Bernard Yawching defends book accusing UNC, Hindus of racist agenda

By Julien Neaves
March 17, 2021 –

Bernard YawchingPOLITICAL and social activist Bernard Yawching said he expects backlash over his book The Hidden Agenda of Race Relations in Trinidad and Tobago.

The new book accuses the United National Congress (UNC), the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), and some members of the Hindu community and the East Indian community of promoting a racist agenda. It tracks events from a 1913 speech by former Arima Mayor FEM Hosein about Africans not being as productive as Indians to more modern-day controversies such as Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar describing the Prime Minister as an “oreo.”

Yawching discussed the book with Newsday in a recent telephone interview.
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98 thoughts on “Bernard Yawching defends book accusing UNC, Hindus of racist agenda”

    1. So news, is Pundit Satyanand Maharaj a ‘Creole’?
      He looks like it..

      If only the PNM would open up the airwaves (Digitize it) and allow equal access, we won’t be in this state of confusion in 2021..
      ‘Indian’ is not a ‘RACE’… The African went out and peopled the world..

  1. Bernard is the new PNM mouthpiece. A child of Lucifer whose mission is to protect Rowley from demagoguery. Expect Rowley to give Yawning a plum position in his administration. Yawning is a lost soul just like Keanes from Guyana whose book he probably plagiarized and add a few dirty lines of his own.

    I hope that Mr. Yawning do a follow up book as some media outlet appears to enjoy his level of malady. I predict there is nothing that a projectile under the fifth rib cannot resolve…. just sayin. With all these unemployed black youths ready to put down a “Wuk”. And some businessmen ready to provide employment.
    But I digress insulting Indians and Hindus is a PNM tradition. Lets hope the lad survive the tsunami coming his way….if u chuk a marribon nest expect them to come after you…. He said he is prepared for it…..hahaha.

    1. Lol
      Mamoo unwittingly admits that many indian businessman are in the practice of hiring poor african youth to murder other africans for as simple a thing as publishing information they don’t like! Is the moderator reading this promotion of murder by “Mamoo” ?
      Regarding bernard yawching’s book, here’s what mamoo said:

      “I predict there is nothing that a projectile under the fifth rib cannot resolve…” -Mamoo

      I thought africans were “the murderers and rapists” according to mamoo …Mamoo exposed his criminal, cowardly mindset and implicated many indian “businessmen” as being of similar mind….


      1. Hahaha my friend no one is promoting murder. The timing of this book is very bad. People are angry at the government, many have lost their jobs and Bernard is the perfect candidate to vent such frustrations on.

        He has had a good life, enjoys the perk of having a good salary he has savoured the fat of the land, ingratiating himself at the expense of Indians working in the hot sun. He has raise the spectre of murder when it come to the UNC coming into power. Notice Kamla always have a body guard, we can assume he probably made the phone call threatening death whilst he was writing his book. We can only assume. I must stress that, racism is in his blood and he is the new poster boy for the black caucus and the vulnerable people like yourself who only exist because of race.

        Myself I love all races as I have said before some of my best friends do not look like me. I am not the one promoting race, I admire black people because they are strong and have endured much.

        1. Mamoo: You are very disingenuous Kamla has a body guard because she is a former P.M so does Panday and any other person who served as Prime Minister also judges have security detail and former Presidents. Steeeeups this is evil and deceptive.

          1. Apparently you don’t know, but prior to election there was a death threat. She was afforded additional security. And Yawning being the racist he is could be the “boogeyman” hiding in the closet who came out finally.

            As you know racist of his level is capable of anything including…… but I am glad the hate is out there. Personally I am good friends with a lot of people who don’t look like me but I hate racism because it is a cancer that must be hanged on a tree before it destroys all. I am sure you and I could be good friends. Maybe I am wrong but he is the only one who can provide the answers. He must know a lot more than that book he wrote. His poison pen will be his own demise.

    2. Again…. Mamoo is promoting and inciting the cowardly violence of contract killing, because he doesn’t approve of a narrative other than his indian community/UNC’s fraudulent one regarding race relations between african and indians in the caribbean. Is any reader of his trollish drivel still unsure as to where the hostility and recalcitrance in the society truly emanates from?

      1. Yawning said he can handle whatever is coming his way via his racist expression. It seems you Inconvenient is a very weak black man. I incite nothing against the neonazi he just brought whatever on himself by condemning God creation. He who condemns must be prepared to be condemned. May his poor racist soul find a quick suitable end… I have nothing but affection for him.

  2. Yes brother “cockroaches” hate sunlight please continue to shine the light on these people . It seems a lot of us are eating too much doubles and are being lulled into this false narrative that we are this rainbow nation which we are not . I myself and recently as last week my nephew had an encounter with a security guard at a bank in Chaguanas where he was denied entry into the bank and was force to show his id and other documents to the said guard (which of itself is a breach of privacy he is not an official of the bank) and other bills to prove his place of abode, this is at Scotia Bank . Having done this and provided what was required he was still denied the ability to open an account. Seeing that this was a time sensitive issue he went to POS at Park St branch of the same bank and was allowed to open an account with less of the required documents which he still had in his position. Is it an isolated incident or a deliberate an concerted effort by a section of society to deny people of Afro origin access to banking and credit availability?
    I was totally aghast when Professor Cudjoe would pay tribute to Sat Maharaj and have the temerity to compare him to M.L.King ( he is an individual eating to much doubles and curry has skewered his vision and his cognitive ability).
    It is so disheartening to me that the PNM government has put out a lot of programmes especially in tertiary education and percentage wise we the Afro-Trinis have failed to grasp at these opportunities which is readily available and the cruel irony in all of this is that the Indo-Trinis and other groups have grasp onto this and made good use of it, yet they are so ungrateful they say the PNM have done nothing for them and they are UNC/PP until they die. I myself as a young man voted for NAR in 1981 and my grandmother was sorely disappointed she said to me “how could you ingratitude is worse than witchcraft after all the PNM had done at the time with the school feeding/books and uniform programme” which was a tremendous help to poor people like us from East POS. PNM has faltered and made tremendous mistakes one must admit, but there is no alternative that is truly patriotic and nationalist in it`s agenda. The PNM has built the industrial sector in the heart land UNC/PP(DLP) sector of Trinidad which has benefited Indo-Trinis immensely (directly with good paying jobs at these plants and indirectly spin-off businesses ) and yet these areas have never see it fit to elect someone from the PNM in these areas . In closing these Pundits and Imans would be held accountable along with the UNC if this country should devolve into open race war and blood shed .

    1. CLR Chase said, apparently in response to another poster raising the specter of violent indo response to Mr. Yawching:

      …these Pundits and Imans (sic) would be held accountable along with the UNC if this country should devolve into open race war and blood shed .

      My brief here is a Scriptural one, as I have stated elsewhere.

      In the T&T context, this certainly is a prophetic possibility.
      It is inherent in the symbolism of the “lion of Judah”. We the Negro are that “lion of Judah” referred to in Scripture. I say it boldly and without fear of valid contradiction. The Gentiles –at least the learned ones among them– have known it all along, and some are now openly acknowledging it, e.g. , although ALL Gentile religion (Jeremiah 16:19-20) has been established, and have so twisted Scripture (Psalms 83:3-6), as to make it difficult to discover that simple truth.

      Genesis 49:9: “Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up? ”

      Some of us have awakened to this truth as to the identity of the Negro. Some of us are indeed servants of TMH, in support of whom TMH has said: “…Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. ” (Psalms 105:15, 1 Chronicles 16:22). Let the caste-ist deplorables be accordingly warned.

      Micah 5:8: “And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep: who, if he go through, both treadeth down, and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.

      Isaiah 13:11-16: “And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.
      12 I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even a man than the golden wedge of Ophir.
      13 Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of IYEHAWAH of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger.
      14 And it shall be as the chased roe, and as a sheep that no man taketh up: they shall every man turn to his own people, and flee every one into his own land.
      15 Every one that is found shall be thrust through; and every one that is joined unto them shall fall by the sword.
      16 Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished.”

      This is a description and prophecy of race war. Whether it is fulfilled in T&T we shall see.

      Let me make the further point that Trinidad per se is not only an Israelite land of promise — like the rest of the Americas — but that it is also a special place. Its proper Israelite name is not “Iere”, (pronounced usually “eye-EE-ree” in anglophone way) but more properly, IYERE, pronounced “eeh-YEA-ray”. It is the same Hebrew word usually misleadingly rendered as “Jireh”, as in “JEHOVAH-Jireh”, more properly “IYEHAWAH-IYERE”, or “TMH provides”. IYERE is therefore a land of prophetic providence. I am given this information by the Holy Spirit; hear or forebear; and revealing it here for the first time, and will address it at greater length in a forthcoming book, IYEHAWAH willing. Therefore, whether we will be spared the kind of race war prophesied at Isaiah 13:14, we shall see. It will depend, obviously, on the “arrogancy of the proud” (verse 11). Should that happen here, the outcome is clear (verse 16). They would have brought it upon themselves. A word to the wise.


      Enos 1:11: “And after I, Enos, had heard these words, my faith began to be unshaken in the Lord; and I prayed unto him with many long strugglings for my brethren…”

      1. Just wondering why Africans would start a race war in T&T?
        The so called African party has controlled every Institution of the country and has the dominant workforce in every government department for most of the time since Independence.
        What would they be fighting for? If as many of you proclaim, there is an Indian agenda, it is obviously failing. Again, I repeat Africans are in charge of all national institutions and programs, from culture to music to media to sports. The only purpose of a war would be to bring about a Uganda type eradication of the largest ethnic group in T&T.

        1. Tman (siewdath) LIES!

          Why would indians, led by “Hindus” want to start it since 1956? Uganda? Why not use indian PM Modi as an example? The dalits of india under the guise of “muslims” are under threat of of much worse and yet tman the racist uses an african state as an example. Racist!

          Tman’s proof that africans “control” trinidad lol:

          ” Africans are in charge of all national institutions and programs, from culture to music to media to sports…” Tman ….LIES

          Who controls the BUSINESS sector?

          Who control’s the ECONOMY?
          Who controls who controls the PSA since 2010?
          Who controls the manufacturing association?
          Who has control of the Law Association?
          Who has control of the Judiciary (body) ?
          Who controls the hospitals, ALL regional health authorities?
          Who HOARDS FOREX 2010-present?
          Who stole the last surplus from the oil boom 2010-2015 and uses it to fund a SHADOW GOVERNMENT since 2015?

          No Indian media?

          iralffmaraj.5 fm

          1. Now ,my friend Inconvenient Truth is finally getting at the crux of the matter. I am delighted that you have nailed the essential ingredients and mechanisms for success in any country. All of the economic, professional and academic vehicles which you mentioned above are open, available free enterprise mechanisms and institutions up for grabs. Africans are cordially invited to participate, compete and acquire. Those positions and acquisitions cannot be gained by gerrymandered elections and constituencies , favoritism and nepotism but by diligent, free enterprise hard work and directed motivation. And yes, sometimes by legally taking advantage of numerous loopholes in the system. What’s stopping you Inconvenient?

        2. In reply to your Uganda comment .Fact: Idi Amin was pleading and cajoling the Indian people that lived there at the time to take out Ugandan citizenship and they steadfastly refused to. Like Trinidad they had been merchants and business people and involved in all aspects of Ugandan life but they remained loyal to the UK & India and not the country that you are making decent living in. Well they gave him no choice since you can`t be loyal to us then leave .Why don`t you all try that in the US tell me the out come. Despite the propaganda of the movie ” Last King of Scotland” History is more shades of grey than black and white there is cause and effect . Do you want me to mention what happened in the Fijis also. Do some reading my friend.

        3. Raffique Shah has put to bed the “Lie” that Afro-Trinis by some plot control the government namely Police and Armed forces. Then by your arguement Indians control Medicine ,Business and Law in T&T. When it comes to business though I have a friend that is an Antiguan business man and it was he who enlighten me to what was go on in T&T business wise; sometimes your too close to situation to actually anaylize it properly.

  3. Perpetuation of this debate is useless and unproductive. I hope Bernard is capable of withstanding the barrage coming his way. The slings and arrows will fly and they will be justified because of the one-sided, subjective drivel which slid off the pages of his “book”.
    Hopefully, objective heads will prevail and prominent members of the African community will speak out against this hateful, biased and controversial version presented by Bernard, leaning in one direction only.

    1. Hopefully, objective heads will prevail and prominent members of the African community will speak out against thishateful, biased and controversial version presented by Bernard, leaning in one direction only.

      There is nothing “hateful” about Truth. It is either true or not.

      There is nothing “biased” about Truth. It is either true or not.

      Truth leans where it leans. It is not a matter of splitting the difference, like negotiating a price in the market. It is either true or not.

      Controversy arises only when the Wicked try wickedly to do what they ought not. Often the Wicked are blinded to their own wickedness by conceit, arrogance, covetousness, envy and a whole host of other deadly sins. The truth for its part remains above all controversy. Nevertheless, the truth uncovered tends to offend the guilty. Some will come to their senses when the truth is revealed, and admit error. Many, like Tman, would rather remain unrepentant in sin than admit error and possibly find forgiveness thereby.

      Yawching’s claims are there to be examined. Either they are true or not. Rebut them if you can. If you have no rebuttal, then the matter stands — there is not even a controversy. In neither case is there call for “prominent members of the ‘African’ community” to speak out. Nevertheless, we will soon see who are the –no doubt paid– advocates of the Wicked.

      Deuteronomy 25:1: “If there be a controversy between men, and they come unto judgment, that the judges may judge them; then they shall justify the righteous, and condemn the wicked.”

      May The Most High condemn the wicked in this matter, and frustrate every wicked plot they may wickedly adopt, and return it upon their own head. May He also uphold and protect the innocent and righteous in this matter. I do humbly pray through and in the holy name of IYESHUAH, our Savior and Redeemer.


      I withhold my peace.

      1. Yoruba,
        Let them rebut this even more damning confessional from an actual untouchable, born and raised in india. He confirms EVERYTHING… AND WARNS AFRICANS ABOUT THEM!!

