Black & Brown People Beware

By Dr Selwyn R. Cudjoe
February 01, 2021

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeIn 2001 when UNC was in power, I objected to its endorsement of Dr Bhoe Tewarie as principal of The University of the West Indies (UWI). I argued that Tewarie was not sufficiently prepared for such a position, his having only attained the status of “lecturer” in his academic career. Readers can determine the truth or falsity of my position.

In May 2017, when PNM recommended that Robert Bermudez serve as Chancellor of the university, I depicted his appointment in a satirical manner since I couldn’t take his appointment seriously. I believed he wasn’t the man for the job.

However, other impartial observers convinced me that Bermudez could serve the university best by bringing the needed funds and strengthen its endowment. It’s no secret that our university graduates are not inclined to contribute to the financial upkeep of our universities. It might be that they do not take the pride in their universities as they should. The story is quite different at many institutions in the United States. Bermudez’s selection seemed a good omen from this point of view.

In the summer of 2017, I met Sir Hilary Beckles at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa where we both presented academic papers at a conference. I reminded him about my opinion that Bermudez was not suited for his new position. Beckles was all generosity. He felt Bermudez had a lot to offer, welcomed him to the university, and looked forward to his contributions to the university.

Sir Hilary has been a godsend to the university. When he became the Vice-Chancellor of UWI one of his first actions, together with faculty and students, was to change the name of Milner Hall to “Freedom Hall”. This change of name was an attempt to dis-honour Lord Alfred Milner after whom the hall was named. Lord Milner, the father of South African apartheid, was associated with the mass murder of Zulus while he was the governor of Transvaal.

This was a sign of things to come. Quickly thereafter he began to lead the call for reparation of the former European nations who owned slaves in the Caribbean. As chairman of the Caricom Reparations Commission, he called for a “reparation summit” with the governments of “the Caribbean and of Europe and with representatives of their private corporations, universities and civil society organisations, to discuss their contributions to a development plan for the Caribbean” (Caricom Today, July 14, 2020.)

I have seen the effect of Hilary’s advocacy. He has met with the leaders of the University of Glasgow (UG) and impressed upon them the need to assist in repairing the damage that slavery has done to the Caribbean. They were receptive to his appeal.

Three years ago, I spoke at UG in a hall that was built in part from monies William Burnley, Trinidad’s leading slave owner, contributed to UG. Because of Sir Hilary’s leadership, the university granted two annual scholarships to Caribbean students to attend UG. About a month ago, one of my research assistants who studied at the University of London was appointed as an assistant professorship in history at UG. It was a direct result of Sir Hilary’s advocacy that these institutions have made amends for their past indiscretions.

Since he arrived, UWI has become a top global university in terms of academics, commitment to democratic governance, and possesses a forward-looking posture. It serves 50,000 students and tackles some of the major problems that confront the post-Independence Caribbean. It can be considered one our intellectual jewels.

Today, Chancellor Bermudez wishes to change the university governance structure to an executive chancellor of the university. He has set up a Chancellor’s Commission on Governance that may shrink the university. He says the university is much too big for an academic to run and feels he can do a better job running it in spite of everything the university has achieved in a global competitive market.

Sir Hilary and the faculty of UWI have been in the forefront of a worldwide movement that demands reparations for the unpaid toil of our forefathers. A week ago the National Action Network presented Sir Hilary with its Peace and Freedom Award. It honoured him for personifying, in his work and life, “the global fight for human rights and human dignity, particularly in the African diaspora.” Such honours bring prestige to the university.

When CLR James returned to Trinidad in 1963 to bury his father, he reflected on the social laws of development. He wrote: “The relations of countries and the relations of classes had to change, before I discovered that it is not the quantity of goods and utility that matter, but movement; not where you are and what you have, but where you have come from, where you are going and the rate at which you are getting there” (Beyond A Boundary).

The UWI remains a vital intellectual and creative centre in Caribbean life. At a time when we face the twin challenges of a raging pandemic and lower government revenues it is important that business and government work harmoniously together to achieve the greater good. Whatever happens, we in T&T should do everything in our power to guarantee and protect the work that UWI has been mandated to do.

This is not simply an academic matter. Doing its work efficiently involves the salvation of Black and Brown people in the Caribbean.

