Opposition Leader knocks PM over shifting vaccine delivery

By Darren Bahaw
July 04, 2021 – newsday.co.tt

Kamla Persad-BissessarOpposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar used vile language and personal pot shots to criticise the Prime Minister for failing to restart the economy during the covid19 crisis which has in effect shut down the majority of businesses since April 29.

In a statement, Persad-Bissessar described Dr Rowley as a “vaccine vagrant” whose promise to deliver vaccines keeps shifting.

“Today an unkempt and grubby looking Keith Rowley has again shown himself to be willing to say anything to distract from the fact that he and his failed medical team have no plan to take us out of this crisis,” she said, as she pleaded for more businesses to be reopened so people can work to feed their families.

She also criticised the Prime Minister and the medical team for failing to express any remorse to the families of the 866 people who have died from the virus since March 2020 and noted the data shown at Saturday’s press conference supported the Opposition’s prediction that there would have been a spike in cases after hundreds turned out for vaccines at health centres across the country but the supply could not meet the demand in early June.
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9 thoughts on “Opposition Leader knocks PM over shifting vaccine delivery”

  1. When the Aesthetics and Mascara is washed off, what do you have? a true UNKEMPT individual, who just happen to be the Opposing factor of Trinidad’ development. This Covid-19 year, has had Kamla missing in ACTION, and like the locally educated “MISS”-Leader, her mis-representation of the facts is nothing but GRUBBY mixed with the stench of ALCOHOL. Had Mr Modhi responded to kamla’ VAX letter, the MANTRA would have been never ending. Today, her CODED HINDUTVA language, is beyond VILE”VULGAR” in describing the TRINIDAD African, She is presently stuck in the very APPALLING, NASTY and OBNOXIOUS waters of her corrupt commune. When the Trinidad covid history is written, it will FLAUNT the vast numbers of UNC recalcitrants who have succumb to this man-made virus, most were listening to their HINDUTVA Nationalist leader, Kamla pB, her mis-educated Sudras and unlearned African supporters. Trinidad’ Super spreaders are WIRED with the comorbidities of DEATH. Life styles of HEAVY consumption of Alcohol, mixed with baskets or tables of TRASH foods, have elevated the DIABETES and Hypertension level among our South Asian family. The REBUTAL of kamla is over due, she doesn’t have to respect the Prime Minister, but the OFFICE is a different ball game, Kamla have shown, that she does not belong. The time is fast approaching, when the Constitution needs to change, there by asking people of Kamla’ divisional thinking to leave the STATE, in reality, every one come here on a BOAT at one point, and can be asked to EXILE themselves or be EXILED. Trinidad is too small an island for Kamla and UNC’ immorality.

    1. “Today, her CODED HINDUTVA language, is beyond VILE”VULGAR” in describing the TRINIDAD African, She is presently stuck in the very APPALLING, NASTY and OBNOXIOUS waters of her corrupt commune. When the Trinidad covid history is written, it will FLAUNT the vast numbers of UNC recalcitrants who have succumb to this man-made virus, most were listening to their HINDUTVA Nationalist leader, Kamla pB, her mis-educated Sudras and unlearned African supporters. Trinidad’

      What is Hinduvta it is BJP fostered concept promoted in India. To accuse Kamla of racism shows the shallow level of thinking in Bobbie Cooper. Kamla gave laptops to all Africana children benefitted from it. The $500 she gave to unwed mothers with children would have targeted more Africana women. When she completed the Scarborough Hospital in Tobago, the Carenage Health Center and started the Arima and Point Fortin Hospitals was that racism? Mr. Cooper. Those hospitals were built in PNM areas. The one she built in a UNC constituency only opened after the PNM j*ckasses bray for some time in Parliament.

      Kamla had 22 Cepep projects going on in Laventille , Rowley reduced it to 2. Kamla had unemployment at 3.5% the lowest in the Western Hemisphere, under Rowley 103,000 citizens on the breadline. Kamla never raised taxes but lowered it, Rowley raised gas taxes three times, vat tax increased and introduce a host of other tax measures. I could go on.

      Kian, Birdie, Yoruba and Inconvenient come on this board and only spew racist rhetoric. This after the PM, the President, the Chief Justice, the three mediums of power is controlled by African people. The nation is sinking in debt and like Zambia is set to become a Chinese satellite nation, $10 billion in loans, Pitch lake paving the tarmac in Beijing Airport, the Tobago Airport extension gone to the Chinese. Billions in contracts for the Chinese, one can only imagine the size of the kickbacks.

      Yes back to the delusional rant of Birdie, Trinidad is not India, Hindus control nothing in TnT. The media is controlled by the 1%, the government contracts are going to the 1% and Chinese. 75% of government jobs, housing are going to African people. Yes this race thing with Kian, Yoruba, Birdie and Inconvenient is a disease.

