Fear of the needle

By Raffique Shah
November 29, 2021

Raffique ShahOne of the fundamental though unwritten rights citizens in every country in the world enjoy is the inviolable, unfettered right to be an ass. Or a coward. From the uneducated, the ignorant, to brilliant scholars among the intelligentsia, and otherwise sensible people who are law-abiding and look and act normal in every circumstance, aberrations occur that debunk the presumption that every human being is endowed with some degree of intelligence, acting totally irrational, asinine in the extreme, leaving sane and sober people around to ponder if they are looking at and listening to men or animals, no disrespect intended for the latter species.

Now, there is a degree of ‘jackassing’, as our Prime Minister and certain calypsonians might brand such displays, that is deemed acceptable in a society such as ours. That will range from hyper-active behaviour we debunk when ordinary people become extraordinarily intoxicated having consumed more alcohol or smoked more marijuana than their brains can cope with, and losing all inhibitions, they convert their space, wherever that might be at the moment, into centre-stage, and they proceed to gyrate, to simulate sex in the wildest ways one can imagine.

When, however, men and women who refuse to perform a simple civic duty such as getting vaccinated to stem the tsunami of Covid-19 from overwhelming the populace, from taking the lives of innocent babes, senior citizens, and, if allowed to run free, dispersed in the main by those who refuse to vaccinate, wipe out a sizeable chunk of the population, then we need to examine who these fifth columnists are and why they are acting so irresponsibly.

In fact, as I have come to know some of them, I realize they are cowards in battle fatigues to give the impression they stand for something, even, perhaps, a noble cause. Indeed, I was shocked to learn that in many instances, their fear of a doctor or nurse armed with a syringe.

They are hiding behind a screen of fecal matter for their cowardice, claiming without evidence that mass deaths in the current Covid-wave are a direct result of the global vaccination campaign when they know too well that their real reason for refusing to vaccinate is fear of a medicinal needle! You see, in the Covid vaccination campaign, the medical teams that administer the vaccines cannot force them to ‘face the needle’, only try to persuade them to act the way adult human beings are expected to in a life-and-death effort to have more than sixty percent of adults vaccinated.

Yes, that procedure that we see hundreds of times a day on television, especially the one that gives a close-up view of the needle piercing the arm, terrifies them. They won’t let you know that, of course. They will find all kinds of spurious and dubious excuses to not face the moment of truth. They want to urinate and defecate themselves when they see those advertisements that the Ministry of Health, the PAHO and WHO have unintentionally inundated the television media with.

A few months ago, before I took China’s Sinopharm vaccine, double-dose, now standing by for the third shot, I had a dental procedure pending that I had long ignored. So I decided to have it done. It involved the extraction of four teeth…or what remained of them. Since they were grouped close to each other in my right jaw, I asked the dentist if she could remove them in one operation. She answered in the affirmative, but hesitated. ‘You sure you want to do this? It will mean several injections, then the extractions?’ ‘Yes, I’m sure,’ I responded. ‘I don’t want to have to return to your office…the Parkinson’s makes that a challenge.’ She nodded and prepared for action. Less than an hour later, I waltzed out of her office smiling, happy that I had dealt with that.

The first Sinopharm ‘jab’ was my next date with the needle. It felt like a fleeting encounter with a small wasp or bee…nothing to it. An hour later, I could not find the spot where the syringe had pierced my arm. Ditto for Number Two. Look, I know there are people who fear any injection or incision to any of their body-parts. It’s not quite a spoonful of sugar. But are you so coward, you’d rather face a war than the prick of a simple needle? Come on man. At the rate we are not vaccinating globally, deadlier strains are emerging almost every month and vaccination is the only weapon we have.

Some of you believe that God will miraculously save mankind from the worst of this pandemic. My understanding is that God in whatever incarnation, helps those who help themselves. I certainly don’t think that He would intervene to save you from a harmless injection.

Man-up, Woman-up, people. It’s a small, near-painless price to save thousands of lives and put the nation back on track. Nuff said.