        Dalit: The Black “Untouchables” of India-Dr. Velu Annamalai – YouTube

        1. Inconvenient Sounds to me like you are scared of Indians. You have every right to be, our Prime Minister is Indian, President is Indian, Chief Justice is Indian, and all security agencies are led by Indians……in addition 75% of government jobs are for Indians only. All government contracts are going to Indians only. The trade union and the Elections Commissions is populated with only indians.,.Africans does not hold any positions of importance in our nation, they are sudras or the lowest caste. Eating from the garbage dumps of our nation.

          All of that would be true except it’s India I am talking about, your adopted homeland. What happens there has no relevance to Trinidad except in the minds of neo Nazi thinker Bernard Yawning. Yawning is the new poster boy for the 1%…..Lucifer agent of destruction.

      2. Birdie,
        Remember THIS? Why didn’t anybody sound the alarm when UNC government ministers appeared on STAGE in TRINIDAD with a Hindutva MEMBER of Modi’s BJP Party? And to tell indians in chaguanas west not to vote for jack warner? …Who just hsppens ti be the africans contesting against a brahman-ist/”Hindu” indian?African trinidadians are too ignorant of indian politics!

        Jyoti Communication: UNC closes CWC campaign with Kumar Sanu as special guest

        Don’t think for A SECOND that it’s a coincidence WHICH indians they invite to trinidad.

        Singer Kumar Sanu joins BJP – The Economic Times

        Let’s see which indians go silent in denouncing modi, bjp and kumar sanu…He’s in trinidad frequently

      3. All the Indians and Hindus I know were shocked to “discover” that there is a Indian/Hindu conspiracy to perpetuate a racist agenda against the African population. No one told us about this conspiracy or attempted to recruit us in implementing this agenda of superiority and hatred against our fellow citizens. Is Bernard Yaching trying to give us ideas about gaining recognition and equality of opportunity in T&T?

        1. Tman (siewdath) expects us to take his word as gospel.
          i.e. He says so and therefore it is…or…because indiand deny the conspiracy, well, golly….We guess it doesn’t exist!

          Africans do not need indian confirmation about a conspiracy by indians!

      4. Just as in india, the brahman-ist/”Hindu” srategists will undoubtedly unleash persons in academia and wordsmiths like ravi ramcharitar, Dr. Cudjoe et al to attempt to spin away the truth. Every single person or entity that downplays or denounces the points highlighted from the book will tarnish their credibility…even the head of PNM. Remember…these are the same persons who got Dr Cudjoe, by whatever means…to claim sat maharaj wasn’t racist, was a patriot, and was comparable to Martin Luther King…they knew gandhi’s now exposed legacy of racism would have been too accurate a comparison,and, so they strategically chose MLK…
        Even the likeness of sat maharaj on his biography looks exactly the opposite of what he actually looked like….FIENDISH!

    2. Only INDIANS could write their narratives about race and politics in trinidad,guyana etc! That, ironically, is the tyrannical mindset among the indian community in these communities!Far too long have they used their ‘secret weapon’ and remained hidden while stoking havoc and strife. The racist, anti-african spirituality that they BROUGHT to trinidad and practiced openly under the guise of shared abrahamic religious morality regarding race has to finally be put on the table with all other cards for everyone to see. Africans are not ‘little piggies’ where threats to “huff & puff…” will make them accept abuse quietly. The DISHONESTY is the only thing that rivals the racism…..LIE LIE LIE



      They want to hide the SOURCE of their racist solidarity and unyielding, uncompromising, hateful and maliciously anti-african political drive…NO MORE!!

      They wanted this book banned too
      Sacred Duty: Hinduism and Violence in Guyana: Kean Gibson: 9789768082275: Books

      1. Inconvenient, people see the world through the “lenses” they grew up with. I can’t write a book on African racism because it will create a negative stereotype of an entire race of people.
        And I truly am not a good judge of people. Is there racist in the PNM — yes. In fact I had friends whom I knew and hang out with, and when they started hanging out with the PNM crowd their whole perception of me changed into a “me versus you” mindset. I felt the cultist prowess of race and racism. But I can’t condemn an entire race because of a few statements which this book has done. It draws on the writer own insecurities that he has harboured as a child. A cultic misconception of humanity.

        Bernard Yawning is sadly a misguided soul who is trying to be the black Hitler in the Caribbean. He is racist to the core and his sick mindset will whittle away into the conclaves of the abyss. Today I pronounce 3 curses on him…May he always stay sick and demented, May his life be miserable, and May he like Hitler die a woeful death. …

        1. Today I pronounce 3 curses on him…May he always stay sick and demented, May his life be miserable, and May he like Hitler die a woeful death. …

          This curse I have reversed. It is null and void. Except that it SHALL return upon the head of the one that made it.


          Isaiah 54:17. “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of IYEHAWAH, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”

          Psalms 105:14-15. “He suffered no man to do them wrong: yea, he reproved kings for their sakes; 15 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

          1. Yes but he is not an anointed man and you have to be careful with your quotes especially when using scripture. He is a racist…You are a religious nut….and have no discernment.

    3. Tman (siewdath) is a fascist!
      Read his veiled threats at bernard yawching…Tman knows his communities mindset to dissenting narratives…all the attacks and undermining will do is expose the fascist hindutva malice! Tman loves ravi ramcharitar but wants to denounce opposing writers.

      Why Hinduism And The Violence Of Caste Are Two Sides Of A Coin | Dr. Suraj Yengde

      Breaking India’s Unjust Caste System (2014)

      1. Inconvenient thanks so much for highlighting the unjust caste system. I propose since you are so concern about the caste system go to india and protest. You wasting time on this board.

        For indians in the caribbean, the caste system died on the 3 months journey to the Caribbean. The people who came were from the lower caste, mainly labourers. So to ascribe the caste system to indians in the caribbean is a stretch.

        Yawning is a racist and has no knowledge of the indo Trini world view. He does not qualify to speak for us. He is speaking to the insecurities of our Afro Trinbagonians, the ideas that were the cause for the formulation of the PNM.

        We wish to see our black brothers and sisters do well. And we expect them to have the same view of us. But this board is proving otherwise, that people like Inconvient is nothing but a rabid racist.

        Let me say I have nothing but love for my Afro brothers and sisters. Those not infected by the PNM are my best friends.

        1. LIES!
          So… the indian muslims’ “no pork, no alcohol system” “died on the 3 month journey to the caribbean” as well?

          Of course not! …because that would be a ridiculous claim…correct?

          Similarly to claim that brahman-ists/ (“Hindus”) somehow abandoned THE CORE TENETS of their faith because of a boat ride is b********! As stated before, what is titled “the caste system” is merely the brahman-ist/”Hindu” equivalent of “commandments” in christianity or “Suras” in Islam… they are called “The Laws Of Manu” and it is the LEGAL text and code of ethics for the brahman-ist/”Hindu” faith. Unfortunately for liars, the indian comjunity created plenty of historical evidence from 1845 to present proving that they in fact practice their faith. 1869, for example, 24 YEARS after the first indians had arrived in trinidad, the Keenan report exposed their admitting to reverence for these spiritual laws that forbade contact with africans because of a fear of being ‘polluted’ by them. However, why stop there? Mere decades ago FEM hosein, publicly admitted to the british governor and an audience, that indians (including islamic and christian), followed the brahman-ist/”Hindu” ethos of varna hierarchy a.k.a. “the caste sytem” (ignorant western term), and that they viewed africans as BENEATH untouchable status!! Yesssss…F.E.M. Hosein’s time was before indian politicians realized they needed to hide their anti-african spirituality in order to gain state power. Hosein also proves that although the varna/caste mentality originates from the brahman-ist/”Hindu” texts and faith, indians in general are CULTURED into it as islamic and christian indians forbearers were brahman-ist/”Hindu “CONVERTS (superficial and opportunistic rather than truly, wholheartedly ideological for many…Faris Al-rawi’s grandfather was ‘lionel seukeran’, who according to his biography, superficially changed his name and faith to access a prestigious teaching job at a christian college).The term “Doogala” is borne of the racist mind “the caste system” creates…it literally means bastard child of a whore (higher varna/caste) mother who allowed an untouchable (african) to touch and be intimate with her…that term is brahman-ist/”Hindu”/Indian racism personified!Truth is because they gain $$$ and political power from the ignorance of africans regarding their faith, they’ll never admit the truth. Think about it..1986,1995 and 2010 would NEVER have occurred with an enlightened, research driven african population.

        2. Also,
          The india migrants to trinidad for indentred labour, were not “Low Caste” (sudras), but NO CASTES (Untouchables)!
          In theory, one would’ve expected them to abandon their racism, but instead, they fraudulently changed their lineage and racial/varna/”caste” status as an ethnic group into upper castes and assigned their true lineage to africans as an ethnic group. Hence the rise of the “boat brahmin”. There are legitimate upper-castes that migrated to trinidad post independence to now, as diplomats and businessmen.
          e.g. Ispat.

  4. I see one Pundit Satyanand Maharaj is calling for Bernad Yawching’s book to be boycotted and bookstores that sell it to also be boycotted. This is precisely what is happening in Modi’s Hindutva India where dissenting books and dissenting voices are boycotted and victimized. This is a democratic country governed by laws; free speech is an essential part of that freedom. Several critics have written about the book condemning it and yet they have admitted they have not read it. Are we living in a Hindutva state or in a free country? Here is an article by Billy Perrigo describing what is going on in India under the BJP and its Hindutva supporters. “Two prominent academics stepped down from their positions at one of India’s most respected universities this week, shining a spotlight on the state of academic freedom and a widening crackdown on dissent under the Hindu nationalist ruling party.
    Pratap Bhanu Mehta resigned from his position as a professor of political science at Ashoka University near Delhi on Monday. In his letter of resignation, reproduced online Thursday, Mehta suggested that he had been forced to step down because of indirect pressure by the Indian government. In newspaper columns and academic work, Mehta had been critical of the majoritarianism of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
    Arvind Subramanian, an economics professor at Ashoka who once served as chief economic adviser to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, also resigned from his position on Thursday in solidarity with Mehta, calling his treatment an affront to “academic expression and freedom.”
    The resignations are the latest example of what observers say is a tightening of academic freedoms, and dissent more broadly, driven by the ruling Hindu nationalist BJP. In 2020, the U.S. NGO Freedom House down-ranked India’s academic freedom score from three to two out of a possible four, “due to rising intimidation in recent years that is aimed at controlling academic discussion of politically sensitive topics.”

    1. Ask that pundit if he’s a member of the brahmin RACE, and if that only members of the brahmin RACE can be pundits…If so, isn’t THAT RACE-ISM?
      Also, ask that pundit maharaj, if he claims to be of brahmin RACIAL LINEAGE, and that RACIAL LINEAGE was the criteria for his ACCEPTANCE as a pundit, which group in t&t do brahman-ists/”Hindus” ascribe the RACIAL LINEAGE and category of UNTOUCHABLES?? The trap has set and sprung….You cannot claim brahmin lineage and exclusivity to pundits and claim to not practice varna hierarchy/caste system, and you cannot be a brahman-ist/”Hindu” without veing BORN to a RACIAL LINEAGE and category!!
      Lies are shamelessly told to fool westerners whowith superficial knowledge and understanding!

      Dalit and Black Solidarity: Interview with Suraj Yengde

      1. Allyu rushing to take the COVID Vaccine from China. Read the news today, Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and his wife get the COVID two days after taking the Chinese vaccine. I wonder which vaccine Rowley took and which one he is bringing for you fellas in Laventille.
        For your own safety better wait on the Calcutta plane.

  5. We are still waiting for the BIG BANG, will the world tell us what crimes the African people have committed against our South Asian Family? this continuing narrative must always be Reiterated, it is Anahata truth. Factuality when exposed, is light over Mara, the present day UNC and the perpetrators before them, must be held accountable for what Trinidad have evolved into. Vast numbers from South and the Central plains can vouch to everything Bernard Y have written. There should be more of the populace hyliting the short and recalcitrant comings of our Sudra Family. In my lifetime, i’ve never seen any group of our South Asian Family, sing the National Anthem, Every creed and Race will certainly not find a place in their Space. The lowest of the Gunas, the laborers, have found a place, away from their native Land, where they can practice on others, the very same they historically Abhorred. Bernard Y, is TRUTH in his beautiful discourse. A Nation building Race of people , have been replaced by connivers and Collaborators and like Pilot Fishes, are willing to stay close to get what they want and more. Disgraced President Nixon told us that the African will never be a LOVED people, the reason? is that they are to Generous as a Race, the Love they give to the lest deserving, have Historically come back to bite. Mis-Education have created what Trini-Indos have become, Wealth is not Health, and certainly, ill conceived wealth is nothing to RARA about. History will condemn the UNC and what they have degenerated into, looking deeper, the Presbyterian Christian belief must be called out for creating division as they continue to grade Christian by Day, Hindoos at nite. Writing out the African from Trinidad’ History, is an on going project, and beyond question, their agenda is a must fail. Greed, jealousy and Ignorance, are some of the worst virtues exhibiting itself among our South Asia Family, in all instances it is the go to mantra. Now might be the time for the True Indo Trini to stand up, but that and God face we will never see as they go with the FLOW of corruption and SUDRA inertia. Out of India, most Indians can be found in the Land of the people they love to HATE, AFRICA . The Indian community in NIGERIA, have petitioned the Nigerian Federal Gov’t seeking TRIBAL Hood in BLACK land, while backward Indo-Trini continue to reside in the lowest of the CHAKRA TREE, like the GUNAS SUDRAS they HISTORICALLY are. Anti Union UNC businesses are on course to destroying all aspects of the bargaining system, while exploiting their workers, “all ah we is indian” as they refuse to contribute to the NIB. Had the UNC supported the OWTU’ venture of putting bread on the the tables of Afro and Indo families , things might have been totally on a different path .

  6. Dalit: The Black “Untouchables” of India-Dr. Velu Annamalai – YouTube


    Thank you for this and the other links you have posted. It is an important work that you do in that regard. Our people need to be aroused.

    Genesis 49:9. “Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?”

    I was already familiar with Dr. Annamalai and that particular video, But it was good to be reminded of it. Let me share with the group some few reactions, under two main themes.

