Government Approves REDjet to Fly


REDjetThe Government is pleased to announce that the court action brought by the operators of Airone Limited, trading as REDjet, commercial air services, against the Civil Aviation Authority of Trinidad and Tobago and Mr. Amral Mohammed, in his capacity as Chairman of the Air Transport Licensing Authority of Trinidad and Tobago has been settled on terms which are mutually acceptable to all parties.

The terms of the settlement remain private as between the parties.

The Regulatory Authorities are now satisfied that as of the date of the aforesaid settlement, all the stringent regulatory requirements including safety have been met and are complied with.

The relevant Regulatory Authorities continue to discharge their public functions and duties as to the continued monitoring of all air carriers operating in Trinidad and Tobago so as to ensure that the highest standards are attained, consistent with this country’s unblemished aviation record.

With the consesus of our regional partners and all stakeholders in the industry, together with assurances of compliance of the most stringent standards, and the appropriate regulatory oversight, the inclusion of other airlines as regional carriers into the market is reflective of Trinidad and Tobago’s commitment to an open sky policy, subject to the compliance with
all requirements.

We are certain that the consuming public in Trinidad and Tobago and the region would welcome a choice in air travel at this time. It is reflective of this country’s commitment to the region and to the development of our Caricom partners.

Senator Devant Maharaj
Minister of Transport

3 thoughts on “Government Approves REDjet to Fly”

  1. It is amazing that the terms remain private. I thought that the government was the people?? So the privacy part was this from the government or the people?? How could a case between a company and the people be private from the people?? Tell me is it also private from the company?? So only the lawyers and the judge knows what the deal is??

  2. Redjet to Fly: Redjet has open a golden door for the public of Trinidad an Tobago, the opportunity to travel throughout the Caribbean at very affordable prices. Now families can take that much needed vacation and spend some good quality time together. Mostly importantly all safty requirements are met.

  3. Finally a government that is serious about CARICOM integration. Cheaper safe transport means more CARICOM nationals can commute between the territory. Trinidad and Tobago has the most diversified culture in the region. this is an excellent opportunity for T nT to spread it’s influence.

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