Politicians lying, people dying

By Raffique Shah
May 17, 2021

Raffique ShahAs the spike in Covid-related infections and deaths rocketed almost exponentially over the past three weeks or so leaving many citizens stunned, people who sought guidance and leadership from politicians were assaulted with a cacophony of discordant notes that sounded like the braying of a pack of ancient jackasses.

What else could we expect from what passes for politics in this country? Imagine if you will a nation in Covid-induced-crisis that descended upon us after some powerfully stupid people believed their mystically motivated leaders who told them first that Covid was a hoax, then said it could be cured by sunshine, and later switched to acquiring vaccines for immunizing the population against what, less than one year ago was a hoax. Only in Trinidad.

Since this recent spike, which, albeit after the fact, has shaken many doubters out of their stupor and into action against Covid-19, while people are dying by the dozens on a daily basis, the politicians are honing their lying skills, making a mockery of this life-and-death struggle. One day last week, I listened to new National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds, in his trademark measured tone, itemise the chronological order of communications between members of the Government and United States officials regarding the latter loaning us two field hospitals that were secured to help with additional beds and medical equipment that we will need in a crisis situation. Minister Hinds explained how the Government made an approach to their US counterparts beginning last September, which ensured that we had the hospitals here when they were required last week. All of that, plus some supporting statements by the Prime Minister and Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh, just to show that it was the Government, not Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, who first thought of the option, and followed through.

It seems that Kanla had made some suggestion to the contrary when news broke of the acquisition of the equipment. Days before that, there were heated exchanges between spokespersons for the opposition United National Congress and the ruling PNM over vaccines from India. The Opposition Leader disclosed that she had written India’s PM Narendra Modi pleading with him to donate some vaccines to T&T, much the way he had facilitated Barbados, Guyana and other Caribbean countries.

Another public row broke out over who first wrote Modi, and when the Emperor of Global Vaccines still wore his kurtah (later, he would end up naked, desperately seeking vaccines for his own hundreds of millions of Indians who were reeling and falling like flies to the dreaded virus), and was sharing vaccines made in India like ‘parsad’ on Divali night. When Modi condescended and dispatched some vaccines here, his High Commissioner ensured that in his statement announcing the ‘gift’, he heaped praises on Kamla, mentioning her ‘Maha Lakshmi’ status in the sub-continent. Had his Trini counterpart in Delhi made any similar reference to Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi, we were sure to face strong diplomatic censure.

Anyway, these are all distractions we can do without, this politicising of Covid, and more importantly, the vaccine situation. What does the PNM in power hope to gain by itemising untruths coming from UNC spokespersons? Convince citizens that they routinely lie? That would be a colossal waste of time, even thought, when they might have otherwise turned the opposition’s idle boasting into their ruin. So Kamla believes she would have vaccinated the entire country by now, had she been in power? Give her legislative authority to procure the petty two million doses of vaccines we require. Let her source it (well, she says it’s easy). Make sure the Ministry of Finance pays for it, and further, pay her a commission if she so demands.

If this wasting of ministers’ time on the many lies that the opposition spins is intended to expose the UNC to the electorate as liars, forget it. They can lie from now to however long they remain in control of the party, it does not matter to the fools who follow them blindly. Nothing you say, no amount of facts you present, will influence their diehard supporters otherwise. Look up North, see how mindless followers of that fraud Donald Trump triumph over the truth…well, almost. Hell, those people believe Trump, not Joseph Biden, won the election.

Here, the opposition also has many supporters who believe they had won the 2020 election. Remember the tedious recounts where the declared margins left little doubt? Regarding Covid, they first said illegal Venezuelan arrivals were bringing the virus with them. Then they claimed the deadly Brazilian variant came through the same way. How many ‘Venes’ in TT are stricken with the virus? How many are hospitalized? How many died?

Now they claim ‘the 50,000’ visitors Rowley invited to Tobago over the Easter weekend caused the spike. What of the tens of thousands who flocked Maracas, Manzanilla, Mayaro and other beaches?

Look into the mirror, liars.

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    1. Share your racist thoughts there for brother Shah. This copy and pasting style of yours is a bit annoying. Look not even a comment. Who is moderating this site? And just so you know I love all black folks including you. When you love people you have to correct even chastise them unlike Birdie and Yoru who edges you on, blessings have a great day.

  1. Another nonsensical tedious article that sought to blame the Opposition for a problem created by Rowley. His refusal for the Modi vaccine is based on clause agreements with Chinese.