23 thoughts on “Black & Brown People Beware”

  1. Dear Doc.
    I applaud your concern, but the Africana dream espoused by a true Africana leader Mr. Manning escapes your pen. No mention of UTT.

    Sir, it was the PNM from 2015 who had professors unpaid at UWI for several months. Not a dog bark for fear of further retaliation.
    But back to my original point. UTT was the brain child of Manning and his dream of giving black people more opportunities to succeed.
    Enter Dr. Rowley in one of the most brutal campaign moves to dismember, dislocate and destroy UTT. November 20th “Minister of Education, Dr Nyan Gadsby Dolly has confirmed that four of the 11 campuses belonging to the University of Trinidad and Tobago will be closed.”
    The decimation of UTT…
    UTT chairman Prof Clement Imbert admitted the impending closures was a cost-cutting measure as the university battles with a $57 million cash deficit.
    Yesterday, however, Karim advised against the move.
    “UTT is our national university and this Government is single-handedly destroying it. Since 2015, close to 500 employees of the university have lost their jobs and this latest consolidation at UTT will see more faculty and staff being placed on the breadline,” he said.”. Trinidad Guardian Nov.17 2020.

    After replacing the “corrupt” Galicier, the PNM lease a boat that was charging $22,000 Euros extra per day. In Trinidad and Tobago money that was $166,000 extra per day. They had money to waste in the inter island ferry service but none for UTT. In addition to all of this other institutes of learning has been closed or severely had their programs cut backed.

    Yes I can go on but the biggest blight to progress in TnT is the PNM.


    Disgruntled citizen…

    1. Mamoo Lies!
      Then PM Patrick Manning, created UTT to clean up the racist creation of the regime that preceeded him 1995-2001.

      Trinidad and Tobago Instiute of Technology: A Racket Exposed

      Instead of retaliating by creating an african only school, then PM Patrick Manning created UTT F-O-R E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E, by incorporating this formerly racist corruption scandal of the UNC. The anti-african racists like mamoo hated him for it…. and still do!
      The caste-minded thinking is …”how DARE that rawan (PM Manning) thwart our anti-african agenda to CREATE an aryan race of super certified youth, to take over the well paying oil jobs….How DARE that rawan”.

      1. Inconvenient, I bet you dream in black… Manning was the only true Africana leader, Rowley is own by the Syrians. To prove it Inconvenient, he set up a $50 million secret scholarship fund for his tribe and PNM supporters. If Kamla did that you would have burst a vein to the back of your head. He also invested billions in building government buildings in Port of Spain to ensure his supporters got drunk from the chalice of a govament job…
        UTT was his brainchild to afford young Africanas the opportunity to get a degree with a lower level and qualifying standard as opposed to UWI higher academic standards. Now all benefitted of course but UTT was defunded by Rowley purely out of spite for Manning.

