Warner gets shaft from PM Cabinet

By Anika Gumbs-Sandiford
July 10, 2011 – guardian.co.tt

Jack WarnerThe overwhelming popularity of Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner has a part to play in him being cut down to size in the recent Cabinet reshuffle. A plan, Sunday Guardian understands, was hatched to frustrate Warner out of the Kamla Persad-Bissessar led People’s Partnership (PP) Government, mere weeks after her resigned as vice president of FIFA. There had been rumours circulating more than six months ago that the PM had plans to split Warner’s ministry. Warner however, was unaware of this.

High ranking party sources confirmed to Sunday Guardian that certain senior Cabinet colleagues took issue with Warner’s performance and growing popularity, especially among the grassroots. Warner’s popularity had also begun to overshadow Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar who is the leader of the PP coalition government. Warner’s increasing popularity was working against the image of the Prime Minister and decisive action had to be taken to change this.

There has been “a cabal” within the Cabinet made up of at least three members who have the ears of the PM. It was based on the advice of these individuals, party sources said, that Persad-Bissessar made some of the “shocking changes” within the PP Government. And Warner is not the only Cabinet member they have been attacking. Sunday Guardian also learnt the ongoing row with Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) chairman George Nicholas who is a huge financier of the PP, also played a role in the decision to shaft Warner.
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  1. No it is not his popularity rather his association with FIFA that saw a shift in attitude towards him. He remains very popular and will be so for a long time. Although popularity is like a flower in todays world. Beautiful for moment then the winds of time changes and so a beautiful flower fades into oblivion….

  2. Welcome to the slave masters politics Jack Warner. You were never more than a house slave to them. They needed you bring other slaves unto the plantation and you complied with the goal of personal gain. But now that they have their hands firmly on power you are becoming a liability, and they will send you down to the slave quarters where they believe you belong.

  3. Hey Jack ,and Anil, you comedians still ain’t get yet huh? Queen K , is simply a softer version of her mentor Uncle Panday, and if phony popularity did not get to your respective heads , then you both would have been prepared for this public castration from dem UNC political mongrels , simply awaiting their moment to pounce. Then ,actually ,some much wiser than us three, once said , ‘asking ‘some folks,’ to change , is almost like asking a cannibal to the change the menue’- it just ain’t happening.
    Your calls now , and for the records T&T is now enamored by Coalition governments.
    Therefore ah we bouy ,Mason Hall Rott ,is hoping that , Manning the vindictive clown ,would drop dead ,on a Cuban Hospital operation table , or Hazel to strangle him in his bed, before he cause more damage to the PNM brand . Just saying!

  4. COP leader: No Govt plot against Jack
    LEADER of the Congress of the People (COP), Prakash Ramadhar, said yesterday he was not aware that Works Minister Jack Warner was being penalised by any member of the Cabinet for being too popular.

    Ramadhar: I’m not aware of any cabal

    Jack still an ace player—Moonilal
    Housing Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal has dismissed as “wild speculations,” allegations that Jack Warner’s ministerial portfolio was downsized because Cabinet colleagues were envious of his growing popularity.

    Ministry split a wise decision, says Moonilal
    HOUSING Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal said the decision to split the Ministry of Works and Transport in two was a wise one. Moonilal who is also the Leader of Government Business in the House was responding to a Sunday Guardian report that stated the ministry was split because of Warner’s popularity.

  5. You cannot please some hate merchants who contribute here.Recently they were calling for Jack’s head because of the FIFA scandal. They wanted removal, suspension and even firing. Now that kamla has skilfully placed Jack on the back burner, they are crying foul.
    I am afraid that Neal is right again. Kamla is circling the wagons, vigorously courting Tobago, and preparing for a possible COP breakaway. with Tobago the UNC will still have a workable majority.
    Jack however is here to stay. He is too powerful. He is too valuable to the UNC, literally and metaphorically. Kamla better not forget who put her dey. Watch for Jack’s return to prominence when FIFA settles. Do not forget he is the Chairman of the UNC and that is NOT in name only. If Jack begins to call in favors there would be few in T&T who would not have to pay up, including pompous Panday himself.

