Highly Vaccinated Israel Sees Dramatic Surge

Israel was down to a handful of daily COVID cases. Now it’s around 11,000. What happened?

Israel has the highest 7-day rolling average of new daily coronavirus cases per million people

By Mark Gollom
September 01, 2021 – CBC News

Covid-19“Just months ago, Israel was a world leader in vaccinating its population and appeared to be putting a stranglehold on the virus that causes COVID-19, wrestling down its daily case count to double digits — and at times, near zero.”

“And while Israel went several weeks in May without a death, more than 550 people have died of COVID-19 in August, including over 100 of them in the last five days, the Times reported.”

Meanwhile, Israeli health officials reported what appeared to be a waning efficacy of the vaccine, including among those who had been double vaccinated. Data showed that of the serious cases being admitted to hospital, around 60 per cent of patients were people who had been fully vaccinated, though most were over 60 or with underlying health conditions.”
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