        1. $50 million you say? Vs. How many BILLIONS in VSEP and free lands to almost exclusively Indians? The despearate attempt by indian racists to fabricate instances of racism against them by their victims of racial abuse (africans) is a sick, never ending cycle of rationalizing their anti-african, anti-black obsessive pathology. PM Manning’s gift of $BILLIONS in free land and VSEP to 10,000 amost exclusively indian workers is deliberately sidestepped to spin $50 million dollars SPREAD THIN amongst needy supporters’ children who were FORCED to migrate outside of indian trinidadadians’ racist, vice like grip over the route to become doctors in T&T? You ARE SICK!! The caste-mind wants ALLLLLLL for it’s “own” and nothing for africans! Giving aid without transparency was typical government corruption, but….race-ist? How many indians did manning send to ivy league schools every year for free? How many indians read at oxford for free under manning’s GATE scholarships, at taxpayers’ expense? You think that because GATE was transparent, it WASN’T racist to fund $MILLIONS annually for almost exclusively indians?? Either it’s racist for one group to exclusively benefit from taxpayers’ government funds or not. It’s a corrupt education system that funnels indians and non-africans disproportionately into well run, well funded primary, secondary schools with well taught prep lessons for exams by indian teachers of said schools, and guaranteeing indian exclusivity and obnoxious dominance in the award of full-ride, taxpayers’ funded international scholarships and placement atthe faculties at the U.W.I. that grant access to high paying, powerful jobs such as medicine and law. This is a racist, parasitical system installed by the indian community with bribery and access to state power in 1986-1990, 1995-2001, 2010-2015.THAT is racism! However, there is an obsession in fabricating like-minded actions from the PNM in order to deflect from and obfuscate their anti-black, anti-african racist, caste-mentality. Anyone who looks past the fake headlines and analyzed manning and williams’ PNM , wouls see overt attempts to give both african and indians resources fairly in multiple avenues.
          e.g. CPEP, DEWD,URP etc , were meant to alleviate poverty , joblessness among unskilled URVAN labour class, that historically are marginalized from FARM LAND IH THEIR DENSELY POPULATED ENVIRONMENT (Majority Africans). The indian cimmunity for decades raises this as PROOF of exclusive, raciist favouritism of africans over them, bu PURPOSEFULLY OMITTING the fact that the PNM DID EXACTLY THE SAME THING AT CARONI 1975 LTD. FOR DECADES. Caroni 1975 ltd. , was a 99.999% indian staffed company, that Dr. Williams BOUGHT and subsiduzed for decades in order to avoid mass unemployment among indians. Caroni encompassed a myriad of make work jobs by exclusively indian and were no where near as humiliating as the URBAN CEPEP type ones, becausr it existed in rural, indian communal environments and were connected ti the officiality of a production company. When caroni finally closed down, an almost exclusively indian, unc brahman-ist (“Hindu”) workforce were GIFTED VSEP money and two acres of land each (designed for planting). 10,000 people almost ALL UNC supporters getting money, land and FREE BUSINESS STARTUPS with STOLEN MATERIALS,TRACTORS, BACKHOES, etc. Also many more than the legitimate 10,000, (emboldened by unc), have since the STOLEN EN MASSE large acres of land for businesses, farming and residence. Isn’t THAT racist? Noooooooo, racism is $50 million “secret” PARTIAL scholarships!???!???? What about BWIA”s closedown… why didn’t “secret” PARTIAL scholarships Manning, give AT LEAST the same deal to the mostly african staff that were laid-off??? Isn’t THAT racism AGAIN in favour of indian community by PNM?? Aren’t africans the greatest losers overall in state monies allocated by manning ??Then whyyyy…. What sick mind would twist reality to say the opposite and guilt trip africans???

          THE CASTE MIND!!!

          1. “Also many more than the legitimate 10,000, (emboldened by unc), have since the STOLEN EN MASSE large acres of land for businesses, farming and residence”.
            Another Inconvenient lie, but the usual PNM brainwashing of equating Indians to thieves (except if they PNM Indians).
            You conveniently protect the PNM 1% Angustora Limited who got their hands on barrels of liquor later to be sold by the Italians for $3000 US a bottle. They made millions, from the hard work of Caroni employees.

            The land belonged to indentured labourers who work that land since 1845. That is over 150 years of blood sweat and tears. They did not steal anything except if it belonged to your mother. However, there is no evidence of such and I have to put that in your liar category. Nuff said.

          2. Thank you mamoo. That’s what i’ve been waiting for…the intellectually dishonest, historically inaccurate, propaganda circulated in indian trinidadian communities that has historically been used (up til present day), to justify state land theft! Any trinidadian citizen alive, can peruse the state lands formerly under caroni 1975 ltd. , and witness the mass land theft frenzy that began almost as soon as caroni came to a halt, but the “frenzy” of mass theft came immediately after UNC/PP/COP (Brahman-ist “Hindu”) political administration entered office in 2010.During the 2010-2015 time period, the thefts appeared by many to be in concert with state resources and assistance via riads, infrastructure and a lack of state condemnation and intervention. These very visible, exclusively indian land thefts, are increasingly occupied by and worked by illegal venezuelan and indian guyanese immigrants. These land thefts are being turned into all manner of “off-grid” (no tax, large, medium and small) inter-generational, wealth building businesses. The “150 years” lie, ignores the facts that although the entire indian indentureship recruitment and immigration period lasted a total of 70 years (1845-1917), each indian indentureship contract was FIVE years of PAID labour with human staus and human rights! At the end of an indentured labourer’s contract, the worker was given a CHOICE of either accepting a settlement incentive of FREE crown lands (african taxes), stay in trinidad and matriculate into the society as whatever they desired, OR… accept FREE PASSAGE back to india (african taxes). “150 years” is twisted, intellectually dishonest logic, that says that because indians lived and worked in a trinidad as an ethnic group for 150 years,any land stolen is theirs by rite anyway. It would shock many to know how many indians emigrated to trinidad AFTER 1917.How much and where is the land then, that is owed to africans who were kidnapped, trafficked to trinidad, and enslaved as animals (“legally”) while living and working the very said lands, since the 1500’s (FOR FREE, as legally 3/5th human beings) and maliciously “evicted” after their emancipation, to landless, densely packed shanty towns along the east-west corridor, after wage protests and the resulting malicious, anti-african squatter laws. The land being stolen is owed ti the descendents of the ENSLAVED….not paid, land gifted immigrant labourers. What about the irish, chinese and portugese indentured labourers?…
            are they ‘owed’ lands as well? Should they use their indentured contract as a pretense to build wealth illegally? Don’t bother to anwer…don’t care!