      I have met people like Birdie, I remember a black man all he could talk about is race. His wife was an Indian lady, she used to steupes all the time. He started to accuse various people of racism. People like that I stay far away from. It is a mental illness. Yall need help

  2. Trinidad has become a cesspool in the area of public information and protocol. The UNC is carrying on with a scorched earth policy, intended NOT to inform but to confuse and destabilize the orderly conduct of public affairs in general. The UNC’s aging and visionless leader sees this time as her last hurrah and is going all out to make Dr. Rowley’s tenure as Prime Minister as volatile and unstable as can be. In this respect she gets plenty of help. One of her greatest allies is the media. Be it TV, print media, talk shows or social media, they all fall into line because they think they see an o opening to fracture the structure of the PNM. This is what I think they are seeing. They see in Dr Rowley, a man of intellect and strength, who is a formidable opponent and they know they cannot unseat him. But making him appear weak and clueless while in office is a sure way to destabilize the PNM because it is unlikely that he will run for another term. The UNC is not difficult to figure out. They give away their motives by the way the operate publicly. Notice, Donald Trump gives away his modus operandi publicly and without fanfare and will do or say anything to achieve his motives. Similarly, the UNC has a constant call to get rid of Stuart Young because they see him as the successor to Dr. Rowley. Notice how often they call for his resignation. They do not fear Fitzgerald Hinds, they do not fear Camille Robinson or Al Rawi, but Stuart Young is there fixated target of their ire. No matter how stupid her utterances might be, the media picks it up and makes a case out of it. An important habit of the media is to use the Opposition to explain government’s policies. Notice how they bring Kevin Ramnarine to explain government’s energy policies? Kirk Meighoo is devilish in his ambition to be a leader and can possibly see himself as replacing Kamla because she lacks vision and clout.
    Kirk can be polished but deadly in his ambition. He is handsome, intelligent and knowledgeable but will stop at nothing to deter his ambition. The non-Indians like Watson Duke, David Nakhid, Michael Annisette and others who willing succumb to the temptation of weakening Rowley are being used by the UNC the same way they used Jack Warner. These people are also foolish to do there bidding of Kamla when there is a history of the way she uses black people. For example, where is Jack Warner? where is Toppin?, where is Gypsy? They need to understand that they are tools, used to undermine the progress of black people. What is wrong with my black people? Don’t they have eyes to see? Open your eyes black people, Kamla has all the help she can get from the corporate world, the Indian community, the media both public and social and yes visual. Do you think Kamla has your interest at heart? HA! HA! HA!

    1. As usual you are a racist so you waste no time jumping on the race issue right Kian. You proved my point very well in your emotional rambling blinded by the color of your skin.

      Kian you being a Rowley devotee could you tell me of any meaningful projects Rowley did to help this nation….. let’s see, GATE cut, Laptops cut, Sea bridge cut, not a school built or completed, NESC centers closed, not a single project in UNC areas, Petrotrin closed, billions for friends, family and financiers.
      Yet your devotion to him can be surmised as a wife suffering, emotional and mental abuse yet loyal to her husband. Sadly you prepared to eat shyte under this regime, I call it mental slavery Kian. If the government not working for you they working against you….

      1. You are NOT a racist explicitly advertising an undeniable support for Kamla, but I am racist because I do not support Kamla and I see MERITS to the Rowley policies. How do you define what is racist and what is NOT. Manning’s policies failed because he listened to people like you. He was terribly afraid to be being labelled a “racist” by Indian people. So he leaned over backwards to his own detriment. Rowley, on the other hand does not succumb to the tirade of Indian insults and labelling that wants him to be identified as “incompetent”,
        “oreo”, “weak”, “unintelligent” and other choice demeaning words intended to make him feel less than those who criticize him. Kamla is not my type of leader because she is Indian, she is yet to demonstrate core leadership qualities that can inspire and bring people together. One of the reasons why leaders usually precede their offering of leadership before venturing into politics by writing a book, is because they want their constituents to be aware of their inner values, innovations, thoughts, vision and intent. The only thing we know about Kamla is that she is an Indian woman, leader of the UNC and fights for Indian people. If she wanted us to know she could articulate that herself instead of always allowing other people to do it for her. Mamoo, I will not waste my time to attack you personally because that is being obstructive to my intent. This pool is becoming a cesspool of hate and it does me no good to articulate objectivity while RACE is the centerpiece of all the comments posted.

        1. Read and understood. Rowley will always be your leader because he is black man. Just say it like that instead of beating around the bush. We know the intense racist world view that you have.

        1. Inconvenient, Everything for you is race. I like my race and all other races. I dont need to come here and say I hate black folks because it would not be the truth. I love the black folks and the only difference is our hair to tell you the truth. And many of them are my good friends. You seem to have no friends outside your race, you racist.

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