NCRHA meets to discuss transferred doctors today apology

By Gail Alexander
May 27, 2021 –

DoctorsThe board of the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) will meet today to discuss a call by 11 doctors for the reinstatement of and an apology to four senior doctors who were recently transferred from the Couva Hospital and Multi-Training Facility.

The board’s meeting this morning will examine a call made by the 11 senior medical practitioners, who’ve insisted the board immediately do a probe into why the four senior specialist doctors were removed from the Couva Hospital recently.

“We look forward to your urgent action and to any dialogue which may be desirable and hope we can look forward to the correction of what appears to be a very serious default,” the 11 practitioners stated in their letter to the board on Tuesday.
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NCRHA: Couva Hospital doctors being rotated to prevent burnout
May 21, 2021
The North Central Regional Health Authority (NCHRA) has said it has implemented a rotation system for doctors at the Couva hospital to prevent burnout.

The Opposition United National Congress (UNC) had earlier claimed that the NCRHA was removing “generals” from the hospital at a time when they were needed the most, listing five doctors affected by the move.
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Doctors demand answers after colleagues moved from Couva Hospital
May 26, 2021
NCRHA director of health Dr Malachy Ojuro said Medical Chief of Staff Dr Don Martin two weeks ago suggested a system where doctors should be “rotated and reintegrated into the parallel system to prevent burnout.”

But in a media report on Saturday, Martin denied the NCRHA’s claim that he had asked for the rotations two weeks ago. He called out the RHA for using him as a scapegoat to rotate specialist doctors out of Couva.

He admitted to suggesting and requesting a rotation system in 2020, but said the request was made at a time where the covid19 infection rate was significantly low. He denied making it when the health system is desperately grappling to bring covid19 cases and deaths down.
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    1. A. Hotep’s article is decent, except for him defending NJAC, a political party that proved it’s worthlessness to african people, as not 3 years after that article was written, NJAC joined the UNC/COP/PP , and to the horror of those whom they claimed to care about, politically enabled and boldfacedly supported (2010-2015) the most vicious, systemic racist attack on african trinidadians since the union jack fell! NJAC=UNC Blackface, and it would be naive to think they suddenly became sellouts in 2010.

      1. Seems Mr. Thomas is no Mayor Tim Kee.. But there are other ‘Franklyn Khans’ in the PNM (who called on Mayor Tim Kee to resign) .. I wish him the best..

        “I am on a mission, I am like a pilgrim. I am a descendant of the Merikins, just like Hazel Manning (wife of the late prime minister Patrick Manning). Merikins were escaped slaves. They went back to free other slaves. Merikins were bound by a sense of duty.“

  1. NCRHA CEO, doctors in firestorm over Couva Hospital death rate
    Chief Executive Officer of the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) Davlin Thomas has created a firestorm following claims that the new team of doctors he put into the rotation at the Couva Hospital achieved a 60 per cent decrease in mortality of COVID-19 patients. Thomas issued a media release just after 1 am Saturday, saying that the new team of doctors also achieved a 25 per cent increase in discharges.

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