  2. “Black and Brown” NON-SENSE! If selwyn cudjoe is black, how is stephen kangal “brown”?

    This is the same hilary beckles that ENDORSED the indian favoured, internationally orchestrated, regime-change against african guyanese last year? Africans should beware indeed!The University of Glasgow gives two annual scholarships to the general caribbean, as reparations for the specific malice of Trinidad’s premier enslaver of africans and architect of maliciously intended, anti-african indian immigration to undercut said africans??? It would be interesting to investigate how many indians used that scholarship intended exclusively for descendents of enslaved africans in Trinidad.

    1. Inconvenient it seems as though you are not grateful for small mercies. During the 200 year British reign of terror in India “dissidents” were tied up to cannons and blasted into oblivion by the criminals in charge of the conquered nation. Britain proceeded to take over a trillion dollars worth of gold and other indescribable valuables. The largest diamond found in India the “Looknor diamond” is neatly place on the crown that the queen wears.

      When the British went to Africa what did they find, a race that was considered just above chimpanzees, naked and walking in the land in nomadic fashion. They became the “property” of the plantation owners. You are a product from that property and like Cudjoe has a slave name.

      A lot was lost in the transatlantic journey for slaves and indentured labourers. For slaves it was the their much cherished freedom. They were captured by their own people and sold for trinkets. For indentured labourers what was loss was the caste system. The gruelling work in the hot Sun when sugar cane was king sustain the economy of Trinidad. The blood, sweat and tears of Indians in TnT deserved the respect of all. Are there any monuments to celebrate such? None that I know of.

      The people most deserving of repatriation money are my ancestors who toiled tirelessly to make the British rich. The managed one of the biggest sugar factory in the Commonwealth. Money sent to these farmers from the European Union reach the pocket of the PNM and was never dispersed. “Seventy-five million of that was supposed to be paid out to farmers in December 2015 but that was not done.
      “We would like an early date to be set for the payout of $75 million to farmers. If the Prime Minister can give us a date for the final payout before August 2016, we will be grateful,” Ramdial said.

      Here is your lesson in history: Factory
      “In the sugar cane fields of the Naparimas in south Trinidad, the Colonial Company, owners of Usine Ste Madeleine, built the largest sugar refinery in the British Empire in 1870. The mega-factory could refine 460 tons of sugar per day in crop season, using the vacuum pan system.”

      The Usine Ste Madeleine sugar factory made sugar crystals, unlike the small operations, which produced muscovado, sugar which is like hard candy. – Angelo Bissessarsingh

      1. There was no “blood” or “tears” from indentured labourers. They were not forced to work, nor were they treated sub-humanely. The only tears during indentureship was from african former enslaved being TAXED to pay for each indentured labourer’s boat ticket as well as being forced into unemployment by said labourers who they trained.Skilled African labour (Trinidadians,Jamaicans, Barbadians built and operated the sugar factory in Ste. Madeline and all the others. Indian labour (Untouchables), were very specifically low-level AGRICULTURE. These labourers were illiterate (even in their native language), and had to be trained by formerly enslaved, recently freed africans. Jamaican, bajans, trinidadians and other african islanders built and worked Usine and other factories. Indians harvested cane.Know thy history!

        1. Apparently you do not know what it is to work in the hot sun from 5:00 a.m. in the morning till 9:00 p.m. at night. I worked in the blazing hot sun and I can tell you it’s no walk in the part.

