Medical Board: Dr Avinash Sawh faces 2 charges

2 charges of ‘infamous and disgraceful conduct’ for doctor in race-talk probe

By Jada Loutoo
June 21, 2021 –

Dr Avinash SawhDr Avinash Sawh faces two charges of “infamous and disgraceful” conduct.

Sawh, who was accused of making racist statements in phone calls with a former employee, has also been told the Medical Board has set up a tribunal.

The board hopes the tribunal can hold its first meeting on July 2.

The board’s attorney Rajiv Persad told the San Fernando-based doctor of the board’s latest decision on the allegations against him on Friday.
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21 thoughts on “Medical Board: Dr Avinash Sawh faces 2 charges”

  1. Professionalism demands that those who are so described, must posses some degree of decorum. When an individual or persons engaging in public service as a company or institution offer a service, they MUST do so without publicly avowing any kind of discriminatory behavior. When such views are publicly expressed, that individual or company MUST be held accountable. As a paying customer, it is necessary to hold the view that the person offering service do not practice or adhere to any kind of discriminatory behavior.
    Doctors, lawyers, public servants, teachers, law enforcement, care takers and military personnel are expected to adhere to this standard and to do otherwise be subject to discipline.
    As a professional, Dr. Sawh is aware of this and yet he allowed his personal and political failings to interfere with his duties.

    We are a small country that is evenly divided with Africans and Indians and a substantial spread of mixed race and other ethnics, yet there is heightened hostility. This hostility exhibits itself in all the places where restraints should be shown, the airways, parliament, the educational system, our politics and even inner places of worship. An example of Dr. Sawh has to be set, where he is punished for such despicable behavior. This will set a tone to others in public life where a higher standard is expected.

      1. The racist Indian woman is your bestie you post her up all the time. I think you like her….

    1. Well said we should expect better from professionals. Whatever evoke that rant, I am sure he is sorry. But we trust those who enforce discipline to temper it with mercy. Because we are all humans at end of the day.

  2. T&T should establish a government sponsored Race Relations Foundation committed to providing support for transformative education and training initiatives in the pursuit of eradicating all forms of racial discrimination in T&T.
    Education and training initiatives should focus on capacity building for organizations to create just, equitable and inclusive environments. The University of the West Indies should be involved in the development of workshops to inspire learners to value diversity, communicate across differences, and transform injustice so that all participants can achieve success and reach their full potential.
    People like this doctor should have his license temporarily suspended until he participates in workshops of this nature.

    1. Any foundation on race relations in trinidad that does not acknowledge how anti-african racism is spiritually, religiously institutionally, culturally, socially and politically rooted in indian trinidadian society and aims to hold them accountable, will fail. Indians, particularly the organized institutionally backed agents, will merely infiltrate, ethnically stock and squat in that institution, warp it’s intended mandate into a UNC indian attack dog that deflects scrutiny and accountability away from their community, unto african people. This is why siewdath (Tman) suggested it.

      Look at the courts, judicial system and law fraternity
      Look at the hospitals, RHA’s, UWI and medical fraternity

      EYES OPEN!

      1. For his racist comments, Avinash Sawh should have his medical licence cancelled and he should not be allowed to practice medicine anywhere in T&T.

        Back to Mr Inconvenient, you do need to study and pass exams in order to become a Doctor, Lawyer, Dentist, Registered Nurse, Engineer etc unlike some other life-time jobs in T&T where all you need is a PNM party card, a friend or relative in the PNM or own a gun and you can be self employed robbing defenceless people of their hard earned property.
        Mr Inconvenient may I suggest that you take a bit of down time to enjoy yourself instead of idling your life away cutting and pasting from the internet consumed by hatred for people of other races.

        We all know that since Independence life in T& T has been a paradise for the privileged few ( PNM supporters), and a struggle for every one else.

        PS. I am not hiding under a pseudonym, you have my name, you can look me up anytime on the Internet on LinkedIn.

        1. The problem that the maharajs and the nizams have in recent times with the ethnic ratio of the armed forces and TTPS, is that many decades ago when those jobs were less attractive economically and strategically, they scorned and scoffed at them as dog work. Now that the maharajs and the nizams see strategic benefit in having a hindutva, indian nationalist, UNC “Indesh,” indian controlled army and TTPS to facilitate smoothe, hostile ethnic takeover of the society, they complain about ethnic quotas in jobs they never cared about until now.Which religion in the caribbean teach racism as a virtue? Which religion teaches about superior, inferior and sub-human races? What does “bandhar” mean? Which religion’s book uses “bandhar” to refer to african people? Which people illustrate their devil and demons as african/black, and their gods and godesses as white/european? In islam and christianity (outside of india/south asia), any race of person can become a priest or an imam and is encouraged love anybody regardless of their race, because everyone is gogls childre, according to their god (Allah, Jesus)in THEIR holy scriptures. Is there another religion in T&T that teaches the opposite ideology? Hmmm ? Name it! IF someone is a member of such a religion, what moral authority does he/she have to even accuse others outside of that religion and offshoot culture of being racist? Without being a deceitful hypocrite i mean? Provided such a religion exists…with followers…

          Mitra’s glass house?