7 thoughts on “Fear of the needle”

  1. “They are hiding behind a screen of fecal matter for their cowardice, claiming without evidence that mass deaths in the current Covid-wave are a direct result of the global vaccination campaign ……”
    My cousin in his sixties after taking the Sinopharm died two weeks after, blood clot/stroke. He was not a coward but a hero who despite all gave his life, his mother is ailing and was supported by him providing care for her. Now she has lost a son and a caregiver….

  2. Fear of the needle is an over-simplification of a more complex problem that is endangering an entire country, primarily because you have a weak government, afraid to make vaccinations mandatory in workplaces over which the government has direct control.
    The idea that one can board an aircraft to Tobago without vaccination checks is preposterous. Ferries? Buses?

  3. When the NEW WORLD ORDER doctrine was enacted, one of it’s byproducts is “PRUNING” World population growth, contracted Wars was doing the desired in designated Nation states, Covid 19 and it’s Variant children have been the go to, Slam Dunk, Game over for a vast Number. Past Lifestyles, it seems, have been the end result for most, a DEPLETED IMMUNE system will continue to bring pain and sorrow. Some LINGER while being clouded, believing education is KNOWLEDGE. Western Mis-educated Variants they are, Trinidad is a very SICK Nation in both MENTAL, PHYSICAL and SPIRITUAL.WE have in this multi Ethnic society some who are more suspect than others in contracting this DEMISING VIRUS. the fact of the matter is that COVID will be your end, if you have been ravaged by DIABETES, HYPOTENSION and don’t forget the disease of the HEART. Trinidad’ go to FOOD will certainly not make a dent to this catastrophic pandemic, in a Nation, where every body know everything, the blind will lead the blind to the burning PYRE, one convincing word from MULTI MILLIONAIRE”LEADER KAMLA” is all that is needed for the CURVE. Some of Trinidad’ HUMAN killing Colonial industries in the likes of Angostura, Fernandes, West Indian Tobacco, Carib and the rest, must be called out for POISONING our Society, when ROTI, DOUBLES, and CADAVERS are added, the COMORBIDITIES Gasping painful last breath, can be directly related to their products, this is a documented FACT.

  4. India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) expressed “solidarity” and said that it “stands ready” to support with supplies of ‘Made-in-India’ vaccines, other essential life-saving drugs and medical kits. The MEA in a statement said, “We have noted the emergence of a new variant of Covid-19, Omicron. We express our solidarity with the countries, particularly in Africa, who have so far been affected by the Omicron variant.”
    – BioNTech on Monday announced that it has commenced developing a vaccine for the Omicron variant. However, it was unclear whether it would have to rework its established Covid-19 shot.”

    India has been at the forefront of vaccine production. Currently their scientist are studying the Omicron variant. With TnT having the highest per capita Covid 19 deaths, will the P.M. lead the charge when this new vaccine is made available? Or will he drop the ball again and turn the honorable republic into the laughing stock of the Caribbean. Mia I am sure are ahead of him. He should not waste time and put in a phone call to Narindra Modi ensure TnT is first on the and not the Dominican Republic and Barbados.

  5. The people of Trinidad & Tobago have the 2nd most death in the world per 1,000 people. If you listen to the very strong views for and against vaccination, it is clear that the deaths will continue and we will not only be #1 for deaths but we will have no more traffic issues or housing as the severely reduced population struggles to accept the heavy losses.

  6. One of the negative personality characteristics, which is fast becoming a cultural trait, is the widespread, false belief that Trinboganians know everything about anything. People like Shah and Baldeosingh, the avid anti-vaxxer continuously propose false narratives pertaining to vaccinations. Shah believes that it is a fear of needles which is hampering the vaccination campaign. Baldeosingh believes that getting vaccinated is dangerous and useless. The pastors are objecting to churches being declared “safe zones”.
    The government proclaims that they are following the science in establishing policies to curtail the spread. However, the single most effective method for reducing the spread, as employed by countries all over the world , is to make vaccinations mandatory for all government and State employees. Issue vaccination passports for travel on public transit, taxis, flights, including domestic travel to Tobago by aircraft and ferry. In other words , establish more safe zones and isolate and restrict the non-vaccinated. Re-open everything, including BEACHES!
    Does Rowley have the courage to this?

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