    One. Negro vs Black. The brother in his introductory remarks quotes some Arab scholar seeking to delineate and distinguish two “black” races. In the process, he uses the term, “Negro”, interchangeably with “black”. There is a confusion of category here, which requires disentangling.

    Two. Dalit and “Black” Solidarity. Riding on the starting confusion of racial category, there follows an urging for the Negro to make common racial cause in solidarity with the Dalit. I have no problem with giving moral support and more to the Dalits in their struggle. But no good comes from confusion of categories. The Dalits are not Negro, and the Negro are not Dalit, far less “Harijan”, as Gandhi called them,

    Let me try to address these two main themes in short space, although a full treatment would require at least a book, perhaps volumes.

    Contrary to what has become fashionable, I prefer to use the now derided term, “Negro”, in preference to either “black”, or “African”, as a descriptive by which we should be called. Our proper designation is Hebrew Israelite, specifically of the southern kingdom and tribe of Judah (Iyehudah is more accurate). It is one of the curses that we would be called by many bywords, of greater or lesser strained dignity:

    Deuteronomy 28:37. “And thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword, among all nations whither IYEHAWAH shall lead thee.”

    Therefore, we don’t know what properly we should call ourselves. Every term seems to slide into perceived slur, calling for yet other euphemisms of description. “Negro” has become a term of disparagement, even moreso in some quarters than “nigger”. And the worst thing, after Elijah/Malcolm/Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, is to be called a “house Negro”. Thus, the term “black”, — as in “Black Power”, “I’m black and proud”, “black Muslim” — took on a certain militancy, proclaimed a certain robustness, a certain claim to transformed consciousness, and therefore to be preferred to “Negro”. When that seemed too strident, there arose a need for a more neutral description of identity. Enter the term “African”. In the U.S., it was hyphenated as “African American”. Here in T&T, it was adopted, unhyphenated, simply and confusingly as “African”, or “african”, or “afro”.

    Let me brief as I try to disentangle the confusion. The term, “black” is at best a reference to a skin color. I say at best, because a little etymological research will soon reveal that it is not even that. It is a term cognate to “bleached out”, and its real connotational meaning is that of a worthless, bleached out thing, from which all substance has already been squeezed out, a thing therefore to be discarded. That is the sorcery of the term. It is no surprise that the term came into vogue with us through the “Black” Muslims. These were Arabized by our Scriptural enemy the Arab Ishmaelites, using false, fabricated Gentile religion to do so. They did not know that they were propagating a sorcerer’s term of art calculated to perpetuate a curse upon the Lion of Judah. No matter. It was a prophesied byword, part of our being roused and woken back up.

    The term, “African”, in whatever combination/variation, is another exonym — a name put upon us by others. The origin of the term African is murky at best. I am guided that it is synecdoche, a term given to the whole, on the basis of that of a part, specifically deriving from one Epher (Genesis 25:4), descendant of Abraham through his second wife, Keturah. Epher would have been part of the mixed races formed in the Arab peninsula, at the center of which would have been the line of Ishmael. Epher and his tribe decamped at some point to today North Africa, and came to give his name, in Arabian usage, to the entire continent of Africa. Later, after the Hebrew Israelites were scattered out of the Holy Land, many into what became known as “Africa”, we came to be known by the name, “African”. It is an exonym of Arab derivation. That is why “Afri(k)a” and “Kaffir” are anagrams, and indeed near-synonyms. Kaffir is an Arab term of derogation for the Israelite Negro that they knew to have been scattered out of the Holy Land. It means roughly, “unbeliever” by ascription. As a derogatory term, it has the same sense as “nigger”, and is for some reason used quite a lot in South Africa, no doubt because of Arab involvement in the slave trade. Therefore, to call ourselves “African”, is at bottom to be calling ourselves, “kaffir”, an Arab slur no more dignified than the term, “nigger”.

    As against the terms, “black”, and “African”, the term “Negro” is at least an endonym — it is a term we used for ourselves. Never mind that that endonym was distorted by our enemies into a term of derogation. The etymology of Negro lies in the Hebrew term, “NEGA”, the meaning of which is “king”. Adding the letter “R” to it adverts to the origin or root of a thing. Therefore, the term NEGAR, or NAGAR, or NEGRO, merely adverts to the root or people from which comes that Royal line of the whole earth, the line of David.

    Jeremiah 30:9. “But they shall serve IYEHAWAH their ELOAH, and David their king, whom I will raise up unto them.”

    Elsewhere in Scripture we are of course told that that latter -day David will be king of kings over the whole earth, exercising the dominion promised at Genesis 27:29, 49:9, elsewhere.

    The term NEGA/NAGAR/NEGRO is found in many languages in the East. Buddhist prophecy for the coming of that latter-day David is spoken of in terms of the coming of “NAGAR-JUNA”. The term, “Divali Nagar” references the great court of the king where community feasts were held. The term, “NIGER”, a Latinized variant of NAGAR/NEGRO, is found in Scripture, — “Simeon that was called Niger” (Acts 13:1) — and it refers to one of us, albeit in such a way that the lie could be perpetrated that Simeon the Niger was an exception. The term Kebra NEGAST is an Ethiopic Hebrew term referring to the line of Hebrew kings descended from Solomon and Sheba, and means the book or story or chronicles of the KINGS. Even in the English word, “king” itself, the “NG” phoneme is present, adverting to Hebrew origin in the word NEGA. In the German, “koeNIG”, meaning “king”, the matter is even more plain. The Yoruba people, — a term that in itself means the “people or house (ba) of iYERUshalem”, hence IYERU-BA, — are also called the NAGO people, meaning the people of the king, This is a reference to that king of promise and prophecy, as well as of ancient lineage, that of DAVID. The Yoruba people are also called the O-DUDU-WA people, a term that literally means “of the line of DUDU” (DAVID), the name of the founding king of the Yoruba after they had decamped to the ancient cities of today Yorubaland. I could go on.

    The point is that the term, “NEGRO”, is an endonym, one we gave ourselves, deriving from the original Hebrew, and tied to our origin in the southern kingdom and descending from the original Lion of Judah, namely David and Solomon, the Judahite kiNGs of past and of prophecy.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am proudly a NEGRO. And if anyone wants to call me NEGA, I proudly claim that as well. If they make it a slur, that’s their ignorance, not mine.

    Now… as to the “two distinct BLACK races”… my view should now be clear. The dark-skinned Nubians of the Nile Valley with their thin noses and straight hair, are NOT “Negro”. Neither are the dark-skinned, straight-hair races of South India. They are not our people. The Nubians of the Nile Valley are sons of Ham, descending from Kush. The original people of what is today called Ethiopia (an exonym given by the Greeks) also are Hamitic sons of Kush. The original race of India would appear also to have been sons of Kush (Eastern Kush historically). However that subcontinent was originally peopled by many races, all of them dark-skinned, including Shemitic lines that included the antecedents of those of Tamil Nadu. The people of Kerala are Shemitic brethren of the Hebrew Israelites. Therefore, the idea of “two distinct Negro races” quoting the Arab, Idrissi, is quite wrong. ALL the sons of Noah — Shem, Ham, and Japheth– were dark-skinned ab initio, although Noah was albino. The ONLY Negro race, per original meaning, is that line descending from Judah/David/Solomon, or their close kin. The question of how some of the original dark-skinned sons of Noah turned white is an intensely interesting question, the answer to which sheds light on the colorism practiced by such as the brahminists. I may address that question in a separate post, the Moderator permitting.

    I don’t have time even to re-read and proof this submission. Therefore forgive any typos or other such errors of composition. But I stand by the essential propositions advanced.


    1. Part 3

      The question of how some of the original dark-skinned sons of Noah turned white is an intensely interesting question, the answer to which sheds light on the colorism practiced by such as the brahminists. I may address that question in a separate post, the Moderator permitting.

      The question of how white skin came about, and color-consciousness with it, I now address.

      This too is a big subject, but I shall try to be brief. See my book, The Appointed Time, The Tarrying and His Faith…, available at Amazon.Com, chapter 3 of which goes into depth and detail.

      The short of it is as follows: White skin comes about in three ways: One is through what we know today as albinism. The second is by (biblical) leprosy. The third is through the offspring of fallen angels, or nephilim.

      Albinos and healed lepers trace back through Noah to Adam. Sons of the nephilim are of category, Man, but they are not of category, Human, since they do not trace back to Adam. Cain was the first such, and the “mark” of Cain spoken of in Scripture was white skin. Therein lies the source of the emotional wallop packed by the skin color question. There is a correlation between skin color, and whether or not one may even lay claim to being a “child of God”. That is how deep that goes.

      The matter is not however so simple. The correlation is not perfect, obviously. For Noah himself was albino, yet a chosen prophet and servant of TMH. And leprosy so affected the Chosen seed of Israel, that there is a whole chapter, Leviticus 13, given over to the treatment of that particular phenomenon. The “plague” of leprosy is considered healed when the “whole skin is turned white”:

      Leviticus 13:13. “Then the priest shall consider: and, behold, if the leprosy have covered all his flesh, he shall pronounce him clean that hath the plague: it is all turned white: he is clean.”

      This is also associated with the phenomenon of “blonde” or yellow hair:

      Leviticus 13:30. “Then the priest shall see the plague: and, behold, if it be in sight deeper than the skin; and there be in it a yellow thin hair; then the priest shall pronounce him unclean: it is a dry scall, even a leprosy upon the head or beard.”

      We also see where a certain line of Israel was to have white skin:

      2 Kings 5:27. “The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed for ever. And he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow.”

      Therefore, there shall exist today people who are white, yet Israelites of the seed, NOT of nephilim seedline. Who these might be today I do not address here, except to say they would be of the line of Ephraim — he the inheritor of the royal line of Joseph (Iye-seph) which literally means the one who was separated (from his brethren).

      There are two royal lines descending from Jacob (Iye-chob), namely the lines of Judah (Iye-hudah) and Joseph (Iye-seph). The one became the southern kingdom and are Negro, the other became the northern kingdom, and in part are white. In these latter days, there shall be reconciliation between Judah and Ephraim, and this reconciliation will in part take on the appearance of a “racial” reconciliation, in the sense of the coming together of “white” and “black”.; Isaiah 11:13 refers.

      The fact that the sons of the Nephilim were white we may infer from the book of Enoch.

      “Enoch 105:1-4. “After a time, my son Mathusala took a wife for his son Lamech.
      105:2 She became pregnant by him, and brought forth a child, the flesh of which was as white as snow, and red as a rose; the hair of whose head was white like wool, and long; and whose eyes were beautiful. When he opened them, he illuminated all the house, like the sun; the whole house abounded with light.
      105:3 And when he was taken from the hand of the midwife, Lamech his father became afraid of him; and flying away came to his own father Mathusala, and said, I have begotten a son, unlike [to other children]. He is not human; but, resembling the OFFSPRING of the angels of heaven, is of a different nature [from ours], being altogether unlike to us.
      105:4 His eyes are [bright] as the rays of the sun; his countenance glorious, and he looks not as if he belonged to me, but to the angels.”

      The language describing the newborn Noah, “white as snow, red as a rose”, describes an albino. Methuselah was affrighted by that, and thought at first the child was not his, rather the “offspring of an angel”. This would necessarily be a fallen angel (nephilim) of the watcher class, that came down from heaven, leaving their former estate, and took wives from among the daughters of men, giving rise to offspring that were men of renown, giants in those days; Genesis 6:4, Jude 1:6, Enoch chap. 6 all refer. The point in the present context is that we may infer from Methuselah’s reaction to Noah’s albinism, that the children of the nephilim were known to have white skin. His reaction also allows us to infer that the children descended from Adam did not have white skin. This also aids the (separate) inference that the mark of Cain was white skin. In all of this we see the emotionally-charged implications associated with skin color. At the same time, the phenomena of albinism and leprosy ensure that the sure inference cannot be made that white skin means that one is necessarily a spawn of the Devil. Noah himself is the evidence of that.

      The story of of the birth of Jacob’s twin, Esau-Edom is also a relevant part of the color conundrum.

      Genesis 25:25. “And the first came out red, all over like an hairy garment; and they called his name Esau (Isashah).”

      Esau came out “red”, language suggesting he was born an albino like Noah. He was also “hairy”, adverting to one of the distinguishing features between the twins. Jacob was smooth, Esau was hairy. We see that difference today btw between the Negro and the indo-Trini. His name, Isashah also adverts to his pale skin, for in the Hebrew, the phoneme, “sa” pertains to things pale, like the moon. The history of Esau is detailed in the Book of Jasher. He mixes with everybody. He mixed with the Canaanites. He mixed with the Egyptian Hamites. He mixed with the Ishmaelite Arabs. And he mixed with the Japhethite nations of Greece, Rome and etc., and his seed rose to rule the nations of Greece and Rome. Later, when we see white power established in the ancient world through Alexander the Greek, and later the Romans, and including Herod the Idumean (Edomite) king of the Roman province of Judea, it is the seed of Esau that has risen to the temporary dominion prophesied for him; Genesis 27:40. He is related to Jacob by seed, but he is white. That he would be white is foreshadowed in the name. Meantime, the sons of Japheth were called “Gentiles” from the beginning. Underlying the Hebrew word, Gentile, there is a world of meaning that lets us to know (but I won’t address it here) that the children of Japheth would in particular become the target of nephilim seduction once again after the Flood. They made their pact on Mt. Hermon. It is thus through nephilim infiltration that the sons of Japheth early turned white, and Esau was mixed in with them. Greek/Roman world domination, i.e. white domination, i.e. Edomite domination, was thus of the Devil from the beginning. Esau made his pact with the Devil, as a way to rule “by the sword”, as was prophesied at the grant of his dominion; Genesis 27:40.

      Genesis 27:40. “And by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.”

      We see therefore why the color tables were turned. Where white was once the color scorned, associated both with the plague of leprosy and the children of the Devil, the white Edomites used the prestige that went with the dominion, to make white the color valued instead, and “black” the color scorned. Colorism entered the world. The Greeks and Romans set up camp in the centers of ancient civilization in the Near East region — Egypt, Holy Land, Mesopotamia — producing a Mediterranean mulatto elite. Color stratification was born. It is an open question whether color-caste stratification achieved its most absurd manifestations in the West as part of plantation-slavery culture, or in India, as part of color-caste brahminism.