          Inconvenient you being a racist and espousing tribalism you should liberate yourself and move back to Africa. A good country for you would be Zimbabwe.

          “If you are ugly, you are ugly. Stop talking about inner beauty because men don’t walk around with X-ray machines to see inner beauty.”-Mugabe. “Was it not enough punishment and suffering in history that we were uprooted and made helpless slaves not only in new colonial outposts but also domestically.”-Mugabe. Zimbabwe missed a great leader in Mugabe. Nevertheless as father of that nation he understood African suffering. That nation would be ideal for you. Why? Because you cannot live in Trinidad or anywhere in the West having that level of hate.

          1. Ohhh, so 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. was an average workday eh? and that is why you think indentureship was the same as enslavement? Okay…

            Where are all the pictures of indians with disfigured backs from whippings? Shackled naked in inhuman torture devices and lynchings? Remember indian indentureship was in a modern era compared to african enslavement. There should be ample photograhic evidence and definitely more documented cases….not an absence to the contrary! But wait…look at the photographs available online and you will see fully clothed, freely associated groups of indian arrivals with LUGGAGE! LOL! You are SICK to compare inhumanly shackled, naked human cargo in the hulls of ships, to a free, luggage filled boat ride as legally human beings with a salary .You are sick…just as your “interpretation” of what hate is and isn’t. Keep talking though….

          2. Mamoo’s delusion of intellectual superiority affords him the usage of carefully placed words such as “Ugly”, “Chimpanzee”, in rants about african people as well as referencing african states and african leaders with incivility and inhumanity. Keep typing…don’t still your heart.

      2. Listen to this filth.
        Mamoo says paid, free, immigrant indian labourers (5 years) are not only deserving of “reparations” simply because they had to work hard (“toil”), to earn their salary and made the british wealthy, but that they are also MORE deserving than enslaved africans trafficked around the world and legalized as sub-humans that worked hundreds of years, inter-generationally for free and no human right. This person is is a dishonest sociopath, and nation building is impossible to achieve with people of his dishonest, malicious mindset.

        1. Africans are better off in the West. So slavery was a blessing in disguise. Out of the. 58 years of independence, Africans have ruled for 40 years plus in those years when out of power the media and the OWTU worked hard to remove the then government. However, the policies of the UNC benefitted Africans more than anyone else. It is a fact. When Kamla was in power unemployment stood at 3.5%.

          Back to my original thought. The biggest enemy of African people has been African people. When the colonial government ended indentureship my ancestors was given the worst land to live on. When the rain fell the land was flooded. One PNM minister not understanding our suffering made the comment “if you get flooding, who ask you to build in the lagoon”. That was the land given.

          Africans have savoured the fat of the land. In Africa with its myriad of problems they would not have survived. Here is why…

  3. In many living rooms across T&T in 2001 the primary objection to Dr. Bhoe Tewarie as the head of UWI was the fact that he was an Indian. Examine the ethnicities of the holders of the majority, if not all ,the position positions of power in T&T. What do you notice? Would Black Americans with their 16% population accept being shut out of the corridors of power in the UAS in this way? What is the population of Indians as the largest ethnic group in T&T.

    1. Tman LIES!
      As stated by internationally recognized, ivy league learned and taught PROFESSOR Dr. Selwyn Cudjoe,in 2001, Bhoe Tewarie was UNDER-QUALIFIED for the position of principal of U.W.I. that HIS political party (UNC), appointed him to. In trinidad, Whenever they are caught and called out for, or ABOUT TO commit heinous acts of unprincipled, anti-black, anti-african racism, the indian community and in particular their political/religious/union representatives, ALWAYS cry WOLF whilst devouring ALL of the chickens!The brahman-ist (“Hindu”) and indian political hustle in trinidad, guyana, suriname, fiji, has always been about enforcing racial superiority over africans (varnadharmashrama/caste system), by corrupting organizations that ‘so inclined’ indians, are allowed to gain influence over, or control of. Although right thinking africans were concerned about why in 2001,the then overtly, ethnically chauvinistic UNC administration, hurriedly placed an under-qualified brahman-ist (“Hindu”), indian political associate at the helm of the U.W.I., THAT concern is not the issue raised. The relevant question then and now, still remains….weren’t there ANY suitibly qualified africans or indians for the then exiting UNC administration (2001) to appoint instead of a lecturer, not professor, but a lecturer (Dr.Bhoe Tewarie)? Hmmmm? What a coincidence (i’m sure), that indian guyanese Clement Sankat, succeeded Bhoe Tewarie as U.W.I. principal.
      Also, It seems as though africans have been banned across the political divide, from being appointed as principal of the U.W.I…… as well as A.G. , Mnister Of Health (ALL the regional health authority “RHA” heads are indian), Minister of Agriculture, Minister Of Land, Minister Of Energy, Minister Of Works and Transport, Minister Of Wealth building contracts etc.
      Indian Trinidadians are NOT the largest ethnic group in trinidad. The largest ethnic group self-identifiers are “indian”. However, until it is determined scientifically, how many trinidadians are of
      (A) African ancestry, with no indian ancestry
      (B) Indian ancestry, with no (recent 500 years) african ancestry

