, IQ tests, which were completely biased. The worst thing that has happened so far is the election of Barack Obama as President. Mr Obama is an articulate, intelligent man, but the ones who have tapped him to be president, have worked assiduously to ensure his failure. Ronald Reagan was an inept, incompetent idiot, and George Bush Jr, was even more so. But Obama was selected to be President, for the sole purpose of making the Black man/woman look incompetent, this they have succeeded in doing. It is therefore time to implement, their program of GENOCIDE.

    2. This is true.Cholera developed in Haiti after the earthquake;when the United Nations intervened.

  6. It is with much concern that I have watched and heard about the dengue deaths in our wonderful country.

    This is so because there is a herbal combination that works perfectly to eradicate the toxins which cause the dengue fever. THERE IS A CURE!

    My daughter was diagnosed with dengue almost three (3) years ago. Her first blood test was mixed up and was negative. The fever continued for days using paracetamol. It just did not work. When I examined her mouth her gums were bright red and her legs were red which a rash. I was so shocked that I went back to the company doctor and requested another test. The doctor was surprised when I mentioned that my daughter had developed a rash. This time I went by another lab – I could not risk another mix up. THE RESULT WAS POSITIVE. My husband and I immediately sourced a combination of herbs. After giving my daughter the herbs, about 45 mins after my daugher sat on the bed and said, “LIKE THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED ALL THE TIME!!” THE FEVER LEFT!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW I FELT?

    After some months I had to rush my husband to a company doctor, he asked me to drive him to San Fernando – when he asked me to drive him, I knew that something was radically wrong – He cold sweated in the car. Anyway he was immediately sent for a test and the company doctor called the same night and informed us that he tested positive for dengue. By that time we had suspected that it was dengue and started the herbal treatment along with some vitaplex with minerals etc. The next day the fever subsided. DO YOU KNOW HOW I FELT!! I also shared it with other friends who had fevers around that same period. OF COURSE THEY WERE WELL AGAIN.

    My testimony can be verified because it is documented at a prominent medical facility.

    My heart goes out for those who have lost loved ones. Sometimes when someone says herbs can help you are considered to be some mad person. Anyway if you wish for any help please contact me at 740-5714. Ask for AMY THOMAS. MAY GOD BLESS YOU RICHLY!!!

  7. Ms Bissessar, I shall hold you in my thoughts, visualizations and affirmations for a speedy recovery. I do this daily for all of humanity, and indeed all of creation, because this planet needs healing.

  8. Trinidad and Tobago has unfortunately been cursed with two of the most morally reprehensible Prime Ministers known to mankind, in Basdeo Panday, and Patrick Manning. No way has these two nepotistic drinking pals reprehensible characters been more glaring than on the question of health care, vis a vis their respective administrations , and actions even out of political power. These two comedians did absolutely nada to fully upgrade of Health service , outside of empty old talk.
    Note however as one get a gas pain , how quickly he runs to his socialist pal in Cuba ,for medical help?
    Pay attention , how the other joker ,would run to Miami, and South England , every time his sclerosis of the liver begins to act up?
    I am optimistic that by the end of the good lady’s first , or midway through the second term of Queen K administration ,we can see some identifiable progress on national health care ,in perhaps the richest English speaking country in the region-even as she too make an occasional trip abroad, for some medical attention.
    Hopefully , those that read this , has the capacity to decipher what I am alluding to.
    We wish our PM well, and the reason for this is quite simple. It is only a mental degenerate, would wish harm to come to their Prime Minister ,from a health standpoint, as it reflects negatively on us all.
    Need I remind those with convenient amnesia,how we look like booboolees-from a security angle-in 1990, when a second rate horse police , turn Canadian fake Islamist , and his fellow band of criminals , with ample support from religious, business , and political elites , attempted to destroy our democracy, and nearly murdered ah we bouy Robbie?

  9. Kamla,
    Get out of TT to get treatment! Take a page from Patos’ book and avoid any African or Afro Trini Doctor. Then you’d be called the most racist PM in TT ever!

  10. In case you don’t know Ramjit. What they are all running from is your racist , fake genocide crier Dr Goopiesing trained doctors that has unfortunately dominated the medical landscape of our country , beginning from when Mastana Bahar hero Kamal Mohammed, dominated our Ministry of Health.
    Yeah Ramjit, they are the same doctors who pronounced an attempted suicide victim in Sando dead , after the jilted lover guzzled down his gramazone , and forced same on his innocent kids as well. They are the same doctors that have been removing Afrikan women babies , while pretending to work on their appendix.
    It was desperation that forced the Castro’s cubans , and crooked Nigerians, to emerge on the scene.
    Remember DEM Afrikans are not smart enough to be doctors ,and lawyers, like “you alls,”now dat you folks have transplanted yourselves from the rice paddy fields,and are no longer forcing your women to remain bare feet, pregnant every other year , and hungry, hmmmm? Lord save us from these clowns. Hey Ramjit , your PM , and her husband is free to go where ever they wish for medical attention, as long as she makes a step to upgrade the social dung heap we possess that are referred to as hospitals- especially in my neck of the woods-until they break away.