      But what is historically clear is that the so-called indo-Aryan are of Edomite seed. For these were originally a mulatto caste of Edomite-Greek fathers, and various dark-skinned indigenes of the Near and Far East, including Hebrew Israelite women, as well as other Shemitic and Hamitic ones. History records that when the Greeks enforced a peace with Chandragupta Maurya, one of the terms was that the conquering Greeks could marry the local women. Still today, the higher caste Indians consider it a right to rape lower caste or untouchable women. This was the slur present in Gandhi’s use of the term, “Harijan”. The untouchables were of uncertain paternal parentage, often the product of rape, somehow associated with “temple prostitution”.

      This also means, btw, that the so-called Dalits will to a large extent be Edomite of seedline also, although the maternal line will be different. In Scriptural terms, this is significant:

      Numbers 1:2. “Take ye the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel, after their families, by the house of their fathers, with the number of their names, every male by their polls;…”

      Under Israelite law, inheritance and the workings of prophecy are by the seed of the father. it doesn’t mean the mother’s line does not matter, but subject to certain rules as to the maternal line, one is 100% Israelite as to seed, if the paternal line is back to Jacob. Thus, although Joseph married an Egyptian. his sons Ephraim and Manasseh were considered Israelite with associated birthrights, equal to the 12 tribes of Israel founded by the original 12 sons of Jacob.

      The upshot is that white-supremacy dominion on the planet is identified with Esau, the twin of Jacob, with paternal line through Isaac to Abraham. He is mixed in and allied with the Greek/Roman sons of Japheth, as well as the Ishmaelite Arabs (house of Saud at the top), as well as with the Edomite so-called Jews, themselves allied with the Japhethic sons of Khazar. And as mentioned, there are branches of Esau that may be found amongst the Hamites, in particular among the Somalis and in the Nile Valley area. These are all they that are the enemies of Israel round about, those that have “hated” Israel with a perpetual hatred. The Janjaweed — weaponized Arabized Islamic Hamites — that slaughtered our people in South Sudan (Darfur) are among them. Also the Fulani of Northern Nigeria who are trying to impose Sharia law on the Yoruba and Igbo and other Israelite people of Southern Nigeria. They look as “black” as you or me, but they are infected with the Scripturally prophesied “perpetual hatred” for the seed of Jacob.

      And on the other side, Ephraim has spawned a white people, who have allowed themselves to become a subaltern elite under the project of “white supremacy”. They are caught up in white evangelical Christianity, and some are strong in faith, and some such as William Branham look to me to be bona fide servants of TMH. It is such as they that will reconcile as prophesied over an apparent racial divide based on skin color, but who actually are brethren of Israelite seed.

      As I said the matter is deep indeed. The foregoing is a brief synopsis. Check the title given earlier for further detail, including how it is that the British Royal Family could lay claim to the throne of David, indeed as the source of legitimacy. But they are now an Edomite house, because the original claim back to David was through a female line, and the paternal link back to David eventually became interrupted. That’s another long story.

      I again have no time to proof.


      1. Yoruba please stick to the debate and not give us a biblical dissertation that has nothing to do with the topic. ( unless this is by design to deny people who truly want to debate the issue the space to do so ,because it seems that you are coping and pasting texts )

        1. CLR: The topic is race relations in T&T, specifically between the Negro and the indo-Trini. Scripture speaks directly to that. It is the conflict between two twins, Jacob and Esau. It goes back to Genesis, and is a long story with an involved plot nearing its climax. If you can’t see it, I’m sorry. But I’m sure others do, in particular the Moderator.


          PS. In any case, my respectful suggestion would be for you to either ignore my contributions if you can’t see relevance, or to study them more carefully until you do. The relevance is there, I assure you, moreover as serious as the 400 years of slavery our Negro forefathers suffered.

          1. Well my brother/sister shine the light in the dark places .
            C.L.R Chase. @ Yoruba Israelite.

          2. Well my brother/sister shine the light in the dark places .
            C.L.R Chase. @ Yoruba Israelite.

            My brother, Holy Scripture is above all Negro history. My suggestion would be to pay close attention to it, and never to disdain Scripture. Yes, the “abominable church” has taken Holy Scripture and twisted it under the tenets of Religion. But one does not throw the baby out with the bath-water. That was a mistake made by your venerable namesake, CLR James, brilliant as he was.


      2. Brother Yoruba a minor correction. Chandragupta defeated the Greek general Selucos Nikator and as part of the treaty settlement Selucos gave his daughter in marriage Chandragupta. A fact of history is that the losers always offer their women to the victors. Never the reverse.

        1. That may be so, but Chandragupta gave up 500 war elephants to Nikator. Therefore, it would be a treaty of peace, as it was called, moreso than a treaty of surrender by either side.

          In any case, my larger point was that Edomite seed had been imposed upon the peoples of India who had settled there before the coming of the indo-Aryans, and that Greek invasion and conquest (due initially to Alexander who predated Nikator) was one vector for that imposition of Edomite seed.

          The indo-Aryan was Edomite, not necessarily per se Greek. As I mentioned in my contribution, Esau-Edom and his sons mixed seemingly with everybody, including but not only with the Greeks/Romans. Their head-quarters, so to say, remained in the land — Mt. Seir — south of Judah, in cities Scripture names as Bozrah, Teman, and as well that archaeological site nowadays known as Petra. When Judah was scattered out of the land by Babylonian invasion, Esau-Edom entered into the territory of Judah. This was long before –300 years–the coming of Alexander and the Greeks. The first set of “Aryans” were the product of cohabitation between Esau-Edom and Israelite women of Judah. Those proto-Aryans adopted the practice of being camp-followers of Empire with the Babylonians.

          Obadiah 1:10-11. “For thy violence against thy brother Jacob shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off for ever.
          11 In the day that thou stoodest on the other side, in the day that the strangers carried away captive his forces, and foreigners entered into his gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem, even thou wast as one of them.”

          Later, with the rise of the Medo-Persian Empire, there they were, and went east into India with the Medo-Persians. By that time they had become a moneyed elite, profiting from being camp-followers of Empire. And again, with the rise of Alexander, there they were, establishing themselves further on the Indian sub-continent, but also westwards into Europe. As white power was established in the world, starting with the Medes and becoming unmixed as it were with Alexander, the proto-Aryans lightened in skin color, but in dark-skinned India, never changed from being a lighter-skinned mulatto elite.

          The myth came about that the Aryan was a “nomad”, only because they were camp-followers of Empire. The other myth was established that “Aryan” meant “noble”, because they claimed association with Judah, and the line of David, established when they came up from the lands south of Judah at the time of the Babylonian conquest, as mentioned. Those proto-Aryans mixed with their Greek and Roman Edomite seedline brethren, as mentioned, lightening in skin color thereby. That they were a foreign imposition on India is attested to in the Vedic literature, which speaks frankly of Aryan conquest. But Aryan — by then brahminist — domination was only established by around 400 AD, give or take 200 years, according to Ambedkar’s researches (“The Untouchables: Who are they and how they became that way”). It is a lie to suggest that brahminism has been around for 5,000 years, as a recent communication from the T&T Indian High Commission (if memory correctly serves) seems to suggest.

          Be all that as it may, with the establishment of brahminist hegemony in India, we know that the caste-right was established that the upper castes could rape the lower castes (certainly the Untouchables) with impunity. The practice of temple prostitution also was established. Therefore, Edomite seed was spread, even among the Untouchables. The Edomites in Europe did the same with the practice of the “Droit de Seigneur”, under which the Edomite lords took to themselves the right to deflower the virgin before she consummated her marriage. In Europe, as in India, it was an effective way to propagate Edomite seed, and also to neuter native resistance, and to render and keep the original indigenous natives as serfs in their own land. This was in keeping with the Genesis 27:40 prophecy that Esau-Edom would rule “by the sword”, and impliedly by the fruits of the Devilish pact made with Satan.

          Thank you for the small correction as to the terms of peace as between Chandragupta and Nikator. And thank you also for the opportunity it provides for further establishing the point about the spread of Edomite seedline presence in India, and its correlation with the color/caste structure that was established under brahminism.

          I withhold my peace, nevertheless.

    2. Er…
      “Part 3” should read “Part 2”.
      And my references to Methuselah, the grandfather, should instead have been to Lamech, Noah’s father.
      My apologies …

    3. Part 3
      Let me make a further remark responding to the quoted Arab, Idrissi’s, remark about which of the two “black”/”Negro” races was more handsome. Under white-supremacy notions, it is not surprising that that position is given by the Arab to the pointy-nosed, thin-lipped Nubians.
      I’ve already made the point that the Nubians are not “Negro”, as I’ve broken down that latter term. The Negro Israelites of the southern kingdom of Judah, kin of the kingly line of David and Solomon, are SHEMITIC. The Nubians are HAMITIC.
      My point now is to remark that according to The Most High (TMH), IYEHAWAH, the distinction as to the more handsome goes to His Chosen. He makes it explicit.
      Psalms 50:1-2. “The mighty [Eloah], even [IYEHAWAH], hath spoken, and called the earth from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof. 2 Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, [IYEHAWAH] hath shined.”
      This means that according to His standards, TMH has created His Chosen as the most beautiful on earth.
      The ememies of TMH and His Chosen are of course welcome to disagree.
      The “white” women that travel south to the Caribbean in droves, looking for sex, seem to agree with TMH… But that is another story for another forum perhaps…


  7. You racist ffkrs* are really pushing the envelope and spoiling my weekend. From 1962 to 1966 we sang the National Anthem at the Debe Hindu School every morning before the start of classes. They did not do it at Presentation College instead we sang “Hear oh lord the sound of my cry, answer me”.

    You guys are really trying to spoil the paradise that you were fortunate to be born in and turn it into a killing field.

    Something you need to consider is a lot of the “coolies” from south and central are descended from battle hardened ex soldiers from the British Indian Army and other refugees fleeing the British Justice system and they no easy. Remember Boysie Singh, Poolool Brothers and Dole Chadee.
    My final view on this matter is that you PNM fellas can live in the fantasy world of Black Supremacy and
    rule T&T forever, as long I have my land and can plant some provisions, and rice and vegetables, and indulge in the occasional saltfish I am a happy Trinidadian.

    1. Lol
      Tariqandalus “Battle hardened” lol

      The word “racist” has a warped, perversed meaning among the indian population that is miles away from its substantive original definition. “Racist” is anyone who debates indian leaders’ narratives about race in the society.Tariqandalus, a malicious minded, tyrannical thug (just like mamoo and tman), is making veiled threats of violence against an african descendent for essentially telling the truth about trinidad society’s race relations…oh, the irony! These characters and the wider indian community and it’s leaders and reprwsentatives in the media, politics, academia, religion etc. have subjected the society to a non-stop binge of one-sided, a-historical accusations of racist victimization by african trinidadians via politics. Now, decades later, an articulation of a narrative emerges that reflects the grassroots african view along with factual references and all of a sudden violence is being threatened by those who can only bribe poor, misguided african youth to murder FOR them.

      “Battle Hardened” pleaaaaase… cannot even run a lap around the savannah. Don’t get carried away tariqandalus…johnny walker only makes you FEEL like superman….

    2. My final view on this matter is that you PNM fellas can live in the fantasy world of Black Supremacy and
      rule T&T forever, as long I have my land and can plant some provisions, and rice and vegetables, and indulge in the occasional saltfish I am a happy Trinidadian.

      My brief on this blog is Scriptural, as I have said. In my response to the quote above, Scripture is clear that those who hate TMH will hate His Chosen, and those who hate His Chosen, hate TMH. In the Millennial Kingdom, all who hate His Chosen will be swept off the land. The Gentiles who make it into the Kingdom have to “cleave” unto the children of Israel.

      2 Nephi 24:1-2. “For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land; and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.
      2 And the people shall take them and bring them to their place; yea, from far unto the ends of the earth; and they shall return to their lands of promise. And the house of Israel shall possess them, and the land of the Lord shall be for servants and handmaids; and they shall take them captives unto whom they were captives; and they shall rule over their oppressors.”

      As we were under the yoke and dominion of white-supremacist Esau, so the stranger in our promised lands — all the Americas including IYERE (Trinidad) — will be under our yoke and dominion. Call that “Black Supremacy” if you like. But what it is is Israelite Dominion, or Israelite Rule. It will be far different from white-supremacist Dominion, which was “by the sword”. Under Israelite dominion exercised by a righteous remnant, what shall obtain is far different:

      2 Nephi 30:12-13. “And then shall the wolf dwell with the lamb; and the leopard shall lie down with the kid, and the calf, and the young lion, and the fatling, together; and a little child shall lead them.13 And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox….”

      It is interesting that the terminally wicked can’t even imagine such a state of affairs. No more dog eat dog. No more “do dem fuss!”

      I quote from the Book of Mormon, but I could also have quoted from Isaiah.

      I withhold my peace.

      Ether 2:9. “And now, we can behold the decrees of TMH concerning this land, that it is a land of promise; and whatsoever nation shall possess it shall serve TMH, or they shall be swept off when the fulness of his wrath shall come upon them. And the fulness of his wrath cometh upon them when they are ripened in iniquity.”

    3. Oohhh ! we touched a nerve Tariqandalus . Yeah I know the TRUTH hurts it does stick in your, throat: it`s not going down or coming up , it just there . You all are taking your cues from Modi the Indian PM(BJP party in India is pseudo fascist and a racist party) , you think is by accident that Barbados and Guyana got vaccines from India any politically astute person can see that India gave Barbados the vaccine to cover for the fact that they wanted to donate to their “kit and kitten” in Guyana only . Trini got left out on the advice of KPB and the Indian Comish . It`s called plausible deniability we know it to be so, but can you prove it. Ha . Look at the arrogance of the Sahu the Indian Comish to T&T.

      1. Mr Inconvenient and Mr Chase you can accuse me as much as you want. For the record my conscience is clear. Over the years I have personally hired a number of Black persons to well paying pensionable jobs and I have no regrets about any of them. They were all highly qualified, loyal and dedicated workers.
        In my rainbow team we had a Nigerian, an Ethiopian, two Jamaicans, a Dominican, a Guyanese, and several Chinese (Hong Kong, India, and Mainland China). We had one Trinidadian who was always away on a Monday. Maybe it says something about the Trinidad work ethic. That’s a project for UWI sociologists and armchair experts.