          Raffique Shah – Memories of Regiment’s first Indian officer…a personal experience

          Remind me…who are the “violent criminals” in T&T again?

          Alleged killer walks free

          “Businessman” gunned down

          Convicted killer loses appeal and claim for $1bn

          The Truth About Racism In Trinidad

          1. Mr. Maharaj challenge to you Inconvenient, is simple. Put your name to what you are saying, instead of hiding behind that fake name. And dont ask me to do the same, he is challenging you….what is your real it Yawching, Keanes, Burke, ????? Please let us know be a man or woman Inconvenient..

        2. ” We all know that since independence life in T&T has been a paradise for the privileged few (PNM supporters), and a struggle for everyone else.” – Mitra Maharaj

          Uh-oh …more cut and paste…

          Hindutva’s Dangerous Rewriting of History

          Politainment: Why Hindutva Brigade Spews Lies

          By rewriting history, Hindu nationalists lay claim to India

          They Peddle Myths and Call It History

  3. Mr Inconvenient, I think you are making the same mistake that undiscerning people make all the time. They generalize that everyone of a particular race share the same characteristics. This is a false assumption. All Blacks are
    not lazy thieves. All Indians are not corrupt. All Chinese are not super smart. You get my drift.
    It is my experience that the East Indians of the Indian Diaspora (Trinidad, Guyana, South Africa, Canada, USA, Fiji, Mauritius, Jamaica etc) are less likely to be constrained by caste/ race considerations and are more likely to socialize freely with other races in part because they are self made people and more confident of their achievements than the Indians of India who in some cases are still brainwashed by ideas that were developed in 1500 BC.

    You need to understand that most of these cut and paste articles you quote are written by people whose sole agenda is to deceive you.

    You come across as a proud African and I applaud you for that. For a man who does not know his roots is like a dry leaf floating in the wind, hither and thither aimlessly without any purpose.

    A bit of advice, unburden yourself of your hatred and enjoy life.
    Happy Sunday.

    1. Good one Mitra, inconvenient is always looking for Indians to promote his deceptive world views……

    2. …of course… of course…i believe everything you say! Just one post ago, you could have easily been interpreted as insinuating that all africans (code word “PNM”) get gun liscenses easier, work at jobs they don’t deserve, aren’t doctors, lawyers etc, and rob “defenseless people of their hard-earned money” (code word for indians?).Africans don’t work and study hard as well? Mitra, which ethnic group(s) import and distribute the guns that are used to rob people? Or the illicit drugs accompanied by guns and the human trafficking, brothels and sex slave work? PNM supporters are known for that as well? No? who then? do you reallly want to open the can of worms?
      Mitra, i know that you aren’t a devious racist, but i have to ask why do you ascribe a colour (black) to africans, and a country/geographic origin (india) to your ethnic group? Is “indian” a colour?That’s strange…using only black to describe africans. Does the skin colour/race (varna) “black” have any specific meaning or designation in your faith mitra? If so, please educate us. Also, please don’t pretend that because religious ideas are old, that they are automatically rejected, if that were the case sat maharaj and his “devotees” would not have fought to keep child marriage legal publicly, and the UNC would have voted against it instead of abstaining! “Hindutva”, like zionism, is a political ideology, and althought it is based on a religion, it is nat a religion itself. Hindutva IS the bedrock of indian politics in T&T and guyana, since the 1940’s. And if you want to really be honest mitra, you reveal so much about yourself by the intentions you project? Do you really believe that you can hussle and goad me into giving you my personal info.? Why not just ask “like a man”? Why try to hussle it from me rather than just asking? Those are the type of questions PPP guyanese ministers ask and people end up dead.Those aren’t questions that people who respect democracy ask, those sound like questions a fascist might ask!I understand though, you are still high off of the 2010-2015 state sponsored bullying of dissenting voices, and because the indian controlled, UNC directed media, stifles voices, opinions and tailor headlines, you aren’t accustomed to narratives that aren’t opposed yours, and it shocks you. Why not ask mamoo for his name? Why not tman or Ramk? Despite your speech about “not all…”, it seems as if , it might just be you, not me, that needs to truly understand and believe that.
      what’s your credit card #?

      Sat Maharaj was a well known, vile racist, and your goddess publicly expressed admiration for him “Talk sat talk, you speak for US!”

    3. Look at the headline for this article for example. Dr. Sawh is facing charges and probed for “race talk” or racism and racist abuse? Anyone who engages in journalism is very well aware of the significance of how titles for their articles can be used to accurately disseninate information about an issue and influence readers. Why does this article decribe sawh’s probe as being for “race talk”? Hmmmm?

    4. “It is my experience that the east indians of the indian diaspora…are less likely to be constrained by race….” -Mitra Maharaj

      Himelf ruling on himself! Did you expect to be taken seriously?