    1. Neal wrote “It was desperation that forced the Castro’s cubans , and crooked Nigerians, to emerge on the scene.”

      No it was not desperation Mr. Neal it was just distrust of the doctors in T&T that “forced” Patos to run to Cuba. But he is no different than comrade Burnham who died at the hands of Cuban doctors in Georgetown. Apparently, Burnham trust of Cuban doctors led to his demise.

      On the contrary former President Robinson looks in the peek of health and still have a good command of the English language despite a host of medical problems. His doctor is an Trinindo. So why should the PM run outside for medical help, when it is available in sweet T&T. There are good doctors in T&T while there are not so good doctors. My cousin is a doctor, he is one of the best having trained all over Britan. His work saved the life of my uncle and many others.

      1. Speaking of untrustworthy doctors mamboo. Which doctors , your lifetime socialist Trade Unionist , people’s leader Basdeo Trust , out side of his specialist in Miami, and London?
        While on the subject of trust, how come he has no faith in our local judges , but lots of it for octogenarian , Simi senile, London Law Lords , dat dominate the Privy council? Wouldn’t he then not be better served if both him and daughter had remained in England and practice?
        Ah tell you , these country haters! If a god exist, does he have a special place in hell, just for dem, or is it samsara for life , as they return to earth , as zandolees, or body licking salipainters, and poisonous Grande Mapipi snake , ehh mamboo? Your call.

        1. Panday used his health conditions to his advantage. He went to the UK and had his spies identify the traitors in the party, upon his return he purged the party.

  11. wow how did this conversation get here? Ms karibkween, thanks for the education it is a piety tho that someone as intelligent as yourself argue with such a fool about trivial matters. all I have to say is if we cant cooperate among ourselves then we can never integrate with others regionally and between the us and other 1st world nations they will continue to rape us of our possessions. As far as I am concerned kamala could drop dead, none of her promises have been fulfilled i hope all those voters drop dead alongside her because the only purge TnT needs is a purge from fools who refuse to look past race!

    1. “wow how did this conversation get here? Ms karibkween”
      Karibkween is a divider, first lie–dengue came from India. second lie—AIDS never started in Africa.., third lie–“the God of Justice appears to be blind to the case–” (how insulting, God is never blind).
      Karibkween is a liar. How many lies does it take to be a liar??? Nuff said.

      1. Hey Moomoo; your doctor cousin found a cure for lice yet? Tell him I say prevention is better than cure.

    2. “comrade Burnham who died at the hands of Cuban doctors in Georgetown.” Mamboo ,there you go again with dem fake South American Guyanese. For the million and one time, I don’t care anything about them , except to use them as a jumping off , reference point ,to show what we can evolve into , if tribalism is allowed to take it’s course , due in great measure to conniving power grabbers .
      With reference to that suspect Afrikan Forbes,I lost all faith in that socialist bandit, once he orchestrated the murder of perhaps one of the sharpest , and most authentic ,intellectual minds, produced in the entire Caribbean region, in Dr Walter Rodney.
      My suspicions of that political criminal Forbes was ,further elevated , when he collaborated with Yankee CIA miscreants, to allow the murders of mainly desperate Afrikan ,low caste , gullible folks , during the hush , hush JoanesTown massacre affair.
      I have been trying without much success ,to get the inside zeppo on those two debacles ,from one of his trusted aids , who have been working here with me in ‘Zoo York,’for the past 2 decades.
      Speaking of neo imperial bums ,who was scared of his shadow, and yet slept with political devils of all colors, despite his public posturing . How about dat
      other insecure , megalomanic, a la Dr Deffy Eric? We remembered what he did, first to his young Finance Minister ANR Robinson ,aka Tobago sellout /Ahhh Wee Bouy, and secondly, the local Belmont boy, turned radical US political activist , Stokley Carmichael, by banning him from coming home to his own country, and his political assassination of his own former teacher CLR James.In the interim , scholarshipos for every Tom, Dick , and Bridgelal, cuddling of the likes of Japanese Garden head guru Errol Mahabir who destroyed our oil industry, a blind eye to Kamal Mohammed , who push personal aggrandizement to another level, while turning the Ministry of Health and Agriculture into his personal fiefdom, and worst of all French creole Johnny O, who used our oil dollars to purchase nearly halp of downtown Toronto , just like one oh dem Nigerian crooked Ibo , or Housa , Bussiness / political Generals.