        Where am I going with this. You two sound like young fellas who have been brainwashed and mislead by the House Negroes in the PNM. They are not serving you they only serving themselves and their masters. You cannot build a country by hating your countrymen. Why you fellas wasting your time surfing the Internet and reading about BJP, Modi, Manusmriti, and a lot of other fkry*. Suggest you devote more time learning about your own country, its diversity, it’s beauty and richness. Travel a bit, go to Cedros, Santa Flora, Point Fortin, Mayaro, Moruga, Debe, Couva, Rio Claro and parts in between, and make up your own minds on how we all can live together in this little piece of paradise that is our home and be happy and prosper.

        1. “…the House Negroes in the PNM….”

          I take offense at your use of the term “House Negro”. You are not permitted such liberty.

          To my Negro brethren:

          Malcolm was misguided when he turned the term “house Negro” into what is now understood as a term of derogation. He was playing into the Willie Lynch strategy for keeping us divided as a people, and he ought not to have done it. Farrakhan keeps doing it, and various of his acolytes, including some right here in T&T. I wish they would stop.

          How many of them reflect that Toussaint was a “house Negro”, literally. Yet he turned into the greatest of the Negro generals in the modern era, defeating in turn the British, the Spanish, and French armies sent against him. Guess what? The “house Negro” has an advantage in this respect over the “field Negro”. Why? Because the “house Negro” will know the enemy better than the field Negro. What we do not want in leadership position are craven Negros, whether field variety or house variety, and being a field Negro is no guarantee against that.

          Therefore, let us stop using Willie Lynch against ourselves. And also, let us put all non-Negro in check — including Farrakhan, who has admitted to Edomite, Jewish, paternal seedline — who have the effrontery to use this term in derogatory manner, as “TariqAndalus” does here. That the historical Tariq Andalus was a Negro Moor, does not confer license.

          I withhold my peace.

  8. Mr Inconvenient, I did look at your youtube video and what is apparent is that the guy in the red t-shirt is a paid PNM mouthpiece who makes conclusions without knowledge of the real facts. One of the reason that Seeram Bros and other road contractors were hired to build secondary roads in Trinidad is because they were the only local people with the skills, knowledge and equipment to do this type of work not because of charity from the PNM. There is a historical reason for this. Most of the secondary and tertiary roads in Trinidad were covered with pitch not asphalt and if you take a trip to the Trinidad Archives you may get some pictures of coolie road gangs breaking up lumps of pitch with lathis. This was back breaking work which most Trinidad africans refused to do. They only appeared on the scene as Supervisors and Foremen after the roads were built.

    Here is a you tube video which may help you understand the Indian psyche and maybe reduce your hatred for them.

    BTW racism and discrimination against any person or race is a sin with certain punishment sooner or later. Beware of what you say and think because God know all.

    1. Lies!I don’t care how good you claim seereeram was, the PNM could have easily done what the queen brahmin did for the gopauls…Use state money to buy all the vehicles, machinery and equipment to set up a company for an african and then give that african a $40 million dollar contract, the $400 million, then $4 billion….If the PNM and africans were likeminded and racist!
      You denounce all inconvenient truths as “pnm mouthpieces”… You are SICK!
      and irrelevant!
      Caste-mind raised from young to lie.

    2. Tariqandalus hates african people! A vile wannabe thug who slanders others as a tactic to silence and discredit them. Now he uses words like ‘god’ to imply moral fortitude when he was just threatening and inciting violence against africans because he doesn’t like to hear inconvenient truths…like most scripture referencing DEMONS. Also, that tired, worn out reverse psychology typical of the tariqandalus’, the mamoos and tmans exposes your true character and upbringing. Denying your spoilt, racist, entitlement to power and slave master status translates to “hating indian people” and “racism”.


      1. I have said it before, I have no hatred for my African brethren. Our Prime Minister is a proud African, our President is a great Africana woman and the Chief Justice is African. The three arms of power in the nation is controlled by Africans.

        Under the stewardship of Dr. Rowley from Mason hall to White Hall fame African people are prospering and one can safely assume along with the 1% the wealthiest people in TnT.

        Over 40 years out of 59 years of nationhood Africanas have controlled the national purse over $5 trillion. 75% of government employees are Africans, 90% of government housing go to Africans, 90% of oil workers are Africanas. The army is 90% African, so to coast guard, the police about 60%.

        I would say along with the 1% Africans are amongst the most privileged class in TnT. I remember going to Service Commission and being put at the back of line, whilst African children were pushed through. And watching my mother and father being told to come back the next day when they went to pay taxes. Racism has worked well in favour of African people. So when Yawning comes up with his diatribe we all know he speaking for Inconvenient, Yoruba Israel and Birdie. All these three have done is attacked Indians. They are the most ungrateful bunch of degenerates on this board.

  9. “So when Yawning comes up with his diatribe we all know he speaking for Inconvenient, Yoruba Israel and Birdie. ” …..Mamoo

    If when you read something that can be traced factually and call it “diatribe”, then you cannot be wanting to be taken seriously.
    While I have not yet read Bernard Yawching’s book, there is nothing that have been publicly written about his assessment of the Hindu mentality in our country that has any contradictions in reality. Mamoo is famous for quoting numbers without regard for context. For example he says the army is 90% African and police 60% but fails to identify any institutional barrier for Indian inclusion. The Law Association is probably 80% Indian (I don’t really know), but I doubt you will hear him complaining about that. UWI blocks the majority of African medical students from entering medical schools but I doubt you will hear him complaining about that. African do enter medical schools but have to go outside of the country to get accepted. Indians have thousands of years practice in business, so I expect that to come naturally to them. As God’s children we all given talents and talents accentuates in groups based on culture, lifestyles and familiarity. For example while Sat might have said that me (as an African) will be playing pan night and day; truth – I cannot play a note in pan. As a member of the Army in its formative years and a member of its recruiting team, I am yet to see, told or instructed to exclude Indian applicants. I will NOT compete with
    conjecture or propaganda but I HATE to see people use numbers and accusations to justify false misrepresentations.
    Mamoo, the people you quoted above do not need confirmation
    of the facts stated by Mr. Yawching, to amplify what is happening before our very eyes each day. It is there for ALL to see, its just that people who promote those hateful practices would prefer we don’t echo what affects us on a daily basis. You echo whats on your mind when it comes to race, so why should we not do the same? Are you saying there is one standard for you and another for me?

    1. Kian,
      That is exactly what their religious moral code dictates and what african trinidadians fail to accept…they believe that inequality and injustice aimed at africans are morally sound principles…that is THEIR spirituality a.k.a. what europeans named “the caste system”! Look at the links provided and listen to the TYPICAL indian trinidadian mindset towards africans.

      Racist Trinidad Indian woman in Texas
      Notice how, like tman, mamoo, tariqandalus’ et al, she tries to hide her TRUE reason behind disparaging africans and BLM, But elsewhere she eventually exposes her core bias…the indigenous african phenotype!

      Some others:

      1. Racist Indian Woman in Texas video.
        People like this woman whose ignorance is on full display should be called out for her racism and condemned by all voices within the Indian community. I personally do not know anyone like her or would associate with people like her. It is truly shocking to witness this type of racist behavior in any society. It seems that she thinks that her Texas residency is offering her a welcomed voice and license to display her stupidity. It is possible to be a strong advocate for your people without being a racist slob.

        1. Tman is upset she said those things PUBLICLY…how dare she expose the community like that…save it for home and private!!

    2. Mr Kian, you mentioned you were a member of the Army recruiting team and received no instructions to exclude Indians from the T&T Army.
      How do you explain the overwhelming majority of Afro-Trinidadians in the T&T Army when in the general population Indo and Afros are evenly represented.
      In HR nomenclature there is a concept called “Systematic Discrimination” and here is how works.
      1. You advertise a vacancy to a select group of desired applicants- friends and relatives… Restricted area of search
      2. You create arbitrary selection criteria so only your friends and relatives will qualify.
      3. You stack the Interview panel with people who share your views.

      In this way any undesired candidates who may slip thru to the interview stage by changing their name or other means are easily eliminated.

      A few years back I read the list of new Army recruits and going by names only, I would guess that less than 20 percent were Indo-Trinidadian. BTW there is tendancy to quote Rafique Shah on this topic. He is only one person and still does not realize he was the token coolie for the Army. In 1966, I tried to get into the cadets at Presentation College, San Fernando. Twice a week, the aspiring recruits would practice marching, etc. My mixed race (Dougla) classmate was among the selected. Going from recollection between 1966 and 1973 only three East Indian students were selected to join the cadets. Many applied few were chosen.
      This sort of thing has been going for a lifetime and you fellas are quite happy with the way things are. What you don’t realize is that racial purity and supremacy is a destructive force which poisons you and everything around you.
      Our ancestors crossed the Kala Pani for a better life and through perseverence sacrifice and hard work they found it in Singapore, Fiji, Mauritius, East Africa, South Africa, West Indies, Belize, England, Canada and the United States.
      Maybe you can learn something from our journey so you will also share in this beautiful life.

      Best Wishes for the future.

      1. Kian, do not answer the dishonest racist hindutva troll, tariqandalus…let Raffique Shah, an actual ex soldier who was the first indian officer in the regiment.

        Raffique Shah – Memories of Regiment’s first Indian officer…a personal experience

        This article also references Former PNM MP at the time Ken Valley, accusing the the UNC leader and PM Basdeo Panday, of “tampering” with the list of recruits fot the COAST GUARD…remind me what is the duty of the coast guard again…aren’t they supposed to STOP illegal narcotics, guns etc from entering T&T?

      2. Tariqandalus, in answer to your question about uneven numbers in the Army and police force etc, I can only answer you with my stated objective in a previous blog “I will NOT compete with conjecture or propaganda but I HATE to see people use numbers and accusations to justify false misrepresentations.” Your premise is that “numbers speak for themselves and if they don’t even out then something MUST BE WRONG”. Would you rely on that same premise if I were to ask you the same question about the unevenness of lawyers and doctors in Trinidad? I am sure you would have a contextual answer for that. Context is always a qualifying parameter to use when using numbers. At one time in our history there were more Grenadian and Barbadian policemen in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service than Trinidadians period. The answer for that would have been contextual in nature, so based on my reasoning your question needs a more affirmative gesture before I can answer it properly.

        1. Simple answer, in order to qualify as a Medical Doctor or Lawyer you need to pass impartial exams and be certified by an accredited Medical School or Law School. What are the qualifications to be a soldier in the T&T Army? Is this criteria publicly available? My guess is that it would certainly help your cause if you had friends or relatives already in Army, or big wigs in the PNM Government. Since very few of the aforementioned are Indians in the first place the status quo perpetuates itself.

          In certain advanced countries there are two related concepts, Employment Equity and Affirmative Action. With Employment Equity, the Government identifies groups that are underrepresented in its workforce compared to the population at large-Civil Service, Police, Army etc and establishes long term targets to ensure that there is a more equitable distribution of the general population within its workforce. Affirmative Action involves identifying barriers that are preventing the underrepresented group from getting these jobs and putting in place policies and measures to remedy this imbalance. Using your example of the lack of Afro Doctors and Lawyers in T&T, maybe the Government could put in some quotas so that Medical and Law Schools accept a minimum number of Afro Students each year.
          It is my view that it is a Government’s responsibility to eliminate inequality and racism in society not to perpetuate it as has been practiced by the PNM Government for the past 50 plus years.

          1. See? Tariqandalus ascribes impartiality to the indian controlled medicine, law, u.w.i. etc. that has been shown to systematically exclude the masses of africans AS IF corruption via indians abusing their positions of power to give advantages to indian children from SEA to CXC to UWI is impossible or unlikely. However, the same tariqandalus claims racist bias in the army despite the most in-the-know indian raffique shah, dispelling the lie that Indians were blocked by africans frim joining the protective services. STOP trying to explain these issues to racist trolls like tariqandalus and his brothers in faith tman and mamoo!…they want to guilt trip africans into allowing them to dominate the armed forces like UWI! If systematic exclusion from prestige primary and secondary schools, systematic exclusion from high earning faculties in UWI arose after 1986 NAR/UNC and indian political power, dominance and control there…what do you expect to happen when these idelogical racists get what they want and this is replicated in the armed forces? Just so we’re clear…african trinidadians never complained that there are MORE indian doctors than africans, the complaint is that there is a deliberate exclusion of the masses of africans from key faculties that doesn’t start at the UWI.. it starts at who gets into the well run primary schools? Is the SEA corruption proof? Can motivated communities gain exams ahead of time and certain children and schools be groomed to pass these exams? What about who gets funneled into the classes that are on track to do medicine and sciences at secondary schools? Is CXC corruption proof? If billions can be stolen in government with bribes and hidden…Why can’t SEA, CXC be infiltrated? …especially if it’s a motivated GROUP/CULT , that is very organized ethnically, socially, politically and their religious morality supports it?

