Keep Feeding Contempt; or imagine a better world for the ‘small man’

By Corey Gilkes
August 09, 2020 –

PeopleInteresting how fried chicken could bring to light so much issues that explain what’s wrong with our society. One chicken drumstick is all it takes to expose certain realities, all of which are integrated, interlocked and in some aspects, results of deliberate actions.

For one thing, this farcical episode involving KFC showed us that once you can package something right, you can easily get away with any expression of contempt. How else can I explain the indifference of people who didn’t think there is anything wrong and we are making too much fuss and are overly-sensitive about everything?
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One thought on “Keep Feeding Contempt; or imagine a better world for the ‘small man’”

  1. If a non-african (syrian) shows contempt for african people by mocking their history and struggles for social justice and against racism, should africans then ;

    (a) economically fortify african businesses
    (b) economically fortify African AND indian businesses

    For those of you questioning the outright ridiculousness of (b) as a choice, ask corey gilkes, WHY did he put a photo of an indian vendor in an already famous, prosperous indian business community? Why suggest to african people that they owe indian businesses allegiance, as if to say that only whites, arabs and chinese are exploitative and racist not just T&T , but globally?
    Soooooo, after the KFC racism, africans are supposed to line up to buy NAILA RAMSARAN’S family’s businesses’ products?
    Please…Methinks corey is a propagandist of the FAILED, IGNORANT 100% african MALE pushed and populated “african & indian unite” movement, and because i do not believe him to be stupid or naive, i must hazard a guess that he is either;
    (a) biased because he is part indian himself
    (b) Share’s Dr. Cudjoe’s/Nakhid’s “affliction”

    With regards to the author…what is said about broken clocks???

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