      The notion that indian self-identified persons=indians are the majority is DUBIOUS to say the least.
      e.g. Destra Garcia AND Denyse Plummer are both african and european mixed (native american possibly). However, Denyse Plummer, whose mother was african trinidadian, is categorized as “white” and destra likely as “mixed”. Scientifically…earnestly, the search for the largest ethnic group, starts with geno-type NOT pheno-type.

      Furthermore, let’s say that Tman’s lie was true, and indians are the largest ethnic group…. When did this happen? Africans have been SENIOR residents of the entire REGION for centuries before 1845, and welcomed the indian community as an established culture and majority ever since. What does it mean if in the last decade or two, through Guyanese indian, and other indian diaspora purposefully and strategically swamping t&t for the bragging rights? What if chinese swamp nigeria? or india? It will never be AUTHENTIC! T&T has been dominated by africans since the 1500’s and they are the most senior ethnic group in the caribbean and the americas after the native peoples and spanish whites. Interestingly, the peoples acknowledged as the representatives of the native trinidadians are OBVIOUSLY mixed race africans, just like “venezuelans”. The “venezuelans” are all “mixed” africans, who have no indian ancestry, but are categorized as “mixed”.Lol! Racism and ignorance! Is chadradesh sharma “mixed” ? Why does he look distinctly different from stephen kangal? Both are categorized as “indian” and not mixed….but it is kangal who blends with the night.
      The idea that an orchestrated 1% lead in population should translate to the capsizing of the society regardless of history or context, is just plain malice and racist.

    2. African americans BUILT AMERICA FOR FREE UNDER THANKLESS TORTURE JUST AS AFRICAN CARIBBEANS AND LATIN AMERICANS. Indians in the caribbean MIGRATED TO WORK AND ESCAPE RACIST (CASTE) OPPRESSION FROM OTHER INDIANS!THEY WERE PAID AND GIFTED LAND TO PROSPER IN TRINIDAD,GUYANA ETC!! They CHOSE to stay in african dominated, european controlled trinidad as a MINORITY. Fleecing history of these facts, in order to “compete” with africans politically is uniquely despicable.

      1. The census bureau of T&T produced population statistics according to how people identified ethnically. Let us trust the judgment of individuals to identify themselves as they see fit. We cannot ascribe the ethnicity of free individuals in order to suit our own agendas. After all, didn’t the early White Christians classify African slaves as animals? An up to date census will probably reveal an even higher percentage of Indians in T&T according to birth trends. It is inconvenient to acknowledge demographic changes in any society, especially when the former majority population feels threatened. Just look at the Whites in the USA. They are ready to overthrow the legally elected government to “make America White again”. Indians are a permanent factor in T&T and we would be all better off to accept this fact and seek common ground. By the way, it is now very fashionable to throw around the word “lie” at every turn. The word is losing its meaning due to overuse. Its use seems to bring comfort to the user as some sort of self-righteous free expression.

        1. The only trust you have is for whatever supports your racist agenda. Africans have never felt threatened by indian population size, but rather indian triumphantalistic racism, exhibited whenever many acquire positions of power over africans.
          “Indian racism towards Black people is almost worse than white peoples’ racism” An Interview with Arundhati Roy · Dalit Camera

          Ironically, this back and forth about census accuracy and relevance in 2021, originates from Sat & Devant’s mid 2000’s rant about the fictitious 2% lead in population size.