        2. African trinidadians are so caught up in being shocked at the slanderous attempts by racist, dishonest, power hungry members of the indian community who vilify them as being responsible for their ethnic group’s relative under representation numerically in police, army, military etc. , that they never take the time to ponder and focus on WHY…why all these claims post 1995? Why? The sad, dangerous truth may possibly be the same reason that a sitting PM would choose to turn their private home, in an indian area, into THE official residence of the PM?… preparation for WAR perhaps?…war that they may believe inevitable WHEN they move forward with their racist agenda perhaps? Maybe…they want to bully and guilt trip the rest of society into giving them unearned power so as to control the police, armed forces etc. so they can tyrannically seize the nation? First they must ENSURE no possible retalliation by those they intend to enslave and oppress perhaps? Hmmm?
          Only after african trinidadian football team made the world cup in 2006, the glory, attention and possibly lucrative career in europe became obvious did racists like sat maharaj start to talk about indians in football. Even sat, didn’t claim that indians were kept from football…his excuse was that indians prefer to take part in sports where their INDIVIDUAL ‘talents’ could be more recognized. These are lies of course! Indians in general, and “hindus” in partucular, because of anti-black, anti-african racism don’t feel comfortable in situations where they have to physically contact (especially sweaty) africans.
          According to former pundit and brahmin from a well known brahman-ist/”Hindu” family in trinidad, rabi maharaj, author of “Death Of A Guru”,, rabi says that he was AFRAID to be touched by a sudra INDIAN for fear of being polluted….he said sudra status was evident in his SKIN COLOUR! Imagine the mindset to africans!THAT is the real reason they avoided and are now supposedly under represent in army, police barracks….anti-Black, anti-african RACISM!
          Raffique Shah says the military diet was also an issue because muslims don’t want pork tainted pots and brahman-ists/”Hindus” wouldn’t want beef tainted kitchens. The guy in this video admits this racist scorn indians have for african prepared food in present day, but nobody connects the dots to how this mindset affects sports, military, police service etcHowever, the real core issue is racism and many since have joined because of lapsed religious upbringing and because they want to have devotees in the ranks. Also, as shah points out the lack of prestige and economic incentives in the police, military made indians like his father consider it “dog work”. Read

          Raffique Shah – Memories of Regiment’s first Indian officer…a personal experience

          Finally, illegal drugs, guns, etc. the many indian crime families of drugs, guns, human trafficking etc. want other indian “devotees” in positions of power that they could control more easily that african police…even the corrupt ones!

          1. Indians were not on the national football team simply because no Indian players were good enough to make the team. It has nothing to do with “sweat or situations where they have to physically contact (especially sweaty) africans”. It is a world wide phenomenon that many Africans have proven to be superior in a wide range of sports and physical skills. In sports teams everywhere in the world there is a predominance of African players….well ice hockey is a different matter.

          2. You are quite right Inconvenient.

            Also, as long as they have us defending re Army, Police, etc., it takes attention away from conscious misdeeds on their part involving UWI Medical, Law, Engg., not to mention SDMS “marking groups” actively t’iefing in SEA exams, ethnic “stocking” when PP/UNC got into Government, etc. ad nauseam.

            I remember feeling nauseated to read week by week Prof. Courtney Bartholomew’s column in a Sunday paper speaking plainly of indo wrong-doing in stocking the UWI Medical School to keep out Negro applicants.

            Cudjoe once had taken up the statistical cudgel in the matter of disproportionate performance results between Negro and indo pupils at the SEA. That died a death.

            The defense has been in the form of accusation. Indo students beat book, while Negro students beat pan. Nonsense of course. I taught once (mid-1970s) at UWI Engg and Mgt. Schools when Negro students were still there in some numbers. I well remember teaching a difficult very mathematical course. The most brilliant student by far was a Negro (Jamaican), trailed by two indo-Trinis, who were quite good but without any touch of brilliance, with the rest of the class distributed in the usual fashion from good to mediocre to dull, cutting across the races. To learn much later when I returned to T&T from abroad that Negro engg. students had to go overseas because places were denied them at UWI was most disheartening. (I refer to the case of a Negro girl who did outstanding work at NASA, but who had been denied a place at UWI — her case made the local papers, but I did not archive it for future reference, as now.)

            Be that as it may, if I am very angry about indo malfeasance, especially as it relates to education, and to the active and calculated denial of rightful opportunity to Negro students, I can well understand why others such as yourself are even more incensed than I. If Shah could say that he does not see race, the same certainly once applied to me. It has taken a lot to get me — a math/sci not a history major –to see the seditious and insurrectionist indo program at work here in T&T, and to draw parallels with Guyana. Fiji, Uganda etc. The sheer monstrous perfidy of it is an insult to the egalitarian ethos that was the great hope that came with the Independence generation. That hope is now lost. How it will end is really now up to TMH, but Scripture is plain that it will likely not fare well for the indo. When the Judgment comes, they will have brought it upon themselves.


            Micah 5:8. “And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep: who, if he go through, both treadeth down, and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver.”

      3. In 1966, I tried to get into the cadets at Presentation College, San Fernando. Twice a week, the aspiring recruits would practice marching, etc. My mixed race (Dougla) classmate was among the selected. Going from recollection between 1966 and 1973 only three East Indian students were selected to join the cadets. Many applied few were chosen.

        As it happened, I was there for part of that time. I can testify that these accusations of anti-indo racial profiling are a LIE.

        In the year that I joined, three from my entering class joined the cadets, one was indo. ALL that applied were accepted. The sergeant of platoon at the time was a dohgla.

        I say “joined”, because all one had to do as a student at the school was to show up, and sign up. One could join the Scout troop in the same way, or the Debating Society, or the Chess Club, or House Football, or House Cricket, or the Drama Society, or the Junior Jaycees, or the Photo Club, or the Tennis Club, or the St. Vincent de Paul Society, etc. If there was apparent racial profiling in the composition of some of these extra-curricular “clubs”, it was because of self-selection. Those in the scout troop tended to be lighter-skinned, those in the cadet platoon tended to be darker-skinned. But that is because one went where one already had friends, or where one felt that one had the aptitude. One didn’t sign up for house cricket, if one didn’t know how to hold a bat, or for the Drama Society if one was too shy to shine on stage.

        Therefore, if there were proportionately few indos in the cadet platoon, it would be because they themselves chose proportionately not to join. Proportionately they were better represented in scouts, debating, chess, Junior Jaycees, cricket. But in all cases, it was a matter of self-selection going in, even.

        I seem to recall that the cadet platoon in my entering year was at less than full strength, so there was no question of rejecting anyone that wanted to join. That may have changed in later years, after we won the Empire Shield competition. Also, there was at least one conspicuous case of an indo Cadet being accepted into the Police Service after graduation and very quickly becoming an Inspector of Police.

        Some of our boys also went into the fledgling Defence Force (Army and Coast Guard) and did well at officer level. One I know became a (Coast Guard) hero of sorts during the 1970 troubles. Another joined and made a career in Special Branch. Oh boy! This is bringing back a lot of memories, mostly pleasant and off topic. I better stop here.

        1. Yoruba,
          Thank You! You actually removed an angle blindspot on this issue for me regarding why these lies about african racism in the police, army recruitment etc. They are diverting attention away from what they do at the UWI, primary and secondary schools! Impointed this tactic regarding unc…whenever entering office the fabricate instances of anti-indian racism via the pnm, in order to justify what they already intend to do. Accusations of anti-indian racism is covee fire for their soldiers of anti-african racism!

        2. Also yoruba,
          Your article length responses, rebuttals and references to trinidad race dynamics of yesteryear are well written, edifying and refreshing. Do not assume they are not appreciated and make a difference. Your writing speaks to the robust literacy that ironically, the tman, mamoos and tariqandalus’/ramkrishnas downplay and deny.

          Keep Writing!

          1. “Your writing speaks to the robust literacy that ironically, the tman, mamoos and tariqandalus’/ramkrishnas downplay and deny….”


            Thanks very much for the kind and encouraging remarks. I hope I’m a useful vessel. But all praise ultimately is due to TMH, and I hope never to get that simple truth twisted, especially not due to ego. I do what I do and I hope in some small way it helps our struggle.

            But you now open a door and encourage me to walk through, for whatever interest it may satisfy. I speak to your point about “robust literacy”, and in particular about that class of people that embraced the term, “Negro”, and were not ashamed by it.

            I am a Negro. For reasons outlined in a previous post, I am “Negro” in preference to being “black” or “African”. The latter two terms that are now preferred by our people are exonyms — terms put on us by others, not as terms of endearment but of sorcery: “black” actually meaning a worthless thing of no value, and Afrika being anagram and near-synonym of Kaffir, an Arab slur meaning “infidel” and worthy to be enslaved. The term “Negro”, by contrast, is actually an endonym, a term we put upon ourselves. It is a Hebrew term going back to David and Solomon in its etymology. As advanced elsewhere, “NEGA” is a Hebrew word for “king”, literally “the son that is watched over”, the “apple of the eye” of TMH. And “NEGAR/NAGAR/NIGER/NEGRO” is a reference to the root from which comes that specific line of kings, descending from NEGA IYE-DEOD (King David) and NEGA IYEDI-DIYE (King Jedidiah aka King Solomon). Thus, the term “Negro” references the people from whom come the kingly line of David.

            Ras Tafari, Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia claimed descent from that line, as does the British Royal House. Hence both Haile Selassie I and Queen Elizabeth II carry the symbol of the lion on their royal crests, since David and Solomon carried the title “Lion of Judah”. But Selassie came through a bastard child, Menelik, that Solomon sired with Makeda, Queen of the non-Israelite people of Sheba. The British royal line claims link to David through, not a son, but a surviving daughter, Tea Tephi, of the last king of Judah, Zedekiah, all of whose sons were killed by Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. Her inheritance of the throne of David was conditional on marrying into the tribe of Judah, a condition which though met initially was violated at some point when Edomite paternal seed entered into the British royal line. Nevertheless, NEGA Solomon had 700 wives, and prophecy was/is that a “righteous branch” (Jeremiah 33:15-16) would be raised up in the latter day to restore that throne.

            That righteous branch will be NEGRO, as is adverted to in so many words by Buddhist prophecy regarding a coming NEGA-JUNA (aka NAGAR-JUNA).

            The British also seem to have known it, as it is there in the naming of the country of NIGERIA (NEGA-AREA). The most prominent and ancient of the tribes in that land are the YORUBA (= “house (BA) of IYERU-SHALEM” = BA + IYERU = IYERU-BA for short). The YORUBA are also called the people of O-DUDU-WA, a reference to one literally of the “line of David”, the founding king of the YORUBA. They are also known as the “NAGO” people, a variant reference to the NEGA people, or the people of NEGA David.

            It is only because of the curses, and our fall in the world, that the term NEGA/NAGA/NAGAR/NIGER etc. took on an ironic meaning, and became even an ethnic slur. No matter.

            I say all that to say I was raised in a “Negro” family. My grandfather’s grandfather was J. J. (John Jacob) Thomas, the author of “Froudacity” (1889). He was a school-teacher, as was my grandfather. He wrote a grammar of the Creole patois language once spoken in T&T and throughout the Caribbean and as far north as New Orleans. When you read Froudacity, you see where J. J. Thomas was well familiar with Greek, Latin, and Hebrew, as well as Holy Scripture, all of which he masterfully deploys to resist the kind of racial nonsense advanced by the former parson, Anthony Froude, in his The English in the West Indies (1888). Froude talked in his book about how to control/deny the post-slavery emergence and rise of the Negro in the West Indies. When you know Scripture, and who the Chosen people are (the Negro) you recognize Froude’s work as Edomite envy/hatred of the people of TMH, seeking to stop/delay their emergence as prophesied in Scripture.

            2 Esdras 6:9. “For Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth.”

            Psalms 83:5-6. “For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee:
            6 The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites

            Ezekiel 35:5. “Because thou hast had a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel by the force of the sword …”

            Thus Froude developed strategies for controlling the very mind of the Negro, somewhat in the strategic mould of Willie Lynch. In response, my forefather, J. J. Thomas said, in my favorite quote from his book:

            “No, sir, in the name of the Being regarding whose existence you and your alleged ‘popular thought’
            are so painfully in doubt, we protest against your
            right, or that of any other created worm, to
            formulate for the special behoof of Negroes
            any sort of artificial creed unbelieved in by yourself, having
            the function and effect of detective ‘shadowings’ of
            their souls.”

            The Edomites, the Ishmaelites, and all the other enemies of the Negro, and of TMH, have been precisely engaged in formulating all kinds of false ideologies — religious as well as secular — to keep the Negro in violation of his covenant obligation with TMH. The indo-Edomite in this land also is engaged in pursuing that same strategy, which is why they consider it their vital business to capture and exert the “soft power” of the media to mould thought and control minds. That is also why they actively want to deny the Negro access to the best schools, at all levels, up to and including UWI and UTT. They long ago made their pact with Satan, so they have no moral compunction with putting about the “Indian Policy” of which I have spoken, calling among others to “make the niggas (sic) your slaves. ”

            That odious document has attracted no condemnation from any indo public intellectual. There is no Arundhati Roy in the land to call out their own. For that matter, there has been no latter-day Negro public intellectual or politician to address the matter squarely. I have addressed the matter in a robust way on this forum, but I hardly count as a public intellectual, and neither am I a politician. But I do not entirely discount my small contribution, because I have faith that TMH is entirely in control. As He said to Elijah when the latter despaired that he, alone, resisted wrong-doing in Israel:

            1 Kings 19:18. “Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him.”

            My point? I at least have not accommodated myself to the ongoing Edomite and Ishmaelite and Islamicized Hamitic (look up the “Fulanization” of Nigeria, and Oduduwa and Biafra secession movements) assault upon the Negro. I resist it in the way my forebear J. J. Thomas resisted it, using “robust literacy” as a tool to do so.

            But I do not exalt literacy as such. It is after all mere tool. The Negro became associated with illiteracy in the slavery and immediate post-slavery periods, certainly. The plantation societies did not value Negro literacy, for obvious reasons. As a matter of fact, it actively feared it. They might read, after all, and rediscover who exactly they were! That is how powerful a tool literacy is. It is a way to free the mind!

            John 8:32. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

            That is the power of “robust literacy”. My Negro forebears became used to and comfortable with accomplishment. We don’t hand our heads over to anybody. Cudjoe speaks to that in one of his books, about that class of Negro that produced the George Padmore’s, the CLR James’, the Eric Williams’s, the Sylvester Williams’s, and etc. I mentioned elsewhere on this blog that this land, IYE-RE (written Ie’re in Spanish, mispronounced “eye-EE-ree” in English), is an Israelite land of promise, prophecy and providence. It is no coincidence that Columbus felt moved to call it “Trinidad”, referencing the Trinity — IYE-HAWAH, IYE-SHUAH and the RUACH-IYE. That helps us to understand why Trinidad played such an important role as it did in the decolonization process, providing intellectual leadership for the pan-African movement. My forebear, J. J. Thomas, was the intellectual grand-daddy of these men.