      We won’t mention his indirect role, in the demise of Maurice Bishop, even if today ,that country’s Cuban constructed Point Salines/ Maurice Bishop International Airport,can make the garbage heap that Basdeo Panday , your leader, create ,via his London Bank roll pilfering , and other criminal shenanigans, look like the Beetham Labasse.
      As an addendum, to our lovely discussion,let me add , that I tend to get wary when I hear any from of complimentary remarks been made by well know tribalist , about folks , it is quite obvious they despise to the very core.
      If you and similar others ,really cared about Tobago’s ANR , or the people of that neglected island ward, then you would have demanded justice for him ,when he was alive, as ‘you alls’ would have done, if the well supported ,1990 criminal atrocities, were done to a member from within your special enclave, yes?
      Speaking about race , and the Trinis that cannot look past it ,let us not further antagonize MzChong the Chinese democratic idealist , by referring to the self hating Doc secret ,two weeks marriage to her great grandam, ehhh mamboo?
      Yeah MZChong , we know how your early Chinoir ancestors , and succeeding generations, adhere to that principle of avoiding race .
      It is why 95% of them – especially the women, like de Mrs Khan / Sharrine Hart of Calder Hart fame, a la Indonesian/ Malaysian Chinese opportunist dame -would marry a European , at the drop of a hat ,as they naively think it would help elevate their social status , or if they choose to touch base with someone of the darker South Asian / African hue , it too again ,was a means to a a chicken farmer , or PM’s wife end. Nuff said .
      You said Mz Chong ,”As far as I am concerned kamala could drop dead, none of her promises have been fulfilled.”
      You know this is pure neo tribal, old talk, on your part MzChong, so leave it alone , as you have no ax to grind , especially in your Westmoorings/ upper Maraval, St Anns ,FGederation Park , Thomas Peak air conditioned , 12 room mansions.
      The lady, Queen K , and her government assumed office , what ,barely 2 years? Then , they are forced to deal with over 25 years of your PNM Manning’s legacy.
      Give it a rest , please, as sustainable development, and democracy , is a long process. We have a Mao, and a Deng Xiaoping coming, so patience.
      Lord forgive dem for dey know not what dey are messing with , when it comes to dis issue call race, and tribal jig and dance, ehhh Mizz Chong , and Mamboo?

      1. “With reference to that suspect Afrikan Forbes,I lost all faith in that socialist bandit”

        That bandit stole millions like all dictators do and to this day no one have access to the stolen funds. He was a very greedy, selfish man. Some suppose the money is hidden in Swiss accounts, yet to be discovered. Neal maybe you can use your expertise to convince the Swiss government to release the info regarding Burnham, perhaps they will be more willing do so today.

  12. Your suggestion is noted brother mamboo, but be forewarned on a basic truism when it comes to seeking global justice , and in this case , in efforts ,to alleviate the suffering of the other.
    One must first seek to take out the mole from one’s eye ,before one tries to address the beam, of our neighboring brothers, and sisters, as it is sheer folly to do otherwise.
    As such , I wish to hear about Eric Williams pal ,Johhny O’Hallaran, Canadian escapades.
    I am still looking to see if Queen K, and her loquacious pit-bull AG Rammy , has the courage ,to ensure that Uncle Basdeo , wear some jail cloths for that Airport , corruption fiasco.
    Would not mind in this lifetime , if evidence can be produced, by this progressive regime of yours,to implicate Patios , and place him in the same Carara jail cell ,with drinking buddy Basdeo, for his fake religious ,church building , seea woman, escapades, along with his shenanigans with Uncle Canadian Chairman Hart, and his crooked , opportunistic , conniving ,Chinese wife.
    Still looking to see if any heads will roll, due to the 1990 political debacles of Phony Islamist Abu, that from every evidence , must be linked in some way, to the two recent PM ‘s of our country – based on their reluctance to addressed it , via an independent enquiry, during their respective regimes.
    The neglected people of Tobago ,has seen governments come and go , and one thing is clear. They are not loved by fellow nationals in big brother Trinidad, as more of our national wealth has gone in the interest of preserving the Indian ,and Afrikan votes , from within the region , by cuddling ungrateful small islanders, and subsidizing the Guyanese racist bums ,in their post independence ,beat down on desperate Afrikans , praying for another politically driven ,Forbes Burnham to emerge , and burn the whole shebang to the ground.
    Wake me up when that travesty ends , or any one chose to give them a hospital this century. Now if you say the Diego Martin Wajang Rowley ,is responsible for that , then jail him too.
    Of course mamboo , I am being a bit facetious in my entire response, and recognize that we both , quicker get a chance to grow wings ,and fly, before any of the above ever happen .
    Therefore, in the interim, let us seek first to achieve good political stewardship, as well as pursue the cause for economic transparency, social justice , and equality for all of our citizens , right here in T&T ,aka Rainbow Country, yes? I wish you well my friend. Luv Country.

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