    Currently the Chinese are working on the Tobago expansion of the airport with equipment brought in from Shanghai. The clever Chinese have outwitted the PNM putting clause that has nothing to do with the project. Example Trinidad will only use Sinopharm vaccines might be part of the agreement for the heavy investments in to Chinidad. Where Chinese restaurants, groceries and big contracts are even getting the Syrians scared.

    Another sing for your supper article.

  2. I agree. Only in Trinidad could such partisan drivel be printed and classified as journalism.
    Raffique Shah once again completely overlooked the mess made by the PNM government’s handling of the pandemic and focusses on the missteps of the Opposition.
    The government and its PNM apologist journalists like Mr. Shah should concentrate on developing and implementing timely strategies to combat this plague rather than waste time on refuting or legitimizing comments from the Opposition.
    After this crisis is over I hope Mr. Shah, the PNM journalist recommends the formation of an enquiry commission to investigate the handling of this pandemic with the major goal of finding out what went wrong, because without doubt there will be other viruses. Are we going to be ready?
    Articles of this nature are as useless as the government’s time consuming daily responses to every questionable utterance of members of the Opposition.
    Yes. Only in T&T.

  3. Hindutva have raised it’s head wherever South Asian Indentures find a place and space. Hindoo Nationalist doctrine, is accepting India as the father Land of the indoctrinated Indians at home and diaspora, their Nationalism, like the Covid 19 variant persist to play havoc world wide. The Janata party, (Indian people party) political arm of Hindutva, are on the path to showing India to the world through Rote learning, nothing concrete. Pandemic India is a slap to the face of all Non-Hindoo Indians at home and elsewhere. The UNC, as a foot soldier of Hindutva, answer the calling and bidding of father India, Mr Modi has become a BIG LIE, his continued demise will surely coincide with Kamla’. There are many Indo-Janata groups doing their thing in Trinidad on behalf of India’ high caste Hindutva leadership, Millions are being paid to caste Indians when they lecture Varnas principles of PURITY to the most impure SUDRAS of Trinidad. Fascist Hindutva, as the third REICH, have done away with the peaceful principles of TRUE Hinduism, their war footing of lies and deception, have shown that they are no march to Covid 19+. The UNC have done a STELLA job as SUPER SPREADER while blaming everyone but themselves. Self Hate, together with division is not road march credible, but ignorance KILLS, leaving Professions, business Land and Money to be fought and shed blood for in this short life span. Doing well Trinidad Hindoo , are never ever exited to live in India, they will not adapt to the conditions, which in most cases is bordering REMORSELESS, this must be pointed.

  4. Kamla was the driving force in building Couva, Point Fortin, Arima, San Fernando teaching Hospital, Scarborough Hospital, state of the art Caranage Health Center, refurbishing and expanding health centers across the nation. Also putting in lights in recreation grounds to encourage exercising.
    All the PNM good for is thieving elections, imagine less than 25% of the country have the majority of seats. That can’t be right. Now there is a PM buffing up the people meanwhile he got Covid.

    In 6 years they spent more money than Kamla causing the deficit to ballon to over $125 billion. With not a blasted thing to show. Allyuh keep singing for your supper.

  5. What is even more divisive is the massive annual budget allocation , duplicate governmental departmental spending, and unnecessary big ticket projects allocated to Tobago with a population of 60,000 people, while the THA plays dolly house, all dressed up in fine suits, living off the taxpayers of Trinidad.

    1. Lol
      Tman throws his fellow UNC eugenicist, chadee chen, under the bus in order to deflect away from his own racism, then dogwhistles racist attacks on african citizenry as “tobagonians” , “60,000” and “divisive”. Weren’t you in tobago for elections with cousin kam-kam?


      …we haven’t forgotten…spend the damn money in tobago on “tobagonians”!

  6. “ Now they claim ‘the 50,000’ visitors Rowley invited to Tobago over the Easter weekend caused the spike. What of the tens of thousands who flocked Maracas, Manzanilla, Mayaro and other beaches?”
    According to Rohan 50,000 visitors did go to Tobago. Not sure about the other beaches.

    This virus is a little bigger than an atom and more importantly it is an airborne virus. Whilst the public is being blamed. This virus across the world is on a rampage. My cousin died from it, a few days ago.

    The Chinese vaccine is the best hope for TnT. Although there are. sceptics out there….here are a few. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/13/business/chinese-vaccine-brazil-sinovac.html



    Be safe out there y’all…

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