          Sat Maharaj’s Two Percent Fiction

          You have a false sense of relevance to believe that you and your group alone gets to define what is and isn’t a lie, what is and isn’t racism and who is and isn’t deserving of humanity. “Mixed” is an illusion designed to emasculate and nullify africans in trinidad and guyana. As stated, if we’re going to politicize the census, at least do it with integrity…there are more african descended persons with no indian ancestry, than there are indian persons with no RECENT african ancestry. African and indian history is richly different in the diaspora colonies and therefore the politics aren’t the same. Indian labourers were never institutionally race mixed via mass rape, resulting in single motherhood racist laws and classifications. The only “MIXED” group relevant to the discussion about which ethnic group is largest, are those of african AND indian ancestry, and it says that only 7% are of african/indian parentage. The term “mixed” is particularly useless in the african diaspora, and speaks to and ignorance and or deliberate denial of the enslaved african experience which indians were NOT present for….though africans were front and center for ALL indentureshipS….Chinese, portugese, irish and FINALLY indian.This why the african expoerience is the most wholistic and for credible for a comparative analysis of the indentureship experience vs. the enslaved experience.

      2. Currently African Americans comprise 17% of the American population. And over 50% of the prison population. A great injustice has been done to our brethren in the U.S. and it continues to be that way. Incovenient, I am suggesting like Castro there needs to be an African American Revolution to right the wrongs of history. I am willing to support you in any way I can. Just give the call……

  4. Inconvenient It is time to emerge from the dark recesses of your self made African cave and join the rest of the universe . The “mixed” people I know and there are many, consider themselves just as the title describes, “mixed”. They are proud of their dual or multiple ethnicities and live their lives without any abnormal obsessions. They acknowledge their multiplicity and move through the world with ease, positivity and confidence. They do not wish to be labelled. Your negativity and abnormal obsession with everything “Indian” is alarming and deserving of psychological therapy and urgent intervention. You seem to be a professed intellectual; however, you have not learned how to recognize questionable sources and discriminate between valid and invalid sources of information. One has to admire but admonish your attempts to research and present Indian history in your obsessive perpetual quest to discredit everything Indian.

    1. Tman, i’ll be inspired to leave my african cave when you leave your indian cave. I’ll stop “obsessing over everything indian”, when you cease and desist your malicious obsession african people.I will also attend therapy with a trained mental health professional as soon as you’ve completed yor very first session….fair enough? The common thread with european white-supremacist ideology and their indian couterparts, is the pre suppositin that they are genetically intellectually superior to african people and so their narrative of what reality is has this feeling of ‘logic’ in their minds vs. whatever african people say to the contrary. Their “aryan” “master race” reasoning is supposed to inherently invalidate whatever inconvenient truths come across their paths. Simply put, to white-supremacist indian characters like Tman and Mamoo, any view that contradicts their malicious propagation of anti-african lies, is deemed irrelevant by them.Unfortunately for Tman’s ilk, outside of his pseudo-intellectual , anti-african echo chamber, he/she lacks the authority to determine which sources are and aren’t valid, which views are and aren’t obsessive, and which poster deserves psychological assistance. Who can’t claim to “know many” “mixed” people in trinidad? Please…your attempt to concoct validity to claim a superior political position is precisely the type of TYPICAL intellectual dishonesty, that betrays your amusing attempts to do otherwise… Troll!

      Mythological unity in an anti-Black world

  5. “Whatever happens, we in T&T should do everything in our power to guarantee and protect the work that UWI has been mandated to do. This is not simply an academic matter. Doing its work efficiently involves the salvation of Black and Brown people in the Caribbean.” Where are the UWI voices on the foreign policy of the Biden administration? If anything affects “Black and Brown” people in the Caribbean and indeed people of whatever color, it is the Biden’s foreign policy. And it looks like Trump’s foreign policy except that the strategy for accomplishing the objectives of that policy are different. It is, in other words, America first, accomplished through a softer strategy. The domestic policy of the Biden administration seems progressive, its foreign policy is not. It is just a rehash of the old Clinton/Obama foreign policy disaster. What about Caribbean interests? If China is helping in the development goals of the region financially, and America is not, why should we toe the America line? Where are the scholars from UWI to define clearly what is in the interest of the Caribbean region? Instead, not a sound from them on this crucial matter.

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