            But having thumped my ancestral chest just a little, I address your implication that we the Negro seemingly no longer value very much that “robust literacy” of which you speak. The indo-Trini is trying to help that program along by using soft power to convince Negro youth that they are somehow intellectually “less than”. Steer them into everything except academic achievement. Extol their virtues as dancers, musicians, footballers, athletes, and in the same breath tell them in numerous subtle and blatant ways that their heads not bright enough to do Medicine, Law, Engg. and etc. This is Froude’s program continued.

            Unfortunately, some of our own buy into the lie. Malcolm, Farrakhan and the local acolytes of Ishmaelite Islam continue to spout the indefensible intellectual confusion of category by demeaning the very term, “Negro”, and demeaning literacy itself by associating it in some essential way with the even more demeaning term, “House Negro”. This is scoring an own-goal by using Willie Lynch divide-and-rule strategy against ourselves. How stupid.

            But one begins to understand the matter under the illuminating light provided by Scripture. For Malcolm and Farrakhan are caught up in a religion, apparently one in robust opposition to white-supremacy Christianity, –which J. J. Thomas would well understand and applaud– but which merely jumps from one mind-stealing set of lies to another, weakening, not strengthening the Negro thereby. As I pointed out in previous commentary on this topic, Toussaint was literally a “house Negro”, yet became after four short years of the Haitian Revolution one of the best generals, Negro or otherwise, that we have seen in history. Had he been a “field Negro” there is some question whether he could have done what he did as a general. First, as a house Negro, he was favored enough and trusted enough that he was taught to read and write — an essential skill in running a modern army. Second, as a house Negro, he came to know his enemy in a way unlikely for a field Negro. In any case, the issue is not whether one is “house Negro” or “field Negro”, the issue is character.

            Unfortunately, influenced by Malcolm and Farrakhan, and their local acolytes, our racial struggle seems to have been taken over by rabble-rousers. Since 1970, what has NJAC accomplished but to sell the Negro downriver by joining with his racial enemy? They have weakened the Negro center, still occupied by the PNM, but which more and more looks like it cannot hold. And it provided encouragement for yet more rabble-rousers and people of low character, such as the alleged rapist, Watson Duke, also alleged to have abused fiduciary and other trust in his role as head of PSA.

            The Negro was not only about robust literacy, but also about moral rectitude in public affairs. So we must be grateful to Eric Williams and the PNM, and I’m sure in particular to the PNM Women’s League. The latter provide a sort of moral ballast, without which so many institutions in this land would have already disintegrated into moral decrepitude given the kinds of assaults upon them from the many moral deplorables that abound in the land.

            So I’m grateful for the door you have opened that I could talk about my Negro forebears and the virtues they have embodied. As school teachers and soldiers (in service to Empire! too besides) they would today be derided as “house Negroes”. But consider: my forebear J. J. Thomas’ grandfather was David Thomas, the first in my line to come to this country . He was a soldier, of the British Corps of Colonial Marines, part of the party that put a torch to the White House, during the War of 1812 between the U.S. and Britain. He had been recruited into the Corps of Colonial Marines attracted by the British offer of freedom for all slaves (Virginia/Maryland area) that would run away from their American enslavers and sign up. He was a member of one of the companies demobilized at Moruga (1815). So I come from a line also of robust soldiers — I do not say, “battle-hardened”, LOL. Whether that ancestor, David Thomas, had been a “field Negro” or “house Negro,” history does not record, but I am spiritually guided he was a “field Negro”; he was 18 years old when recruited. I am guided also that he was 16 years old when kidnapped and enslaved at Slave Coast (today Nigeria) . My grandfather (J. J. Thomas’ grandson) came home with shrapnel wounds from WW I. He had volunteered as a member of the British West India Regiment, and saw action at the battle of Jerusalem, where the BWIR soldiers distinguished themselves and were written up in despatches. My father was a volunteer for the Home Guard during WW II, but saw no action. And one of my older brothers had been a cadet at Presentation San Fernando before I entered and also joined.

            I am saying all that to say that “house Negro” might well be the appellation preferred by our enemies for the family from which I come, but craven we never were. Not only were we proud of a tradition of robust literacy, but also of a robust moral rectitude that valued service to “God, king and country” — but in the searching, thinking kind of way exemplified by J. J. Thomas, my forefather, who would have none of being told what as Negros we ought to believe/think.

            In that regard, the issue always is Truth. As Scripture lets us know, it is Truth that will make us free. J. J. Thomas showed a good enough knowledge of Scripture to argue effectively with a former parson. I expect he also knew that we the Negro were the Chosen of TMH. That knowledge somehow seemed to have been lost by such as CLR James, Eric Williams and George Padmore. CLR James certainly rejected Scripture along with Religion, as did Padmore the communist. Our Antillean/Bantu compatriots, Cesaire, Damas, Fanon, and Senghor spoke in terms of “negritude”, as a basis for the liberation project, but I wonder if they knew that the Negro were the Israelite sons of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, suffering the curses, and therefore also promised a sure Redemption.

            In any case, a robust literacy should send us deeply into a study of our real roots as a people. That would take us to Holy Scripture, and a tradition of literacy exemplified by our forefathers the prophets. There is no literary tradition on the planet that is older. I am proud to stand on their shoulders.


            Jeremiah 33:5-7. “They [NEGA kings of Judah] come to fight with the Chaldeans (Babylon), but it is to fill them with the dead bodies of men, whom I have slain in mine anger and in my fury, and for all whose wickedness I have hid my face from this city.
            6 Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.
            7 And I will cause the captivity of Judah and the captivity of Israel to return, and will build them, as at the first.”

        3. Yoruba,
          Sorry to say but…Raffique shah is not “colour/race blind” at all! For the same reasons african americans learned to not trust the “white saviour”, africans should be cautious with the “indian saviour” …the “ssviour” gets to dictate what is right,wrong, racist, not racist and inevitably bias rares it’s head in ways that undermine the anti-racismmovement Just recently during the internationally coordinated takeover in guyana,shah blamed burnham for guyana’s racism as he blamed the INDIGENOUS fijians for the racism and conflict there. Even in trinidad, he never chastises his community specifically for racism, he blames “politicians”, although he did admit that former indian political leader, founder of progenitor to UNC (DLP), grandfather of indian politics and father-in-law of sat maharaj, bhadase sagan maharaj, routinely and liberally referred to africans as “nigger” on his then political platforms. Shah, like most indians are only willing to speak enough truth until it exposes the villainous role his ethnic group plays in indian-african relations…it’s a type of ethnic loyalty absent among african people. Sadly.

          1. Inconvenint:

            Your analysis re “the other” as savior is insightful, and I agree.

            Shah is no savior of mine.

            In the first place, I have never given him a pass for his role in the 1970s matter. He is guilty — tried, proven, and admitted — at the least of mutiny. That was a violation of his soldier’s oath. And as far as I could see, there was no moral justification. He claimed that he had been given an order to go to Port of Spain and to shoot and kill demonstrators. I am yet to see substantiation of that claim. The soldier is under oath to obey lawful orders. If a soldier is ordered to shoot unarmed civilians, yes, that would be an unlawful order, violative of the first part of the oath of allegiance to “God, king and country”. But that was not the case IMO. Shah was part of an unlawful insurrection, IMO, not merely a spur-of-the-moment mutiny triggered by a morally odious order given by a commander. He got off for (questionable) technical legal reasons, not because of findings of fact. Therefore, in my humble view, Shah actually still has a case to answer before the Ultimate Court, for violation of his soldier’s oath, because he has “doubled down” on his wrong-doing, and has not owned up to it, rather positions himself indeed as some “savior” in the “black power” struggle of the day. I for one do not buy it.

            In the second place, when I grant him the claim that he does not see race, I carefully reject his additional claim to “moral authority”. On a different thread, I think I said something to the effect that I would grant him (on race issues) claim to clean hands and good faith. That is all.

            I see that even that much lesser claim you would deny. I am not going to argue. My grant as to clean hands and good faith was by way of looking at the matter in a light most favorable to Shah, while on the way to denying him a claim as to “moral authority”. As I said at the time, where was his condemnation of the odious “Indian Policy”? And you are right to add, ” Shah, like most indians are only willing to speak enough truth until it exposes the villainous role his ethnic group plays in indian-african relations…it’s a type of ethnic loyalty absent among african people. Sadly.” I have nothing to add to that.


  10. Simple answer, in order to qualify as a Medical Doctor or Lawyer you need to pass impartial exams and be certified by an accredited Medical School or Law School. What are the qualifications to be a soldier in the T&T Army? Is this criteria publicly available? My guess is that it would certainly help your cause if you had friends or relatives already in Army, or big wigs in the PNM Government. Since very few of the aforementioned are Indians in the first place the status quo perpetuates itself.

    In certain advanced countries there are two related concepts, Employment Equity and Affirmative Action. With Employment Equity, the Government identifies groups that are underrepresented in its workforce compared to the population at large-Civil Service, Police, Army etc and establishes long term targets to ensure that there is a more equitable distribution of the general population within its workforce. Affirmative Action involves identifying barriers that are preventing the underrepresented group from getting these jobs and putting in place policies and measures to remedy this imbalance. Using your example of the lack of Afro Doctors and Lawyers in T&T, maybe the Government could put in some quotas so that Medical and Law Schools accept a minimum number of Afro Students each year.
    It is my view that it is a Government’s responsibility to eliminate inequality and racism in society not to perpetuate it as has been practiced by the PNM Government for the past 50 plus years.

    1. Tariqandalus is a liar. He falsely accuses the PNM of inequality and racism over a 50 year period, to justify the inequality and anti-black, anti-african racism practiced by his religion, culture and ethnic group over a 2, 500 year old period. Tariqandalus constantly projects his hauntingly anti-black, anti-african, religiously, culturally and politically indoctrinated psyche unto the victims of his malignant mindset (africans) , so as to JUSTIFY his ethnic groups treatment of them! Tman (siewdath), tries to be slick, by inferring that indians in trinidad couldn’t play football because of genetics and africans couldn’t study as well as indians because of genetics. This is uniqueness of indian racism…the shameless, diabolical, dishonest and obnoxious hostility and recalcitrance to those who show nothing but love and support…Just because they’re BLACK skinned and indigenous AFRICAN features!! It’s an enduring, religiously induced, socially and politically spread SICKNESS that destroys societies!Tariqandalus, Tman and Mamoo are mentally ill liars and sociopaths!

  11. Mr Inconvenient, Sat is dead, recycling Raffique Shah’s the PNM mouthpiece, personal biases does not make them the universal truth.

    To be successful in International Sports require superior skills, dedication, years of practice and motivation. I do not envy any talented sports personality because I know that their success was not achieved by sudden flight but while their companions slept they were perfecting their chosen career.

    The primary criteria to be successful in the T&T Army, Police, Civil Service and other State Institutions is to be well connected with the PNM elite. So it was and so it will be until the end of our days. Rejoice that you should be so lucky. And if you are not already receiving the bounty of your birthright ask yourself why not?

    1. According to the UNC mouthpiece tariqandalus, raffique shah is a “PNM Mothpiece”…where does that leave us?

    2. The criteria for success in T&T ‘s Army, police, civil service and other state institutions other than the UNC in 1995-2001 and 2010-2015, is hard, non-prwstigious, high-risk, low-pay work (relatively). There will always be nepotism in the public and private sector to one degree or another. However what the NAR/UNC started in 1986 andUNC in 1995-2001 and 2010-2015 is introduce racism in the most vulgar and demeaning ways along with a no-holds-barred sort of nepotism that saw UNQUALIFIED persons like reshmi ramnarine being vaulted from a telephone operator to the head position in an intelligence agency. That bit of theatre seemed to many as vulgsr racism AND nepotism. The PNM and african politics traditionally have much higher (universally regarded) moral standards in these issues. e.g. If there’s a CEO position and it’s given to a qualified pnm in that company, that is obviously different to giving the position to the no field experience, no tertiary education pundit from one’s village temple…THAT’S the type of behaviour UNC and indian politics produces in trinidad and guyana. It all comes down to morals and ethics…the truth is african caribbean people would be ashamed to reciprocate the vulgar racism they recieve from the indian communitynvia UNC or the public sector. Another hushed issue with police, army etc. is that the very same indians who avoid football because of contact with africans, are the same ones who can’t do the physical conditioning and physical contact culture that football,rugby etc prepare one for. Many like the idea of a uniform, gun and the power to arrest, but deteste and fear the physical contact and proximity with africans.Ask elder, retired police about when indians started showing the most interest in the police service…when firearms became standard! The youth couldn’t imagine, but, there was a time when police carried merely a stick and whistle…one had to be ready for physical violence and brave. Likewise, oil and gas was a very dangerous field of work that required phyical strength and high-risk taking daily…african caribbeans dominated those jobs and pioneered the unions that got great wages to present day after africans unionized and protested for better, safer work conditions. AFTER those benefits that were protested, marched and striked for bore fruit, the indian community started to line up…same history with nursing….there’s a pattern here…whenever a field of work becomes attractive to the indian community, there is this “time to get dem african out, is ours now” mentality. African people do not think or behave this way in the caribbean, latin-america, north america, the u.k., or the continent.However, indians have that reputation everywhere they reside.

      1. Gentlemen, your preoccupation with everything Indian will not serve you well now or in the future. Wherever Indians reside in the world or wherever they migrate to, they quickly become a successful, financial, educated force to be reckoned with. That is not going to change because they possess or acquire the professional or entrepreneurial skills to forge successful communities. This is done by self-advocacy, networking and capitalizing on opportunities suited to the environs. The mistake you gentlemen are making is to assume that propagation and promotion of one’s group is at the expense of another. See the future. It is clear that the nations of China and India will emerge as the world’s superpowers, as their their emigrants eventually dominate the professions and major entrepreneurial projects worldwide.

        1. Tman (Siewdath), what the %*#* does all of THAT have to do with the conversation? Typical…boasting about power in discussions about morality. India and China are emerging WITH super powers FROM the resources of the african continent and it’s people…”super powers” is a euphemism for colonists!

          1. Such a vile comment from the King of irrelevancy! The You Tube hustler and duplicator with a one track mindset….anti-Indian preoccupation in a world with such possibilities.