  6. nobody is more powerfull than god everything comes to a end some day trinidad will never be the same about 30 years ago people is to greedy right now and heart less god is watching many will go down in grace

  7. Just like business , politics requires a major amount of guile ,if proponents are expected to survive for long , and remain at the top of the food chain. There comes a time however when the twin characteristics of unwholesome greed ,and overwhelming , insatiable , quest power can dominate the hearts of players, then mix that within the post colonial brew of inter racial , cross ethnic , multi cultural realities , that constitutes T&T politics, and the result can be quite toxic , for even the best. Tell you what, whether it be Madame K,Uncle Warner, and too numerous, fake nationalist PNM bozos ,stuck in the Opposition doldrums presently,along with their respective grasping respective economic handlers,I personally could give a hoot for the fortunes of our many Trini competing ,global interlocking elites , that repeatedly prey on our mostly clueless citizens that choose unfortunately,to eat at their disingenuous , unwholesome table.
    I will continue to engage with anyone. that I sense care about the full development of our Twin Island Republic, and would not hesitate to join in efforts to advance the cause of our some 1.3 million ,and counting. Let’s therefore remain engage, and play our part, as it’s our patriotic duty so to do.

  8. Jack loses out on 14 State boards
    Works and Infrastructure Minister Jack Warner has suffered heavy losses in Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s realignment of portfolios, while new Transport Minister Devant Maharaj has control of the big agencies under the former Works and Transport Ministry.

    Warner: My portfolio has been downsized
    Minister of Works and Infrastructure Jack Warner has lost a large portion of his original portfolio to Transport Minister Devant Maharaj. Under the new structure, Maharaj will now control 12 of the 14 relevant State boards, leaving Warner with just two.

    Road repairs come first says Warner
    Works and Infrastructure Minister Jack Warner has been advised by his permanent secretary, Cheryl Blackman, to choose his projects because funds are limited.

    ‘I will be the best minister’
    Amid claims of corruption and talk that he is being politically emasculated by his colleagues, Works Minister Jack Warner says he will be the best minister the country has ever seen.

    Warner: No big difference to me

    Jack: I meant envy
    Reaction to ‘kiss of death’ comment
    “If the Prime Minister embraces you there are people who are envious and want to watch you bad eye,” Warner said.

    Maharaj to ‘give life’ to Central airport
    DEVANT MAHARAJ yesterday said one of his top priorities as this country’s new Transport Minister will be “to give life” to Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s promise to build an airport at Camden in Couva.

    Airport in Central a priority—Devant

    Devant: Govt inherited $m lease from PNM
    New Transport Minister Devant Maharaj said yesterday he and the Government have been “saddled” with the million-dollar lease agreement at Nicholas Tower by the People’s National Movement (PNM)…

  9. Who is crying foul? Can you even read, or do you even try. What part of these words do you translate into a cry of foul….Welcome to the slave masters politics Jack Warner. You were never more than a house slave to them. They needed you bring other slaves unto the plantation and you complied with the goal of personal gain. But now that they have their hands firmly on power you are becoming a liability, and they will send you down to the slave quarters where they believe you belong.

    This is an anlysis of his relationship with the PP. This is what was being predicted from the time he assumed the roll of Pied Piper for the PP. It is becoming exhausting drawing attention to your inability to read words and grasp their meaning and context. Crying foul would be lambasting the PPP for treating him as they are now. These comments lucidly assert that it was expected that he would be kicked to curb once he lived out his usefullness and became a liability to the quest for absolute power by the PP. Crying foul? You need to try to get some remedial reading tutoring.

  10. The Opposition called for Jack’s resignation as a result of the FIFA scandal. The COP arm of the PP followed. Just about every columnist in the three major daily newspapers in T&T called for his head.Talk show hosts and callers joined the clarion call.

    The PM reduced his workload by splitting his Ministry and essentially lowering the heat he was taking. Now there is a hue and cry in the country that Jack is being pushed out. You can’t please TRINIS!

  11. He is being deservedly relegated back to the slave barrackoons by the master who happen to be a mistress. Africans who bother to examine their history and use it as a template to examine the present recognize the slave/master relationship between current day Africans, and those who seek to occupy the position of the slave master. They have no sympathy for the benedict arnolds who pawn their souls for a few dollars more when the chain around their minds are jerked tight reminding them who is master and who is slave.

    Kamla can send Warner to Coventry in any form she chooses as far as I am concerned. He is no value to African Trinis in terms of a power representative, never was and never will be. He was a vessel used to deceive a percentage into the belief that it is practical to put the mongoose in charge of the chicken coop.

  12. They want Jack out!!!!!! So much scandals from the PNM must i remind you people bout Mr. Heart, and what bout Ms. Karen tershier. What bout them? All that money they stole from us the people. And they still living in comfort. Families have been torn because of this. Now the present gov’t is understrain to try and pacify these matters. Mr. Jack Warner all he did was help the people and gave to us.

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