      South Asian anti-black racism: ‘We don’t marry black people’

      Black Lives Matter: South Asian Americans come to terms with own anti-blackness

      Are you burdened with a deep hatred for dark skin and african features? What do your family refer to africans in private? Do they call africans rawan? Do you encourage your children to love, treat fairly dark skinned, unmixed africans and date/marry them if they want? Tell us…Unburden yourself…be honest, have you ever used n***** and if so have you used it recently? Daily? Unburden yourself mitra…Have a happy day.

    5. …and more cut and paste yet again.

      According to mamoo, Hindutva doesn’t exist outside of india (much less T&T, and according to mitra, the articles i “cut & paste”, are irrelevant to T&T and the entire indian diaspora, and that (all) indians in T&T are “self-made” (i thought that mitra said only undiscerning people generalize?). Also, mitra said that the articles that i post, that contrast his decree are written by people who want to deceive me…(aside from himself?)

      Let’s look at what mitra and his fellow sdms cheerleader mamoo’s Hero has to say :

      Hello, Hindutva

      Wait, i thought hindutva does not exist outide of india?
      Is mitra and mamoo’s hero trying to deceive me?

      Is or isn’t the SDMS a “hindu” nationalist (Hindutva) organization, founded by Ranjit Kumar, an indian immigrant ?

      Mitra, according to this book by a trinidadian from a brahmin, pundit lineage and your namesake, all of your talk falls flat.

      He says that as a brahmin, he was AFRAID ti touch a DARK SKINNED person, because of a fear of being “polluted” by bad karma! …bad karma is inherently in dark skinned people, and is contagious? That is T&T in 70’s? So the let’s do away with the lies that indians and “hindus” do not practice caste-ism (race-ism) in T&T because “it died out” on the middle passage or during indentureship. Oh, is this trinidadian author deceiving me too mitra? Mitra, do you know which of the revelations in that book is the most important? Especially to this conversation? The indian trinidadian author, warns of the indian community’s code of dishonesty regarding these issues and topics! He warns that they will NEVER ADMIT IT OUTSIDE OF THE INDIAN COMMUNITY! Still think you can squeeze my head into eating your gobar propaganda?

      Keep deflecting!

      1. Inconvenient
        Individuals will always have opinion of others. We Indians believe in letting the jack*ss bray. Hence we understand the insecurities that people like Inconvenient have about race. He is simply projecting his hate on others.
        We not a homogeneous culture as Africans are. Within the Indian diaspora are Hindus 17%, Presbyterians, Catholics, Pentecostals, Evangelicals and Muslims making up the other 23% plus. So we allow strongly for individuality.
        What you , Yoru, And Birdie believe is we think like Africanas. We have a common enemy the black skin Ravanas(demon) race, but that is not so. It is a totally misguided concept, of course there may be a small percentage who think so, like some Africanas who think Indians are vomit.

        All you have done on this board Inconvenient is stereotype people who are far from your misguided world view. Personally some of my best friends and defenders are Africanas. I mean that! So perhaps it is the reason why I try on many occasions to educate you, Yoru and Birdie….

        1. “We indians believe in…” – Mamoo

          “We not a homogenous culture like african are.” – Mamoo

          Mamoo boasts of indian homogeneity in beliefs, and then, in the same breath, claims a lack of homogeneity in indian culture. Which is it then? Homogeneity or heterogeneity? You tell so many damn lies, you cannot even keep up with yourself!

          Characters like Mamoo, tman etc channel their burning hatred for african people into intellectual dishonesty and blatant, malicious, shameless lies and fabrications of history, designed to destroy their self esteem. Mamoo and his ilk , have appropriated, repurposed and contextualized words like “hate”, “racism”, “history”, in a warped, dishonest
          self-serving, narrow political context

          A very uniquely indian/south asian phenomena that exists on the subcontinent and the diaspora is the travelling of the “Hindu” /Brahman-ist originated caste-ism /race-ism within indian society and communities.
          A commonly known fact in india, is that upwards of 90% of the muslim and christian community are runaway untouchable converts, fleeing the varna/caste/racial lineage and caste-ism /race-ism in “hindu-ism”/brahman-ism.
          Everyone knows this in india, but these truths are hidden and denied while simultaneously practiced and adhered to in the indian diaspora.
          The documentary provided below was created for the purpose of showcasing this reality of the inescapability of caste/racial identity and caste-ism /race-ism in indian society and communities. Listen carefully to the pundit.

          India Untouched: Stories of a People Apart

          The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana: Gibson, Kean: 9780761824695:

          Sacred Duty: Hinduism and Violence in Guyana: Kean Gibson: 9789768082275:

          1. *caste-ism /race-ism emanates from “hindu-ism”(brahman-ism), but travels as a “culture” to the religions thay “hindus” convert to, and essentially hybridizes that religion e.g. Christianity (presbyterians etc) ,islam, etc. * The documentary “india untouched” exposes this reality.
            The indian diaspora is no different!
            India Untouched: Stories of a People Apart

          2. Haha proves that we will always dominate people like you. Mentally, psychologically and socially. But please can you stop making your silly assumptions about me. We all know the level of hatred that you have, and can be seen in your ignorant discourse. You are like what you project. As you think in your heart so are you…

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