        2. “wherever indians reside in the world…” Siewdath (Tman)
          as i’ve pointed out before indians in trinidad and guyana have a completely different history than those educated, middle and upper class indian nationals who migrate to north america and the UK. The do have things in common though… just like the caribbean and north america, indians owe their economic successes to africans non-racism, supportive, patronizing of their businesses. In fact, wherever you find the indian diaspora, as anti-african and anti-black as they tend to be, they are obsessed with using africans in particular as their economic base to build their communities’ social, economic and political wealth, while keping the said africans out!…then rubbing the very said economic, educational and political successes that they built off of africans’ support, in their faces! You are not clever siewdath (tman), and please learn to use “neither” and “nor”.

          Sashing the Myth of the Model Minority | Asia Society

          1. Inconvenient:

            Thanks for the link. I have two reactions, one about race and cannibalism, the other about the Irish being the “niggers of Britain”.

            Re cannibalism being associated with Africans, also dark-skinned tribals in India:

            The very word, “cannibal,” contains within it the implication that Cain not only slew Abel, but also ate his corpse. As discussed in one of my earlier articles on this blog and thread, the “mark of Cain” is white skin. Therefore, cannibalism ought better, historically, to be associated with white instead of dark skin color.

            The second quick reaction that I have is to the reference to the Irish as the “niggers of Britain”, by an Irish novelist referring to the historical fact that Irish people were sold into slavery in the West as part of the slave trade. The historical fact is that the original Britons were a “black”, indeed Israelite, people. The Irish that were sold into slavery, called the “Black Irish”, were “black” people, literally, different from the “white” Irish today. This kind of ethnic erasure is of course very familiar, having taken place in the Americas, generally and indeed right here in T&T. The term, “American” referred originally to the aboriginal “copper-colored” people; now it refers to the “white” — originally English — settlers who genocided them.

            See the following youtube links:
            1) — references the book by Joseph J. Williams, “Whence the ‘Black Irish’ of Jamaica”, and suggests the origin of the many Irish names in Jamaica not connected with any plantation owners; and
            2) — references a book on the original black Britons, known as Celts

            That these were Israelites is consistent with prophecy found at 2 Esdras 13:40-48. The scattering of Israelites to lands where never before man dwelt, include lands in far north-west Europe, as well as the Americas, as well as the South Pacific.

            Also, when the surviving daughter, Tea Tephi, of Zedekiah, the last king of Judah, decamped to Ireland, she was able to marry a Judahite of the house of Zarhi, King Eochaidh of Ireland. That is the origin of British royalty and their claims of descent from the line of David. Tea Tephi inherited the scepter of David, there being no surviving son. That inheritance remains however with the tribe of Judah and cannot be alienated therefrom; Numbers 27:8, 36:3-6; the condition being that if brought over as dowry by the inheriting female, the man must be of the tribe of Judah. That was so initially for a long line of Irish, and Scottish kings claiming that inheritance, but at some point Edomite seedline inserted itself. They continue to claim that line back to David, but it was vitiated under the law. Therefore, “when Shiloh come”, that scepter of Judah will be reclaimed from the current British royal house. This matter is treated in some detail in my book found at


            P.S. The following Scripture refers:

            Genesis 49:10. “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.”

  12. Youruba,
    Dr. Cudjoe has even recently wtitten about J.J.Thomas and said that no afrocentrist can be taken seriously if they haven’t read and know of him. He wrote of him in his book “Beyond Boundries” half a century ago.

    Selwyn R. Cudjoe – John Jacob Thomas: An Exemplary Trinbagonian

    1. Inconvenient:

      Thank you for sharing this, I was not familiar with it specifically. But I had been aware of Cudjoe’s role in calling to remembrance the work of J. J. Thomas — (See his contribution at the conference: Every Cook can Govern – CLR James and the Canon. starting ca. 27:00m. and again in Q&A ca. 1:12:40) — where he alludes among others to J. J. Thomas when he makes reference to a “black Atlantic” intellectual tradition to make the point that CLR James did not emerge out of a cultural vacuum, however much quintessentially James might have been a “British schoolboy” in the way he was trained at QRC.

      I never did get or read “Beyond Boundaries”, but only because as a Nazarite Servant of TMH for a good 11 years, I lived as a recluse in the “bush” with only fitful access to media and the world, and without funds even to buy newspapers, had I even had access to newspaper vendors.

      Cudjoe is of course right about the afrocentrist canon and J. J. Thomas. If Thomas is not included, then there is something missing. I like his highlighting the following quote from Melvyn Bragg:

      “One way to destroy a personality is to cut out memory: one way to destroy a state is to cut out its history.”

      Of course the English would have known very well the importance of history in watering and sustaining a people and a culture. That is why one of the strategies employed by them in treating with the Negro during the time of plantation slavery and since, has been precisely to separate him/us from our Negro history. That was one of the Willie Lynch strategies for controlling the Negro. That was why they took Negro history — aka Holy Scripture — and tried systematically to separate us from it. That is why they removed key books from the so-called Bible — the 14 books of Apocrypha, plus the Book of Enoch, the Book of Jasher, the Book of Jubilees– that reveal too plainly who the Negro is, and who they are. That is why at one point they even concocted a “Slave Bible” for us to read. That is why they painted their own images and likeness into a storyline and promise that is not about them, rather about us. That is why they gave us a “white Jesus”, plainly contradicting the evidence (Revelation 1:14-15, Daniel 7:9, 10:6) of Scripture itself. That is why “white-supremacy” Religion is an essential fraud, infecting ALL religion claiming to come out of OUR Holy Scripture, but concocted by our Scriptural enemies — Edomites, Ishmaelites, and the Gentiles in general.

      Jeremiah 16:19-20. “O IYEHAWAH, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit.
      20 Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods?”

      Psalms 147:19-20. ” He sheweth his word unto Jacob, his statutes and his judgments unto Israel.
      20 He hath not dealt so with any nation: and as for his judgments, they have not known them. Praise ye IYEHAWAH.”

      The prophets of Holy Scripture are ALL of the seed of Jacob/Israel. That is notably and principally us, the Negro. The Holy Seed of IYESHARALOH (Israel) is us.

      The color conundrum, colorism, and white-supremacy racism and associated lies, come into it because, –(as becomes evident from reading the excluded book of Enoch)– one significance of “white” skin is that this is the skin color associated with the “mark of Cain” specifically, and with the offspring of fallen angels (nephilim) more generally. White skin is a mark of genetic pollution. The Holy Seed carries the original dark skin going back to Adam, and as such is like unto an heirloom seed to be preserved against the genetic pollution and manipulation of Satan. That is why it is a scriptural lie to say that ” ‘God’ loves everybody.” He does not:

      Romans 9:13. “As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.”

      TMH “hates” Esau. Why? Because, like Cain when he slew Abel, Esau made a pact with Satan to rule “by the sword”, as indeed was quietly prophesied (Genesis 27:40). The outward manifestation of that is that Esau’s seed lightened in skin color, and mixed himself with those Gentile nations that were left open to genetic pollution by fallen angels. These are they that came down to earth, and made their pact amongst themselves upon Mt. Hermon to take for themselves wives from amongst the daughters of men. Genesis 6:4, and Enoch chap. 6 speak to the first of these events before the Flood, and the evil men to which it gave rise, and Enoch 105 prophesies a recurrence after the Flood.

      Enoch 105:16. “…he who is born is his child in truth; and he shall call his name Noah, for he shall be to you a survivor. He and his children shall be saved from the corruption which shall take place in the world; from all the sin and from all the iniquity which shall be consummated on earth in his days. Afterwards shall greater impiety take place than that which had been before consummated on the earth…”

      That is what we see today post-Flood, and explains the pre-occupation the wicked scientists of the day have with GMO seeds, and now with using GMO technology as basis for a new (misnomered) “vaccine” technology for the fight against Covid. At any rate, the lighter the skin color, and the straighter the hair, the greater the chance of a human gene that has been compromised with fallen-angel (nephilim) seed. That is the hard, brutal truth given to us by our forefathers the prophets, that we may guide ourselves in these momentous end-times.

      I say that to agree with Cudjoe, and Bragg, about the absolute importance of history, to keeping alive the Holy Seed, and the culture given to us by our Creator.

      So it is an irony that when Cudjoe joins the call to canonize the literature of CLR James — notably Beyond a Boundary, Toussaint L’Ouverture and the Haitian Revolution, and Mariners, Renegades, and Castaways — and with which I do not necessarily disagree, he is giving along the way a stamp of approval to an a-historical, even anti-historical, view of the Negro. For, as the starting assumption of CLR James’ Marxian view of the world, he cast aside, not only the provably false notions of white-supremacy Religion, but also, unknowingly, in casting aside Holy Scripture itself, he cast aside as well the core, “required reading” text of Negro history. For Holy Scripture, quintessentially, is Negro History.

      Therefore, it is not sufficient that the “afrocentrist” canon ought certainly to include John Jacob Thomas. It ought even more so to include Holy Scripture, going at least as far back as the Book of Enoch, written before the Flood.

      (That literary tradition, although the inheritance of all people on the planet descended from Adam — for Enoch is the father of all human lines (Shem, Ham, and Japheth) descending from Noah, Enoch’s great great grandson — is specifically the birthright and the inheritance of that line coming through Shem …. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Judah, aka the Negro, or the root thereof. There is no literary tradition anterior to Enoch, — not Egyptian, not Chinese, not Sumerian, not Indian. NONE. )

      It is to be regretted that one as gifted as CLR James made the mistake of throwing that Scriptural baby out with the bath-water of Gentile Religion. Had he not made that mistake, and put on the robes of a robust negritude, instead of misguided marxianism, his gift is such that as a people we might by now have made the link back to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We might also have succeeded in freeing our collective mind from the shackles imposed by those who are and remain invested in making us forget our noble heritage and promised inheritance. Even the call to canonize James might have the (perhaps intended) consequence of keeping Negro intellectuals well separated from contemplation of the Real Negro History of Holy Scripture.

      2 Esdras 6:9. “For Esau is the end of the world, and Jacob is the beginning of it that followeth.”

      It is also to be regretted that John Jacob Thomas died as young as he did, at age 49. I will not posit a new conspiracy theory in that regard. However, it is clear from Froudacity that he had all that was necessary to make the link, for the Negro as a people, back to the inheritance line of Judah, Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham, the inheritance line of TMH.

      Here in T&T, he also would likely have made the association of the Indians coming across the Kala Pani, as a branch of the Esau-Edom family tree, along with that white branch exemplified by such as James A. Froude.

      Relatedly, Cudjoe would have had greater clarity of mind and understanding in treating with such as Sat Maharaj. If one does not know one’s history — in all necessary fullness — there will be a price paid in the coin of regret. This is as much true for Jacob, whom the Most High “loves”, as for Esau, whom He “hates”. Why? Because under the plan of Redemption that TMH has made available to us, even Esau may obtain that Redemption. But he must “cleave” unto Jacob to get it. He must let go his “perpetual hatred” of Jacob. Scripture makes it plain that those who hate the Chosen, also hate TMH and His Son the Redeemer. And vice versa. That is one reason why, psychologically, they had to “make over” IYE-SHUAH into a “white boy” with straight hair, also Greek-ify His name to “Jesus”, before they would worship Him, and also propagate the lie that He loves everybody.

      So, by all means, let us add John Jacob Thomas to the “afrocentrist” canon. But as we do so, let us reflect that far more importantly, let us add back Holy Scripture, the core “required reading” of Negro history. Let us also drop the nonsense of nomenclature that is any reference to the Negro as “black”, or even “African”. Neither is the case, when we consider real Scriptural history going back to Judah, Jacob, and beyond, to Adam.


      1 Maccabees 3:47-48. “Then they (the Israelites) fasted that day, and put on sackcloth, and cast ashes upon their heads, and rent their clothes, 48 And laid open the book of the law, wherein the heathen had sought to paint the likeness of their images.

  13. Yoruba and Kian,
    Watch and share…This is a carbon copy of the mindset that held state power over trinidad and tobago 1986-1991, 1995-2001 and the worst 2010-2015. This is what lies in opposition and awaits opportunity…Sat’s devotee…Notice the audience.

    1. Inconvenient:

      She is a sad case of ignorance mixed with arrogance. She thinks her lighter skin compared to the Negro is some marker of greater worth, when in fact it is a mark of the genetic pollution caused by fallen angels inter-mixing with human females.

      Yes, as our people return to our true History, as recorded in Holy Scripture, it is important that we understand and come to terms with this peculiar phenomenon of colorism, In the West, it emerged in the slavery and colonial societies and the white-supremacist structures that were their correlate. In the East, it emerged when the brahmanists won out in their control struggle with the Buddhists. This colorism phenomenon is anticipated in Holy Scripture, going back to the story of the mark of Cain, to Esau’s deal with the Devil, and his mixing his seed in particular with the Gentiles descending from Japheth, the son of Noah whose line was given over to genetic pollution by the fallen angels, who thereby also acquired the mark of Cain. Ultimately, white-supremacist colorism is the envy/hatred of the hated, polluted, “GMO” seed for the loved, Chosen, “heirloom” seed.

      Scripture is brutal in that regard, — as Truth sometimes needs to be — but not without Mercy and Compassion under certain terms.

      Regardless, I take your point. I would even add to it, as I think the whole indo project in this land is seditious in nature, certainly disloyal relative to Constitutional oath, whether they occupy position as Government or as Opposition. Fire be upon them! But to you I say


      Isaiah 13:11. “And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.”

    2. And who does the woman represent Inconvenient? She living in Texas! She can say whatever she wants. But a racist can find racist anywhere. You are mentally ill Inconvenient. Like neonazi Yawning there is a special place in St.Ann’s for both of you.

  14. ” Those who are different from me do not impoverish me -they enrich me. Our unity is constituted in something higher than ourselves – in Humanity.” ( The Little Prince )

    1. …unless there are specifically those that are different than you (like Tman, mammoo and tariqandalus) that WANT to impoverish you..economically as well as psychologically! Tman spouts anti-black anti-african agenda incessantly while peppering it with fake, “unity” slogans…just like indian politics (UNC, COP etc).
      Regardless of your deceptive tactics siewdath (Tman), you couldn’t be more transparently racist.

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